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I went on a date today and it lasted SEVEN HOURS. That’s got to be some kind of record. It’s definitely a record for me. My second-longest date was that 3.5 hours of hell with a fascist trump supporter. This one went well though!! We was really nice and definitely wasn’t looking for just sex, which was SO refreshing. We got breakfast and then went antiquing and then got donuts and then went to see ghostbusters. Overall solid date. He actually wanted to keep it going by getting dinner and continuing to hang out, but I had things to do (and didn’t want to overdo it on the first date), so I ended it. But we’re getting together again on Tuesday. It’s so nice to have a date finally go well 😌😌😌😌😌😌

(Here, some art of Niera that I did. Again, I’m not the greatest at digital art, and I’m still.. Very much learning. But I really wanted to draw one of my OC’s. So, here’s the finished product. Pretty happy with it, though I also know I can definitely work to improve. I got really lazy when it came to the background.     >.<)

Am I the only one who still REALLY WANTS TO KNOW what Ana Spanikopita did to silence the reporter from Manatee Fair in the season premiere? Because THAT is going to be dealt with in season 4 and I really wanna know what it was.

Ana is clearly ambitious and maybe even a little ruthless and we haven’t heard from or seen that reporter since.

I wonder if she somehow threatened her. Or destroyed the tape.

Imagine trying to get Woozi to take a break from working by “bribing” him with cuddles and kisses.

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25 with luke!!!!!!!!

from this prompt list (pls no more requests), my masterlist

Luke anxiously tapped his pen against his desk. He was bored. He had nothing to work on at the moment and he had no emails coming in giving him a new assignment. But frankly he didn’t want to think about work right now, I mean how could he with you sitting at the desk right next to him. Your soft lips in a slight pout as your beautifully mesmerizing eyes concentrated hard at the work on your computer screen. He was so enchanted by you. How was it possible to look so hot just staring at a computer and sitting at a desk? He watched you out of the corner of his eye for a minute, before ditching the act and sitting back in his chair so openly watch you as you worked. 

“So what are you doing later?” He asked you quietly, leaning forward a bit to be sure the whole office wouldn’t be aware of his question.

You tore your eyes off your computer screen for a second to give Luke a sharp glare. 

“What?” Luke chuckled at your fierce eyes and your silent tongue. He knew he was already pushing your buttons, but he couldn’t help it; he loved watching you squirm. 

You rolled your eyes and tried to hide the soft smile tugging at your lips as you reverted your eyes back to your computer screen. “I don’t know what your talking about.” You whispered shyly.

Luke grinned, biting down on his bottom lip lightly and leaning back in his chair still twirling the pen between his fingers. “C’mon no need to be modest.”

“We’re at work.” You reminded him sternly.


You shot Luke another glare that only grew the smile on his face. 

When you turned your attention back to your computer your face dropped.

“No fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.”

You’ve got such a filthy mouth and I fucking love it.” Luke leaned forward again to whisper to you. 

“Shut up Luke this is serious.”

Luke laughs as he gets up from his chair to hover over you desperately typing away at your computer. His hand rests on the back of your chair and you can feel his body leaning against the back your chair, his face moving dangerously close to the side of yours. 

“Luke not now.” You say seriously, running a frustrated hand through your hair as you take a deep breath.

“Not everything is about me trying something on you you know. Maybe I can actually help you. What’s the matter?”

You took another deep breath, pushing away from your desk a bit to let Luke in closer. “I don’t know I turned back to my screen and I pressed one button suddenly everything was gone fuckfuckfuck.”

Luke chuckled at your repeated string of profanities. “Let me see what I can do.” Luke took over your keyboard, pressed a few buttons and like magic everything was back in its place.

He stood up straight again, smiling proudly at his job well done. “There you go. No problem I can’t fix for you! I’m like your knight in shining armor.” 

You rolled your eyes at his cockiness, but a smile and a light blush rose on your face nonetheless. “Thank you.”

Luke squeezed your shoulders and looked around the immediate surroundings to make sure no one in the office was paying attention to him before let his lips ghost across your ear.. “Oh I think I deserve more than a mere thank you! I just saved your ass! C’mon do one thing for me. Tell me what you’re doing tonight.” 

A deep blush rose your cheeks now. You hated how Luke acted like this at work. You were a professional and your relationship was supposed to be strictly professional so he wasn’t supposed to talk to you like this in the workplace. You hated how much it turned you on. 

You exhaled slowly before looking around to see if anyone was watching you. “You.” You whispered quietly and seductively. Luke emitted a soft moan against your ear and you quickly pushed him off you trying to remove the dorky smile on your face. Luke giggled, he really did love making you squirm.

“Get back to work.” You said to him teasingly. Luke smiled smugly as he returned to his seat next to yours and began twirling his pen again, his eyes still on you as you started typing again. How did I get so lucky? 

Jaylos Week: Day 3 (Isle Stories)

Hey guys! I am so sorry this so late! I’ve been really busy, so I haven’t been able to write much. I was actually saving this for Christmas, but this is the only story I can give you all now. Besides, I couldn’t have a Jaylos week without contributing anything! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are very welcome! Thanks for reading!❤️


With You, Everyday is Christmas

Let’s get three things straight. Villains do not have friends. Villains do not care for anyone. And most of all, villains do not celebrate Christmas.

But after a dangerous quest for the Dragon Eye, it doesn’t seem so impossible for a certain group of villains…

It was December 24 on the Isle of the Lost, Christmas Eve. Unlike the rest of Auradon, the Isle wasn’t too fond of this holiday. There were no colorful lights and decorations. Instead, they preferred darkness and filth. It was definitely not the Season to be Jolly. The villains remained the same throughout Christmas. No smiling, no laughter and no games… Unless you just plotted an evil scheme.

And most importantly, Christmas on the Isle was never a time of giving. To share and give on the Isle was shameful. They didn’t waste their time looking for the perfect gifts for each other, because they didn’t care. Christmas to them was the time to be selfish, rude and rotten.

“Hey, guys!” Mal and Evie chorused as they arrived at their hangout place, which happened to be an abandoned alley. The two boys turned around and waved back. Ever since their quest for the Dragon Eye, the four of them would stick together. They were still evil, of course, but they decided that it would be badder to be rotten as a group.

“It’s Christmas Eve, you know?” Evie informed. “And you know what that means, right?” Mal joined in, smirking. Jay raised a brow and said, “Nothing?” The girls rolled their eyes. “No. It means that Auradon will have loads of leftover food for us to have…” Mal grinned. “Great! I’ve been starving…” Carlos chuckled. They all shot him a look, Jay especially. Carlos hastily switched topic and said, “Not literally, guys…” Although, it wasn’t exactly true. With his mom being Cruella, he was used to skipping meals. Little did he know that this constantly worried the Son of Jafar…

“Why don’t we all meet up at my place tomorrow for something good to eat for once?” Evie suggested. “Oh. So now I’m invited?” Mal teased. The blue-haired girl merely rolled her eyes. They all agreed to meet there at noon the next day. But for now, they all had to return home. It was getting pretty dark. And everyone knew how dangerous the could get at night.

The Rotten Four exited their narrow alley together and went their separate ways.

The youngest of the group suddenly realized how late it was and quickly rushed back to Hell Hall. His mother would be furious with him. Sure, he had finished all his chores, but Cruella wouldn’t miss an excuse to get angry at her son, or even lock him up in her closet again. And, Carlos didn’t want to take that risk, so he quietly snuck into his treehouse. Hopefully his mother wouldn’t notice. Maybe if he stayed there long enough, she would eventually fall asleep.

The white-haired teen entered his treehouse. Inside was a makeshift lab that Carlos set up himself. It was composed of several lab equipment that was either thrown away or stolen. On his desk were various sheets of paper with blueprints and unfinished experiments. In the corner of the room was an old television set. And lastly, on one of the several shelves was his most prized invention. His wire-box contraption, the thing that started it all. This tiny box was the exact same machine that broke a hole through the barrier a few months ago. The small burnt hole on the ceiling proved it.

Carlos sighed as he sat down on his chair. White and wispy steam came out of his mouth as he exhaled. It was getting pretty cold. The young boy was used to it, but even he knew that his jacket wouldn’t suffice.

“I should’ve brought a blanket up here.” he muttered to himself.
“Well, it’s a good thing I’m here, then.” said a voice from behind, making the young teen jump. Carlos jerked his head toward the direction of his unknown visitor. He sighed in relief once he saw who it was, “You scared the life out of me, Jay!” he frowned. The older teen just laughed. “Fine. I’ll knock next time.” he said, putting his hand up in surrender.

“So, what are you doing here? Surely, the master thief wouldn’t be here without a reason.” Carlos raised a brow. “Actually, I do have a reason. I have two.” Jay defended.
“Okay. You can stay, but if my mom catches you here, you’re dead.” the other boy warned.
“That’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Jay replied nonchalantly.

This reply made Carlos think…
Why? Villains don’t take risks for anyone but themselves, right? What could possibly be so important?

“Alright, then. What’s reason number one?” he said, ignoring his thought. “Well, I came to give you this.” he replied. Then, carefully, the older teen place a hand inside the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a badly-wrapped package.
He handed it to the confused boy and said, “I know that Christmas isn’t a big deal here on the Isle. But I figured that if you want to give something to someone special to you, it couldn’t be that bad.” Jay shifted his feet awkwardly, waiting for some sort of response.

“Well… I’m… uh… flattered, Jay.” the white-haired boy replied biting his lip. For some strange reason he could feel his cheeks burn slightly. Was it normal? He quickly decided it was just because of the cold. Carlos turned the package over in his hands and slowly tore off the wrapping paper. His face lit up once he saw what was inside.

“A molecular centrifuge! Jay, how on earth did you find one?!” he exclaimed, beaming with happiness. “Let’s just say, Reza’s probably wondering where that is right now…” Jay smirked.
Carlos laughed. “Thank you so much, Jay! This is the best…and only… Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten!” he beamed happily. Carlos was so thrilled, that he had to fight every urge in his body from squeezing Jay into a tight hug.

“I feel pretty bad now… I didn’t get anything for you….” he pouted guiltily. “Hey! Don’t be. Just consider it as something I stole which I happened to give to you because I don’t need it…” Jay smiled. Carlos gave a sheepish laugh. “Okay, then…” he said, still not fully convinced.

Then, the younger boy carefully picked up his new centrifuge and proudly displayed it on his shelf. He was still extremely grateful. Carlos was just about to return to Jay, when suddenly, a gust of wind blew the windows open. Jay quickly ran to the windowsill and shut it to avoid a mess. Outside, the older teen saw tiny white crystals were falling from the sky. It was snowing! The snowflakes were so beautiful that even a nasty place like the Isle almost seemed magical.

He turned around to tell Carlos about what was going on outside. “Hey, C! Come check this out, it’s sno-” He immediately stopped as his eyes darted to the boy now on the floor shivering. Carlos sat down and wrapped himself up in his own arms, trying to keep warm. His jacket definitely wasn’t enough now. It was freezing! The Isle was always cold which meant it was much worse in the winter. The tips of his fingers turned blue and his lips were purple. Carlos was so overjoyed by his new gift, that he had totally forgotten about how cold he actually felt.

Jay realized this and swiftly rushed to his aid. He quickly grabbed the blanket he was carrying earlier and wrapped it around the freezing boy. “C, you should’ve said something!” Jay said angrily.
“This is the second reason I came here. I knew you didn’t have a blanket, and it was getting cold, so I thought I’d stop by to hand you one. But it totally slipped my mind.” he explained while taking off his own jacket and putting it on Carlos.

“Y-you don’t h-have t-to.” Carlos murmured through his chattering teeth. “I insist. Besides, I don’t get cold.” he grinned smugly.

Jay would never admit it, but he cared for the boy. Whenever he was being bullied or teased by the Gaston kids, Jay would always step up to protect him. He was even ashamed that he used to tease the young teen himself. And whenever Cruella would treat him as her personal slave, Jay could feel his temper rising.

But, he was a villain. And villains didn’t care… Maybe he was different. No. Carlos was different. He was special. Jay couldn’t understand how Cruella could treat such an amazing and sweet boy that way.

Once Carlos had begun to feel slightly warmer, he smiled and said, “T-thanks, Jay.”
“No problem.” the older teen replied. “Um… I guess I’ll just get going now…” Jay said awkwardly. He was just about to head out the door when, “Wait!” Carlos exclaimed. Jay turned around. “You forgot your jacket! And you can’t go out there, it’s freezing…”

The older teen thought for a while. Eventually he shrugged and said, “I guess not,” returning to Carlos’ side. “So now what…?” “Well, you’re always welcome to stay here, I guess…” Carlos offered shyly. Jay smiled “I’d be glad to.”

“Uh, Jay…” the younger boy said nervously. “Yeah?” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “I never really got to um…properly thank you yet.” “Don’t mention it…” Jay chuckled sheepishly.

There was long awkward silence. All they could hear was the wind howling. To break the silence, Jay finally plucked up the courage to say, “Actually Carlos, I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and I was wondering if it would be okay if we could be…um… friends?

Cruella De Vil’s son sat there stunned. “You want to be friends with me?” he asked in disbelief. “Uh… Yeah… I know that our entire lives we’ve all been told that friendship was meaningless and that it was weak. But I figured that if all friends were like you, then maybe having one wouldn’t be so bad.” he replied, still avoiding eye contact with the younger teen.

“Of course we can be friends!” Carlos exclaimed, absolutely delighted. “Really?”
“Yeah! I guess, I’ve always been kind of lonely. And, I’ve disappointed my mother loads of times, so having a friend can’t possibly compare to any of that, right?” he laughed.
“I guess, Mal, Evie, you and I, are all technically friends. Even if we don’t admit it.” Jay shrugged. “I’m glad we’re friends…” Carlos smiled, maybe even blushing slightly. “Me too, C.”

They grinned at each other, knowing fully well that they had probably broken almost every single rule of being a villain. Because in one night, they had each met a villain who had friends, cared for others and celebrated Christmas.

Who would’ve known that exactly a year from that day, Jay would ask Carlos the same question? But it was slightly different: “I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I was hoping to ask you if we could be more than just friends…?”

Ever since that special day, to Carlos, everyday was Christmas with Jay…

Okay, serious talk!

So this was a question that popped up on Jack’s Would You Rather video and honestly, I’m actually kind of glad that this question popped up. It’s not really something that Jack has talked about on his channel and for once this is something serious that actually applies to me. 

Let me just say, Jack, even though you don’t have any personal experience with this, you still made one really good point that I just want to delve a little deeper into.

“As long as you’re loved growing up, I think that’s the most important thing.”

I know growing up without a parent usually means that they died at birth. My case is different, though. I had a mother, she just wasn’t there emotionally for me. Even though I got lucky enough to have my stepmom fill in that gap for me, that doesn’t mean it still hurts, because it does. I sat in my room sobbing, asking “Why doesn’t she love me? Why is she hurting me like this? It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair-” It sucked. But from the past 2 and a half years, I’ve learned to surround myself with my family. It made it so much easier on myself.

My dad was the one to take care of me all these years. I had at least one loving parent. And it still hurts me to this day to not have the other parent around, but I’m learning to deal with it better. The sad part is that it doesn’t even really faze me anymore. 

So if any of you are in the same boat that I am, come talk to me if you need to, because I understand. I promise you it really does get easier.

Important thing to know from seeing Hamilton number 10:

Farmer Refuted. FARMER REFUTED, MAN. 

Ok, so from the cast album we already knew this song has HERCULES MULLIGAN (note: the name HERCULES MULLIGAN will always capitalize itself when typed. I’m < s >not </ s > sorry. I don’t make the rules.) encourage Ham to go on the attack and Burr restrain him. What I didn’t realize was how physical both of these would be.

HERCULES MULLIGAN literally PUSHES Ham at Seaburry while he’s saying OH MY GOD, TEAR THIS DUDE APART. Meanwhile Burr gets physically BETWEEN Ham and Seaburry when he tells Ham to let him be–and Ham LISTENS TO HIM. HAMILTON ACTUALLY BRIEFLY WALKS AWAY FROM A FIGHT BECAUSE BURR TALKS SENSE TO HIM. … Then Seaburry talks again, and sense is doomed.

I truly can’t even begin to thank everyone for the support you’ve shown me and my family these past couple of days. Whether it be by sharing or donating you’ve helped in ways I can even say. I love you guys so much. This past week has been the worst part of my life by far, but just knowing how many genuine, good people there are in the world helps so much. I can’t express how grateful I am, and my brother is too. Once again thank you so so much. I love you guys.

Riley’s coffeeshop was unusually empty for a Sunday afternoon, but after the vigil the night before, Levi felt blessed by the relative calm inside, blessed that he could take up a whole table of his own and read in peace. 

He’d spread himself out, the table covered in the small stack of books he’d brought with him and the iced coffee that was melting and sweating out of its plastic cup and onto the laminate table top, and with his feet on the windowsill as he tipped his chair back onto its back legs, he hoped he didn’t paint a welcoming image to anyone who might be looking for conversation or a place to sit.

He was tempted to keep his face buried completely in his book to complete the picture, but the feeling of a figure standing over his shoulder, watching him, was distracting enough that he couldn’t help it – he had to look up.

     “Can I help you?”


Obelisk: Kingdom of Gods  by @vesperlionheart

Since Sai is back, he needs to get his own part. He iis really growing on me. I am so glad that there is more to him,and that he is accompagning Sakura till the end (?) or at least to a point??? there to support her in the dream world!


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it’s. honestly one thing i’ve never been able to make a decision on, what his backstory is. even that’s an interesting point. tyki, ofc, thinks sheril married her just to adopt road, like he said in 158, which really implies that he was rich and powerful and then married tricia. i’ve also always seen tricia as quite the noblewoman, a girl who was born rich and raised that way and developed a sickness, which would probably make it difficult for her family to marry her off, and on top of making her easy to manipulate, would also probably make sheril look like a Good Citizen, marrying a woman with an illness and also choosing to adopt. i’d figure it would improve his image, but i dunno what the 19th century was like orz. so, i’d say he married her after getting rich and powerful. what’s baffling to me though is if he and tyki came from a rich family or if they. didn’t. for that matter, if he was even going to be a politician or if the earl decided that’d be a good position for him after he became a noah and manipulated the system so sheril would have a job. and, also, i have to wonder why all this adoption business happened in the first place. thinking about how noah things work, it’s. extremely out of left field, for sheril to have adopted road as his daughter. i’d love to have a timeline of all the noah reincarnations and happenings, honestly, but hoshino-sensei refuses to tell us anything ever T~T