i still ship this shit

All of them are bi



So I’m sensing a pattern between my favorite fictional characters...

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Sassy, Sarcastic, really dark hair…

Haikyuu rarepairs are either pure or pure sin, there's no in-between.

i don’t see how anyone is surprised that marlene killed yvonne so spoby could happen. it was pretty fucking obvious that she wasn’t going to stick around from the start. it’s rushed, it’s shitty writing, it’s problematic as hell, and yvonne and spoby both deserved a far better resolution. 

But come on, this is the writing team that decided romance was having caleb and spencer fall in love for half a season only for caleb to cheat on her with hanna and then claim he’s loved hanna all along, who are still romanticizing a teacher/student relationship that, even looking past all it’s other transgressions, continues to be boring af, who think the best way to put emily and alison together, the slowburn ship to end all slowburn ships who would have had no trouble being brought together naturally, is to introduce two other girls for emily and then inject emily’s eggs into alison in a complete and utter violation of both girls bodies. 

like, did you expect better from the writers? really? if you didn’t see this coming i don’t know what to tell you. 


me: i want to try making moodboards
carlee: Yang and Blake
carlee: Pls
me: lol the ship or both characters?
carlee: Yes

Yang Xiao Long/Blake Belladonna moodboard for @manicpixienightmaregirl / @badass-bunny

I am NOT anti-Olicity. Just wanna state that first.

But uh, yeah, you can tell the Flash writers were NOT fans of the double wedding and didn’t have much of a choice during the crossover with them having Iris call out Felicity and Oliver for interrupting their second (third?) chance at a wedding.

I can see some (all) Olicity fans furious with Iris but lol come on guys. I do love Felicity and I mostly like Oliver but they aren’t the kind of couple you can center a massive crossover around. They’re not promotable, not marketable, not canon. People who don’t read comics or even watch the shows, still know who Barry and Iris are. They’re a certified brand. One of the iconic DC couples.

The double wedding was tacky. It could’ve been cute, but that’s not the way it was written. And I’m glad The Flash writers made a point to have Iris point it out. Because every single bride on the face of this earth would have had the exact same reaction. 

That’s all I gotta say.