i still think it's danielle

dan and phil when they finally get a dog

- dan teaching phil how to take care of a puppy bc he never had one growing up

- getting overexcited about cute little dog outfits

- who’s a good boy

- being really extra and getting customized dog bowls

- helloH

- dan wanting to get fancy ass collars

- dog selfies

- tweets about dog antics

“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”

I feel like we’ve been so spoiled by dan and phil this year, before we could easily go 3 weeks without any new content but now when there’s even a three day gap I start to get restless

or I start thinking they’re up to something (which they probably are)

comfortable silence~

get you

characters: kang daniel, reader

summary: a chill 3am skating date

word count: 862

wrote this listening to Get You by Daniel Caesar so i included some of the lyrics too

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Even though the sky was already dark, you could tell that it was going to rain from how the breeze you were speeding against had become chillier and how the rustling of the trees had interrupted the tranquility of the empty streets at 3AM.

“Niel-ah, it’s going to rain.” You tugged on your boyfriend’s hand which was already entwined with yours. He turned around and popped the lollipop out of his mouth before answering you.

“No, it isn’t.” He replied, his tone far from serious. You could tell from how he was smiling. But then again, when was he not smiling?

It’s 3AM and both of you were skating through the empty streets of Seoul. More of Daniel, since you haven’t really mastered this hobby of his so you were just standing on the skateboard, trailing behind him as he pulls you along at a steady speed while you controlled the course yourself.

In front of you, his pale, fair skin seemed to be glowing along with his faded pinkish blonde hair in the darkness of the night. You waited for the speed of his skateboard to decelerate then quickly placed your right foot on the ground to stop yourself. Daniel then came to a halt as well, with your hand still holding on to his.

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