i still sing


Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri’s VA) singing  「アサガオの散る頃に 」 (Asagao no Chiru Koro ni)

アサガオ (Asagao) is Morning Glory so I drew it on Yuuri..

But o gawd he sings so well Q///Q I wonder if Yuuri will sound this sek c singing too asdfglkjf

you enter the witch's bedroom

she’s surrounded by tarot decks, quartz crystals, and bottles of strange liquids. you don’t look too closely at what’s floating in them.

before the witch is a grimoire of some sort. she leans over the book of spells, she appears to be muttering something under her breath.

you lean in to try and catch what she’s saying:

i’m at the pizza hut, i’m at the taco bell, i’m at the combination pizza hut and taco bell


book cover redesign: illuminae

I should have told you I loved you every day.
I should have given you the stars.
And now it’s too late.


#acowar countdown | week 5 → favourite otp

He had stayed. And fought for me.
Week after week, he’d fought for me, even when I had no reaction, even when I had barely been able to speak or bring myself to care if I lived or died or ate or starved. I couldn’t leave him to his own dark thoughts, his own guilt. He’d shouldered them alone long enough.