i still really want one

I literally had a panic attack during my therapy session yesterday talking to my therapist about money and insurance and stuff. I almost told my job I would work 7 days a week just so I could make a dent in some of my bills and have a little bit of a financial cushion for once. I’m applying to jobs like crazy and still waiting to hear back from one I really really want. I’m trying to calm down and be in a good mood for the long weekend because I’m seeing my mom and going to Toronto, but it’s so hard when I’m in such a bad place rn.


under different circumstances, i think you and i could’ve really had some fun.

Still getting used to my tablet again, but I really wanted to draw one of my faves. *u*

Something that occured to me is that since shiny Pokemon are so rare, fusions (like Barbaracle, Metagross, and Dugtrio) could have only one (1) shiny component sometimes. At least Barbaracle and Dugtrio can swap around if they want a full set. :D (Meanwhile, Steven Stone cherishes his one-shiny-leg Metagross.)

(Go wish Ilya (the8ght) a happy birthday since it’s her birthday today - the 25th.)

Hi guys! I’ve reached 1.5K followers and i can’t really believe it. It’s incredibble that I’ve actually gotten this many followers. 

Slipping into the diamond life was one of the best decisions ever~

To celebrate, I decided to do this shout-out/message thing to people I talk to often or have talked to often. 

Even if you aren’t here, I most likely still consider you my friend. All of you are my friends~ 

THIS IS NOT A FOLLOW FOREVER. This is just me being thankful towards you all, that you’ve followed me and/or befriended me. ^3^

This is some of my favourite posts that I’ve made:             
My chaptered seventeen fanfic: 

@my amazing followers: Thank you very much for following me! You have no idea how much it means to me. I’m just really happy, that you all like my blog - I hope you do. I want to talk to all of you! If you ever feel down or just want to talk, you can always message me. You can also ask for my kkt or line, if you want. I love you all, so I want to try and make you all happy! C:  ♥

The messages are beneath the ‘Read more’. :)

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midforde asked:

cb rewatching the end of code geass again just hurts i dont even have the energy to cry anymore it just really hurts like period cramps in my chest h E Lp P pls end my suffering

Oh Hev I doubt we’ll ever recover from this pain brought by Zero Requiem, we’re doomed.

like i want a fox

the only problem is i want a fox. and domesticated foxes aren’t real. like they breed the aggression out of them, yeah thats necessary, but, it also causes them to have shorter legs and other things, and i feel bad that they have changed genetically to benefit mankind’s whims. also please don’t get a Fennec Fox if you live someplace cold. they are for deserts. thats what they’re built for. and on a related side note, have you ever seen how fucking adorable a marble fox is? gorgeous. 


Boardwalk Empire | unofficial soundtrack [3/?] → Gillian Darmody & Richard Harrow
↳ ”Undertow” by Warpaint [for halffacedwhiteboy]

Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?
Ah ah ah, you better learn your lesson yourself
Nobody ever has to find out
What’s in my mind tonight

A sketch of Quiet I drew yesterday because I was feeling the Warped Tour vibes (went today 7-10-2015, it was AWESOME!) and wanted to draw her in shorts. I’m really tired, so I may end up neither lining nor colouring.