i still need to put down my christmas tree


* contains mature content

Hide and Seek Series*

Here Comes Trouble (#1) Here Goes Nothing (#2)

I Put a Spell on You (#3) In the Past (#4)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (#5)

Hazed & Confused (#6) Headlines & Bylines (#7)

More Than You (#8)  And Baby Makes Three (#9)

Blame It On Me (#10)  Sugar, We’re Going Down (#11)

Living With Ghosts (#12)

(Yes, I will be finishing this story but for now it has been put on the back burner while I focus on school)

One Shots

Thinking Out Loud - For the love of fluff

Say My Name* Four years later and I still feel it

Dance For You* - Let me show you how much I love you

Dirty Little Secret* - Sometimes all you need is a supply closet

Merry Christmas, Darling* - All wrapped up under the tree

All That Ruckus* - You fuck in it, you buy it

Naked* - But if you’ll just take off your mask

If You Can’t Stand the Heat* - You can’t keep your hands off me, can you?

It Was Only a Kiss - How did we end up like this?

Little Spoon* - Just you and me, between the sheets

Impulses* - I just really want to touch you

Mini-shots (< 2000 words)

A Night in Paris*

Roll Up the Partition, Please*

I Think I Wanna Marry You*

I’m Not the Only One, A Case of You

I’m Not Drunk

First Time*

Keep Quiet*

I’m PregnantBaby’s Here, Daddy’s Here

Thank God for Technology*


Morning Routine, Squeaky Clean*


It’s Not a Flower*

I’ll Be Home for Christmas/Surprise

Kiss Me at Midnight

Poor Thing

Christmas Eve Lingerie (Calum)

“Cal!” you exclaimed in a hushed voice. “Come on you need to be quiet the kids are asleep and we CANNOT wake them up” you scolded him. “Aw. Come on babe, have some fun” he smirked. “We don’t have to be loud to have fun” you told him. “I beg to differ” he said with a cheeky grin.

It was Christmas Eve and you had just calmed the children down enough to put them to sleep. It had taken quite a while because they were very excited for tomorrow to see what Santa had brought them. And now you and your husband were out in the living room playing Santa. You were putting the presents under the tree, eating the cookies the kids had left out, sharing a few kisses, and occasionally scolding your husband for acting like a child himself. 

“Come on Cal. Put the cookie down. Let’s take care of the presents first” you whispered to him. “But the cookie..” he protested. You gave him a look. “It’ll still be here when the presents are all out” he grumbled and set it back down on the plate. “How about you put some of the stuff under the tree and I’ll fill their stockings?” you asked. “Sure. Give yourself the easy job” he grumbled. You gave him a kiss. “Some of those presents are heavy and I need a big strong man to help me out” you said, running your hand down his torso. “That was the cheesiest line. But it worked” he laughed. “I knew it would” you said with a smirk.

“Now it’s time for my Christmas present?” Calum asked. “What makes you think you’re so special?” you replied with a smile as you were walking down to your bedroom. “I just thought you would reward your big strong man” he laughed. “Dream on Mr. Hood” you smirked. “I like it when you call me that” he said, pulling you in for a kiss. “Go to bed. The kids will be up early” you told him, pushing him down on the bed as you walked into the bathroom. “Yea, yea” he grumbled, pulling of his clothes. 

“Hey, Mr. Hood? There actually is an early present for you tonight” you said. You were standing in the doorway of the bathroom with some sexy Mrs. Claus lingerie on. “Fuck me” he mumbled as he looked at you. “As you wish sir” you laughed, walking towards him slowly. You twirled around so he could appreciate the view of your ass as well. 

He had sat up and you pushed him back down on the bed. You straddled him and leaned down to give him a kiss. You felt his hands on your body and you moved your lips to his neck, sucking and gently nipping. He was already breathing heavily. You began to grind against him and he exhaled a low “Fuck”. 

You moved down leaving kisses down his chest as you went. He was watching you, clearly excited. You were about to pull his boxers off when you heard a child exclaim “SANTA WAS HERE”. He closed his eyes and sighed as you pulled away from him. “Calum. Deal with that and I’ll make it worth your time” you gave him a wink as he pulled on a pair of shorts and walked out of the room mumbling “Every fucking time”. 

  • Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, emails, and messages today. For all the crappy things the Internet offers, it sure offers a plethora of good things. Thank you. 
  • Plethora is an excellent word, yes?
  • I had this coming Friday off, but now I don’t. Oh work. LOL. You’re so funny. 
  • Speaking of work, I am still at work. I used to think The Bank was a busy place to work, oh, young, Naive-Liz, how silly you once were. Luckily I love what I do. But also, I need to remind myself of balance. Actually, a few months back I lost balance in my life and it was the WORST. I was working until nearly midnight several nights a week, and stopped concentrating on other areas of my life… so on that note, I must leave work soon. 
  • Note to Liz: Post the official “Toronto Meetup” post this week.  I’m thinking a Tuesday one evening after work? On the Esplande? Or is a Saturday brunch better? Hmmm. 
  • This weekend’s agenda is already overwhelming. So much fun bottled up into two days. How will I do it?
  • Remember how I said I was going to move? Well, I’m still going to, but decided to after Christmas. Why? Because I can’t wait to deck out my fireplace mantel and get a Christmas tree - wahoo! I’m actually putting together a little group of friends to head north in the snow, and take a horse drawn wagon ride out to the “forest,” and then cut down my own tree. 
  • You guys, I really need a boyfriend. I mean, I just need someone to do things with. I have soooooooo many plans I want to do, but all my lady friends are in couples, and it’s weird to ask them to go explore A, or see B with me. So much so, I’ve been planning adventures alone. Cool. I know. 
  • Speaking of boyfriends/exes. I skyped Matt the other night, along with his whole family.  It was pretty awesome. I feel in such a solid spot with that old relationship, and I am finally putting together my Australian photo album, but… do I add photos of him? I am so torn on this. Would you? He thinks yes, but he’s biased. I know one day I’ll look back through it (hopefully married n’ what not), so would it then be weird? Thoughts?
  • What else? Oh! I’m making myself a gallery wall around my TV. It’s quite challenging, but when it’s done, I’ll post photos. Pinterest is actually failing me on this… gallery walls + TVS appears to be a challenge for all. 
  • I was thinking of going on a diet… *gotcha!* because I totally mean a screen diet.  I feel like I go from one screen to another to another. Any advice for me? How do I even start? **hugs computer**

I started this list this morning, and have added it throughout the day, but I did want to take a moment to say I am truly saddened by the events that happened today in Ottawa. Being a Canadian and all, the majority of headlines like this don’t appear so close to home. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affect by today’s horrific events. xo