i still ship this shit


Two very different kind of evil.

I can’t wait to be united with my fire boi today

(happy release day!!)

Remember when the Batjokes fandom used to be one of the nicest fandom and new people were always amazed to see there was no drama here and that we were just a bunch of shippers enyoying Bats and Joker together and no one was shitting on what version the others liked better?

Requested Asslets Masterlist

(to be updated as ass(orted)(fic)lets are completed)

  1. taegimin // overly ambitious roleplay
  2. jihope // dares
  3. vmin // “are you kidding me?”
  4. taejin // plaster mold
  5. vmin // “you’re too drunk for this”
  6. vmin // “we are gonna be the BEST fucking parents”
  7. taegi // drunk confessions
  8. ot7/yoonjin // law of the jungle
  9. yoonjin // “dad i think i’m on my period but i don’t know how this works.”
  10. vmin // “Stop opening my packages, my new vibrator was NOT supposed to be used as a potato masher.”
  11. vmin //  "I’m telling you that I like you, but you keep thinking that it’s a friendly joke, so now I have to prove that I am serious"
  12. taejin // “why is there a half eaten steak sandwich in the underwear drawer”
  13. namseok // dora the explorer
  14. yoonjin // “so i found your internet browsing history before you could delete it”
  15. vmin // mattress shopping
  16. vmin // social media
  17. jikook // bend and snap
  18. yoonseok // “i thought you were an asshole when i first met you”
  19. namjin // “daddy i think i need tampons”
  20. sugamon // “what you do you mean i wasn’t supposed to use the whole thing?”
  21. vmin // belly rub + hic-ups
  22. yoonjin // haunted houses
  23. vmin // office halloween parties
  24. yoonjin // first christmas together
  25. vmin // “do these pants make my dick look big?”
  26. kookvmin // “i can think of a hundred reasons why this is a terrible idea, and all of them end with us dying by the force of jin-hyung’s rage”
  27. namjin // tupperware parties
  28. vmin // (both) single dads
  29. yoonseok // diy sextoys 
  30. taegimin // peeing in the ballpit
  31. vmin // “i think we’re my otp”
  32. 2seok // “when do you think they’ll realize it’s gone?”
  33. vmin // flowers + scraped knees
  34. vmin // aliens
  35. taegi // ikea assembly
  36. sugakookie // human barbell
  37. namjin // “singles will be paired”
  38. yoonseok // “we’re going to hell”
  39. yoonjin // “We already have 6 sets of these at home, I don’t care what new colors are out, we are not getting anymore god dammit!”
  40. sugakookie // flowers + lipstick
  41. yoonjin // blind date
  42. vmin // new werewolf
  43. taegi // fake plants
  44. vmin // “i can’t believe you thought that would fit in there”

headcannon: after being launched into the stratosphere, summer and raven make eye contact in the forest

Who even decided that McHanzo was a thing, like who first saw that there Cowboy and that hot ass Japanese man and said, “they’re in love”. My knowledge on Overwatch as a game and its lore are still limited but like apparently they’ve never actually MET in canon, or at least their official interactions are never given for the plot. Yet. So that makes this ship even more obscure, but from what I’ve seen it’s relatively popular? when did this even happen??

I started shipping it bc I saw it on my dash one day and laughed at a comic like “oh yeah, I’ve heard of this thing! That’s cool” and it just got progressively worse like ok I full on ship these two now.