i still want a david 8

The Lego Batman Movie

Ok, I love the movie, but now I think of songs to go with the ship Batjokes for some odd reason…

1. “Two Birds” by Halsey
2. “Bad Romance”, (“Poker Face”?), and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga
3. “Smile” by Avril Lavigne
4. “Rumors” by Jake Miller
5. “Oh Well, Oh Well” by Mayday Parade
6. “Play Date” (and “Cake”?) by Melanie Martinez
7. “There! Right There!” by Legally Blonde: The Musical (people used to call the song, “Gay or European”, people still do)

8. “Strangers” by Scratch21 (feat. EileMonty) 9. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood or “Sweater Weather” by Alyson Stoner & Max Schneider 10. “Without You” by David Guetta (feat. Usher) 11. “Can’t Sleep Love” by Pentatonix 12. “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects or “Gives You Hell” by Glee 13. “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift 14. “Jenny” by Studio Killers 15. “True Love” by P!nk ft. Lily Allen

…I think I need help… 😰😥

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1. Favorite Clubs: Manchester United , Real Madrid & Borussia Dortmund (even if I hardly watch matches)

2. Favorite Coaches: I think this is current only so Mou (even if sometimes I just want to slap him upside down) , Zizou, Carlo Ancelotti , I actually do like Conte.

3. Favorite Strikers: Zlatan, Rashford , Aguero, Grizi , Benzeema , Wayne

4. Favorite Midfielders: Ander, Carras , Basti , Kroos, Luka

5. Favorite Defenders: Bai, Ramos , Thiago Silva

6. Favourite Goalkeeper’s: David de Gea, Sergio Romero, Iker, Gigi , Keylor

7. Favorite Captains: Rooney & Ron

8. Favorite Stadiums: Old Trafford, Bernabeu , Signal Iduna

9. Favorite Retired Footballers: all the United players are my fav ❤ I just love all of them and get so happy when I see them at games or talking bout United.

10. A Moment That Made You Smile: everytime my team wins tbh 😂😂

11. A Moment That Made You Cry: when Fergie retired

12. A Player You Used To Dislike And Now You Like: the only player that comes to mind is Neymar but now I don’t like him much anymore after the PSG debacle 😂

13. Players You Like From A Rival Team: Coutinho and Grizi

14. A Player You Respect For Their Talent: oh gosh alot

15. A Player You Want To Hang Out With: Mikhiiii

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1. subjects you’re taking?

None but hoping to take some in the future

2. biggest influence?

Probably myself rn

3. country do you want to visit?

New Zealand but I definitely want to go back to Northern Ireland

4. favorite book?

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

5. biggest motivation?

My crippling fear of failure

6. what language do you want to learn?

Romanian or French

7. halloween v christmas

Both but I just found a new reason to love Christmas too

8. how old are you?


9. favorite season?


10. favorite band or singer?

David Bowie, Stevie Nicks and The National

11. have you had a good day today?

Holy shit today has been the best day ever. It’s been emotional and magical and wonderful all rolled into one and I’m still riding high on the euphoria of it all

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Relationship status: Single 
Favourite colour: Blue
Lipstick or ChapStick: both, recently been applying NYX lipstick on most days 
Last song I listened to: Still got time by Zayn ft Party next door 
Last movie I watched: Taken 2
Top 3 fictional characters: David Tennant, Liam Hemsworth, Taylor Luther 
Top 3 ships: I dont really do ships.
Book I am currently reading: I’m not currently reading anything.

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Shuffle tag thing


I assum I’m supposed to hit shuffle and then post the first 10 songs, so that’s what I did.

A little bit of everything. Surprised no Christmas music popped up…

1. Run to Black - David Newman - Serenity Soundtrack

2. Peace of Mind - Dwayne Dopsie (a little zydeco anyone?)

3. Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

4. Be Still My Soul - Lisbeth Scott

5. (I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence Dear - Blondie

6. Nara (Theme to Cold Case) - E.S. Posthumus

7. Rolling in the Deep - Adele

8. Saving Grace - Everlast (Another TV theme. Apparently iTunes was in a mood.)

9. Future Starts Slow - The Kills

10. Headstart in the Wrong Direction - Reba Russell Band 

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Awww you always say David gave backhanded compliments but I think he was more diffusing the compliment to take the tension away even when he wasn't talking to her directly. You can see how he really has grown and become more comfortable with himself in how he can let a compliment sit now.

Okay, just to be clear: it was 1998 David that I say gave backhanded compliments. 2016 Duchovny is so sentimental, I worry about him sometimes. I think you are kiiinddaaaa making excuses for him by saying he was “diffusing the compliment to take the tension away” because she wasn’t there. I mean, neither of them were really awesome people back then, you know? Regardless, I still love them now.

But just so you know I feel genuine affection for David, let’s do a Top Ten List of things to love about David Duchovny. In no particular order:

1. He can unironically wear a ratty t-shirt, white pants, corduroy and runners on a weekend where his photo will be taken 1,000s of times and people will still lust after him. Enthusiastically. 

2. His two best friends seem to be a weird-looking wolverine creature and a woman who is clearly obsessed with the size of his…manliness. 

3. He seems determined to make Mulder and Scully married, regardless of what actually happened in the series. He also gave us The Unnatural baseball scene, ‘you are my touchstone,’ and the Existence kiss. He watches romantic MSR fan videos, looks at erotic MSR art and (likely) has read fanfic. David = Shipper.

4. Although I don’t personally enjoy his music, I give him props for having the courage to learn something new, do something out of his comfort zone and put himself out there - especially given how actors are generally regarded in the music world. 

5. He wants to do more X-Files and will likely be instrumental in making S11 happen.. and I guess that’s a good thing. ;)

6. He doesn’t seem smug about how successful his books have been. 

7. He wrote that beautiful piece about his father that I still think about often. There is true wisdom there. 

8. I personally believe he initiated and cultivated the friendship with Gillian. I think he wanted to right some wrongs and he reached out to her. IMO, they wouldn’t be where they are now without David first deciding things were going to change. Think of how different life would be today if that hadn’t happened? No Paley, no IBG, no NYCC, no Chicago, no tweets, likely no S10, no potential S11. 

9. He has a lovely sense of humour and takes himself a lot less seriously. He tells the same stories repeatedly, is ‘uncool’ and offers ridiculous “Oh, Dad!” one-liners, but he pokes fun at himself in a very dry, funny, endearing and cool way. 

10. He would speak at a Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony for Gillian (even though he would hate it), he attended Streetcar (with his sister), he chewed Gillian’s sleeve in front of rabid fans to make money for her charity. He supports and loves his adult friend and I can’t help but love him for it. 

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Here are some things I want to know: are they just heading up to Vancouver 6/7 and going to the set 6/8? Will there be a table read? Wardrobe fittings? Won't they need a few days to re-acclimate to their characters? There's not much time left now... and with both of them booked this weekend, when will they arrive and get started? This is so exciting.

I ALSO WANT TO KNOW ALL THOSE THIIINNNNGGGSSS. It’s super exciting! Does “it starts 6/8” mean SHOOTING starts 6/8? Or do they all get there and have like their rehearsal dinner and Gillian’s like “oh, I never dyed my hair, I guess I’ll get that done tonight, if I remember lol” and David is going to all his old favorite strip clubs and giving them pictures he drew with umbrellas and hearts and smiley faces (and a copy of his album) to show them that he’s a new man and wants to be friends, and Chris is…still working on roughing out the story, and Frank Spotnitz is like “why, why did I let him talk me into this, I have so much work to do to get this production in shape, sigh” and Darin Morgan is like “so here’s my script, it’s 96 pages long and it’s about how even believing in nihilism means you believe in something so therefore nihilism can’t exist and so there are no belief systems so we should just stop doing anything and float alone in space” and Morgan and Wong are like “You’ll see it on shooting day and not before” and WBD is like “is everyone hanging out without me? and other concerns” and Vince sends over an edible arrangement with a card that you open it up and some pop-up arms come out like you’re getting a hug that says “GOOD LUCK, YOU GUYS!!!!” with a bunch of emojis that he hand-drew and colored in because he couldn’t figure out how to print onto the card but he really wanted those emojis in there, and Piper is like “…OK, so where did you guys want me? I have a lot to do” and…

yeah, it’s pretty exciting. 

Remembering George Harrison 1943-2001

“No, no. I wasn’t Lennon or I wasn’t McCartney. I was me. And the only reason I started to write songs was because I thought, well if they can write them, I can write them. You know, ‘cuz really, everybody can write songs if they want to. If they have a desire to and if they have sort of some musical knowledge and background. And then it’s by writing them the same as writing books or writing articles or painting– the more you do it, the better or the more you can understand how to do it. And I used to just write songs. I still do. I just write a song and it just comes out however it wants to. And some of them are catchy songs like 'Here Comes The Sun’ and some of them aren’t, you know. But to me there’s just songs and I just write them and some will be considered as good by maybe the masses and some won’t. But to me they’re just songs, things that are there that have to be got out.” - George, 8 October 1969 in an interview with David Wigg

Fairytale Series - Ashton Part Two

Fairytale Masterpost

“I can’t be Peter Pan, my name’s Ashton. I was born in Australia!” I shout.

“I’d really love to explain this to you Pete- Ashton, but I need you to calm down your boys,” David says,

“How do I do that?”

“By turning into Peter Pan.”

“Yet again, how do I do that?” I ask getting frustrated,

“Simple, kiss Wendy,” David answers, we all groan,

“We don’t know where Wendy is!” Lori shout,

“Sure you do, she’s right there,” He says pointing at Rose.

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