i still rly like him but....sigh

#19. "the paint's suppose to go where?" {luke}

“wait. the paint’s suppose to go where?” like asked for the thousenth time. you put another paint color on your pallet and sighed, “luke, it goes on your back. you’re going to be my canvas.”

“oh. right,” luke furrowed his brows and slowly and unsure started pulling his shirt off. you ordered him to lay on the carpet on his stomach, him giggling at the feeling of the tiny carpet strands on his tummy.

“okay,” you started, “i just need you to lay still until i’m done painting. you can’t squirm around or else you’ll ruin it.” you straddled his lower back, a paint brush in one hand and your pallet in the other. “so, what are you gonna paint?” luke asked. “probably just like a sunset or something.”

you stared at his back for a second before dipping the bristles of your paint brush in a color. you touched the tip to luke’s back, making him shiver. “i told you that you can’t move!” “i’m sorry! it’s cold!” you stroked the brush in a slow line, again, luke shaking with laughter. “luke, if you don’t stop i’m gonna ask like calum to help me.” “no no! just let me get in focus.”

luke closed his eyes and took s dramatic breath in, “okay, go.” you rolled your eyes before getting more paint on your brush and making more swiped of paint on luke’s bare back.

after about an hour, luke snored lightly, making you sigh. another hour passed and you looked at your work, finally satisfied. you grabbed your phone and took some photos to post on social media and to show luke.

you shook his shoulder lightly, “lukey, wake up. you gotta see my masterpiece.” he blinked slowly, dazed at first. you helped the lanky boy up off the ground and he stretched; he went to scratch his back but you grabbed his hand before he could, “no,” you said, staring him dead in the eyes.

“so, let’s go check it out in the mirror,” luke offered. you followed him to the bathroom and he stood in the mirror. “in three look at it in the mirror,” you said, “one, two, three!”

luke turned his back to the mirror with a big grin, which began to drop in seconds. “what’s wrong, honey?” you questioned. “what’s wrong?” he asked, “for two hours i sat still thinking your were painting this beautiful sunset on me. but it’s pepe!”

you laughed at his anger, “are you saying it’s not good?” “no, it’s stunning. i was just looking for something else.” you and luke gazed at the beautiful pepe painted in oils on his back. “sometimes i just don’t know about you,” he mumbled, unable to look away from the art.