i still use way too many dark colors

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I've got to say your arts give me life! Especially the John Hamish Watson. His eyes!!! It's a wonder! You just posted a tutorial of your watercolor but is that one painted the same way? Anyway thank you for sharing my arts with us. <3 <3 <3

Do you mean “sharing your arts”?? :))))))))) 

Thank you lovely anon! I can’t say how much I appreciate these. And why not show yourself, I’m curious to know who sent me such sweet words.

That John Hamish Watson painting is also one of my favourite so far. But tbh, the eyes are… well, off and it pained me so. About the painting process, yes it was more or less the same way but instead of just one color for the bg I used many, both watercolor and Acrylic Ink. I only have a few WIPs of that painting, hopefully it would be enough and helpful to you.

Started with a simple sketch, then I wet the whole painting with clear water and add in watercolor (blue, brown) and acrylic ink (sepia, black) in different parts and let them mix. I used a tissue to blob out color for the highlight parts. Watercolor tends to look darker when it’s still wet, so if you think one part of your painting looks too dark at that moment, try not to worry too much. 

Usually I would try to put some more shades to the “big” parts when it’s still semi-wet so it wouldn’t have too sharp edges, but not all the time. Once the glaze was dry, I add in more details, starting with the face (my habit). At the time, I didn’t know, but later on I realized the Acrylic Ink mix with watercolor created such beautiful grainy texture. It’s Inkredible :))))

(Should’ve realized my mistake at this point but nooooooo, my eyes were too biased to see the problem =.=) 

Once the face was done I moved on to the hair and clothes. Sometimes I will add more color to the bg if needed but in this one I didn’t as the initial glaze seemed to be enough. And voala! That’s it. (sorry no more wips shots after this state.

The previous “tutorial” is here if anyone needs. I hope this was useful to you, anon. Do try out that ink, the texture is fabulous. I used the same thing with the Redbeard and Sulking Sherlock piece.