i still need to finish commissions after this


17/30 dailies

Mic: ‘I can’t believe you have official All Might pyjamas, those are limited edition!’

Prompt- @lena-loz If you’re still up for the teachers in the prompt thing, could you please draw late night talks with Aizawa, SmallMight and Mic in the dorms? :D Maybe All Might owns All Might pyjama’s? (He’s an adorable dork after all!)

OH BOY three hours later and some extreme sleep deprivation, its done! I desperately need to tone down my ambition for these paintings, I try to get them done in the time after I finish commissions and stuff for the day, but DAMN sometimes I overestimate my speed-

Still totally accepting bnha prompts- only up to the anime preferably, (I’m almost caught up but its less fun when not everyone can see it.) Any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3

mikaylaseptic1  asked:

Are commissions going to be open soon? I'd really love to commission you :)

I still have one big project to finish and then when that’s done I’ll need to get ready for PAX, but after that I hope to be able to open them again! :)

Commission for Minnie & Lily.

These art their FFXIV characters, I just found I seldom use green colors on clothes before when I do this commission, it was a little bit fresh for me to choose the color.:D


I decided to give the image form into png from now on, I would announce the details after I finished the next commission in recent.

Stay turned. ;)


Since there are too many people in the high priority line at this moment, the waiting time get longer and longer, and need to wait about several months just like the general line.

Because I can only do commissions one by one, I usually can do 10 images a month including the commercial artworks.
If you are still interested in my commissions, please make sure you can wait before you fill the commission booking form.

Thank you for understanding.


Commissions OPEN

If you are interested, please check the info below.

[ Commission Board ]

**the waiting list is super long now, please make sure you can wait before you commission me.**

Surprise quick commissions!

Today was supposed to be a resting day… but I need money, so I figured it would be ok to take some quick commissions between the other big commissions I have going. 

So I’m opening 3 SLOTS, to be finished today! Get it today, receive the piece within the next 24 to 48 hours!
This post will be deleted once the slots are taken, or after 6 hours.
Sorry I still can’t open commissions regularly like before just yet; for now, these quick surprise commissions will do!

3 more slots open! Come get them while they’re still fresh and available


 That’s right! I’m open for commissions!

- The specifics for each type of commission are included in the pictures, but feel free to message me (either here or in any social media you follow me on) in case you have any questions.

- I’m ok with drawing humans, monsters, furries, animals,  fanart, chibis. I’m not accepting NSFW for the moment, partial nudity is accepted however. 

- If comic pages are of your interest we can arrange something on private.

- I won’t draw hate speech content, fetish art nor minors engaging in sexual acts or situations with sexual implications.

 - I will start working on your commission after receiving a full advance payment. Said payment will only be processed through Paypal (USD only)

 - Reminder that the prices are estimates!

. - Process pictures of the commission’s different stages are available for the commissioner to see, in case they want to deliberate any possible modifications.

- Reference pictures of the commissioner’s character/s will be asked along detailed information about the picture in question.

- The time needed for each picture to be finished will vary (since I’m at still at college) and will be specified to the commissioner via private message.

Thanks for your time!

My bank account’s a little too empty and I need cash for daily needs (and my birthday next month!). So I’m opening commissions for a whole month.

The only catch is that these commissions won’t have the same polish as the ones in the past. They’ll be fully colored and of whatever you want, but the line work will be looser, like one of my sketches. This is not only because I still have older commissions to finish, but because I need a fast and easy way to get me back in a regular art-making groove, so that I can finish those overdue commissions and more. I’ve been far too lazy in the past few months and my income has greatly suffered for it. It’s time I shook out the cobwebs in my head so I can clean out the cobwebs in my wallet.

1 character = $10
Each additional character = $5
1 anime or anime-like character = $20
Each additional anime or anime-like character = $10
(I really need to update my prices after this…)

My PayPal: rh_ledbetter@yahoo.com


I thought it was about time to refresh my commission post so here’s the run down:

-Send me full references of whatever you want me to draw, pre-existing characters or OC’s, I need to know what they all look like and I don’t want to have to guess at what you prefer in google images!

-Designing characters is A-ok, I can definitely work off descriptions and a collection of images. Just be aware that you’re commission wont be eligible for the “cute cheap” tier since it’s specifically for quicker commissions. (you can still request the style though)

-My process goes as such: We work out the details, I’ll do the drawing/sketch and once you approve it I’ll send the invoice. The commission will only be finished after you make payment, this is just insurance for both parties! 

And that’s a wrap! You can see all my previous commissions here and if you have any questions just hit me up at spacerocketbunny@hotmail.com!  




I’ve finally finished coloring @miss-zei ‘s nalu pic I commissioned her for. 

I hope you like it!!

Lineart/Art in general by @miss-zei (who is still taking commissions btw and has very reasonable prices and is SUPER sweet :3)

Coloring by moi

please don’t repost or remove the watermarks!!


hey its about time i made an updated commission post! universitys all good but money is still really tight so i would appreciate it if you consider taking a commission from me! please reblog even if you cannot commission me at this time


  • fan art (almost all fandoms. pm me which ones i dont do)
  • ocs (please provide clear, detailed references!!!)
  • fire emblem mus
  • gay
  • artistic female nudity
  • armor and complicated designs 
  • blood and very light gore


  • porn / sexual nsfw
  • male nudity
  • extreme gore
  • animals
  • furries
  • fetishes such as inflation, vore, feet, etc.
  • anything you wouldnt show your grandma


  • PayPal only
  • all art will be either half body or bust. full body will be an additional $5 USD
  • there will be an additional $3 fee for any extra characters, limit of 4 characters max. extra characters in utaite art will be an additional 7$ fee
  • i do character / costume design, so you can ask for a custom design for an additional 5$ fee. Limited to fantasy / dnd / steampunk / modern.
  • backgrounds are also going to be simple / flat colors (simple shading and painting ONLY)
  • images will be in 300 dpi .png format
  • you dont need to pay me before i start, but i will notify you when im done with your commission, and you will need to send me the money before i send you the finished piece. if you decide to cancel the commission during / after im done, there will be a half-charge cancellation fee
  • you are allowed to post your commission on other platforms and use it for whatever you need as long as you still credit me!! you can credit me via this blog or via my twitter @princessSoru
  • for sheer honesty’s sake, i do not recommend asking me to draw men. if you ask i will not deny your request, but i want to provide the best quality art for your money which i dont believe i can accomplish as well with men
  • prices are semi negotiable. i will also accept payment in love gems or starter packs for SIF (JPN only) and bartering system, no joke. please DM me if you are interested in this method of payment!!
  • legally, i reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason i deem appropriate

please DM me or email me at lskline@ucsc.edu if you are interested!! even if you cannot commission me at this time, reblogging this post is greatly appreciated!!

unrelated to shirts:

I’m…going to be taking commissions this summer..for sure
SOON, But I can’t give an exact date becauuse there’s still some commission work I need to finish and only after All of those are done will i start taking new ones..

SO..if you’ve sent an email about wanting comms awhile back…and are on The Waitlist..I’m going to be emailing y’all first….so..a heads up…SOON……

So I never posted this one here but I was able to have a little time before Megacon last week to prototype my Callie magnet from Splatoon! I still have to actually put her together and make Marie too but, god, at least I got the tentacle gradient to look decent! I probably won’t offer them very often at cons due to the amount of time it takes to make one and the higher price point but she’s still very cute X3

I have some magnet commissions I need to start on next week so maybe I’ll be able to finish these squids sisters after those!


I love these type of AUs, they give me lifeeeee~!

AU is Mikasa lives with her brother, Eren, and childhood friend, Armin, as a struggling artist while the boys are in college. Being that their parents are dead and student loans are a hassle to pay, Mikasa works as a waitress who works night shifts. Levi brings in a lovely date intending to have a wonderful evening.

Let’s begin, shall we?

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Hello Tumblr!

So here’s the skinny - I’m trying to save up money for a car/a studio apartment to share a friend of mine. Not only for my own independence, but for when my dad’s drinking/emotional abuse gets out of hand and my mom and brother might need a place to spend the night. I work all the hours I can, but it’s still minimum wage. With me shelling out hundreds of dollars a month in student loans, paying off my macbook, and a fun new speeding ticket (doh!), I really need to make some more sales in art.  


There are TEN spots for sketches and inks, and FIVE spots for full color pieces. Once those spots are filled, I won’t be taking any more commissions until I’ve finished with those fifteen. After all those are done, I will open spots again and so on! :)

Please take note of my style, and the subject matter I usually draw. I will draw anything from:

-Existing fictional characters from your favorite movies, shows, cartoons, video games ect (if I’m unfamiliar with a character - or characters - please send photo references!)

-Caricatures of your favorite celebs, musicians, you and your friends, your pets!

-Cartoony things!

-Your original characters!

I’m NOT going to draw porn or fetish art for these commissions. Everything else is fair game though!

Send an email to specktoons@mail.com and title the subject “Commission”.
Messages are ok too, but email is preferred.

Make sure you send me a DETAILED description of what you want. Include photo reference if it is an original character of yours or a photo of someone. Kinda hard for me to draw something if I don’t know what it looks like! Also if you just tell me “do whatever you want” be warned I WILL do WHATEVER I WANT mwahaha >:)


PAYPAL! Send the money to specktoons@mail.com

Thank you EVERYONE for your support! :3

Gou Matsuoka - Commission

Returned home from three Christmases and got straight back to work. This is for my friend Sheila of cosplay couple Aicosu. She will be cosplaying Gou during the Free! cosplay cafe at TaiyouCon next weekend. Since she’s been busy with her awesome new job I helped her out by making the ribbon. It’s made out of scraps I kept after finishing my Seven Stakes costume earlier this year and the white details are satin-stitched on. It needs a little cleaning up still but I hope Sheila will be happy with it!