i still owe people holiday gifts

Awkward (donnie x reader fluff?)


I had ran into the turtles while I was hunting mushrooms (yeah, boring right?) in the foods. I had been spending some time at  (friend’s or sibling’s) house for awhile. I had been on a vacation, taking some free time from (school/work) and there I was, in the woods, late and alone. The turtles of course saved me that day. After that I had started to spend time with them, a lot. 

The cottage they were hiding from the Kraang invasion,- which had became a big thing on tv had forced me too on the run, was a bit familiar to me. Even though I had never been in, I had went by the house many times. It was a lovely place and big enough for the four turtles and for two humans. April was the other one of the humans, close friends of them and had been hanging with them from about the first step on surface to this day. Then there was Casey, a loud mouth. Teenage guy. Like, really annoying. The oldest of the brothers, the leader of the group, now injured, was Leonardo. He had a blue bandanna on his face. Michelangelo and Raphael, the shorter once, red and orange. Both a bit infuriating by their own way. Raphael because he was really easy to get angry and Mikey because he was a total clown. But he was still such a cutie. Then the last but not the least, Donatello. When I first met him I saw how caring he was, he really became close with humans fast. He offered to help me many times, since I was such a shortie and he being the tallest of them all. He had a purple bandanna over his eyes and an adorable gap between his teeth. He was a cute nerd, not like I had anything against nerds, since I considered myself as one too.

The problem was, that Donnie really liked human girls. His way of showing affection was a bit… Umm… Obsessive like. It made me feel uneasy. 

Every time we spend time with the whole group he made his way next to me, always sitting near me. He helped me with everything and was always surprisingly there when I needed a hand. It wasn’t like I didn’t like him, though, I really liked him a lot. He just had a bit pushy way of showing he cared. And I wasn’t use to that. I had grown up with a thought in my mind that people never actually do anything straight, they just fuss behind their back and sent them gifts and never talk about it actually, but Donnie always wanted to know what I thought about everything. Every time he made me something he asked “you like it” or “what do you think”. And my replays were always as unsatisfying as the last times: “thanks” or “it’s great”. Even I felt bad for myself for answering like that. I mean, really? Was that all I could say?!

It had been about two to three days that Donnie had kept sue distance in between us. I didn’t take it personally though, since he didn’t even see his brothers. He was in the shed, where he worked. 

I finally decided to make a move towards him! I had to!

It took me so long to think what to do… I wasn’t so good with building stuff, like fixing a remote or to even switch a light bulb in the lamp,- actually I can, but it’s just an expression! but I had to do something. But I felt bad. He had given me so much amazing stuff and he had just used his bare arms! Like how could I beat that?!

I walked back and forth in my room, which had been given to me by April, and thought what to do. 

Then I just decided to do the only thing I thought to be a good thing to do. A bit cliche but still a good idea.

So when I approached the shed, I didn’t knock, cause I never did. I walked close to Donnie, he had his shell turned to face me and he was really concentrated on something he was working on. 

I started to get second thoughts, and then I decided to just drop my gift and try to leave as fast as possible. I put my scarf over his shoulders, spreading it to warm his body like a blanket, then turned to leave, but Donnie turned first, gasped my name and grabbed my hand in his.

“Umm… I thought I’d get a little cold in here… And I must be talking for all of us for not wanting you to get sick.” I sort of mumbled.

“Well, I- I don’t actually need a warm up…” He said awkwardly starting to take the scarf off of him, but I stopped him.

“No! I brought it so you could… Keep it… I mean, if you like it?" 

Donnie looked at me, his expression now creepy again, like I had just told him that I loved him. Then he lifted the scarf over his back again, pulled me on his lap and wrapped the scarf over us. My head was the only thing that was shown from under the long and warm scarf.

He turned the seat to face the table again, then he reached his hand to a locker, trying to get something. 

"I was actually thinking about giving this to you-” He said softly, a little bit too lovingly for me, and right when he was about to get the locker opened, I cut him off.

“No don’t give me anything anymore!” I gasped, then I covered my mouth, because once again I had spit out the words in a wrong way. “I didn’t mean that… That I don’t like your gifts, it’s just that I start to feel awkward when people does so. I mean, it’s okay when I get something when there is a need or that it’s a holiday, but for no reason is just odd… I feel like I owe you. Like I owe you so much…”

Donnie looked down at me, me still sitting on his lap, covered in the scarf.

“Oh… I… I didn’t mean to make you feel like that…” He muttered. Then he laughed awkwardly, trying to brush it off, the tension between us. “It’s not like I gave you those things for a reason, actually!”

“No! I know you did!” I said a bit sharply, looking up at him, then I lifted myself up a little and turned on his lap to face him. “Why did you give me those things is the reason why… Is the same reason I gave you this scarf.” I growled, my face getting red from a blush making it’s way over my cheeks.

Donnie’s eyes got wide, he just stared at me and didn’t know what to do. He was thinking that did I really know the reason why he gave me all the stuff he did. Thinking that I thought I knew why he did but not really knowing the real reason. 

“I like you Donnie. In the same way you like me.” I whispered and wrapped my arms around him and hugging him tightly. This warmed him up, in the way I never thought I could see him, not this fast anyways. He hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. Then he whispered to me: “no more presents then”

I chuckled at him and pulled away, facing him, but not getting up. “Thank you.” I said. Then I started to get up only to get pulled back on his lap, almost crashing my face against his hard plastron.

“I one condition!” He grinned. Then he nuzzled the crook of my neck and pulled me into another hug while he explained: “you have to let me show that I like you in other ways.”

I swallowed, looking at him to see his evil smile upon me, blushing and then trying to get away his reach. Donnie just laughed at me and hugged me almost to death.

I had never felt that good in other’s arms. When we stopped wrestling, I sat there, under the scarf and in his arms, I looked up at him again and said: “You’re the best Donnie…" 

Donnie smiled sadly.

"I really mean it. You’re the best person- no! Scratch that! You’re the best living creature in the whole universe.” I smiled at him. Then I gave him a wicked grin. “You wanna hear a secret?”

Donnie nodded with a blank expression on his face, not knowing what to praise himself ready for.

“I’ve always had a thing on mutants!” I said and kissed him. And I knew he knew I was talking the truth. He had seen me reading and watching MARVEL x-men magazines and he knew they were my favorite super heroes, though he didn’t know why, but now he knew. It was pure love.

Ten Days to Pay Rent and Bills

Greetings, Tumblr.

My best friend/roommate Katie (runswithderek) and I have found ourselves in a huge bind these past few weeks. I’m working two jobs to make ends meet since October, and so far it’s been working great. Unfortunately, Katie and I both got sick this month, and we had to pay for doctor appointments/copays/medications right before Christmas. In addition to that, we don’t have a car, so right now, we don’t have really any money for public transit.

With the paycheck we get at the end of this month, we find ourselves at least $300 short of paying rent and bills. I asked for money for Christmas, but all I received were gift cards, and I have sold those for cash already. Still, between bills and rent, we’re over $300 short.

This isn’t including money or the bus or anything. We’ll deal with that as it comes, but I can’t put anything else on my credit card, and our paychecks won’t be nearly enough this month with the cut hours due to the holidays/business closings.

I’m asking for anything. We’re asking for anything. If you have $5 floating around, I’ll owe you endlessly. If 60 people donated $5, we’d have enough for rent.

I promise this is legit. I can post pictures of bills or our rent amount or anything you need if you’re skeptical. All I’m asking is for a signal boost on this, a reblog, or even a dollar donation through paypal.

If you donate, please let me know, and we’ll each promo you or make you something or both or anything. Anything you want. We’re just desperate right now, and there’s not many other places to turn to.

If you’re donating, there’s a paypal link on my front page of the blog, or you can donate directly to wizardslovethetardis@gmail.com. You don’t have to be a US citizen or anything.

I’ll do anything. Really. Please, it’s the holiday season. Help us keep our place.

Thanks for everything, even if it’s just a read or a reblog. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Thanks everyone. <3