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Prompt by the amazing: vividimagines

Working forensics had always been a dream of yours. You weren’t ashamed to admit that a love for procedural shows like CSI was a big part of that dream. After all, their science writers weren’t completely wrong, and it was good to actually enjoy your job.

Even if it made it harder to like your shows.

Besides, there was more than just the pleasure of solving puzzles going for you. After you graduated from Midway College, you’d taken a position as an assistant CSI at CCPD. A lot of the force seemed slow to warm up to you, except for Barry Allen, one of the other CSIs. Really, Barry was sort of the de facto lead in the CSI division. Apparently he’d been an assistant himself before the lightning strike and his coma, but since his recovery, his reports were so detailed that it was almost like he’d been there himself. More importantly to you, Barry had become one of your best friends here.

You liked to tease him about gaining clairvoyance during his coma. Barry, naturally, said he was always that good. Which you would be more inclined to believe if it weren’t for the other shining bright spot in your life. Your secret admirer.

Every day when you got to the lab at CCPD, there would be flowers at your desk. Some days, they had been delivered by a florist, others they seemed to be handpicked. The type of flower wasn’t always the same either. You’d often walk in to find sunflowers and baby’s breath, but it was just as likely for you to find lilies and tulips or the more traditional roses.

Today was daisies.

Smiling, you tucked one of the stems behind your ear before picking up the first case of the day.

“Hey Allen,” you teased when the man finally showed up. “Too busy communing with the spirits to make it in on time?”

He just laughed it off, smiling almost as brightly as your daisies. Normally, you thought morning people should be shot on sight, but Barry you could make an exception for.

“Why would I need to see into the past, Y/N? I’ve got mad skills.”

Barry also had a mad caffeine addiction, as he was clearly halfway through with his coffee already, and Jitters wasn’t that far away. But you were polite enough not to say anything. That, and your hands were full starting a fiber analysis.

“If that were the case, you’d be able to tell me who it is that keeps sending me flowers. Come on, Barry. I’m obviously too close to the situation to see all of the evidence for what it is. I’d like to use a lifeline here, and you’re my only hope.”

Barry gave an exaggerated sigh. He clearly didn’t think this mystery was as important as you did. You were pretty sure he found the fact you couldn’t crack this on your own amusing. He certainly smiled whenever you mentioned it.

“Okay, first, that was a horrible reference mash up. Don’t do that again.” Oh, he was so lucky your hands were busy, or you’d have thrown something at him. And missed, because the boy was too skinny to be a proper target. But still. “Second, I already told you, Y/N. I don’t have any idea who keeps bringing you flowers. Why? Do you want to throw things at them too?”

He really knew you too well.

“No, I.. I just want to thank them. And… well, get to know them. Find out what they want from me. Wouldn’t you?”

“Ah, I guess,” you couldn’t see his face right now, you were holding part of the fiber sample near a lit flame to see if if reacted to the heat at all. Still, it sounded like he was smiling. “I’m sure he.. they.. know you appreciate it.”

Placing the fiber actually in the flame for a moment, you watched it self extinguish. This never got old. “Yeah? How do you figure?”

“Well.. because they keep bringing flowers. They wouldn’t if they thought you didn’t like them, right?”

Okay, Barry had a point. And this fiber was some sort of nylon.

“Fair. I still want to actually meet them. I mean, properly. Does that make any sense?”

You looked over to his desk to see Barry watching you with an expression you couldn’t place.

“Maybe you will someday, Y/N. When they feel like they’re able to be honest with you.”

Hopefully, you thought, that day would come sooner than later.


So uhm, probably the people that already follow me on Instagram already know a bit about this AU but I feel like I should also post it here? I’m sure not a lot of people would read this AU bUT
So here’s the AU:
It’s called;The Corrupted Kingdom

In this AU, Cry is a corrupted king, Russ is one of the best thieves in the kingdom, Jund is Russ’ apprentice and Snake is a really well known blacksmith that lives in a secret place. One day, Russ and Jund are given a mission, from the guild, to steal a very valuable book from the king’s castle, but due to their lack of stealth, they end up getting caught by the king’s guards. The guards bring them to king, where Cry explains that he payed their Guild to trick them so they would come to the castle. Cry offers them a great deal of money if they fight by his side for a “royal heist”, Russ being worried about what the king might do to them if they do not accept his offer and due to his lack and need of money, accepts it. Jund introduces Snake to Cry and Russ as their blacksmith for their new mission. Snake seeing his friend fighting for the king accepts to join the crew and to fight with them. Anyways, the missions are just raiding other kingdoms and stealing valuable stuff from them for the “fun”. As their “journey” continues they meet new people and Russ’ hate against Cry starts to fade as he learns more about him, making them a better team. Russ sets aside his urge to kill Cry at the end of their mission and instead tries to learn more about him and how he became king.

Anyways, there’s a lot more to the story but if I were to type it all out the post would be longer than a chapter for a fanfic.

And talking about fanfics, I might make a fanfic for this. (Probably gonna give up like all of my other fanfics rIP)

So here are some of the other characters and their roles:
* Angel is the Captain of her pirate crew
* Mash, Tolo, Amaz, Witwix and Alex are Angel’s pirate crew
* The kings and queens are any famous gaming youtubers really (Mark, Pewds, Jack, Ken, Minx, etc…)
* Riskem is a scout thief (Rip my boi)
* Sp00n and Kiwo are assassins
* Cheyenne is a hitman
And that’s all I can remember for now…
Also yes Cry still wears his mask I just wanted to draw him without it so I could picture my headcanon of how he looks like in this AU

He Hates Me *A Klaroline Drabble*

A/N : Hi guys this is a drabble for my loveliest friend Jess’s birthday @jesskatethings , sorry I’m two days late but wifi issues are the bane of my existence. I hope you like it. 


Rated M for language , slightly anti-kla//mille.


“Oh god he hates me.” Caroline grumbled taking a seat on a barstool in the Mikaelson bar beside Kol while Rebekah moped the counters.

“Who hates you?” Kol asked and Rebekah ignored her.

“I’m talking about Klaus.”

“Forget Klaus. The man is grumpy as hell why don’t you go for a Mikaelson who will treat you like a queen.”

“I don’t know Elijah is a huge bore.” she feigned innocence.

“Come on blondiepie you know I’m talking about myself. One date honey just one.” he insisted.

“You were still in your mother’s womb when I was stealing Klaus’s lunch. It’s creepy, Kol.”

“Actually I was still in my dad’s balls but age doth no matter I shall love and protect thee with all my heart.” he stated with one hand over his heart and other extended towards Caroline.

She made a disgusted face shoved his hand away and addressed Rebekah, “How long are you gonna avoid me Bekah. I have been back for more than a week now.”

“Kol can you tell the woman sitting beside you that I am busy right now and I have no time for traitors.” Kol smirked and Caroline rolled her eyes at Rebekah’s over dramatic monologue.

“Beks I am sitting right here.”

“Kol tell her or no free beer for you.”

“Caroline Rebekah doesn’t want to see you since you left for cooking school in France five years ago and how dare you go away to follow your dreams.”

“You nincompoop thats not the reason I am mad at her.”

“Then why are you mad at me?” Caroline got up and blocked her path.

“You didn’t even bother to remain in touch. I called you several times and you just flat out ignored me. And now you come back all ready to open your fancy bakers shop and you expect everything to be okay.” Rebekah ranted.

“I’m sorry. I did try to keep in touch initially but culinary school was expensive even with the scholarship. And wifi and international calls cost a fortune. I did send postcards.” Caroline tried to explain her reasons for not being able to stay in touch.

“Only on christmas. You didn’t even have the decency to remember your best friends birthday.” Rebekah quipped somewhat softening.

“You know how it was for me. This was my only chance to make something of myself. I didn’t have money like you guys nor did I have parents who believed in me. It was important for me to prove myself. I could never forget you Beky. I am so sorry. Please forgive.” Caroline curled her bottom lip making a baby face.

“Put that baby face away. I’ll forgive you only if I get a lifetime supply of chocolate chip brownies with coconut frosting.”

“Ten years.” Caroline bargained.

“Fine I give in just because I am feeling generous.” Rebekah replied. Then Caroline stretched her arms out wide, “Hug?”

“Ughh. The things I do just because I have a soft heart.” Rebekah teased and hugged her childhood bestfriend.

“You totally do.” Caroline remarked and Kol hugged them both tightly, “Cool group hug.”

“Sod off Kol.” they yelled together and pushed him away.

He smirked and sat at the barstool.

Rebekah moved behind the bar and Caroline sat beside Kol.

“If only Klaus would forgive me this easily. He literally changes lanes when he sees me. Avoids me like I am a plague infested rat.” Caroline said wistfulness coloring her voice. There was a time he couldn’t bear to be away from her and now he couldn’t bear the sight of her. From kiddie pool to high school sweethearts, everyone had assumed that one day Klaus and Caroline would grow up and marry each other but assumptions sometimes turned wrong. Caroline had moved away to culinary school and Klaus had married someone else.

“Of course he hates you. He is sexually frustrated because his wife turned his hardware into software and the last time he was able to plug his joystick in a panel it was yours.” Rebekah commented and Caroline choked on the water she had just taken a sip of. Kol thumped her back.

“She is right. His stick got no joy from Camille.”

“You two do realize that you are talking about your brother’s … uh…” Caroline felt a bit awkward completing her sentence.

“Penis.” Rebekah supplied.

“Schwantz.” Kol added at the same time.

“Eww you guys are so indecent.” Caroline chastised.

“Would you prefer sophisticated names like manhood since your holier than thou-ness is back from Europe?” Rebekah sarcastically added.

“Oooo. I got one member.” then he nodded at Caroline.

“I would prefer no names at all. Okay. And I would actually prefer if you guys helped me with this Klaus situation. I am back for good and he can’t avoid me forever.”

“I’ll help you. Since I always wanted you to be my sister-in-law and now that Camille is out of the way thanks to Nik finally seeing the light and getting a divorce we can start on mission Klaroline Reunion.”

“A what reunion now?” Caroline asked.

“Klaroline. Mash up name for you and Nik.”

“Koroline would be sexier.” Kol commented.

Caroline cupped his face like a baby’s with one hand and blew a kiss. “Oh sweetie I’m tempted but my joystick isn’t.” and had Rebekah laugh.

Just then Klaus came in. The first thing he saw was Caroline, still the same, world’s most ravishing woman for him, blow a kiss to his younger brother. The stoic expression of his face turned to a scowl. That’s when she looked at him. Sitting more than twenty feet away she still managed to affect him, his felt his heart in his throat when her gaze found his. She gave him a tiny cautious smile and he felt familiar poignant stirrings in his heart and of course his pants. It miffed him that even after all these years and her leaving him without a backward glance he was attracted to her, how pathetic was he? He looked through her pretending he didn’t see her lovely smile and walked away to the pantry.

Caroline had witnessed the emotion flicker on Klaus’s face, longing and desire but maybe she wanted to see that because she was still desperately in love with him. Though they had relieved each other of the commitment they had during the time they had begun dating she was still sour over the fact that he had moved on and that too so soon. Just a few years after her move she had found out that he was dating someone named Camille. Camille, what kind of name was Camille anyway she thought over the rush anger when Klaus again pretended to be unaware of her existence. Oh no he didn’t she put her mental and literal foot down and followed him to the pantry excusing herself from Rebekah and Kol.


She slammed the door to the pantry to alert him to her presence although she freaking didn’t need to since her flowery scent preceded her.

Klaus turned and gave her a nonchalant lift of an eyebrow. It incited her anger even more.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she almost yelled and twisted the lock beneath the door knob.

“No wait.” he muttered trying to prevent her from doing that but then gave a long suffering sigh when Caroline didn’t stop.

“Wait what? This time you don’t go anywhere until I have  made myself clear.”

“I won’t be able to leave even if I wanted.” he said under his breath. God she was even lovelier since the last time he had seen.

Caroline didn’t hear him. “How long do you plan to keep this up?”

“Keep what up?”

“You acting like you don’t know me.”

“As long as you are here.” he replied and saw hurt flash on her face. It gutted him but he stubbornly stood where he was even though he wanted to take her in his arms and take away that hurt.

“So for the rest of my life then. Great!” she crossed her arms and looked like she was about to leave.

He stalled her , “What do you mean?”

“I”m here for good. I do not plan to leave again.”

“Well that’s fantastic.” he snarked.

“Clearly not for you.” she bit out. Dammit his eyes were still the colour of a violent sea perhaps reflecting his inner tumult. Klaus had always been so intense and she had always been a sucker for his complexities and his passion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means what it says. Don’t you dare pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about. You hate me.”

“Caroline..” he could see how badly she was hurting and felt like an arse for making her feel that way.

“No. Do not interrupt me. I know you hate me but you have no right or reason to do that. You said you were happy for me when I got into culinary school and you told me you would let me go so I can follow my dreams. But you didn’t mean that did you? You resent me for leaving. I wanted to be with you I was ready to do that long distance thing but you’re the one who broke up with me before I left saying that I needed to focus on my career and …” her voice louder than normal.

“Just a second. I never resented you for following your dreams. I have always wanted you to be happy. I would never hate you for that.” his voice matched his.

“Really. Is that why you can not stand the sight of me and avoid me like I’m the grim reaper after your soul? Admit it. Admit that even though you acted like you were fine with me leaving you, you weren’t. You were a selfish asshole who just pretended to be okay with it and now you are punishing me for that.”

“How can you say that? We were best friends before we were anything else. I have always wanted and wished you to have the best of everything.” his yelled back feeling hurt that she would think that he was selfish. Maybe he was in his interactions with everyone else but never with her. She was the only person in the world that inspired selflessness in him.

“Then why are you acting like a jerk to me? I left you alone Klaus when you decided to get married last year because it was too much for me. I have never done anything to sabotage your happiness. I ….” Caroline’s ire escalated.

“That’s the problem Caroline. You left me alone. We were best friends and you didn’t even bother to show up at my wedding. You left me without a backward glance. I let you go but that didn’t mean I didn’t need my best friend.” he interrupted her in a quiet voice.

Her heart ached. How could he have expected her to be his friend after he had decided to spend his life with someone else.

She realized it was pointless to pursue this matter. It was better if they stayed away from each other.

“Are you insane? How could I have shown up at a wedding to watch the man I love marry another woman. I am not that strong Klaus. I think it’s better if we stayed out of each other’s way. You can avoid me all you want but be subtle about it at least. I can…”

“I didn’t hate you for leaving. I hated you for not asking me to leave with you.” he murmured she couldn’t be more shocked.


“I would’ve gone to hell with you if you had asked and I’d have been happy with it because you’re my heaven. I was only with Camille to convince myself i could get over you but i was wrong. We both married each other for the wrong reasons so it didn’t even last for a few months. It was over months before we actually got a divorce. ” he whispered taking a step towards her and she was suddenly very aware of the small size of the pantry and how hot the air was getting inside it.

“I couldn’t ask that of you, Klaus. You had just been accepted to the most prestigious Art School. I couldn’t take that from you. I loved you.”

Maybe she had been feeling courageous to confront him propelled by all the rage and adrenaline earlier but it seemed to have left her the moment he had told her he would’ve left with her and she was his heaven. Poetic arshole always had a way with words and it always made her go jello in the knees. Her heart began thudding when he backed her into a wall.

“Loved?” he asked.

“Yeah. I mean of course… I mean you know..we together.. for a year.” Caroline was nervous now. He had his hands flat on the wall on either side of her head.

He had the urge to check if her mouth still tasted of sugar coated berries. She was fiend for those things.

“And now?” he leaned his head closer and nuzzled her neck when he saw desire and some other pure emotion cloud her eyes.

“What do … you… want… me to say?” she breathed when he licked the pulse at the base of her throat.

“Rebekah thinks you came back because I got a divorce. She listed a number of points to support her theory yesterday evening.”

“She did?” She loved it when pressed light kisses over her jaw.

“Mmhmm.” Her skin still tasted the same. “She also thinks we need to have to sex asap so we can stop affecting other people with the weird sexual rays we emit every time we are in the same room.”

“Okay.” she mumbled and he kissed her then. Her taste was the same, a flavor that he had been addicted to. Kissing her desperately he pulled her in his arms needing a fix for his addiction. Her hands fisted over his back her nails dug in his muscles. It spurred him he lifted her tucking her around his waist. Her mouth open slightly as if surprised by the evidence of his desire and he laughed against her mouth. His hands sneaked under shirt massaging her breasts.

She needed to talk to him before it got out hand Caroline thought fighting against the onslaught of desire burning through her veins

“Nik.” she stated once and when her voice didn’t register she held his face in her hands.

“What are we doing?” she asked and Klaus smiled. Then he kissed her softly and replied, “What do you think?”

The potency of emotion she saw in his eyes shook her. She could see he still loved her.

“Rebekah is right. I came back when I heard about your divorce hoping..” she couldn’t complete her sentence when he crashed his lips to hers. After a few toe curling seconds he prompted, “Hoping?”

“Hoping you’ll be easy pickings.” she teased.

“Really? So you think I’m easy pickings?”

“Totally.” she answered and he laughed.

“Well even if I weren’t I couldn’t stop you from ravishing me. The lock is faulty. Thus I think I might as well be a good sport and surrender my virtue.” he kissed her again and she felt the bulge in his pants getting harder.

“You totally should. I still love you and Klaus I know I always will. You’re it for me. Have always been from the day when you punched Jesse for me for throwing a frog at me in sixth grade.” she bit her lip.

“You’ve been the one for me from the day you stole my lunch in third grade and blamed it on Rebekah.” Klaus placed kiss over her forehead. “I love you Caroline Forbes.”

They smiled and were about to kiss again when a note slid under the door. Klaus let Caroline go and picked it up.

“It says Happy Sexing my darlings. Pantry sex is the best. Ps Caroline make it fifteen years of brownies for blaming me for stealing Nik’s lunch. And Oh Nik I’m taking your Italian scotch for knowing about it and still getting me punished.

Love Rebekah.”

Then a packet slid under the door with a paper wrapped around it.

Klaus lifted it too, unwrapped the paper and saw it was a condom. There was something scribbled on the paper. Caroline took it and read it.

“For heaven’s sake Nik. Next time buy a condom first. Don’t check your wallet I stole that one months ago.

Ps Caroline if his system is broken you know where to find me.

*winky face* Kol”

They both laughed and then proceeded to put the borrowed condom to good use.




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My dear, now I want to see how a baby between Genji and Mercy would look like and how everybody would react, especially uncle Hanzo ^-^ Lovely comics, by the way!

[[Trying to set an example by covering up tattoo]]

[[Boy or girl..?]]

[[Had some doodles about how their kid MIGHT look like…? There is still a lot of combinations in features that could be mashed, but I’ll let the public pick out the kid or suggest facial feature combination instead.]]

[[I believe that genji has black hair and his green hair is just weeb phase lol. Brown eyes too i think…? Anyways they’re doodles that can be refined/worked on after picking]]

Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  

Chapter o4. Your Offer

With a sigh, you sluggishly slipped on a black lace dress.  You didn’t even bother to get your hair done, opting to just leave it straight.  Trudging downstairs, you waved goodbye to your mother and the housemaid. 

It’s been two weeks since you last saw Kim Jongin.  Your mother had been grilling you about his whereabouts and you finally caved in.  Because somewhere deep down, the look of disappointment on you mother’s face scared you more than the time you almost lost your life trying to help a kitten down a tree. 

Hesitantly, you lumbered into the familiar restaurant.  Why be quick anyway, he was going to be late like always.  To your surprise, your date was already situated on your usual table with two entrees in front of him.  He stood up as soon as he caught sight of you.  Walking over, he pulled out your chair out of courtesy and you sat down.                                           

“Long time no see,” he said nervously, breaking the silence. 

“Yeah…” you almost whispered, as you played around with the mashed potatoes on your plate. 

“Do you not like mashed potatoes?  I thought you liked these kinds of food.  We can order something else for you,” he suggested, raising his hand to call over the waitress.

You shook your head and forced on a smile, “It’s fine.  I just haven’t had an appetite”.   

Kim Jongin placed his hand back down on the table and patiently observed you as you continued to stir your food in circles.  What fun, the silence isn’t even awkward anymore.  You unintentionally let out a bitter laugh. 

“Hey…are you still mad at what I said last time?” he asked cautiously. 


“No,” you lied with a shrug. 

“Uh…well even if you aren’t…I’m sorry,” he apologized.

Instantly, your head shot up.  Was this arrogant and conceited jerk owning up to his mistake?!  However, as soon as you stared into his captivating eyes, you hung your head low again.

“No…you don’t have to apologize…” you said, staring at your messy food. 

“So…how have you been?” Jongin asked, trying to change the subject. 

This was getting more awkward than when you two bickered 24/7.  Frowning, you fidgeted with a napkin.

“Not much…just being a puppet as usual,” you replied passively. 

Jongin planted his face into his palm.  Oh yeah, passive aggressiveness: 1.  Kim Jongin: 0. 

“Uh…Do you want to do something today?  You know…instead of always just meeting up for food?” he tried to change the topic yet again. 

Shaking your head, you replied, “Nah…in fact you can just go”.

He almost choked on his food. 

Resuming his composure, he asked, “W-What?”

Propping your face up with your hand, you sighed and replied, “You can just go.  Go on a date with your girlfriend.  From now on, you and I can just tell our parents we were on a date.  Just meet back here and drive me home when you’re done”. 

Jongin narrowed his eyes and then held his arms out in defeat, “You’re totally still mad about last time”. 

Hell yeah I am, you asscrack. 

“No, I’m not.  Just go,” you shooed.

Rolling his eyes, he mumbled, “Woman…Is it that time of the month or something?” 

Damn, how did he know…

“Just go have fun.  It’s better for one person to be happy than two people to be miserable together,” you explained, still stirring your now cold mashed potatoes. 

“_______ah…What do you want me to do?  I’m sorry about last time…” he spoke, running his long fingers through his hair in frustration.  Oh, that’s so sexy.  Do it again. 

You gulped and shook your head back to reality. 

“Just go,” you responded.

He slumped back onto his chair defeated as he ran his fingers through his hair yet again.  Omg.  Internally drools.  Keep your composure, _______ah. 

“Well, if you’re not going to go then I will,” you spoke, picking your purse up to leave. 

The young man stood up and held your arm.  You frowned at him, shaking his grip off. 

“Jongin-oppa, I’m not mad,” you stated.  Nope, of course not.  I’m fuming in boiling water you dumb, sexy man. 

“You are,” he countered. 

“No.  No I’m not.  I just want at least one of us to be happy so go ahead and meet up with Sohee okay?  I’ll meet you back here in two hours,” you spoke genuinely. 

He frowned.

“Oh, is two hours not long enough? Three?  Is three enough time for you?” you asked and Jongin looked at you totally beaten.

“No, two is enough.  I’ll see you back here in two hours then?” he replied, with a sigh, and you nodded. 

Silently, you watched him leave before you dropped your head against the table.  This was so darn tiring.  You felt completely depleted of energy.  Great, now what were you going to do?  As you contemplated, you unknowingly tasted the cold mashed potatoes.  Immediately, you spat it back out.  Gross. 

With a sigh, you got up and left the restaurant as well.  With no place to go, you discovered yourself wandering the streets again.  Maybe, he’ll be at the café again.  You let out a bitter laugh.  So instead, you walked the opposite direction.  Today, the streetlights were turned off so you walked in complete darkness for at least five full minutes.  It was so ironic how you didn’t panic.  Perhaps, you were more tired than you thought you were. 

Unknowingly, your legs stopped in front of an art gallery.  Contrasting the darkness of the night sky, the gallery was fully lit from one hall to the next.  The colors of the paintings popped out like galaxy dust in twilight.  Hesitantly, you walked in.  The store clerk greeted you, your face familiar to her as you used to stop by often. 

“_________ssi, it’s so nice seeing you again!” she exclaimed. 

With a smile, you replied, “It’s great seeing you too.  The artwork looks amazing”.

“Not as amazing as your paintings, _________ssi,” she complimented.

You laughed nervously.

“Would you like to paint something?” she asked, motioning to the blank canvas on the art easel. 

Instantly, you shook your head, “No, I haven’t done it in a while”.

The clerk sighed, “Your dad still doesn’t let you paint?”

You sucked in your breath and hung your head low. 

“It’s okay though, we can keep it a secret between us,” she suggested and your fingers started to itch but you declined again. 

“Oh come on, ________ssi.  It’s not like your dad planted a spy camera on you,” she tempted, bringing out tubes of oil paint for you to use. 

With a sigh, you laced your fingers together and stretched them out to prepare yourself to dive into a world only you knew about.  Happily, you climbed onto the wooden chair, your legs kicking around like a little child.  One stroke.  Two stroke.  Three stroke.  It was so uplifting.  Your petite fingers soaked in colors of the rainbow as they created splatters across the blank canvas. 

A story.  A picture’s worth a thousand words but a painting told a full story.  In your story, you saw a rag doll hanging from threads as she stood in the middle of a vast forest.  Her head hung low, staring at the ground as if doing so would lead her to the right direction.  You leaned back, observing the masterpiece from a distance.

“Wow.  See what I mean?” the store clerk said in awe.

You shook your head shyly. 

“What are you going to title it?” she asked curiously.

“The Puppet,” you responded. 

With a sigh, you got up to leave remembering that you and Jongin had made a deal to meet back at the restaurant. 

“Wait, _________ssi.  I think you should keep it,” the store clerk suggested as she handed you the wrapped painting. 

Hesitantly, you took it, bowed, and left.  Hugging the canvas against your body, you quietly walked down the streets.  Unknowingly, you passed by the same unlit sidewalk.  However, to your relief, the streetlights had been fixed. 

Even before you arrived at the restaurant, you spotted a familiar red Mercedes parked across the street.  The driver honked and you obediently waited by the street corner.  Parking in front of you, Kim Jongin got out of the car and opened the passenger door.  You slipped in, holding the canvas tightly. 

“Did you have a good time with Sohee?” you asked slicing the awkward tension.

“Yeah…um thanks,” he said.

Looking out the window, you asked, “For what?”

“Uh…for letting me see her…”

You responded with a soft laugh.  Even without turning around, you could feel his intense stare. 

“So where did you get the painting?  Were you at an art gallery?” he questioned. 

Finally, you turned around and replied, “Mmhm”.

“Really?  How much did you purchase it for?” he inquired.

“I painted it,” you admitted. 

He looked at you not quite sure if you were joking or not. 

“Do you want it?” you asked.

He raised his eyebrow at you, “You don’t want it?”

You shook your head and leaned back to place the canvas on the backseat.  Unintentionally, a single tear fell from your eyes as you looked out of the window once again.  The dark sky was a canvas of it’s own.  It told a brand new story everyday.  You just wished someday, you could start with a clean slate as well. 



a/n: Aww, sorry this chapter is kinda sad…just a little but it was necessary to guilt trip Jongin into feeling bad for being a jerk to the girl.  ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) Next three chapters are so cute (and probably should have been morphed into one long chapter…hmm…I may post them all on the same day if…if you guys give some love to the previous chapters xD…in fact if you guys can show some TLC to this chapter, I’m going to post Chapter 5 tonight muahaha).  && probably good idea because I may go MIA tmr o_o so if I don’t post tonight, it may be quiet for 48 hours. Eep.   

And if you haven’t read Secrets by this lovely EXO-L, please show her some love too!  If anyone else is struggling with gaining the courage to share their fanfics/stories, I would love to chat with you about it because believe me I was in that position less than a month ago but now I have met all of you amazing people!  ~gets teary thinking about it~ So shoot me a message!  (I will answer them privately, so don’t worry!)

Why has tumblr been so dead during the day lately???  Is it midterms week right now xD??


Awwww! This is super adorable. I could listen to you talk about Liara and Phil or hours though :P

Well, in that case, have a Bonus Fact!

That bit in LotSB where Liara says “I spent two years mourning you, so if we’re going to do this, I need to know you’re always coming back” caused me some angst: see, for romance dialogue I always just mash the paragon choice — can’t say mean things to pretty blue lady, after all — so I ended up with the cringingly smarmy flirty “we could come to an arrangement” dialogue option, when what I wanted to hear Phil say, if he absolutely had to make a joke, was something more like;

Thousands of years from now, some archæologist — like you, only not as cute! — will find my skeleton, and its fingers will be clawing at the earth because I will still be trying to find my way back to you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like the way Liara and Shep seem to have settled into a teasing, bantery cute relationship in Lair of the Shadow Broker, but you know what I’d have liked more?  Getting to experience their relationship getting that way.

Shepard out.

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Hey-llo, I saw a post about Dick having different costume for each universe he's in. Do you know what each one looked like? I'm not sure if it was you that I saw the post from but I'd figured you would know. Sorry about the assumption.

Huh… I’m honestly not that knowledgeable outside of DC’s main continuity. I’m familiar with Kingdom Come (Earth-22), where Dick is Red Robin.

We have Pre-52 Earth-2

And of course we have New 52 Earth-2

Dick has the same classic costume in Earth-31 (Frank Miller verse)

There’s Deathwing, but I’m not sure which universe he’s from, and it’s one of those things no one likes to talk or think about

Before you quickly scrub this from your memory, I want to point out that Deathwing has these little barbed keychain things hanging off his boots

Okay, now quickly scrub it from your memory

There’s Talon from Earth-3, which you might also want to scrub from your memory. I don’t think it’s ever been explicitly said that Earth-3 Talon is Dick Grayson, but it’s what I assumed

Scrub scrub scrub

There was this mash-up arc where Dick was Nightlantern, but I don’t know that it was ever designated an earth number since it was just a mash-up

I don’t think Injustice has an official earth designation either?

Then Dick became Deadman where he still doesn’t have fingerstripes

Does Earth-16 count

Batman Beyond (Earth-12?) still no fingerstripes

This is really off the top of my head, and it doesn’t include all of Dick’s costumes in main DC continuity, but yeah, I guess you could say he has a different costume in every continuity for the most part (Earth-31 seems to disagree)


Hey there! I know this might be sort of late but a lot of people until now, has been asking for tips and basically help on their wardrobe for school, and been requesting ever since summer for me to make an entry about it. So being the kind person that I am–weeeeeeeehhhhh haha– Here’s a round up of 15 wardrobe pieces that I think are essential for the school season for all my college bros out there.

I wanna clarify though that the list is randomly arranged and that all are based only on my opinion. I am no fashion guru or whatsoever and these are all just some suggestions I want to share, so feel free to disagree on the things you’re about to read :) oh and I’m also open for suggestions or comments, If you think I miss something on the list, feel free to hit the comment box below!

It’s a staple for any guy to own at least one of this. A classic white crewneck shirt is the most basic and probably one of the most important pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. It is also very versatile, team it with the right kind of clothes and your basic tee can go from school casual to formal.

This one’s a no-brainer, just like the crewneck tee, a white button-down polo is a classic staple to every guy’s wardrobe. In the past, men choose this piece of clothing to look like one of those stylish Milanese men, but now most sport this versatile piece so they can go from looking sharp in school to bar-hopping with friends. Happy Thursday ready lol

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a plain pair of chinos. These pants are as comfortable as your regular type of jeans, but have a more dressed-up look. It can be dressed up or down, and can work with basically anything inside your wardrobe. Fit is important though, unless you want to look like a remnant of the dotcom era.

…or what most people call short shorts for guys hahaha Preferably in chinos, a classic pair of this kind of shorts can go with anything. Wear them with simple pieces like a t-shirt or a sweater for a laid back and comfortable look, or add some classy items like loafers or a collared shirt if you want to look sharp & dapper inside the campus. Just make sure it doesn’t reveal half of your hairy thighs, okay? lol

tip: for short guys–like me lol– Keep your shorts above the knee it will make you look like you have longer legs, and add a few inches to your height. having shorts come down too far past your knees will give the illusion that you are even shorter than your real height.

Before you dwell on the fact that it’s a struggle getting them on, can restrict some movements and would barely give breathing space ‘down there' haha Think about how skinny jeans can make your legs look slimmer and the bottom sexy. Most say, Guys who wear skinny jeans are more likely to attract attention in a party than the ones who don’t. It exhibits ones fashion sense and a lot of girls now are attracted to guys who dress up well. so yeah, I think that’s enough reason to get you into those jeans lol

The go-to piece for a sure slacker outfit. I always feel like throwing one of this on can instantly make you look cooler, I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me haha but anyway, much like a pair of jeans, a denim jacket is light enough to wear on a normal day at school, but warm enough to get you through the coolest parts like a sudden rainfall or your classroom’s AC on full blast or your seat mate bragging about how cool his new pair of shoes are, kidding!! hahaha

yet another no-brainer. This shoes can go with anything, designer sneakers may have been all the rage for several seasons but none of them combine style and street cred like Chuck Taylors. High-cut or low-cut, these sneakers are as comfortable as your gym shoes, but look much more stylish. Cool thing about this pair is that, the dirtier it becomes, the cooler looking it gets!

Nothing can make you look like a university jock better than a good ol’ raglan shirt. This shirt has too cool for school written all over it, throw in those shades and whip up that bed hair and you’re troy bolton in an instant–but let’s not get too carried away, okay haha Just remember to get the basic or as much as possible the plain ones. Getting one of those with Never Give Up or poorly done Jack daniel’s print can guarantee to make you look like …you do the math jejejejejeje

Yes this may look like something that came out of a farmer’s closet, but with proper styling, this classic can make you look effortlessly cool. the Henley shirt has the comfort level of your average T-shirt, but you’ll look more put-together while wearing it.

We live in a tropical country and I know some of you might disagree, but I think any guy should have this in their closet, especially one in neutral, because you will have endless use for it. Not only is it very comfy–well not in the blazing sun, but it is actually easy to style and can make one look effortlessly cool in an instant. This wardrobe staple is diverse. It can be worn alone, or layered with a button-down shirt or even a wrap-around

This one never fails to stir up images relating to the grunge movement that swept through the 90s. However, these days it is the perfect easy to throw on styling item that is great for those typical school days turned into nights of vinyl records and beer buckets. Flannel shirts have unlimited styling options where you can wear it buttoned up with jeans, loose over a basic tee, as a layering piece under a denim jacket, or simply a wrap-around. whatever you may choose, you’ll always look like you’re up for a chill good time.

The cardigan is both versatile and fashion-forward. One thing I like about cardigans is that you can layer it over almost any shirt. I believe you don’t need to have a lot of this, having at least one or two basic cardigans in neutrals can already give you tons of great outfit options.

No, I’m not referring to the 'folded’ cuff–though that’s also an essential. This may be new to some, but chances are, you’ve already came across a guy in your school wearing one of this. It may look like your typical joggers, but with the right styling, this trousers can instantly make any outfit of yours look twice as cool. It’s a mash-up of the chinos and your jogging pants, and best thing is that you get the benefits of the two, now that’s pure comfort without compromising style! 

You might have already seen one of this in your dad’s shoe closet, but believe me–and your dad–when I say that this classic pair ain’t just for the desert, but it’s also best fitted inside your campus. They’re more weather-proof than your sneakers, but still appear somewhat dressy. You can even trade your dress shoes to this if you want to add a hint of casual in your formal wear.

Once upon a time, the varsity jacket was just considered a plain old jacket athletes wear when they’re cold or before they hit the court or a less-obvious way to brag about your university–kidding! haha. anyway fast forward to 2014 where it’s whole mainstream movement is history and with it’s image dragged down and tarnished–well here in our country. A lot of people may not want to risk being called the 'J’ word but I still believe its worth it. It’s less tougher than a biker jacket and it’s less coy than a boyfriend sweater(for the girls), the varsity jacket for me will always be a grab-and-go piece whenever you are up for a good time.



“Honey…!” Tony barked, hitting his fork against his plate as he dropped his arms to the table and drew a sharp breath through his nostrils, the sudden boom of his voice causing you to flinch. “The problem isn’t with you or Christmas or dinners with your little candles and those… really weird wine glasses without the stems.” He sputtered out, causing you to frown. “Okay? It’s me… I admit it. I’m the problem and I’ll always be the problem.”

“You’re not-”

“No, baby… No.” He tried again, his voice shaking a bit as he leaned back in his chair and watched you with large eyes from across the table. Pursing his lips, Tony continued watching you until he finally whispered, “I’m cracking up… I didn’t want you to worry so, I didn’t say anything.”

“You’re still having anxiety attacks?” You asked, your head tilting sideways now that you were starting to understand why he’d been an insensitive dick for most of the evening.

With an apathetic look filling his irises, he set his jaw and said, “Honey, I’m broken. And the further I go, the more I seem to shatter.”

Crossing your arms, you dropped your elbows to the table and watched as Tony hunched over his plate; his eyes fixing on his untouched mashed potatoes before you sucked in a deep breath and said… “You kind of remind me of the Earth.”

At that, his gaze snapped upward until he met your gaze, causing a blush to suddenly shoot up your neck because, okay… That might have sounded pretty ridiculous out of context but in your mind, it made perfect sense.

“I mean, you’re…” You tried again, forcing yourself not to gulp under his sad and pretty stare. “Sometimes it quakes or dries out. Sometimes it burns or cracks but it’s solid and it’s strong… It’s gorgeous and it has character, there’s depth, valleys, mountains… And no matter what, it never stops spinning and it gives a lot of people a place to call home. It’s also pretty stubborn.” You smiled then, and quickly tacked on, “In a good way.” 

With a huff, Tony cracked a slight smile before taking up his discarded fork and saying… “So, there’s still a lot of food here in case you wanted to try this Christmas dinner thing again.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Convincing Tony to have an Intimate Christmas Dinner with You*

harrisonwellstrash: *sprinkles glitter in your wake* HELLO LOVELY! How about this, imagine convincing Tony to have an intimate Christmas dinner with you, and just emotions and stuff with it being the first proper Christmas he’s had in years. As always, you don’t have to do this!

toddler!klaine at the playground uwu

“You look stupid.”

“No, you look stupid!” Kurt glares up at the boy, who’s towering above him and Blaine. He’s older, Kurt can tell. He glances over his shoulder, looking for his mother, who’s sitting on a bench not too far from the sandbox they’re playing in, and chatting with some other adults.

“Whatever,” the boy spits out, flashing a wide tooth gap. Kurt turns his head back, wrinkling his nose in disgust at seeing the many dirt stains on the other boy’s shirt and pants. Kurt is just about to counter again, when the boy cuts him off. “Your shirt is for girls and your pants are pink. It looks stupid.”

Feeling a small spark of insecurity flaring up inside of him, Kurt looks down on himself, his eyes roaming over his new shirt, the one with the unicorn and a princess his Mom had bought him just this morning at the store. Then, he glances down to his pants, that are indeed pink.

Maybe he’s right, Kurt starts to wonder, feeling his heart sink. It’s not the first time someone is making fun of his clothes.


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After Willow accompanying Dipper to a summons that one time, the triplets start trying to tag along each time he's summoned. Their attempts get more and more elaborate until Dipper has no choice but to st them down and explain exactly why summonings are dangerous things they should never, ever touch.

The problem was that they were six and there was only so much that Dipper could tell them.

(“Scare, not scar,” as Henry once put it).

They just saw him as Uncle Dipper, and didn’t see what the big deal was when Willow was accidentally pulled along with him one day

(One minute they were napping on the couch, Willow in his arms, the next there were cultists all around them and a dead rabbit on the ground and Dipper had been two seconds from almost indiscriminately ripping everyone apart before his common sense kicked in and he saw this was one of the more benign branches of his cult)

or that they really shouldn’t grab on to his coat tails as he flickered out of this plane and on to the next

(That was Hank and Acacia though Dipper suspected it was all Acacia’s idea. Luckily he had noticed them doing it and immediately phased back to the Shack, dumped their little butts in their room, and went back to the summons before they had even a chance to see or hear anything).

and Mabel reallllly shouldn’t have encouraged them by giving them their own ‘demon’ names.

(To be fair, Dipper knew that no parent was perfect, knew that far too well. Still wasn’t helping right now).

He leaned back in Grunkle Stan’s recliner and huffed. Dipper didn’t want his niblings, his kids, to know about the world of pain and fear and death he was called into on a daily basis.

They would find out eventually (he didn’t have details, didn’t want them, but he felt it, in his bones, that one day they would be in trouble, and it would be because of him. Or, to be fair, Stan or Mabel, but mostly him)

He never wanted them to know about the blood, the flesh, the sacrifices he couldn’t help but feed off of anyway, the dark, the fear of those around him, the sick joy he took from feeding off that fear…

They would know one day but not now. Not ever, if Dipper had his druthers, but even he had his limits.

Grunkle Stan had given him a rather haunted look when the kids were running around the house pestering Dipper this morning and now Dipper knew all too well where it came from.

Grunkle Stan must have felt the same way when Dipper came up to him with a battered old journal. And Dipper could only imagine what it must have been like right after the Transcendence, to know that you failed, because he was terrified one day he would fail Acacia or Hank or Willow and they would be dead on the ground at his feet and-


More specifically, wetness on his shirt, from a niece on his lap. Warmth on his other side let him know that all three of them were currently curled up and on Dipper.

He looked down at Willow, crying into his shirt, soundlessly. Dipper stroked her hair. “Little Fighter, what’s wrong?” he asked gently.

She didn’t look up, just kept crying into his shirt. “Uncle Dipper, your aras..oras…colors are so sad, and you’re sad, and I tried making that bubble around my head you told me to do but your colors popped it and why are you sad?”

At that she finally let out a sob, and cried into his shirt harder. He looked at Hank and Acacia, who weren’t crying but were clearly upset as well and holding on to him for dear life.

Well, he was officially the worse uncle ever.

Dipper shifted so that he had Willow in his arms and his wings around Hank and Acacia, and let Will cry for another minute or two, stroking her hair and humming softly to all three of them, before he finally spoke.

“I’m sorry Willow, kids, I’m okay, I promise.”

Acacia looked at him over the rims of her newly gotten glasses (she was the only one who needed them-for now). “Why are you sad Uncle Dipper? Is it because Mommy isn’t making potatoes tonight?”

Dipper couldn’t help but laugh a bit at that. “No Pole Star, not that. I’m just scared, that’s all.”

At that, all three of them goggled, completely in shock at the idea of Uncle Dipper being scared.

“Bout what?” Hank asked.

“Of the three of you getting hurt-especially if you got caught up in one of my summons on accident.”

“We could get hurt?” Acacia had a look on her face of disbelief, though Hank and Willow looked more convinced.

“Yes, very badly. And that is why I won’t take you with me. It’s not that I don’t love spending time with you or that I don’t want to show you things or take you places. But when I’m summoned, it is very dangerous.”

The triplets looked at each other for a second, and then Acacia said, “Sorry we asked to go with you….um, and grabbed your coat to go.”

Dipper hugged all three of them hard. “It’s okay.”

In the hug, Hank poked Dipper a bit. “Can we keep the names? Mine’s really cool.”

Dipper grinned. “Of course!”

He got up, still holding his niblings. “Now, who wants to go and convince your mother to make mashed potatoes tonight for dinner?”

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Can you please help, Im looking for this many many paged meme about Will and his obsessively wanting to kiss Dr. Lecter and severely annoying everyone around him about it. It was a mash up of picture stills from the show with hilarious text added and I dont know how to go about looking for them again. I cant recall who made them, but I really need that laugh right now. I hope you or your followers can help direct me to them. Thanks for reading :0) Your blog is always so helpful.

Gah that sounds amazing and I desperately hope someone has a link!!!!

That Soulmate Preference Deal- Part 5

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

The club was too loud and too full of bodies for me to make out much of anyone beyond three feet ahead of me, which made it exceptionally difficult to find Calum, Michael or Luke in the sea of strobe lights and scantily clad Australians. 

I had probably had a shot too many, and the night no longer seemed as fun or as stable as it had a few hours ago when Calum had rung and demanded it. I tried to remain upright, though with every turn of my head the room spun an extra few times and I was suddenly very, very sad. I ached to be back at the apartment, to have a good cry and fall asleep in Michael’s arms and sleep off my misuse of depressants. But, the boys were nowhere in sight. 

Some girl reached her hand out, looking worried. “Hey, sweetie, are you okay?”

I started shaking my head, pulling away from her. “I just need my boyfriend.” I didn’t want to make a scene, the crying girl searching for MIchael Clifford. 

She nodded. “Well, you let me know if you need help, okay?” Her eyes were bright blue and though I couldn’t bother to identify her hair in the dark, I realized the hand on my shoulder had a wrist with a neat name scripted on it. My heart clenched even tighter. 

It had been a couple months in Sydney, and I found myself wishing every day that the name on my wrist would just go away and be replaced with Michael’s. We were going to be celebrating a year soon enough, I remembered as I checked my phone to see if any of the boys had answered my group message calling for help. 

When I looked up, relief swept over me as I saw a familiar mop of brown hair tied up in a man-bun. I couldn’t remember a time, other than our first meeting, that I had ever been so happy to see Ashton Irwin. 

However, I was dismayed to realize that he was pressed heavily against some girl, swaying with her to the pounding music. I tried to weight the repercussions, wondering if a drunk Ashton would be confused at me cutting off his time with a girl, or angry. 

But then, another wave of dizziness threatened to let tears spring out, so I found myself lurching forward and grabbing for his shoulder. 

Ashton spun around quickly, his green eyes glassy from the booze. “What? Oh, it’s you.” He spoke loud enough that I could hear him, but when I tried to respond, he steppped closer. “I can’t hear you, what do you want?” 

I stood on my toes to reach his ear. “I wanna go home.”

Ashton pulled back, looking bewildered. “Then, find Mikey and go home. Why are you tryin’ to mess me up over that?” His words were pretty slurred, I realized, and he reeked of alcohol, though I was sure I did too. He gestured to the girl, as if he needed to get back to her quickly. 

“I can’t find him or anybody!” I glanced behind myself. “Have you seen them?” 

“Look, you’re just drunk, go have some fun, drink some water…” He waved a hand, beginning to turn him away. 

“Ashton.” I grabbed his shoulder, trying to guide him back to focusing on me. “You’re the one driving.” 

Ashton shrugged. “We’ve got awhile, just go have a few more beers, you’ll be okay. Go suck Mikey off in the bathroom, I don’t care.” 

I felt like I’d been stabbed in the gut. “Ash, please, just help me find him for five minutes!” 

Ashton was trying to pull away, but the the girl who had been waiting for him was shaking her head. “Sorry, mate, I’m really not interested, you need to take care of your friend.” Clearly, some higher power was shining down on me, because she was urging Ashton towards me. 

Ashton sighed heavily once the girl had left. “You literally fuck everything up, Xandra. Like you show up here in my life, and just fuck everything over. You’re such a shitty…. I don’t know what, but you’re shitty.” 

I tried to keep my face straight and not let him see that I was about to cry. “Let’s just find Mikey and go home.” 

Ashton stood on his toes, craning his neck to see over the crowd. “There, there’s Luke,” he mumbled. “And Cal’s over that way with two girls, you wanna ruin his fun too?” 

My phone began buzzing in my hand though, a message from Michael in the group chat, Ashton was pulling out his phone to see the same message. 

Baby, if you wanna go home, we’ll go. Meet me on the sidewalk. Boys, round up time? 

Ashton was chuckling sarcastically, shaking his head. He gripped me roughly and began towards the entrance to the club. But, his grip caused a seam to break loose on my dress. 

“Ashton, let go.” 

Ashton kept shaking his head. “No, you wanna go home, we’re going.” 

“Let go!” I tried to pull away, his fingers were on my skin and my arm was starting to burn. 

A nearby crowd of guys realized what was going on, and started to step between Ash and I. “Hey, leave her alone.” 

“Lady, this guy bothering you?” One guy asked. 

“Fuck mate, you’re ripping your girl’s dress, you better shape up!”

Now the tears were real and making my vision even worse, but I was shaking my head and assuring the college-age boys that I was fine and thank you anyways but Ash was just trying to get me home. 

Soon enough, we were out in the cool night air, and tears were streaming down my face as Ashton took back up mumbling about how I had ruined the whole evening. 

“You know, I could’ve slept with that girl, and you fucked it up. Guess you’re the only one who gets to be laid.” He rolled his eyes. “Spend so much time catering to your depression, you know, you’re not the center of the universe.” 

I bit my lip. “I know I’m not.” 

“I mean, look what you’ve done to our damn band, like you think because you’ve got some dumb tattoo you can come in here and fuck up everything we’ve done.”

“I haven’t done anything to your band, Ashton!” I protested. “And, it’s not a fucking tattoo!” I practically screeched.

“Oh, then what is it?” Ashton replied hotly, grabbing me by the wrist and holding my arm so we both had to look at his name on my skin. “It’s your mark? Me and you are soulmates? Because I absolutely can’t stand you!”

He had my wrist firmly in his hand, and I was trying to pull away, praying for Michael to hurry the hell up with Luke and Cal. 

But, then, his face softened and he looked calm. “Look, here, look.” He started giggling, his hand still tight on me, pulling me closer to him. “I’ve got an idea.” His words were so slurred, but he looked absolutely devious. 

“What do you mean?” 

“To prove that you’re lying. Because I’ll know, because this won’t mean anything.” He brought an arm around my waist with a swaggered step towards me, bringing me into his chest and mashing his lips up against mine. 

I expected it to hurt, once I realized that he was fully touching me now, but for once, my mark seemed relaxed. However, I wanted nothing to do with this moment, drunk as I was. My face was still hot from tears and my throat was sore, aching to be home already and I decisively pushed him back from me, and he stumbled backwards. 

“Fuck, Ashton, what the hell?” I spat on the ground, the taste of whatever he’d had to drink on my tongue. 

But then, Michael was beside me, with Calum and Luke close behind. Again, relief radiated to my fingertips and I reached out to wrap my arms around Michael. 

However, he was stopping my at arms length, looking aversive. “Baby, were you just kissing Ashton?” 

I already started to shake my head, trying to explain when I wasn’t even sure myself. “No! He was yelling at me, and then he said he was going to prove I was lying and he just grabbed me!” 

Michael’s eyes went to Ashton, and I followed suit. “Mate, are you forcing yourself on my girlfriend?” He seemed like he wanted to sound tough, but there was also a weakness somewhere in his tone. 

Ashton, however, wasn’t looking at anyone but instead had his eyes all screwed up, fixed on his left wrist. “Alexandra Monroe…” He murmured. 

“Yeah, that’d be her.” Michael was gaining confidence now. “Why the fuck are you kissing my girlfriend, Ashton? You treat her like shit for a year and then try to kiss her?” 

Ashton was shaking his head, his eyes wide with what seemed to be terror. 

“What’s wrong, mate?” Calum spoke up. 

“Oh no….” Luke started in a whisper. “He’s got it.” 

“Got what?” Michael glanced back at Luke. 

Ashton merely flipped his wrist, holding it in the air for all of us to see. 

Alexandra Monroe was neatly scripted across his tanned skin. My name. 

“I’ve got my mark.” His eyes fixated on me, and I felt my heart drop into my gut.