i still want to work on them


So I woke up this morning to see that in the new episode of EXID re:play Hyerin revealed her concern that since their contract is coming to end, this is the end of EXID

It absolutely hurt my heart. I have supported EXID since the beginning and haven’t been able to find a group like them since. They have such a strong bond and their personalities bounce off each other creating such humor and fun. They work so hard and have stuck together through thick and thin. I don’t want to see this as the beginning of the end for these girls. 

I don’t know if its possible for them to get a win this comeback due to Hyerin getting the flu (they may stop promoting in sake of her health). But if there is still a possibility that we could get them a win, PLEASE PLEASE try to vote for them!

Who knows what the future holds but please lets make the present count!


-admin Ash

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Tumblr had actually hidden some of your posts in the lawlu tag for me 😭 I was happy that I still got to see them though since I have notifications turned on but seriously, this update wasn’t needed. Your work is absolutely amazing and I’m happy you decided to share it with us 💕

Hi Anon, thanks for telling me that! I feel so happy to hear people turned notification on for my blog (>////////////<) 

To my followers, kindly turn off “Best Stuff First” if you want to see more of real best stuffs! Thank you!

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Ah my heart fell at that when they got asked about how Americans have treated them. I'm sure they know that not all Americans, ARMYs or not, aren't unkind but knowing that they've probably had some mistreatment recently really hurts me. I'm American as well and I understand how some of these people kinda work so it's inevitable to not get any mistreatment, but my heart still hurts a bit.

i dont want to say that they have been mistreated because of prejudice but i just…. its sad that people aren’t open minded and cant overlook their preconceived notions to see how incredibly talented they are. i also cant help but think that its because they are confused by bts so thats why i think that these performances and all the media coverage will really open people up to them!!!!!!! i just want bangtan to be treated right.

How did you choose the artwork for Ritual?

How did you choose the artwork for Ritual?

I kept seeing these different visuals. I lay things out just like I do for the album, and I creatively come up with concepts for the covers and the videos. Chris, Kevin, and the boys in the band, they trust me to do the vision. They still give me insight and they have great ideas, but if I get these things in my head, they want me to show them so they can see what page I’m on. So, I lay it all out, and we all work together to come up with the best way. I just saw it in my head, and we planned it all out where I would be floating in the in-between. I wanted it to feel like I’m being lifted up into this light in the artwork, that I was floating in this beautiful place. It’s crazy, because some people think it’s scary, but to me it looks euphoric and beautiful. It’s just a matter of perception and how you choose to view it.

i’m sorry

but i’ve come to the conclusion that i will not be updating my chamomille eyes for pets solely because…well the thought of doing it is giving me too much anxiety. i give full leeway if someone wants to go ahead and recreate them for pets, but the thought of completely restarting those eyes and fixing the base game ones before i even START working on the pets is making me feel sick.

i hope you guys understand, i just….have too much on my plate right now. 

yes i’ll still be creating the alien eyes for lacuna, those are almost done anyway because i started them before i even finished the first two sets. so don’t worry about those, and i’ll be trying to update chamomile for the c&d patch since some of you are having glitches with the human ones.

if you want to make the chamomile eyes for pets go for it! i give you full permission! i just…don’t have it in me to do it right now.

i hope you guys understand, i’m sorry if i’m letting anyone down.

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Im sorry. I like your blog, but the fact that you are so violently pro vegan/ anti meat really bothers me. I need to eat meat for medical reasons and you making people feel bad about it with some of the things you post i find to be entirely unnecessary. Because of the lack of acceptance and the alienation of your very abrasive posts, i am unfollowing.

Hun, this is something i am passionate about so i am going to be talking about it (i honestly don’t think i am too much about it at all, plus it is worth it for me to talk about because i get multiple messages daily from people thanking me for inspiring them to make the switch/cut out some product- and that means the world to me!). Plus i always make an effort to be very clear that there are tons of options if something doesn’t work for you! For example if you have to be eating meat but still care and want to make a difference you can try to find cruelty free products, or cut back on other animal products in foods like milks/eggs/cheese etc!

No need to let me know you are unfollowing, it doesn’t make a difference to me! You are entitled to your own opinions and are able to follow/unfollow whoever you’d like! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Hi guys!

I’m happy you wanna come to my silly 400 followers party! 😄 I already got some of your simselves, but still needing yours:

@mokihokisims , @bladeslegacies , @brindletonbaby , @polym78 , @simlisssa , @crabbeychick , @simsulfurtrash

Could you send me your Origin ID or a link where I can get them and the cc links too? Thanks!! This is going to be so much fun!
And sorry, this requires so much work that there’s probably not gonna be very many story/legacy posts for a while.

And if there’s someone still wanting to come just send me a message! 😊

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Is it normal for a lesbian to still find some men attractive? like I absolutely would not want to be involved with them romantically/sexually but every once in a blue moon I'll find a man nice to look at and it's kind if tripping me up lol

all that means is that youve got working eyes

Remember when I said “oh no, I don’t want to do any gafou videos/animations because I don’t have ideas and time and whatever bye ok lol”…?

Guess who wants to do a three minutes animation NOW?! I dunno when because I still don’t have time and I’ve got like two parts of two different exams in ten days and one of them will probably be useless but I’ll have to do it anyway or I’ll never graduate again that sucks that’s why I’m not posting anything new these days I’m sorry

Contributor Spotlight #6

As we launch into our creation period, we’d like the chance for you to get to know the creators and contributors involved in making this zine happen. For that reason, we will be posting bi-weekly Contributor Spotlights, which will showcase the past works of Limitless Zine contributors.

They’re all amazing creators with amazing talent, so please show them your support!

✽ Roku


“I could probably marathon the series 3 times and still want more. I’m super exicted and honored to be a part of this project with so much talent that I’ve admired during my time in this fandom!”

Orignal picture here

✽ Richer

AO3 | Twitter

“KnB is the first fandom I spent time in where I came out of my shell and talked to people, and writing for this fandom helped me become so much more comfortable and confident sharing my work in other fandoms. I’ve made so many good friends and had so many great discussions here, and I’m so glad to be a part of Limitless! If you wanna hit me up on twitter I’m @lemaireality (feel free to shoot headcanons and kagahimu talk my way)”

“I talked to Taiga. He wants to know how you’re doing.”

Tatsuya laughs. “I figured it was something like that.”

“That’s not all of it,” says Daiki. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to see you.”

Tatsuya sips his drink. “How much did he tell you?”

“Not much. That you guys fought.”

“Yeah,” says Tatsuya. “We did. I told him I was trying to find a playing job; he told me I wouldn’t mind retirement, and I disagreed. Part of that was me being overly sensitive and taking it the wrong way, but I don’t like other people telling me what I would and wouldn’t like, even when they’re right, so I had an extra reason to be contrary.”

Tatsuya is nothing if not self-aware.

“And I’m a bit worried that he might be right.”

Tatsuya’s voice is getting lower and lower with every passing word; for a second Daiki wants to reach over and grab his hand, tell him Taiga’s wrong, but they’re not dating anymore. Tatsuya had never been this frank with him when they had been, anyway (and that’s one of the reasons they’d broken up in the first place). But thing is, Taiga definitely is wrong about Tatsuya, the same way he’d been wrong about Daiki. Tatsuya’s incredibly stubborn and incredibly attached to basketball, in a way that Taiga doesn’t completely get. And even without that, Tatsuya’s last year had been more than serviceable, split between the Bucks and Wizards. He’d done fine in limited minutes; he hadn’t even been injured.

“He’s not,” says Daiki, and Tatsuya throws a half-smile at his drink.

“Even if he is, I don’t want to go just yet,” says Tatsuya. “I can’t, not when I’ve been given this chance to play here in the first place—I can’t leave until it runs completely dry.”

And that’s it; that’s the way Daiki feels but expressed with more clarity. It makes sense, given how much longer Tatsuya’s had to think about it, and at that realization Daiki feels a rush of indignation.

“Got any offers yet?”

Tatsuya shrugs. “The Knicks gave me an invite to training camp. I’m not holding my breath for more. Everyone knows it’s a young man’s game now; guys like us are on the wrong side of the trend.”

Trend or no, they’re good enough; they’ve paid their dues. There should be a place for them; there ought to be. But Daiki’s not going to say it; he can already hear Tatsuya’s response about how unfair life can be echoing in his head.

                        —  Excerpt from Until it All Runs Dry [AO3]

Ok but seriously if anyone ever says anything bad about Day6 which is not constructive and comes from a place of hate I will end them so fast like you can buzz right off. These men have worked and do work so hard to be masters of their craft, to bring actual quality to their fans, and don’t get caught up in the strive to be popular. They just want to be the best that they can be, for themselves and for everyone who supports them, and even in the midst of their busy schedule this year making/recording two songs per month + MV + concerts they still made time to come on a North American tour for the sakes of their fans and they performed so well and made hi-touch really memorable. They must be absolutely exhausted, but I am so so thankful for them. Through all this they still retain humility and are never afraid to just be themselves instead of putting on a cool/sexy idol facade. Don’t you dare talk hatefully on these men who are so devoted, working so hard and putting so much love and passion into everything they create.

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I know that you said that you are not quite girl and not quite boy but not neither so I wanted to let you know that Demi-fluid/Demi-flux are things so maybe you might want to check them out and maybe they would help you

Thank you kind friend!! I actually used demiflux for quite a while before deciding it might not fit perfectly, I’m still working on it but demifluid/demifluidflux isn’t off the list for sure!!
~ chris

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SHAN LISTEN, I’m still new to Kpop and you come out with updates after updates, gone on hiatus, sorta came back, AND STILL DOING UPDATES. ARE YOU TIRED?! PLS TAKE A BREAK. Bc I’m tired just reading them, pls only update bc you want to. We thank you.

sjdlfgkjsdlfkg ANON! Haha I was just talking to someone about this the other day, I’m actually one of those weird people who work well under pressure. Idk what’s going on, I’ve been putting in sixty hour weeks at work but it’s like my mind is on GET SHIT DONE mode. I’m a contrarian. In times of peace, I’m not nearly this productive. ANYWAYS, I’m going home for American thanksgiving next week - so I’ll get some rest then :)) thank you so much for your thoughts and love 

plus today I’m going to wander over the the art museum… then maybe the american writer’s museum. SOLO DAY FOR ME AND MY NERDINESS

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I rewatched the movie yesterday and now I think I can put some of my thoughts into words.

When they brought Joss Whedon to complete JL, I honestly believed that he would only be there to take care of the finishing touches. Then he ordered a few reshoots and still I didn’t worry too much because, hey, what’s a few scenes compared to hours a footage filmed by Snyder?

As it turns out, a lot.

Whedon is like the antithesis of Snyder. Their different styles were not meant to be combined. Where Snyder cares about his characters and puts details into their creation, Whedon just wants them to be as badass and enjoyable as possible.

The visuals were Snyder’s, the scenario was Snyder’s, but the final product was definitely not Snyder’s. Whedon and WB took his work and distorted it into something they believed the critics would like. The editing was awful and no one suffered more than Superman’s character. And it breaks my heart because this was HIS story and nothing will ever make me believe that this is how Snyder wanted to end his trilogy.

Barry falling on Diana’s boobs ( and how petty must Whedon be that he took the time to reshoot *this* particular scene? Pretty sure he did it out of spite..), Clark being freaking perky during the battle … were those moments truly necessary ? Ofc not. Whedon just wanted to bring his own brand of “humor” and it clashes horribly with Snyder’s work.

I don’t know if I explain myself very well… basically, imagine the Mona Lisa. Imagine that only a little corner of the painting was left unfinished and that someone else than the original painter was asked to finish it. But instead of just taking care of that little corner, the new painter decides to bring his own touches, his own style, to the rest of the painting. Well, by the time he’s finished, it’s not the Mona Lisa anymore, is it? Not the one intended by the original painter anyway.

That’s what happened with Justice League. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an enjoyable movie. But it’s Avengers like enjoyable. It’s nowhere near as amazing as Batman v Superman.

I don’t blame Zach Snyder for leaving. His family comes first and we should all respect that. I don’t even blame Whedon; the man was hired to do a job and was obviously given freedom to do whatever he wanted. By the studio.

This is who I blame. WB hired Whedon. They hired a director they knew would not respect Zach’s style. They let him make the changes he wanted. They let him distort the footage that was already filmed by Snyder. This is on them.

What is truly tragic is that this is still a Zach Snyder movie; only a twisted version of it. I CAN visualize what it was supposed to be and it KILLS me that it isn’t what we got on the big screen.

Again, Justice League is still a good movie with some truly amazing moments ( the Amazons’ battle, Clark’s return from the dead…). Only it’s the kind you forget once you go home, not the kind that challenges you and your beliefs and makes you want to write thousands of metas about it.

So question : did Zach ever present a final footage of the movie to the WB before he left ? If so, then who do I need to kill to get my hands on it?


Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

#BendyHTtakeover Recap

((so I’m gonna compile all the Good Shit from the #BendyHTtakeover event into one post okay here we goooo))

  • Sammy has been writing music for most of his life, “from a young age […] tunes would pop into my head, [writing music] was the only logical step. ;)”
  • Willow Weep For Me” is Sammy’s favorite song, he apparently considers it modern. what time period does this game take place in jfc
  • Sammy made a handful of puns during the event. Puns are great.
  • Apparently he liked Bacon Soup at one time, but “it kind of lost its luster after a bit.. But you’d have to be crazy to not love chocolate cake!”
  • Putting on pants is apparently a struggle for him.
  • Someone asked if Norman was behind the organ from chapter 2. He responded with “The organ… I don’t know what you mean. Although Norman, our projectionist, he was always very bright..” which might be a hint to something, a compliment, or another pun - who knows.
  • An ad for a Little Mermaid bedspread got posted in the middle of the event, probably on accident. Someone joked “Sammy’s favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, confirmed.” All he had to say was something was amiss with the post, and the bed looked comfortable.
  • Sammy still writes and sings music when he’s not praising Bendy, and has written “so many dozens of songs! So many! When you’ve been in this business as long as I have… you’re quite busy.” He also said “Perhaps you shall hear them someday.” pls
  • His clearest memory of the studio besides the ink pump is “a whistling sound, a vague melody.. with a sinister purpose.”
  • When asked for advice on composing music, he responded “Music is all about layers. Rich and lush. Practice, my friend. That’s what it’s all about!”
  • Wally’s catchphrase is apparently contagious. Someone asked “Sammy, what would happen if Wally lost his keys again?” To which he responded, “That Wally! That man can’t ever keep his things in order! If I didn’t know better I’d say his mind was wayyyyy out of here!”
  • Headcanon confirmed, “Sheep Songs” is Sammy’s favorite song he wrote for the Bendy cartoons.
  • He wears the mask to “resemble the most perfect form I know!”.
  • He might not be able to see without the mask as well, someone later asked “how do you see with that mask?” and he replied “how do you see without yours?”. Might have just been a joke, or confirming the “ink monsters can see through Bendy’s eyes in cutouts and posters” theory.
  • Sammy thinks Susie is “A charming woman.. quite… charming.. I recall only her face… that.. smile.”
  • He took some selfies for us.
  • Someone asked how he felt after what happened to him at the end of chapter 2. “I can’t recall any injustice on the part of the Ink Demon. He is.. most fair.” Apparently he’s fine with being pancake’d.
  • “Who’s better? Bendy, Alice, or Boris?” “There is only our lord Bendy.”
  • What makes Bendy so worshipable is that “[He] knows all and sees all. He is the hope we’ve been waiting for!”
  • “The last I can recall… I had a flowing cascade of brown hair.. I miss it so… or was it blonde? No matter.. it was splendid.”
  • He regrets never going to Coney Island.
  • Someone asked what he thinks of Alice “Ohhh such a voice! So.. heavenly! So beautiful!” Tied with his earlier comment about Susie, this makes Samsie shippers such as myself rejoice.
  • He is honored that people write songs about him, and Bendy.
  • He doesn’t only make puns, he memes. According to him, “if you have the proper training, mayonnaise IS an instrument.”
  • His favorite instrument is the banjo, he was always fond of it and it “plucks the right chord with me”
  • He thinks bacon soup can be good, “it’s best when aged for a while I hear.”
  • He’s happy Joey let him name the song “Sammy Jam” after himself.
  • Someone asked if he had a special someone before becoming an ink monster. His answer was a flustered “Someone.. special? … I.. well.. there was.. this one. I almost remember.”
  • He doesn’t quite know where Joey is, but he thinks he’s off raising his salary somewhere.
  • He doodles Bendy sometimes.