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JoJo live action movie spoilers

So I had the opportunity to watch a very illegal recording of the JoJo live action movie and figured I’d let you know some facts about the movie to help you decide whether you want to watch it or not, as well as to dispel a very particular rumour that’s been going around. So spoilers under the cut.

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Action Packed Movie Night

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Hope you like this Anon! :)

Summary: A simple movie night turns into something more when Jungkook just can’t seem to control himself.

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader


Warnings: Jungkook in control, need I say more?

“Jeon Jungkook. Stop fidgeting and watch the movie!” You were trying to enjoy your favorite movie while cuddling your boyfriend. However, said boyfriend wouldn’t sit still. He had been constantly moving since the beginning of the movie, and it was getting on your nerves.

“I’m not fidgeting! I’m just trying to get comfortable is all..” You scoffed, sitting up straight, and looked at him.

“Well I can’t enjoy the movie with you moving around so much. So, get comfortable.” He sighed and moved around some more. He smiled at you with open arms.

“Okay! I’m good now!” You rolled your eyes, going back to your original position of leaning against his chest. You had just started to get into the movie again when he started to move around again.

“For the love of-“

“I’m sorry! I’ll stop!” You groaned, attempting to try and watch the movie. Again. You felt Jungkook put his hand on your hip, which made you think that maybe he finally got comfortable and would stop moving.

His thumb slowly stroked your hip, which you ignored at first, thinking it was just him trying to not move and distracting himself from doing so.

He squeezed your hip a little as you felt him softly kiss your shoulder. You tried ignoring him, again, until he bit down.


“Just watch your movie babe. Don’t mind me.” You shifted a little, which made the grip he had on your hip tighten. After a few more soft nips and kisses on your shoulder, you couldn’t focus on the movie anymore.


“Please what?”

“Do something..” He smiled to himself as he pulled you so that you were sitting on his lap with your back leaning against his chest. He moved his hand around and rubbed you over your pants. You let out a shaky breath, and he leaned in towards your ear.

“Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll take care of you. Just as long as you remember..” He nibbled your earlobe as his hand snuck its way under your shorts.

“I’m in charge.” You let out a light moan at the feel of his long fingers running up and down your slit. You grabbed on to his wrist, needing something to hold on to. He slipped his middle finger into your already dripping wet pussy, holding it still for a moment. He added another finger, then set a slow pace as he pumped his fingers in and out of you.

“I love how you feel around my fingers. So tight and wet. And it’s all for me. Isn’t that right?” You nodded, releasing a loud moan when you felt his fingers increase their speed.

“Yes. It’s all for you Jungkook.” You heard him growl lowly behind you. His thumb brushed across your clit, making you jump a little. He pressed down harder while simultaneously biting down on your shoulder. His fingers didn’t let up, even as you felt yourself reaching your climax.

“Jungkook. I’m so so close.”

“You can do it. C’mon babe.” Your hand latched on to his thigh, nails digging into his pants. After a few more pumps of his fingers you came hard, moaning out a mixture of his name and few curse words. Jungkook slowed his pace as he helped you ride out your orgasm. You took a moment to catch your breath. Jungkook slid his hand out of your shorts, then took them and your underwear off. He laid you down, hovering over you.

“You look so good like this. Laying under me, wanting me.” You whined and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him down to you. He pressed his lips roughly against yours. You opened your mouth, allowing his tongue to tangle with yours. Your fingers grabbed on to the hair on the back of his neck as you felt him lower his hips and grind hard against you.

He pulled away from the kiss to stare down at you, his hips continuing to roll against yours. His hands grabbed the back of your knees to pull your legs around his waist. You bit down on your bottom lip and clawed at the back of his shirt. You needed to get the annoying fabric out of the way or you would go insane. He took the hint, quickly sitting up to throw his shirt and pants somewhere across the room. You groaned at the sight of him shirtless, something you could never fully get used to.

He pulled your shirt off, hissing when he saw that you had no bra on. He took his boxers off and hovered over you again. He placed soft kisses on your stomach, making his way up to your neck. You felt him bite down on your collar as he quickly slid into you. You cried out and dug your nails into his back. You heard him groan before roughly pinning your hands above your head. Your legs tightened around his waist as he drilled his hips into yours.

Your moans raised in pitch each time he went a little faster. He moved your wrists so that he was holding them in one hand. His other hand trailed down your body until it found its place right above where you two were connected.
“How close are you baby?” Your walls tightened around him as he hit a spot deep within you.

“I’m a-almost there. I’m so c-close..” His thumb found your clit again, and he rubbed rough circles.

“Me too. Cum with me.” You let out a small scream, your vision going white as you unraveled for the second time that night. Jungkook thrust into you at what felt like an inhuman speed as he watched you come undone underneath him. A few thrusts later you, felt his hips stutter as he reached his climax. His body completely covered yours while you both tried to catch your breaths. You snapped back into reality when you heard the end credits of the movie in the background. Jungkook lifted his head to look at you when he heard you start to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“We missed most of the movie.” He glanced at the TV, before he started to laugh with you.

“I wasn’t really into the movie anyway.” You rolled your eyes and flicked his forehead.

“Obviously. However, I was.” He smiled, leaning down to peck your lips.
“Why don’t we get dressed and grab some blankets and some snack? Then we’ll restart the movie and actually watch it this time.” You hummed in agreement, stroking his cheek.

“That sounds amazing.”

Cinema (M)

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Genre: Smut

Summary: At a movie premier you meet your ex / good friend, Jin. As complicated as your relationship with him is, it get even more complicated when he convinces you to ditch your date and spend some time with him. (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)

None (unless you scared of big dick Jin)

Word Count: 4,352

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

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Being Paul Lahote’s Wife Would Include:

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Anonymous said:Can u do some being paul labote’s wife would includesss??

A/N: Of course I can, lovely: Though, a quick warning; I’m not the best at these any more, because I haven’t been making much ‘would include’ imagines lately. So sorry if it lacks in awesomeness. I hope that you enjoy, nevertheless though, anon! Thank you for your request, and sorry that it took so long for me to make your request, I’ve been busy tending to my other imagines blogs!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

- By being Paul’s wife, know that you are always protected.

- You two would have your heated arguments but they’d turn out into passionate sex.

- Paul would be devoted to making you happy.

- He’d be the sort of husband that would be hot tempered, say things he didn’t mean, storm out and later come home with an over sized teddy bear, a huge bouquet of flowers or anything sweet.

- If anything, your sex life would just get even better!

- There would be days where he’d come home stressed from work, seeking out one of your heavenly back, shoulder and neck massages, and of course your company, because you soothe him.

- If you came home from work all stressed and upset, he’d definitely be by your side, running you a bath and listening to what’s wrong.

- You would be spoiled rotten!

- If you were pregnant, Paul would do everything for you. You wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

- You’d be like a team, loyal, faithful and loving towards each other.

- You’d have the hottest sex life ever.

- He’d still leave hickey’s all over you, because, let’s face it: The ring on your finger isn’t good enough (in a sense), he needs people to know that you’re marked.

- Romantic date nights.

- “Paul, calm down! He was taking my order.

- “He looked down your top.

- “Shame on him! But it doesn’t mean you can go around punching everyone. I thought we talked about this?

- In a sense, being Paul’s anchor.

- “Run! Run before he terrorizes the village again!” you’d tease.

- Paul kissing your forehead before he leaves for work.

- Getting lot’s of breakfast in bed.

- Paul carrying you everywhere.

- Watching cheesy movies together when the two of you have free time.

- Protective and jealous Paul.


- A million “I love you’s” being said by each of you to each other.

- Telling stories to each other about when you were dating.

- “Do you remember when…

- “Oh yeah! I remember that!

- Being totally and utterly in love.

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4.5k words, rated T, pre-relationship McGenji, Blackwatch era, violence warning

Warning for eye trauma.
Goes in the continuity of the Sublimation series.
Someone prompted me with how Jesse’s Deadeye business might work, so I wrote Yet Another story on my #1 fav theme, non-consensual medical body modification!! Yes


There’s no ice.

Fuck. Jesse thinks of drinking it straight, swilling the two fingers of gin as he replaces the lid on his contraband ice bucket. But the day wasn’t that bad, and he wants to stretch this out over a couple of episodes at least. So he picks up the ice bucket, jams his feet into his boots, and heads for the mess.

It’s close to eleven at night so the halls are deserted, the lights dimmed down to pale wisps of blue blotting the black ceiling. Jesse glances over his shoulder now and then but there’s never anyone there in the dark. Probably. And who’s to say Reyes would chew him out for this, anyway? Fuckin’ ridiculous that a little gin is against regulations—

There’s light from under the workshop door.

An electric flicker, the mild scent of something being welded. Jesse doesn’t put in that kind of overtime anymore, has been done with trying to impress Reyes for a long time. So he continues on to the mess and fills the bucket and snags another 3 bags of nutrient-reinforced potato chips, which taste a little off but all in all could really be worse.

On the way back he hears a noise of pain from the workshop.

Sort of like a whimper. Maybe someone nicked themselves. Jesse slides the door open and sticks his head in. “Y’all okay in—oh.”

It’s the new guy.

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anonymous asked:

So I've watched a fair few karl urban movies like the loft, priest, star trek one or two others and i gotta say... Damn he's one hot peice of ass Care to give a girl a list (big or small, no fuss) of movies he's been in Kinda feel like watching a mini marathon of his movies.

Aww yeah girl, here we go! This is going to be quite the list. Buckle up!

Tv show: Almost Human - Everyones favorite grumpy officer. Very good, still bitter they cancelled it.

Tv Show: Hercules and Xena - I still have not gotten around to watching this(I’m almost afraid to, haha). What is wrong with me?

Tv Show: Comanche Moon: Cowboy Karl was pretty great, the rest of the show, I give it a solid “meh”. I love Karl trying to have a southern accent for a bit, then he just kinda gives up on it haha, poor guy.

And Soon the Darkness: Not as much Karl in it as I would have liked, but it was still a good movie regardless.

Priest: Karl as a vampire, with fangs? What more could you ask for?

The Bourne Supremacy - little assassin Karl, speaking Russian, grumpy expressions the whole time, also a good movie.

Doom: Oh how I love Karl in Doom. Not a good gamer movie, but a great Karl movie. (Super thrusting @bkwrm523)

Dredd: Another weird but excellent Karl movie. He did dredd so great haha

Lord of the Rings: Where I first fell in love with Karl. Eomer will always have that special place in my heart.

Pathfinder: Another completely weird Karl Urban movie. Honestly, I just watched this one for Karl specifically. I wasn’t disappointed with him.

Pete’s Dragon: I watched this one because I loved the original, plus Karl was in it. Unfortunately I didn’t think this one held a candle to the original. Came for the nostalgia, stayed for Karl(even if hes a bit assholeish)

RED: I loved this movie. Great action packed movie, and funny as well. I love Cooper.

Star Trek: I mean, we all know about this one right? I don’t have to say anything here.

The Loft: How I love Karl in this movie(even though he is a definite asshole.) I just can’t help it, he looks so damn good.

Truth about Demons: I watched this the other day, and I’m still not quite sure what I watched. Karl still looked good in it though.(plus a small sex scene)

Walking with Dinosaurs: Another one I still haven’t gotten around to watching. I might need to do that later. Karl in flannel though, yes please, besides all that scruff and hair.

Theres many more, like: Short Poppies(Tv show), Riddick(movie), Black water transit(movie), Out of the Blue(movie), Ghost Ship(movie), The Price of Milk(movie), Heaven(movie) but a few are pretty obscure and hard to find so I haven’t seen them yet. But the list above is all my favorite things Karl has been in! Hope this helps :) (and sorry if this is super long, I got carried away, whoops)










i should be doing my fucking geo essay buT HERE I FUCKING AM


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Wow, why did I just find out about all your Yousana works, they're amazing! I love your writing so much that I decided to send you a prompt: two times they comfort each other. - Sana has had a really bad day at school + Yousef has had a really bad day at work The other comforts the one who had the bad day + forehead kisses (it could be the first time Yousef kisses her on the forehead or something) I hope you decide to write it! 💜

Hey :) Thank you so much!

I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think :)


“Hey, is it okay if we postpone our basketball date and do something more chill instead?”, Sana hears Yousef say on the other end of the line. She’s holding her phone in between her ear and shoulder while she was packing a small bag for said date.

Now she takes the phone in her hand and gets worried. Yousef doesn’t sound good, even though he tries to hide that.

“Of course. Not a problem. Are you okay?”, Sana asks and tries not to panic. Yousef is one of the few people she knows who are almost never so down that it would affect how they talk and act.

She hears him sigh. “I’ll tell you when I get there. Five minutes.”

They hang up and until the doorbell rings Sana walks up and down the hall, nervously and afraid of what it might be that made her boyfriend so upset.

Sana opens the door and is faced with Yousef. He shows Sana a small smile to which she immediately wraps her arms around his neck. Yousef doesn’t waste any time and hugs her back.

“Are you okay?”, Sana whispers.

“Been better.”, Yousef answers.

They part from the hug but Sana’s hand travels down his arm and finally finds its place in his hand.

“Okay, what do you want to do? Come in or go out? Let’s do something you want to do. Anything, really!”, Sana suggests and is more bubbly than she usually is but she feels like she needs to balance it out. It’s usually Yousef who is super energetic and can’t stand still but he’s the complete opposite now.

“Can I come in?”, he asks.

Sana quickly nods and pulls him inside, closing the door behind them. Once he takes off his shoes, Sana leads the way to the living room. Only her mother is at home besides the two of them so Sana calls out to her mother: “Mamma, Yousef is here. Alright?”

A minute later Mamma Bakkoush comes into the living room and has a short conversation with Yousef. Since Sana and Yousef started dating, those two got even closer than they were before.

Sana’s mother trusts her and Yousef enough to leave them alone in the house while she does some gardening.  
Yousef sits down on the couch but Sana doesn’t. He tries to not show how down he is but it’s really obvious to Sana. He’s very quiet and only smiles when he thinks Sana is looking.

Sana crouches in front of him and takes his hand in hers. She looks up at him and he meets her gaze with a smile.

“Do you want some tea? It’ll be good for you to relax and while I prepare that you can choose a movie or something to watch. Or maybe a TV show. We still need to finish Teen Wolf.” Most of the time it’s Yousef that comforts her. Now, Sana feels like she has to do everything she can to make him feel better. She doesn’t know what’s bothering him yet but she knows he’ll tell her if he feels like it. She’s not one to push him to tell her. She just really doesn’t want to see Yousef so upset.

When Sana stands up and wants to go to the kitchen, Yousef lightly holds on to her hand and makes Sana turn around to him.

She sees him looking at her with so much love in his eyes that she doesn’t know what to say to that.

“Sana, you don’t have to do anything. Just being next to you makes me feel a whole lot better.”

Sana furrows her eyebrows and shakes her head. “I’ll bring you your tea and then I’ll be by your side the whole rest of the day. Sounds good?”

Yousef smiles at her and it really seems genuine. “Sounds good.”

While she is gone to make the tea, Yousef thinks to himself how lucky he is to have someone like Sana in his life. She didn’t immediately bomb him with questions about what made his day so awful, she lets him be until he is ready to talk. 

“Okay, what are we watching?”, Sana asks, coming back with snacks and tea for the both of them.

She sits down next to him and looks at him with so much affection in her eyes that Yousef can’t help himself and embraces her in hug. He rests his chin on top of her head and she leans her head on his shoulder.

“Do you need to rant? I’ll listen without giving any comments.”, Sana says with a cute smile and makes Yousef smile, as well. He is very aware that she is trying to make him laugh or smile any way possible without being too pushy. 

They’re sitting knee to knee and Sana just watches him with big eyes. She is worried about what happened but she doesn’t have to show him that. He obviously has had a bad enough day. Yousef nods lightly and lets his eyes wander over Sana’s face. She waits patiently for him to say something. 

“Okay. But I just want to have said it out loud once and then we don’t have to talk about it anymore. It’s not that big of a deal, honestly.”, Yousef finally says to which Sana nods . He pushes his hair back again and thinks he’ll sound like a baby complaining about this. But the way Sana looks at him, like she will never judge whatever he will talk about, makes it so easy for him to open up. Generally, Yousef is very open about things that are not too important to him but with Sana he can talk about everything. 

“I’m just .. honestly, I’m pissed about what happened at work today. This kid, Lucas, was on the swing and so many of the teachers there told him to not jump while swinging. You know, like we do. And usually they listen. But no, today he apparently didn’t feel like listening. He jumped and guess what happened?” Yousef stops talking and looks at Sana. She has her eyebrows raised and waits for him to continue, “He broke his arm.”

Sana doesn’t know how to react. This is probably not why Yousef is so angry. Children hurt themselves while playing, it happens. Sana doesn’t know how many times she ended up with wounds when she was a child because she couldn’t sit still. 

“And as if that is not bad enough, his mother came to pick him up when we called her and she went off on us saying we wouldn’t pay enough attention to the kids. We should be more careful. We should not let the kids do stuff like that. What does she think we’re doing with the kids? We can’t make them sit around all day, can we? And accidents happen. But she just started shouting, wanting to file a complaint anywhere she can and her shouting made the other kids nervous and some of them started crying.“ 

Sana doesn’t even know what to say to that. No, that’s a lie. She has a lot to say but nothing that would help this situation. As a mother that woman should know that stuff like that can happen. She keeps quiet and looks at Yousef while he rants more. She can see that he needed to let it all out.

"The best part? I’m not even Lucas’ teacher. It was not me who was responsible for him in that moment but the woman was sure it was all my fault. And I’m not saying I would want her to shout at one of my colleagues. She shouldn’t have been so rude at all. And you know when she stopped being a b.. being so loud and insufferable? When my boss came and told her the same thing I did before: that things like that unfortunately can happen and that we can’t have every single child under close supervision all day. It’s not good for them either.”

After he finishes this last sentence he takes a deep breath and sighs. Then he looks at Sana, who just looks at him with a very small smile. She is just happy that he got all of that off his chest. He obviously needed it. She knows that bottling things up is not the way to go.

Yousef laughs for a moment and Sana looks at him confused.

“I just feel a lot better after saying it out loud.”, Yousef confesses.

“I’m glad it helped.”, Sana says with a happy smile of her own. Seeing Yousef smile makes her smile too.

“No comments?”, Yousef asks Sana. He is amused by how she tries to not show a big reaction but once or twice while he was speaking he could see that she had something to say.

However, she shakes her head: “I told you I would listen without commenting anything.”

With a content smile, and feeling a lot better than when he came here, Yousef leans back and rests his head on the backrest of the couch.

He tilts his head towards Sana. “Thank you for listening.”

Sana smiles at him, showing her dimples, and nods. “Of course.” The next thing she does neither of them expected.

Seeing Yousef smile like this after coming here looking very upset makes Sana unbelievably happy. She would have never thought that a boy being happy would make her this happy.

She turns to him again and in a quick motion she kisses him on the cheek. It happens really fast and is over just like that. But once Sana turns away from him she can feel her cheeks grow red.

Yousef’s eyes widen and his lips part a little. He didn’t expect this but he couldn’t mind it less.

A few moments later, after both of them just smile to themselves, Sana turns to Yousef and with a shy smile tells him: “Your tea is going to get cold.”, and hands it to him.


Three days later it’s Yousef’s free day and as per usual he goes to pick Sana up from school. It has quickly become a tradition for them to do something together after Sana leaves school on Mondays. They don’t even need to talk about it anymore. 

Yousef immediately sees Sana in her black hijab when she comes out of the school. She’s looking down on her phone, with a frown, and doesn’t look up at all while walking. He knows how busy she always is but he has a feeling that it’s not just that. 

His suspicion gets confirmed seconds later. Sana walks straight up to Yousef but she still hasn’t looked up and this way doesn’t see Yousef standing there. Her shoulder crashes against his and she mumbles a Sorry and keeps walking. Yousef catches up to her and gently holds her arm to stop her.

Sana turns around and seems really surprised to see Yousef. Which is weird because he has been waiting for her outside of her school ever Monday for a lot of weeks now. 

“Yousef, hi.”, Sana says with a very small smile. 

Yousef furrows his eyebrows at her tone. She doesn’t seem very happy. 

“Did you forget about me?”, Yousef jokes and hopes to get at least a short laugh from her but she just shakes her head. 

“Sorry. Just had a …very interesting day.”

Sana feels so exhausted that she forgot that Yousef would be waiting outside. She never forgets that. It’s the one thing she can look forward to every Monday. She doesn’t give Yousef a chance to ask what happened. Instead she takes his hand and starts walking. He just follows her, stroking the back of her hand with his thumb in a soothing manner.

“Do you want to get a coffee and just sit somewhere? In the park or something?”, Sana asks him and he nods.

They go to the next coffee shop, close to Sana’s school. Yousef orders for the both of them and Sana finds herself smile that he knows exactly what her order is. He even orders a chocolate muffin for her because he knows she likes them and hopes that it might cheer her up a bit. Sana realizes that and can’t do anything but look at him and be very grateful. He is so great, so caring. How she managed to end up with him is a big puzzle to her but she is glad she did. He can make her smile even when she is feeling very down.

Not much later they’re sitting in the park. To be very precise: Sana is sitting on Yousef’s jacket. He insisted that she should sit on it because he didn’t want the grass to ruin her light-wash jeans. They watch people walk by, jog by, play football or have a picnic.

“So, want to tell me what happened? I’ll listen without giving any comments.”, Yousef asks his girlfriend with a cute grin. Sana realizes that he just quoted her to her and rolls her eyes at him but can’t help but smile a little.

Yousef knows why she reacts the way she does and bumps his shoulder lightly into hers and tilts his head, watching her.

Sana sighs and starts talking. She can’t be a hypocrite. She knows that talking about it will help ease the uneasy feeling in her chest. That’s what she thought would help Yousef a few days ago and it had. 

“School was just very exhausting today. My school basketball team is probably not going to exist next year because so many are quitting because they need to concentrate on the last year of school. My biology teacher hates us, I’m sure of it, because she gave us three projects to finish by the end of the month. All of them are meant to be done with a partner and you know my partner is Isak and we work well together but there is no way we’ll be able to meet so often to get three projects done. And as if that is not enough already, I had an argument with Vilde. We stopped fighting about small stuff a long time ago but I don’t know what it was today but she exploded on me and I reacted too harshly I think. The worst part is that I think she’s going through something but I can’t help her without asking but I don’t want to make her uncomfortable.”

Then she laughs humourlessly and looks back at Yousef again who has been looking at her the whole time. He has his legs propped up and his head resting on them, turned to look at Sana. 

“I’m sure you don’t want to hear anything about high school stress. You’re done with it already, after all.”

To that Yousef sits up straight and turns his whole body to face Sana. He quickly shakes his head. “No, that’s not true. I’ll gladly listen to whatever is bothering you and try to find a way to make it better.”, he stops for a second and realizes something, “Okay, I said I wouldn’t comment anything and I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

Sana raises her eyebrows at him and wonders what he could be thinking. Honestly, just expressing her worries made her feel a little better. Especially after seeing how Yousef looks at her, paying so much attention to what she has to say. 

“Go ahead.”

Yousef nods eagerly. “I just want to say one thing. I love how you always find time to think about your friends. I’m honestly not worried about you being able to get your projects done in time. I’ll help as much as I can, if you want me to. But you’re so smart that there is no doubt for me that you would be able to get it all done in time. And while you worry about that plus your Basketball team you also worry about your friend after fighting with her. You could have just been bitter that you had a bad day but you weren’t and I don’t know how you do it but I admire you for that.”

Sana’s heart melts at his words and she doesn’t know what to say to that. He is such an amazing boyfriend, always making her feel better. She doesn’t even notice that tears come to her eyes until Yousef’s smile changes into a concerned frown and he cups her face in his hands, after waiting a few seconds to give Sana the chance to back away, which she doesn’t. 

“O God. What did I say?”, Yousef asks, obviously worried. 

Sana shakes her head and laughs. “You said all the right things. I’m just happy to have you.”, Sana confesses. “Thank you." 

She is feeling very emotional today and his cute speech didn’t help that. Neither does the look he gives her, full of affection. 

"Then, maybe I’m not sorry that I couldn’t keep myself from commenting something.”

“You shouldn’t be.”

They stare into each other’s eyes and get lost in them. Sana doesn’t understand how she got so lucky to have Yousef in her life as her boyfriend. She never met anyone like him before, she’s so grateful that she met him and that they are in a position like this. 

Yousef could sit there, having Sana right next to him, just looking into her eyes, forever. Seeing her sad is nothing he wants to ever see and that he was able to make it a little better for her is a huge achievement to him. 

He has Sana’s face in his hands. Without thinking much, he leans forward and kisses her forehead. It just feels right in that moment.

Sana closes her eyes at his touch on her forehead. The warmth coming from his lips, him being so close, it all makes Sana’s stomach do a backflip and her lips curl into a very happy smile. 

It’s the first time Yousef kisses her like this. She has kissed him on his cheek before, and he has placed a kiss on her hands in a comforting manner before but this is the first kiss on her forehead.

Somehow both of them know that this is different from anything else. They both know that this represents how much Yousef cares for her. Not that either of them needed this to know but it’s nice to Sana to be reminded and it’s important to Yousef to remind Sana of that.

A few moments later they sit next to each other, shoulders touching, looking at each other. 

“Let’s hope this week goes better for both of us.”, Yousef says with a small grin.

Sana nods but also says: “Even if doesn’t. We have each other to make it better.”

LotR watch party

I come bearing news regarding our quest to make sure everyone has seen the masterpieces that are the LotR movies at least once!

So, since one does not simply organize a watch party where one person streams a video from their local drive and everyone else gets to watch and interact I still owe you the answer as to how we’re going to do this. I have an idea which involves Skype but I need to have a look in installing some additional software on my laptop to be able to share the sound and… well, I owe you.

I did look into Rabb.it (which, might I add, is also nice in a stew with potatoes) but unfortunately that only lets you share a browser tab and that will not work since people have these movies on DVD’s…

ANYWAY, since we need to find a good time for everyone I thought I’d make this post already. I’d like to know if everyone would be good to do this this weekend and, if so, are you available on Friday night/Saturday/Sunday (whole day, certain times, etc.)? I’ll need to know your time-zone (please also give me the time-difference with UTC to make my life easier because time-zones confuse me) and perhaps also how many movies you’re up for watching… There’s 3, they are LONG so I doubt we’ll be able to do more than one but let’s see!

Frodo managed the impossible so we should be able to hold a watch-party…

I’m tagging the people who have shown that they much desired to be included in this (and for all of you who haven’t seen LotR yet, I do apologize for stuffing this post so full with references that it might as well be a Hobbit after a good party…)

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Were you always obsessed with Snape?

I love telling this story. It’s like those stories people tell about when they met.

Short answer- not always

Long answer-

I always liked Snape as a character. I got into the books later than others. I was twelve, so about seven years ago. I checked all seven books out because my mama didn’t raise no weakling.

I read the first book & said “"this is really good.” My favorite character at the time was Ron, but I thought Severus was pretty cool. So I went onto CoS and liked him more. PoA and GoF are the ones that drew me in. 

He was just so interesting to me. So petty, yet with good reason. And learning he used to be a Death Eater? I was just !! Really, there are no words. I knew he was a vital character, and he was slowly becoming my favorite. 

After reading GoF, I began to watch some of the films. Philosopher’s Stone was great and I thought Alan Rickman (or as I didn’t know his name then “deep voiced guy”) was a wonderful choice in casting. I started liking his character more because of this. Then it happened.

I watched CoS and became surprised. As I watched, I found myself thinking “"ok but Snape is kinda hot.” Remember, I was twelve, thirteen at best. I couldn’t tell anyone because what would they think???? So, hoping I wouldn’t feel as much attraction to him if I kept reading instead, I read OotP.

SHIT HIT THE FAN. I was just so in love with this character. Reading his worst memory, I was thinking “there has gotta be something important about Lily in his life.” And his hatred for Umbridge was so relatable. I was thinking “"forget Ron, forget Lupin. Severus Snape is my favorite character.”

I literally began to search for fanfictions about him, I even made one my best friends because she loved Snape, too. I watched PoA and was turned on amazed by how wonderful Alan was as Snape. When I watched GoF, I couldn’t get over the part when he cockblocked a bunch of students during the Yule Ball. OotP intrigued me because “Obviously” was just hilarious. And I felt so bad for him with his memory. I was just like “bb NO ITS OKAY.”

Then I read HBP and was shooketh. I could not comprehend any of it. I wasn’t attached to Dumbledore, but D A M N. And learning he was the Half-Blood Prince? I was shocked. But I did not hate his character. I knew there had to be a reason, at least I hoped there was.

Watching the movie version, I realized that no, I could not hate his character because he looked so hesitant. And damn Alan just looked too good in this movie. I immediately read Deathly Hallows because I needed answers,

That book killed me, burned my crops, and took my water supplies. That BOOK was my everything. I was so relieved to see who Snape really was but I can’t lie. I threw that damn book across the room and sobbed during The Prince’s Tale. Severus deserved so much better. I still get emotional talking about it.

I didn’t want to watch either part of DH because I knew what to expect, but I got through the first part okay. But I screamed, cried, and had to take a few minutes before I could finish the second part. Alan’s acting was just too real. 

After that, I kept rereading and rewatching just to see parts with Snape in it. I could not get over the character he was. Everything about him was just truly amazing. I read fanfictions, wrote/write some fanfictions, looked at fan art, etc. Then I decided to tell my mom that I thought Alan Rickman was gorgeous, for some reason. But, according to her, she knew I already thought that.

And to this day he is still my favorite character and I’m still amazed by his character development. There are so few characters like him. And to think, none of this would have mattered to me if I hadn’t decided to tell myself to read all seven books within two months (which I did.) 

So no, I wasn’t always obsessed. But the obsession happened pretty early on.

Spots and Fluff Ch. 5

Ladrien June 5th: Wikipedia random article

Previous Chapter<>Next Chapter

First Chapter


Summary: Adrien and Ladybug become friends and eventually more in this prompt list based fanfiction.

Adrien hummed Jagged Stone’s Ladybug song to himself as he took the popcorn out of the microwave and put it in a large metal bowl. He smiled to himself as he hoped for these movie nights to become a regular thing.

“Is that the cheesy popcorn?” Plagg peered down at the bowl from his place atop Adrien’s head.

Adrien tried to look up at him before grinning. “Nope! If it was the cheesy popcorn you would probably end up giving away my secret to Ladybug just so you could eat some.” He chuckled.

Plagg whined. “But what’s a movie without cheese?!”

Adrien tapped his chin in thought. “A non-greasy one?” He smirked.

“Meany.” Plagg grumbled.

Adrien smiled and opened the fridge. He grabbed a piece of Camembert and tossed it up to Plagg. The Kwami cheered and swallowed it whole.

He spoiled his Kwami a bit too much.

Adrien closed the fridge and grabbed his bowl of popcorn. As he got to the door to his room he gestured for Plagg to hide.

“Try not to make a fool of yourself this time.” Plagg snickered quietly as he darted under Adrien’s bed. Adrien rolled his eyes.

He opened the door with his foot and made his way to the couch. “Got the popcorn.”

She didn’t seem to hear him as she was too focused on the TV. He took a glance at it and almost let out a groan. That fashion show had been the most exhausting two weeks of his life. He spent the entire time being shuffled from one designer to another. He rarely got so much as an hour of time to himself. He had even missed four days of school for the stupid thing.

He grumpily sat down on the couch and stuffed some more popcorn into his mouth. He glanced at his lady and was surprised by the look of excitement on her face. He didn’t know she was into fashion. Though, that did kind of explain why she knew who he was before meeting him.

He watched as past Adrien went through the motions of displaying the various clothes. He could remember how dull they looked to him. Modern chic. He grimaced. It was supposedly the best his father’s designers had to offer. He felt himself snort when the lady on screen complimented the originality of the line.

“What’s wrong?” Ladybug quirked and eyebrow at him.

“This line was as boring as it was unoriginal.” He drew his hand up to his face and glared through his fingers. “There’s more talent in a random article about fashion on Wikipedia than in the entire design team responsible for this monstrosity they called fashion.” He said flatly.

Ladybug gaped at him. “You think so? I mean I noticed they had reused some things but…”

Adrien scoffed. “They didn’t even try this time. This line was created by a group of designers that couldn’t care less about traditional clothing and it shows in how obsessed they are with making every piece as ‘modern’ as possible.” His fingers made quote marks as he said the word modern.

Ladybug looked at him oddly. “I didn’t know you could be this passionate about something.” She smiled. “It’s cool, I mean you’re cool! For being so passionate. I mean.” She pouted.

He grinned softly at her. “Thanks, I just wish someone like Marinette was in charge of this line instead. Then we’d get to see some real originality.” He ate some more popcorn and then gestured to the bowl. “Want some?” He glanced at her face and did a double take.

Ladybug was staring at him like he had grown another head. Feeling a bit subconscious he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Something on my face?” He weakly joked.

She whined. “You can’t just say…” She pouted. “Why would Marinette be better?”

He blinked. “She an amazing designer.” At her look of disbelief he decided to elaborate. “Look, she managed to make an original hat design that even impressed my father in a day.” He shook his head in amazement. “She got to make an awesome album cover for Jagged Stone. The Jagged Stone.” He sighed. “If I’m honest I’m kind of jealous. He’s my favorite musician.”

Ladybug grinned. “Than-” She cut her self off and shook her head. “You shouldn’t be jealous, Adrien, I bet Marinette thinks you’re even more amazing than she is.” She smiled.

Adrien smiled back. “Yeah, Marinette is great like that. She even gave me her lucky charm when I acted like an idiot about a game I lost.” He chuckled and got up to walk over to his desk. He left the bowl of popcorn on the table in front of the couch.

“You’re not an idiot.” Ladybug mumbled. Her eyes flickered in annoyance at his self-deprecation and her cheeks flushed at the praise. She then blinked. “Wait, you kept-”

He pulled the lucky charm out of a draw in the bookcase near his desk. He held it up so that she could see it. “I look at it whenever I need a morale boost.” He told her with a smile.

Ladybug stared at it. Her face flushed further. “You must really like her.” She said quietly.

Adrien furrowed his brow and shook his head. “She a good friend of mine.” He smiled. “I only wish I could get to know her better.”

She smiled softly. “I’m sure she’d love to get to know you too.”

He shrugged. “I don’t know about that. Do you still want to watch a movie?”

She shook her head. “I would rather play Mecha Strike 3. And don’t worry, I’ll stand.”

“I have a feeling I wouldn’t win in an argument about giving you the chair.” He stated dryly.

She chuckled. “Nope.”

“Guess I’ll stand as well. No need to give myself an unfair advantage after all.” He grinned.

Several rounds later and Adrien was surprised at how well he was doing. He turned to look at Ladybug and got to see her eyes dart back to the TV. Had she been staring at him? No way, must have been his imagination.

Ladybug hummed. “That lucky charm must be better than Marinette thought.”

Adrien chuckled. “It’s not just my natural talent then?”

She smirked. “Definitely not that.”

He laughed and she joined him in it a moment later.

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Meh, it seems ok. Watch a trailer before judging it fully. But yeah, it looks like it's gonna be a good movie, even though it's like "ok, we have too much money, what do we do?"

honestly…nope I’m not even going to give it a chance lol like I said, this is probably the first time I’m judging strictly off of the title. Though a friend watched the trailer and told me about it…it still sounds bad, every cliche under the sun. (insert character here) wants more than what they have, so they go on a journey only to discover they don’t need to change themselves and should be happy with who they are because blah blah blah

don’t get me wrong, if the characters are interesting and the story well written, I don’t care about the cliche. But these characters aren’t interesting….they freakin’ emojis…

Celebrating Christmas with Taehyung

Ultimate Masterlist

BTS Masterlist

-  You’ve been watching Christmas movies and Christmas episodes of cartoons and anime. “We still need to watch the SpongeBob Christmas Special, Y/N! I swear it’s so good!!!!!!!”

- “TAAAEE I NEED SOME REST from watching all those movies/cartoons. It’s the only thing we’ve been doing the last THREE DAYS??

- “JAGIiiiiiyaaa Please watch SpongeBob with me.” He looks at you with his puppy eyes. You CANT SAY NO to that, can you? “well, okay only this episode”

- What was supposed to be one episode turned into hours of watching cartoons.  And you falling asleep. “Sleep well bbayy” Tae kisses your forehead and then sleeps as well

————on Christmas day ————-

-  You woke up from an alarm. You didn’t remember setting it. “Tae turn your alarm off” No reaction. “Taehyung!!”

- You turned around, but he wasn’t lying down next to you. “Tae???? You woke up already?” You got out of bed and turned the alarm on v’s phone off. It was 5 AM. Why did he set the alarm so early??

-  That’s when you noticed a note on his side table saying: “follow the arrows to get your Christmas gift”

-  A smile appeared on your face. What arrows tho?

-  You looked around the room and saw the first arrow on the closet door, you went the direction it pointed to.

-  Following the third arrow, you found another note. “To get your gift you need to solve this riddle. It’ll take you to the exact location of your gift.  Don’t you worry, don’t you fear. This note is not your gift this year. Clues will lead you to something goof. Look for the thing where we store food”

- Ahahah knowing him he probs bought you lots of chocolate cookies. You went to the kitchen and opened the cookie jar. A small box of chocolates in the shape of hearts.

- On the fridge, you saw another arrow.

- This kept going on, seeing arrows and sometimes notes with riddles until you arrived in the living room.

- You already had four gifts. The chocolates, a headphone you really wanted, perfume and three stuffed animals

- In the Livingroom, there was a really big box that wasn’t there the evening before.

- You walked up to the box and saw a card attached to it. You opened it and read:

A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can’t deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you

Y/N Thank you for always being with me <3

- By now you were crying tears of joy. But there more written on the card. “You probs have found all your hidden gifts, but there’s one left. It’s this really big one. It’s time to open it.”  

- You opened the box, but before you could see what was inside taehyung jumped out and hugged you! Y/N what took you so long??? I was getting bored just sitting and waiting.

- TAEE!! You hugged him back. ”thank you for giving me all the presents and putting so much effort into all this”, you cried.

- “Jagi, don’t cry! I’m sorry..I” Before he could say anything else you kissed him.

-  “these are tears of joy silly, I’m so happy I can’t contain my feelings”

- And like that this became the best Christmas you had. Later in the day the other members came and you guys had a blast of a time. Getting drunk and doing silly things!

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School AUs

•Good ol’ fashioned nerd/jock AU cause honestly, even if you don’t admit it, everyone loves it.

•I got in trouble for saying my opinion, and you got in trouble for agreeing with me, which was really stupid and now you’re walking back to with me dying of laughter because you’re a “bad influence” on me and were the one who caused me to speak out. 

•I wanted to be a cheerleader/football player/anything sporty really but my little sibling wanted me to be in book club with them and because I just can’t resist those puppy eyes, here I am but I’m actually enjoying it because you look adorable when you’re reading.

•Literally the only good part about gym is watching the cute people run around, but it’s still gym and I’m complaining.

•English is your worst subject and my best, and maths is my worst subject and your best, wanna tutor each other? Oh, you hate all school in general and you’re good in something by luck? Fair enough, I feel ya. 

•Let’s skip class, go get some ice cream, catch a movie, and play laser tag cause we both need a break.

I Lost My Keys

Digging around in her purse, Y/N curses softly, feeling the drops of water slowly make their way down her back.

“No, no, no.” She mumbles, frustration growing in her chest. “Come on, where are they?”

After searching her purse for what felt like the hundredth time, Y/N had to accept the fact that her keys were just not in her bag. Turning her back to her door, she slides to the ground, wincing at the feeling of her wet clothes on her skin. Pushing her hair out of her face, she leans her head back, letting out a frustrated groan.

She had been caught in a rain storm on the way home, and had been really looking forward to coming home and climbing into a warm bath before curling up and watching Netflix. Instead, she was stuck outside her apartment, still in soaked clothing, and apparently no keys in her purse.

What a great Friday night.

“Y/N?” Tilting her head to the side and opening her eyes, she sees her neighbour, Joe, standing there. “Uhm, is everything okay?” He asks reluctantly, his own keys in hand as he moved closer.

“Just peachy. Thanks.”

Joe nods slowly, his eyes scanning across her and the state she was currently in. Sighing, she shifts slightly, picking at a piece of thread sticking out from her shirt.

“I lost my keys.”

“Ah see, I thought you just liked to hang around outside of your apartment instead of inside.” He smirks drawing a glare out of Y/N. “Sorry, too easy. So what’s with the water?” Joe nudges her foot with his.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s raining outside. And I got caught in that, without an umbrella, or really a jacket, because I’m just smart like that.” She runs a hand through her hair, looking down at her wet clothes.

“That seemed like a really smart idea.” Joe says, trying to not laugh.

“Cheers, just laugh at me.”

“I’m sorry, it’s a little funny…”

“Only because it’s not you!”

“True.” He smiles down at her, before extending a hand. “Come on. I’m not letting you stay out here all night, and we both know you aren’t getting let in tonight by the building manager.”

She takes his hand, allowing him to help her stand, bending to grab her purse as he unlocks the door.

Y/N follows Joe into his place, looking around. She had been over a few times, they were friendly enough as neighbours, but this time it was different, with just the two of them.

“Do you want some dry clothes?” She jumps slightly, surprised by the sudden question in the silent apartment. “Sorry.” Joe runs a hand through his hair, smiling sheepishly at her. “I just…I didn’t think you’d want to hang out in those.” He gestures towards her own clothes, and Y/N nods.

“If you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, follow me.”

They make their way further into Joe’s place, and she stops in the doorway, watching him move around and grab some new clothes.


“Don’t worry,” He smiles at her, their fingers brushing as he hands them over. “I’ll just meet you back in the living room.”

Y/N watches him go before stripping out of the wet clothes and slipping into his dry ones. She lifts the collar of his shirt to her nose, inhaling the smell of his cologne on the clothing. Letting it drop back down, she smiles to herself.

There was no denying that her neighbour was attractive, and Y/N always loved running into him because of it, that and his kindness. Now they were alone in his place, with her wearing his clothes. Maybe this Friday was turning around.

Padding barefoot back towards the living room, she sees him sat on the couch, flicking through the channels on the TV.


Joe turns his gaze from the TV to her, a small blush blossoming on his cheeks. “Hi. Uhm, is that better?” He stumbles over his words, and she can’t help but giggle softly at it. Nodding, she moves forward to sit beside him on the couch, pulling her feet under her.

“Dry clothes do tend to be much better than wet ones.”

“Right, yeah, of course…” He nods, looking back towards the screen. “Want to watch a movie?”

“Sure, it was my original plans anyways. What about you though? I expected you to be out on the town partying.” Y/N nudges his shoulder with her own before pulling a blanket off the back of the couch and over her.

Joe simply shrugs, pulling up Netflix. “Felt like I needed a night off, guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go out. Or else you’d still be sat out there.”

“My saviour.” She rolls her eyes.

“Damn right.” He grins over at her. “Why were you walking in the rain anyways?” He shifts on the couch to face her better. “Without a jacket. Or umbrella.”

Y/N stays silent for a minute, drawing the blanket tighter around her legs, debating how she wanted to answer it. Deciding to be honest, she meets his stare.

“I was coming back from a date.”

“A date?” Joe raises an eyebrow, waiting for her to continue.

“Yeah…turns out he was a bit of an ass. Left me there while he grabbed his own car, didn’t wait for me, or make sure I was okay. Then it started to rain, and I had to walk.”



“I’m sorry.”

“Why?” She shook her head. “It wasn’t your fault I have terrible taste in men.”

“You deserve better though.” He answers honestly, his eyes staring into hers causing Y/N to blush.

“Thanks.” She mumbles in reply, unable to look away from him. “Uhm,” She wets her lips, noticing the way his eyes watch, “Should we choose a movie?”

“Movie?” Joe asks, confused, before blinking and nodding. “Right, yeah, movie.” Finally he looks away, facing the TV, but there’s a charge in the air now.

That, or Y/N was completely imagining things. She really hoped she wasn’t.

The rest of the night goes by with them talking more than watching a movie. That spark hangs between them, and their touches linger for too long, their eyes keep meeting. They cover everything, from childhood memories, to the worst dates they’ve ever been on. Their voices grow quieter as it gets later, and they’ve moved in close to one another, as if it will help them hear each other better, despite them being alone in the apartment.

It’s around 2:30 in the morning when Y/N feels her eyes grow heavy, so she rests her head on Joe’s shoulder. He’s talking softly, their fingers laced together, telling her some story from his childhood. It’s calming, and she wants to hear the end of it, but her eyes fall closed.

Y/N’s not sure if she imagined it, but she’s fairly sure she hears Joe whisper a soft good night to her before placing a kiss on her head.

What a great Friday night.

Cinema (Jin x Reader Smut)

Originally posted by beagletae

Pairing: JinxReader
Genre: Romance / Smut
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 4,269

Summary: At a movie premier you meet your ex / good friend, Jin. As complicated as your relationship with him is, it get even more complicated when he convinces you to ditch your date and spend some time with him.

A/N: This is my first time writing smut and it’s the first time I wrote something pass 2000+ pages fanfiction wise. OTL I hope you guys like it, It was fun writing. If you want more smut or fluff, or anything with the bangtan boys my requests are open. Enjoy!


You laid in bed and tried to assess what had happened in the span of four hours. The taste of liquor on your tongue was something heavy, and floral. You remembered these martini glasses of lavender colored something. He didn’t drink, but you knew when you saw him there you were gonna have to have a few drinks before the night was over. Your plum lipstick was smudged, probably from when you opened the door and his lips locked onto yours. The taste was like opening an old book you’ve read over and over before. No matter how many times you tried to quit Kim Seokjin, you kept coming back to him. That was a book you knew inside out.

At the beginning of the night, you were at a movie premier one of your clients invited you to. You worked in accounting, but it wasn’t surprising when a celebrity or two asked for your services.  Dressed in a navy knee length cocktail dress, black heels, and a black shawl, a few heads turned. The lights from the reporters stung, but you seemed to keep yourself away from their attention. You kept your face towards the door and made sure not to make any kind of eye contact with anyone on the red carpet outside. As you entered the theater, there was a moderate crowd waiting to see the film. Your client, an athlete in his late twenties, was at your side. He asked you if you wanted something and you asked for popcorn and a box of sour patch kids. His hand wanders to your side and squeezes it for a moment before he goes to the concession stand. You grimaced slightly at his pass, but you couldn’t act surprised. How many people ask the person that handles their finances out to a movie? You watched his stance as he sauntered over. You could tell from the way he carried himself he was overconfident and honestly, it was kind of annoying. You recalled how the conversation went when he asked you to the movie. “You’ll love it, no need for you to act so cold. I always give a good time. “  You begrudgingly accepted. You could always leave early if you felt like it. You looked around at the mild wave of people coming in and before you knew it, it was getting packed. Your client was chatting up a few other men you remember seeing on the sport section of the news, still in line. You sighed and checked your watch. Leaving your date waiting was such a turn off.

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Cereal For Dinner

Summary: Dan suffers from a chronic illness and has an episode one evening. Phil makes sure Dan is okay and takes care of him, as always.

A/N: woah long time since the last illness oneshot (or story at all) lmao i’m so sorry D: to know what illness please click the link in the summary or here

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Phil being awesome.
Words: 3197

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Title: Equilibrium
Pairing: Jisoo x Jeonghan x Seungcheol (poly)
Genre: hurt/comfort, slight angst, fluff
Rating: PG-13 
Word count: 4k

Summary: Just when Jeonghan thinks he has finally found his perfect equilibrium, things started getting out of control.

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble, but it got out of control, too. It has not yet been beta’d, so there may be some mistakes of awkwardnesses, sorry for that. If anyone would like to beta this, please PM me.

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Words: 3407
Teen!Sam x Reader
Warnings: none really, just fluff
Requests:“Can you do one where its back when sam and dean are teens and the reader has a crush on sam but she thinks he doesnt feel the same way but turns out that sam was thinking the same about her and they eventually say their feelings to one another?” AND “Sam x reader baking/movie day. :D”
Summary: Y/N and Sam attend the same high school and are partnered to bake treats for a school bake sale fundraiser. Little do they know they both have mutual feelings for one another! Adorable awkward/nervous-ness occurs.
A/N: So. sweet. I need to get checked for cavities. ;)

Your name: submit What is this?

”Alright, settle down for one more minute! Remember, the bake sale to raise money for our annual field trip is Monday. You’ve all got your partners to help spread the cost and the work, so make sure you bring in your baked goods after the weekend. Don’t forget. Oh and Roger and Matthew,” your teacher said pointedly to the two boys goofing off in the back of the classroom, “please make sure they’re actually edible this time.” There was some murmured laughter among the rest of the class and everyone stood to collect their books and bags as the bell sounded, signaling the end of the day. “Have a good weekend everyone!” your teacher called out as there was a dash for the hallway and the freedom that a Friday offered.

Sam watched you stand and slide your notebook into your bag. He adjusted his own backpack on his shoulder and with each step towards you his heart began to beat faster. As he was struggling to find his voice on the way over, he cleared his throat in attempt to loosen the tightness that was settling there and between his lungs. Luckily, you beat him to it.

”Hey Sam,” you said, noticing him walking over. You gave him a warm smile. He loved that. You were one of the only people at this school that reacted to him that way. Pretty much everyone else either completely ignored him or thought he was some kind of weirdo, just some random new guy.

”Hey Y/N,” Sam managed. “Are we still on for tonight?”

Your smile widened. “Yeah, you bet! My parents are going to my brother’s basketball tournament, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Just means we won’t have them lurking around,” you said with a small laugh. “I made sure we have everything we need. You just wanna come by around six?” you asked, hoisting your bag onto your shoulder and picking up the book still on your desk.

”Yeah, that sounds good. I think I can convince my brother to give me a ride,” Sam said, walking alongside you into the hall.

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