i still need to work on my coloring but these are good practice


Some progress photos of my TMNT GIRLS picture I am currenty coloring… I still need to add some details and work on the girls’ skin shades… and maybe gonna add some shadows and stuff…

It’s a good practice since I haven’t colored anything with my copics lately… (as you can see, lol). I hope I can upload the finished picture soon. :)

I know I have to work on the colors and timing of some stuff, and I still have to add sounds, but hey, who needs that anyway.

This is an animation for school that I’ve been working on since this summer (have to hand it in in 3 weeks) and I think it came out pretty good for being my first hand drawn animation except some 1-2 second practice thingies.

I’ll maybe add another scene when I get the time, I still have to write the 10 pages for the theoretical part.

anonymous asked:

ive been meaning to get back drawing, and /finally/ use my damn tablet. i was wondering how do you find your own style? i still need to work on my drawing but i havent picked that thing up in a year and i really wanted to start digital art but its really hard. any advice for someone wanting to draw their own stuff but dont actually know how?

hi!! sorry for taking so long to answer, but i really wanted to take my time with this one! first of all, it’s good to hear you’re getting back into drawing! digital drawing can be hard but with practice it’s soo much fun

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