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Protect him

(I know nothing about this character except for the fact that anocurry adores him so he must be protected)

Ugh, no but the whole thing about how home is not a place but rather a person, and then that moment before the final hug and Korra looking at Asami while talking about “no other place she’d rather be” and then leaning into her when the three of them hug. Be still my heart


JDS: Mako and Bolin’s bachelor pad was a really small room to stage scenes in, so to help out the board crew, we built a 3-D version to assist in getting those tough-to-visualize angles.

BK: After living in the attic of the Pro-bending arena and bumming around Asami’s mansion and Air Temple Island for a while, Mako and Bolin finally have their first legitimate apartment.

Book Two: Spirits
The Art of Legend of Korra

It seems like the longer this fandom goes without Makorra screencaps from Book 3 or anything like that relating to the pairing, the more people are coming out saying, “I never really thought they’d work out anyway” or “They really don’t have any chemistry at all” or “Yeah, they never loved each other”.






or Supported

Each other…

Sometimes, I wonder if I watch the same show as the other fans. I speak frankly but it’s how I feel. I hadn’t seen the original Avatar when I first started watching LoK so I took it at face value at first. I supported whatever pairing the show lent to me and I felt like Makorra had more of a relationship than Masami and so I supported that and so did the show.

Same with Avatar: The Last Airbender, when I saw how much Aang had a crush on Katara, I was like “oh yeah, that’s probably endgame there.” and even though after the second rewatch I liked Zutara, I still supported Kataang because that was endgame and what the creators wanted.

Mako and Korra might be broken up now, but to be honest, they both did rush into a relationship and since Korra is the Avatar, she has a responsibility to the world first and foremost. As they say, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” but that doesn’t necessarily mean actual distance. It could me the distance of a street block or half a world.

I know Mako and Korra are endgame and I’m willing to see them through because I know that’s what the creators want (or at least that’s how I interpret from the first season) and because I feel like they mesh together the best.

also am i the only one who feels like mako was over korra for the entirety of book 4…like even at the end of book 3 probably. and certainly after those 3 years.

basically like he said in ‘remembrances’…he didn’t want a relationship, he wanted to 'figure out who he was without a woman in his life’…that’s why he was single all those years. not because he couldn’t let go of korra.

…i mean i think this is the most logical read on the whole thing in retrospect, although i understand it’s probably not something m/akorra shippers want to hear… not like i mind if people want to read mako as still having romantic feelings for korra, but imo he was clearly over her at the end of book 3 in that way and just wanted to continue being the best of friends/being there for her as a friend. and personally i love that read, i find it really mature and endearing that mako still cares just as much as he ever has about korra, just not in a romantic way anymore.

also imo korra hasn’t had any romantic feelings for mako since the end of book 2…at the start of book 3 basically we see her trying to encourage mako to chill/get over his awkwardness so they can just be friends, because she clearly still wants that. and by the end of book 3 he manages to let go of any remaining awkwardness, which was the point of the final hug they share (although even i’ll admit the swell of music there was a bit misleading - oh well. sometimes you just have to deal with a little bit of hetbaiting in your life, you know?)

My Favorite Place Is Next to You (ReiGisa)

Title: My Favorite Place Is Next to You
Pairing(s): Rei/Nagisa
Rating: G
Warnings: It’s angst, and I wrote this, so be careful.
Length: 1,597 words

Also on AO3 and FF.net. Audio reading.

Now with beautiful fanart.

Nagisa followed Rei everywhere.

At first, Rei didn’t know what to do with him, because people usually left him alone or only talked to him briefly. But Nagisa never seemed to tire of his company and actively sought it at all times.

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"Brave Faced"

When Korra left, Bolin had already planned on writing to her. Mako watched as he spent an hour or two every other day crafting a letter to send to her, inky characters flowing down page after page. It didn’t matter to Bolin what he wrote, and it didn’t matter if she responded, just so long as he was writing, writing, writing. To her.

“I want Korra to feel good again,” Bolin had said, scrawling out the post-post-post script. “That’s all.”

Asami had radioed her a few times to check up. She had expressed to Mako how anxious she was that none of them had gone with her. “She has her parents, and Kya’s there too, but still… I just want to help in whatever way I can.”

Mako wished he had done something. He wished he had said something. But he hadn’t.

He hadn’t done a single thing.

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anonymous asked:

If you had to pick one random character from LOK to have a scene where they pull Mako aside and be all "I see you still want her (Korra)" which character would you pick?

Chief Beifong

I considered Asami and Bolin but really, Momboss would be awesome, especially given her history with Tenzin.