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Hey! I'm not a anon hate lmao but I wanted to know if you've seen Ethan's tumblr post on Tythan! We should all spread the word that NSFW stuff is making Tyler and Ethan very uncomfortable. Not trying to stop your ship I think you're fine but you're a hotspot for Tythan shippers. Just wanted to put this PSA out your blogs really cool! You're one cute blueberry ;)

thanks pal, i have seen the post floating around!!!

i think it’s very important that we still don’t tag shit in his channel name tag n stuff, especially so with nsfw ship stuff being kept out of sight where he could actually see it yknow

any nsfw mostly goes on my other blog, which is VERY under wraps and with inconspicuous tags to match that, so none of it appears in tags n stuff unless mentioned in an ask

but thanks for sharing this ask and tryna raise awareness pal!!!


and you call yourself a spy Natasha

i don’t often make text posts anymore so this is a little awkward um

what i wanted to say is; i get too often comments or tags on my work that are something like ‘i wish i could do this’ or ‘why can’t i draw like this’ etc, and it makes me pretty sad. i dont think you should put other artists on some kind of…unreachable pedestal. because it’s just not true…at all

you CAN draw like this, you CAN draw even better than this. i truly believe that given time and effort, anyone can improve at drawing…just like honing any kind of skill

i played the guitar for three years in my teens and i was still awful at it, you know? i never really practiced enough, and three years is not very long. i could kinda play the melody for ‘let it be’ by the end, and i was pretty happy with that. i just never had the drive for it that i have for drawing, so i didn’t stick with it

we all struggle with not being good enough for one reason or another, and it’s normal to get frustrated at our abilities sometimes, but…

if you have the passion for it you can really do pretty much anything

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Hi Hi! I'm someone who doesnt have DID (Would say neurotypical, but I have other shit going on) And I'm still a minor. That said, in my biology clas, my science teacher lets us do research papers on mental disorders, so I was wondering if it would be considered rude for me to write a research paper about DID and everything about it, or if that is a topic that I should not cover? Thanks!

I think it’s okay as long as you do really good research! Looking into medical research and studies is super important (I’m sure you already know this haha). I would definitely recommend getting the input and experiences of people with the disorder too. I would be happy to help you and tell you about my experiences if you would like, or if you had any specific questions.

Also, in the past there have been people on tumblr who don’t have DID who have wanted to write about it, who have put specific questions in tags like “dissociative identity disorder” so that the community as a whole could help them out! It was really successful and allowed the writer to make sure they were being respectful, while at the same time giving them information straight from a community of people who had the disorder they were writing about.

It is absolutely okay to want to cover this topic, and I really appreciate you asking someone with the disorder. That shows me that you want to respect us and our experiences, and that means so much! Good luck with your research!

- Kayla

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That explanation about names in YOI was super detailed so thank you for that! The only correction I have is that, whilst Viktor /would/ be the correct spelling in Russia, the character's name is officially spelled Victor. There are really no rules as to what somebody's name could be so if Kubo-sensei calls him Victor, it says Victor in the anime and all the official merch says Victor, I think it should be spelled with a C. ^^ could be bc it's closer to the word victory which would make sense

Disclaimer: This is nothing personal and I do appreciate you looking out for me & spreading information. And I appreciate you saying that it is correct in Russia. You did good in messaging me; I’m just of different opinion, and this is just my two pence.

Side note: I would like to add that even if I did prefer Victor, it still would have made more sense for me to use Viktor in the post as it is being used as a general reference outside of YoI; my transliterating Виктор as Victor would have been spreading culturally-false info outside of this fandom.

I’m going to try and keep it short, but basically this argument is culturally correct vs canon, as in the fandom will never agree and we’re gonna keep seeing k and c because it’s just from personal preference. Different people are going to place one above the other, & we should be chill with that. Especially because this transliteration is already debated on in academic circles; why can’t we let fandom chill for a while.

Now, personally, I’m always gonna opt for culturally correct (especially with a language I’m so intimately familiar with), no matter what canon is. So here’s my reasoning:

Why I don’t use Victor:
- An unreliable creator
: Kubo has stated before not to take her word at all times because her thoughts get muddled, we know this. Add this to how ‘Niliforov’ made it into the animation and how Otabek, Hero of Kazakhstan, has an Uzbek name, I’m not sure how much I want to trust canon on that ‘c’.
- Incorrect translations: This has already been done by Russian fans, but yeah, there have been mistakes in the Russian used in the anime. Add that to how much they skipped in naming conventions (ie lack of patronymics, no consistent grasp on diminutives) and again, I really don’t want to trust canon. Victor could just be another translation mistake that hasn’t been caught.
- Creators are not all-knowing: Mistakes are made. It’s not a bad thing that the fandom corrects knowledge, it helps stop false-information.

Why I use Viktor:
- It is and has been the transliteration for Виктор: Outside of fandom, I will fite you over this, because ‘Victor’ is very rarely applied to Russians. Not only is Виктор listed as ‘Viktor’ time and again throughout dictionaries/academic sources/etc. but it is applied in real life for Eastern Slavs. Viktor Tsoi, Viktor Yushchenko, etc.
- Slavic linguistic reasons: This is my favorite argument and I disagree with proposals to Anglicize names like Виктор because of these reasons. If we’re going to be transliterating Cyrillic into Latin, it’s not a bad thing to look at other Slavic groups who do use Latin. So: Wiktor (Polish) and Viktor (Czech, Slovak, Slovene). See the pattern? In Slavic groups that use the Latin alphabet, k is consistently used. So why should I transliterate Cyrillic to fit Anglo-American standards when I already have a Latin alphabet base? Why should I throw off Slavic custom because a person with little knowledge of this says so?
- For transliterative purposes: Cyrillic is difficult enough to transliterate effectively. Don’t take away the ‘k’, too.
- Recent trends AGAINST Anglocizing foreign names: Yeah, remember all those recent posts telling people not to Americanize names, to not accomodate Western society? Obviously this is different from those posts, but considering Eastern Europe is on the peripheral / the Bad Guy of Western society, I don’t see why Russian should have to accomodate either. It already has had to accomodate; Americans butcher Russian a lot, though you may not realize this. Canon just more or less Westernized a Russian name (when pronunciation wise, it did not need to), can you see where this might hit a nerve? How it’d be so much nicer to see Виктор, who has defied so many negative Eastern European stereotypes, get to keep the culturally correct form of his name, too, instead of Westernizing it?

I know the creators don’t know most of this, I know it’s just a ‘c’ vs a ‘k’, but can you see why I’m holding onto Viktor personally even when canon is telling me otherwise? I’m not saying that everyone should conform to this just because I say so, or because of my reasons, this is just my opinion. I’m not here to start the discourse again. I just wanted to explain why I, personally, don’t feel right using Victor. Why between canon and culture, I choose culture.

But, as some have said, at the end of the day he’s not Victor or Viktor, he’s Виктор. So let’s be civil over the c/k usage in this fandom, everyone has their own reasonings for it & we’re both wrong/correct in different ways.

that-multitalented-bean replied to your post “like pro tip most of the social justice issues blogged about on this…”

yes oh my gosh I refuse to put queer under slur in my tags and hate it when other people do. it’s not a slur. it was once a slur, I’ll admit, but like many other things, the community took it back.

it is still used as a slur and i do think it should be tagged for people who want it tagged but my point is that if you can’t/won’t reclaim it that’s your personal business. like i get it if you’ve got issues with the word and you’re entitled to not want to be called that or referred to that way but like that doesn’t mean we as an entire community have to stop using the word when it has, in fact, been historically reclaimed.

v: these are large shoes to fill

hydra might be dismantled and bucky might have been cleared of all charges but bucky would still be riddled with fear half the time. fear and BITTERNESS. 

because he has to look at steve all the time getting DRAGGED down by everything that everyone else puts onto his shoulders.

steve is good and kind and wants to help and the WORLD is taking advantage of that. they don’t see the guilt and the blame when he can’t save everyone or the stress that it puts him under, they don’t consider the damage that’s caused by being thrown back onto the front line just weeks after being unfrozen in a completely different alien world and not leaving the front lines since. bucky tries to do what he can, takes the weight off where he can, suggesting when the time is right that maybe steve should sit some out occasionally but it’s only ever met with dismissal. 

so he watches, is helpless to do anything other than watch as people take advantage of his good nature. as people load more and more responsibility and blame upon a man who just wants to help and DOES help until he has the weight of the world on his shoulders    (  and steve’s not ALTAS. he’s HUMAN. and he’s going to break. break and there’s nothing that bucky can do but WATCH )

and then he does break. he DIES. and no one’s blamed. no one thinks maybe we pushed this man too hard because he felt like he couldn’t say no to helping. and they’re asking HIM to take up the mantle and bucky knows nothing but ANGER and BITTERNESS.  ( he’s not going to see steve again. he’s not going to the same place as his best guy when he dies )

he said that this was going to happen. that one day steve wouldn’t be able to tell where captain america started and where he began and eventually it would kill him  ;; and it DID.

so he takes up the shield with a hatred towards the world that killed his best friend, his only family, but helps them anyway because that’s what steve would have wanted   (  “ there are men laying down their lives; i don’t have the right to do any less then them   but he always had to do more ) and over time he too feel the weight of the world upon his shoulders. weighing him down. pushing him into the ground until it feels like he’s SUFFOCATING and wonders if this is what steve felt like. wondered if he helped at all.

eventually the captain america mantle kills him too. crushed under the weight of people who expected too much of a fable but with no care for the man under the mask and the mantle passes on and always destroys the shield carrier. 

idk i was flipping through some Voltron stuff in the tag and I kept seeing Shiro/Keith over and over again, and for some reason, I felt discomfort bubbling up in my stomach every time I saw it.  I couldn’t put my finger on why at the time.  After all, I realize he’s only a few years older than them and some of my other ships have greater age differences, but something about shipping him with anyone other than Allura just feels somehow wrong to me. 

After thinking about it for a while, I think I figured out why it makes me uncomfortable. 

Even if he’s only a few years old, Shiro’s been through so much shit and it’s broken him.  He’s not fully healed from his trauma yet, and the other, younger members of the cast are not equipped to be able to support him in a romantic relationship.  Neither should they be asked to.  They’re still young. It’s not fair to ask them to put their lives on hold while they try to coax Shiro out of a nightmare or reassure him that nothing’s wrong, it’s just his brain trying to make him paranoid. It’s not fair to them to put them in a situation where they’re constantly worrying if their partner is alright.  They’re too young for that, they still have so much growing to do.

Shiro is probably going to be waking up in a cold sweat with a scream dying in his throat for years to come; he’s probably going to be set off by tiny things in the middle of nowhere and sent into a panic attack.  None of the other paladins feel old enough or mature enough to be able to support that without getting seriously burned themselves.  And I doubt that Shiro would want to burden them with that part of himself either.

The reason why I still ship him with Allura, though, is because she does have that inner strength and maturity that not only is able to support Shiro when he’s having an episode, but an understanding of what he’s going through.  She might not have been a prisoner of Galra, but she watched her entire people, her family, her friends, her father die before her very eyes.  She understands pain and loss and being asked to grow up too fast because of horrible, scarring events beyond your control.

Shallura is a pair that I think can understand each other’s pain and support each other equally through both of their low times; instead of one, much younger and much less experienced member of the couple being asked to try and stretch themselves to support the other.  Shallura feels like a more equal paiting.

Nothing here is to say I think people should stop shipping Shiro with anyone else; if Shiro/Keith or Shiro/whoever makes you happy, then great!  This post was mainly just me trying to work out why it was making me feel funny, and why I like one ship more than the others.

I don’t know how to say this. But way back when they were still In that fandom, they were upset on stream once. And I wanted to help them. But A) I didnt have a sona to represent myself. And B)I didn’t know anything better to do other that art. So when I uploaded this picture I thought it might have been stupid to put both my sona and the art for them in the same set. But i did it anyway because I felt that I needed to help as soon as possible. And when they saw the art they commented this. Which drove me to keep skell and be happy. Skell has helped me through so many situations, it’s unbelievable. And if yoy have something similar happen with dapper deoxys, where they said something that has kept you going. Please add it. I want them to look at this post and realise just how much we think of them. And how much they help us.