i still need to work on my coloring but these are good practice

Teaching Myself to Draw: February 28, 2017

Finished up the rock studies in color palette number 29, for @kejj. This was my first real attempt at rocks since the background I did for a piece I did back in December. And that one I ended up blurring out. Considering that, I think these turned out pretty good. I need more practice with texture, but I think I did a good job creating depth and mimicking the random edges that rocks can have. I’ll definitely have to revisit rock studies in the future.

@ambrosia-vinca requested a sword (or knife) in #41 for my next color palette challenge piece. That’s another subject I haven’t done yet, so it should be interesting. I also need to get going on that portrait I started the other day. I’ve been a bit too unfocused to work on portraits the last couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to it.

I’m still taking color palette challenges if anybody wants to send me one: katikidraws.tumblr.com/post/157115714867/hey-followers-a-bit-of-an-art-update