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Do you have any idea why tumblr keeps constantly (at least seemingly) sabotaging your blog? Is your archyenemy working there or something? It's just really confusing. Is it normal for big blogs to get so much hate from tumblr staff? Hang in there, your blog is really, really good.

Someone at tumblr does not like me, not sure why. I have never heard of a gif post taken down for copyright infringement when I still see all the gifs floating around tumblr but so be it.

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MG said the song for episode 20 is Until You Come Back To Me. The lyrics are sad and it sounds like Oliver's just going to wait some more. And he said it takes 2 to break up: does she think she has to apologise or something? It was his fault! This sounds like a very painful episode...

Are we setting ourselves up for a fall here? Are we looking forward to an episode (20) that’s going to basically tell us why Olicity are the way they are with each other and that’s it? There’ll be no reunion? Just this recognition of what happened and why but nothing more? 

Is that what you actually took from those lyrics and the spoilers?


Honestly? (Please don’t be offended) I 100% disagree… (Feel free to disagree with; I could be very wrong).

The lyrics from Until You Come Back to Me… First I need to point out that I think some people take them as a step by step representation of the episode when they really shouldn’t be. Not one of MG’s song choices have been 100% accurate in regards to the contents in any episode. What they DO do is create an overall feel for what might be shown/seen and it’s usually in regard to Olicity. But because they’re taken so seriously they are often misinterpreted and thus the depression starts…

But… sad? THESE LYRICS? I’d say the exact opposite.

I absolutely adore them.

They give me nothing but hope.

To understand why though, you need to look – REALLY LOOK – at Oliver.

Yes, I know, why not Felicity, right?

Well… because Oliver is Felicity.

Let’s look at their respective emotional positions this season.

Now we haven’t been given a lot of detail into this and I feel like that’s for a reason. A good one. As said by @jbuffyangel​ usually the pacing of Arrow seasons has each build up to a climax, usually with the final 5 episodes focused on - and being primarily occupied - by the most important aspect of the show for that season. Something that sends a message. Something that’s been long since coming, something for the protagonist to either earn or realise or require for strength (or a mix of the 3). So it makes sense that Olicity’s ‘confrontation’ is in episode 20, right before the final 3.

But other than this, I bet you’re wondering why it took them so long?

Well, there’s @marcguggenheim​ answer: there were other stories to tell and there were. He’s right: we can’t sacrifice story-lines to propel a romance we KNOW is going to happen. And we also know that once they do happen, they’ll probably be at the forefront of a lot of stories come season 6 (something for which I am greatly looking forward to).

But there’s also a second part to it that, if Marc explained, would probably ruin whatever surprise is coming our way.

At the beginning of the season, we see Oliver + Felicity working perfectly in unison with each other, but there’s an edge. Stephen referred to it as robotic; kind of like how he was throughout season 1. A deliberate way of acting by Stephen and Emily, an unconscious expression of behaviour for Oliver and Felicity.

In what I’ve seen (which albeit, isn’t much) people – ex-partners – usually do this when they’ve either a) been hurt and are defending themselves from further hurt or b) are unable to face something that also/still hurts. See the theme?

It’s about pain.

But, from what I’ve seen floating around on tumblr, a lot of people seem to think Oliver was waiting for Felicity and that he closed the door to ‘them’ after he found out she was dating, but I don’t think that’s correct.

Was he hoping? Hell yes. He’s always hoping she’ll turn around and give him another chance, always hoping he can become a better man for her.

But, was he WAITING?

No he wasn’t. Oliver had fully accepted that Felicity had said no, but he still kept the door open for her to come back through if she wanted to… she didn’t.

But he didn’t close it.

He just decided to further accept her choice and resigned himself to whatever came his way in his life. Resigned. How lonely a word that is. He didn’t go fishing, he didn’t search for romance, he didn’t even glance upwards (he didn’t: watch the episodes).

Instead, he simply said yes to the first offer he received.

After watching episodes 16, 17 and 18; I think I now understand why.

Oliver accepted long ago that he wasn’t worthy of Felicity. I just didn’t know that he hasn’t stopped feeling that way.

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In season 3 + 4 Felicity got him to see that he did in fact have self worth and he started to see it in himself too; he started to believe. But not once did he think he was truly worthy of Felicity. Did he think he was the luckiest man on the planet because she chose him to love above all others? Very much so. But he considers himself lucky because she chose to love a man who will always be deficit, a man who wears a monster as a mask.

And after they broke up, why earnestly look for that kind of happiness again when he doesn’t feel he’s worthy of the happiness he did receive - because he proved he didn’t by destroying it - because what he wants above all else he knows he can’t have again? 

Why try to win her back, to turn her head around when he feels – in his core – that he isn’t just unworthy of her, but that there’s something very wrong inside of him? Why put that on her again?

She’ll only suffer for it and he’s caused her enough.

So he settled. And accepted. There was no moving on. But there was also no waiting for her to come back. It would be insulting to both of them for him to do that.

And now Oliver has lost what little hope he did have.

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It’s as if, without Felicity, he slowly lost sight of the good he can do and everything good that can happen in life.

Which comes to this point: since we know how he feels about himself now – someone sick at the core who ruins lives, someone who takes pleasure in the kill – do you honestly think that episode 20 is going to be about Oliver telling Felicity that he understands now where he went wrong, has grown from it, has dealt with his trauma, accepts her decision and will wait for her as she goes on her dark path…?

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Yeah, I’m going to give a big fat NO on that one.

He isn’t close to seeing that light. It’s right there but he just can’t see the wood for the trees and there are so many

What he wants right now (ep19?) is to keep Felicity from falling down with him because he sees her jumping into Helix’s arms a result of his own darkness infecting her.

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He doesn’t realise that she has her own ‘dark’ to experiment with – something she needs to do to understand herself more and her own insecurities. He also doesn’t realise that Adrian’s words are in his head speaking for him.

Who else could possibly make him see through that, other than Felicity? I mean, IT’S FELICITY: the one who taught him that he does have light inside him.

That line Oliver says, about her being the unforeseen force Adrian didn’t count on? Well, maybe he did. Maybe he’s part of Helix, maybe he isn’t. But I guarantee Adrian didn’t count on her influence on Oliver.

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Adrian implanted Oliver with a notion that no longer holds true, hasn’t held true for a while now.

Of course he enjoyed darkness. Of course he relished killing. Of course he wanted it.

After five years fighting to live, how else is he supposed to compartmentalise? It only told me that he is one smart cookie.

Oliver feels things deeply. He experiences emotions on levels that could cripple most. How do you think he could ever deal with doing what he’s had to do over and over again in the years he had to survive alone? If he doesn’t learn to like it then he has to admit each time that he hates it and constant hate is extra weight (added to guilt etc) that slows you down. Get’s you killed.

And he promised his father he’d survive.

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THAT was how he chose to survive. Subconsciously, his mind knew enough to see he needed to change. To fit this constantly hostile environment. So he learned to like it.

It’s a subliminal, near neurological response: a lot of military personnel – soldiers (usually not officers) front line guys, squad vets and special forces – probably do the same. They learn to somewhat - if not enjoy what they do - then take comfort in their ‘work’ in differing ways and usually, they adapt towards the environments that create such feelings and that can be where the PTSD comes from.


PTSD often shows itself most when the sufferer has to return to normalcy. When they have to experience quiet again, kindness again (things that remind you you’re alive and human) and face the creature they’ve been forced to become.

Oliver never did; his PTSD has come out in various ways (hyper vigilance etc) but the most prevalent is his habit towards self destruction. His lies.

His way of hiding his dark.

The Hood.

The problem, was that he split himself down the centre in the hopes of separating himself from it when he never needed to. It’s like being an alcoholic. You can’t split that from yourself; you have to confront it. It’s painful and it can takes years. 

In creating the divide he gave his darkness room to breathe.

think… (guessing) he lied to Felicity about William to protect himself. To unknowingly defend and conceal his weakness/his darkness. A man/woman suffering PTSD is always on the defence. He/she expects the worst of any situation and as such, creates the worse possible outcome each time.

I don’t think we should be concentrating on why Oliver lied, but on why he feels he has to do that, on why he keeps doing it. Why he keeps making that same mistake, as he does every single season.

Seeing it in that perspective, puts what he did in a more sympathetic light. Does it make it right? Nope. Not a chance. But it gives us an understanding as to why he’d do that to the one person he never had to hide from. Here’s hoping we get some clues/answers.

Now, Oliver was the impetus that broke their relationship… but Felicity was the one who broke them up.

That is her mark to bare.


Breaking up with him was the right option; what he did required that jolt of reality. She needed that… but it’s her reasons why she did that are the problem.

Notice how she never gave him – her Oliver – a second chance? Why? He’s the love of her life: why hold so steadfastly to something that makes them both miserable? Neither of them have given one honest smile all sodding year!!

So… why do this to them? (Because they’ll never be a ‘him’ and ‘her’. They’re an ‘US’ always and forever. What happens to her happens to him,so why?)

Again, I might be very wrong but, I think Felicity kept that door closed simply because she saw in Oliver all the things she feared. She saw a man who would one day leave her, who would do as her father did, as Cooper did… and what was so wrong with her that they kept leaving?

So she left him. She left him. She needs to see that. And I think she does.

And because she does - because she’s understanding about her own darkness - she can understand his, she’ll see him. I mean, is it any surprise after seeing season 2, 3, 4 and this season that it’s Felicity who might see the light (metaphorically speaking)? 

I REALLY DON’T think Oliver is in any kind of place to do so, do you?

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If these two love birds had been ready for marriage, if they’d been ready for each other, if they’d understood the way they thought they’d had. Oliver wouldn’t have lied.

But even if he had (devil’s advocate)… they would have fought. Argued until the walls shook. Eviscerated each other with words if necessary until they’re this raw nerve that bows only to honesty. So they’d inevitably have sex - because that’s always an honest expression of emotion - the kind that wears into the bone, until you feel nothing, until you can’t breathe. Then maybe they’d cry… then laugh.

Until it’s sorted.

They weren’t there yet.

So those lyrics?

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

I’m not going to analyse it all because there’s no point: it isn’t a bit by bit sketch of the episode.

But it tells me that the understanding we’ve been waiting for Felicity to reach, may finally be here because Oliver knows he fucked up.

He knows he did this to them, knows he destroyed them. But unless she understands his vulnerability, his weakness, his heart - then nothing will change. Maybe it’s up to her. To lead him into the right direction so he can take that step into the light himself. 

“How could I know, you did not say?”

It’s suggestive: in the episode they might both basically say ‘I get it now and I‘m sorry.’

But I’m right here… until you come to me.

It looks like that so-called closed door will get opened waaaaaay wide (about time right?)

Unless I’m completely wrong and ridiculous etc

But MG is kind of genius with this stuff (Oliver and his darkness and the light and Felicity) so I’m remaining hopeful.

I think it might be pretty brutal in regards to honestly; they haven’t talked all season so we aren’t sued to it but that might be the effect that they’ve aimed for: like a kamikaze run. Shock and awe.

Also, I DON’T think there’ll be a reunion in episode 20 and THANK GOD for that. I don’t want it resolved in 1 episode. I do however think it’ll set up the next 3 eps.

I wrote a post weeks ago stating that 1 good, LONG and brutally honest conversation was all it would take for Olicity to get back together. I can’t tell you how unbelievably psyched I’ll be if turns out to being even close to true.

So… I hope that answered that (not quite an ask, ask) for you. I’ve only been receiving asks for a little while (it’s always surprising) and thankfully, it’s only sporadically because I can’t answer some of the few I get and I’m always terrified at the potential reaction I may receive!

Swimming pools

And I dive deep,
Into the liquid crystal layer around me,
into the light blue pool water.
But I’m not separated from the water,
The water is me,
We’re one freewilling gost without a destination or purpose,
The water runs between my fingers,
Wraps itself around me like a thick skin ,
Holding me in balance between death and life. My thoughts are washed away with the force pressing onto my forehead. And suddenly it feels like such a thing as gravity never existed. Like the earth stopped spinning around the sun just to make me feel the value of this empty space. I look around, The only thing my eyes are capable of seeing, Is the blurry blue loneliness filling up the horizon. There is no in-between. Only blue. The blue ,blue oceanic water mixing itself into the blue ,cloudless sky over me. I can feel myself shrink as I realize how little I matter regarding this force of nature. this peace and quiet makes me accept how meaningless we humans are.
Where ever I push the water aside,
Little hurricanes of floating hope curl around my wrists,
Dragging me deeper into the deathly dark underneath my numb body.
I feel everything and nothing at once.
That’s a whole new world,
Away from all the business, the cars, the civilisation. Down here the only thing relevenat is the precious breath, slowly leaving my lungs.

—  me at 3 a.m.
(Lol nobody will ever see this but still, needed to post this somewhere)
The Meme and His Tutor

Part 14: The Time The Tutor Got Her Revenge

Recommended Song: Mommae by Jay Park feat. Ugly Duck

|All Chapters|


After one lot of revenge the week before, you felt the need to get revenge for something else. But you end up realising something while you’re at it.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2731

Length: 14/?

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So I (finally) bought a peecock packer and !!!! wow im so excited. I know that the initial detail coloring they have on there is all airbrushed on and will fade off pretty quick, so I planned on recoloring with makeup via the tutorial that floats around tumblr. But it says for non-silicone packers, and peecocks are made from high grade silicone. Do you know if it'll still work/ be safe???

Lee says:

I’ve had… not much luck recoloring my silicone packers, (you can see I commented that on my reblog) but this post might be what you’re looking for. I tried using hair dye on my Freetom and food colors on my Peecock, but neither had any effect, take that as you may.

The makeup recoloring won’t hurt a silicone packer, but I doubt it’d last a day either because the silicone isn’t porous so it won’t soak up the makeup colors, it’ll rub right off. So you can recolor it with makeup for like a photoshoot of dick pics, but it’s Very Temporary. 

(Also check the notes on this post and reply on this one and this one for discouragement)

Followers, anybody had any success changing the color of a silicone packer?

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Why don't you Ship Masey? Don't you know that bea isn't pan-sexual or Lesbian, She's Straight

Okay, first of all… Let’s set something straight Anon.

1.) I DO in fact ship Mae x Casey. I actually have two small projects on the side that I’m still currently writing with them as we speak…

2.) I know Bea isn’t pan-sexual or homosexual. I have already known that’s she’s canonically straight.

3.) I can see Bea be straight but maybe- JUST MAYBE- I would like to see her be perhaps Bi-curious too. And not just with Mae, alright? I see her be Bi-curious with Jackie too because I happen to be a fan of Jackie x Bea as well.

which leads me to-

4.) Don’t say that I don’t like a particular ship because most of the stuff that has been floating around tumblr just coincidentally happen to be my MaeBea works. Because… who knows? I could actually LIKE that ship. 

If you wanted to ask me in the first place if I ship Masey, then yes. I actually do. 

Do I have any projects I’m working on with them? Absolutely! I’m just so sorry that my projects have been on the back burner though, because I have been too busy with life outside of tumblr.

See? Was that so hard to do?

Also if you would have gone through my blog- You could have seen that I answered an ask saying that I do in fact ship Mae x Casey as well… 

I hope I answered your questions Anon, and I hope you have a nice evening. 


SO as someone who works in a costume shop, and likes to ignore her other responsibilities by analyzing art, I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY ABOUT HAMILTON COSTUMING. Specifically, color symbolization.

(Disclaimer: I have had the insane misfortune of being unable to ever see this musical because I’m still at university, and I make my living in a costume shop (read: poor), so I’m basing my analysis off of pictures and gifs I’ve seen floating around Tumblr/Google Images.)

First, why is Hamilton in green so much? Is this because green is often a color of greed and ambition? Or is it because it’s associated with money, and he’s the Secretary of the Treasury? I feel that it may have to do more with the first one. Hamilton is GREEDY. He wants power and status and purpose in life, and nothing will stand in his way, not even himself (e.g. The Reynolds Pamphlet). His ambition is also what drives him into these higher stations, and the fact that he writes “like he’s running out of time” is the way in which he’s able to manifest these fantasies into reality.

Hamilton is in blue when he meets/marries Eliza. Why? Is it because blue is the color of reliability and responsibility (”Eliza, swear to god, you’ll never feel so helpless”)? Or is it because it’s the color of wisdom and intellectuality? Yes to both. Hamilton is smart, and he says to Burr in “A Winter’s Ball”, “Is it a question of ‘if’, or which one?” in reference to the Schuyler Sisters. So, before he even walks into this party, he knows he’s walking out with a wealthy woman on his arm. The blue color projects the reliability and responsibility outwards to Eliza in order to get her to fall in love, and it projects the wisdom and intelligence inward to show the methodical planning and aptitude that it takes to be Hamilton. The blue ALSO reinforces the idea of Hamilton being an unreliable narrator to the audience (I am ready to defend Hamilton as the main narrator for the whole musical, just say the word), in that we see the color of reliability and wisdom reflected on a character who is self-driven, and sees the world through the lens of “elevating his station”. We are less likely to trust this narrator when we believe that he is not working for the good of the rest of the cast of characters as a whole; just himself.

Jefferson is in purple a lot, but especially in the Cabinet Battle (not sure which one, the pictures I found did not specify, but the exact battle is not important). This could be due to purple being a symbol of wealth or extravagance, but I don’t think this is why Jefferson is clothed in it here. I feel that since Hamilton is our over-arching narrator, we only get the version of Jefferson (and all the other characters) that Hamilton knows/how he chooses to perceive them. Thomas Jefferson may have actually been a pompous asshole all the damn time, or he may have just had some really good points, and Hamilton hated him for it. Which is why I think Jefferson is in purple because it is also a color of pride. The audience/Hamilton’s version is prideful, and the deep, rich purple we get for Jefferson helps to play him as a character of deep pride (”such a blunder sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bring the thunder”).

MEANWHILE, Burr is brown and neutral tones a lot. EMPHASIS ON THE NEUTRAL. He can’t even commit to his own name in the beginning (”depends, who’s asking?”), let alone commit to a crazy color scheme. The only time we see him in a ‘committed color’ is when he’s dressed as a soldier, and in blue. But, even this clothing choice is non-committal, in that he is dressed like all his other friends. In this way, he does not have to make the choice to stand out or make a statement about anything. He’s just blending into his surroundings.

Let’s chat about the Schuyler Sisters, shall we? In the song named after their trio, we have all three of them in lighter, kind of pastel colors. I feel this is due to their direct involvement in politics and political shenanigans. While the rest of the main cast runs around in heavier colors, the sisters have lighter colored costumes, because their role in the revolution is a touch smaller. Angelica’s color is darker than Eliza and Peggy’s, though, because she does get more involved than those two (”and when I meet Thomas Jefferson/Imma compel him to include women in the sequel”), and Eliza’s is darker than Peggy’s for the same reason.

Eliza, however, is interesting. She spends the song “The Schuyler Sisters” in a pastel blue/mint green (it’s hard to tell which with the internet pics I’m getting ): ). This color scheme, to me, implies something along the lines of ‘Virgin Mary’ in that she’s much more naïve than Angelica (Angelica can see right through Hamilton in the beginning, knowing that he only wants her because she’s a Sister. Eliza cannot.). However, in “Burn”, her costume is a white dress, symbolizing her innocence and the fact that she’s merely a victim in the Reynolds scenario, and the small blue ribbon around her waist as a belt symbolizes her naivety, and how it’s shrunk way down and she is starting to see through Hamilton’s BS.


I could continue, but I have so much other work I should be getting done right now… Anyway, what do you guys think? Anything to add? @linmanuel did I get anything right, or everything wrong? Haha.

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Will all content be separated entirely by fandom? Some posts or content on Tumblr don't really fit into a specific "fandom" (like little slice of life personal work or aesthetic/humor) and I'm curious how finding that content will work. Best wishes!

It won’t be too different from how Tumblr is in that regard! If you follow someone, you’ll see their posts on your main feed. In this sense, untagged posts or those little odds and ends posts that don’t have an easy-to-follow tag will still be floating around. Who knows? There might even be specific aesthetic and stim groups!

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with your role reversal au, im a little confused as to what robbie and sportacus does now, is everyone lazy now except for sporty?

I can see where the confusion is coming from since im still working out all the details in the au myself! Really it was super self indulgent since I love that dang dark sportacus post floating around tumblr.

If anything robbie is like a mechanic that slinks around and fixes everything in town. Like the place wouldn’t be able to function without his machines and such. And I mentioned this before but like how sportacus teaches kids valuable lessons and the joy of going outside and having fun and being healthy. He shows the kids the fun in learning, having hobbies and doing things just for the heck of it.Things don’t always have to be competitive with the I have to dominate mentality. It’s okay not to be the best at everything. That it’s okay to take breaks and slack off every once in awhile. He even shows the kids how to make fake volcanos, how to make UR own puppets/costumes, etc. plus with him around the kids can do school work easily since he takes the time to work with everyone’s different learning styles.

of course this all tires robbie out easily and he just never gets enough rest. If ever

Esports takes the originals love of physical activity but pushes it into an extremely hostile and competitive place. He doesn’t care for others outside himself and his ego. He’s in every way like a turbo jock, a bit of a bully and a negative influence. He’s the guy who can get away with doing anything he wants cause he’s just so oddly charismatic and the star in anything he does outside academics. He’s incredibly destructive esp with the idea that he’s an adrenaline junkie willing to do whatever to get that rush. he can just get people to follow him in that kinda pack mentality. Really, he likes watching people get into trouble or lose to him in any kinda competition. Everything He does is for himself and his amusement. I kinda imagine he was originally a good person (an actual sportacai) who just let all the praise and attention go to his head.

I wasn’t planning on changing the kids at all really save for pixel being Robbie’s protege the way Stephanie is to sportacus. Always helping him out of tight spots. Like I kinda wanted to more or less focus on the villain/hero swap and dynamics.

In fact im not sure if it even should still be called lazytown. But I just started this au like two/three days ago and I’m still trying to hammer it out. I don’t know if this helped at all?? Sorry anon

Re: changing people’s minds when they’re wrong

I see a lot more pushback against a b/w mindset on Tumblr nowadays, which is good, but there’s still a lot of us/them in some popular posts floating around. I never thought I’d find the best quote on a baseball blog about why using a softer, greyer strategy is effective, but here we are, 2017.

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What do you think of the Actors AU people have created for Killing Stalking? There're some comics of it floating around tumblr. I think people thought of it because the actual mess that they call a plot just doesn't sit well, yet they still want the characters to be happy. Your thoughts, if you don't mind?

Hi! I didn’t see this for a while but here’s my two cents.

It’s abuse apologism, by avoiding the issue and pretending it doesn’t exist.

Like you said, the purpose is for them to be happy. But that’s just it: they’re avoiding the issue by wrapping it up in “but it’s not real uwu” when it still is, it’s still a problem, and one shitty avoidant AU won’t change that.

So about that Yuri on Ice Animation

For those of you who know me and/or follow me, you probably know just how much I love animation and talking about it. So basically, I wanted to write up this post because I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the animation quality dropping in Yuri On Ice and I just kind of wanted to defend the animators here and maybe bring to light some things you may not know about animation. But this defense can go to all animation productions as well!  A bit on the long side so I’ll put it under a cut! 

Originally posted by taitetsu

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Please do not repost, just hit reblog.

I first posted this photo of Brendon holding my drawing back in 2011 just after it was taken on my old now-defunct tumblr. Since then, it’s been reposted without any credits to me and is still floating around tumblr to this day. I filmed the moment he saw this drawing (albeit the footage is a little shaky because I was trying to be subtle about it) and you can see that and progress pics of the drawing at my instagram @ pencilpals. This drawing was done over the course of a week and Brendon signed it in Glasgow, Scotland on May 2, 2011. I have a bigger version on my tumblr so go check that out if you’re interested. 

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Did you watch some videos from tour?

No 😩 I was traveling for the first few days of tour and I still haven’t gotten around to it. I really just need to float through the tags tonight and check everything out. Or if anyone knows one good place (Tumblr, YouTube, whatever) to see good footage, let me know! What are some of the fave numbers so far?

I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed breed Pokemon floating around on tumblr so I decided to give it a shot? Things like too-much-green’s Chikoritas and ohcorny’s Mareeps have been my particular favorites!

I decided on Aron, because it’s one of my favorites and it had a limited gene pool. I tried to stick with rock/ground/grass/ice types, since it all had a mineral compound so to speak and would logically make sense? (like there was a Lickilicky that can breed with Aron–Still trying to wrap my mind around that one and how that would work.)

I might have gone a little bit overboard in the designs, but my take on it is that they’re supposed to look like their fathers until they evolve, which they’d take on more Lairon/Aggron like traits, but until then they have to blend in.

Run-the-jules’ or Paul’s “Yes, I still exist” Follow Forever! After my old blog (tame-impaula, southpole-monkeys, tempauls, arapaulla, alturnertivelyalturnertive or whatever you knew it as) was deleted I’ve been trying to find all my old friends and let them know about my deletion. One massive note, if you see this post please tell as many people as possible cause not a lot of people actually know that tumblr deleted me. Also just as another side-note, they did delete my blogs, I did not choose to start again, they deleted my account and blogs yet some of my posts still float around (something I don’t understand)….anyway! Let’s get on with the awesome people that make my life:


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hey friends! for the past few weeks, i’ve accomplished many things: i completed my first animated short film, had a successful BFA show, and will be walking the stage for graduation, my college career is at its end!

so to celebrate i’m posting all my zero escape pro designs for ACNL for everyone to enjoy! <3 (some of these were posted on my old joypandaah blog just so you know, so you might still find those posts floating around tumblr)

BONUS: here’s some designs i created for my house, i recreated the hospital room and doors 3, 5, 7, 8 and one of the fancy-looking bedrooms.

*note: the memo design is best used for a custom cork/memo board item as shown here!

hope ya’ll like these, enjoy! you can see how i utilized everything in my house if you visit my dream town: 4900-2307-0961

im-a-gollyholic-deactivated2015  asked:

Holly & Gail- "I need this."

Hey there, dear! Sorry about the delay, but hopefully my humble offering will be able to make up for it. :) Let me know how you like it.

I subtly added an element of an interesting idea I saw floating around tumblr a couple of days ago, maybe. Thanks to wonderful ha-st-ee, I now know it was right here. So all credit for that pearl goes to @doctor-of-asskicking.

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