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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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Another jojo sketch-dump!!!!

Jeankasa Week 2017: Lake

This is the entire reason I don’t have any other drawings done for this week. I took a long time on this and honestly it was a lot of fun! This is the most complete drawing I’ve done on here to date! I’m really proud of it and I hope you enjoy it too! 

*Click the image for better resolution since Tumblr is terrible 😉

Man I don’t even WANNA see Dark Phoenix If Warren isn’t gunna be in it, this bitch empty!

20 minutes into Game Theory and Chill and he gives you the look.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t told you

It’s because of the look you gave me when you asked what the new soap I’d bought was and I hesitated before replying, “It’s called Gender Bender.” You then passive-aggressively bought me 24 new bars of soap in an assorted package, which I am not yet halfway through.

It’s because of the joke you made about “pretending to be a tranny to get a discount” in the car on the way to get haircuts one Saturday morning.

It’s because of the way I watched your face when I was talking to you in the bathroom this morning when you noticed I, your female child with short hair and a flat chest, was wearing a shirt that said, “#1 Dad” on it as a joke. I saw the look in your eyes like a warning.

It’s because of the way you asked my older sister if I was interested in that boy I brought over to play video games instead of going to prom. “He’s kind of weird,” you told her, “but I just want her to like a boy.” And when my sister, who knows, asked, “What if she doesn’t?” you replied, “I’m her mother, I’m allowed to have a preference, that’s all.”

It’s because of one of the many times I was visiting my dad in New Hampshire when he said, “Oh, when we were together, your mother hated gay people. And your grandmother can’t stand them, either.”

It’s because of the way you opened my sister’s mail and saw that she had registered herself as a democrat. A few weeks later, we were out to dinner with one of your friends, and you said, “And I’ve told Jaimie, if she’s going to register as a democrat, not to say anything. Her sister I’m not sure about, but I have confidence that Jaimie should at least wisen up before long.” And I kept quiet because you told me not to say anything.

It’s because of the day we went school shopping in the summer before ninth grade, and when I asked if I could look to buy boy’s jeans, you said, “Like it or not, you’re a woman, and you have a woman’s curves.” I still wanted boy’s jeans, but I told you I’d changed my mind. I still want boy’s jeans, but you think I changed my mind.

It’s because of the way you scrunched your nose when I told you my character in the school musical had been changed from “Kate,” who had one line, to “Ike,” who appeared in several scenes. Instead of congratulating me, you asked why they made me play a boy every year.

It’s because of the nightmares I used to have wherein my aunt, who figured it out on her own, outed me to you, and I got so scared of your response that I woke up with dust clogging my throat.

It’s because of the time my sister looked at our cat and said, “Sometimes I don’t really think of Oscar as a boy cat, he’s kinda in-between sometimes.” And you said, “Well, he is a boy cat.” And you used that tone. I have grown up with the presence of that tone settled in my gut like a rock.

It’s because of the way I sat in my room having a panic attack, huddled in front of my blasting fan because it was too hot and I couldn’t breathe, the first time I tried on my binder (the binder that I bought secretly with my own money three years ago and you still don’t know I have.) If anyone finds out, I thought, what will happen to me?

It’s because of the way I told you I wanted to try living with Dad for awhile and you broke down, wouldn’t talk to me about it, wouldn’t acknowledge that it was happening until it had, and even though I was happier there, even though I had told my dad and his girlfriend within a month of living with them, even though I was more involved with theater and didn’t hate the thought of going to school every morning because I liked this one, even though I had friends that I loved more than anyone I knew back here, in this godforsaken farm town in rural New York, you still made me feel guilty enough about leaving you that I came back anyway.

It’s because of the way that I’m out at school, that I don’t care if anyone there knows that I’m not a girl or a boy, or that I like both girls and boys, and there I’m loud, and there I’m happy, but as soon as I get home I’m quiet as a mouse because I don’t want you to talk to me because you might say something careless, and think nothing of it, but your throwaway comment, to me, is a dagger in my lungs.

It’s because of the look you gave me when I was thirteen and I told you I wanted to be a prince for Halloween.

It’s because of the way you once prefaced your indignation at something sexist with, “I’m NOT a feminist, but…”

It’s because of the way my heart spiked with panic when we were reviewing my college applications together and I realized I’d marked gender as “prefer not to respond” and quickly scrolled past it.

It’s because of what I imagine you would say if you found out that I have signed up to live in gender-neutral housing for my freshman year on campus, and that I will not let any of my roommates believe I am a girl.

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t let you read anything I’ve written, it’s because my writing is deeply personal to me, and I don’t want you to know any of my secrets. I don’t want you to know what I think about the world because I know you would disagree and tell me so. I don’t want you to know what I think love should be because you would only be cynical and try to tell me about the real world. I don’t want you to read about my queer heroes because these characters and their stories are important to me, and I feel like if I let you touch them, it would ruin them for me.

It’s because I remember all of these things every time I get close to you.

It’s because I break my own heart thinking about how much I want to love you, but can’t.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t told you I’m queer, and why I never will, it’s because I don’t trust you. And when I start my own life, and I live on my own, I will not care who knows, and I will not care if you find out, because once I am out, I will be far away, and I won’t have to see that look on your face ever again.

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Can I still draw Zoe scribbling stars on her jeans I don't want people to think I'm copying you

well yeah its like a canon thing in the show??? if ppl actually accuse u thenn wO w

The Cat’s Out Of The Bag {Jay Park} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt:  Can I request a jealous Jay Park smut? Jay is your best friend and he’s jealous of your time with Christian yu and fucks you loud enough for Christian to hear PLZZZ

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warning: smut, 

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@fluffyish @aftgexchange!! this is for tina!! who’s a cutie and had the best headcanons that i most definitely would love to write too!! I am sorry, this is already a day late, but school and work and everything piled and i had no time at all, i hope this is still ok!! <3 

“ I have poor circulation and sometimes get chills and you have the warmest body so i like to cuddle with you as much as possible.” with jerejean!! they’re the cutest my lovely otp 

  • jeremy knox being a californian boy, our sunshine dreamer, is of course very used to the warm temperature and almost non-existent summers
  • therefore, when the team has to travel to away games in colder states, of course jeremy finds himself and his poor circulation at a loss as he is left no choice but to either layer up
  • or cuddle endlessly 

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Let’s try now M.C

Originally posted by 5sos-place

warning: smut

word count: 1900+

summary: Michael wants a baby but y/n isn’t so sure. After some convincing y/n agrees and they try for one.

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! This is also dedicated to the other Anon who wanted more Michael smut, I told you Michael smut was coming ;) Don’t forget requests are open and I reply to all!

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Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, college was a lil bitch, but at least we all managed to get our shit together and everythin is cool now!

Hope I’ll be back with news soon, but for now, have some selfies with Sash and Connie (I s2g these two are sO gross)

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Omg I didn't know I needed this, but I NEED IT!! “i thought you hated me but i just accidentally sent you a booty text and you accepted and i am seriously considering it” au

this is rated M for Mature 

Bellamy’s first mistake was not deleting Clarke’s number from his phone. That was what Miller told him to do, and he knew Miller was right, but there was just something so final about deleting her phone number. And then if she ever got in touch with him, he wouldn’t even know about it.

His second mistake was, therefore, letting Miller change Clarke’s name in his phone from Clarke to DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, which was a good idea in theory, but hasn’t really helped in a lot of ways. He’s never been tempted to call Clarke, has always known that was a shitty idea, so when he sees the number, all it does is remind him that he wishes he could call her, and that he hadn’t fucked it up so badly.

The third mistake is deciding to text Echo to see if she wants to hook up, because, really, he doesn’t want to hook up with her again, he’s just kind of drunk and kind of mopey and in the mood to make some bad life choices. He’s not even really expecting Echo to take him up on it, but her shooting him down seems like the perfect ending to his mope fest of a night.

Which makes his fourth mistake not checking that he’s sending the message to the right person. It’s just that DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER and Echo happen to be right next to each other alphabetically, and when he’s scrolling through only half paying attention while he plays video games, well. It’s a mistake anyone could make.

And he probably wouldn’t even have known he made it, if she didn’t text back.

Me: Hey, you busy right now?
Want to come over?

DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER: Are you booty-texting me?

He nearly drops the phone, staring in shock and horror at the notification as it lights up his display. There’s no good response to her question, of course; he can’t tell his ex-(semi)girlfriend, whom he’s still not over, that he sent her a booty-text meant for another girl. He could try to say he just wants to talk, or something equally inane, but he doesn’t really think she’d buy it.

And then she adds, Because honestly, I really need to get laid.

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A belated birthday Royale Instinct fic for my lovely and talented friend @shoegazerx 

Birthday Boy (click for ao3)

Adam woke to a kiss on his shoulder and the familiar scent of Jean’s cologne made him smile.

“Oh, you’re still here?”

He laughed at the soft bite to his skin and let Jean roll him onto his back.

“I do not take well to being teased.”

Adam reached up to touch his cheek.


They kissed and Adam felt hardness at his hip, reared up and bit at Jean’s bottom lip when he moaned.


“Your minx,” he sighed and met the touch to his cock, “Birthday minx.”

Jean feigned surprise. “Is that today?”

Adam laughed. “You wouldn’t have woken me so early if you didn’t remember.”

Jean kissed his cheek. “I bought you a gift, though it may be too early for it.”

Adam’s fingers threaded through his hair. “Never too early.”

“You’re still half awake.”

Adam whined, “Daddy, I want my present.”

Jean laughed and bit his cheek, “You continue to persist with that line of thinking, I will go find another little boy and…”

Adam turned them over quickly, pinned him down and kissed him hard. “I don’t like teasing either.”

Jean touched the mark he’d left on his cheek. “Your gift is in the top drawer.”

Adam climbed out of bed to the drawer, opened it up and grinned as he took out his gift: an eightball of cocaine. He held up the bag and turned to Jean.

“It’s been ages.”

Jean smiled and folded his hands behind his head.

“I know. I thought you would be saddened by your advancing age and wanted to be certain today was worthwhile.”

Adam shook the bag before he climbed back into bed and straddled Jean. “Advancing age?”

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Why do u think Jean is going to survive in the end? I just read something predicting he's going to die getting revenge for Marco 🙄 and it put a really bad taste in my mouth. I trust your judgement and would like to hear your reasoning

I got an ask a while back that detailed the concept of characters whose function within a narrative is to be something other than a person. For example, in the Rose of Versailles anime (not the manga), there is an accordion player whose narrative function isn’t to be a single human being; rather, his role is representative of the people of France in the years and days leading up to the French Revolution. In this case, the character in question isn’t a person; we’re not meant to see him as one–at least not in the individual “has a family has dreams has goals” sense. We’re only meant to hear his words and think: Okay, this guy is speaking for the everyman, the people who had no voice of their own.

Now, Attack on Titan is a very different story with a completely different narrative, but I feel that Jean is a character who has a dual narrative function:

1.) A person who has dreams, goals, feelings, et cetera, and also:

2.) The everyman who isn’t the hero of the overarching narrative, but who works hard and is at the center of his own narrative.

I’ve always felt that we’re meant to see Jean as the character who could be us. Of course, we see ourselves in other characters, too, in veterans and 104th and Marley kiddos–but I think Jean was created to fill a specific role–a void in a series filled with Special People. Veterans are fun but we don’t know their story; we have a better idea of what Jean’s story is, so we can feel a bit more connected to him. Most of us aren’t special, not in the kinds of ways we’d like to be. Jean isn’t a shifter, he’s not a genius, he’s not a complete badass, he’s not secretly royalty or from outside the walls. He possesses no particularly useful skill (like medical knowledge, hand-to-hand combat, cooking). And the series hints at times (I’m ignoring the terrible OVA, all right) that he’s from a Bland Financial Situation. So, here we can imagine that Jean is who we’d be in this kind of narrative. We’re not special like Eren, Mikasa, or Armin. We’re not the kids from Marley. And coming into this series in the beginning, we’re not the veterans either, because hoo boy when they swoop in for the first time we’re like the other greenhorns, you know? Watching them come in and be badass… In awe over it a little bit. Years of exposure to the series makes it hard to recapture that kind of feeling but when this was originally being written and people were reading it, it helped to have a character who could kind of…speak for us. Not that Jean always says the right thing. Like I said, he’s a character who serves a dual function, and one of those is as a character who is a human being; he has to make mistakes and do things wrong; he has to have flaws. But hey, don’t we also have flaws? 

At the end of the day I can’t help but see Jean as the character we’re meant to see ourselves in–not fully, mind, but by part and parcel. 

Because of this, because he’s not special in a big, mindblowing, glaring way, I just can’t help but feel that we’re meant to see him as a survivor–as the kind of person who lives to tell the tale of his more heroic companions, who has to shoulder the guilt of living while they died. I think we get this a little with Flocke (however much the fandom hates him, I wish he was more of a person-character and less of a lazy attempt to cram Themes into the story): the way he talks about Marlowe is exactly the way I think Jean might someday be talking about Eren. Flocke and Marlowe put it all on the line but Flocke knows Marlowe had a good head on his shoulders and was fighting for what was Right and Just–even when everything looked hopeless. Meanwhile, Flocke was despairing in a big way. Yet, in the end, the one who lived wasn’t the just, upright soldier but the coward who didn’t deserve it.

I don’t think Jean is a coward, but Jean has said time and again that everything is up to Eren–and now Armin, too. He’s not blind at who the big heroes are of the overarching narrative of the walled people. He’s fighting for the same thing but he knows he’s not on the same level as Eren–by chance, by luck, by circumstance, sure, but it’s still a fact.

Too, I really want Jean to represent the everyman in a hopeful sense. I mean, yes, all of the soldiers we’ve seen die were, generally speaking, an everyman who worked hard. But Jean is the only one we’ve seen from the beginning, you know what I mean? We watched him change and grow along with Eren and the other Special characters in ways we didn’t get to see for any of the others. Wouldn’t it make great sense for the narrative to let Jean live to the end? Here’s a guy we followed from the start who worked hard and didn’t die; in part, perhaps this journey is his as much as it belongs to the “main” cast, eh?

Anyway, as far as this “revenge” nonsense goes, it smells like a bad case of The Shipper Tee-Hees to me. Jean has never once been about revenge in this series. I don’t think he’s going to start now. I don’t even think he has enough information to begin to know who to punish for it, and I don’t think that’s what his character is about. Many other characters have sworn vengeance, but Jean isn’t one of them.