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SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 3

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A/N: Um don’t act like this gif doesn’t make you fucking weak cause I’m 100% shook. Also pls enjoy this part, still setting up everything before it gets really juicy 💖 (and it’s about to get really juicy)

← Part 2

You woke up alone. You were about to rub your eyes until you realized you still had makeup on from last night. Instead, you sat up and allowed your body to wake up a little more. Dangling your legs off the side, you slipped off the bed. The plush carpeting welcomed your feet and you sleepily made your way to the kitchen. Upon entering, you saw Sebastian seated at the island, with a plate in front of him and a full glass of orange juice. There was another empty plate and a glass of orange juice beside him, which you assumed was for you.

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Summary: In which you realize that perhaps all you needed to break your artistic block was the shy boy in the bomber jacket, who sought calm in the adventure and city lights.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst; Artist AU 
Word Count: 8,269


Seven days before.

This is supposed to be your work of art, your masterpiece, your piece for the showcase; something you have worked tirelessly on for minutes, hours, days on end. It’s bright and colorful, glowing exactly where it needs to be, yet it’s—!

“Not right,” You say, dropping your arm uselessly to your side, paintbrush dangling from in between your fingertips. Your teeth come out to gently nip at your lower lip; the anger, the frustration not building up like you expected it to. Instead, you feel rather numb, because the showcase is in less than a week and you still have absolutely nothing of satisfaction to display proudly to classmates, professors, or wanderers.

Besides you, your roommate lets out a gentle sigh of sympathy. “Maybe you’re just tired,” He says quietly. “You’ve been working on this nonstop for two weeks, I think you just have to step away from it for a day. You’ll have a new perspective of it tomorrow, and I’m sure you’ll love it then.”

You whirl around to face him, wearing a rather disgruntled look. “I don’t have time to step away from this, Jimin, the showcase is in a week and I hate this painting.” You want to slash black paint across the canvas to prove a point, but the look Jimin is wearing stops you from doing such a thing. You’ve always been slightly too reckless for your own good, anyways.

Jimin shrugs a little. “I think it looks fantastic, Y/N, you push yourself too hard.”

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Now that I have more time, I want to talk about the new rumors and news that recently came out about the third season of Sense8. The other day a rumor was started in regards to the third season due to an interview with an executive producer who worked on the show - this rumor was a bit malicious.

The rumor determined that the series has been a huge investment for Netflix - especially the second season, which doubled compared to the first season’s expense at $ 9 million per episode - and that the audiences were not as good as other Netflix series - Jessica Jones, OITNB, Strangers Things - which also have big budgets.

It is also rumored that SOME of the protagonists of the series have not signed the new contract yet and that the absence of Lilly Wachowski affected the production because Lana was alone with the project.

Okay, this is all garbage.

JMS is one of the creators of the series so Lana is not alone - He said on twitter that nothing is known at this point, but said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the series renewal. It must be clarified that this rumor has been given by an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the series and that this can not be certain after only a few days since the premiere. And on the other hand, NETFLIX is who will make the decision on the subject anyways, not a producer as JMS has said:

Everything is uncertain at this point, and there are many factors that we did not consider before. Netflix expanded to Asia in 2016, and many viewers have recently watched season 1 of Sense8, which will create new viewers in Asia. The same effect can happen for all those new / old global subscribers - which increased to almost twice as much since the first season premiered in 2015.

On the other hand, it is possible that some actors have not signed the new agreement for several reasons. [Not confirmed 100%] We could know that Jamie, Tina, Toby and Miguel Angel all came together at the end of February to extended their contracts until June - So in June they will need to sign on for the new season if the second is a success. Brian, Max, Tuppence and Doona were not at that meeting. 

But Max was at the Berlin headquarters at the time, doing press for Sense8 and another project - and perhaps signing the agreement as well. 

The same could go for Doona - she could have signed at the Netflix headquarters in Asia. And we know she loves working with the Wachowski and has been training a lot in the gym - which is a good sign. It is true that we know nothing of Brian or Tuppence yet, but Brian recently said on twitter that he would be happy to do 20 seasons because he never wants it to end - so you can assume that he has signed on as well. Only Tuppence remains as the outstanding cast member, but she has been working hard and perhaps the lack of time has been a problem to be able to sign.

Personally I think that both during the shoot, and ever since production wrapped, that all of them have shown an extreme amount of love for the show. Everyone is fascinated with the project and I do not think any of them have any problems with renewing.

So what are the drawbacks? Time, for example. For instance, Miguel Angel had to ask for time off during production to return to Spain and record Velvet in it’s second season. They gave it to him without problem and adapted to his schedule. Doona also had to take some time off to do some work for Louis Vuitton. Another problem would be money, but I honestly do not think there are problems with that issue and they will come to an agreement if there is one. - So I think the subject of SCHEDULING is something that takes time to figure out, since they have to take into account so many things like nudity, action scenes, project time, recording time to combine with other projects, etc … Everything is still being decided.

About the rumor that the THIRD SEASON will be the last one is also LIE. The producer from this interview - who I think seems a little silly - speaks from his personal opinion as if it were a confirmed truth. JMS has said that has never determined the duration of a series before - That is, if they make the third season the last, he will make a final adaptation as the last season. The executive producer in the interview never even determined that they were five seasons planned, which JMS has said repeatedly. This tells us a lot, especially since the end of the second season left on a cliffhanger, we can assume that Netflix wants more Sense8.

It is true that Lana did not have her sister during Season 2, but we know from Miguel that Lilly has been very involved in the project and has supported Lana even though she has not participated in it. The reason she took time off in the first place was to go through her transition after she came out as a transgender woman. Her absence probably won’t be permanent, and she may come back for the possible renewal. Besides, Lana loves the series, the characters and her work, so I do not think that LANA was a reason for the third season to be the rumored last. By the way, LANA IS WRITING the new season - possibly finishing writing - which is fantastic news.

Now about the show’s RATINGS, I have been doing calculations. All are mere theoretical facts based on instagram accounts, followers and comparison with other series - Game of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards. I’ve had a lot of data taken into account to get these numbers, but I REPEAT, it’s all THEORY.

Based on different data, Sense8 has an average of 3.2 million viewers in the US per episode - and added 6.4% subscribers to Netflix. With this percentage I have added the rest of countries giving me a total of: 5 million viewers globally per episode - without regard to ASIA, since there is no exact data on this territory yet. So maybe we could be talking between 5.5 or 10 million viewers. Are they bad figures? Well since Jessica Jones has 4.8 million viewers per episode in the US, then this is not bad at all. Not the best, but not bad either.

All of this is a mere theoretical study. You have to take into account the data that I do not even have access to; like the opinions of each region, exact number of subscribers, advertising, improved product visualization, etc. … A prime example of what I’m talking about is in regards to MASTER OF NONE. In spite of the fact that in Spain it had a bad review - or had (the stars on Netflix disappeared) - it was still renewed. In the US it has been seen by 3.9 million people per episode and is considered a success. This shows that in each country a certain show works differently, In Brazil with fewer subscribers there are more viewings of Sense8 than the US.

On the other hand, Netflix releases all of the episodes at once, but this does not mean that everyone watches all of them at the same time. There are some people who take months to watch a series. A good example of that is the fourth season of OITNB. In its first month in the US it was only seen by 664 thousand people, yet now it is supposed to be one of the most watched series on Netflix.

To add onto the list of potential problems, THE DUBBED VOICES could be one. In Spain there is a protest going on at the moment, and the series is not being completely understood because the dubbing is in LATIN AMERICAN and not in SPANISH (Castillan). This is probably the main reason why the Spaniards will have to wait until the protests cease.

Finally, I do not like the idea that NETFLIX does not promote Sense8 as it does with other series. I don’t know why this happens. Maybe Sense8 takes care of its own advertising.

This budget is also influenced by the income of product placement. This is a form of advertising, where a brand appears incognito in the series as part of the plot. Examples: Fuchs team is Nike or Joong-Ki’s car is a Mercedes or the kind of Whiskey that Felix drinks. - That type of advertising is sometimes based on giving the product out for free, or at a lower price. There are even brands that pay for them to appear in the show. Sense8 has many expenses, but a lot of them are covered by this kind of advertising.

How about the renewal? For me all of the factors involved indicate that yes, we will have a third season. But we will probably have to wait a couple of months to find out. This month will be the observation of social media & reviews, in June the agreements and presentation of the project will be discussed, and in July we should get the official statement. Netflix has acted like this for other series as well, and I think this will not be the exception.

If you have more doubts like these, or about the plot, characters, or Kalagang … You can always ask me here: https://kalagangspain.tumblr.com/ask

Thank for all @ww-n-double-d you are my favorite american sensates!

And If It Ever Happened (No One Has To Know) ~ Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Because despite being stuck on a bus for a three hour long car ride to a youth conference with a bunch of other awesome hyperactive candy addicted teens, I’m bored and still lacking a life. Also, for SJ’s Submission Sunday. Because by the heck not?

Or: Thomas learns about colors, his jacket is explained, and (Y/N) makes plans.

Warnings: Brain aneurism, child coping mechanisms, arguing, car accidents, bad French and Irish (Google Translate, people, bc I know nothing) character death, mentions of suicide, depression, hospitalization, a couple people get punched, mentions of homosexual relationships (in case that makes you uncomfortable - sorry never gonna change it those two are too precious in my mind) also it’s my first imagine so it probably sucks (be warned!) but it will sort of get better (ish) towards the middle of the story (beginning is on the bad side of OK and I’m not sure about the ending.), probably insanely OOCish and Mary Sue/Gary Lue ish characters that tend to go with shit writing like mine, plus this is the first time I’ve written an imagine, and my writing was already sucky enough as it was, so take that how you will.

So have fun with that

Modern AU, feminine pronouns


At four years old, Thomas Jefferson knew enough to know how to understand others, and what he understood was that all the boys on the block thought that pink or purple or any color reminiscent of them were for girls. (Except for red, because red is cool, like fire and blood and a knight’s horsehair plumes; and blue, because blue is cool, too, like ice and deep sea diving and the big, big sky that all those jets flew through that they were going to fly someday.)

He knew all the colors in the rainbow: red and orange and yellow and green and blue and purple, and black because that’s always what was between the other colors, and white because that was what was on either end of it in the shape of big, fluffy clouds.

Not pink.

Pink didn’t count, he thought.

At age six, his mother takes him to the local hardware store to look at paint samples, and he looks up at the giant wall with a gaping jaw as he takes in the impossible number of colors-within-colors. (Even pink.)

He sees some sort of grey splotch near the top of a yellow card, though, and doesn’t like it. He decides it doesn’t belong there.

“Mama, why is there another color on this one?”

She looks at him, brow risen in slight confusion, before she realized what his little finger is pointing to and chuckles.

She bends down real, real low, so they’re at the same eye level.

She’s tall, he thinks, not for the first time. I bet she could fight giants.

“Thomas,” she tells him, a small smile on her face and an amused twinkle in her eye. “This isn’t supposed to be another color. This is the name of the color. Like green is called green, and orange is called orange, but these ones are…,” she paused for a moment, mulling over the words as she tried to find a way to explain it to his young mind. “Different,” she finally settled. “They’re longer, and weirder.”


“Like this one,” she took down a shade of light, light orange and yellow, that reminds him of when those very colors clash on the - the nex - neckt - nectarine. “They call it Brooklyn Skyrise.”

He frowned. That didn’t sound like a color.

If he looked at it, it was actually really nice.

“What’s Brooklyn?”

“It’s a city in New York, Thommy.”

He stared at it a little while longer before nodding his head firmly. “I’m going to live in New York,” he decided confidently.

His mother’s eyebrows rose.

“I’m sure you will, Thomas.”

(And if he didn’t have any idea where New York was, then he didn’t say anything.)

She then pulled down another one, a murky auburn, leaning more toward red, and he is reminded of leaves right before fall.

“Here’s another one. This one’s called Dragon’s Blood.”

His grin lit up his face. “Cool!”

He is seven when he finally meets her.

She is bold and she is brilliant and despite the fact that she is a girl, she seems to possibly be one of the only people in that class that he might actually like.

Besides James, of course.

He decides to save himself the humiliation and stick with becoming friends with James.

It’s okay, though.

He’s not the only one who’s noticed you.

It’s when you hit another boy that he finally gets the courage to talk to you, opposed to all the other boys who look upon you with both awe and fear, and scattered every time you came near.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” was the only answer he got back.

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N). What about you?”

“I’m Thomas.”


It was quiet for a little while.

“I saw that you punched that boy,” he informed her.

“Everyone saw it, dummy,” she shot back. “It was during recess.”

His face grew hot and he practically recoiled, not knowing at first what to say to that.

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 A/N: alrighty here we go. This is the first fic where I feel like the warnings were rally nescessary. I didn’t really proof read this so I hope its alright.It really sucks because I broke my flashdrive again (becuase I have the worst luck). Please send in some asks, suggestions, messages and comments.

Title: Helpless

Rating: Mature (because I am not sure)

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x reader, reader x abusive!boyfriend

Warnings: violence, abuse, abusive relationship, sad topics, a bit depressing, cheating (if you like squint)

Wordcount: 1935


*Jefferson’s POV*

How often do you feel absolutely helpless? I don’t mean like ‘Oh I don’t know what to do?’, I mean like completely trembling and all your emotions and mixing together so much so that you have no idea how to react, feel, or think.

That’s how I felt when I looked at Y/N and noticed she had a black eye and split lip. She looked like she had been crying when she walked into the coffee shop. When she sat down she gave me a slight smile and began rambling about how clumsy she was. I knew it was a lie. I didn’t care about her fake story. I immediately cut her off by standing up.

“Stop Y/N, just stop. Please, sweet heart,” I told her as I grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the street to hail a cab. I looked at her and noticed the tears springing to her eyes again and I sighed. I yanked her hand and pulled her into my arms. She tensed and gripped my magenta jacket before openly sobbing into my arms. I felt my own tears spring into my eyes but held back remembering that this wasn’t about how I felt. The cab pulled up to the side of the street and I gently guided her into the back seat. I followed in immediately before wrapping my arms around her again as I told the guy my address.

*Y/N’s POV*

It was really warm in the cab and safe in Thomas’s arms as I felt us begin to move. I knew he was upset by the way his arms with taught around me in a secure embrace. Ryan had yelled at me again last night and I tried to avoid the confrontation as much as possible. But when Ryan wanted to fight there was no way to could get out of it. The tears finally stop streaming down my face and let my grip on Thomas’s jacket loosen. I turned my head to the side and rested gently on his chest as I focused on taking deep breathes. I looked out the front window and smiled as I watched the tall buildings blur past. I loved New York City, it was really busy and frantic just like myself. I frowned as I couldn’t help but notice the cloudy and windy weather matched my mood.

“I hope it rains,” I heard Thomas say next to me.

“Why? Isn’t it a bit depressing when the weather is like this?,” I question my face twisting into a scowl as I gripped his jacket again and wiggle into his side pushing my face back into his chest. I felt his hand gently move and rest on the small of my back while the other arm stayed up around my shoulders.

“Water is life. Therefore, rain kind of symbolizes new birth doesn’t it? Not to mention I love thunder. I know a lot of people hate it or are scared of it but the sound is so ethereal.” He said and I glanced up to notice his eyes staring out the window. The cloudy weather didn’t allow a lot of light through but the soft almost gray light seemed to outline his profile and make his look a lot older. He turned and looked down at me. He gently took his hand from the small of my back and brought it to my cheek. I felt his thumb gently stroke where the bruise rested right under my eye. “You put ice on it last night right darling?” he asked with concern shining in his eyes and his southern drawl coming out in full force. I gently nodded and looked down with shame etched on my features. I hated worrying him.

“We’re here.” The guy said from the front. Thomas temporarily unwrapped his arms and leaned forward, pulling out his wallet before handing over the fare. He opened the door and stepped out, making sure to grab my hand and pull with slightly more force than necessary. He was always demanding. I shook as the forceful wind made me stumble slightly and shiver. Thomas look back and frowned before stepping forward and wrapping his arms around me, blocking the wind and ushering me into the apartment complex. He got to his door and still refused to let me go and opened the door one handed. Once in the apartment he ordered me to the coach and began walking to the different rooms and collecting items with purpose.

I took the time to look around the apartment. I had been here multiple times, almost as much as my own house actually. I recalled walking in here the first time and being amazed at how warm and comfy it was. I had met him at his job where he worked as a consultant for a major political firm in the city. I had been asked to make a flower delivery for my part time job. I had strolled in with the cart of flowers and began setting them out as instructed when a man, namely Thomas, had asked if you needed any help considering his next conference didn’t start for another hour. I smiled and agreed. He began talking as her worked having no problem starting and maintaining a conversation with me. Anyone else in that position might have found him pushy but I just found him funny and confident. We had agreed to meet each other for coffee after that. I had developed a great friendship with him when he started inviting me over to hang out. I had developed a high opinion of him. I expected flat sofas and modern décor with monochrome for his apartment style but I was dead wrong.

I looked around the room as I threaded my hand into the red fur pillows that were on the plush black leather coach and looked to my feet and the plush purple carpet beneath them. Almost the entire apartment was paneled in a wood and Thomas has made sure that the mantel on which the TV sat was a cobble stone. It was extremely warm and homely with pictures of Thomas’s family and friends in Virginia hanging in the wall. I had asked him about his styling choices and he had responded with the fact that he wanted it to feel like home. I leaned back into the coach letting out a little huff as my back hit the coach. I looked over the lamp on the table and smiled. I had knocked over the previous lamp one time while dancing with Thomas and he had replaced it with a loud orange skinny lamp and purple lamp shade. It was so ugly but Thomas had fawned over the lamp and told me very sternly that if I broke it he would never allow me back in his apartment.

“Go change in the bathroom. I want you to be comfortable darling.” I heard Thomas say sternly. I was snapped out of my revere and there was Thomas standing in front of me and holding out a pair of his boxers and a sweat shirt. He shook the clothes in front of me when I didn’t move. I finally grabbed them and walked into the bathroom to change. I wasn’t sure about taking off my turtle neck. I shook as I pulled it over my head and looked into the mirror only to gasp when I noticed the ring of bruises from Ryan’s hands around my neck had darkened in color. I had been so panicked at the time it didn’t even hurt. I trailed my hands down my sides and let out a sigh. Thomas would see them and get upset. I felt better here though. I felt safer. Last night after Ryan screamed and hit in his drunken state he had locked the bedroom door and I just continued to cower in the corner and eventually got up to get ice and nurse my wounds. I hadn’t even changed my clothes this morning because Ryan was still locked in the bedroom. Tears sprung to my eye but I quickly got control of them and finished changing before summoning the courage to walk out into the family room again.

“MY GOD.” Thomas shouted and I looked up from my feet and flinched at his shocked expression.

*Thomas’s POV*

“MY GOD.” I shouted in shocked at the sight before me. Y/N had changed from her turtle neck and dark bruises surrounded her throat. I notice her flinch and immediately tried to restrain the anger that was surfacing. I would fucking kill her boyfriend. When I found out she had a boyfriend before I met her I had stopped making advances despite my feelings. I remember thinking that he must have been one hell of a man because he had the best girl in New York City. Now I knew that she deserved so much better. She deserved not to be hurt like this. I motioned for her to sit down next to me. She quietly walked over and sat up straight. It broke my heart to see her this tense around me.

“Your staying here.” I said with a neutral voice trying not to get emotional and show that I was serious. Her head snapped up and her eyes met mine.

“What?” she questioned slightly shaking.

“I am not letting you go back and be hurt by him. You’re moving in to the guest room and you’re going to be happy because so help me god if I ever have to see you like this again I might commit murder.” I said my voice straining towards the end. Her eyes widened but soon they watered and her lip quivered as she shook her head in acceptance. I immediately turned to jelly from the immense relief overcoming me and grabbed her arm to pull her to me. I laid back and she came with me having her head rest on my chest.

“Only because I love you.” She whispered as I reached for the remote. I tensed for a split second before looking over at her with wide eyes. She seemed nervous but too exhausted to care as she gave me a sheepish smile and looked at me with her eyes lazily half lidded. I immediately acted on instinct and grabbed her arm hoisting her up slightly higher and firmly pressed my lips against hers. She responded and threaded her hands into my hair. We pulled back with a huff and stared at each other minute before I push her head into the juncture between my neck and shoulder. I cradled her with a arm around her waist and the other hand stroking her hair. I took a deep breath.

“Rest darling. I love you too but you are exhausted and you are going to have a hard day tomorrow too with getting your stuff and telling him.” I felt her shake and immediately gripped her tighter. “But I will be there with you baby I promise nothing will hurt you alright?” She relaxed back into my arm and gave a tiny nod into my neck.

“I won’t need to be scared if you’re there.” I heard her whisper, almost to herself. I felt a small amount of pride fill me at her words.

“I am going to put on a movie and cook some food later alright?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“It doesn’t just sound perfect. I intend to make sure it is perfect darling.”

She glanced at me with a smile on her face and I no longer felt helpless.

Lionhearted - part 3 - nessian fic

Summary: Nesta and Cassian go on their first date and try to figure out how they work when they aren’t expected to bicker all the time. Nesta has a candid conversation with Feyre about their mother. Later, as Nesta and Cassian are beginning to find a rhythm as a couple, an emergency interrupts their progress.

Notes: This is… going to be 5 parts now. Just an FYI. I don’t know how this happened. Thanks this time to @acourtofstarsanddreams for helping me figure out jobs and apartments, and @illyriantremors for helping me make their first date more awkward :D

Part one, Part two : AO3 for comments : this chapter rated T : tw brief mention of Feyre’s abuse


When Nesta made this date, she wasn’t thinking clearly.

She considered canceling, considered calling and just saying that it was a mistake, no hard feelings, that she wasn’t ready to go out with anyone.

Instead, when she called Cassian the next day, she reminded him that she lived outside the city and that he would likely need to leave early to make it to her place on time. She still had that nagging question in the back of her mind and had considered backing out then. But the smooth, confident tone in his voice had done something to her doubts, and by the time Nesta had shoved her phone back into her pocket, they had decided on a restaurant and a time and he knew her address.

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Roomie (M)

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Summary: When you first moved in with Jin, you thought you had hit the roommate jackpot. Turns out, living in the same apartment with this gorgeous man is a lot harder than you thought it’d be. He didn’t do anything wrong, and neither did you. It’s just this pesky thing called sexual tension.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: Gotta give the shoulders hyung some love.

When you first moved in with Jin, you thought you had hit the roommate jackpot. Not only was he kind, he did his fair share of the housework, and he could cook. And cook well. His good looks didn’t hurt either.

… Except they did. And as the weeks went on and turned into months, you found yourself growing increasingly frustrated. It doesn’t help that it was the first time either of you had a roommate of the opposite sex. It led to situations where you’d walk out of the bathroom in only a towel, hair dripping wet, and he’d be in the living room watching a show, trying to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground.

Or when he’d come back from a morning jog and be so sweaty that he’d strip his shirt off the moment he stepped in the apartment without thinking, just wanting to get the drenched fabric away from his body. And you’d be left in the kitchen trying not to have your breakfast dribbling down your chin. It was an automatic reaction, but both of you found your habits gradually changing as time went on.

Why couldn’t you have had an average looking roommate, or even a slightly above average one?

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Surprises (Avengers x FemReader) fluff

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(( gif not mine - it scares me slightly wth ))

(A/n): Broo, I have not written for Marvel in so long fuck

Request:  A Marvel request, this time: Reader is the youngest of the Avengers and they all see her as a little sister. She has written a fantasy novel and shyly asked Steve to read it. With her birthday approaching, Steve decides to illustrate her story while Tony sets everything in motion to publish it as soon as the Reader gives her Okay. On her birthday, they present her with a beautifully bound and illustrated copy of her novel. Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Fluff bois


(Y/n)’s hair wasn’t made, but it still bugged her that Sam just had to go a ruffle it more.

“Morning, squirt.” the dark man chuckled “Thought of anything you want for your birthday yet?”

She mumbled something in reply, waddling to her spot at the large oval table. It’s dark stained wood easy for morning eyes.

“Sam sit’own, it’s time to eat!” Tony barked.

The avenger complied, forgetting about the girls lack of response, and claimed his chair across from Bucky and next to Steve. The rest of everyone else were already situated in their respective spots.

Eggs and bacon, waffles and orange juice were dished out. Idle words charmed the morning air between bites and swallows.

Something like this was common but never common enough. All of them had contradicting schedules so a sit down of this sort was highly valued. Even if when (Y/n)’s eyes glided across the table and could only see other sets of tired ones to match hers; they would always be paired with genuine, dopey morning smiles as well.

“Anything new with anyone?” Natasha asked generally, sipping her black coffee.

“There’s this publisher-” Tony uttered with his mouth stuffed full of bacon scraps “He’sh a real big fwan of Iron Man. Said if I evar haff any books I wan’ published, to call ‘em.”

“Oh, really?” Steve commented “That’s nice of him.”

“Sure was,” the brunette swallowed and laughed “but I don’t exactly have any raw manuscripts lying around in need of publishing.”

“I think I might actually tell him thanks but no thanks.” Tony finished with a swig of his juice.

“Well, I find it odd to offer a billionaire inventor a publishing job.” Bruce chimed.

He and Steve both stood to clear their plates, taking anyone else’s that asked.

“Umh, Steve?” (Y/n) spoke up. She gently rose herself from her chair, swiping her plate up with her.

“Hmm?” the soldier hummed in response.

He was manning the sink, stringing up a hand as the girl approached him; wanting her plate. Though Steve didn’t take a second to glance her way, the small team member still willingly gave up her plate.

“Do you mind coming up to my dorm after we clean up. Please?” (Y/n) asked.

Though a moment of silence, Steve did eventually agree.

❆   ❆   ❆

Soon after the first meal of the day was cleared, the two team mates met in the arranged location.

(Y/n) opened the door softly to allow Steve in, then just as gently, shut it behind him.

“I only wanted you up here to show you something small I’ve been working on.” she said, shuffling to her bedside table for a moment.

Steve bore confused eyes but had them complimented with a welcoming smile. He watched as (Y/n) took out a bound mess of papers, some splotched with inky dots.

“I ah- well I wrote a small novel. It’s a fantasy of sorts…” the girl trailed off.

Steve held out a hand to take the papers from (Y/n). She seemed hesitant before releasing them.

“You wrote all this?” He asked after flipping across some pages.

Steve saw her nod quaintly.

“I just- Tony was talking about the publisher,”

When (Y/n) began to speak, the soldier started to read some of the paragraphs.

“and that reminded me that I was going to show you this. I was going to do it sooner, but I didn’t want to waste any of your work time so I thought maybe now would be good…”

Her words fell short for a few moments before she finished with “That and.. I was never very confident in this story. I love it dearly but I don’t have much courage for it…”

“How long have you been writing this?” Steve questioned “I’m really impressed. You are seriously talented…”

The girl went silent for several seconds before replying with a small grin.

“You can take it with you to read fully, if you’d like.”

Steve smiled back down at her “Can I really?”

“Of course.”

❆   ❆   ❆

Later on in week, Steve was hauled up in his dorm, reading and re-reading the story. He absolutely loved the creative characters that (Y/n) was able to bring to life just by using words. The story plot itself was hypnotizing to him.

“Hey, hey, capcicle.” Tony called from behind Steve’s closed door “You alive?”

“Yeah, yeah come in.”

The brunette entered soundly and said “What have you been doing. You’ve been in here for like two weeks..?”

Steve looked up to the man at the door, eyes tracing his face briefly. Then it struck him, a small idea.

“Well I’ve been reading… this story that (Y/n) wrote.” He spoke softly.

Tony looked as though he was about to laugh.

“(Y/n) writes?” the billionaire scoffed “Sounds dumb.”

“Hey,” Steve hissed “she’s is actually intensely talented.”

Tony sighed from Steve’s retaliation and fummbled with his words for a few moments, studying at the others face.

His eyes squinted softly.

“What do you want from me?”

Steve grinned, a small glint in his eyes as the gears in his mind worked together.

“I’m glad you asked.”

The blond took away several minutes to explain to Tony what he wanted done. He chose his words cautiously, allowing all his excitement bleed through his statements.

He told the billionaire about how he desired to illustrate her work in full colour and how maybe this would be their chance at a birthday surprise.

After a while of listening to the soldier speak, Tony stopped him with a brisk shake of his palm.

“You want me to take up the deal with the publisher, and have (Y/n)’s novel published without her overall consent?”

Steve stood with square shoulders, slightly taken aback. He chanced his voice “Yep.”

The opposite male didn’t take the opportunity to hide his flashing smirk.

“Well then, you have yourself a deal.”

❆   ❆   ❆

The next half of the month was spent with Steve and Tony slyly avoiding (Y/n). Steve wasn’t himself a good liar, but he was still able to coax the young hero into letting him keep the book for a while longer.

(Y/n) was no doubt happy that someone took extensive interest in her works. But, even now she could tell that Steve was beating around the bush.

As of the current, the girl was trying to find Steve to maybe interrogate him.

“Oh hey, (Y/n)!” a voice pulled at her.

She came face to face with Tony.

“Hey, Tony.” (Y/n) smiled “do you happen to know where Steve is?”

Tony charmed the girl with a smile of his own “I sure do.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Oh, that’s good. Mind showing m–”

“Right this way, my dear.”

Tony had turned around and started walking down the corridor. (Y/n) abruptly followed him.

It wasn’t long before both their steps sunk through the space with nothing else opposing them.

“Wait, Tony- if you are leading me to a surprise party, it’s a little early.” the girl spoke wearily.

“Pff- I know your birthday is tomorrow. I’m not the stupid one.” Tony answered. He twisted himself into a sudden right turn, entering the lounge.

There stood a solid Captain America, he had a smile manipulating his features.

“Hey Steve!” Tony called in a bright tone “Fancy meeting you here.”

Steve and (Y/n) both chuckled and Tony stepped out of the way of the two.

The girl approached the blond male.

“Steve, do you happen to have my manuscript on you?” She asked, looking his directly in his face “You would probably be done reading it over by now…”

Steve’s smile broadened and Tony snickered soundly.

“Yeah sure, here.”

From behind his back, Steve produced a beautiful leather bound, printed copy of the small girl’s story. It made (Y/n)’s eyes widen in pure shock.


(Y/n) read and re-read the title many times before she put together the piece that this was really her book. Her pride and joy in one official copy, just handed to her.

Not missing a beat, her swiped the book from the soldier’s hand and opened it wide. Immediately (Y/n) was clad with bright eyes as she viewed the images corresponding with everything she had put in words.

Two questions crossed her mind, and she gazed up at the two men before her.

“Is this mine?” she asked first.

Tony laughed and Steve did as well. Only briefly before both nodding.

“Is this.. is this published?” she questioned again. Her smiling lips framed her eyes that were hastily growing misty.


I am glad I got this done gosh diddily darn

Finding Gilbert // Qian Kun


the prompt: could I get an NCT Kun soulmate AU scenario where you have a timer that counts down to the moment you meet?

words: 1231

category: fluff + soulmate!au

author note: where is kun’s debut? why are him and hansol still in the basement? these are questions that need answers @ sm. anyway enjoy this lil scenario about you, kun, and a cat named gilbert.(also let me know if you guys want a pt. 2 bc i rlly like writing for kun)

- destinee

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin

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Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 2

Originally posted by thealextheshipper

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1800+

Intro | Part 1 |

I hate hospitals. Well, not the idea of saving people’s lives, but mainly the smells and people. The smell of antiseptic, death and misery is not something you can get used to, not being able to move from the waist down sucks, even more, I cried two days straight after I found out. Thanks to that bus I’m now paralysed from the waist down, but according to the doctors, Tony made it just in time with the news that he may have a solution. By that I mean, secretly he’s been trying to replicate Peter’s Spider-Man abilities to form some type of serum, yes, I know Spider Man’s identity, I sort of put two and two together, makes me feel slightly giddy that Peter’s girlfriend only thinks he’s working with Tony for a grant, and that I know more about Peter than she ever has done; what a shock that will be. Peter has been at the hospital with me from the start, I don’t know why, he says that we should ‘bond’ and now that I can’t walk, he knows I won’t run away. It’s funny really, he apologised straight after saying that, but I was in hysterics. Anyway, back to the serum; Tony asked me if it was okay to inject me with it, I said yes straight away before he could even tell me side effects, or even what would happen. I mean what else can I lose? (I really shouldn’t jinx myself, I mean I’m a disabled orphan for Christ’s sake). So, plans were made, which brings us to now. Looking at the clock I have 10 minutes until my life is going to change – again – For better or for worst.

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So I write this one-shot and I’ve never posted fanfic on tumblr before so yeah (like I’ve written it before, just never have I posted any on Tumblr). So here’s a thing I wrote. Enjoy!

(I was inspired by the idea of different colored roses and what they mean :) )

“But does Alex even like flowers?”

“Magnus, this is the fifth time you’ve asked that. She…is it a ‘she’ or a ‘he’ day?”


“Cool, thanks. And yeah, she likes flowers. I mean, sometimes she draws them on her pottery, and now she’ll have something to do with her pots instead of throwing them at the wall.”

Magnus and Sam were walking towards Alex’s room at around noon, and Magnus was carrying a bundle of five roses, each a different color (red, pink, orange, lavender, and green). Magnus held on tightly to the flowers, worried that his einherji strength might crush the stems.

When they finally reached the door, Sam smiled.

“Good luck, Magnus.”

She flew away to do whatever top secret business she had to do for Odin, and Magnus was left alone in front of Alex’s door. Magnus took a deep breath and knocked.

Alex Fierro swiftly opened the door moments later. Clay was caked everywhere on her. Her black and white “Down with cis” shirt was stained gray and brown in some parts. The scent of clay hit Magnus like a sword: sharply and abruptly.
Alex immediately eyed the flowers, then Magnus, then the flowers again. Magnus could feel the heat rising to his face so much he almost thought he was in Muspellheim.

“What’s the occasion, Maggie?” Alex asked, propping up her elbow against the doorframe and leaning on it, smirking at Magnus.

Magnus gave the bouquet to Alex, who—after studying each flower—smelled them, and smiled a little.

“I…” Magnus started, stumbling over his words as he found himself staring into Alex’s eyes.

Alex raised a single eyebrow.


Magnus coughed as he was brought back to reality.

“I…um…I…Alex, would you like to go out with me?”

The straightforwardness of the question surprised both people.

To Magnus’s surprise, Alex’s cheeks flushed a little bit.

“Why?” Alex asked, still holding the flowers. She motioned for Magnus to sit down. He cautiously entered the room, and the smell of clay became stronger. Clay was splattered everywhere. Alex found a clay vase and put the roses in it, then set the vase on the coffee table in front of the couch. Alex sat down.

“Having a rough time molding the clay?” he asked.

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Fair enough.”

Magnus sat on the couch next to Alex, who looked at him as if she was trying to figure out a puzzle. Magnus stared down at his hands, his heart beating so loudly and quickly he was surprised it didn’t burst out of his chest.

“I…uh…I guess…I…”

“Spit it out Magnus.” Alex nudged Magnus’s arm.

“I really like you a lot.”

Both Alex’s and Magnus’s eyes grew almost twice as wide as their normal size. Magnus was sure his heart was going to beat out of his chest sometime soon.
Then, Magnus spotted the flowers.

“Well,” he began, picking up the orange rose first. “Orange roses represent passion and energy, like a fiery blaze. Kind of like you when you’re angry. Or all of the time.”

Alex gently took the rose from Magnus, their fingers brushing only for an instant. Magnus was surprised that his heart didn’t explode, because the touch made his hands feel like fireworks. He never wanted to wash his hand again.

“What about the green one?” Alex asked.

Magnus gently lifted the green rose out of the vase and stared at it. Alex took the rose and held it up against her head.

Oh gods, she’s beautiful. It matches her hair, Magnus thought. He barely successfully restrained himself from sighing like a lovesick teenager (even though that’s exactly what he was).

“How well does it match my hair?” Alex asked, smiling a bit.

Magnus laughed. “A perfect match.”

Alex’s smile grew a bit bigger. Magnus’s face grew a bit redder.

“Anyways,” Magnus continued, “the green ones represent peace and tranquility, along with representing best wishes for a prosperous new life. I thought, you know, since you’re new to Valhalla, I’d add in these green ones.”

“What about the ‘peace and tranquility’ part?” Alex smirked.

“I’m telling you to calm the Hel down.”

Alex giggled for a second, which could be taken as a literal ROFL. Magnus’s heart fluttered.

“You still haven’t answered why you want to go out with me,” Alex remarked.
“What about the rest of the flowers?”

“I know what they mean. I’m an artist, Magnus. This is basic stuff.”

“It is?”

“No.” Alex chuckled a bit.

“You didn’t know what the orange or green ones meant!”

“I was testing you!”

“Testing me? Why?”

“To see if you knew what they meant, or if you just picked them out because they look pretty.”

Magnus sighed, then the realization hit him.

“Pink roses,” Alex said, “convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude.”

Magnus’s face might have been the color of a pink rose.

“Lavender ones represent ‘love at first sight.’”

Magnus could barely see the color rising to Alex’s face, although he knew it was there. He looked at Alex as she tired her head from the rose to Magnus.

“And red roses…” Alex didn’t finish the sentence. She stared at his lips.

Magnus stared at hers. “Red roses represent lo—”

He was cut off by Alex squeezing her eyes shut and grabbing the back of Magnus’s head and pulling him forward. Their mouths met in such a satisfying moment of jubilation, it’s a wonder that neither Magnus or Alex exploded on the spot. Magnus placed his hands behind Alex’s headband stroked his fingers through her soft, black and green hair.

They broke apart only to take a much-needed breath.

Their faces still inches away from each other, they stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily.

“Magnus, I—”

This time, it was Magnus interrupting Alex as he pulled Alex forward again and kissed even harder.

When they broke apart, all Magnus saw were Alex’s eyes. He stared them for so long, and she stared back, that he was surprised he didn’t get punched in the face.

“Don’t say it,” Alex whispered, taking Magnus’s hand.

“Don’t say what?” he asked, gently taking Alex’s other hand.

“The L word. Don’t say it until you really mean it, okay?”

Magnus leaned forward and gently brushed his lips against Alex’s.

“Okay, but only if you do the same.” Magnus smiled. Alex had such pretty eyes, the brown one glowed while the hazel one shined.



Alex leaned forward and kissed Magnus again.

“I like you a lot,” Alex said. “Let’s use the word like until we’re ready for the L word, okay?”

“Sounds Frey-tastic.”

Alex narrowed her eyebrows.

“What the fuck kind of pun was that?”

Magnus couldn’t help but laugh.

“So is that a yes, or…?”

Alex merely smiled.


Magnus kissed her quickly again before taking her hand and leading her to the door.

“Come on, the rest of our hall mates will be waiting. They’ll love to hear about this”

When Magnus and Alex came out of the room, flustered and holding hands with red faces, Mallory cackled as TJ and Halfborn both handed her some red gold coins.


Ok first of all, EVERYBODY BLAME @nifwrites for this, it’s all her fault and she knows it (jk ilu bb c:)

She wrote a breathtaking soulmate AU fic titled We Intertwined and I was inspired to say the least. This will be a multi-chapter (estimating 25-30 or so) Gladio soulmate AU, but if you think because it’s a soulmate fic there’s gonna be hella fluff, you’re dead wrong. Expect lots of hurt, angst, difficult situations and…there may be a death or two along the way. Either way, I hope you enjoy and are as excited as I am to take this little adventure.

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An Awkward Conversation - Jason Todd x Reader - Part Two

Part One

Requested by Anon -  part two of an awkward convo? Like they actually start dating and superboy isn’t okay with it

Requested by Anon -  a continuation series of an awkward conversation

After a lot of debating between Batman and Superman, they finally came to an agreement. It was decided that Jason would be allow to ask you out on a date as long as the date was supervised. 

Conner wasn’t happy with the idea, spending the rest of his time trying to soil Jason’s reputation. He tried everything from having Wolf trip Jason when you were watching to convincing other people to talk badly about Jason when you were in earshot.

Unfortunately for him, none of these things he did worked and when Jason asked, you agreed enthusiastically. You ran to tell Conner all about it, much to his displeasure. M’gann told him he should let it go, and let you make your own decisions. Conner disagreed with her, knowing Jason was going to try something with you. 

To be honest, he wouldn’t have been so overprotective if you weren’t so innocent. After the incident where you and Jason found two goons in a compromising position, he feared Jason would trick you into something you weren’t ready for. He became especially concerned when you told him how Jason explained to you how babies were made and offered to show you sometime.

That’s why Conner was in your room as you and M’gann tried to figure out what you should wear on your date. M’gann sorted through your clothes while you fussed with your hair. 

“I don’t see why you have to go on a date with him,” Conner grumbled from his seat on your bed. You glared at him.

“I’m going because I want to,” you replied sharply. “Besides, you go on dates.”

“Yeah…,” Conner mumbled, pursing his lips before coming up with another argument. “But you’re too young.”

“Conner, she’s the same age as you,” M’gann interjected, holding up your only dress. “(Y/N), I think we might need to go clothes shopping.”

“Really?” you asked, giving her your full attention. “What’s wrong with my dress?”

M’gann bit her lip before answering. “Well, it just a little neon.” You looked at it, tilting your head. When Black Canary took you shopping for clothes, she insisted you buy a dress. You didn’t like any of them until you saw the neon orange number M’gann was currently rejecting.

“But I thought it was nice,” you pondered, rubbing your chin. 

Conner rolled his eyes, still growling even though he knew he lost your attention. “Dates aren’t that fun anyway.”

“It…is nice, (Y/N). It’s just a little bright for a date that isn’t going to involve a rave,” M’gann explained, smiling when your eyes brightened at the word ‘rave’.

“Ooo, what’s a rave?” you asked, curious to learn a new word. Conner shook his head at your ignorance. 

“If you don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t be going on a date with Jason,” Conner commented loudly, catching your attention. You frowned at him, your eyes wide with hurt. 

“Conner, stop it,” M’gann chided him. Conner grunted, crossing his arms. 

“She doesn’t know enough to date,” Conner snapped, getting to his feet. You jumped at the tone of his voice. “He could try something, and she won’t know what to do.”

M’gann sighed, defending you when she sensed your distress. “She’s going out on a supervised date with Jason, for goodness’ sake. You think Batman is going to let him try something.”

“I doubt Batman could stop him,” Conner growled, only stopping when you burst into tears. You escaped into your bathroom, slamming the door behind you. 

“Now look at what you’ve done,” M’gann scolded, pushing Conner out of the room. “You stay away until you can be supportive.” Conner protested, but let M’gann hassle him out of the room anyway. The sound of your tears distressed him, but he knew it was for your own good. He couldn’t let you go on that date.

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Poe Dameron X Stubborn!Reader

Originally posted by darthzvader

Poe Dameron X Stubborn!Reader

Request : even though I don’t need to fuel my obsession of Poe Dameron, do you either have/or will write a little something about Poe x Stubborn!reader and he gets kinda frustrated because the reader is one of the most stubborn workers on the base (imrambling)

I don’t know what it is about Poe but I find he’s more romantic in my headcanons! Enjoy my friend!

  • You were in charge of X-Wing maintenance on the Resistance base, and was quite well known amongst the pilots. All of them knew your name.  
  • The engineers you ordered around were used to your work behavior, the pilots were not.
  • You were very “set in your ways” as your friends put it.
  • That’s code for extremely stubborn.
  • You never followed orders, from anyone. Luckily, you have them out most of the time.
  • But one day, you and one of your engineers were stumped on what the problem was with the X-Wing used by Black Leader.
  • There was some malfunction, but in order to find the problem you would have to risk further damage.
  • Black Leader had apparently told your engineer that his ships could not go under more damage. And if he didn’t have a ship he’d be grounded instead of going on important mission.
  • He didn’t so much as spook your engineer, but charm her into not wanting to cause more trouble.
  • No such charm would work on you.
  • You laid your back on the scooter and moved under the ship to dig for the cause of the problem.
  • “Hey, what’s happening here?!”

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#13 - What went wrong?

Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Also, any text that are in italics are in the past and the rest are in the present form.

Friday, 17 June 2017

It’s 4am and you’re throwing your clothes into suitcases. There were 3 full suitcases of your own stuff. You didn’t realise you had that many things but then again, every time you felt like shit you go shopping to put a dent in your wallet. Well now, you won’t be going shopping for unnecessary items anymore since that one person who have been making you upset is not around anymore. 

The sunlight began to creep through the curtains and you have just finished packing. You went to the bathroom to freshen up before leaving what used to be your home. Your eyes were still red so you looked for cap in your suitcase. You found one which had an ice cream icon embroidered in the centre. 

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anonymous asked:

Last ep Iris said that she used to think she was the only one who didn't get the Flash, so maybe a fic of Barry showing her just how much of the Flash she gets? :P

omg nonnie, this was probably the most fun I’ve had writing a prompt. Thank you for this AWESOME idea. i reallllly hope you like it. (note – it’s smutty as hell soooo …. YEAH, ENJOY :)

you can also read/save this on AO3.

The thing about words are that they can’t be unsaid; they burrow into the hollow of one’s soul, finding purchase in uncertainty. They twist at and pull and gnarl the strings of it, leaving behind a patchwork web of hurts that just don’t heal right.

Sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I’m the only one who doesn’t get the Flash. He felt separate from you.

She’d finished her declaration with the truth — that she loved him, all of him. But there was something … off about Barry, now. Something she couldn’t quite place.

Sure, they were happy enough. Cooking dinners together was still a delight, with him sneaking up behind her to add bits of seasoning or pepper her neck with warm, distracting kisses; their Tuesday movie night was a blast, full of sugar highs from dollar store candy and debates over whether Sam needed to carry Frodo up Mount Doom or not; Wednesday night was full of throaty moans and warm flesh pressed against various surfaces — the kitchen table, couch cushions, cool glass of the patio doors — as Iris’ third orgasm rocked through her, spiraling around Barry’s needy thrusting and harsh breathing.

She’d never known this kind of blissful happiness. But her earlier words lingered between them somehow; they folded themselves into the way he eyed her, green gaze molten with worry.

So on the night of the annual Central City Charity Gala, Iris thought she might ease the tension by inviting him to paint the town with her.

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The Pact (Part 1)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Part one of the series ‘The Pact’, where you are an angel, and Jaebum’s the devil. This is going to be a series, will include BTS but only because there are only so little members in GOT7. And here we meet GOTBANGTAN demon squad.

Word Count: 2,911

Warning: Gore, Violence

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

After going to her post, she started to scavenge the area around her. She made her presence unknown to the humans, looking for any suspicious activities as she wasn’t able to be seen by anyone except for a supernatural being. This was how they always helped humans, cloaking themselves while giving guidance to any human without making themselves known or visible. But right now, she was on a mission, and was not to be interrupted by anyone at all. 

Opening her angel radio, she didn’t dare contact her comrades, knowing that it would lead to something disastrous as their signal could easily be manipulated at this time. So she used it to track any other supernatural disturbances, as the radio was also used in that way. Closing her eyes, she concentrated her energy and grace into finding anything in any place.

Finally finding one, she had immediately teleported there, finding herself in front of a closed diner where the energy had came from. 

Entering it herself with no problem, it was no surprise to her as she found it to be empty and cleaned up, but that made her mission all the more easier. It was quiet, too quiet in fact. It was like no life had shed past through here earlier, even if the diner seemed like it had been recently used and cleaned up. But that would’ve meant that there should be at least one human staying behind, considering the fact that the entrance was open. And if there were at least one, that would’ve meant at least a noise from the kitchen, except that it was dead silent. 

Feeling a presence behind her, she immediately turned around and placed her palm on the demon’s forehead, smiting them within seconds. Burning light had came from their eye sockets as their eyes and soul were scorched to nothingness.

She heard footsteps of more coming her way from behind the counter. Turning her head, she immediately made eye-contact with two more black-eyed demons who charging towards her. 

Dodging the first one, she immediately took out her angel blade from her sleeves as she pierced through the demon’s back, killing them. She took out the blade immediately, kicking the dead corpse towards the other with great strength.

The demon, immediately damaged by the impact of the hit, was about to leave his possessed human’s body, until the angel herself grabbed a hold of his collar. “Speak,” She demanded, wanting information to be spilled out of the demon she kept in her hold. 

“About what?” The demon looked up, showing signs of fright and a little bit of backbone through his words. “You know what I want to know,” She claimed, her tone low and dangerous as she was threatening and willing to hurt the other if she didn’t get what she wanted. 

“You’re gonna have to be more specific than that, sweetheart.” After that statement, she held her head up high, and took a breathe in. “The radio disturbances, what do you know about what’s been happening around this area?” She finally gave a complete question, fully tackling on the real reason why she was here. The demon looks up to her with a twisted smile.

What? Little static on the angel radio messed all your shit up?” He taunted at the angel before him, knowing fully sure of what she was capable of doing. “So it was you,” She assumed, confirming his taunting attitude to be a sign of his contribution to the currently falling of the angels. “Maybe it was,”

Unable to stand his attitude, she let go of him as she had an unreadable expression on her face. But what was pretty evident, was that she was pissed. “Well, that’s all I need then.” Was the only thing she stated, the demon thought she was finally going to smite him. 

But no, instead, she showed her true form before his eyes. His eyes immediately melted due to the great light exposed to him, unable to handle the power and brightness as he cried in pain.

After returning to her vessel’s appearance, she stood tall before the weakened demon. “I won’t smite you,” She starts off. “No, but I will torture you. I’ll leave you here to agonizingly wallow in pain here, and if any passerby comes, you will spread the word of our presence here on earth.” She prophesied, before leaving the demon to suffer by himself as she vanished to somewhere else.

I have to get back to the fields, she thought. When she arrived to a physical location, it wasn’t quite where she had expected to be. It was the exact opposite of an open field, it was a warehouse. It looked to be torn down and abandoned; it had the smell of metallic rust, corroded on everything around her. Aside from that stench, it also reeked of sulfur. Taking in her surroundings, she failed to noticed figures standing far from behind her. 

“Yo,” One called, and she immediately turned heads towards the direction of the sound. Her sight was met by demons, a group of demons to be exact. She recognized them to be the highly dangerous group of demons formed by Lucifer, making them the princes of hell. 

The one who had greeted her had physically appeared to be a man no latter in his early twenties; having slick black hair that was styled into an undercut. His true form being worst than any of the demons she had last encountered, which is why she could tell they were different from the others.

“Wow, she is smokin’,” One commented shamelessly as he observed her winged form, which could only be seen by angel’s and demon’s alike. She noted him to have dyed blond hair, having the same style as the former male. “Too bad we’d have to kill her though,” He said to his companions, before shooting you a flirty look.

“Why, am I that important to be such a nuisance to your plan?” The female angel once again spoke, but this time taunting the demons, who she knew could very much kill her at any given moment. She walked closer to them, but still keeping distance that it was out of arm’s length.

They were more in numbers, and to add up, a lot more stronger than your average lower class demon. These demons could do a lot worse than demonic possession and having telekinesis, they would be able to do a lot more to most angels and almost all of the demons; what more to humans?

“She’s got spunk,” One silver haired lad spoke up as he crossed his arms, his hair parting mostly on the side of his face, almost covering his eye. His expression was unreadable, but it looked like he was interested in what was going to happen with her next.

“You’ll see a lot more than that if you don’t stop whatever you’re doing, but sadly I know you won’t.” She threatened as she kept her tone steady, taking out her angel blade from her sleeve. 

“You got that right, but unfortunately,” The black haired man continued, clasping his hands together as he walked forward with a feigned saddened smile. “We have orders to fulfill, rules to follow, and that is to kill anyone who gets in our way.” He finished his statement, finally standing in a distance within a yard.

“You won’t get away with this.” She claimed, staring straight at him in the eye. But of course that was she knew she couldn’t take all of them at once. She couldn’t escape as well; she knew that when she had teleported here rather than in an open grass field. Her location had been locked down with symbols that were a weakness against angels. But of course, she wasn’t willing to give up her life and let them win against her, she was willing to put up a fight and wasn’t planning to lose.

For a moment there, the demon was confused. He stepped forward even more, standing inches away from her. “Get away with what?” He uttered quietly, almost as if it were a whisper or a low mumble as his face was close to her, staring at her face with interest. “Nobody will ever find you.” He claimed, before going back to his original spot where his crowd was.

“I’ll let you guys have this,” He said, allowing the other demons to walk towards the angel.

She stayed in place as she observed all of them, they were four in total excluding the who gave the command and just watched the scene unfold before him.

The blond one attacked first, using his fist to hook punch the side of her face, to which she dodged down and swiftly slide her feet to make him fall hard on his back. Standing up and stepping forward, she was met with a new opponent, whom had orange hair. She noticed from her peripheral vision a silver glint, causing her to turn and grab hold of the charging silver male, throwing him against the other to push them off as she charged at the last one. This one being a lot taller than the others, having a brown bowl cut. She was small in stature compared to him, so she easily dodged his attempted hold as she kicked him forward to stumble in his direction.

What she had failed to notice however, was that the blond had gotten back on his feet and had now taken hold of her by strangling her neck. Struggling, she forcefully shoved the angel blade down his thigh. He let a blood-curling scream escape his throat. “You bitch!” yelled at her as he was holding his bleeding thigh in pain, blood dripping on the floor. 

The leader sighed loudly, expressing his exasperation as he hanged his head low, rubbing the back of his head as if the situation was too tiresome and wasn’t worth his time at all. “Fine, I’ll do it.” He lazily announced, eyes showing boredom. “When I said have fun, I didn’t meant get your asses kicked.” He expressed disappointment to his teammates, as they were all outwitted by the female angel.

When he stood in front of her within a good distance, they started pacing around each other. They were cautious of what the other was about to do, especially Y/N, she hadn’t seen his true powers yet, but he had seen hers while she was battling the others. 

“I gotta say, you’re pretty good. Most angels would’ve died in a second if they ever encountered one of us,” He claimed, a smug sirk itching the corners of his lips. “But they all die anyways, no matter the time or how strong they are.” When he had said that, something triggered within her. Her eyes had widened at his words, and she was starting to grit her teeth out of the rage welling up inside her. 

Her armed hand was starting to convulse out of the uncontrollable rage. “Did it bring a smile to your face to have killed my men?” Her voice had dripped with poison, she was holding back on her words and actions. She was thinking of all the men they had lost, just because of them. How many of her men had died by his hands? How many missions were jeopardized just because of him, she kept thinking.

He was silent for a moment, wearing an unreadable expression. “Sure as hell did.” He wore that sickly sweet grin on his face, and that was the last straw before she thrusted her blade towards him.

He had only dodged the attack by moving to the side, grabbing hold of her hand and arm, attempting to bend it backwards. Instead, she brought her weight upwards along with her body, entangling the demon in between her thighs before slamming him down. 

When she got back on her feet, she tried to gain distance from him, only to be slammed to the nearest walls by an unspeakable force. He was using his powers, and it was overpowering. She wasn’t able to use her own as she felt like she was losing air and her insides were being strangled. She struggled to break free from his hold, but to no avail.

His hand was pointed at her direction, keeping her there with his telekinesis. He was beginning to walk towards her, and she was met with a pair of scathing yellow eyes. His eyes had turned to slits when he had been angrily staring at her. “You should be fucking glad I kept you alive this long,” He spat.

Honestly, going around and fucking with our powers? You’re lucky I didn’t shred you to pieces myself when I saw you.” ‘What?’ was what she thought as her eyes widened to meet his. That didn’t add up, that didn’t add up to her. Was the disturbance just a revenge plot against the angels for messing with their powers? She was never given a mission to subdue any of the demons’ powers, unless something was up and she didn’t know.

“What… are you ta..?” She tried to utter out to him. He somehow understood what she was trying to say. “Don’t play dumb! That’s why you’re here right!? I’ve had enough of you bugs!” He snapped, his hold was starting to get stronger and more unbearable for her. And it made her realize something.

It was that the demon in front of her had nothing to do with this, and it was no wonder why the others weren’t properly fighting her. They were all powerful, there was no way she could’ve last this long against them, let alone win against them  if they had their full powers. That disturbance was also affecting the demons, not just the angels.

She was in a dangerous situation, and the time was running. She didn’t know what to do to get him to stop, she couldn’t throw the blade at him when she couldn’t move her arms. And she definitely most likely couldn’t use her powers right now. So now there was only one option, and it was to use the angel radio to contact heaven.

If she contacted Heaven, she would be granted her extra powers that a normal angel like her wouldn’t have, but it was only used in emergencies only and is granted by the hosts of Heaven.She didn’t know if the radio would work now though, but she had to give it a try.

Once she had, she tried to get through the static clouding her fading mind. And then a sudden burst of light sent the demon flying back, sending him to tumble back a good distance from her. 

She had landed on her knees and feet when his hold was released, and she had gasped a sudden amount of air. Taking time to breathe before standing up to regain her composure. 

Before she could get a chance to speak, the other demons started charging against her, only to be disregarded to the side by the newly acquired powers. “Let me speak.” She demanded, standing in place in front of him.

“I don’t know why in the world you guys are here, but I’m on a mission.” Her voice was booming around the wide warehouse. “But not the mission you think I’m on, I’m here to stop whatever is fucking with our angel radio and causing us to die!” She exclaimed as she looked at him straight in the eyes with her own fierce ones.

He looked at her as if baffled, and most likely dumbfounded as he was still on the floor. He stood up to his knees, and regained his composure. “Alright, if that’s what you’re here for, then why the fuck are our powers spazzing!? Huh!?” He snapped again, this time raising his voice out the pure rage overpooling in him. “Heck if I know!? Angels can’t lie, we can only speak or shut up!”

When she had snapped, the entire place had fallen silent enough to hear a pin needle’s drop. “Whatever this force is, it’s affecting the both of us.” She pointed out as she went on, crossing her arms. “I don’t know what it is, but I think it would be best if we stayed as two parties rather than having a third.” 

“Are you implying something wings?” He queried, finding her implement amusing as a condescending smirk itched his features. He walked towards her, looking at her straight in the eye as if not believing her. 

“I’m suggesting that we should work together,” She confirmed, not breaking from the stare he was throwing at her; she wasn’t afraid of him.

“And why should we? We’re against each other,” He opposed, having a fake kind smile as if mocking the situation itself. There was no way he would be working with this common angel, he was a demon who was created by Lucifer himself, why would he? 

“I could care less about that, but I want this rivalry to stay just between us  angels and demons.” She countered, proving her point as she was confident that she was right.

He chuckled darkly, looking at his feet as his head hanged low, not believing he was hearing the words coming from an angel, a Warrior of God. He brought his head back up, staring at her with chilling yellow eyes. “Oh sweetheart,” 

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” 

anonymous asked:

I love baby Evelyn! you're still doing prompts, could you do Evelyn meeting the team for the first time? That would be adorable!

Thanks for the prompt!! 



“I can’t believe this is still the Playground,” Jemma commented in awe as she and Fitz crossed the renovated hangar of SHIELD’s main base, Evelyn cradled against her hip. Their three month old daughter was taking everything in with wide eyes, which currently seemed to be locked on the Zephyr. Bending to kiss the top of Evelyn’s head, she murmured, “Your daddy designed that plane, Evie. Aren’t you so proud of him?”

Fitz chuckled lightly at that, even as he eyed the Zephyr for himself. “You know…I think I might talk to Mack about some upgrades…”

Jemma gave him a stern look as she reminded him, “We’re here for a holiday, Fitz; have you forgotten the definition of the word ‘retired’?”

“Okay, yeah, but…” When Jemma’s expression didn’t change, he all-but pouted, pleading, “Just a quick look at the engine?”

She pursed her lips thoughtfully, then sighed. “Oh alright, fine. But just the engine!”

“You’ve got it, Jem!” He pressed a quick, grateful kiss to her temple, and Jemma rolled her eyes fondly, not bothering to hide her smile. They passed through the hangar doors then, entering into the main section of the base – only to find Daisy waiting anxiously on the other side.

“Oh, Happy Thanksgiving, Daisy!” Jemma greeted, smiling widely at the sight of their friend. It’d been far too long since they’d seen each other, what with Daisy being busy with the Secret Warriors and saving the world, while Jemma and Fitz had been busy with settling into their cottage in Perthshire then taking care of Evelyn.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” Daisy replied absently, immediately swiping Evelyn from her arms. “Oh my gosh you’re just the cutest thing ever, aren’t you?” she cooed, ignoring Fitz and Jemma almost completely in favor of Evelyn. “Oh yes you are. With those big blue eyes and that curly hair and your cute little nose! That’s it, I’m just gonna have to steal you away from your parents, yes I am, yes I am.”

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