i still repeat

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day


you get me out of my head. you get me out of my mind. you get me out of my dreams. ♪ ~ ‘weak’ by wet

its kinda upsetting that whatever i take an interest in, art, art history, psychology, philosophy, and decide to read and look into it, every pioneer and important person in that disciple is almost always male. This is what’s recorded into history and textbooks, all the words and ideas only from males. Imagine how much we’ve missed out on because women were barely allowed to participate in anything through history. imagine how many thoughts and ideas of women we never got to hear because they were left behind, trapped in time, in their minds, and not out into the world because the world wouldn’t listen. 

I literally listen to this moment on repeat. Josh singing “so let’s” sounds like an angel 😍 I hope he’ll sing in next album.


Found these at the Dollar Tree and thought I’d just leave it here.

Calling out to all people on Tumblr that complain about the lack of diversity on television. 


It has a largely diverse cast in period costumes, like c’mon. 

The main female lead is Black and is in no way an accessory for the White male lead. They are equals (in fact she might have a tad bit more screen time). 

There are strong, bad ass women that really overshadow their male counterparts at times. 

*Also if you’re a fan of the enemies turned lovers trope, then you will absolutely love this. 

Please support this! We have lost some great diverse shows because of the undeserved low ratings. Don’t let this be another one.

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Not to be dramatic or anything but I can literally watch Louis talk about literally anything for any amount of time, honestly he could talk about the science behind dust for like 8 hours and I would hang onto every fucking word

i still catch myself having those thoughts every time i see a stereotypically attractive thin person i still catch the pit in my stomach and the lump in my throat and the tears behind my eyes forming i STILL catch my inner voice saying “i wish i was that attractive. i wish i looked like that. i wish i was thin. i wish i could have that style and actually look like that…” and i still stop myself every time and refocus i still repeat this to myself as i interrupt that rabbit hole of self hatred their beauty does not equal the absence of your own