i still remember when they refused us to play at camp nou


The Madridismo had spoken at the Bernabeu. Both Barcelona and Athletic Bilboa wants to play the Copa del Rey Cup final at Santiago Bernabeu but the fans have refused for this to happen. Against Levante, the crowd of Bernabeu chanted “La final de copa no se juega aqui,” “The cup final not to be played here”. The Bernabeu remembers the 2004 Copa del Rey, where Barcelona rejected Madrid when they asked if they could play at the Camp Nou in 2004.

Guti via twitter also showed his refusal for Barcelona to play at Santiago Bernabeu: “The Copa del Rey final should never be at the Bernabeu. Why couldn’t Real Madrid play against Zaragoza at Camp Nou? Why do Madrid always have to give? We are gentlemen, but at some point we have to think of ourselves and decide because the Bernabeu is ours