i still need to learn how to properly use this app but for a first i like it

The Void Inside Me (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This idea was sprouted by one of those ads we’re the two people are texting about something really agnsty or suspenseful and you have to download the app to see the whole story. I loved the idea so much and thought no one would be more suited for it than Void. I want to thank @writing-obrien for seriously helping me out with this when I was completely stumped. Also @celestial-writing because this fic would not be finished if it weren’t for her motivating me to push through up until the very end. And @sarcasticallystilinski too for all her feedback. I think they all edited this at some point too so thank you beautiful babes, I love you all more than most. Lastly, Koneko is Japanese for kitten so says google translater. I’m sorry if I got that wrong.

Warnings: Smut; choking.

Word Count: 6860


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Mystic Messenger : Prologue ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

Like, reblog, or do nothing, but please don’t copy/paste it and claim it as your own… I am on my own and spent a lot of time to do this.

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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ashesinmymind  asked:

Can you give the "I want to learn Korean" beginner kit?

Ah like what I think you need/need to do in order to get started in Studying Korean? Sure~

First first first~ Learn how to read hangul. Using romanization will only negatively affect your pronunciation and reading skills, so the quicker you learn hangul the better.
I recommend using a video source, so you can hear and watch someone pronounce each letter properly. I don’t have a source I personally used, as I just kind of picked it up slowly living in a Korean neighborhood, but I know more and more good options are on Youtube!

Find a reliable primary study source! I love having the Korean study community here on tumblr, but everyday I scroll through my dash and see incorrect information/thing that are just a little off of natural. We are all learning and supporting each other but we’re all bound to make mistakes time to time, so don’t rely on just tumblr for your study material.
I’m not recommending going and spending a lot of money on textbooks right away, if you can, save your money until you’re a bit deeper into the language and the free resources dry up mighty fast (I can rarely find stuff levelled with what I’m studying in class for free).
There are quite a few PDFs of beginner textbooks floating around tumblr. Download them and and read through them, and find which teaches in a style best suited for you! A textbook that matches your learning style is far more important than what is the most popular. I personally studied with Korean Grammar in Use, which does have a pdf floating around as well.

For getting used to writing hangul download and print out 원고지 paper. It is simple gridded paper that Korean students use for essay writing. It will also be how you will write essays in TOPIK II (if you plan on studying to that point), so you can get used to it early.

For grammar and sentence building, take your time with lessons and utilize any exercises the book you are using gives you. But don’t stop there! Make a Lang-8 account and put that new grammar to work! Make even basic sentences and post them for native speakers to correct. You’ll pick up on Korean sentence structure and the grammar you’re studying much quicker that way.

For listening, I assume most people are not like me, and actually actively participate in Korean entertainment, dramas kpop whatev. Now you put it to use. Dramas are good for hearing clear pronunciation, but make sure to watch variety shows too, as this is much more similar to how Koreans really talk.

For speaking, just speak. This is the hardest for me as well because I hate making mistakes, but talk to yourself all the time. You’ll get used to hearing yourself speak. If you watch dramas start repeating simple lines you hear until you can say it like the actors do.

And lastly have patience with yourself. Learning a language is not an overnight project and not everyone learns at the same pace. I still catch myself beating myself up for not being farther than I am, but I’m learning at the pace I am meant to learn a language as difficult as Korean at. Make language friends here or in real life and motivate and encourage each other. Know we all have our ups and downs studying but with dedication and patience we’ll reach whatever language goal we have.

Extra Resources I personally use(d) and recommend:

  • Naver Dictionary/Daum Dictionary- App and websites (doooon’t use google translate. It really doesn’t work for non Euro languages)
  • Dongsa- App/Website Handy dandy app that will show you all common conjugations for any DVerb/AVerb you enter.
  • Memrise/Quizlet/Anki- Apps/Websites Make flashcards. Practice Vocab
  • HiNative- App Ask native speakers questions/answer questions about your native language. Share and share alike
  • Hellotalk/Tandem- Apps Connect with language partners and practice with native speakers

Hope that helps~

How to Stop Procrastinating: ENTP Style


1. Balance your work and fun time PROPERLY

It’s funny because in a schedule of work and fun time, it’s always the fun time bit people mess up. You see, when people actually sit down and work, it’s very high intensity work in which they get a lot done. But then they feel mentally exhausted and need a rest, and that is where they mess up.

What they indulge in is something called low density fun, in order to give their minds a break. These are things like surfing the net, randomly scrolling through Tumblr, watching pointless videos on Youtube, etc. Basically something that isn’t much fun at all. And because it only gives their brains a small amount of fun, they’ll continue doing it for the rest of the day to rewind from the hard work they were doing before. And bam, the entire day wasted with only a tiny bit of work completed.

So the way to stop this is simple, replace the low density fun with high density fun. High density fun includes going to the mall, hanging out with friends, reading a book, playing a video game you really like, going to the gym, park, movies, etc. You get the picture? High density fun is what you find REAL fun, not mindlessly passing hours on the internet.

So in order to stay productive throughout the day, after finishing a portion of your work for that day, do NOT log onto Tumblr and start scrolling aimlessly. Because you won’t get enough fun from just that and will have to continue for hours in order to feel somewhat fulfilled from such low density fun. Instead meet up with your friends, go out or read/watch something that you’ll really enjoy. You’ll find that after resting properly with something you really enjoy, you’ll feel way more recharged to tackle the other work you have to do.

But by all means, if you’ve finished your work for the day, low density fun is a great way to unravel. Just keep in mind that that once you start scrolling aimlessly or clicking random youtube videos, you’re probably not going to stop. However, if you’ve gotten all your work done for the day, that doesn’t matter!

Hopefully that made a little sense. If you want to learn more though, I recommend checking out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efr9II6mS3I

2. Work in a public environment e.g. a library, coffee shop, park, etc

Basically, just try to avoid isolating yourself in your room the entire day studying. If you’re an extrovert, seriously, go to a library or coffee shop with other people in it and study. Trust me, even if you’re not talking to anybody, you’ll feel so much more energised just being around other people.

And if you’re an introvert, that’s no excuse for you not to get out of your bedroom. Isolation is great but hauling up in your bedroom cramming for hours is not. Go outside and get some fresh air for a change. Your garden or even a park has such a peaceful and relaxing environment to get work done.

Even study sessions with friends are great since it makes studying fun and interesting which is the aim here. You have a desk in your bedroom for a reason but it is okay to leave it when desired and study in more cheerful places.

3. Competition

For the first few weeks of this term, I barely did any studying. My tests are still quite a while away and so normally I would have procrastinated and started studying closer to the time. Yet since last week, I’ve managed about 1-4 hours of studying everyday.

Last week was also when I downloaded this app called Forest: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/forest-stay-focused-be-present/id866450515?mt=8

Now although Forest costs money to download, it was 100% worth it since it’s EXTREMELY helpful. 3 dollars is about the price of a hot chocolate, so don’t just disregard it because it costs a little money. I’m not saying this app will work for everyone but I’m saying there’s a chance it might work for you. Yet you’ll never know if you won’t try it.

So anyway, after downloading the app I did some studying but not much. What really motivated me was when my highly competitive friend downloaded the app too. Suddenly I was up until 12am, studying and studying. I would think I had beaten her before checking my phone to see that in reality she beaten me. The competition made us extremely motivated to work longer but also made things entertaining as well.

This made me realise how competition really does work miracles depending on the person and if the competition is done with the right people. Even if Forest doesn’t work well for you, that shouldn’t stop you from making studying competitive. Challenge the smartest person you know to get higher marks then you on a test. Challenge your friends to see who does the most hours of studying when they get home. Once again, it depends on your nature and the natures of the people you challenge but if done correctly, competition can make even studying tons of fun.

toebeanz  asked:

How many languages do you know? Do you have any tips for people attempting to learn new languages(especially any for people on tight budgets)? And have you ever heard of the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis?(It's really interesting and there's a great Ted talk that relates to it in a really cool way that I'd be happy to send you a link to if you'd like)

Thanks for the question! I technically speak 3 at a conversational level - English, Russian and Japanese right now. I used to take German in school but since I never use it it has been shelved inside my brain and I probably couldn’t use it anymore. 

That being said, I basically just revealed my answer to your other question: how do languages get learned? Use. How do languages get remembered? Use. If you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s it. That’s the only secret you need to know. Now and forever. Some company offering you The Fastest Way to Learn And Retain A Language? They’re lying unless their solution is to force you to use a language EVERY DAY hopefully for tasks which are absolutely necessary for you so it becomes something you NEED to keep using. 

So, I studied Linguistics in college. Basically, I think you know what this is if you watched a TEDt on the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis (more on that later). It’s the study of how languages are acquired by the human species, how they are processed in the brain, etc. And if we wanted to go back to the root of things the answer would be clear. Why did humans evolve to be able to learn language? Because it was necessary for us to use it. Because it is our greatest tool. We are expert tool-users and tool-makers. Language is, arguably, one of our most complex and most natural tools. Kids are programmed language-learning machines. They acquire language with an incredibly speed and precision. Why? Because it was necessary for the survival of our species for millenia. So if you want to learn a language? You have to use it as a tool, otherwise nothing will work out.

To learn a language, you don’t need money at all. You just need access to a library card, or a phone app, or a really kind friend. Let’s discuss first the basics of what a good language-learning tool will provide you with… 

It needs: Input, output, feedback and (on your part) lack of fear. 

1. Input is an environment in which you can learn the language. This can be anything. Ideally, you are picked up by a stork and re-deposited in a place where your target language is the ONLY language you can use and you are forced to use it to survive. That sounds really tough and mentally it’s a hike up a really tall mountain. Psychological breakdowns would probably ensue. But would it help your language ability? Absolutely.

Short of that we have a source of info. A native speaker buddy or a teacher who would teach you. A really good book. An app. Duolingo. Anything. Anything that tells you “hey, you wanna say CAT in ____? Ok, then you wanna do  X and Y and Z.”

2. Output is a chance to use the language. If you just read a book on Swahili without uttering a single word aloud or trying out any of the grammar rules, you’re screwed. Even if you memorized that book, you don’t speak Swahili. Probably nowhere close. You HAVE to use the tool in order to learn it. 

This can be in a classroom setting, in a series of worksheets where you have to write sentences, or just a chatroom with native speakers where you can try to talk to people using what you just learned. It can also technically be your kitchen, with no one around as you talk to yourself. However, this is a slippery slope because you still need…

3. Feedback is an object which listens/accepts your attempted output of a language and gives you feedback about how well you are understood. This can technically be anything - innocent bystanders who speak your target language and who are going to look confused when you mess up! Or a teacher who will politely tell you that you mispronounced the word for “food preservatives” and said “condom” instead. 

Feedback is important because if there is no one to judge your use of the tool, you don’t know how to use it well. Languages are made up of separate parts, and ideally all those separate, small parts should function well on their own in order to function well together as a sentence. Basically: If you wanna say “I want to sit in the chair.” you gotta make sure you know how to properly pronounce each of those words, otherwise it might be a disastrous jumble of nearly impossibly bodily function horror.

4. Lack of fear is something you will need because speaking languages that you don’t know well is embarrassing. Alternatively, this can be replaced with a fear of something larger than the language. Say you’re trying to make first contact with aliens who are carrying weapons and you’re not sure what exactly you need to say but the safety of your entire civilization depends on you communicating to them the idea of “No, don’t worry, we already impeached Trump. There’s no need for extreme action anymore.”  

* * *

What are some things you can do this with? Duolingo, for one. Books, for another. Lots of books. Also there’s tons of apps - like HelloTalk, or online chatrooms, youtube videos, etc. It’s entirely possible to learn a language without paying a single penny for it. All it hinges on is your determination to keep going and to continue USING the language, in one way or another. 

* ALSO, I KNOW I SAID YOU COULD USE A REALLY KIND FRIEND, BUT I’VE THOUGHT ABOUT IT, AND NO, PLEASE DON’T ACTUALLY ASK FRIENDS TO DO THIS FOR YOU, ESPECIALLY NOT FOR FREE. Language teaching is a really difficult job. People get qualified for it. It’s a skill. You asking your friend to just randomly do you this big favor is kinda shitty unless they’re getting something out of it too. 

And finally, for the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis… I think it’s safe to say every single Linguist learns about this really early on in their school days. To say that I’ve heard of it might be putting it lightly.

I don’t know if the TED talk mentioned this, but there’s a strong version of this and a weak version. I’m sorry to say that the strong version (that the language you speak determines how you think) is regarded as sensationalist by most Linguists and has a few holes in it. I myself am not a fan, especially because it tends to inspire really racist conclusions in some people who use it and it was the forefather of things such as “the esk*mo language has 100 words for snow” and other inane generalizations. 

The weaker version (that language may constrain thought patterns or influence thought process) has a little more leeway, but I still think that it should be used with caution for what kind of racist theories it could give way to. For example, some languages don’t have as many words for colors as English does. The conclusion might be given that these people don’t see color as well and are therefore beneath the color-seeing peoples and are ‘better’ in a way. Still, when looked at from a neuro-developmental point of view, it’s really kinda cool! Brains are weird.

Sorry that got really long. Thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

Hi lovely!! If it's not too much could you please do some HC's of McCree, S.76, Lucio, and Reinhardt (sorry if that's too much-I couldn't find your rules ^^') learning, comforting, and helping a s/o who flinches if anyone moves too fast or raises their hand near them due to an abusive past? I just got out of an abusive relationship and need some comfort ^~^' (I completely understand if you're uncomfortable with writing this though-if you are just ignore this, thankie!! <3)

Hello, precious Anon! 

We hope that you are able to find some comfort in what we’ve written.
Also, we are extremely proud that you managed to get out of that relationship, we know how difficult it can be. Stay strong, we wish you all the best and if you ever need someone to talk, feel free to message us! 

We’d also like to mention that neither of us has made many experiences regarding any kind of abuse so we did a lot of research on that topic and on how to properly comfort a victim of abuse. Still, if there are any errors in there, if we mentioned things that would result in someone not feeling supported at all, please message us. We will change it to prevent anyone from feeling uncomfortable! 

One last thing: No worries, you got the perfect amount of characters, dear Anon! We are actually working on making the rule page viewable on the mobile app as well as changing the template for PC users because we feel like the one we are currently using does not provide a very clear structure. 


  • Jesse is trying to impress his s/o with a new move that he had recently taught himself, throwing three snowballs in the air and shooting each of them easily, making a tiny bit of snow flutter to the ground at their feet. He is so invested in aiming perfectly to brighten up their day that he doesn’t notice them flinching and backing away as he throws his targets in the air.
  • What he does notice is their uncomfortable expression and the distance they brought between them after finishing his little trick. He seems confused at first and asks his s/o if they didn’t enjoy his show. As they slowly shake their head he realizes that there must be a lot more to it. 
  • He doesn’t pressure them into telling him but if they want to talk he’d listen to them for as long as they want and need him to. As his s/o decides to tell him about their past relationship he doesn’t really know how to react at first. He’s never made any experiences of that kind so the first thing that comes to his mind is asking them what exactly they are uncomfortable with. He really wants to avoid anything that could distress his s/o.
  • It might take a while for the both of them to figure out what his s/o really needs to be comforted so he’ll try out many different things. They will probably settle on him just hugging his s/o or holding their hands carefully to comfort them. He’ll also be whispering sweet nothings into his s/o’s ear to distract them from the memories as well as reassuring them that they are really strong for overcoming what they’ve been through. He’s very, very proud of them.

Soldier: 76

  • He first notices as the two of them are preparing breakfast at an ungodly hour in the morning before training. They are both preparing their individual bowls of cereal when he sees something on the top shelf is about to fall off. Of course, his super soldier reflexes allow him to catch whatever was about to make contact with the floor on time but he was surprised when he didn’t receive any appreciation from his s/o. Instead, he realizes that they are suddenly visibly flinching, trying to slow their breath and calm their nerves. He immediately knows that something has to be pretty wrong.
  • He addresses the issue after both of them have finished training, asking them if there is anything they’d like to tell him. He reassures them that he won’t force them to talk if they’re uncomfortable; he knows all too well how hard it can be to talk about a painful past. 
  • He listens intently, not wanting to interrupt them. He then asks what he could do to help them, offering to contact Mercy or help them get professional help if they consider that an option. Jack will keep a close eye on them during missions or even free them of any battles for a while if it makes them more comfortable and helps with their healing process. He is also very well aware that these scars may never heal but will do everything in his power help them. 
  • He will try his best to make sure his s/o won’t ever feel like their feelings are invalid or that they deserved what happened to them. He’ll show them that they deserve to be treated with utter respect and tenderness every day.
  • He might ask for the name of the person who did this to them. For research only. Definitely not to punch them in the face. Hard. 


  • He is simply chilling and cuddling with his s/o on the sofa when his favorite song of all time suddenly starts playing on the radio. Well, Lúcio being Lúcio, he immediately jumps up in excitement, ready to dance, triggering his s/o’s reaction in the process. He notices that something is wrong only seconds later, quickly returning to their side again and asking them what happened. 
  • If they decide to tell him about it, he’ll listen closely, not pressuring them into revealing any details. Like McCree, he wouldn’t really know what to do so the first thing that comes to his mind is taking them to their room, lying in bed with them for now and just putting on some relaxing music to help them calm down. 
  • He’ll put together a playlist consisting of songs that are meant to reduce stress and anxiety that his s/o can listen to whenever they need it and he’s not there to help and comfort them. Being quite an energetic person, he will also try and tone down his movements around them, he would never want to cause his s/o to feel uneasy.    
  • He will give them all the support in the world and help them understand that the abuse was never their fault if they believe that. He probably spends a long time researching the topic and what kind of options exist that could make his s/o feel better and stronger. He’d present those to them but wouldn’t mind if they decide against any of them. He’ll be happy as long as he’s able to provide the needed amount of comfort to his s/o.


  • He finds out about it after coming home from a larger mission as he was seated next to his s/o on the sofa, recounting the events of the mission to some of the other Overwatch agents. He tells a story about how he defeated a large group of enemies all on his own; of course, he has to underline his tale so he starts using gestures to make it more believable. He notices his s/o visibly flinching as he’s wildly flourishing his hands so he immediately stops. 
  • He’s convinced that he must have accidentally hit his Liebchen. He’s pretty worried because he knows exactly how much getting hit by him must hurt. His s/o then reassures them that they are definitely not hurt but inform him that they’d like to talk about something important with him later, in private. 
  • A while later, after they have finished telling him about their past, he simply embraces them in a hug. He’s in complete disbelief as to why someone would ever hurt a person as beautiful as his s/o, why a kind-hearted human being like them had to endure such hardships. He gives them a lot of forehead kisses and tells them that he is extremely proud of how they managed to withstand the situation.
  • From then on he would be very careful not to move too fast or raise his hands around his s/o. It’s difficult at first because he’s so used to doing it, especially when telling one of his infamous tales but he wouldn’t be able to be happy if it made his s/o uncomfortable. He’s also paying very close attention to the people around him. If he notices anyone doing something that could cause his s/o to feel bad, he’d immediately grab their hand in an attempt to comfort and distract them. 
When We First Met V (Peter Parker/Asgardian!poc!reader)

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Summary: Over the years of riding the New York City Subway as transportation, Peter Parker had come across many interesting things. The one thing he had yet to come across on the subway until today was a 6 feet tall Asgardian warrior.

Pairing: Peter Parker/Asgardian!poc!reader

Inspired by imagine

Chapters: Chapter 1, Ch. 2,  Ch. 3, Ch.4

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A/N: So last week was my birthday and I decided since the next prompt was about gifts, I’d make it about the reader’s birthday. :D

Chapter V: Gift

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Apps for Learning Korean

@markmeevil asked what I apps I’ve been using since I started learning Korean 2 years ago so here’s my faves (on the apple app store):

AnkiApp: basically a flashcard/memorization tool app for literally anything (I use it for music scales and to brush up on my French as well). But there’s a TOPIK grammar set that has like, 7,000 flashcards and a Common Words set that I use a lot. 

best pro: all of the flashcards have voice recordings so you don’t teach yourself the wrong pronunciation 

Naver Dictionary: pretty self explanatory, but this dictionary app is really useful, and the translation feature is way better than regular google translate.

best pro: it’ll recognize Korean slang

DictBox: best plain-Jane dictionary app. will read things out to you, offers example sentences,  parts of speech, how to change the tense and form of words. will even give you the hanja (Chinese characters) for most words

worst con: if slang is involved, it might not translate properly 

Hangeul 101: no one is above drilling the basics. my Korean professor in the states had a really strong satori dialect so my vowels are forever in need of sharpening into something my Seoul friends can understand

worst con: offers in-app purchases, can’t unlock the entire alphabet (like, really?) but still worth a look at 

If you know enough hangul to get by with reading, I suggest downloading Naver and trying to read news articles. anything. entertainment, fashion, sports news, or, my favorite, webtoons. it doesn’t matter if you have to stop after every sentence to look up a few words or what a particle does to a certain noun or verb. It all counts! every little thing you do to further your skills counts, so don’t ever let not knowing anything at first discourage you!

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.

By Michael Kimmelman, NY Times, June 15, 2017

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands–The wind over the canal stirred up whitecaps and rattled cafe umbrellas. Rowers strained toward a finish line and spectators hugged the shore. Henk Ovink, hawkish, wiry, head shaved, watched from a V.I.P. deck, one eye on the boats, the other, as usual, on his phone.

Mr. Ovink is the country’s globe-trotting salesman in chief for Dutch expertise on rising water and climate change. Like cheese in France or cars in Germany, climate change is a business in the Netherlands. Month in, month out, delegations from as far away as Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, New York and New Orleans make the rounds in the port city of Rotterdam. They often end up hiring Dutch firms, which dominate the global market in high-tech engineering and water management.

That’s because from the first moment settlers in this small nation started pumping water to clear land for farms and houses, water has been the central, existential fact of life in the Netherlands, a daily matter of survival and national identity. No place in Europe is under greater threat than this waterlogged country on the edge of the Continent. The nation sits largely below sea level and is gradually sinking. Now climate change brings the prospect of rising tides and fiercer storms.

From a Dutch mind-set, climate change is not a hypothetical or a drag on the economy, but an opportunity. While the Trump administration withdraws from the Paris accord, the Dutch are pioneering a singular way forward.

It is, in essence, to let water in, where possible, not hope to subdue Mother Nature: to live with the water, rather than struggle to defeat it. The Dutch devise lakes, garages, parks and plazas that are a boon to daily life but also double as enormous reservoirs for when the seas and rivers spill over. You may wish to pretend that rising seas are a hoax perpetrated by scientists and a gullible news media. Or you can build barriers galore. But in the end, neither will provide adequate defense, the Dutch say.

And what holds true for managing climate change applies to the social fabric, too. Environmental and social resilience should go hand in hand, officials here believe, improving neighborhoods, spreading equity and taming water during catastrophes. Climate adaptation, if addressed head-on and properly, ought to yield a stronger, richer state.

This is the message the Dutch have been taking out into the world. Dutch consultants advising the Bangladeshi authorities about emergency shelters and evacuation routes recently helped reduce the numbers of deaths suffered in recent floods to “hundreds instead of thousands,” according to Mr. Ovink.

“That’s what we’re trying to do,” he said. “You can say we are marketing our expertise, but thousands of people die every year because of rising water, and the world is failing collectively to deal with the crisis, losing money and lives.” He ticks off the latest findings: 2016 was the warmest year on record; global sea levels rose to new highs.

He proudly shows off the new rowing course just outside Rotterdam, where the World Rowing Championships were staged last summer. The course forms part of an area called the Eendragtspolder, a 22-acre patchwork of reclaimed fields and canals–a prime example of a site built as a public amenity that collects floodwater in emergencies. It is near the lowest point in the Netherlands, about 20 feet below sea level. With its bike paths and water sports, the Eendragtspolder has become a popular retreat. Now it also serves as a reservoir for the Rotte River Basin when the nearby Rhine overflows, which, because of climate change, it’s expected to do every decade.

The project is among dozens in a nationwide program, years in the making, called Room for the River, which overturned centuries-old strategies of seizing territory from rivers and canals to build dams and dikes. The Netherlands effectively occupies the gutter of Europe, a lowlands bounded on one end by the North Sea, into which immense rivers like the Rhine and the Meuse flow from Germany and France. Dutch thinking changed after floods forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate during the 1990s. The floods “were a wake-up call to give back to the rivers some of the room we had taken,” as Harold van Waveren, a senior government adviser, recently explained.

“We can’t just keep building higher levees, because we will end up living behind 10-meter walls,” he said. “We need to give the rivers more places to flow. Protection against climate change is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and the chain in our case includes not just the big gates and dams at the sea but a whole philosophy of spatial planning, crisis management, children’s education, online apps and public spaces.”

Mr. van Waveren was talking about a national GPS-guided app created so that residents always know exactly how far below sea level they are. To use public pools unrestricted, Dutch children must first earn diplomas that require swimming in their clothes and shoes. “It’s a basic part of our culture, like riding a bike,” Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch architect, told me.

In the Netherlands, scholarly articles about changes to the Arctic ice cap make front-page headlines. Long before climate change deniers began to campaign against science in the United States, Dutch engineers were preparing for apocalyptic, once-every-10,000-years storms. “For us, climate change is beyond ideology,” said Rotterdam’s mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb. He took me one morning around new waterfront development in a formerly poor, industrial neighborhood, to show how urban renewal dovetails with strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“If there is a shooting in a bar, I am asked a million questions,” Mr. Aboutaleb said of his city. “But if I say everyone should own a boat because we predict a tremendous increase in the intensity of rain, nobody questions the politics. Rotterdam lies in the most vulnerable part of the Netherlands, both economically and geographically. If the water comes in, from the rivers or the sea, we can evacuate maybe 15 out of 100 people. So evacuation isn’t an option. We can escape only into high buildings. We have no choice. We must learn to live with water.”

Rotterdam is clearly trying to cast itself as a model of inventive urbanism. A local businessman, Peter van Wingerden, envisions floating dairy farms along the waterfront. One in every three trucks coming into the city carries food, he said. Floating farms would reduce truck traffic and carbon emissions, supplying the city with its own milk. With the city’s encouragement, he is constructing a $2.2 million prototype, for 40 cows, producing a half-million liters (about 130,000 gallons) of milk a year. “The river is no longer just for industry,” he told me. “We need to find new uses, which keep us safe from climate change, and help the city grow and prosper.”

That’s the city’s mantra. When I asked Mr. van Wingerden if it was unsettling to live in a waterfront city mostly below sea level, he said: “It seems to us less dangerous than living on the San Andreas Fault. At least when we flood, we’ll have some warning before our feet get wet.”

To the Dutch, what’s truly incomprehensible, he added, is New York after Hurricane Sandy, where too little has been done to prepare for the next disaster. People in the Netherlands believe that the places with the most people and the most to lose economically should get the most protection.

The idea that a global economic hub like Lower Manhattan flooded during Hurricane Sandy, costing the public billions of dollars, yet still has so few protections, leaves climate experts here dumbfounded.

Mr. Molenaar, Rotterdam’s climate chief, summed up the Dutch view: “We have been able to put climate change adaptation high on the public agenda without suffering a disaster in many years because we have shown the benefits of improving public space–the added economic value of investing in resilience.

“It’s in our genes,” he said. “Water managers were the first rulers of the land. Designing the city to deal with water was the first task of survival here and it remains our defining job. It’s a process, a movement.

“It is not just a bunch of dikes and dams, but a way of life.”

anonymous asked:

I have a character: teen girl, nonverbal, highly empathetic, her main method of communication is painting, though she has very minimal words and sign language. Does it make any sense that she would sometimes hear words but instead of hearing the word, see them in anagrams? For instance, someone says "wand" but she hears "dawn"? I've considered that she may also have some sort of dyslexia or synesthesia that contributes to this. If this is possible, would she also need to be able to write?

Hello, thank you for the question!

Here is a bit of info on dyslexia and how it manifests and what it may be related to.

I’ll first describe something I’ve noticed. Dyslexia, autism, and synesthesia have some common features, primarily processing along different pathways than are expected or typical. Dyslexic or autistic people tend to think more abstractly because they generally have more trouble learning linear connections or paths between concepts than others around them. For example, an abstract thinker (who may not be autistic or dyslexic) may not think of “time” when they see a picture of a clock, they may think of other concepts like “aging,” which is related to time, or even something not very obviously connected, like “rainstorms.” Synesthesia brings with it crossing over between multiple senses and sometimes concepts.

This page and this other page describe multiple forms of synesthesia. 

Autism and synesthesia share heightening of senses and attention to detail, and autistic people are more likely to be synesthetic than the general population

I am personally synesthetic, as are many autistics. I can feel sound all over my whole body and feel color in my hands, and if I close my eyes, I can see colors of sound. I also have misophonia and experience excruciating panic and anger at chewing noises or noises from another room in a house. In all of these ways, senses are crossed. Maybe your character has very special experiences with colors and shapes and incorporates that into her paintings.

I haven’t heard of a synesthetic person being able to see words behind their eyelids or in the air, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen that way for your character. Maybe she sees certain letters in the air when she hears certain sounds, or something like that.

Something to be wary of is that paintings take a long time to perfect and dry. If painting is her main method of communication, she may not communicate very much. You will likely need to learn more about is how non-verbal or semi-verbal autistics tend to communicate. Because communication doesn’t need to rely on speaking or visual cues, and sometimes speaking is used for stimming rather than communication (like with verbal stims). There are many ways she can communicate, please look at our tags about writing non-verbal characters. I would change her main method of communication, as painting to communicate is very inefficient, especially if a character is stressed and needs to express something very quickly. Maybe she has a text to speak app on a computer or phone or something (though being dyslexic would complicate typing or writing), or maybe has a small white board to write or doodle on. Maybe she has none of these, and relies on other methods of communication, like grunting, pointing, facial expressions, etc. You can still make your character an artist, though, as painting is a wonderful form of self-expression.

Also important to note - one doesn’t need to write to read and there are a variety of reasons writing may be difficult for her, especially if she is dyslexic. Some dyslexic people have little trouble reading if they work on it, even if they do read slower, but have a lot of trouble spelling properly. She may have issues with motor skills and find it hard to write, or has sensory issues which make holding a pen or using paper difficult. She may have no trouble with writing. Non-verbal people write and type frequently, especially if they’re older. Non-verbal doesn’t mean non-communicative.

I know a few people who are dyslexic, one of whom is pretty severely so. He bases how he spells things on the way they sound often, and sometimes mispronounces things because he heard someone say something, tries to get a grip of the word in his head via the spelling, then says it with one letter replaced with another or with added letters or something. Even if he knows how something is spelled sometimes he mispronounces it. Another older woman with whom I am friends is autistic and dyslexic. She will sometimes say the opposite word to what she means, or verbally rearrange a phrase she meant to use.

Perhaps if your character is a visual thinker and may picture words in her head, she might get them mixed up a lot and process the wrong output or input word. So she would likely not “hear” things wrong, she may process them incorrectly. There may be a delay between when she hears a word and when she processes what it means, but might get a meaning mixed up if a word has similar letters to another word. You may, as a writer, take some creative license and include some magical realism with the way she processes words, as language processing is an incredibly complicated and individualized series of events.

Make sure you read up on what a dyslexic person experiences as far as spelling and speech go, as that can only provide you with more information on how to correctly write your character. Remember to look at our non-verbal tag and here is another bit on synesthesia. Good luck!

 - Mod Siena

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Title: Reunited
Chapter: Cappuccino
By: ArisuChanSenpai (Visit my blog for AO3 link!)
Fandom: League of Legends
Ship: Jhin x Sona

Violins and woodwinds flooded from the speakers above as running water sounded from the back. Intricately-designed ceramic mugs lined the counter in stacks next to a variety of brewers neatly arranged for someone to grab without trouble. The water shut off, and a man’s voice hummed along to the choir accompanying the violin solo.

The barista hovered his hands over the pots, debating what to use for his first cup of coffee for the day. He gently took out the French press and poured freshly-grinded coffee into the pot. After pouring a bit of hot water in, he stirred the grinds with the water and poured the rest of the water in, gently stirring it one more time. He set the timer for four minutes and let his mind wander as the coffee steeped.

The Golden Curtain, a café at dawn and a bar at dusk. One flip of a switch could turn the wall of coffee beans and cups into a wall of glasses and liqueurs in an elaborate rearrangement. One of his best ideas to implement into his shop, Jhin considered.

The timer beeped, and Jhin proceeded to press the coffee before pouring the brew into his favorite mug and another. He placed the other mug of coffee on a warming plate. After washing out the press, he moved to a window seat to watch the colors of the sunrise. The pleasant aroma of his coffee calmed him as he took a sip.

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anonymous asked:

How did you start studying Korean? I'm currently 16 and want to start learning but don't know where to start. Did you use computer programs, other people, books? Also do You speak Korean?

Wow, okay. First you need to give yourself a high five right now. You’re beginning to learn a language on your own without being forced! So good job from the get go! Now to answer your questions.

1. How? I first started learning Korean when we had a transfer student to my school (she was a couple of grades above me). So I looked on the internet and learned just a couple of phrases to show off, (I mostly had no clue what I was actually saying). Then, I bought the “Pimsleur” program for Korean. It was pretty good, but the program is to learn how to say conversational things. It would be good to use if you’re going to stay in Korea for a week and don’t want to starve while you’re there, but not good for actually learning Korean so I don’t recommend it.

2. I don’t really have any computer programs I use or books or anything but I do have some tips!!!

Before you start learning Korean you need this one thing:

  • Motivation! It can be anything! It can be because there is a boy you like in class, or you want to live in South Korea, or you just want to sing a Korean song properly! Just have a motivation big enough that you won’t give up

(If you don’t have this, you can try your hardest but you will never get to fully learn Korean)

Okay, so now for the tips:

  1. Learn 한글. It’s Korea’s alphabet. It’s something you just have to do, or you’ll never be able to learn Korean.
  2. Read anything you can find that’s in Korean, Lyrics, news, magazines, it doesn’t matter just keep reading!
  3. (This is one of the best tips I can give you) No ROMANIZATION! NONE! When learning the alphabet it’s ok, but other than that, don’t use it! You need to get your brain to speak Korean and visualize Korean words in your head as 한글, NOT romanized.
  4. Listen to as much Korean as you can! At first it all sounds like a bunch of noise (and complete jibberish) you need to get your brain to learn how to focus of the sounds of the language!
  5. [this is the fun part] listen to k-pop! watch Korean dramas! watch Korean TV. If you can, do it without the subs, trust me it’ll help! Your brain will help you learn how to change your pitch and it will also help you learn hand gestures! When someone points to something you’ll be able to learn what they mean from their actions.
  6. Practice! PRACTICE! I can say this a million times, but it’ll never be enough! You need to say the words out-loud! The easiest way would be to find a Korean market near you and practice with the people who work there! You have to practice everyday! What I’ve started doing is weekly vocabulary. Every week I give myself 5 Korean words to study and at the end of the week I have to use them in a sentence.
  7. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! When I was first beginning Korean I went to the Korean Market to buy some green tea powder, but what I asked the auntie was “백추 이소요?” which roughly translates to “cabbage I am?” Yeah, that was embarrassing!
  8. Truthfully, watch Korean kids shows. It’s embarrassing but, the audience is to Korean children who only have a grasp on basic words in the Korean vocabulary. Which will be on the same level as what you know and understand. I learned the colors from a Pororo song, seriously it helps a lot! (Pororo~)
  9. Learn how to speak formally first! This is very important! The way I see it is that it is better to be overly polite than to be completely disrespectful. Learning how to speak informally is pretty easy after you’ve learned formality, (it’s just dropping some sounds off the ends of your sentences).

(Bonus fun fact: you will not be able to spell properly, you will get things wrong and your spelling will be weird and totally off sometimes.)

Yes, I can speak Korean. But, I still have so much to learn! It’s an ongoing journey, but I’ve been learning for 5 years once and everyday there’s something amazing to learn!

Here are some resources that might help:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntdiHDORtAQ  (this is how I learned the Korean alphabet)

https://www.youtube.com/user/talktomeinkorean  (talk to me in Korean is really helpful, they explain phrases and why things mean what they do, it’s reaaaaally good)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIicR8VM3HczwmJM9UxtTw  (also very helpful, she usually doesn’t use rominization in her lessons)

https://www.youtube.com/user/PororoTV (PORORO~~~!!!)

smart phone (android) apps that are good are:

talking translator (this is good but, it does use rominization)

Pop Popping Korean (learning game surprisingly fun and informative)

TS Talk Game (it has rominization but is easy to ignore)

itsreykenobi  asked:

do you have any tips/drawing tutorials, particularly for colouring? i love your art style! <3

first of all – thanks, love! <3 

and i’ve been lingering a bit with answering this one because i always feel like i’m the last person that should give people tips! my stuff is like 100% done bc of experiments with art programs and such and I feel like i’m only beginning to learn properly … but let’s see what I can tell you!

  • first of all, find your medium. (like, if you asked me to paint with watercolours I would’ve probably launched into a massive existential crisis because I can’t)
  • my medium is definitely a pencil - a mechanical pencil with 0.5 width and 2b softness and pretty much only this really works for me. i start my drawings on paper and then transfer to digital colouring 
  • like honestly, the sketch is like 50% success with me, if not 70%, i can’t colour a bad sketch for life. a good sketch = almost always a nice final effect
  • as for the colouring!
  • if you’re using/planning to use a drawing tablet, make sure you buy a nice one! it’s overall a far better investment – i do think the best choice is wacom, the one i have is quite tiny and not very expensive but really really good
  • with a tablet, i have only ever used a free program firealpaca (which I highly recommend to begin with) and corel - which came in with my wacom and which i still can’t really operate
  • fireaplaca is probably quite basic compared to SAI or PS but it has all the stuff need to colour - layers and a some brushes. (i’m rubbish at brushes)
  • i’ve been using it for most of my drawings and it worked okay! with corel i was constantly confused with the layers. i don’t think it’s a particularly intuitive program.
  • lately, however (with the last ten drawings or so), i have switched to a different medium - ipad and digital pencil and it’s lovely.
  • i use this app which is called procreate and it’s much more intuitive/has  more brushes than corel/firealpaca. i’m still learning but the pressure of the pencil, smoothness and available brushes are great. plus it’s much more handy than taking the tablet around everywhere, you need a laptop for that and a cable and all that stuff
  • um, this has been a bit generic so far, so …
  • (i have this crushing feeling I’m not being helpful at all but)
  • … use a lot of layers! label them and work on separate things in separate layers. i know this probably sounds outrageously obvious but i keep mixing layers up when i shade and stuff and that’s … that’s quite really bothersome
  • you need to find your brush. mine tend to be very simple, ‘cause as much as i would have loved to be able to properly paint with a digital program, i’m still learning and much better at less brush-based strokes – so I stick to simple pen-like brushes (in procreate i’ve used studio pen, round brush and flat brush the most, often tweaking the settings)
  • also with colouring the most important thing to me is getting (or trying to) get the lightning/shading work? because it gives the drawing so much more life/luminosity (i often have trouble with this though). the best way to get it right is look up references, like film stills or photos of people  who stand in similar light you have in mind i think? that’s what i do when i’m confused and after some time it gets more intuitive
  • and the second most important thing for me is the colour palette. like, it changes with every drawing and I always end up tweaking the colours in the end even so or repainting something
  • BUT for example, you can figure out the sets of shades for skin complexions beforehand. like what works with what and how you can blend/shade it
  • (i think i’m kinda shitty with giving tips)
  • but basically the general advice which i incidentally apply to most of the branches of my life is just go for it and test out whatever fits you. experiment! and draw a lot, it’s such a shabby saying but amazingly true – the more you draw the easier it gets for it to look like you want it to
  • honestly, all the effects of my work are cause of experimenting
  • anyway
  • lots of love and good luck!! xx

honestly i’m still so bothered by shannon williams. not only because i’m a 17 stan and omg she said ew @ dk and called vernon not normal.

i’m still super bothered by the fact that she said the n word. yes, it’s a lyric in the song, but are you black? no? then don’t say it. even if you’re not white and that you’re hispanic (you can use the word when it means ‘black’ in your language, but using it in english is another meaning), asian or whatever, don’t say it. just don’t. you have 0 right to say that word, it’s a word that was used to torment slaves back when white people brought them over to america. don’t let that word slip out of your mouth, don’t type it, don’t do anything related to it if you’re not black. so what it’s a word in the song? is there some rule out there that you’ll go to prison if you don’t sing the word in the song? there isn’t, so don’t say that word.

we all know the stereotypes gay people have to keep up with. ‘girly’, ‘pink/purple/rainbows’, ‘skirts/makeup/dresses/high heels’, basically if a guy does anything that is like, ‘girly’, he’s gay. it’s already disturbing to assume someone’s sexuality, now you’re just throwing a sexuality around as if it was an insult. it’s not, it’s not an insult. don’t use it that way, there’s another definition to the word gay, i know that. it can also be seen as the word ‘happy’. “that’s so happy!” i doubt that shannon meant that when jay sent hearts to the camera. don’t use the word 'gay’ as an insult, because it’s not. it’s like someone is using your name as an insult. wtf, right? your name isn’t an insult, it’s you. being gay isn’t an insult, it’s someone’s sexuality.

making fun of disabled people isn’t funny at all. do you think a game would make fun of people with handicaps? how can you even laugh at your guess? no, disabled people do not make weird noises/animal noises. they are trying to communicate/are communicating. they are not inferior to you and you are not superior to them just because you’re able to walk on your own or talk without difficulty. yes, they do need help since something occurred in their system, but is it their fault? is it funny, not being able to do things independently? would you enjoy it, making fun of because you need help for certain things? exactly, so don’t make fun of others if you’d feel hurt if you were treated that way.

she also used the m word. you’re probably confused about what m word i’m trying to say, but it’s a slur. if you look it up, it means 'an extremely or unusual small person’. she didn’t say 'i’m m—–’, she said 'i’m a m—–’, implying that is a extremely or unusual small person. >>“Today, the word “m—–” is considered a derogatory slur. The dwarfism community has voiced that they prefer to be referred to as dwarfs, little people, people of short stature or having dwarfism, or simply, and most preferably, by their given name.”

now, i’m just worried about dk. she did say that she sees vernon as a friend, but what about dk? was the 'ew no thanks’ necessary when she could have just said 'he’s just a friend’ too? i’m worried that dk’s self esteem will get lower, they’re preparing for a comeback and what if the words she said hits him? they collaborated together, they met personally. knowing that someone that you know and actually worked with, that isn’t some netizen on the internet, says something hurtful to you, wouldn’t it run through your mind a lot? especially when they were sweet with you on camera/stage and now, on their broadcast, they act like an ass? did she diss him to look cool? i hope that dk isn’t bothered by her comment and that he knows what kind of beautiful person he is. because when a cheerful person loses their smile, it feels like the sun has disappeared. there’s no warm feeling anymore and everything is dark.

about vernon, she said that he was 'silly’ and 'not normal’. not normal as in what…? i don’t know their personal relationship but it didn’t feel like they have a relationship at ease. what does not normal even mean? that he’s weird? in what way? did he do something? does she also see him as a meme boy?

did she apologize? yes. was it a proper apology? no. using your 'dry sense of humour’ as an excuse for being racist, homophobic and ableist isn’t an excuse at all. it’s not even 'humour’, it’s not funny at all. why are those words still in your vocabulary/why aren’t you using some words properly? apologize because you understood that what you said was wrong. apologize because you know what you did wrong. don’t do it if you’ll blame it on something else. you threw a ton of bad comments for us to hear, then you hope buying it back with saying 'it’s just my dry sense of humour’. you think we’ll actually take your excuse and forgive you/give you all the hurtful comments you said back? we won’t, what you said has a bigger value than your excuse. come back when you mean it and you understand what you did wrong. now good luck with that comeback of yours. i know that you’re super talented, i don’t doubt people will talk about your v app than your song in the comments section

so i saw shannon’s new apology not too long ago (i was just too lazy to update my post lmao)

Hey guys woke up to a storm today and wanted to clear things up.
I have only found out by reading your comments from you guys other than reading articles because i wanted to know how you guys felt which is very important to me. I didn’t intend to seem homophobic and racist which i am NOT.

I think the thing with the N word is a misunderstanding i was singing along to Beyonce’s Formation and there is a Lyric that did include “N*gro” and i did sing along to it. I sincerely apologise to the people who got offended.

I am not homophobic i was joking around like i usually do but i guess as a “public figure” i would need to think and speak more carefully.

To just clear things with Dani and J and Dk And Vernon we are all good friends there was no hate thrown at another at all just sarcasm so no ones feelings were hurt. Especially knowing dani since i was 12 we are the closest anyone can ever be she knows me down to the core.

I am not going to use my age as an excuse because i am and should be old enough to know what to say and what not to say especially publicly. Especially with the special needs joke was immature whether it be a joke or not. I really wanted to just be more open and myself and not be as shy and quiet as how my image was portrayed.

I apologise to anyone who were offended and upset with my V app i wanted it to be a fun and casual time with me to you but it went in the exact opposite of what I intended it to be. I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me - Shannon ❤️

honestly i’m not trying to sound super detective-like and over analyze all of this since i have an upcoming exam and some homework assignments to do but i’ll still take the time to point out my opinion and justifications about her apology.

she ends the first part of her text with ‘which i am NOT’, implying that she is definitely not racist nor homophobic. yet, she clearly threw the word ‘gay’ at jay and sang the n word. maybe it was just her being ignorant and/or her lack of knowledge that made her do such things. 

she apologize for saying the n word when she sang it. but does she know why she apologizes? does she know why it’s offensive? dani and jay clearly knew when to stop singing while she still carried on. you can even see the awkwardness on their face when she didn’t stop. 

it’s not joking. i’m sorry. i learned in 3rd grade that a joke has to be funny, or else it’s not a joke, it’s just a comment. it can be a useless comment that won’t hurt anyone, or a hurtful comment that is also known as an insult. why was the word ‘gay’ part of the insults she can use against people, anyways? not even as a public figure, but also as a human being, you shouldn’t use a sexuality as an insult. not because ‘oh my god it’s such a 2012 thing’, the word ‘gay’ should have never been an insult to begin with, yet people were ignorant and still used it that way. insulting someone is never funny, you never know how you could hurt their feelings and they would probably not speak up because they’re scared that you’ll think ‘wow, you’re not funny at all then! can’t you take a joke?’. her response to being called homophobic is honestly so vague.

i doubt that shannon called dani a person with special needs. dani was imitating an animal and shannon had to guess, so no, she wasn’t insulting her by saying that she needed special treatment. however. she was insulting handicapped people by thinking that make they make weird noises. anyways, this paragraph was suppose to talk about her apology towards jay, dani, dk and vernon. again, i do not know their personal relationships, but please, for the love for self esteem, don’t insult people. it doesn’t matter if it’s your sibling (at first i wasn’t going to add ‘parents’ because who tf insults their parents??? that’s just really fucked up??), your cousin, your best friend that you’ve known since forever, your friend or whoever, don’t do it. you don’t know how low their self esteem is. you may think that it’s funny since you’re not the one getting insulted, but for the victim, it may hurt really bad. please respect others. you don’t know how much they go through at home, at work, at school, wherever. and sometimes, it’s hard to open up to people, you can’t expect everyone to tell you ‘hey, i actually think this about me and it’d be nice if you don’t make fun about it…’.

i’m glad that she didn’t use her age as an excuse, since she is becoming an adult this year and making jokes like that when you’re going to become a legal person…it’s going to be hard for you in the working field for you if you were like that. then again, she already has a job, but now she gets hate for being ignorant. i don’t think it’s nice to get hate, but it’s good for people to call her out about what’s wrong and what’s right. not to send death threats, telling her to deactivate her ig (because listen up guys, it is her ig, she is the one that decides what to do with it) and whatnot. and honestly she must have gone through elementary school, at least. i don’t know how school systems works in each countries, i know that she went to korea at some age for some music show. but anyways, at some point in life you’ve heard about slavery (n word), ww2 (i know it’s pretty much about jews but gays were also killed), stephen hawking (he is disabled and has done so many things that even us, not disabled people, wouldn’t be able to do), etc. 

if she ever comes back with a better apology, i’ll probably update this post again. you guys probably don’t care, but i don’t accept her apology. 

Hyung Line Appreciation [Jung Hoseok]

This is a short imagine (Is it called a drabble? A scenario? Idk. Educate me.) as an extension of my previous post on Appreciating the Hyung Line and what I would like to do for them. If this goes over well I might do the rest of the hyungs as well.

Hyung Line Appreciation Imagine Series:

Scenario: After the V-app incident, (Y/N) noticed that Hoseok has not been himself and who could blame him. You then decide to take matters into your own hands as his #1 fan and girlfriend.

Genre: Fluff. So much fluff.

Word Count: 1521

It had been three days. Three days of you asking Hoseok if he was feeling okay and him forcing on a smile just to not worry you. You weren’t an idiot. You’ve been dating for a while now and he was a shit liar.

You saw it in the way his smile didn’t crinkle the side of his eyes anymore. You heard it in the way his laugh didn’t sound as rich anymore. You noticed it in the curt answers he would give to your questions. You felt it in the way he desperately clung to your sleeping form when he came home in the early hours after practically killing himself with dancing just to relieve some stress. It had already been three days and you felt like something had to be done.

“Hobi bear,” you said sweetly as you snuggled close to him on the couch. He had the day off today and he still had that somber expression on his handsome face.

“What is it, Jagi?” he sighed.

“Well I made this food blog recently and I want to go check out that new cafe two blocks from here. Since we don’t really have anything to cook for dinner I think we should just go eat there too,” you said. You traced lazy circles on his arm while you waited for his answer.

“(Y/N), I barely have any days off. I’m way too tired to go out. Why don’t you go ask one of the boys to accompany you? I’m sure Taehyung or Jungkook would be more fun to go with.”

You couldn’t help it that your face fell at his response. It broke your heart that he thought you might prefer someone else’s company. It was a good thing that you were laying your head on his chest which gave you time to fix your face back into a determined smile. You lifted your head and grasped his face to turn towards yours.

“That’s exactly my point, Hobi. You barely have any days off so what makes you think I would rather spend this day with someone else other than my handsome boyfriend?” you said sweetly with a wink.

You pecked his lips softly and melted in the feel of his plump mouth on yours. You pulled away before you lose sight of today’s purpose and stood up. You grabbed his arm and pulled on it while he still looked at you with slight annoyance and resignation.

“Get your butt off the sofa now and get ready.”

After 15 minutes of Hoseok whining like a 5-year-old, you were out the door and on the streets. You pulled out the video camera you had snuck into your purse and pointed it straight at him as he walked ahead of you. He turned to look at what was delaying you and shot you a confused and irritated look when he saw the camera.

“What are you doing?” he asked with his brows furrowed.

“I wanted to document today’s date so that when you go on tour again I have something to watch when I miss you,” you said simply with a bright smile on your face. It wasn’t the complete truth, but it also wasn’t a lie.

At your words, his face softened completely and his eyes filled with guilt and affection. He pulled you towards him making the video focus on the cloth of his sweater for a moment. He kissed the top of your head before pulling away and smiling at you.

“If it makes my Jagi happy,” he said softly.

You were thankful that he didn’t make too much of a fuss about it. You began walking the short distance to the café with him holding your hand tightly in his and you still pointing the camera at his face.

“Tell me about this neighbourhood,” you said. He raised an eyebrow, but his lips were curling up in amusement.

“Why would you need me to that? You know this neighbourhood as well as I do.”

“I’m going to do videos too for my blog and you’re the one who has actual experience in speaking so I thought I would learn from you,” you lied smoothly. It was shocking you how easily these lies came but you told yourself that this was for Hoseok.

“So you want to learn from the master huh?” he teased you with a smirk. You nodded eagerly as you recognized his energy starting to return to their normal inhuman level.

“Just pretend you’re a tour guide or a travel show host.”

He chuckled at your enthusiasm, but nodded. That was one of the things you always loved about Hoseok. He could be dead tired and almost fainting, but he would put that aside for your needs or anyone else’s. He thrived off of everyone else’s happiness.

“Well the neighbourhood here is not very upscale so don’t expect a lot of high class shops or restaurants,” he began with a smile directed at the camera. “What makes this area great is the many hole-in-the-wall stores and food stalls that are scattered around.”

“So you like food?” you prompted enjoying the fact that he was getting more and more animated.

“Oh I love good food!” he exclaimed with a little jump. “Look down there! Down that street is a small family owned eatery where we had our first date. They served the best jajangmyeon we had ever tasted, but maybe it was just because my Jagi was with me.”

You blushed a little at the sweet smile he flashed at you. Through your walk he began pointing out little things like where to get the best Americano and how he had burned his tongue multiple times because of his impatience to drink it. He insisted that you walk through the park even if it was out of way just so he can say on camera the exact spot where he first said he liked you. You on the other hand, were perfectly content just shooting him as he slowly returned to his sunshine self.

He stood up on the swings and propelled himself higher in what he called was a demonstration of how to properly swing. You laughed as a child accidentally got sand into his mouth and he squealed like a prissy little girl. When he started randomly dancing to I Need U which caused some concern from the parents for its questionable choreography, you dragged him back out on the streets.

He laughed; the familiar low rumbling quality of it before bursting into higher pitched sounds sending warmth through you. His head was tilted upwards rewarding you with a gorgeous view of his profile and that jawline that made you question your own face. His eyes started to go smaller and the warm glow of the setting sun casted shadows on his face and highlighted his light brown hair making him look like he was practically glowing. For a moment, your breath caught. He was beautiful.

You smiled as you saw his smile reach his eyes like they used to. His laugh sounded rich and genuine again. The tension in his shoulders released and his whole body relaxed. You thanked the gods for having the camera to capture this beautiful moment of an even more beautiful man. You thanked the gods for Hoseok.

“You make a good host. I’m not all too sure about all the dancing and the screaming, but I think I can learn a lot from today’s footage,” you said softly.

He turned to you and his whole demeanour calmed down. Wordlessly, he took the camera from your hands and turned it off before shoving it back into your bag. He held both your hands in his and stared lovingly into your eyes with a smile full of his affection for you. You didn’t care that you were practically in the middle of the road with people swarming around and neither did he. This was a moment for just the both of you.

“Jagi, I know what you were trying to do today,” he muttered softly while rubbing circles on your hands with his thumbs. Your face heated up at being caught.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you insisted looking away which only made his smile wider at your clumsy denial. He turned your head with a hand to your chin so you would face him again.

“I know you saw the V-app episode and I know that today you were trying to give me back that episode that was taken from me,” he continued.

He pulled you closer to him into an embrace that was unlike any other you had shared with him before. It was filled with a sense of gratitude and you gladly basked in it. He kissed your forehead before cupping your cheeks with both his hands and moulding his lips to yours in a sweet kiss that made your toes curl and melt into him. You loved this man. You knew that with full certainty.

“I love you, (Y/N). Thank you for days like today that make me forget all the rest.”

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A happy smiling Hobi for us all. I adore you, you ball of fluff!

[Levi/Eren/fem!Eren] Why Not Both? (1/2)

Modern AU where Eren and his twin sister grew up next door to Levi, whom they have always admired. Levi comes home for Christmas for the first time since moving out for university, and they struggle to find the perfect Christmas and birthday present.

(on AO3) | Based on this. | Ereri (?) | Rated M

a.k.a. i’m writing the ereri twincest it’s happening OMG GOODBYE//

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anonymous asked:

what do you think about lsw so far, it makes me sad seeing fushimi the way he is like this but yatachan is so cute!!

So. Many. Feelings. All the feelings. I had to put it under a cut because ramblings about the feelings.

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Chloe’s Idea

Lol it’s been almost three months since I posted anything related to mmfd fanfiction (and i’m kind of sorry?). I have a small one shot I’ve been writing during these three months (it’s been actually three or four days in this long period of time but who cares :)))) and I’m not really proud of it but I wanted to finish it and post it for you to read it and all that. I hope you enjoy it and have a good end of summer (?)

Ps. Forget my possible mistakes C:



When all your friends are out of town and you have to take care of your little sister, there’s nothing else much to do apart from watching telly and gossiping Instagram. The little girl is already asleep upstairs, and Rae is sitting on the sofa while watching Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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The Best Catch of All (aka Rumbelle meet while playing Pokemon Go)

Summary: Belle discovers that the fearsome Mr. Gold is also addicted to Pokemon Go.

Though Belle French considered herself more of a reader than a gamer, even she would admit that she had become addicted to playing Pokemon Go after only a few days.

Had she still doubted it, the ear-piercing squeal she let out at realizing there was a rare Dragonite nearby would have convinced her – as well as anyone else within a 1 mile radius – of the fact.

Belle had been searching for the creature ever since she entered the park, trying to pinpoint exactly where it was located, and had been overjoyed to see the creature finally pop up onto her phone’s map near the statue of Storybrooke’s founding mother, Cora Mills.

For the first time since Belle had moved to the small town earlier that year, she was glad to see the garish tribute that the mayor had insisted upon.

As she approached, she could see that there was already another person there. Though the statue blocked her from seeing who, she could tell that the person was alone, a fact which rather surprised her. Despite its popularity across the country, Pokemon Go had been slow to catch on in Storybrooke – not surprising considering half the town still had flip phones, Belle supposed – and up until this point, she had only seen groups of teenagers playing it together.

Perhaps she could finally make friends with another adult who enjoyed the game, Belle thought as she neared the statue. If she was lucky, maybe he or she would want to join her on her walks occasionally. It would be nice to have some company as she –

Belle stopped dead in her tracks. Mr. Gold was blocking her creature.

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