i still remember when they refused us to play at camp nou


The Madridismo had spoken at the Bernabeu. Both Barcelona and Athletic Bilboa wants to play the Copa del Rey Cup final at Santiago Bernabeu but the fans have refused for this to happen. Against Levante, the crowd of Bernabeu chanted “La final de copa no se juega aqui,” “The cup final not to be played here”. The Bernabeu remembers the 2004 Copa del Rey, where Barcelona rejected Madrid when they asked if they could play at the Camp Nou in 2004.

Guti via twitter also showed his refusal for Barcelona to play at Santiago Bernabeu: “The Copa del Rey final should never be at the Bernabeu. Why couldn’t Real Madrid play against Zaragoza at Camp Nou? Why do Madrid always have to give? We are gentlemen, but at some point we have to think of ourselves and decide because the Bernabeu is ours

What's going on with Barça?

I asked by different people to write about Barça’s current situation. However I decided to make this post more like “millions of reasons why you should hate this board”. And to be honest, I don’t even know where to start. There are too many things going on with Barça right now. So I will make a list. I warn you, this is depressing and sad.

Rosell’s Era

  • When Sandro Rosell elected, he canged membership rules. Before his presidency, you could normally apply for membership and get your card. After Rosell changed the rules, only former members and ‘special’ people (relatives etc) can apply for ordinary membership. Now if you don’t fit this criterias, you have to pay same money for 3 years but you won’t have a member’s right. After 3 years, board will decide if you can be a soci or not. So technically club hustle money from their own fans.
  • They disrespected Cruyff aka one of the most important people in Barça’s history. They stripped him of his honorary presidency.
  • Catalan media is under Rosell’s board’s control. It was Bartomeu who started smearing campaign against Messi. Then by saying he will renew his contract, he became the hero. Rosell wanted to sell Messi. Barti wants to same thing too but he loves the chair and he is not crazy like Rosell.. not yet. First made him look like a money grabber to clean their names when 'Leo leaves’, then smearing campaigns. Most of our players are Cruyffistas. Board not happy with that. Valdes wants to leave because of them, Xavi and Messi had several problems with board. Even Andrés Iniesta had hard times. In past, they forced Pep out (because he was a Cruyffista and Laporta hired Pep), Rosell used MD against Laporta, his ex bff, and by starting smearing campaigns, he forced Laporta out too.
  • Why rushed Neymar transfer? In 2010 Messi talked to Neymar and asked him to join Barça. Everybody knew Neymar was a fan of Messi. Board asked him to help. He did. Then board talked to Santos board. But still, our board rushed Neymar transfer despite penalty clause. So it makes us believe that they already knew about FIFA ban.
  • They said they were gonna renew Abidal’s contract. They lied. They refused to renew his contract, made him cry in front of the media,
  • They sold our shirt to Qatar and called it a charity thing like UNICEF because the name is Qatar Foundation(!). They this year, they sold it AGAIN, to Intel.
  • Rosell planned to sell Thiago Alcantara. This is why he asked Tito not to play him. If he played one more game, his buyout clause would be too high for a young player and Bayern (or United) wouldn’t want to buy him. It was all planned.
  • They keep Eusebio in charge, the crazy man, who probably is the worst thing ever happened to Barça B. This guy benched our most talented players because they trained with the first team and Eusebio got angry. We lost 3 games because of this.
  • They lied about Neymar’s contract. More than once.
  • They fired Ricart even tho he was good at his job, loved and respected by footballers. Instead, Brau (who hired by Pep when he first joined Barça. He was Leo’s personal fitness coach until they fired Ricart. After that, they didn’t even let him travel with Leo) became first team fitness coach and did a terrible job this season.
  • Iniesta did not ask for money. But still they made him look like a money grabber too. Iniesta was ready to renew his contract. But they started a drama.
  • They sold some of our players even tho coach was against the idea. They disrespected the coach. Careless about the football side of this club.

Current Situation

  • Barti continues what Rosell started. He is just Rosell’s puppet. Refused to renew a soci’s membership, published another one’s home address just because he was writing about Rosell. There is a huge problem between board and Cruyffistas. 
  • They won the referendum. Bartomeu trusts him more than ever.He won’t resign unless something big happens or vote of no confidence vote.
  • Messi is unhappy at the moment. He knows he doesn’t have board’s support. Just opposite. He became the scapegoat and board won’t think twice before sacrificing him. 
  • I am not worried about FIFA ban. It will be lifted or postponed. So it won’t effect our summer transfers either way.
  • Tata will leave. He decided it months ago. So it’s not because poor results in last month. AFA offered him to become Argentina NT coach in next year. But right now, no one knows if he will continue club football or join AFA. The problem is players need a Cruyffista and they won’t want to join us as long as this board stay. 
  • Because they won the referendum, now they have right to sell a part of Camp Nou’s name rights. They also lied about seats. 
  • They refused to take responsibility after FIFA ban and blamed every other thing. They literally did a Mourinho. Childish and not acceptable. When media asked about FIFA ban, Barti made fool out of himself, couldn’t answer and again, prefered to talk about new Camp Nou project.
  • Bartomeu will meet with Blatter to discuss FIFA ban.

List will be updated.