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Negan/Rick Fic List

(Last Updated: April 28, 2017)

List of fics I personally loved. Made this so it’s easier for me to find them. Prolly the closest thing to a fic rec list I can do (I’M SORRY)…

Chaptered (Complete):

Chaptered (Ongoing):

  • All the Hallowed Roads -If Negan met Rick in TWD season 1 
  • Excess -Negan coerces Rick into marrying him amongst other things (PRETTY DARK.)
  • Ready for Another Life -canonverse!Rick wakes up in an AU where he’s been in a relationship with Negan for years (SAD STUFF AHEAD) 
  • Bloodsport -Negan asks Rick to marry him (the Sanctuary/Savior characters as the supporting cast)
  • The New World Order -if Rick met Negan in TWD season 2 (Negan’s already with The Saviors) 
  • Your Body’s Borders -If Negan was with Abe’s group, and happens upon Rick who seems extremely troubled post-Terminus
  • hallelujah -AU Rick picks up a mysterious hitchhiker (Non-con, VERY VERY DARK and violent)
  • Red riding hood and the big bad wolf -Childhood friends AU
  • All Roads Lead to Terminus -If Negan was in a different group searching for Terminus and ends up defending Rick’s group/the prison from the Governor’s attack
  • Heart In A Blender -AU friends to lovers
  • The Delegation of Power -Simon takes an interest in Rick, handling things a little differently when Negan’s not around (Non-con)
  • Parallax -AU Sci-fi, Rick and Negan are part of a crew sent to investigate a distant planet, which their ship crash lands in. Stuck, they have to work together to survive and find a way out


Fic Collections/Answered Prompts:

By @hatterized​ :

By @neganstonguething​ :

By @psychosexualnegan

By @ocegion 

“One shot where Rick is saved by Negan after he stops breathing and it’s hella awkward.” (I see what you did there anon ;D )

That’s it for now. There are other fics that I’m interested in and currently following, but I’m still waiting to see how they go and how I feel about them??? So I won’t add them here for now… Will be constantly updating this post I guess.

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How do you become vegan?

I guess how depends on why you’re going. Either way though go at your own speed. If you stress yourself out you’re most likely gonna fail. Can cut things out slowly or drop everything at once. Remember why you want to go vegan.

I know there’s more products outside the us, so feel free to add some. It’s like 4:30am so i’ll probably have to reread this and edit it later.

Zelda: First Draft

With all the scrambling, I got Zelda about 85% complete in time for the Masquerade and Dani’s memorial on Saturday. I still have quite a bit of work to do (I need to make some alterations to the dress, remake the armor, and add the missing embroidery), but it was wearable by the deadline, which was the important thing!

I didn’t really have time to take photos between dressing and the Masquerade, so here’s the one picture I have. Even though Mark dressed as Twilight Princess Link to match me, we didn’t get any photos with the two of us together! Oh, well. Next con.

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Why are so protective of Tony Stark you feel the need to prioritize him over the successes of a female character or the excitement people have for a black character?

What are you even talking about? I pointed out an error in some published comparative calculation of the opening weekends of Wonder Woman and Iron Man 1. That’s a FACT, not an opinion. With older movies you HAVE to adjust for inflation, and for the fact that there are many more specialty (IMAX, etc.) showings now that add extra income, as well as Thursday showings. And with all that taken into account, IM1′s opening weekend domestic gross still beats Wonder Woman’s, and I posted the link that backs that up. I SAID I loved Wonder Woman; it’s a great movie, and it shouldn’t need incorrect box office analysis to be a great movie. 

And who said anything putting down the “excitement people have for a black character”? What even…? (Honestly, I just shake my head sometimes at what reeaching anons pull out of their patooties.)  Not I, unless you’re referring to my post on T’Challa, which specifically takes on the dorks who do both him and Tony Stark a blatant disservice by comparing them to each other – when in canon they are friends.

T’Challa doesn’t need inaccurate comparisons, and neither does Diana.  They stand proudly on their own.

Mika-chan our birthday boy <3</p>

EDIT May 3: So I finally had time to sit down and add to this post what my mobile phone ate two days ago while publishing this. So, the picture below is an uptated version of the drawing I did for Mika`s birthday 1 year ago <link here>  The boy still needs matthiola.  I see some improvement, that`s refreshing to see my struggles are working somehow :’) What hasn`t changed, I still don`t have a stable access to neither scanner nor computer, so I could at least edit the photo so the colors would look less poor and match the original drawing. Well, now, while typing this, I`m on computer, but that`s two days later and I wanted to post Mika`s birthday art on Mika`s birthday.

Are there any other creators I’m missing for this crazy MM Hair spreadsheet? I should make a list for the ones already on it tbh. anyway list of ones I haven’t added yet below the cut. I started linking all the mesh links on the spreadsheet. I’ve found some nice looking hairs while looking around for ones I’ve missed. I still need to hunt down rest of WMS palette recolors. I know I haven’t added in the ones @tranquilitysims & @rachirdsims have done for sure.

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Ok I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of smaller bands and I want to share with you guys! Please reblog to get these artists out there and feel free to add to the list! And for all these people I’ve linked a music video or some way of listening to them :) So here we go:

Moon Taxi: American indie/progressive rock band. (these guys aren’t that unpopular but still need more credit!!) 

Hiding Out: Pop punk band. They just came out with a new EP ‘Vena Cava’ ya’ll and it is LIT AF !! They don’t have a very big following but really should

The Stolen: Pop rock band. THEY’RE LIKE THE LOVE CHILD OF THE 1975 AND STATE CHAMPS S2G!! They came out with an new EP, ‘I’m So Dead’, check it out!!

Lower than Atlantis: English rock band. I saw Calum listening to them on spotify so I checked it out and I am in love?? Check out their albums on spotify :) also not a new band or totally unheard of but still aren’t that recognised i guess ?

Mainland: I can’t find an actual genre for this band on the internet or their social media accounts but I would say indie/progressive rock (correct me if i’m wrong!). Similar vibes to moon taxi. THEY’RE ON TOUR WITH MELANIE MARTINEZ NOW so hopefully they’ll get some more recognition!

In Stereo: Pop/pop rock band. You guys these boys are 15 !!!!! They’re a 3 piece from Sydney, Australia and they are such sweet boys! Chris and Ethan were on The Voice Kids Australia in 2014, and then they joined with Jakob to form a band to audition with in the X Factor AUS 2015. They just came out with an EP that’s available on Spotify, ‘She’s Rock n Roll’. Go check em out so when they’re big rockstars you’ll be able to say you loved them since they were 15 :)

Owl Kill: Pop Rock band. (again, this is my interpretation as I can’t find the genre they call themselves on their social media). GUYS THIS BAND IS SO UNDERRATED! They have 234 followers on instagram, they need our help to get out there! They have an EP on soundcloud so check it out!

With Confidence: Pop punk band from Sydney, Australia. WARNING: SERIOUS ALL TIME LOW FEELS ?? Seriously guys, this sounds like it’s straight off the Dirty Work album. These guys are currently touring Australia and have a full album coming out in June! 

Against the Current: Pop rock band with female lead. Ok so again, these people have a larger demographic than others on the list but I had to include them because WHY AREN’T THEY ON RADIOS? The song Outsiders is seriously beautiful, pls send help. You’ve probably heard of them, but if you haven’t heard their music then you’re missing out. 

This is all I can think of right now but SERIOUSLY GUYS HELP THESE BANDS OUT!! Reblog this, add to the list, tell your friends!! Let’s get these bands out there where they belong :) 

I just have to give a shout out of immense thanks to @silver9mm who has been laboriously going sorting, tagging and queuing up content for this compilation. She’s an absolute rockstar and I can’t recommend her blog enough! Go follow if you’re not.

I know the theme is still rough and I need to add some additional pages for tags, links, etc. but I hope to have a little time to work on it this week. I appreciate everyone’s patience as this takes shape.

Thanks for the follows and love!



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Hello! I am looking for themes that have a navigation page, or even a tutorial on how to make one would be okay. I as just wondering if you might have some. :)

That is just a sample. There are 7 pages of navigation page themes right ~here~. Some people have deactivated but the code should still be up on this blog.

If you need a tutorial of how to add links in to a theme, then go ~here~ as I did a guide on how to add more links into a navigation page theme.

Hope that helps.

GH Vol 1 Ch 1

I just posted a link for Vol 1 Ch 1. I still need to add some translation notes, but if anyone reads through this chapter or the prologue and finds something you would like clarified, please let me know so I can add that to the notes. Also, I welcome feedback. Thanks!


So a while back, when people started to realise there was a charmed rp community, I used to get a lot of anons asking who there was in the fandom and who was needed. Which is why I made this! It’s been around for a while now but I still keep it linked to my blog for whoever may need it!

Basically, it’s just a little list of all those I know of who rp either canon or oc characters in the CHARMED fandom. The moment I find new charmed blogs, I will add them. If you know of or are a charmed blog, feel free to message me! If you have been inactive for a over 3 weeks to a month (without a hiatus/semi hiatus notification) you will be removed. Anyone is free to be added onto here, as long as you are associated with Charmed in some way. (except a verse). I also update this list every month or bimonthly just to keep it fresh and active. So reblog away and follow some of our charmed lovelies!

Phoebe Halliwell
feelsall, heartsided

Wyatt Halliwell

Chris Halliwell
ceasedtimenotastudentlighter, twiceborn-witchlighter

Melinda Halliwell

P.J Halliwell

Parker Halliwell

P. / Peyton Halliwell



Wanted Muses
* Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Paige Matthews (pretty much ALL OF THE CHARMED ONES), Leo Wyatt, Victor Bennett, Kat Mitchell, Tam Mitchell, Melinda Halliwell, Henry Jr, Andy Trudeau, Coop, Henry Mitchell, Darryl Morris, Darryls’ kids (Mikey and Darryl jr), Any demons or bad guys from the show (tbh ANYONE, good or bad, from the show), The Source of All Evil, any Elders/more whitelighters, Gideon, Billie Jenkins, Christy Jenkins (anyone else you might want to make!).

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Question; when writing, how do you describe darker skin tones without coming off as offensive? Because when I write details about my paler characters' skin nobody bats an eyelid but as soon as I try to describe a darker character suddenly I'm told "no, you can't say that". It's really frustrating because I'm genuinely not trying to be offensive and I like to add a bit of detail that way but people are so quick to jump down my throat when it comes to non-white characters. Thanks in advance!

Basically Writing with Color is the blog that you’re looking for and I’ve linked some of their (and other poular) guides below. If you’re still confused I’d suggest messaging them with what you just sent us. They have a blog dedicated to everything writing with color related and since we’re two white people we actually need educating ourselves too.

English-Kardasi dictionary.pdf
English-Kardasi Dictionary Version 0.5 (July 12/15)

Did I say I was going to post this by the end of June? I totally meant by the end of July. Ahahaha…yeah….

Anyway! Here it is: Version 0.5 of the English-Kardasi dictionary based on the Cardassian language has created by me and tinsnip! Currently, it’s a work in progress, because we’re still putting together the language; you’ll probably notice some placeholders here and there. Also possibly a few mistakes/typos, so I’d welcome a heads-up if you find any.

At the moment, there aren’t any pronunciation notes included, which is largely why this isn’t a complete Version 1 release. I intend to add those in at some point, but at the moment, I need to take a bit of a rest. :D;;

Anyway! You can view or download the dictionary via the above link. Thanks for reading!

How Night of the Nocturne should have been handled
  • Instead of just for this month, have the chests and eggs available during all festival weeks. People would already be grinding then, and it would mean you could still spend time away from FR during the holidays. The Nocturnes would, however, be much more common on Night of the Nocturne, and the limited enemies and familiars would only be available at this time.
  • Have elemental enemies drop festival currency, and have the year’s familiars available at Festive Favors. Adding six new familiars is tough enough without having to fight the RNG to get them. Remove the existing festival familiars from the chests, and have the mock familiars be one of Shadowbinder’s treats, not tricks.
  • Give some warning before the announcement. I like surprises, sure. But when that surprise is two days before Christmas, I might not be online until Boxing Day. Some heavy hinting that something big is going to happen to get people interested and online is a must before a big release like this. 
  • Increase the gathering turns for the whole duration. 10 extra turns is nice, but then what? With the RNG scaled so far against getting something good, and the fact that some people cannot grind the Coliseum, it seems like it wouldn’t be that bad to have the extra ten turns for the full time.
  • Have a low-effects Coliseum. From what I can tell, there’s still a lot of flashing and shaking after some moves. I don’t know if there’s a low-effects Coliseum yet, but it’s certainly not linked anywhere obvious. It sucks enough that you have to do tedious grinding for even a chance at the items - it wouldn’t hurt to make things a bit more accessible.
  • List the locations of the Mimics in the post itself. From what I can tell, you put it up on a Tumblr post, but not on the site. That doesn’t even make sense. I don’t think I even need to list a reason for that one.

Feel free to add more if you think of anything.

Numbers, Guitars, Dogs in Episode 5x09 & How It Relates to Beth Greene and Season 7

Hey there everyone! I came across the photo of Beth Greene playing the guitar in Episode 5x09. I was originally just going to post the photo with the quote from Episode 7x02 “The Well” about the guitarist at the kingdom. In no way was I planning this meta, but I noticed a few things that could now relate Beth to season 7 and i’m excited! 

Also, I need to add a disclaimer because when this episode aired I was not a part of TD yet. Therefor, people may have talked about some of these theories already, and if you have let me know and I will link your post within this post, thanks!

So, here’s the photo of Beth playing the guitar during Tyreese’s hallucination.

Okay, so what first caught my attention is this is a still, or in other words a photo released by AMC themselves. I watched the episode again to make sure this was true. At no point in the episode was this exact picture shown of Beth. This always makes me think that there is something in this photo that TPTB wanted us to see.

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Stop being pompous. You have an abundance of books, but you're still very young and are clearly unwise. I've yet to see you recommend something that isn't smartassed, or an actual classic/anything that was written beyond 5-10 years ago.

If I reply with some smartassed response will you send another ask with insults? I strongly encourage the unfollow button in the top right hand corner btw. I don’t even need to reply to this but i’ll add some fuel to your fire.

I haven’t hidden the fact that I read YA more than any other genre and I’ve answered asks with plenty of recs before. I have a whole link dedicated to it on my blog. I’ve recommended classics before but most of my asks are about YA books. 

I don’t really care if i’m classed as ‘young’ and ‘unwise’. I’m just here to be involved in a community that loves books. I don’t have any obligation to recommend books to anyone but I do it anyway. I don’t read very many classics because they don’t interest me as much as other genres. Simple as that. 

I hope that your day is better now that you’ve got this off your chest! I don’t know about you, but insulting people always makes me feel like a great person!






not sure what you’re all doing here but welcome to my pillow fort. Make yourself comfy <3

I wanted to write more but I have to go to work now. Like, really have to go.

Edit: I’m home again, time to add stuff!

Light! I can’t believe that there are 3000 of you following a silly little crayfish like me. 3000. I’m having a hard time understanding why you would follow me in the first place, but I’m happy to have you all here and you’re more than welcome to stay for as long as you like or leave whenever you want c:

For those new to this nerdy blog of mine, I welcome all of you to join in the pillow fort (link)! (Yes, the fort is a thing, and I want you to help me build it! Link probably doesn’t work on mobile though, sorry, message me if you need help)

Since I wanted to add something more here when I had to rush to work this morning, below are some w.i.p’s of the major image I’m hoping to finish this month. I tend to try and finish at least one larger piece a month, and then there’s a bunch of less serious sketches and shitposts inbetween. (I still accept suggestions for my colour pallette challenge btw, though I won’t make any promises that I’ll finish any of them ^^; It’s just nice to have some suggestions for days when I feel like sketching but can’t decide on what)

I love you all <3

(w.i.p’s, including some body horror, below the cut)

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