i still need to add some links

I need help for my school project

i’m an animation student rn and the project i chose is to do is to recreate baker street (imagine this to be baker street after the fall and john left baker street so its kinda abandoned)

i’m not done yet, there’s still loads of books and papers and case files and photos i need to add on to fill the scene and that’s where i need some help:

  • - I’m looking for that one freebatch (in costume) pic where they were at the keys point and they took a photo together
  • - that one photo of ben (in costume) holding his phone while smiling at the camera 
  • - some photos/scans/links to pictures of uk police files (any case is fine)
  • - photos of academic pages related to bees or bats or cigarette ash or whatever stuff you think would exist in sherlock’s flat xD
  • - links to hd images of the photos/drawings/etc that exist in sherlock’s flat

I know there is a  google street view of their flat and it is seriously so helpful so far, but for texturing purposes, the google street view cant help much because the images are distorted, and what i need is a clear top down view of a photo 

i’m also scouring the internet to find these textures but i thought since the fandom are also amazingly organized and insightful, maybe you guys could help find it faster xD

thank you! 

Hey guys! I’m looking to add a bit more genetic variation to the Velvets’ world. If you guys have berries you wouldn’t mind linking/sending to me, I would appreciate it a lot! <: I dunno if they’ll actually pop up in the story, but I’ll try my best to give them some screen time.

*Note: I don’t really need icy blue/light green Sims ;; I’ll still take ‘em if you send ‘em, though!

[ as much as i loved my custom pages, they were more of a hinderance than a help. now laika’s blog mirrors my new multi!muse setup, and all pages are in standard layout. that means it is both desktop and mobile friendly. there are some minor text changes as i went through and freshened things up. 

let me know if you catch errors please. 

i’ve also added a verse/au page, but it’s still a work in progress. i’ve gotten rid of my style guide, but will add it to the rules page at some point.

the other will also have their own page soon, but i need to figure out where to link them. it’ll either be on laika’s muse page, or in verse description. ]


Ok I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of smaller bands and I want to share with you guys! Please reblog to get these artists out there and feel free to add to the list! And for all these people I’ve linked a music video or some way of listening to them :) So here we go:

Moon Taxi: American indie/progressive rock band. (these guys aren’t that unpopular but still need more credit!!) 

Hiding Out: Pop punk band. They just came out with a new EP ‘Vena Cava’ ya’ll and it is LIT AF !! They don’t have a very big following but really should

The Stolen: Pop rock band. THEY’RE LIKE THE LOVE CHILD OF THE 1975 AND STATE CHAMPS S2G!! They came out with an new EP, ‘I’m So Dead’, check it out!!

Lower than Atlantis: English rock band. I saw Calum listening to them on spotify so I checked it out and I am in love?? Check out their albums on spotify :) also not a new band or totally unheard of but still aren’t that recognised i guess ?

Mainland: I can’t find an actual genre for this band on the internet or their social media accounts but I would say indie/progressive rock (correct me if i’m wrong!). Similar vibes to moon taxi. THEY’RE ON TOUR WITH MELANIE MARTINEZ NOW so hopefully they’ll get some more recognition!

In Stereo: Pop/pop rock band. You guys these boys are 15 !!!!! They’re a 3 piece from Sydney, Australia and they are such sweet boys! Chris and Ethan were on The Voice Kids Australia in 2014, and then they joined with Jakob to form a band to audition with in the X Factor AUS 2015. They just came out with an EP that’s available on Spotify, ‘She’s Rock n Roll’. Go check em out so when they’re big rockstars you’ll be able to say you loved them since they were 15 :)

Owl Kill: Pop Rock band. (again, this is my interpretation as I can’t find the genre they call themselves on their social media). GUYS THIS BAND IS SO UNDERRATED! They have 234 followers on instagram, they need our help to get out there! They have an EP on soundcloud so check it out!

With Confidence: Pop punk band from Sydney, Australia. WARNING: SERIOUS ALL TIME LOW FEELS ?? Seriously guys, this sounds like it’s straight off the Dirty Work album. These guys are currently touring Australia and have a full album coming out in June! 

Against the Current: Pop rock band with female lead. Ok so again, these people have a larger demographic than others on the list but I had to include them because WHY AREN’T THEY ON RADIOS? The song Outsiders is seriously beautiful, pls send help. You’ve probably heard of them, but if you haven’t heard their music then you’re missing out. 

This is all I can think of right now but SERIOUSLY GUYS HELP THESE BANDS OUT!! Reblog this, add to the list, tell your friends!! Let’s get these bands out there where they belong :) 

English-Kardasi dictionary.pdf
English-Kardasi Dictionary Version 0.5 (July 12/15)

Did I say I was going to post this by the end of June? I totally meant by the end of July. Ahahaha…yeah….

Anyway! Here it is: Version 0.5 of the English-Kardasi dictionary based on the Cardassian language has created by me and tinsnip! Currently, it’s a work in progress, because we’re still putting together the language; you’ll probably notice some placeholders here and there. Also possibly a few mistakes/typos, so I’d welcome a heads-up if you find any.

At the moment, there aren’t any pronunciation notes included, which is largely why this isn’t a complete Version 1 release. I intend to add those in at some point, but at the moment, I need to take a bit of a rest. :D;;

Anyway! You can view or download the dictionary via the above link. Thanks for reading!


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