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their initials spell bra for a reason. and now they’re all wearing one

aka i can’t draw dear god why did i try this what the fuck happened with reiner i have no idea what a lacy bra looks like and i’m scared to find out. 

also who knows where they got those bras i don’t think any of the girls would have ones like those because they need that proper boob support when they’re exercising all day.

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You Could Have

As promised – not Kansas City OTRA, but very much inspired by it. I’ve had this as a WIP since April or so, so it’s nice to have it out. That said: I’M NERVOUS AS ALL GET OUT cause they kind of… are… there’s a crude topic in this. They’re just having a go at each other, though. ACK *flips tables* Enjoy, everybody, I’m gonna hide now. x

It’s the last song when security finds you and escorts you from your seat and through the crowd. You’re a little disappointed that you don’t get to see the show finish, but knots of excitement are twisting in your belly as you are herded past barricades where no one else is allowed to go. Music and fireworks, almost obnoxiously loud, are muffled backstage, and you hear voices, familiar by this point and one more so than the rest, saying earnest goodnights and wishes of love and safe returns home to the crowd that so worships them. Preparation to tear down and packup equipment has already started around you, and you pause in the wings, shaking your head when security tries to usher you to move.

He’ll be there. He’ll find you.

Sure enough, he’s all legs and hair when he appears at last, leaping over a thick wire before it can catch his boot and twist his ankle. He’s got a towel in his hand, but it’s useless on his long, wet, curly hair. He’s all but drenched from head to toe, with most of his grey t-shirt stained with sweat and clinging to his body, and while the heat is mainly to blame for that, the water he’d been spitting and throwing hadn’t helped (although, it had probably cooled him off).

He’s tanner than you remember him being last, but that’s what months of outdoor shows and sightseeing on off days will do to him. The muscles on his slick arms look just a little bigger and more defined, too, and even the most casual twist or bend of his heavily tattooed left arm makes ink practically jump every time.

His eyes, though, are most striking, and they’re only for you as he continues his beeline in your direction.

“You’re soaked, love,” he teases you through a cheeky grin and popping dimples with a voice like honey and sandpaper.

You won’t give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his double-entendre.

“Some twat kept spitting water at me the whole night,” you inform him, opening your arms for him.

Harry grins wider – a cocky, satisfied grin. “Yeah?” His hand slides possessively around your waist for the first time in ages and you fold your hands behing his neck. “Tell me his name an’ I’ll get him.”

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Fandom: Gravity Falls

Summary: Something stolen, something given.

Warnings: None!

Word count: 1,546

This….this prompt got long. Oops. @gravityfallsfangirllove

Prompts 1 Writing Prompts

“Is that my shirt?”

Mabel whirled around from her seat in the kitchen, her eyes widened as Ford stepped into the room.

“Well, uh,” Mabel started, fidgeting her hands and not meeting Ford’s eyes. “Technically it’s your trench coat; I-I’m sorry, Grunkle Ford.”

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Here is the Procella version, they also grew up quiet handsome, so I’m proud of them, too.

Rui is not the little boy who you want to protect, is he? He looks mature and his hair is fluffier I suppose.

Kai hasn’t changed much, but he became manlier and more mature, for sure.

Yoh has been good looking before, too, but now he looks like the Procella’s Casanova. Although his hair is the same fortunately, or maybe it’s longer? IDK.

Yoru from the cute boy became the man you want to take home as your boyfriend(or your mother, as you wish).

As for Iku, he looks like the typical shota sportsman bishounen, but he hasn’t got baby face anymore. Longer bangs look great on him.

Shun has always was the most handsome in Procella, but now he is eve more better, although the others had a level-up,too. His hair is assimethric in the last picture, but that’s my favourite it’s a kind of cute and sexy at the same time. Never change Demon King! Okay, you can, but stay handsome.

Lance: I can’t wait for you to meet my parents!
Keith: me too
Lance: *kneeling down at grave* hey guys… sorry I was gone so long, there’s so much I with I could of told you. I helped save the universe
Keith: Lance…
Lance: I just wish I was there to save you
Keith:*hugs lance*
Lance: I just wish I didn’t fail you
Keith: you didn’t fail them Lance
Lance: if that were true they would still be here…

Rosaline didn’t always used to be so jaded. She used to be a lot like Livia, once upon a time when their parents were alive and their family was whole and she and Escalus had a seemingly promising future together, stuck in the haze of the honeymoon-phase of their flirtation/relationship. But then their parents were killed and Escalus left Verona without so much as a goodbye and she’s been made into the servant for her own cousin. Livia is the youngest, the burden of carrying their now family of two is on Rosaline’s shoulders, and she no longer has the luxury of seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. She’s desperate to cling onto the simple things like reading for fun and having her own bed that she never realized she had taken for granted before, and has experienced first hand that she cannot depend on a man to care for her, not now that those same men are depending on her, not when they weren’t they when she needed them most.

(What does she want? She can’t even put into words all the intangible things she wants. But she knows what she doesn’t want, and it isn’t her old life where she had her head in the sand, and it’s not this life she has now where she can be given her away like an object to a man from the family that had taken her parents away, her family, her agency, by the order of the very man she had hoped would never see her that way. She wanted him, a man that would not define her but would re-write the world together.)


Those on the outside looking in would think that Benvolio had the life people could only dream of. Okay, his parents were dead before he really ever got to know them, but the weight of the family honour had always belonged to Romeo anyway, not him. He was ‘free’ to do whatever he wanted, and most of Verona believed he exercised that right consuming more liquor than water and spending more time in brothels than his own house and seeing women just for the night instead of for forever.  (But, to be fair, between his parents and the constantly dwindling numbers of the remaining Montague lineage he knows life is fleeting and who could fault him for living life to the fullest? And if he were to be betrothed to another, however long that might be considering, shouldn’t it be with someone he truly loved, or else what was the point? It wasn’t status or power or currency he would take to the grave, it was love.)

And he lost the only two people he loved within mere hours of one another—Mercutio and Romeo. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he was now the heir his cousin was meant to be, albeit very begrudgingly on both his and his uncle’s part. But Mercutio had died because of this feud, and Romeo had hoped to stop the said feud with his marriage to Juliet, so the least he could do for them both was to agree to marry a Capulet, right? Except it had to be the one woman that did not fall for his manners and charm and it both infuriated and intrigued him. If nothing else, they shared the commonality of being used by their families, their city, like this, and maybe, somehow, in a distant future, that understanding would balm their tattered souls together. And not even the very Prince that put him in this position would deter him. Hell, it only fuelled him more.


Duty would always have to come first for Escalus; it was the price of the blood that ran through him. There was a time when he was still green behind the ears and his father was still in his prime and all that his title meant were elegant balls and people bowing at him and the city as his oyster. A time when he felt so bold as to be determined to tell his father that he would take Rosaline’s hand in marriage, for though she had a title it wasn’t quite royal but he would make sure it was enough. And then Rosaline’s parents were murdered and he had to leave at a time when she needed him the most, but it was because of the escalating turmoil between the Capulets and the Montagues that his father had sent him away, protecting his heir at all costs. But things outside their little bubble of a city were as golden as his father probably envisioned, and it was that debilitating fear that he carried with him upon his return to his father’s deathbed.

He did not expect things to be the same, not after all the time that had passed, but he also did not expect things to be so different, either, with what Rosaline being treated far less than she ever deserved and Verona literally burning all around him. He needed his fair city united, fighting the forces that threatened them beyond and not each other, and he truly believed he could solve two problems at once when he had suggested the union of Benvolio and his beloved Rosaline. Benvolio was a decent man, he made sure to be certain of that, and it would elevate Rosaline back to her previous status. But she didn’t want that, she told him, and her kiss left him wanting, regretting, and now all three of them knew that he was failing in his duty.

Raised Spirits - Chapter 8 - BurnerAccount Archive of Our Own
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Oh hey look! I continue to be able to update things!

Please forgive me for how short this is, but honestly? Making a chapter break was simpler than writing a couple thousand words of unnecessary transition when a New Chapter makes a nice partition.

random AU scene

She visibly flinched as he accidentally brushed the hair off her forehead, and they both froze.

He stared.

For 3 seconds.

Anger and shame flushed across her cheeks, as she tried to push him away, but he held onto her hands firmly, refusing to budge, as memories of fifth year came flashing back.

He had heard about the incident between her and Granger, or at least some garbled version that came of out Hogwarts rumour mill. But he’d never actually seen it before, and had just assumed it wasn’t a permanent curse. And now, realization downed on him that she must’ve carefully did her hair this way all these years.

“I – ”

“Go away, Malfoy,” Marietta Edgecombe’s voice hitched slightly, as if she were blinking away tears.

He didn’t.

“Granger did this?” He wanted to ask why didn’t she fix it, but he knew that she must’ve tried. “I – Pansy’s … I’ll get Pansy to make her undo this.”

“I don’t need your help,” she bit out.

His mouth twitched slightly, annoyed. (He knew he should probably be more patient, and her reaction was not really surprising, but he was still slightly annoyed.) “At least your scar might be fixable.”

Confusion slowly replaced anger on her face.

He let out a sharp, bitter laugh before unbuttoning his shirt, letting the sectumsempra scars show. Snape had saved his life, but even dittany hadn’t been able to heal all the wounds. Some things left marks. “You’re looking at the proud handiwork of the wonderful Chosen One,” he informed her.

It was her turn to stare.

“And people call them the Golden Trio,” she finally murmured.

So golden,” Draco grimaced, a bitter smile forming as he echoed the word. His hand slowly cupped her cheek, and she didn’t try to push him away this time.

anonymous asked:

do you read bodhicassian fics? and if so do you have any recs? im staying well clear of any r1 ship except for that and im just trying to get into it :)

i do! i recced some a while back but i check the tag like every day and there have been more since then so here are the ones i recced before + some new ones

and also #selfpromo my bodhicassian fics

One Year Anniversary

Authors note- So I forgot that it was my 1 year anniversary on tumblr yesterday (whoops). But to celebrate I have written a fluffy kinky smut! Woohoo! (Yes I still know how to write, I think). Anyways, ENJOY~

Member- Jungkook

Genre- Fluffy, smut

Warning- Swearing, Mature themes

“Babe get ready otherwise we’re going to be late!” You shouted for the fifth time that night. It had been one year since you put a ring on it. One whole year since you said I do. One whole year of living with the biggest meme in the world. One year of pure love. (More like one year of insanity but you can’t have it all.) And tonight you were going to celebrate all that by going out for a really romantic dinner, in one of the most fancy, most expensive restaurant in Seoul. But your loving, kindhearted, stupid ass husband was not getting ready. You weren’t ready yet either but that was his fault because he wasn’t letting you in the fu… bedroom. “Jungkook let me in!” Silence. “Jungkook? Jungkook?”

 You opened the door slightly and you saw him jolt up quickly to stop you from coming in any further. “Give me a second.”


 “Please?” He played his puppy dog eyes trick on you because he knew it made your heart melt.

 “Fine, but only a second.” He nodded his head as he ushered you out. “And that’s not gonna work anymore!” You shouted as he slammed the door in your face. You waited for him to open the door. You could hear him scurrying around and dropping things. “Shit.”

 “Jungkook, are you ok?”

 “Yeah peachy!”

 Peachy? He didn’t break your perfumes did he? They were expensive and…

 “Ok, you can come in now.”

 “What were you doing all this time Kook…” Your eyes fell on the box that was placed on the bed, which looked like it had been wrapped, well, attempted to be wrapped. “Is this for me?”

 He nodded his head as he ran over and sat on the bed next to the present. “Go on, open it.”

 You walked over and picked up the rectangular object and shook it. You could hear metal jingling about. “What is it?” You ripped the wrapping paper and slowly undid the sellotape that stopped you from seeing what was inside the box. Once you saw what it was, your jaw dropped to the floor. “Damn Kookie, I knew you were kinky but not this kinky.”

 “Y/N. That is not true. And besides, I wanted to try something out-you know spice up our love life a little bit.”

 “So…” You held the cold metal up in front of his face and smirked at him.

 “You’re under arrest Y/N.”

 “What are you going to do officer?” You said as you played along trying not to laugh.

 “I’m going to punish you…”

 “Hold up.” You put your hand up as you interrupted him. “Can you be a bit more, I don’t know, original please.”

 “Why? What do you want me to say?” He questioned with a hurt look expressed on his face.

 “I don’t know.”

 “Fine.” He said as he rolled his eyes.

 “Let me say that again.” You said as you tried to get back into character. “What are you going to do officer?” You spoke in sultry way.

 “I’m gonna go downtown.”

 “Nice player.” You high fived each other and got back into ‘character’.

 He grabbed the handcuffs from you and pushed you down on to the bed. He climbed on top of you and placed his lips on to yours. He kissed you roughly, pulling and tugging on your bottom lip. You instantly wrapped your arms around his neck but he pulled away. “Naughty.” He unbuttoned the shirt you were wearing and took your bra off. He then grabbed your arms and placed them above your head. He handcuffed you to the bed and you could already feel the pressure on your skin. He trailed from your arms to your neck, marking your soft skin as he made his way down. He feathered down your stomach to the one place that had you burning up for him. He slid down the now damp black lacey fabric and discarded it in the room.

 “I’m going way downtown.” Was the last thing he said. You could feel his hot breath on your skin, causing a shiver to run down your spine.  He buried his head in between your legs and all that escaped your lips were sweet nothings.

 “Uh, Jungk…ook,”

 “I love it when you moan my name baby.” You tried to reach down so that you could entangle your fingers through his locks, but you were stuck. “Shit,” you breathed.

 His tongue danced across and through your folds like magic. You were a moaning mess by now but you didn’t want to give into him so you silenced yourself making him stop and look up at you. This wasn’t the first time you didn’t give into him; it was a competition of dominance. He would make sure that you are being pleased and you would make sure that he was also being pleased. Also you hated that sly smirk that he always does straight after sex.

 “Why are you so quiet? You won’t be for long.” He got rid of his shirt and rid himself of his pants and boxers. He pumped himself before he lined himself up.

 He shoved his whole length into you hitting the back. He pulled right out and went back in deep at a fast pace. The whole bed was shaking and the sound of skin slapping filled the air. You tried really hard to keep it in but you couldn’t last.


 He smirked at the sound of your voice and he released a few whimpers himself. 


 You knew you were going to be sore tomorrow but this was too good. The pain from the handcuffs rubbing against your skin and the pleasure from Jungkook thrusting in and out of you like there was no tomorrow made your whole body shake. You were on a high and you were definitely not going to come down anytime soon.

 “I-think-I’m-close-babe.” Jungkook said in between each breath. His speed increased and he repeatedly hit the spot that makes you crumble. You could feel the tension between your legs building up.

 With one last thrust, your walls clenched around him, and you saw white. Once Jungkook felt you tighten around him he shot his hot liquid into you.

 You both rode out your highs and came to a gradual stop.

 “Hey, we should get ready for our dinner reservation.” Jungkook sighed. He kissed you and stood up to go and get ready.  He began to walk off but you coughed to get his attention.

 “Aren’t you forgetting something?” You asked as you looked up at your hands above your head. The sudden realisation kicked in, and he fumbled around for the key.

 “I swear I had it somewhere…”

 “Jungkook you’ve not lost it have…”

 “Got it!” He unlocked them and set you free. You rubbed your wrists to make the red marks fade.

 “It didn’t hurt did it?”

 You shook your head vigorously. “No, no, I’m fine.” You stood up and headed towards the bathroom. “But next time I want to see you in them.” You looked at Jungkook whose cheeks had now turned a light pink colour making you chuckle.


Summary: Modern AU. The squad decides to visit Benvolio while he’s on shift at the local bar and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

Read it on AO3.

“This is an intervention.”

Rosaline managed to stop herself from smacking a hand against her forehead (albeit barely), but she couldn’t hold back the long suffering sigh that escaped from her lips at Mercutio’s words.

It was Friday night, and she, her sister and her cousin were gathered in the apartment Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio shared. Benvolio was absent, though, working a shift at the bar on the other side of town—which apparently was the problem, at least for Mercutio.

(Those four words, in hindsight, were the first warning signs of how the rest of the night was going to unfold.)

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pairing: namjoon x reader
genre: fluffy smut
wordcount: 2k
a/n:  honestly this was just supposed to be a drabble about some thirsty thoughts i had when i couldn’t sleep a few days ago but it turned kinda long and i swear i am still on writing hiatus don’t expect anything else soon sfhlfhsldh also thank you to my darling @1suho for reading over it

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

it’s a dance of silhouettes, shadows swaying back and forth the wind moves the branches outside as if it was to put on a play, the bedroom wall the stage, the full moon the lights. but even as if it feels like the act is displayed for solely your entertainment alone, the rustling and howling of the breeze is faint, it’s white noise that fills your ears and acts as an invite to muffle cumbersome thoughts, but tonight it’s no use.

even as the hands of the clock creep further towards 3 a.m. there is no trace of sleep found in your eyes yet. this, however, does not keep the body warming the other side of the bed from resting his tired bones, chest rising and falling in even breaths. you barely can make him out in the dark, the moon just hinting on his frame, but you don’t need to see him entirely, there is nothing about him that is not etched into your memory for ever.

the slope of his nose curving into full lips, slightly parted as the occasional snore escapes, a sharp set of jaws down to the broad shoulders and the firm chest that the duvet just leaves the slightest bit uncovered, tan skin smooth and warm to the touch. it’s a warmth that you find solace in, no longer being able to sleep without his body comforting yours as he has you wrapped in an embrace.

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Okay, listen up Lima Losers. Your girl Audrey here has a birthday coming up on July 4th. Since my parents will be out of town all weekend, I am throwing the biggest birthday bash you have ever seen. Friday night, at the McIntosh residence, starting at nine until..whenever. Now, I am going to generous and invite everyone. I know, I am a saint. But it would be a crime to miss an Audrey McIntosh party. Food, booze, and a place to crash if needed will be provided by yours truley. You just need to bring yourself,and  I promise you won’t regret it.

Everyone always talks about Noya dressed in the girls’ seifuku, but I also think Tanaka would look absolutely stunning, and Noya agrees.

For @mockingbird-22, Happy birthday! Mobster AU. This is based off this post you made, which I swear I’m still planning to write for you!

Summary:  Barry grinned as he watched his Lenny’s eyes widen in wonder and amazement. Watched as his Lenny took in the high end hotel, the tailor made clothes already sorted and put in the proper place.

Smirking as he leaned back, Barry was content to simply watch and listen as Len marveled at things he’d only dreamed about up till now. Barry would give this man, his Lenny the world, and damn any who tried to stop him.