i stole that from courtney

If Walls Could Talk

Part 4: No More Nurses.

Summary: Nicole’s mission to set Jensen up fails over and over, and even their friendship is threatened. 

Word Count: 2305

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: None?

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!


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Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x23 The Leavers Dance

PEYTON: That’s a rad jacket.
ELLIE: Thanks. I stole it from Courtney Love.
PEYTON: Really?
ELLIE: Yeah. She was being a bitch. So I took it. Have a seat.
PEYTON: So, the editors at THUD are thrilled about your story and they say I have to talk to you.
ELLIE: Is it that bad?
PEYTON: Well, if there’s no House of Freaks at TRIC, there’s no story.
ELLIE: And what about the rest of your life? Is it that bad?
PEYTON: …What do you know about it?
ELLIE: Well,…your eyes are puffy which, from experience, screams textbook crying eyes. You have your hair up so you’re probably not planning on impressing any boys today. I’d say you’re nursing a hell of a broken heart; and not the school-girl crush kind, the real thing.
PEYTON: Uh, well, I mean, I started Tric to escape it all, you know, and bring people together; let the music drown out the white noise in life.
ELLIE: And tell me about your life. What is the white noise made of?
PEYTON: Oh, god, I mean, everything unnecessary, like cliques and greed and popularity and harassment-
ELLIE: The song remains the same.
PEYTON: Yeah, as far as I can tell, it does.

Uber "A" Theory

I honestly believe that Uber “A” is a character we have not seen before. My main suspect at this moment in time is Courtney DiLaurentis.

I think Courtney was Jason’s twin sister, not Alison’s. Alison would have known if she had a twin, but she obviously does not know. Jason, however, is much more suspicious and more likely in my opinion.

I also believe that The Black Widow from 4x01 - ‘A’ is for A-L-I-V-E was Courtney in disguise. 

I know that they use random people to play characters when they’re masked, like Black Hoodie wasn’t always Janel and Red Coat wasn’t always Sasha. But they obviously want to use someone that resembles the person slightly (feature wise). The Black Widow resembles Jason a lot in my opinion, same colour hair, big eyes, slim. Even if twins are not the same gender, they still resemble each other a lot. My guess is they wanted someone who resembled Jason to play this character. 

So my theory is that she was sent to Radley because she was mentally ill, schizophrenia possibly? Peter and Jessica wanted to keep her a secret because they were ashamed and even Alison didn’t know about her. Honestly, Mrs. DiLaurentis has a lot to do with Radley, Dr. Palmer wouldn’t just mention her after she visited once years ago. I bet she visited Courtney a lot. Remember when Toby said “All roads lead back to Radley”? This was a sign that Radley has a lot more to do with everything than we think.


I believe Courtney was extremely jealous of Alison because she lived the life Courtney could have lived. On the day Alison disappeared she broke out of Radley. This is why Mrs. DiLaurentis got a phone call and she asked them “How could you let this happen?” She knew Courtney hated Alison and would kill her and didn’t want Alison going out because of this. 

That night, she attacked Alison by hitting her over the head with a rock. Jessica saw and buried Alison’s unconscious body, she believed Alison was dead. She could lose both her daughters if she turned Courtney in, so she thought it would be better to just make Alison a missing persons case. She was protecting Courtney. She wouldn’t protect any random person, like CeCe or her twin like a lot of people are saying. Mrs. D HATED CeCe, she would happily let her rot in jail for killing her own daughter. Jessica wanted to help this person, she cared for them. Some people think Jason could be the one who hit Alison, but he didn’t hate her that much. They just had a bad relationship like lots of brothers and sisters, but I doubt he’d ever try and kill her. Also, Jason was drunk and high that night and I doubt he’d have the effort to hunt Alison down, he was passed out when we saw him in a flashback from that night in 3B. 

Obviously Alison was pulled out by Mrs. Grunwald and Courtney must have placed somebody else’s body in the hole after this - that’s another theory though. I think the next day Courtney was sent back to Radley and given an alibi by Mrs. D so they wouldn’t suspect her in Alison’s disappearance, if Courtney went down so would Mrs. D for burying Alison.

Sometime between Mona’s reveal as the original 'A’ and “That Night” I think Courtney was released from Radley. She “stole the game” from Mona and became the leader of The 'A’-Team. She controlled Mona and Toby’s actions in season 3 and then on the night of the Lodge Fire was the one who got off the plane. She was the real Red Coat along with Alison, I believe CeCe doesn’t have anything to do with the 'A’-Team. She saved Emily and Aria from the fire because she planned to do something herself but Wilden’s interference stopped it. She then paid CeCe to kill Wilden as revenge for messing up her plan. Her red coat and Alison mask were burnt in the fire and this is why the mask was burnt in 4x01. 

She is only torturing the girls because she wants to get to Alison and finish what she started. She also hates them for being friends with Alison and protecting her. She frames them for several crimes such as “That Night” where she made Mona dig up “Alison’s” body to make sure the police did not know the body was not Alison’s. She also killed Ian after he was pushed off the Bell Tower by Alison. 

So yeah, that’s my theory. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or anything that links into my theory, thanks for reading!