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i think one of the biggest sources of insecurity that comes with mental illness is the knowledge that your emotions aren’t always representative of where you’re at. of course they’re still valid, but you still know like, hey, i would’ve reacted to this totally differently had i not been depressed/manic/in a mixed mood/psychotic ep or my perception of the event itself wasn’t totally realistic etc. and it’s so much harder to build a self concept because… well which part is me? which part is the illness? people say “you’re not your illness!” but who am i then?

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!


Finally got around in participating in @stanuary. Sadly, I was a bit busy last week to post for the first week (plus my brain would not come up with anything). Stan protecting his whole family is everything so here’s the scene that still messes me up and will never get over. 

tbh I’m at a point where I almost hope that Victor and Yuuri won’t become romantically involved in canon, because as a borderline aroace person I find their current relationship so amazingly beautiful. there’s just a lot of feelings between them but without any forced romantic or sexual tension - just a lot of admiration and understanding and support and well. love. but in a totally refreshing way? Yuuri said it himself: he doesn’t want Victor to be his lover, nor a friend or something that feels like family. he just wants him to be Victor.
it’s almost as if the viewer can decide themselves how they want to see their relationship - platonic or romantic or whatever. and that’s just so nice.

I’ve found the key to my present in 2006 nicktoons

Okay so i found this first

Then that led me to this

then i googled it and found this was related to it

and i also found this

and i remembered avatar

and generator rex

and i realize what the fuck these are all anime or anime inspired

wtf have i been a weeb since i was literally six years old wtf

  • (@takemeflying here hullo)
  • Professor McGonagall: James you were supposed to turn the toad into a button not a firecracker
  • James: But then my Transfiguration skills wouldn't be explosively good
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall: get out

How about this? I will PK with the four of you. If I win all four battles, would that prove that I am Lu Wei Wei Wei?

Wei Wei calmly sitting there, calling “Next” as she absolutely slays the Xiao Yu clan and Zhen Shui is my aesthetics. Who are you? is the best line in this entire show. Also, I love the fact that normally she’s totally chill, but touch her friends and you’re in trouble.    [x]


Inktober Day #21: Big

Inspired by this lovely art, as I totally agree with it and I love the idea of Mob hitting a growth spurt and growing quite a bit taller than Reigen someday :’) He’s mostly still a string bean (like my brother) but he does have some lean muscle now, so his time in the Body Improvement Club paid off! Reigen is proud…a proud dad indeed.

Ritsu is still the taller brother though, and he’s got the sleep deprived college freshman look down pat (gotta keep those stellar grades up), which is frankly terrifying to everyone BUT Mob X’’D 

anonymous asked:

you said in a other ask that Ian was starting to realize that mickey was his only escape from his breakdown but was ruined by Sammie. Could you elaborate on that bc it's really interesting and do you think if it wasn't for her theyd still be together

I TOTALLY think that without Sammi coming back they would still be together - not only that, I think if Sammi didn’t call the Army police in the first place, Ian would be such in a better mental situation and Ian and Mickey would still be happily together. Like, I have NO doubt. 

The way Ian “broke up” with Mickey in 5x12, they would have come back together in a matter of weeks. What fucked gallavich up was that Mickey couldn’t come back. They were separated by jail. Like they were lots of times before. 

Ian starting to realize Mickey was his only escape. Well, for starters, he says it himself:

“That was the first time I’ve felt anything since…”

In 5x08, Ian comes back from the hospital. He’s sedated, he’s hopeless, he’s broken. He feels like everyone he knows around him don’t recognize him - he doesn’t recognize himself. He thinks ‘things might be over with Mickey’ because Mickey thinks he’s crazy. Then Mickey comes back with that delightful “sorry I’m late”, and that’s such an important moment for Ian, because he feels, for the first time, that someone’s on his side. 

This continues in 5x09, when Ian has a paranoid attack, and when he feels scared of his own mind, and sorry because he scared his family, and when Fiona doesn’t know how to react but to attack him (”Ian, this is only gonna get worse”), Mickey is the only one capable of calming him down, dressing him up, and taking him to the doctor. Not only that, but Ian actually starts to recognize there’s something wrong with him - because there’s someone on his side, he’s not alone to face this. He’s not alone facing his illness. 

In 5x10 he has a hard time facing the numbness he feels because of the meds, self-harms, can’t get it up, and he unleashes all of these fears on Mickey - because he knows Mickey will get it, he knows Mickey will take it. Mickey will get Ian. Ian’s rage in 5x10 is a cry for help, and Mickey hears it. He’s there for him. And this is the first time Ian feels some kind of hope for the future. When you are very, very sick, when you have lost yourself, you have no hope. Hope comes from the outside. In a lot of cases, hope comes from a good therapist that tells you you can make it. Sometimes, hope comes from a loving, healthy family. It can also come from a good friend. This time, in Ian’s case, hope comes from Mickey. Mickey is Ian’s hope. 

Ian’s request to go on a date with Mickey is the first time Ian manifests a positive feeling, a desire, regarding him, regarding the future. Because this is what hope does to you - it makes you want to do stuff with the people you love. 

confession: the reason why I never read the Divergent series is because I was so annoyed that the five arbitrary categories that teenagers were sorted into weren’t all the same part of speech


gif battle | vs capturing-kawaii
round eleven • favorite movie from the dark age

My hits to kudos ratio on AO3 is like always between 8-16%, which…lol is kinda low but I’ve hear other people complain about it too so I’m not taking it as a scathing indictment of the quality of my writing.

Also I write oneshots that tend to be less than 10k and I know those get less hits/kudos/comments than longer, multichaptered fics and that is totally understandable and OK.

Still I would love to know your ratio, if any of my followers and mutuals who write for the SPN fandom on AO3 feel like sharing.

PS you can find my account here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/kaidanmono/works

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How do you convey the message of saying this announcement left you salivate without sounding gross?

 No but seriously I’ve been playing the Project Diva series for 6 years and i’m so fucking excited to have this grand collection in one place! 

 I’m sure you’re all familiar but let me reiterate this game’s contents