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I don’t know if I’m worth all this.

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Fifth Harmony started in Miami and ended in Miami, how prophetic

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I just stumbled upon the gold mine that is the 2014/2015 U18 Worlds era of USA Hockey YouTube


Painting Flowers // All Time Low

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Title: who are you to make me feel so good?
Rating: M
Warning: Smut, jealousy, and getting it on in a natural spring. Yeah, this escalated quickly.
Character: Keith Alford
Alternative Moment: Main Story, Chapter 6
Song: cardiac arrest
Summary: His country’s economy is on the verge of collapse. His father sent him away like a child to play nice with the other princes. And now, he’s stranded on a goddamn deserted island with no way to contact a rescue party. There are bigger problems to deal with than how his butler’s flirting with her, so why can’t he stop thinking about it?

Requested By: The two anons that wanted to see a jealous Keith, and something to do with the plane crash. Enjoy!

He has to admit, and oh my is he utterly loath to do so, but the island is beautiful.

The sand is a crystalline, off-white hue that contrasts starkingly against the hypnotic blue of the sea. The trees are full and green, the underbrush peppered with colors of the natural flora. The sun is hot but the ocean breeze is crisp, making the weather humid but not unpleasant.

Had he been here under any other circumstances, it would have been a nice vacation spot. But no, instead he is forced to sit idly while they desperately try to make contact with a rescue team.

It shouldn’t be taking this long, he thinks. He’s been missing for nearly sixteen hours now, he can’t imagine they aren’t at least curious as to where he’s gone.

Even at gunpoint, he would never admit how overwhelming he finds this entire scenario. He’s powerless, hopelessly so, and in his weakness he is panicking. He’s never felt so vulnerable in his entire life, and that doesn’t sit well with him.

He notices movement out of the corner of his eye, and is greeted by the smiling faces of his useless butler and the woman who doesn’t seem to know when to shut her mouth.

They’ve spent a majority of the day off searching the west side of the island. And though he got curious enough to wander after them initially, just in time to catch her stupidly trying to climb a tree and catch her before she broke that slender neck, he quickly conceded defeat. He had done his part, by getting the fruit from atop the tower branches. But no, those two were determined to scour as much of the island as they could before sunset.

She’s beautiful, he notes not for the first time, when her face is alight joy. Hell, even when she’s insulting him and giving him a piece of her unfiltered mind she is stunning. The way her eyes flame up and her indignant stare burns into him makes his heart race and gives him the same adrenaline rush he gets from athletics.

But she’s never smiled at him like that. He’s only ever seen the annoyance, up until now. And that bothers him more than he’d care to admit.

God, if she isn’t the most infuriating woman he’s ever had the displeasure of meeting.

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original art by bipperchips {x}/{x}

so the awesome bipperchips gave me permission to colour they’re frickin amazing tomco art

and i got a lil carried away so there’s two variations 

thanks again for allowing me to colour it! if you couldn’t tell, i had fun ^^;;

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Z. Fandom challenge. Gravity Falls and Miraculous Ladybug c:

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

hahah wow! Ok this is probably going to become a rant but wtv!

For Gravity Falls, I really miss seeing stuff for Dipper and Mabel. Dont get me wrong I like the Stans, but Dipper and Mabel are and will be forever the heart of the show. Just because they ended up in a more happy note than the Stans/the Stans are more angsty, doesnt mean there’s no potential for them. They are just beggining their own travel. They have the right to live their own adventures.

For Miraculous…weeeeeeellllllll. Ok , I’m going to be 100% honest here: I dont really like how a lot of fans oversexualize the characters. And I’m not only talking here about Chat Noir. I’m talking here about Ladybug too. Going straight to the point: I dont like nor oversexualized Marichat nor oversexualized Ladrien. And tbh, I have seen more for the latter than the former, even with the reputation of Marichat to be the ‘sin’ ship. In fact, most of the Marichat fics I have read make fun of that aspect. But when I have read Ladrien fics, they ended up, no matter where they are, with them both literally all over each other. And that side of the square is better than that. I’m not saying “stop writing smut fics”, no, im saying i’d like to read fics with that side of the square that dont end up with Ladybug trying to ride Adrien’s dick in the middle of an akuma attack in a closet with very little space. There are more aspects of that side that can be exploded, and there’s actually one dynamic i have yet to see, one dynamic im dying to see in canon and i have only seen like 2 fanarts of it (that i have reblogged btw): Adrien and Ladybug working together, fighting together and Ladybug noticing how a great partner Adrien is and he is not a porcelain doll that needs to be protected (something Gabriel has trying to impose) and that can speak for himself too. If people like when Marinette is Ladybug even without the mask, I’d love to see Adrien letting his inner Chat Noir out and help Ladybug because he wants to protect her no matter what because they are still partners. In whatever side of the square.

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I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately and yesterday evening when I finally had some time I saw my name pop up in the tags again and again! Thanks  @urvsai@mirikins and @witchplaza you make me feel so included and loved, mentioning me by name and all!

Oh and now I have to mention @memokkeen@bluepuddingcat@psychoelectric and @strawberryeclaire for sending me asks and messages! I appreciate them a lot even though I’ve been slow to reply to them!

Math Test

John Laurens x Reader

“So what did you get?” you asked your friend/rival John Laurens as you both walked out of class with your newly graded math tests.

“A 95,” he said smugly.

“HA! I got a 96,” you replied, showing him your paper. He groaned.

John was your best friend, but also your rival. You could say frenamies.

It had always been like this. You would try and out do each other every chance you got. No matter what it was.

“Ughhh fine. But I’ll get you next time,” he told you, walking out the front doors of the school.

“Well that was our last test of the year dimwit. It’s summer break today, we don’t have to do anything else. Now we’re sophomores!” you told him.

He laughed.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. But I’ll still get you.”

“I expect nothing less. I’ll see you later John.”

“You too. Have a good summer!”
“We’re what!” you screamed. Your parents flinched.

“I’m sorry sweetie. But we have to, you know how it is with your father’s work,” your mom told you.

They had just dropped the bombshell that you were moving. In two weeks.

“This cannot be happening,” you cried, putting your head in your hands. Your dad tried to rub your back but you flinched away, not in the mood for any contact.

“I’m so sorry darling.”

“Yeah. I know.”
“Dude I am so pumped for senior year!” Alexander shouted, punching John on the shoulder as they entered the school for their first day of their last year of high school.

John laughed and followed his best friend through the hallways to get their new class schedules.

All of the sudden he saw someone sitting in a wheelchair, talking to the guidance counselor.

The voice reminded him of his old friend from freshman year. He never saw them again after that last day of school, they ended up moving.

“Y/N?” he asked.

The person turned around in their seat, looking him in the eye.

“Hey John. It’s been a while.”

He stood there, staring at his old best friend who sat in their wheelchair, looking tired and stressed.

“It has,” he replied, gulping in shock. “How are you doing?”

Y/N gave a small laugh, rolling over to him.
“Pretty good, how about you?”

“I’m doing pretty good, I just can’t believe that you’re here!” he exclaimed. He sat down on the bench next to you. “Can- can I ask what happened to you? Were you in a wreck?”

You sighed.

“No. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called POTS. It stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.”

John gave you a small look of pity. You shook your head.

“So what exactly does it do?” he asked.

“My body is fighting itself which makes me really weak, so I need a wheelchair. I was diagnosed with it about a year and a half ago.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N,” he told you, giving you a small side hug.

“It’s alright John. I’ve come to terms with it by now. But thank you for your support. It really means alot coming from an old friend.”

“Of course! I’ll always be here. I promise,” he told you, giving you another test. “Besides, you still owe me a rematch math test. And I intend to win.”

“In your dreams Laurens.”

I don’t even have an excuse, I just wanted to draw Dust in his “Study Corner”. It’s transpareeeennnttttt

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Pfttt what the hell? I just looked at all of those shipping pictures and none of them were even remotely bad. I don't see what the hell they were complaining for. If it's cause of the sanscest stuff....I still don't see what's bad about it either.


there are so much things worse than these …..

i can admit they are a bet bad but not THAT bad to make me feel like i want to delete them 


Nomination Day - Lance Sanna

“I really wish people would just remember this is a game sometimes. I’m obliged to nominate two people every week, even if I think they’re all lovely; and in the spirit of that, I’m going to nominate Tyler and Kaliko this week. It’s nothing personal; I’d still like to see Tyler or Ash leave and if Kaliko goes, then maybe that might throw Tyler off his game.”

Ada: 0
Adaline: 0
Ash: 0
Choi: 0
Jayme: 3
Kaliko: 2
Lance/Lacey: 0
Marie: 0
Phoenix: 0
Susan: 3
Tyler: 2