i still tear up in that scene and he was cool with it :'d

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y'know, I never thought I could hate a character more than I hate Umbridge but then Wanda happened. I just... can't. fucking. stand. her. And then it's Clint... and even Natasha who betrayed Tony and I just need a life and friends and hobbies bc I spend all of my time obsessing over Tony and wanting him to be cared and loved and ok and I just... I HATE THEM!!!

Listen… before I get on to the Wonderfully Infuriating Subject of Wanda Maximoff, I’d like to say that I have 99 problems with Civil War, and the characterisations of my Good Boys Clint and Steve make up a good 95 of them. Just be warned, this rant is long and whiny as fuck.

I honestly really disliked Clint in Civil War, which sucks because he’s my Dumpster Son and he deserved better than just being reduced to The Guy With The Arrows, you know? What were his motives??? He was retired, he was spending time with his family, and then he just upped and left because ..what…Cap batted his eyelashes? Like… he had nothing to do with the accords. Nothing. He probably didn’t even read them; I mean Vision asked him to consider what he was doing and he did this Really Cool Eye Flicker™ before just saying ‘yeah lol okai considered bro’ and I mean?? You have children??? 

And then of course, the scene on the Raft. It’s kind of amusing in an infuriating sort of way, because I mean this is basically Clint summed up in a short piece:

Clint: *Breaks Law* For justice :))

Clint: *Is put in jail for breaking law*

Clint: :0 :0 This is UNJUST!!!!

And I mean, he appears to blame 100% of everything that happened on Tony, which I guess one could do when they’re angry and imprisoned and their other friend is standing on the other side of the bars. I can kind of get that from an objective point of view..? But? No? He’s an adult and he broke the law? That is… that’s what happens? 

Of course, when he makes that remark to Tony about Rhodey, all hope I had for his Civil War character immediately burst into an inferno and propelled itself out of the top story window. That was unnecessary and hurtful and untrue, and it made me want to slap the shit out of him.

Now. For Wanda.

If you like her character, then that is completely okay, but I don’t advise reading this.

Because I despise her. 

It’s not really her character, more as the way she was written. She had so much potential, to do so much good. But her origins are F U C K E D up, her attitude is childish (despite the fact that she is an adult guys!!) and her general character is quite frankly that of a whiny bitch.

We first see her in AoU, when she is working for HYDRA, after voluntarily (Voluntarily!! working for a terror organisation you guys!!!) Signing up for experimentation that had killed everyone else before her.
I mean, that alone tells you something about her character and her thought process.

Next, we discover that a missile with Tony’s last name on it tragically killed her parents. This is sad. This is horrible and no child should ever have to go through that.

But then she decides that Tony Stark Personally Aimed, Launched and Fired it, and decides to go on a ten-year murder plot in order to kill him for it, and that’s where the sympathy stops. Right there.

I know this is a common example, but Imma say it again because it’s important. If my parents were shot and killed by a gun that had the word ‘Beretta’ on it, I ain’t gonna go after the fuckin gun company. Why would anyone??? It makes literally no sense at all and just paints her as a villain who’s also lowkey stupid???

She had years to think these actions through, and yet still she did them. It literally does not matter about whether she helped for like the last hour of the Avengers film because the literal entire fucking world was going to be destroyed, and she didn’t want catastrophe on that scale.

You know,,, she just wanted to murder Tony. And obviously, the Avengers are his buddies, so lets try and kill them too for no reason at all!!!

She… I mean… God, she subjected Bruce to his worst nightmare and had him tear through a populated city,,, for the sake of destruction?? She literally just wanted to cause pain??? And you can’t tell me no-one died because of that because… it’s a fucking hulk? She purposely twisted all the team’s minds, and let Tony take the sceptre because she knew he could hurt people with it because of what she’d planted in his head? It’s… it’s disgusting?

You tell me ‘she’s changed’ and ‘she’s just like Tony, she used to be bad but now she’s good’ or whatever the fuck, but let me tell you this: Tony never, ever wreaked destruction for the sake of destruction. He never went out with the sole intention of killing specific innocents. He built weapons to p r o t e c t, which is why as soon as he sees they’re no longer doing that, he shuts that shit down. 

Wanda never seems to learn that lesson. Even when, For God Knows what fucked up reason, they appear to make her some sort of avenger for helping them stop the world ending (that, you know, she helped cause), she still doesn’t understand that her job is now to protect people? Her motives are still… idk selfish I guess?

“i can’t control their fear. Only my own.”

Well bitch u know what. Maybe if u stopped running off and trying to tell everyone that you, an incredibly powerful individual with a past involving terror organisations, are ‘above the law and don’t need the accords’, they’d… u know… stop being scared of u…

Don’t even get me started on what she said to Tony. I’m done with this shit. But yes anon I’m sorry this was so long but essentially, I very much agree. Good day sir.

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So the CS wedding is finally happening .. I binged watched OUAT before S6 so I didn't get to spend much time in the fandom so I thought it'll be fun to relive CS moments with CSers who were there from the start! When/how/why did you know that CS was the ship for you? What are your top three romantic CS scenes? What are you top three angsty CS scenes? What are your top 3 CS kisses? What is your most memorable CS related fandom moment? What is one thing you would still like to see happen with CS?

Aww this is so cool! I wasn’t in fandom from the start, but I did watch from the beginning, and honestly - the moment they climbed that beanstalk together and Hook was like “I was hoping it’d be you” while Emma glared at him like “I’m watching you and it’s not because you’re handsome, you idiot”. I didn’t get invested in the sense of “I want this to be canon” because I figured there was a good chance they wouldn’t go there in canon, but yeah, it ticked all the boxes for me from the beginning.

Top 3 romantic moments:

  • The ice wall. Killian’s desperation to get through to Emma, and then afterwards that soft moment in the loft where he looked after her and she let him.
  • When Killian talked to Emma about her parents and encouraged her to make things right with them. It might not be grand romance, but I love that quiet sort of support and the way they both genuinely want what’s best for the other, and Killian knows how important family is to Emma and wanted to help her keeps hers.
  • That scene. You know the one. We all know the one. “You traded your ship for me?” “Aye.” And she finally let herself believe in him and they kissed and it was magical and we all cried.

Top 3 angsty moments:

  • When his lips were cursed and she held his hook and afterwards he wanted to reach for her but he couldn’t and she finally flirted with him and he couldn’t and there were many tears, most of them mine.
  • When Rumple took Killian’s heart and he couldn’t save her, couldn’t tell her what was wrong, couldn’t do anything except wait and pray.
  • Every secret furtive look in Neverland when he didn’t think anyone would ever really trust and accept him and she didn’t think anyone would ever really love her and mean it, and they were both battling their own demons as the lost boy and lost girl that they were, and at the same time neither of them could quite help hoping because hope, like darkness, is a funny thing; it creeps up on you.

Top 3 CS kisses:

Okay I’m switching to gifs on this one.

[x] It’s just so sweet and casual and this is clearly something they do all the time now, because they’ve gone from “why don’t you try enchanting the lips of someone I’ll actually kiss” to this, this situation where they meet in the mornings just so they can spend a few minutes together on their way to work. And yes. I love it.

He goes from “damn it Swan I said be gentle” to “holy crap I can feel again” and you can watch the change come over him, like the full blast of his feelings for her just hits him all at once and he can’t help it, he has to kiss her and back her up against the wall and kiss her some more and then it turns all soft and smile-y and just. Yes.

[x] Do I really need to explain why I love this kiss? I love this kiss. I love this whole moment. They’re finally together. He’s finally proven himself a man of honour and she’s finally letting herself believe it and they’re both a little incredulous that the other believes in them and wants to give them a chance, and a little scared, and a lot happy, and it’s the perfect moment and the perfect kiss for that moment and I love it.

Most memorable CS fandom moment

I’m gonna say the lead-up to their date. Like. They were going on an actual date because they were in an actual relationship and Emma was not running and Killian was not hesitating and there were headcanons and spec fics and it was glorious. Actually, all of the speculation and headcanons and things during season 4, especially 4a, were glorious.

One thing I’d still like to see happen:

I want to see them fight together as a married couple that bickers and snarks at each other while kicking ass in perfect unison. Give me Emma blasting someone with magic and Killian catching and dispatching them with his sword. Give me all the flirty banter - “Getting a little slow in your old age, pirate?” “You weren’t complaining last night, love.” Give me blind trust in action, that perfect kind of teamwork that you get when two people just know each other. I know it won’t happen in canon but ohhh I want it.

Inspired: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader

Request:  Can I request a cute/fluffy Yuri X reader with Yuri meeting someone who started skating because of him?

A/n: I used knife shoes instead of skates because I can.

You watched him from afar, seats at the very back. The place was overly crowded, and you were already happy your father had even got his hands on the tickets at all. You watched the skaters dance on the ice, eyes widened and a bright smile on your face. Your father chuckled as small gasps of surprise left your lips. You could barely see the skaters, but you were still having the time of your life.

“Oh, there he is, honey.” You jumped up in excitement as you noticed your idol entering the rink. But as soon as he greeted the crowd, people  stood up in excitement, and started calling out his name and cheering loudly. The smile faltered from your chubby cheeks as you couldn’t even get a glimpse of the boy.

“Daddy, I can’t see…” You stuttered, a pout on your lips. Your father looked down at you, smiling and lifting you up. He placed you onto his shoulders, so you could see over the crowd. That was when the happy expression returned. You clapped your hands and squealed, watching the young blonde perform his routine.

He was so graceful, and his movements were smooth. He hadn’t failed a single jump, and every time he did jump, you cheered loudly and clapped your hands. But eventually his routine ended, and you watched him leave the ice with a mesmerized expression.

“Yuri Plisetsky, receiving an amazing score, as usual!” The commentator announced and with that, your idol finished his performance.

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(Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader) ‘Cause You Had a Bad Day

(I want you all to know that I created this account for the sole purpose of writing fics and reblogging fandom things without being judged by my followers on my main blog. 

This fic takes place in the modern au, reader is a college student, this is my first fic and if you all like it then it definitely won’t be my last Hamilsquad fic 

Word count: 3256 

Gimme some feedback, I hope you enjoy m’loves! )

It was cold.

Much colder than you had anticipated for a mid-October evening.

It felt more like the beginnings of January when it wasn’t even technically fall yet. A gentle rain had settled over the town you lived in, a soft pitter-pattering of droplets onto the ground succeeding calming you down. You were sitting at a bus stop a fair way from your home and had been for at least a few hours. The sky was dark and you had turned your phone off because the boys wouldn’t stop trying to contact you. You had a huge blowout with your boyfriends after you’d come home from class.

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[ENG Translation] Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story
Interference of a Fantasy (based on the Sourin Mook Drama)

Thank you @otp-tears​ for proofreading this!

Sousuke: So the location of the deal is in a nightclub. How annoying. My target…there he is. At the counter, huh.

(what? No sousuke awkwardly dancing and maneuvering himself to the counter?? nooooooo)

Minami: Here’s the stuff.

Uozumi: First let me check them. *click*

Uozumi: *sniff sniff* These are indeed authentic, used competition swimsuits. It’s a deal.

Minami: Please transfer the money to my usual account.

Uozumi: Okay.

Sousuke: Bingo.

Sousuke: Hold up.

Uozumi: A cop!? Gah!

Sousuke: Do you think you can hit me with such a shoddy attack?

*painful cry*

Minami: Time to go!

Sousuke: No way I’m letting you escape!

Minami: Ow-ow-Ouch! My arm…!

Sousuke: Give it up!

Uozumi: You forgot to watch out behind you! GAAAH!

Sousuke: …! He can still move…? Dammit!

Rin: You always mess up at the last stage don’t you, Sousuke? Heeah!

*painful cry*

Rin: Phew, that’ll do.

Sousuke: Rin!?

Rin: Hee. Yo! Long time no see, Sousuke! (such a cute grin :D)

Narration: Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story

Narration: Interference of a Fantasy

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Sweet Words.

-Bobby x Reader

-Wedding had always been an emotional feat for the bride and groom but strangely enough, it also brought out something in Bobby that he can no longer contain.

- Thank you so much for sending in your request. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get this out. School and work are crazy as always. I’m slowly working down my request list. Thank you for being patient. I know you were probably just expecting straight fluff but it was too short when I wrote it out. I changed it up a bit and I hope you don’t mind, just to give it a bit of extra tidbits. I felt like if i waited this long to finish it, it deserves a bit more than a 300 words drabble.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

As the shuffles of feet and settling of bodies simmered down, the string quartet heavenly strums of Canon in D faded out signaling the start of the beautiful ceremony. It was honestly the most perfect day for the start of something new. Brick red roof of the rotunda gleams under the sun’s playful rays, standing proud and tall donning streams of fluttering blush chiffon draping. A great ombre of pastel pink and white peonies weaved themselves along the pillars, competing with the red rose bushes below meandering the edges of the great field of plush green grass. Guests of all ages adorned their best outfits edging at their seats waiting to witness the wondrous moment while the groom stood still, trying his best to mask the rising gush of butterflies in his stomach.

The bride had descended down the aisle barely a heartbeat ago, arm nervously enclosed around her father’s. Her face lit up as it seemed she could only focus on one spot despite the breathtaking sight of thousands flowers quivering slightly in the breeze of the dawn of summer, bursting with life atop the pedestals lining the aisle. She sighed a breath of relief as her father passing on the honor of holding her hand through life to the nerve wrecked groom. He barely had time to dry the joyous tear shed watching his beautiful bride floated across the petals paved walkway in her beautiful white dress like the most ethereal swan. A few encouraging whispers from the bride’s father had him near sobbing again as he bowed his head in utter joy that someone had trusted him enough to give him the blessing of a lifetime.

You couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the soft ebbs and flows of the intricate white French lace weaving itself along the sheer chiffon glistening under the sun. A touch of glittering stones and beadings elegantly brought the perfect amount of glamour for the finishing touches. The way the dress hangs so perfectly, accentuating the bride’s figure in the most perfect way leaves you gaping in awe. No wonder the groom had shed tears witnessing his to be wife. “You okay, baby?” The dashing gentleman in a crisp black suit and matching bowtie sitting just beside you whispered as the couple began to face the officiate.

“Yea, just admiring the scene.” You muttered, eyes glued to the beginning of infinity for your lucky friends. 

Jiwon sat back in his chair, facing forward once more as his worries simmered down. You almost feared facing him as you felt the sinking of your heart, something heavy, so heavy you weren’t sure if you could get out of this chair once the ceremony was over. For now, you chose to focus on the happy couple. 

The officiate had finished telling their love story, from the moment the bride “accidentally” ran over her groom’s foot with her bicycle, to their fights, to the moment they solidified their love with the ring but more importantly the undying love they have for each other. You smiled yet already, you could felt the creaks of your heart, twisting and fighting itself with your own love story that perhaps won’t be as undying. You bit your lips in an attempt to control your emotion as you let your gaze fell onto your laps, feeling a few tears breaching your eyes as the officiate announce that the vows will now be exchange. Your hands clutching each other tightly, knuckles white from the sheer force you were exerting to restraint yourself from running out of there. Those sweet, sweet words… You haven’t been so lucky to be on the receiving ends of those in a good while now and it hurt. 

As everyone silenced to prepare for the beginning of the graceful bride’s vow, you continued your own battle, planting your feet firmer into the grass as if your sinking heels would stop you from running.

“Not in a million years would I have thought this moment would come…” The sweet voice rang out from the large speaker. “I was never one of those that believe in love at first sight or any of that romantic crap. I’m a realistic girl, you know.” The bride glanced at the audience for support, earning a few nods from friends and family. “Then, I met this guy right here my junior year of high school. Mind you, I just got out of a horrible relationship. Men were the enemy. Yet, somehow… Somehow, this guy right here was like a magnet to my cold metal heart.” Her voice wavered as the seconds tick on and so would yours if you had to speak up then. “In fact, his magnetic pull was so strong, my bicycle got sucked his way and well as my good friend slash officiate here said, I may or may not have ran over his foot on ‘accident’.” The laughters and cheers erupted from the audience were thunderous. A few shouts of “That’s my girl”, and “I knew it” bursted out having the groom in grin. A few tear had dampen the soft fabric of your dress and there was nothing you could do to stop it. It was so strange to think that you had met the wonderful man sitting next to you over six years ago. 

You barely survived high school and was thrusted into the strange world of being a semi adult in university. Your 2nd year came and gone as you sat on the floor of the waiting area by your gate, awaiting the boarding of your flight. Back against the cool glass of the giant window wall outlooking the bustling runway, your eyes fluttered close as the exciting beat of Anthem lulled your weary mind to rest. You were there, right there on the brink of sleep when a sharp pain had you cussing. A profuse string of apologies greeted your sharpening sight still drowsy from tiredness. You hadn’t realized at first, the handsome man in front of you. No, you were much too focus on the fact that he had ran your foot over with his own gigantic one while messing around with his friends.

“Son of a-…You…” was all you managed to get out before a loud gasp as the sudden realization of your eyes and brain connecting the face in front of you with the raspy voice spewing out from your headphone hit you like a freight train. 

“I… am very sorry? Wh-Why are you gaping at me like that?” He quipped rather bemused at your sudden rage dying out, kneeling with one hand on your foot, the other twisting your ankle back and forth. 

“Why is iKon’s Bobby touching my feet?” You blurted out rather nonchalantly despite your blushing cheeks and shocked eyes. He giggled at your strange comment and it was the best thing you’ve heard in weeks. 

“Why not? I literally stepped on your ankle. I should be held responsible, don’t you think? Can you stand?” His voice was laced with more worries than your dumb ex could even think of. On top of it all, that look of his face, he was so genuine about it.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ve done worse to myself… Clumsy, ya know.” You hopped up to show him just how fine you were. He chuckled a bit before waving bye, heading to the rest of the boys sitting just a few rows away from where you were. 

That night you ended up spending your sleep on the cold ground as the announcement of bad weather affecting the flight rattled through the waiting area. The groans of passenger along with apologies from the crew had you sinking with disappointment. Your summer vacation was now cut short. Then, as if God had taken a pity over your pathetic self, that addictive voice rang out once again.

“Looks like we’re stuck here for awhile…” He plopped down right next to you as if you had been BFF since 4th grade. “… You gotta stop staring at me like that.”

“Sorry…” Flustered, you tear your eyes away from his mesmerizing handsome features, fidgeting with the playlist on your phone as if it was something important.

“Oh! you’re listening to music, you were doing that earlier too. Lemme see what you’re into.” Just like that, his hand wrapped around yours pulling your phone closer to his line of sight. He chuckles impressively at a few as his slender index swipe away at the list. Muttering to himself, he only stared back up to comments on his likes and dislikes. “I’m so honored. You have Hanbin and I in the same list as Tupac, N.W.A, and all the legends.” Suddenly his eyes dipped into the cheerful crescent as he laugh heartily. “You’re doing it again.”

“What?” You shook your head in confusion.

“The staring. You gotta stop staring. I’m just a guy, not a unicorn or something.”

“What am I suppose to do. You like drop out of nowhere, step on my foot, took my phone, and make it seems like we’re best friend.” You listed and he chuckled, amused with your flustered self. “Plus, i’veneverseenacelebrityupclosebefore…letalonehimholdingmyhand…” You muttered at the speed of light as your voice slowly dimmed out to nothingness. Surely if you weren’t blushing before, you were now. All he managed to conjure up with a big laugh, clearly not relenting you any space to dig a whole and crawl down in embarrassment.

 “You speak fast enough to be feature in my next song, it’s kinda impressive…”

“Yah… stop teasing me.” Your hand  retreated from his as you use the free one to caress the spot he had been holding onto, chuckling in disbelief inwardly at the strange luck you’ve stumbled upon.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s just you look cute when you get all blush-y. Hi! I’m Jiwon. Nice to meet you. Your name is?” His voice took on a cheery tone that could clear up the rain outside if he really wanted to.

“Y/n… Nice to meet you, Jiwon.”

“Y/n…” He repeated the word associated with you since even before you took your breather in this world, letting it roll around on your tongue with a soft smile. “Wanna join me and the boys? Beats sitting around on the ground by yourself.” He reached out his hand, eyes flickering toward the noisy crowd waving at you both.

“I’d love that. Thank you!”

“Not only did he not get mad but he, this freaking guy right here made sure I was alright. From that moment on I was smitten. So so so smitten in fact I promise the second we exchanged those ring, from there on out, I will admit defeat and let you hold the title of funniest person in the relationship. I promise not you make fun of you when your favorite basketball team loses… which is a lot, I won’t say what team it is. However, when the blue moon rise and they do win, I will share with you a celebratory drink.” You were in full tear now and so was she… “I promise we will grow old together, make mistakes together, and learn together.” Her voice cracked and you let out a small whimper thinking about the inevitable breakup that will forever inhibit your dream of growing old with Jiwon. 

“My love for you never needed this grand event here to be official, it always had been but I thank you for indulging me in this day I dreamt of since I was a kid. I will love you now and always.” 

She was speaking words that resonated with your own heart. You knew long before Jiwon had popped the girlfriend question that you loved him. How could you not fall in love with this lovely man. The crazy energetic rapper on stage that had girls melting for him yet with you, he was just a cutie that would move oceans for you. He gave you everything he had and everything you didn’t even ask for. You let out a sob that was lost upon the thunderous applauds of family and friends. Lost upon all but one. Unbeknown to you, Jiwon had been watching your reaction for awhile now. He knew things were less than okay between the both of you and this joyous start of his best friends could be the bitter end of his. 

Neither of you had been the same as you once were sitting on the floor at the airport that night, gushing over your interests and disinterests. Perhaps the relationship had ran it course, perhaps your love had ran out… Or perhaps you were both too exhausted to fight the inevitable. He knew the crack in the ice had been widening for awhile now but like a fool, wishful thinking and packed schedule had him pushing you off to the back burner. He knew the constant touring, the endless concerts, the never ending passion for music was unfair for you but you never once said anything. In fact, you never say anything anymore. It scared him shitless that you’re slipping out of his grip and there was nothing he could do about it. 

He felt so helpless sitting there watching you shed tears over him. You both had thought long and hard about coming to this wedding as a couple. After all, you hadn’t seen him in a week and he wasn’t sure what this encounter would do. Panic stricken the handsome face and he had to do something, anything to let him know you were still with him. So he reached out, for the first time in weeks, he reached out to you like he used to. It startled you out of your sadden day dream when the warmth from his hand began seeping into your cold dampen hands. Your head whipped up to find him already beaming at you with that smile that could comfort the devil himself. You smile, for the first time in weeks, you smiled like you used to. He found himself grinning like an idiot now, pulling your head to rest on his shoulder, hand rubbing gently on your arm. You were still crying but now, now you had your supporter to sooth your pain away. The rest of the ceremony was a blur. You couldn’t focus on anything but the way he’s holding you so close and neither could he, not when your hand so stealthily sneaked around his stomach and rested on his waist so intimately. 

Soon enough the day was coming to a close, drawing the party out of everyone. Slightly tipsy, the guests happily flooded the grand ballroom decked to the nines with blush and gold themed. The golden chair lined the glittery pastel pink table cloth donning the best centerpieces that reflected the flowers of the ceremony. The night went on as everyone dined away, chatting with one another about things you sure none of them would remember the next day while nursing a hangover. You stayed close to Jiwon wherever he went, although the positive twist in the knife of fate hadn’t gone much further. You were both still quiet and distant despite the hands intertwining tightly. He had given you his portion of roasted veggies and you had given him your portion of fish as always. He gotten you your favorite wine while you made sure to save him a few donuts from the dessert bar. Just like that, the night went on without a hitch but you couldn’t discern if that was good or bad. 

Mindlessly, you spent the rest of the night dancing away with your friends and he with his. Even with the group of sweaty, drunken, swaying bodies blocking each other away, your eyes were on his and his was on yours. Neither of you could really kept your eyes off of each other, wishing it was the other’s body against your own but nerve and fear like a glass wall keeping you apart. Your 3rd glass of wine had beginning to creep on you now as your head spin slightly. Parting way with your friends, you settled on your seat as you watch Jiwon skillfully moved along with the beats. As expected of your idol boyfriend, he managed to captivate the whole room with the simplest moves. 

“Since tonight we gathered to celebrate the love and new beginning of the loveliest couple here this evening, I’d like to dedicate this next songs to all the other beautiful couples in the room. No matter if you’ve been together 1 day or 40 years, this next two song are for you so get on out here and share a moment of love.” 

The MC put a temporary halt on the festivity as you watch the sweaty body shuffled off the dance floor. One by one, couples sauntered hands in hands toward the pristine white floor embossed with the bride and groom’s name. They slowly swayed as the DJ ever so delicately let the toon of John McLaughlin’s So Close  permeated the atmosphere full of love and joy. You couldn’t help but cracked a smile at the bride’s grandparents, still so in love after nearly 60 years of welcoming dawn and bidding goodbye to dusk together. How lucky must one be to find that one person to love and to hold, to share every moments together and still they look at you with such adoration as if it’s the first day. Once again you shed tears without even knowing that your own love was watching, heart aching as he approached you with an outstretch arm.

“Can I have this next dance, miss?” He spoke so gently, so lovingly that your lips curved up and hand in his without needing your brain to tell them to. A slight sheen of sweet glistened on his forehead from the fun that had his heart beating fast for the past 10 minutes. Although now, now he was sure it wasn’t the hard dancing that had his heart racing at thousand miles a second. It was you. You were just sitting there, lovely as ever with those eyes that always seemed to only see him. No matter where you were, at iKon’s biggest concert, the busy street of a Friday date night, the airport. The place didn’t matter, the time didn’t matter. All it mattered was that the second he laid eyes on you, it seemed as though you were already, had been looking at him for quite some time. 

He pulled you close to his chest, a hand resting on the small of your back, the other wiping the few tear streaking down your cheeks. He pressed a big kiss to your forehead before resting his own on yours. Although your hands on his hips, it rested rather loosely, not at all what he wanted. He knew your mind was chasing itself to exhaustion with the decisions of what will become of the two of you once the clock struck midnight and this wonderful occasion end. When his beautiful suit shaded like midnight sky and your amazing soft blue chiffon dusting with blush pink blossoms bursting with spring gown were shed, you both knew a decision had to be made.

“We should really talk about this, you know. Dragging out the inevitable just going to hurt us more…” You heard him speak but you couldn’t really registered the fact that you were laying in the same bed that absorbed so much love all these years talking about a breakup.

“Yea… Can we talk about it after the wedding? We already RSVP. It’d be rude to just not show up or whatever seeing how close we are to them.” You whispered in a broken tone, heart feeling the stab of each word.

“Uhm… I’ll see you then. We’re going over lyrics this week so I won’t be home much.”


Words that Jiwon of the beginning of the relationship never thought he’d hear was ringing out in the mind of present time Jiwon. He didn’t know about you but he had already decided. He decided the second he saw you that morning with your hair messy and awkwardly crimped from the strange position you slept in. Your bare face glowed so magnificently as you dashed back and forth looking for the pair of heels he had gotten you not too long ago. You were looking mighty cute in your Pooh printed PJ shorts and his giant black t-shirt whipping up breakfast knowing he hadn’t eat a scrap of food since lunch the day before. 

“Baby, you know I love you right?” He whispered so gingerly against the shell of your ear, hot breath tickling your skin with the most delightful sensation.

“I know… I love you too… So much.” You didn’t know why you felt the need to speak in such a depressing tone. Actually, you do know why. Whatever it is that was to come next couldn’t be good judging from the way he started this conversation. You could practically felt his heart pumping gallons of blood in seconds from the thumping of his chest.

“There are so many things I want to tell you. I-I’ve never felt so strongly about something as I do now. I wanted to say all this to you when we were at the ceremony but I decided it was best not to disturb the beautiful moment.” He chuckled slightly and you couldn’t help but let the confusion rising fast in your chest. “I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the heartfelt vows this morning but when I listened to those words being exchange, all I wanted to do was to pull you into my chest and kiss you till morning comes. I know, crappy cheesy right? You could cringe if you want to, I know I sound so gross right now.”

He laughed lightly again but you were serious. His smile dropped the second he met your doe eyes, lip under your teeth as if deciding on the biggest decision in human history. 

“Uhm, so… Now that I have you in my arms, I feel like I have the whole world under my control, everything is at peace.” He started out so nervously, voice cracking, breath erratic but with the flutters of his closing eyes, it was like a sudden sense of tranquil washed over him as his voice grew stable.  “I was in such a storm, baby. I didn’t know where was up and what was down but then when I walked into the apartment this morning. You were just dancing in the living room with the dog and I felt the weight of the universe lifted off my shoulders. How could something so simple captivated me in ways that even the most glamorous expensive things in the world can’t. The world just goes silent the second I’m with you.” He leaned in closer, resting his cheeks on your temple as his hand woven itself into your neatly curled locks. His free arm locked itself around your shoulder pressing you tight to his chest. You let yourself relished in the way he felt so warm against your bare skin, how he smelled like that expensive cologne you helped him picked out while vacationing in London. Yet at the same time something so him fought its way to the top, playing with your nose that was now beginning to pick up the sickening sweet scent of alcohol. 

“I love you so much and It scares me. What if one day you wake up and realize what a shitty boyfriend I am. What if one day someone better comes by and scoop you up in his arms. What if I lose you, what would I do? I was always a hopeless romance but as life get rough, love lost, I’ve long abandoned that hope of finding that permanent someone. Even after we’ve met, I was still doubting if happily ever after is really a thing. Then day by day you showed me that it’s possible if you just work for it.” 

His hand moved away from caressing your back to gingerly lifting your chin up to face him. He held that mysterious grin, that expression that had never quite been abled to decipher despite the 4 years of loving him. You barely managed to catch your breath when his lips unexpectedly found themselves on yours, caring for them so tenderly with the way he moved and how he seemed to fit you so perfectly. Suddenly the world dimmed out to black and white and you two were the only one bursting with colors. The other couples ceased to exist as yours and his soul were the only one flickering with each other on that dance floor and the music played for only you two. He broke away after a short while with a loving smile gracing your elated self.  

“You took my heart and so delicately brought it back to life with every kind words, every affectionate gesture. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see for so long that my happy end was just waiting here with you. We’re close, so close baby to making even if we got a long road to travel. I was so afraid to love again and you made it so painless to fall in love with you. I know what we have isn’t pretending or a trial. What we have is real and all I could think of is how far we’ve come. If you’re willing, I’d love for us to continue this crazy adventure of ours, to continue dreaming of a future that perhaps one day I’d have to honor of waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Would you like that, baby girl? Would you let me love you till the end of time?”

You were glad the music was now at its high point as it masked the ugly sound of you choking on your own tears. You tighten your slacken arms and Jiwon just grinned in satisfaction. Oh how he loved the way you held him. You always knew how to hold him. The soft embrace paired with gentle passing of your hand on his back after a bad event. The quiet encouraging words that came with the big hug that made him felt so small after a long stressful day where the whole world appeared to be against him. The way your arm sneaked up on his tone abs in the back hug of sleepy morning as you pressed kisses onto his back with a raspy “good morning, handsome.” You somehow managed to always curled up so neatly on top of his lap as you cling onto his body when he vented about his long hours of practice, finger gently massaging through his hair to help him relax. 

Right now, he was basking the way you were squeezing him with all your might, arms like a boa constricting across his torso. The way you couldn’t decide on where to rest your hands as you move them from the small of his back to his broad shoulder then resorting to just gently gliding them up and down his back. It was like you were making sure he know just how desperate you were to hold him and that was exactly what he needed. It’s honestly still amazed him after all these year the way you just seemingly catered to his needs even without him saying much or at all. He had poured his heart out to you, leaving himself completely vulnerable to rejection and to bitter words but you replied the best way you could with your loving gaze and tight embrace.

“You don’t have to say anything right now, baby. Take your time… Think about it. I know I haven’t been good to you in awhi-”

“No, I need to.” You suddenly blurted out with all the determination in the world. “I-I would love for nothing more than to be your girl for the rest of my life. I was so fearful that you were leaving me… We’ve grew so far away and I just want to know I can hold you, kiss you any time and anywhere.”

He was smiling so brightly, so much brighter than the strobe light above dancing along to the beat of the 2nd couple song of the night. Those eyes of his crinkled into those loving crescents and lips grinning wide from cheek to cheek. He pulled you into an ebullient sway along with the vibrant beat of Nat King Cole L.O.V.E. You let out a hearty laugh as you dipped you low into a big kiss, big cheers and applauds erupted all and your and your cheeks burst into a shade rivaled with the fuchsia petals nearby.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You could feel the envy emanating from the single gals surrounding the dance floor, waiting for couples paradise to be over with so they could get down and perhaps find a temporary mates. Although you knew if they had the chance, any one of them would nab up Jiwon so fast you wouldn’t even know what happened and never let him go. 

“The staring. You gotta stop staring. I’m just a guy, not a unicorn or something.”

His velvety voice shook you out of your reverie, realizing somehow you had managed to walk off the dance floor. The beat had returned to the bass filled one that had everyone’s adrenaline kicking.

“Wha- How? Wait…”

“You’re so cute, baby. After all this time, you still blush in front of me like you did that first night.”

“I can’t help it. I’m in love with the most breathtaking man in this country and he’s also super talented. Did I mention he’s also freaking handsome?” You gushed and now it was his turn to feel the creep of the spreading heat on his cheeks. He resorted to pulling you close to his chest, planting kisses, and simply taking his time to revel in the fact that you were and always wholeheartedly his. 

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Jiwon. Can we go home? A cuddle seems good right about now.” You let your lips connected in a flurry of pure happiness. He nodded and with his arm around your shoulders, he escorted his lady into the night with the confident he had when he first declared his love to you.

“Now that I think about it, you’ve never gave me an answer for the offer to be on my next song. I’m still impress with how fast you spoke that night.” As always, his cheeky self could never stay calm for long before continue his never ending tease fest earning him a hard slap to the chest.

“Yea… I’m gonna have to pass. My rapping days are over considering I needed to retired for a certain bunny rapper to shine. I don’t wanna overshadow him, ya know.”

“I still can’t believe I get to love you. I am never ever letting you go. EVER.”

“You act like you got a choice there, dude. Pfts, as far as I’m concern, you’re stuck.” You jabbed at his side, eliciting that distinct chuckle only your bunny rapper could produce.

“I have something else to confess… You can’t be mad though.” 

“I won’t, promise. I spent too much time away from you already.” Concern once again washed over the serenity of your happiness. You halted your steps and he mirrored your action, one foot kicking back and forth in place as if deciding on which word would be best to speak up next.

“I told you I got a courage push from our friends’ vows… Uhm, I actually got the idea for our meeting from her. Are you mad? Please don’t be mad!” Your silent gotten the better of him. He jumped back in place, hands holding onto your arms as if you’d float off with the next gush of wind if he let go. You were honestly just befuddle as to what the hell he was talking about.

“Wha-What are you talking about, baby?” You cocked your eyebrow in perplexity over the strange confession.

“Ididn’trunoveryourfootbyaccident…itwastotallyonpurpose.” He screeched out in panic and you were just amused at how cute he was being. All you could do was heaved a heavy laugh, nearly bending over in ab pain over how sweet and endearing this whole situation was. Who would’ve thought your week of isolation would transpired into something so beautiful as the speech he whispered to you so intimately, into the lovable boy pouting in front of you under the pale moonlight. “baabe, don’t laugh at me. I’m sad.”

“A little faster and you might’ve finally surpass me in the rap game.” You grabbed his large hand in his, tugging him straight into your embrace as kisses rained down on the handsome face. “I know you did it on purpose, Bobby rapper of iKon, half the MOBB duo. I saw you starin’ at me that night. I was surprised you didn’t do something more dramatic.”

“Wait, you knew this whole time???!? NO! I thought I was being clever, why didn’t you say anything.” His mind was being blown as the cloud drifted across the inky sky.

“I thought you were cute, if you hadn’t, I might’ve accidentally spill coffee on you. I was just waiting for you to fess up to it.” You added with a wink, dragging him along to the car.

“I’m so glad I met you. We’re so cute together.”

He added with a content sigh as you both walked off into the distant hand in hand, heart beating as one, and souls elated ecstatic to once again be close.

Saving Miss Delano (Biadore) - Puking Dreams

AN: Hellooo, this is my first fic. There’s not really a point to it and I’m not sure where the idea came from but basically it’s about Adore getting herself into a bad situation and how Bianca will always be there to save her. I didn’t proof read it much so I apologize in advance for any typos. Feel free to give feedback and tell me if it sucks or not. Hope you enjoy!

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Ok, I’m a babby-n00b fan (it’s been what, two weeks, three?), but I really frickin’ love the band The Dear Hunter and I want to gush about their music and I enjoy ranking things so…yeah, here’s me talking about my favorite songs from the Acts. (no major story spoilers)

Please feel free to completely ignore if you aren’t interested in my semi-coherent and less-than-sophisticated ramblings. X’D

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The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 6}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Hamilton - Modern AU (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,349 words

Part 6! Man, I feel like this series is getting a little long… Don’t worry. It’s almost over. I didn’t proofread this at all, so sorry for any tense changes or grammatical errors :) I think I spent more time researching French foods and the French Riviera than I did writing this! 

Originally posted by imagineham

“But I said, ‘Hell no! You better give me another chance!’”

You giggle at Thomas’s story, completely enraptured by his storytelling—his wide eyes, waving hands, the way he did the voices of the different people. He has so much passion for life.

“What did he say to that?” you ask excitedly.

Thomas merely shakes his head. “He kicked me out!”

“No!” His grin widens as you burst out laughing. “That’s insane!”

Your phone buzzes on the table and you see an incoming text message from John Laurens. It would be rude to check your phone during the date, so you slide it into your pocket and pick up your menu. He was probably just checking in to make sure Thomas hadn’t insulted you yet.

“So, what do you recommend?” you ask, scanning the menu in confusion. “I don’t know what any of these dishes are.”

He chuckles and leans across the table so the two of you can share a menu. He skims the list with his fingertip until he finds something called Bouillabaisse.

“This is a stew of mixed Mediterranean fish, tomatoes, and herbs,” he says, his voice low. His dark eyes meet yours, and you can’t look away. “It’s a dish from Côte d'Azur, the French Riviera. Along the Mediterranean coast. I stayed there for six months, just soaking up the culture and dining on this very dish.”

“How do you pronounce it?”


You grin, never realizing until now that talking about French food could be so sexy.

“How about that one?” you ask, pointing to another dish.

Pieds paquets,” he says, the French rolling fluently off his tongue. “Are you impressed yet?”

“Very. The only French foods I know are crepes and ratatouille, because of that Pixar movie.”

“That was a very cute movie.”

“You watched it?” you ask in disbelief. “You don’t seem like the kind of guy…”

“Pshh! It’s about France and food. My two favorite things.” He grins lopsidedly and looks you up and down. “That dress would be my third favorite.”

You look away, hoping that he won’t notice your blushing. The front door to the restaurant opens roughly and a harried young man with long dark hair rushes in. It takes you a moment to recognize him, but the three other men who straggle in behind him help jog your Thomas-fogged memory.

Panic floods your chest as Alex scans the restaurant, registering the wrathful expression on his face. He knows. You lift your menu to obscure most of your face, peeking over the top. He is speaking with the maitre d’, getting more riled by the moment.

Thomas frowns at your strange actions. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Alex is—”

“JEFFERSON!” Alexander bellows across the restaurant, his eyes boring into the back of Thomas’ head. “YOU SON OF A—”

“Alexander!” Thomas drawls, his entitled, obnoxious persona sliding expertly into place. He rises from his seat and stands, slightly shielding you, to meet Alex, who rushes across the restaurant with wings of fury. “As usual, it’s a delight when you show up uninvited.”

“Jefferson, what the hell do you think you’re doing with Y/N?”

“Well, I think I’m taking her out on a date. What do you think I’m doing with her?”

“You can’t go anywhere near her, talk to her, touch her. You have hurt her so many times already. This is just an elaborate plan to destroy her self-esteem and ultimately force her to go back to Nebraska.”

“You can’t tell me what to do or what not to do, little Hammy,” Thomas says tauntingly, taking a step closer to Alex. “If I want to take Y/N out, I will. And you can’t say anything about it.”

“You’re so entitled, Jefferson. I’d love to see you without your money and family name. You’d be floundering in the shallows.”

“You know nothing of loyalty. You’re so desperate to rise above your station that you will take advantage of anything and anyone to gain it. Is that why you’re friends with Y/N?”

Alex glances at you, his anger cracking slightly. Thomas shoves his shoulder antagonistically.

“What does she give you? A shoulder to cry on? She’s smart and beautiful and compassionate. Did you think you’d get her at some point? Just keeping her on the back burner while you explore this thing with Eliza Schuyler.”

Alex lunges at Thomas, fists flying. A woman in the restaurant screams. You scramble out of your seat as the two men stumble toward your table. Thomas extracts himself from Alex’s grip and punches him solidly across the face, causing Alex to fall backwards. Flailing his arms, Alex lands on your table, pushing a glass of red wine onto your dress.

Everyone freezes.

Your heart drops as you look at the stain forming on the front of your dress. Touching the liquid with your fingers, you feel your temper rising. How dare Alex come in here and make a scene! How dare Thomas speak about you like you’re nothing more than a consolation prize! How dare Laurens break his promise and tell Alex!

“Damn it, Alexander!” you yell, glaring at him as he lies on the ground. “I finally find a guy who likes me for me and you have to come in here and ruin it with your old grudges and lack of respect? You don’t get to decide who I date or where I go! Stop being such a child and trust that I can handle myself.”

He bows his head in shame, wiping his bleeding lower lip with the back of his hand.

“Same goes for you, Laurens!” you continue. Laurens partially hides behind Hercules’ shoulder, regret painted across his features. “I am an adult and I can make decisions for myself. You don’t need to protect me! You promised that you would keep this secret, but you didn’t! How can I ever trust you after this?”

Shaking your head reproachfully, you turn your attention to Thomas, whose smirk quickly vanishes from his features.

“And you,” you mutter darkly, taking a couple steps so you’re nearly chest to chest with him. “You don’t own me. You are lucky that I agreed to go out with you, but this childish display with Alex shows me that you’re not capable of being respectful of my friends. No matter how much they irk you.”

“Y/N, what are you saying?” he asks, his expression vulnerably worried.

You gaze into those eyes you like so much and your heart begins to hurt. “I gave you a chance, but you’ve shown me that we wouldn’t work. I’m sorry.”

A tear slipping down your cheek, you grab your purse and jacket and push past your friends, your almost-lover, and a gaggle of waiters. You let a sob out once your face hits the cool outdoors air. How could this night have turned out so bad? You wore the dress, he brought you flowers. It was supposed to be perfect.

Walking away from the restaurant, you fish your phone in your pocket. Laurens had texted you, you remember. You open the message and read it. He had tried to warn you.

A million scenarios ran through your mind. What if you had read the message? Perhaps you and Thomas could have escaped the restaurant and found another place for a date. Maybe you could have prepared for Alex’s confrontation. Then you wouldn’t be limping down the darkened street in your heels with a dark stain on the front of your perfect dress.

You don’t want to return to your apartment. It would still have that aura of excitement and hope, which was something you wanted to avoid. John is someone you wanted to stay away from until you had the opportunity to cool off. Hercules and Lafayette would only try to talk you out of being mad at Alex. Peggy is at her boyfriend’s, and you don’t want to disturb them.

A dark car pulls up beside you. The driver rolls down the window.

“Hey, you wanna lift?”

You ponder the offer for a moment before hopping in the backseat.

Blast From The Past: Part 6

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Flashback/nightmare (including killing, nothing in detail), little bit of fluff, little bit of sadness

A/N: Part 6! Hope you guys are liking where this series is going so far! Where do you think it’s heading?

Gifs in black and white are examples/representing the flashback/nightmare

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Y/B/D: Your Birth Date

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You stared forward, not displaying any emotion on your face; not feeling any emotion. Your humanity switch had been turned off more than 20 years ago. The only time you had felt anything in that time was when you had been informed that the Winter Soldier had escaped Hydra’s control; finally overcoming the brainwashing they had subjected him to for 50 years. They didn’t tell you he had escaped until after they wiped your memory. When they told you, you kept a blank expression. You didn’t know much about the Winter Soldier, just what was in his file, but it felt as though your heart had beat for the first time in decades, and you couldn’t figure out why a mention of the Winter Soldier sparked something in you. But, after the Winter Soldier had vanished, you hadn’t felt anything since.

You had been called to an urgent Hydra agent meeting. You were sitting in the back, with your head down. By now these briefings had grown old; it was always the same. It was our duty to cleanse the world of a potentially destructive figure that could tear down everything that we had worked so hard to build.

George Cleardon, the current head of Hydra, entered the room. After Captain America and the Black Widow exposed Hydra, it was a shadow of it’s former glory. But Cleardon was working to build the organisation back up.

“We got a tip that the Winter Soldier is in Bucharest, Romania,” Cleardon addressed the room full of agents. You immediately looked up from your lap. Your chest tightened, and your heart rate increased, confusing you. It was almost like the mention of him excited you, but you were also worried. If he had been found then it wouldn’t be long until you’d have to take him out. As if on cue, Cleardon continued, “It is essential we get to him before the Avengers do. Tempest, you are going to lead the Strike Team on this one,” you nodded and pushed your racing thoughts to the back of your mind, concentrating on keeping a concrete, blank expression, “I want you to locate him, and take him out. He’s too much of a threat to this organisation to be left alive. And I want it to be quiet, we don’t need to be found out before we’re back on our feet,” you nodded again, “you leave now,” Cleardon immediately turned and left the conference room. 

You stood and looked around at your Strike Team, giving them a stern look, “well, you heard him. Let’s go agents,” you spat at them.

The entire walk to the hangar, all you could think about was the Winter Soldier. ‘You’re the only person here who makes me feel like I’m going to be okay,’ a voice echoed in your head. You frowned, trying to place a name to the voice. ‘I can’t remember much… Just flashes of memories, like falling from a great height in the middle of winter, and a round metal shield…’ 

You stopped in your tracks. You remember who’s words they were, they were the Winter Soldier’s words from when you’d first met. Suddenly a few memories came flooding into your mind, as if remembering his voice had unlocked a part of your brain. You remembered meeting him, and comforting him. You remembered the look on his face when he realised you’re humanity had been switched off. You remembered having fallen in love with him before Hydra robbed you of your emotions.

Suddenly your switch flicked. The Winter Soldier had been the trigger that switched you back. Tears began to well in your eyes, thinking about all the people you killed, in the service of Hydra. Sadness was quickly replaced by a burning rage from within. It was as though everything you hadn’t felt in 25 years was suddenly released all at once, you were feeling everything from the past 25 years. The rage in you exploded and you unholstered the guns strapped to your thighs.

You opened fire on your Strike Team, taking them by surprise, and took every one of them out in minutes. You turned to your left and saw that you were standing next to the, open, artillery storage room. You grabbed as many high powered fire arms that you carried and you made your way through the building.

You annihilated every last agent in the 3 storey building within 25 minutes. After your bullet met its last target, you dropped your weapons and looked out at the scene in front of you. There were dozens of agents, slaughtered. Suddenly all the rage that had fuelled your rampage was now gone, and replaced by grief and sadness. You heard a gun cock behind you. You spun around and was immediately faced with Captain America’s shield, and Black Widow’s red headed figure, aiming right at you. 25 years worth of guilt washed over you, you started to sob uncontrollably and dropped to the ground, “help me. Help me,” you repeated over and over, until Captain America lowered his shield and picked you up off the ground.

Your eyes snap open and you stare at your ceiling, trying to slow your rapid breathing. ‘There goes my streak,’ you sarcastically think. You hadn’t had a nightmare in the last 3 nights, a trend that was too good to continue. You roll over and glance at your alarm clock; 3am. Every nightmare always woke you up just before 3am, like clock work. 

You swing your legs off the bed and drag your body to the kitchen. You were exhausted, and could probably go right back to sleep, but you knew that Bucky would be waking up around this time too.

You shuffle into the living area, and he is already sitting on the couch, two steaming mugs in front of him on the coffee table,

“What time do you call this?” Bucky quipped, smirking at you.

You try to bite back a grin, but it breaks out on your face. You try to hide your smile and look at your wrist, as if there was a watch there, “3.05am?”

“5 minutes late then?” he winks at you, making you giggle.

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Why I ship Lawlu:

“The straw hat crew have left nothing in their wake but sheer miracles.

you’ll never beat them.“

I like the sheer faith that Law has in Luffy. I mean, the man saying this is one who has said he doesn’t believe in anything anymore and here he is claiming that Luffy and his crew create miracles. It’s a huge part of why I ship it. I ship them also because I honestly like both characters and so the ship is a direct consequence.

They have both seen each other at their worst, at the point where they have given into despair and they both saved each other. They were under no obligation. Yet they can understand each other because they have both shared this hardship. They have both lost significant loved one with a card theme who shaped a huge part of their lives.

I like how Law was there when nobody else could be and how Luffy was there for him with Mingo. I like how after so many times that Luffy rescued others, in this case it was turned around and he was one the one rescued. I like how Law’s saving Luffy seems to be a destiny thing, like a fated meeting, something that has to happen since Luffy is the force of history and the will of the ages and how the D’s in their names connects to that. How Law is involved in the creation of the Pirate King  and Luffy’s destiny by ensuring that his life wasn’t cut short there in that place.

I like how Law treated Luffy when they first meet in the Sabaody Archipelago arc and how considerably different it was to the hostility he set towards Kidd. How he seemed generally friendly and amused with Luffy’s antics, “Thanks for the laughs, Straw Hat.” He seemed honestly gleeful at seeing Luffy wreck shit, “Cant wait to see him again.” I like seeing him smile when he defied Kidd and when he punched the Celestial Dragon. After seeing him on what is basically a suicide mission its nice to see him generally acting happy instead of trying to be intimidating. Furthermore, he gave Luffy half the credit for punching the asshole Celestial Dragon and in the freedom of Jean Bart. 

I also like that he warned the Straw Hats about the Marines surrounding the Auction House when he could have easily let them walk right into the trap.

This is also where another element of their interactions that first came through and that is how they both treat each other as equals which is something I like. Law treats Luffy as an equal, which is pretty big considering how arrogant he is about his ow abilities. They met as equals, they fought as equals against the marines and they treat each other as equals. They’re both D’s, Captains and Supernovas. Law respects Luffy as a Captain, he doesn’t speak down to him or treat him like he’s dumb but respects him for his resolve and for being strong enough to survive the loss of his brother. Yeah, Law is older but it doesn’t affect their dynamics. Because Luffy while he can a bit of a dense fuck is anything but a child as he’s people smart and can be perceptive and even wise at times. Its one of the reasons I can ship him with law but Luffy/crew doesn’t appeal to me, because Luffy likes being the Captain and even though he is friends with his crew they are still his subordinates and the relationship between a leader and a subordinate has unequal power dynamics that make me uncomfortable with shipping it. I’m not shitting on anyone’s ships it’s just a thing with me.

I like how after Law saved Luffy he seemed so interested in Luffys hat. How he stared at it after he caught it and how he seemed to be studying it. How it happened in multiple panels. Like he was trying to work Luffy out, like he seemed really interested in him. How he completely ignored Hancock who is supposedly the Sexiest Woman in the World in order to stare and clutch at Luffys hat like its his own. How he squeezed the hat when Bepo mentioned that Luffy’s wounds will reopen if he continues as he is.

I like how Law set his nodachi next to Luffy when he was on his ship as a sign of respect for his great loss when it was enough for him to have saved his life. His nodachi that seemed to never leave him or one of his crew. This link explains the symbolism is more depth and is the source for the above picture.

I like how he saved Nami from the Yeti Cool Brothers and then suggested an alliance on the mountain. The scene was oddly weirdly romantic with Luffy’s upturned cold reddened face looking at Law in almost awe at the person who saved him and his nakama. I like how Luffy remembered Law and sees Law as a savior, “Yeah! He’s just like Jime…I owe him my life!!!” and what a generally high opinion he has of Law, “I think he’s a good guy” which is a view of Law that he retains through the entire alliance even with the reveal of Laws grudge with Doflamingo. Law is someone whose reputation of cruelty, one he consistently failed to live up too, means that people generally dont treat him in a a positive manner, so it must be strange to him to have someone so sure he is a good person.

All in all I just like the way that Law acts with Luffy. How he drops the cool act and acts like the dork he secretly is. How he said that Luffy was strong for surviving. How he is always standing beside or near Luffy. How he answers Luffy immediately when he asks questions when I don’t think he’d bother with other people. In chapter 700, he corrects his pronunciation without being condescending while tellingly never correcting Luffy about his affectionate nickname of Torao.  He freely gives Luffy information about his  nakama after denying Smoker info and attacking him. Law makes sure Luffy gets credit for his deeds consistently as well with both the first fight when they met and also with the marines. And Luffy returns this respect. He works with him, I really like  kereeachan: meta about how Law gets Luffy and how Luffy is willing to work with him.

I like how Nami compared Law to Luffy in regards to selfishness

I like how Law tries to break off the alliance with Luffy in order to protect him from Doflamingo after his grudge has been revealed and protected the other Straw Hats from Doflamingo when he attacked them. I like how happy Luffy was that he was live d that he was willing to sacrifice his chance to get the Mera Mera fruit before finding out his brother Sabo survived in order to rescue Lw.

I like how Law smiled about Luffy when asked about him by Smoker and replied that he didn’t know who was using who.

I like how when they were leaving Punk Hazard Law smiled at Luffys antics while waving goodbye to the Marines. I like the anime smile which Law gives when Luffy tells Rebecca He is the Man who will be Pirate King.

I like to think that Luffys refusal to leave him behind like he does to others when he fights, his faith in his abilities and his hand on Laws shoulder when Mingo is trying to tear him down and his obstinate refusal to break their alliance is comforting to Law. That hes not alone or getting abandoned during what is basically a complete breakdown caused through a complete failure to kill a man who has destroyed so much of his life and taken a person from his life who was the only person to care about him for years. I like that the trust that Law and Luffy hold for each other is so evident because i don’t see Law as being someone who trusts easily and how Luffy lives up to this trust and returns it. How even Mingo mentioned that Law seemed to really trust him, asking him “How can you trust so much?”

Luffy really cares about Law after such a small amount of time. He basically had a panic attack at seeing his bloodied body and when Mingo mocked Luffy about what he had done to Law, Luffy grit his teeth until they bled

Furthermore when Law and Luffy fought together they really worked in sync. I liked how they used their powers to help each other in the fight.

However, one part of the fight I find telling is when he stepped back to let Law attack Mingo. Because Luffy isn’t really someone known for stepping back and letting someone else direct a fight but he did, and kicked Trebol and told him not to get in his Law’s way like his crew has done for him when he was going to face a major adversary.  

I like the parallels between them like how Law has a sorta grandpa in the military with Sengoku and Luffy’s grandpa Garp who are friends with each other. How they both lost a significant portion of their lifespan for a goal which involved a loved one.

“Leave me here and go…! Thirteen Years… Thirteen years I have lived on, all for the day that I would take down Doflamingo. I’ve done… haa… everything I could. If he wins… I want to witness it with my own eyes! And if he falls, I too ought to… die here, with him! I’m the one that dragged him into this fight! Leave me and go! Leave me… go…. please.”

This part of the Dressrossa Arc is one I I can’t get over. The passionate trembling voice of Law when he tells Cavendish that if Luffy should fall he intends to die by his side and how desperate he was to stay with Luffy and see him fight against the man he has lost so much to to the end. And how he blames himself for the fact that Luffy was brought to this fight due to the alliance, how useless he feels at not being able to fight Doflamingo himself and how deeply he respects Luffy for his role in Doflamingos downfall

I like how in  Chapter 788 Law threw himself from stories high in order to take Luffy under his care. I like how he teleported to Luffy’s side when he was so injured he couldn’t walk because nobody else could be trusted to protect him properly.

I like the moment in  chapter 796 where Law saved Bellamy who is a follower of the man he hates Doflamigo, for no other reason that he is Luffy’s friend and Luffy would be upset if he died. I mean, it’s not like Luffy would know if Law didn’t rescue him because he was asleep but he still did it

I like the reveal in Chapter 805 in the Zhou arc that Luffy knows Law’s name but just likes calling Law by a nickname. I like how Law once more gives Luffy his due credit, 'that was Straw Hat’s doing. I like how Law ditches his crew on Zou after reuniting with them to talk plans with Luffy, how he still wants Luffy’s input in the plan making process despite Luffy’s eccentricities.

I like how Law and Luffy are influencing each others behavior petite-neko has some awesome meta on this. Another examle was when Luffy asked Law what he thought would happen to this county, which Law would later use with Luffy.

I think they’re contrasting personalities are very cute. That their height difference is adorable. I just generally like the ship.

Zosan Fic Rec List

This is for Pixel @ltws​ cause we are filthy sinners with very similar tastes and I need to compile all the wonderful fics I’ve read to show them. 
These are all fics I have personally enjoyed enough to rec. They’re in no particular order, though my favourites will be around the top!!

*Note: “Sin rating” refers to how Sinful the do is. Low being mostly vanilla, Medium being raunchy, High being kinky. The “length ratings” are: Very Short for under 10k words, Short for under 30k, Medium between 30k and 100k, Long for above 100k, and Very Long for above 180k.

  1. Fluency
    Length: Very Long, Sin Rating: Low/Medium (I’m giving it a halfway because the sexual tension is getting wild)
    I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has read Fluency by Unda. It’s a Fantasy AU with the most beautiful world building, that extends even to linguistics (ESPECIALLY linguistics!) and geography. The characterisation is heart meltingly flawless, the plot is intricate and a wild ride, and the depth of Zoro and Sanji’s bond is breaking my heart in the best way. Possibly some of the awesomest character analysis and portrayal I’ve seen, it goes above and beyond.
  2. Make No Mistake
    Length: Very Long, Sin Rating: Low/Medium (for the same reason as Fluency)
    This fic had me pulling two all nighters in a row I kid you not. It’s a modern college AU, but it’s worlds more than just that, another one that just goes… above and beyond. I literally cannot get over how well written everyone is, it explores the Strawhats’ deepest flaws and strongest bonds in new light, with astoundingly clever canon parallels. As you read it, it seems to flow and when you’re done you’re sitting there for weeks still realising new things, and I will be forever analysing it. It’s incredibly real. A fair warning that it’s very dark at times, and while it’s super fun, it’s a serious read and heavy to get through, so pace yourself(unlike me). Also note that it’s not just Zosan (and that the pairing has a super slow build) as it also includes Frobin and other side pairings, not to mention the best running-gag concerning Trafalgar D. Law I’ve read to date that is hilarious.
  3. In Your Dreams
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: High (I’m upping this rating from Medium to High due to one scene that I can’t really explain without ruining things)
    Set in the OP verse, Zoro is a cambion; meaning he’s half incubus. This was one of the first fics I read and I was slightly dubious about the whole “Zoro being half ‘sex demon’” thing but it is written BEAUTIFULLY and there is 0 mischaracterisation of Zoro; he’s the same old Zoro. It adds dynamics I very much appreciate, and which present for interesting points and circumstances. The slow build makes the conclusion that much sweeter.
  4. Wrong Number
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low (possibly will progress to medium? Who knows)
    This is a modern AU, and probably my favourite fluffy modern AU. Like, Zoro and Sanji are so sweet in this. It’s also another fic I think a lot of people have read, and of all the people that have read it, I’m sure the majority of them want to bang primary school teacher!Zoro. I fully approve of this cause Zoro’s hot as hell AND good with kids. This fic also doesn’t sacrifice any of Zoro and Sanji’s character traits, it has a beautiful flow, and a good balance of suspense and satisfaction. The karaoke scene is smokin hot as well as hilarious.
  5. The Roronoa Fruit
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low
    Set in the OP verse, this is another slow build Zosan fic where they move from friends to lovers, with a pretty cool plot if I do say so myself.  Another one of the fics I read early on, I must confess I’ve forgotten many of the details. Overall it’s a pretty touching, accurate, and enjoyable read!
  6. Bite Me
    Length: Long, Sin Rating: Medium (For some details that I again, can’t explain without ruining the surprises.)
    Set in the OP verse with a slight deviation from the canon. At first you may also be unsure about how you feel in regards to vampire!Sanji but I promise you, it’s super well done and you won’t be the least bit skeptic. The whole fic is handled realistically, in character, and with deep feeling. It’s a wild ride for your heart, honestly. Definitely note the tag “Angst and Porn” because… yeah.
  7. Once More With Feeling
    Length: Short, Sin Rating: n/a
    AKA my heart destroyed in just 25k words. This fic, though a Zosan fic, is mostly about the Strawhats and is all Sanji-centric. Honestly, Sanji has had a pretty bad time in canon, and this was like the icing on the cake of Sanji’s Suffering: a decadent cake very worthy of it’s subject. This small extension of canon left me in a puddle of tears and I loved every bit of it. It has a happy ending, a beautiful message, and the Zosan is the cherry on top.
  8. Arrow
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low
    This fic is written in a unique style. It’s set in canon/an addition to canon, and is an interesting exploration of Zoro and Sanji. There’s some super cool imagery and ideas explored between these two! Another friends to lovers kind of deal.
  9. Aural Pleasure 
    Length: Medium, Sin Rating: Low
    Set in canon, this is an addition where something different happens to Zoro and all the Strawhats have to work through it. Sanji helps Zoro recover from a head injury that leaves the swordsman with aphasia, meaning Zoro initially cannot decipher speech/language or speak anymore. There’s a slow build, a lot of miscommunication, and Sanji being kind of a jerk and an idiot at one point, but the ending is super satisfying, good and sweet.
  10. Speak
    Length: Very Short, Sin Rating: High
    OP verse ficlet. An established relationship with well handled light bondage that explores the use of a gag/mouth bit on Zoro and Sanji. (hint: Zoro can talk around a sword and Sanji is a moaning mess.)
  11. A Mile In His Shoes
    Length: Very Short, Sin Rating: Medium
    Another fic pretty much the same as above, except the aspect being explored isn’t gagging, it’s a bodyswap.
  12. Sick Strawhats
    Length: Short, Sin Rating: n/a
    Another Strawhat centric fic acting as an addition to canon, with Zosan and Frobin. It’s a little slow to start, but soon super hilarious and fluffy after that, bringing you a handful of classic one liners such as “WE ALL KNEW HE WAS AS STRAIGHT AS HIS EYEBROWS.”

    (And now the part where I self promote but hey)
  13. Stripped Bare
    Length: Currently Short, most likely to end up Medium/Long, Sin Rating: Currently Low, (would be n/a but due to the nature of the au I’m upping it) most likely to end up as Medium.
    A modern AU centered around Zosan, with Frobin and Namivivi on the side. The two most common bits of feedback I get on this is that firstly, it being a Stripper+College AU, people are dubious about the premise. But everyone thus far has been super pleased with what they’ve found and gotten hooked immediately, so if I’m to believe the general consensus, it’s been handled and written well! And secondly, people are wary of mischaracterisation. Which I can totally understand, as people often write Zosan out of character, especially to fit into AU’s. However, rest assured that everyone has been thrilled with how true the characters stay to themselves and are loving the characterisation. I can say it’s gonna have light angst, be slow build, and have a pretty wild plotline with a happy ending.
  14. Imperatives
    Length: Very Short, Sin Rating: High
    A ficlet set in the OP verse with an established relationship, it focuses on Zoro and Sanji discovering they’re both kinda into some kinky shit and trying it out for the first time. Again, I’ve gotten the same sort of feedback: people are loving the characterisation, and apparently this PWP ‘feels like it has plot’ because of how much substance the dynamic between Zoro and Sanji has, and how their portrayal is spot on. Fluff at the end to top it off!

This concludes my now…very lengthy and detailed fic rec list. This is for Pixel, but I wrote it in general in case anyone is curious or looking for fics so I’ll put it in the zosan tag!

Knight in Shining Armor

Jared Leto x Reader

{A/N} I haven’t done a Jared fic before so I hope you enjoy it! I feel like I could turn this into a series the way I finished it. Thoughts anyone?
xo Harley

Prompt: Love play the ace! When is chapter 6? I don’t know if you do these but can you please do one where Jared finds the reader sad somewhere and tries to help? Thanks Quinn! 🙂

Warnings: Cursing.

You sit stagnant behind the wheel of your car, your dog staring at you from the passenger seat. Your face is stone cold and emotionless as you feel tears engulfing your eyes. You don’t want to cry. You did your makeup earlier and it still happened to look flawless. The music from your phone is playing through the speaker, and though you just want the quiet, you can’t move. Your hurt, anger and disappointment cloud your ability to do anything. You’re in Los Angeles, California. The street you’re on is empty and lifeless, a little like your hopes and dreams at the moment. A large tear suddenly rolls down your cheek, despite your flat expression. It causes you to jump a little, unaware of how much your eyes had truly welled up.

Your {E/C} eyes shift to the pink and orange sky before you. Hues of purple and blue streaking through it. Just under it lies the infamous Hollywood sign atop of the green hills- the only reason you’re even there. You can’t catch a break, though you’ve been trying for months now. It seemed that the one thing that should give you some hope is now dwindling too as you gaze upon it. This is the second apartment today you’ve not been able to get into. You’ve got the credit, but the money.. It is L.A.. Another tear falls, but you expect it this time. Your expression is still blank. When is it my turn. When does my knight and shining armor come out and tell me it’ll all be okay..

You take a deep breath and pull out of the street. Crying isn’t going to make anything better. With nothing else to do today, you decide to search for a little well needed inspiration. You continue to drive down the streets, growing busy as you pass Hollywood Boulevard. Surely going into the Hills will motivate me to keep trying.. right?

You drive up the winding roads past the hustle and bustle of the city and into celebrity territory. The mansions that you can catch glances of behind the privacy gates are more like beautiful, opulent hotels. You come to a space on the side of the narrow road to park.

“It’s just you and me, {D/N}.” You sigh to your dog as you clip {his/her} leash on. Getting out of the car together, you lock the doors behind you and begin to walk up the street. You have no idea where you’re going, but you want to feel the way you did a couple of months ago when you first got here.

Joggers and rich girls in yoga pants with Starbucks coffees taking an evening walk pass you by, and you suddenly feel out of place. These people are so clean and pristine. They live to exude money and confidence. You on the other hand, are a bit more humble than that. You were here on a whim and a dream, just trying to make it. No one else believes in you, but you believe in you, and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters in your mind. You get lost in thought as the two of you walk through the hilly and close knit neighborhood.

“Entertainment is a tough gig,” they’d all say, "are you sure you wanna do that? Why not just get a real job?”

Every artists worst nightmare was having to listen to comments like that from people. Of course you know only other artists understand, and office cubicle people wouldn’t, but it made your blood boil. Why did you have to give up your hopes and dreams because it’s ‘hard to make it’? Because the people telling you that your goals aren’t worth it are the ones who gave up on theirs long ago? Your brow is furrowed by now, and you’re not paying attention to any of the streets you cross onto as you catch sight of the Hollywood sign again. Your eyes stay fixated on it as you continue your thought.

I’m worth more than sitting here and throwing in the towel. You stand up a bit taller, sudden confidence coursing through you as you continue to pep talk yourself into the inspiration you were searching for.

So I haven’t found a place to live yet… Whatever. I’ll be fine. I still have some extra money for the hotel. Things will work out in my favor eventual-

You suddenly bump into a man just trying to get his mail from a mailbox in front of a large gate.

“Whoah.” You hear him say with a slight smile apparent in his voice.

Your eyes grow wide as you begin to apologize, quickly toting your dog along side of you as you hurry past him while still trying to be polite.

“I’m so sorry!” You say, unsure of his reaction and mortified to look behind you and face him. He looks over to you, white envelopes in his hands as he watches you stumble over yourself in embarrassment to get away quickly.

“No worries.” You hear in return, and something in the stars causes you to take just a quick look behind you regardless of the bright pink on your cheeks.

Oh my god, you think. No. fucking. way. Jared. fucking. Leto? Am I high?

You turn your face back quickly and try to compose yourself. Your dog on the other hand, decides to turn around and pull in his direction, giving you away.

“Come on!” You plead with your dog as you try to keep walking, don’t put me through this, you continue in your head.

You hear a laugh and can’t help but turn around. {D/N} has officially earned bad dog status. You inhale and put on a small smile. Nervous and riddled with anxiety, you turn around slowly to face the music. Jared’s crouched down and {D/N} is all over the place, licking him and begging him for attention, being the ham {he/she} always is. Suddenly you feel a little jealous as your eyes study the adorable scene unfolding before you.  

He looks up at you through blue eyes, and it’s as if the world suddenly began to turn in slow motion. They have an effect that’s calming as the ocean, and your nerves miraculously fade back into the abyss they came rattling out of.

“What a lover!” He exclaims, petting the luckiest being on earth that you know right now as he stands up, holding his hand out to you. “I’m Jared.”

You have to keep your eyes in your head as he stands at full form. He’s just like you’ve seen on T.V., in movies, and magazines.. Better even. You shake your head a little, your smile growing exponentially.

“I know, I mean.. I’m {Y/N}.” You reach out to shake his hand, mentally slapping yourself in the face to pull your shit together. His handshake is firm and masculine, causing you to stretch your fingers discreetly afterwards.

Everything about him breathed cool, and you wished this wouldn’t be the first and last encounter you’d have with him. Fan-girling aside, he loved your dog and your dog loved him, and that alone said enough about his character in your opinion.

“Cool, nice to meet you.” He grins at you this time, and you melt on the inside. “Wanna get your dog some water or something?” He asks, gesturing past those grand gates that stood between you two and his house. You think of saying no, you don’t want to come off as some crazy person who would jump at the opportunity, but {D/N} did look thirsty..

“Uh.. Yeah, sure. Thank you,” you say humbly, shrugging just a bit as he instantly turns to the keypad by the gate, pressing a few numbers and watching it open. 

You both walk past the gates, the interesting architecture of his house catching your eye before anything. It was like a compound, very boxy and the color was plain. All tied together though, it was quite unique and fun to look at. The view visible from behind it must’ve been gorgeous. You can tell just by the way he walks to his house that he takes pride in it. 

He reaches the front doors, opening one and gesturing for you to walk inside. You bow your head as a small thank you and brush your feet on the black door mat before carefully stepping inside. You keep {D/N} close to you as you nervously stand in the doorway. The inside was clean, bright and airy with bohemian accents here and there. It was chic but still masculine. Afraid to bump into something you, take a few small steps in as he closes the door behind you.

“Kitchen’s over here,” he says, walking into the house with ease and leading you down a small hallway that leads from the foyer and into the kitchen on the left. “Don’t mind the mess, I just got off tour and haven’t had much time to settle back in yet.”

You immediately feel bad that you’ve now stepped on his toes. He had just gotten home and probably needed some time to unwind, yet here you are, bumming water off of him for your dog. You speak without thinking.

“I can go, if you want. {D/N} will be fine..”

“Don’t be silly, you’re cool. I just didn’t want you to think “oh wow, this guys a mess!” He brings his hands into the air, waving them slightly. His funny gesture elicits a laugh from you, “No, not at all,” you say, and you’re suddenly put at ease again. 

You catch a whiff of what smells like incense burning, and as soon as you turn to enter the kitchen, you see the smoke rising into the air. The kitchen is huge, and a visual of the two of you dancing in the kitchen to grunge music in the evening flashes through your mind. You swallow hard as he makes his way to a cabinet, grabbing a large glass bowl and putting it on the floor.

“You can sit down if you’d like,” he offers with a grin, grabbing a large bottle of water from the fridge and pouring it into the bowl, “I won’t bite.”

You say that like I wouldn’t want you to, you think, taking a stool by the island counter and sitting down, loosening your grip on your dogs leash. {He/she} immediately goes to the water, lapping it up and making a mess of the surrounding area. You both laugh for a moment and as it fades out, he turns to you.

“I saw you walking up the hill, you didn’t look too happy,” the concern in his voice is apparent.

You shift in your seat, suddenly remembering what even got you to this point. What does it matter to him, you think, a bit bitter. Not knowing how to answer without killing the moment, you lift your shoulders in a shrug.

“It’s nothing, really. Just having a rough go of it here, you know?” Your tone is soft as you speak to him, and you can feel your voice shake just a bit.

Burdening him was the last thing you wanted, and at an attempt to change the subject you turn your attention back to your dog. He ignores it and takes the stool next to you. 


The closer he gets, the more you can smell his cologne through the burning incense. Not wanting to show him the emotion written all over your face, you keep your eyes on {D/N}. 

“Here for business or pleasure?” he inquires, his eyes staring into you.

You hesitate, cracking a small grin as you speak, “The pleasure of the business.”

He chuckles and a chill runs down your spine. Everything about him was perfectly intoxicating.

“I know that all too well. I was living in a tiny rundown house in Hollywood with my brother when I first got here. It was hard, but dedication is where it’s at,” he lays a hand on your shoulder, and you instinctively look up at him now. His expression was rooting for you, and you can’t help but smile through your faintly watery eyes. 

“I don’t even have a house,” you say, a hollow laugh leaving your throat after.

“Wait, what?” his brow furrows, and you come to the realization that you’ve said too much.

“I mean, no, like.. I’m fine. I’m living in a hotel, and it’s okay. I’m not on the street or anything.” Yet, you think.

He stands up, slapping a hand down on the counter with a large grin on his chiseled features. “Not anymore you aren’t.”

[Stop. Before you even scroll down any further to read this post, please read this. I’m writing this list for 3 reasons, 

  1. Someone asked me recently why I ship Johnlock
  2. There’s been a lot of crap going round with people, not everyone, just certain individuals saying Johnlock isn’t going to happen, how its hurtful, disgusting blah blah blah. (If you don’t think it is, brilliant. But don’t slag the shippers off, please. I know again, certain individuals aren't kind about certain ships but it’s not all of us). And then..
  3. Because I purely want to.

I don’t mind what you ship. I ship Johnlock, obviously. If you ship Sheriarty or Sherlolly or whoever and whatever else. Well done. I don’t mind. This isn’t something I want hate on or want to be accused of hating other ships. I know there’s other ships out there and I’ve tried to leave out as many points as I can that will go against other ships and people may find offensive. This is a Johnlock blog, so I shall write about Johnlock. Take this as seriously as you want. Some of the points are very vague. This took me a while so, yeah, I hope you enjoy and thank you!]

100 Things that make Johnlock believable

  1. John lends Sherlock his phone. This isn’t really a big deal I know but I wouldn’t even let my friends borrow my phone let alone some random stranger I’d never even spoken to.
  2. They have undeniable chemistry. You can’t deny that, whoever you ship. 
  3. This isn’t really a reason why Johnlock is believable it’s more a reason why people ship it. People are scared. If someone else comes into the Sherlock/John equation, (Molly, Moriarty even Mycroft), will it affect the duo? The flow of them both. Maybe. That’s what I think anyway.
  4. Sherlock can’t handle John’s girlfriends. Yes, he’s coping with Mary (sort of) (okay, lets miss out the bit where she shot him) but he’s jealous of her. All of the time.
  5. Sherlock didn’t have friends. Not one. John had barely known him a day and he was running around London with him. They have an instant connection.
  6. John killed someone for Sherlock.
  7.  Sherlock killed someone for John.
  8. They stare at each other. Constantly. 
  9.  Sherlock never denies him and John being a couple.
  10. John can manage to remember 30+ moans coming from Sherlock’s phone throughout the day. I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago.. 
  11. “People might talk”. That’s John’s only issue. ‘So what if you just stripped some of my clothes off. I only care that people didn’t see’. Maybe he didn’t mind it at all then, because no one saw. 
  12. Sherlock is back on drugs after John leaves him to go on his honeymoon, basically has withdrawal symptoms. John replaced the drugs, but then he left again.
  13. Sherlock is incredibly sad at the wedding. John choosing Mary to dance with him over Sherlock seems to push him over the edge and make him leave.
  14.  John is the only man to render Sherlock speechless.
  15.  Sherlock taught John how to dance. That’s not really a reason but it’s incredibly intimate.
  16.  Mark said the BBC version is mostly inspired by The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. In which Sherlock basically falls in love with John (incredibly cute, watch it). It’s probably one of the gayest adaptations.
  17.  Irene likes women, but she admits she fell for Sherlock. John is the same, which is basically what she’s saying.
    (John: “Who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay”. 
    Irene: “Well, I am. Look at us both”).
  18.  Sherlock takes him to a gay club. He notices things. Surely he’d notice that. 
  19.  The drunk scene is so flirtatious it hurts.
  20.  "I don’t mind".
  21.  Sherlock came back to life for John. Came back from the dead. From. The. Dead.
  22.  The scenes in Sherlock’s mind palace are the places he and John had their first case together. Sentiment, obviously.
  23. They say you look for one of your parents in the person you fall in love with. Well Sherlock’s parents basically cosplayed them. 
  24.  "You. It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.“
  25.  When Sherlock’s solving cases with Molly, John’s voice is there, in his head. Always.
  26.  Sherlock stuck John’s head on a picture of the Vitruvian Man, which was Leonardo Da Vinci's representation of an 'ideal man’. 
  27.  "Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator”. That’s why Sherlock shoots Magnussen for John. (I know I already mentioned this but I found a cool quote okay). 
  28.  Can’t believe I nearly missed the cheeky wink when they first met.
  29.  The moment at Angelo’s when Sherlock thinks John is hitting on him. Sherlock doesn’t get things wrong. 99% of the time he’s right. So when he thinks someone is flirting with him, he’s probably right.
  30.  John definitely takes a peek when Sherlock drops his sheet at Buckingham Palace. 
  31.  The hug at the wedding. We’ve never seen them hug before so it’s kind of a new step for their relationship.
  32.  At the pool Sherlock gives John a glance and John nods, knowing exactly what he’s thinking.
  33.  John makes him beg. Twice.
  34.  John forgives him. His best friend left him for 2 years, pretending he was dead and John forgave him like that. You’ve gotta love someone pretty bad to do that. (Even if he did tackle him to the floor.. and punch him.. though he did deserve it).
  35.  On the tube, in John’s last moments, he spends it telling Sherlock how much of a great man he is. 
  36. 'Not gay’ doesn’t imply he’s straight.
  37.  John was willing to get shot to take down Moriarty, telling Sherlock to run and save his own life. 
  38.  My best friend doesn’t point out my cheekbones.
  39.  The best man speech. Nobody could even imagine Sherlock saying anything like that but he said it all, for John. 
  40.  "Is yours a snorer?“. John kinda just gives up denying they’re a couple here.
  41.  John says he doesn’t like his middle name, though he exclaims it when he’s jealous over Irene and Sherlock. 
  42.  Sherlock says to Irene: "Why would I want to have dinner if I wasn't hungry?”, yet he does that an awful lot with John. 
  43.  Their lack of personal space is unbelievable.
  44.  John looks to see if Sherlock is wearing pants at Buckingham Palace under the sheet. Looks. At his crotch.
  45.  The look across the car park when Sherlock realises John shot the cabbie. 
  46.  Sherlock gets rid of John’s armchair, presumably because he doesn’t like seeing it empty.
  47.  Mrs Hudson had it from day 1: “There’s another bedroom upstairs if you'll be needing two bedrooms”.
  48.  “You're hardly going to need me around now you’ve got a real baby on the way”. Cries.
  49.  "Remember Redbeard? Don't get involved”, e.g. Remember the last time you loved and then lost.
  50. Sherlock acts more like the bride at the wedding then Mary actually does: 

    A) The photographer says, “just the bride and groom, please”, and he doesn’t even move.

    B) He’s the only person we see giving vows.

    C) He throws his flower to Janine (just like the bride would traditionally throw her bouquet).

    D) He taught John how to dance, which actual is quite a feminine role too.

  51. John looks extremely unimpressed that Sherlock has a girlfriend.
  52. Mary sort of acts like a romantic shield, as John in the third series seems more open to discuss relationships and his feelings, even about gay matters, for example when being searched by one of Magnussen’s men, he makes an innuendo joke.
  53. . “I don't understand, why would it upset YOU?”, because he cares Sherlock, duhh.
  54.  The determination Sherlock has to get John out of the fire, yes I know, this one could be seen as just a friend helping a friend but the panic on Sherlock’s face and the way he had no fear of burn marks or anything. 
  55.  In His Last Vow, John wakes up from dreaming about Sherlock, even though he was laying next to his wife.
  56.  I know I’ve already mentioned Sherlock shooting Magnussen but he does sacrifice his career, freedom and life to protect John.
  57.  Sue said to, "treat the music like a script in itself”, e.g. they play 'We Found Love’ in the background of the stag scene.
  58.  When Sherlock shakes John’s hand goodbye, he takes his glove off to touch his skin one last time.
  59.  "Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again I might as well say it now…", I really don’t think that, “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name”, is what he was going to say. 
  60.  That scene (in point 60) was quite obviously set up to make us think Sherlock was actually going to declare his love. So it could happen.
  61.  The tears in Sherlock’s eyes when he’s on the plane, leaving John. 
  62.  Sherlock says the case (when they’re drunk) is 'touching’. He describes a case including same sex romance as 'touching’. That’s surely saying something. Sherlock doesn’t find many things touching..
  63.  Molly mentions having met Tom’s parents. Shortly after John meets Sherlock’s, however, he hasn’t (I know, it’s impossible, but still, my point) meet Mary’s. 
  64.  Sherlock says, “All the nice girls like a soldier”, to which John replies, “it’s sailor”. Did Sherlock slip up there on purpose because he likes a soldier???
  65. “I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world. Mary Morstan, and… you”. Ouch. The feels. 
  66.  "Today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved, in short the two people who love you most in all this world", and now Sherlock hits me right in the feels too.
  67.  While we see Sherlock telling everyone how much he loves and cares for John, it’s interesting in the fact they don’t bother showing the ceremony between John and Mary. Not even a glimpse. 
  68.  John talks about Major Sholto in a way in which a lot of fans implied they used to have something going on. I think Sherlock thought this too as he seems jealous. 
  69.  "Oh, Sherlock! Neither of us were the first, you know". Even Mary can see he’s jealous.
  70.  John calls Sherlock, “nurse”. Mary is a nurse so can be seen as a parallel? 
  71.  The only two people we see John perform medically on is the man naked from the waist down at the clinic and Bainbridge, who’s naked from the shower. Two naked men. Coincidence? Hmm. 
  72.  An 'Elephant in the Room’ actually means, an obvious fact that nobody is pointing out. It’s mostly said when talking about someone’s sexuality, for example homosexual attraction. One of their cases is called 'The Elephant in the Room’.
  73.  In His Last Vow, in the scene where Sherlock brings Mary to the house and John is secretly there when Sherlock makes Mary identify herself, there is a shot taken from above. It clearly shows Sherlock at one end of the corridor and John at the other, Mary coming in between them.
  74.  Sherlock says, “I was waiting until we got married”, so obviously avoiding sex with Janine as marriage was never going to happen. Or maybe not avoiding sex with Janine, more the fact he didn’t want to have sex with a woman?
  75.  "I’d be lost without my blogger". Uses 'my’, basically labelling John as his own. 
  76.  John went out with many women, but only married one of them (Mary) when Sherlock was dead. Maybe if Sherlock was alive and hadn’t approved, like he did with John’s other girlfriends, the proposal may not have happened.
  77.  Before they met, John was a broken war hero and Sherlock was lonely and isolated. After they met, they both seemed to cure each other. They both became happy, especially being around each other.
  78.  If I had human body parts in my fridge, I’d have to love the person quite a lot who put them there to let them stay in my house.
  79.  Moffat said that John is, “infatuated and fascinated” by Sherlock. Sexually? Well, that’s your judgement I guess.
  80.  When John breaks up with Jeanette his (sexual, most probably) partner, he barely batters an eyelid, yet when Sherlock leaves, he’s affected, massively. (Okay it’s kinda different because Sherlock 'died’ but I’m promising you 100 reasons and I’m at 98 haha)
  81.  John had to trust Sherlock with his life, many times. He did it without even hesitating.
  82.  Sherlock healed John’s leg. Basically.
  83.  Not really a point but, 99% of the things done in Sherlock are on purpose. You don’t do things by accident on TV and they keep them in. The stares, the touches, the facial expressions. They are all there for a reason.
  84.  The stars scene. Where Sherlock points out the stars in The Great Game. I find that awfully romantic. 
  85.  Sherlock drugs him. It’s an awful thing to do but John practically, instantly, forgives him. 
  86.  At the end of The Hounds of Baskerville when Sherlock is laughing with John when John is eating, that look the innkeeper person gives Sherlock. It’s like a sort of knowing look.
  87.  "I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead”. Sherlock’s reply to that is the most sincere, kind and heartwarming way I swear we have ever heard him spoke (not including when he lies to victims haha) when he says, “I heard you”. You can hear how much he cares in just those 3 words.
  88.  Sherlock remembers how John takes his tea. John’s tea habits are more important then that the earth goes round the sun.
  89.  In Reichenbach, John punches a police officer just because they say something bad about Sherlock.
  90.  Sherlock says, “Alone is what I have, alone protects me”, but I think he soon realises he does in fact need John by his side, that’s why he goes back to the drugs.
  91.  Sherlock jumped off the roof to save John’s life. If he had came away from that situation alive, John would have been shot, as well as Mrs Hudson and Lestrade. But he had to sacrifice himself for the people he cares most about.
  92.  So this isn’t in the series but on John’s blog so it does count. Sherlock writes, 'John would ask me if he was here’. Another sign he needs John with him. 
  93.  John shaved his moustache off purely because Sherlock said it didn’t suit him.
  94.  "Girlfriend? No, not really my area". “So you’ve got a boyfriend then?”. “No”. So a girlfriend is off the list completely, not his area, but when asked if he has a boyfriend the answer is a straight, 'no’. (Sorry to anyone who ships Sherlock with Molly/Irene/Janine, etc, I guess he could have changed his mind).
  95.  I prefer my Doctor’s clean shaven. Pretty flirtatious. 
  96.  The picture taken of the drunk scene. It’s an official promo picture and they’re holding hands. Yes, they’re 'drunk’ but they are, in fact, holding hands.
  97.  Sherlock see’s Mary shooting him in her wedding dress. Some kind of metaphor, surely?
  98.  Everyone. Absolutely everyone assumes they’re together. Mycroft, Mrs Hudson, Kitty Reilly, Angelo, etc.
  99.  Sherlock outs Mary in front of John because I think he’s concerned for John. I think he’s scared John might get hurt so he manages to get Mary to admit who she is when John is present.
  100. In The Hounds of Baskerville when John goes all military, Sherlock’s face is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Thank you!

It’ll Be Okay // Ashton Irwin

Requested: Yes


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Your eyes widened as the scene played out before your eyes. You felt disgusted. You felt angry. Most of all though, you felt hurt and heart broken.

You felt disgusted because you were related to that man. That man who you called ‘dad.’ That man who was currently, at 1 am, kissing some other woman goodbye.

You felt angry because he was doing this to your mom. He was doing this to your brother. He was doing this to you. He was doing this to your family. Your happy family. Or so you’d thought.

You felt hurt because he’d actually done this. He was willing to give away your family, you and your brother and your mom just for this woman.

It felt as if your breath had been knocked out from your lungs. You felt gutted. You could feel your heart in your throat and your breaths were slowly getting faster and shallower. And you knew what was happening.

You moved away from the living room window, drawing the curtains back into place. Your wobbly legs hurriedly made their way upstairs and you locked yourself in your room. You slid down against your door.

This hadn’t happened in a while. You’d had it all under control for 10 months. You hadn’t had a panic attack in almost 10 months. You tried to breathe in counts like you had been told to often times but it didn’t help.

So there you were as you heard your dad shuffle around- lying on the floor, knees pulled up to your chest and gasping for breath as tears streamed down your cheeks endlessly. Your chest hurt and everything seemed to be an illusion. The pain was unbearable.

It took you over half an hour to get yourself calm down a little. It was then you trusted your legs enough to walk over to your bed and grab your phone.

The light from your phone hurt your sensitive, puffed eyes a little. The screen flashed 2:18 AM at you. You knew he was probably asleep. But you needed him. You really needed him.

Your fingers pressed the call button immediately as his contact popped up. You pressed your phone to your ear. It rang four time before he finally picked up. “Y/N,” Ashton’s voice was dripping with drowsiness and you felt a pang of guilt for waking him up.

“Y/N?” He repeated again. “Are you alright?”

You sniffed, wiping a tear that escaped your eye. “Ash, could you please pick me up? I really need to get out.” You croaked out.

“I’ll be right there,” he said, not questioning you.


A knock in your window made you get up from your bed. You walked over quickly, opening it for Ashton to jump in.

As soon as his feet hit the carpeted floor, you threw your arms around him. His fingers went into your hair as he held you close, the other hand running gently down your back in attempt to soothe you.

When you finally pulled away, he asked,”Long drive?”

You nodded silently. You grabbed your shoes that were lying in front of your closet. “We’ll go out through the kitchen door. We’ve got to be quiet,” You instructed.

The streetlights illuminated the otherwise dark night. The moon was only partly visible, a part of it hid behind the clouds. The cold hair hit your face, and it was a sort of comfort to your warm, tear-stained cheeks. You quickly settled into the passenger’s seat while Ashton hopped in beside you.

He still didn’t question you. He just drove on. He knew you, he understood you. He was your best friend, after all. He knew you would talk to him. He knew that he had to give you time, and space. And he did just that.

You drove on and on. Your only companions were the traffic lights and the twinkling stars and the occasional neon signs. The wind whipped through your hair as you peeped through the rolled down windows. You closed your eyes, taking in the moment- the cool wind kissing your face, the sweet smell in the air taking over your senses and the fingers laced with yours.

You reached out to turn on the radio and settled back into your seat. You let out a sigh, rubbing your face with your hands. You had no idea what you were supposed to do. Your whole life was going to change, there was no doubt. And it scared you. It terrified you.

When Ashton pulled into the fields on the outskirts of town, you finally talked. You were still seated in the car, both silently staring off into the distance.

“I had an anxiety attack tonight.” You said, looking straight ahead.

You felt Ashton’s eyes on you. His grip on your intertwined hands tightened. “What?”

You hummed, nodding, reconfirming that it actually happened.

“B-but you’ve been so good. You had it all under control.” Ashton argued. “You were doing so well. What happened?”

Images of your dad kissing the woman reappeared and you felt your eyes water.

“Y/N, what triggered it?” Ashton asked, his voice soft as he trailed his fingers along your jaw and turned your face to look at him.

“D-dad,” you whimpered. “Dad’s cheating on mum.”

Ashton’s mouth fell open in astonishment before he pulled you onto his lap it a tight embrace. And you sobbed. You sobbed into his chest, not caring that you sogged his shirt.

He held you for as long as you needed him to, even long after you had stopped crying and were only sniffing. You were curled into his chest, your head resting on his shoulder. His long arms were looped around your body, holding you close.


“Yeah?” You asked, looking up at him.

His green eyes seemed to be having an inner conflict, before he bent down and pressed his lips softly against yours. Your fingers find themselves playing with the loose curls of his hair at the nape of his neck.

When you pulled apart, he whispered against your lips,“It’ll be okay. I promise.”

And in that moment, that reassurance was all you had needed.

Father!Yoongi Part Two

And now it is time for our lovely lil marshmallow, our d-boy the ever so talented Min Yoongi aka Suga aka speaking of hair I’m loving the gray hair highkey I feel like yoon is someone who could pull off just about any hair color?? like he’s had black he’s been blonde he’s had orange green pink brown and he looked 10/10 with all of them but I cant even pick a favorite really I think its orange but theres also green but also black like I have so many choices fun fact I didn’t really believe he dyed his hair right away bc of that shit with the black hair before where we were like oh my god its back and then a day later it was just jk im blonde like okay I see how it is so now I wait like two weeks before I believe it

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read part 1, he has a lil daughter
  • I have this head canon that she’s like a spitting image of him
  • Like she has his eyes (and his eye smile) and his gummy smile and his lil cheeks
  • He’s the cool dad though
  • Like he’s the dad that doesn’t embarrass her in front of her friends
  • He’s pretty laidback and she picks that up from him
  • She doesn’t really have a shit ton of friends but that’s on purpose
  • Growing up and watching her father be so happy with his lil group kinda makes her realize it’s more about quality rather than quantity
  • She’d rather have one good friend than twenty shit ones
  • Her best friend is like a son to the Mins tbh
  • Like they grew up together and lived across the street so Yoongi isn’t all that worried about him
  • Yoon can’t even count the amount of times he comes home to find him sprawled out on the couch
  • “Hey mr min”
  • “Hey kid”
  • But he is protective of her
  • He doesn’t go overboard with it though
  • He understands that she’s a teenager and she’ll probably want to do the typical things most kids her age do but then is happily surprised when she doesn’t
  • She’s not really into the whole party scene anyways??
  • She only ever asks to go to one once bc she hears there’s gonna be pizza
  • He just kinda :D like that’s my kid fuck yeah why don’t we just order some here and like watch some movies you can show me that new show you were talking about
  • They’re highkey best friends
  • She comes to him with anything and everything that bothers her and he gives her the best advice he can
  • Cuddling is still common
  • One of them is always playfully whining about the other’s grip being too tight and trying to leave but both of them are always smiling
  • She still falls asleep with her head on his chest, normally mid-sentence
  • She’s just as hard working as he is so she can sometimes pull all nighters to study for tests and shit so sometimes she can’t help it
  • Plus he’s just really comfy and relaxing and his arms feel safe and warm
  • He teaches her how to play the piano
  • Something I love about Yoongi is how talented he is, like not only can he rap and create these beautiful songs that truly have meanings and depth but can also make songs that you can just relax to and have fun with
  • From a young age, he teaches her how to play so she grows up with it
  • But he also doesn’t push it onto her
  • He tells her from day one that if she doesn’t want to do anything with music he’ll understand and support her no matter what she does end up doing
  • But thankfully she does love music and she loves watching him play
  • She was the one to ask for lessons but the catch was she wanted him to teach her bc father daughter bonding time
  • She’s really good though
  • She loves loves loves playing bts songs on piano
  • It makes him so happy bc she’s always loved his music which already makes him ecstatic but to see her take the time to learn how to play it is just wow
  • He tears up the first time he hears her play let me know
  • He actually doesn’t cry much throughout her childhood
  • He cries once when she’s having a bit of a rough night and he’s comforting her and she just mumbles out a “I’ll always be your little girl right??” and it just hits him but he’s also grateful that she isn’t in a rush to grow up
  • He cries again after she moves out bc he’s so not ready to let her go yet
  • And he cries when she gets married and has kids of her own but that’s in the far far future
  • When she does move out though, he’s there every step of the way
  • He helps her and her best friend find a nice place to live, he offers to help with rent if she ever needs him to
  • He understands that she needs to learn to live on her own without his help but at the same time he doesn’t want her to feel alone in all of it so he’s just like you know if there’s an emergency I’m just 10 minutes away
  • He helps her pack up and comes across an old bby pic of when she fell asleep on his shoulder in his studio
  • He remembers the first time he held her, how lil she felt in his arms how her teeny tiny fingers couldn’t even fully wrap around one of his, how she fell asleep in his arms and how quickly he had fallen in love with her
  • He kinda stops her for a second and hugs her really really tightly with no real explanation
  • She doesn’t need one though bc she’d been waiting for that moment every since she announced she was moving out
  • She never actually moves out of Daegu though
  • She travels the world a bit with her lover but she always comes back home to Daegu
  • They never live more than an hour away from each other and honestly once she has kids, she moves even closer so the grandbbys can see yoon and you on a regular basis
  • Father!Yoongi is really chill and is just v v proud of his lil girl every step of the way and never lets her go completely like he lets her have room to grow up but he stills makes sure she calls him regularly and that they see each other and they’re just best friends for their entire lives
BTSxReader: Miss Right

Text in the bottom

PART 6 <<                                                              >>PART 8 

A groan escaped your lips while you adjusted your black surgical mask. Today you weren’t quite yourself with the cold dragging along, with a massive headache. Your Mr. Unknown forced you to go to school, to keep your grades on point and find your prince and his princess. The thought of having to interact with other people, weren’t your cup of tea.

Standing in the hall, the perfect spot to observe Wonho and Mina talking besides their lockers. It pained you, when Mr. Unknown didn’t answer your messages and it discouraged you to go forward. But biting down to the bone, you decided today was the day, you would do it without his help. But the feel of cold water running down your spine, was terrifying. The thought of maybe after today, you would get his princess, but that also meant you had to split afterwards. That was the deal between the of you, and you weren’t the kind to break deals. A feel of sadness rushed over you, but you shrugged it off pretending it was your fever that acted up.

“Who needs some stranger to help me talk to people pfft, I’ll get your damn princess…” You snickered, letting out a few coughs on the way. The cold wasn’t nice to you, it was so bad you couldn’t think clearly either. Marching over to the group of people with determination, the speakers rough sound interrupted your Naruto run.

“Music students A-B-C-D have to gather in council hall in 15 minutes, thank you.”

Every person around you started moving towards the big hall, that you were assigned to meet. Confused and dazed, you heard faint screaming in the back. Completely forgetting about Wonho and Mina, you followed the screams. Female and male students were crowding the front door, while teachers and people wearing black clothes were keeping the students inside and in control. Furrowing your brows, not realising what the big fuss was about. You gave up trying to look over the tall people and proceeded to council hall.

Finding a seat not too far away from the stage, where the principal and music teachers were standing on. You put your bag away while scanning the room of people, noticing how there were gathered students from your art class.

“Why are they here?” You wondered, seeing their phones lighten up the room.

The principal cleared his voice, before he got the microphone close to his lips. Shushing the students so they could move on, but it seemed that everyone knew what was going to happen, besides you.

“We have gathered the music students, for a special event we were lucky to host. I believe a lot of you have a dream of making big things, with your creations. Singer, composer and rappers. So, today we were lucky enough to get a famous group to perform and talk about their journey in their career. You will be able to ask them questions, but keep in mind that they won’t have long before they have another event to attend to. We welcome you BANGTAN BOYS!

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Saving Mr. J (part 2)

You guys asked for it so here it is!! Sorry it’s a bit short but it’s just a filler chapter and I have an idea for part 3 but combining the two would’ve been too long. Have any suggestions for my future imagines? Message me anything including if you would like a part 3 to this series.

Summary: reader stays locked up in Mr. J’s house. During her imprisonment, she got closer to Mr. J and his mind. To his dismay, she was interested in his past unlike others who frankly made up crazy ass stories about how he became who he is today.

Word Count: 1364 words

Warning: language and bit of violence

Groaning, you groggily flutter your eyes open and inspect the walls around you. A sharp pain struck the back of your head which caused another moan of agony to leave your lips and you to instinctively grab the spot in pain. A wet substance hit your fingers. Drawing back your hand, you noticed the sticky liquid to be blood. Your blood.

Panic flood your body as you sharply stood up from the cold, hard ground where you were lying down in the unfamiliar room. Where am I? Breathing in deep, you shut your eyes and rested your ear against the icy cold metal door. All your ears picked up was silence. Abruptly, the door swung open causing your body to fall forward onto an object softer than the floor which you desperately clung onto.

“Well, well, well, you trying to feel me up, Doc?” An all familiar deep voice teased. Quick as a fly, you detached your hands from his well-formed body and increased the distance between the two of you while apologizing profusely- not wanting to get on his bad side.

“J-just out of curiosity, Mr. Joker, where am I and why am I here?” You asked timidly staring at the newly interesting ground.

“First of all, call me Mr. J. Second of all, I need a new doctor. Just recently I had to kill my current doctor ‘cause he was pissing me off and it just so happens that you are a quite skilled surgeon and my men have a habit of injuring themselves so you, doll, work for me now. As for where you are, currently, you are in my house.” His words shocked you to the core. How does he know I’m a surgeon? Probably looked through my purse and found my hospital ID. And I can’t disappear from my job just out of the blue. People will, hopefully, wonder where I’ve been. He could have any amazing doctor in all of Gotham, but he chose me. Probably just to contain me here so I don’t go blabbing to anyone and get the word out about the Joker getting “help” from a stranger or some other crazy reason that’s going through his psychotic mind.

Millions of thoughts were rushing through your brain you started to develop a headache. Suddenly you were erased from your thoughts and gripped forcefully on the upper arm, being dragged out of the dungeon-like room. Everything out of the room was so bright and luxurious. You couldn’t comprehend the number of hallways you turned until you stopped in front of a door and Mr. J released his death grip off your freshly bruised arm.

“This will be your office and workspace.”

The room was cool and seemed similar to the walk-in clinics patient rooms except with multiple exam beds, curtains for privacy, and loads of shelves and drawers containing medical equipment. Another three doors were in that room; a room leading into the ‘OR’, a bathroom, and your personal office. It was no hospital but it came pretty damn close to one.

“Alright now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the ‘medical wing’, time to go back into your room.”

Confusion struck you, “My room? You mean that cell?”

“I’m not letting you into one of the damn guest rooms since you could easily fucking escape.”

“Escape?! You have guards in every entrance and hallway. There is no way I can escape. Plus, how can I practice medicine between living in that contaminated room and entering a clean environment?” You pressed back, hoping to win this small argument.

“Enough. You’re heading back to your fucking room and that’s final. You don’t wanna make me angry, doll.”

“Ugh, can I at least have something to eat?” At this point, you were pissed, tired, and hungry- three horrible emotions combined.

“Fine.” He simply stated while gritting his teeth and led you into the kitchen after what felt like a 3 minute walk. You had to give him some credit though, his kitchen was stocked to the brim. Craving some pasta, you took out all the ingredients and equipment needed.

“Would you like some pasta, Mr. J?” You asked while boiling the water over the stove. He simply shook his head and told you that he had work to attend to while his henchmen watched over you. Since pasta wasn’t the only thing you were in the mood for you whipped up a quick batch of sugar cookies and popped them into the oven.

Once everything was cooked to perfection, you scooped yourself a plate of pasta with a soft drink on the side along with a pre-made salad. Because you made extra Italian food, you popped the leftovers in a plastic tupperware for Mr. J in case he wanted some later.

“What’s that smell?” Mr. J announced when strolling into the kitchen. You answered with a simple, “pasta.”

“No, that’s not it. It’s something sweet.” He sniffed the air like a dog causing a giggle to erupt from your throat.

“Sugar cookies, you want some?” You walked up to him and lifted up a plate with the delicious dessert still steaming from coming fresh out the oven.

“Hell yes.” He snatched up a cookie and munched on it, emitting a moan of delight.

“You have a sweet tooth?” You murmured under your breath, staring in awe as he took another bite. Who knew the Joker had an eye for sweets? Turns out that he heard you and nodded his head to your question.

“Do either one of your parents have one as well?” The moment those words left your mouth you knew it was a personal question. The silence filled the room and you secretly wished you never asked.

“Um… my mom.” He whispered in a hushed tone. You were surprised that he even answered. It was obviously a personal question as you’ve never heard anything about the Joker’s parents. But for some reason, you were curious about him and wanted to know more.

“Are you close with her?” Trying to carefully ask questions without causing a big scene.

“I was.”

“Was? D-did she pass away?” His eyes went from distant to anger in a split second.

“Why the fuck do you care so much?! Are you my fucking psychiatrist?!” He seethed with fury and balled his hands into fists.

“I’m curious. I just want to know more about the man who kidnapped me!” You snapped back, sick of cowering away from Mr. Primadonna. A loud smack echoed the room as you fell onto the floor on impact.

“You don’t get to fucking question me you bitch, I own your ass! Frost get this shit out of my kitchen and put her back into her cell.” A hand harshly gripped your upper arm and lifted you off the ground, leading you back into the grimy space called your room.

Once the man named Frost and you reached your room he warned you not to anger Mr. J or it might just be the last thing you do. You simply rolled your eyes and slammed shut the metal door, locking yourself in said room. Softly, you rested the palm of your hand against the forming bruise on your cheek. As soon as the stinging sensation flood your face, you retracted your hand and fell onto the dirty ground with tearing welling up into your eyes. This is what it’s going to be like living with The Clown Prince of Crime. What did I get myself into?

Jingle Bells

Word count: 2500-ish

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warning: ANGST! All of it.

Summary: The reader is in love with Dean, she has always been. But how does she cope with the glaring fact that he might not be with her for all her life.

A/N: This is for @torn-and-frayed‘s Songs of Season 3 Challenge. Steph was awesome enough to extend the deadline by two days for me. But then again, she is always awesome. The fic is based in season 3.

Song prompt- “Jingle bells” How I got an angsty fic out of that? I have no idea.

Beta: The forever awesome, @sdavid09

Italics are either lyrics or the reader’s thoughts.

You were perched on the stairs in front of the motel with a chilled beer in your hands, that was warming up as you rolled the bottle between your palms. The night was chilly and goosebumps erupted on your skin despite the jacket. But then again, what had you been expecting? It was the last week of December, of course it was cold. Sitting out on the motel porch, facing the wind, it was like being doused in icy water every time the wind picked up speed, which was every five minutes, making your throat choke and your lungs contract. It was painful.

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Title: What Happened at the Festival
Rating: K+
Summary:  These are fillers scenes that I wanted to have happen during episode 24 where they mention the festival. Four chapters for four pairings.

Chapter One: King and Diane (Kiane) FF || AO3

So, I wrote some Seven Deadly Sins fanfiction because the idea came to me and so I had to write it…it’s fluffy garbage so enjoy.

Did…did she just ask me…

“Hello? Are you alright?” Diane tugged on her pigtail, twirling the strand around a finger. The longer he waited to respond, the more she began to pout, before finally turning away. “That’s alright. I understand.” She started to walk.

“Wait! No, Diane!” King called to her and she turned, but he didn’t know how to continue. His emotions were twisting his thoughts, suffocating him and he couldn’t find the words.

“Hm? What is it?” She was waiting for him and he was blowing it.

“I, uh, I…yeah.” He took a deep breath in and then out. He walked toward her, not daring to meet her eyes.  He held out a hand in offering. “Yes, Diane, I’d be happy to go with you.  Truly, nothing would make me happier.”  His blush heated his cheeks all the way to his ears, but he only trembled a little.

With every passing second he feared her rejection. What if she never takes my hand? What if I somehow misunderstand something and…

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