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Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

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i'm sorry but authors who can't finish their stories shouldn't start one at all. wth? you start, people will love it, they'll wait, and then you freaking abandon or just... idk, hide somewhere and delete the damn fic. pisses me off. don't start when you know you can't finish.

It’s frustrating, but I 1000% get it. Now there are some that are serial abandoners and maybe they need to have a talk with Jesus. But even I have a WIP that ice been struggling to finish for years. I still appreciate the content we get, so many plot bunnies can be had from wipe, I wish more would get into the practice of picking them up when they’re truly abandoned. That might be a fun writing project, hmm…


Zen on his motorcycle with MC#3

Although i am not a fan with painting backgrounds, the first drawing fits the whole picture than the second one, mainly because of the lighting? The second drawing doesn’t have any so maybe thats why? Idk xD but these was just a practice for me as i am still currently working on the background as well as the lighting because all of my drawings are super FLAT, i really need to practice my skills ; ;. 

I used Blackpink’s referenced “Playing with fire” xD It really reminds me of Zen so…here it is with MC#3


hey guys!! i’m making banners again now that i’m out of school, so let me know if you’d like one for your town! here’s a few examples of banners i’ve made before. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

if you’d like a banner, just send me a message and we can talk about what you want it to look like! idk about drawing any villagers or anything, as i still need much more practice with that lol

things that i would like in return would be a follow of course, and i could always use mushrooms and lucky clovers since i don’t know how to hack still…


 sometimes i’m looking for certain furniture items so i’ll accept those as well :~)

let me know if you’d like one! i’ve been enjoying making them so i’ll be happy to make one for anyone!! 

tfw ur friend comes to watch u practice but he falls alseep in the stands. (headcanon: yuri sleeps w his tongue stickin’ out sometimes and curls up in a lil ball like a cat)

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I feel like regarding Malec, the writers give us what we don't need (I.e. Randomly thrown in makeout sessions/kisses) but not what we actually need & ties in with the story like continuation of the sex scene, Magnus being with Alec right after he pulls him from the ledge... idk how to put it into words but I feel like there are a lot of gaps in the malec storyline and their parts seem to end so abruptly every time. It's like when I expect a soft malec scene after something intense, there's none.

You know, I absolutely agree with you, every single point. As much as I don’t want to be the person who keeps demanding for malec scenes in a show that’s not essentially centered around the two of them, I wish they won’t leave us hanging so much. I mean, yes sure, we get really cute scenes to establish that they’re moving towards a more comfortable relationship. But I really, really want more scenes of them having real talks about what transpired, be it the sex scene, warlock mark scene or the ledge scene, and where they will go from there. You put it perfectly; their scenes feel very truncated, and I totally agree with that last line. It’s like they find a reason to interrupt their exchange every time and it’s frustrating because you’re expecting a resolution but you’re left hanging. It was done exceptionally well in 2x01, and even though it stretched over, 2x03 and 2x04 worked too and 2x06, almost. I really wish they get back into this rhythm and I know 2x08 is gonna be intense and I love intense but yeah, I want them to resolve things properly.

stop holding onto the past

Doodle from last night. Just something to post for being slightly inactive with Undertale stuff and drawing of other’s children. I’ll probably do some of that when I get home tonight from work. 

For now, enjoy this really bad doodle of Cupid. I mean, the colors are okay. I just need a lot more practice with anatomy and face shape. 

Yeah idk 

Cupid and art belong to me 

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Hey for your brotp week maybe you could write something with Fitz and daisy with Fitz trying to help Daisy practice using her powers when she first got them. Idk I could just see Fitz trying to be a good friend measuring the size of her quakes and like giving her tech to use and Daisy is just like a little annoyed because da she can tell that that quake was bigger and she doesn't need all this stuff, but like is happy Fitz is not afraid of her and wants to help.

AN ~ this is slightly different from what you asked I think, but the crux of it is still there just with a bit more zany science sidekick vibe bc the fact that we never got a “cool things daisy can do ft the nerd herd” montage will forever leave a hole in my life. also, I somehow managed to write S2 fluff, what??

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Skye waited beside Fitz’s desk for a few minutes. Quite a few minutes. He worked on a prototype, quiet and steadfast and utterly focused, like he’d tuned everyone out and failed to notice that they’d all long since left for dinner by now.

Eventually, she cleared her throat and knocked on the end of his desk like it was a door. He jumped, his eyes snapping toward her before he recognised her and the tension dropped again.

“Sorry,” he said. “It’s been a long time since I could…concentrate.”

“I feel you,” Skye agreed. “Actually it’s…sort of what I wanted to talk to you about. I was wondering if – maybe – you might – help me with my powers?”

Fitz frowned.

“Help you? How? I mean, sure, but how?”

Skye shrugged.

“I don’t know. It’s just, it sort of feels like there’s…electricity everywhere, you know. I mean, not literally electricity, more like…sound. And it’s around me all the time. I feel like I’m living in a colony of bees.”

Fitz smiled, recognising the feeling, though not in quite as literally a way as she experienced it.

“When I was at Li Shi - Afterlife – with Lincoln and my mum, it wasn’t so bad. I like, trained it I guess. We did stuff like, music and glasses and all that, you know, stuff that requires vibrations. I caused an avalanche once! I mean, on purpose. I miss having control of it like that, I guess is what I’m saying.”

Fitz narrowed his eyes. “You think I can help you make earthquakes?”

“Well, no, that’s all me, but like…you’re my sidekick science crew, party of one. You must have some cool zany science tricks to teach me, right?”

“I think I can think of a few,” Fitz said, his expression a little preening. “In fact, if the Court is free, we can try one right now.”

“Really?” Skye leapt at the chance, and Fitz enthusiastically led her to a room between the gym and the shooting range, which had what appeared to be squash courts drawn on the floor and what appeared at first glance to be an automated ball feeder, except for the lack of balls.

“What’s that?” Skye asked, torn between keeping her eyes on Fitz and on the enticingly new machine.

“Oh of course, you wouldn’t have used one of these before. Silly. It’s a, um. Pigeon shooter. For the –“ he clicked his fingers. “Pigeons. Clay pigeons. You know.”

Skye’s eyes widened. It had been a long-time, probably superhero-related fantasy of hers to use one of those.

“Now obviously it’d be better to do this outside,” Fitz explained, his voice becoming louder as he struggled to hear himself through his hearing protection from the shooting range next door. “But since we can’t right now, this’ll have to do. See if you can focus enough to break the pigeons without bringing the roof down on us.”

“Loving the confidence here.”

“Hey, I’m still in the room, aren’t I?”

Fitz a pair of safety goggles and gave her the thumbs-up. She steadied herself in a loose braced position. Was this going to be anything like firing a gun? Or more like exploding those glasses? Or would it be different altogether?

The first clay fired, and Fitz yelped as Skye sent a blast ricocheting around the room. Fortunately, it settled before it could do too much damage.

“Sorry!” she squeaked. But the fallen clay gave her an idea. She walked over and picked it up, studying its resonance on the way back to her standing position. If she could somehow attune herself to it, like she had to the rock, maybe she could concentrate her powers.

“Ready?” Fitz called. They counted down in unison, and the second one fired.

Instinctively, like drawing a weapon in an Old Western duel, Skye flicked her hand up and pointed her fingers at the clay. The sound of it, the density, the resonance flickered through her and out her fingers, sailed through the air and shattered it. A tiny explosion later, clay-sand rained down on the Court.

Fitz let out a loud, wordless cheer behind her, and Skye felt her spirits immediately lift.

“Okay, go again!”

Haruno Sakura


this is my first time drawing my beautiful cherry blossom, my first fan art. blah still need more practice :’) idk i just love her so much that i feel so depressed and sad about sarada’s glasses issue and i want to support her through this. No matter what happens i’ll always be a sasusaku shipper and nothings gonna change that. 


He Tian x Mo Guan Shan Drabble (Pt 2)

(Do you still call it a drabble when it’s part 2? Idk)

Here’s Part 1

Here’s Part 3

“A-Ah… Guan Shan. I think you should slow down.”

“Why? You callin me a lightweight? I am………a FAR better drinker than you.”

“Bro, I’ve literally had to drag your ass home more times than I can count.”

“Shut the hell up.”

He was drunk off his ass and pissed to high hell. 

It was all that fake, sinister bastard’s fault. The whole reason for him needing a drink was because of what had happened. Or more like, what hadn’t  happened. 

He practically had his ass enslaved by He Tian; forced to run errands whenever he bumped into him at school, forced to abandon his own meals and cook him one, forced to hold these weird talks and listen to his “ideas” for his next form of torment… Last time, he had mentioned something about having to make him homemade lunches for school. Making him dinner that same night wasn’t good enough? Did he want to turn this into a regular thing?! 

Even during his suspension he wasn’t free from that walking nightmare. It seems no matter where he was, He Tian was there to ruin his day. Errands, housework, cooking, He Tian made him his personal Bitch. Even kissed him like one- wait. The red-haired boy blushed.

“Aiya~ Guan Shan, your face is seriously red. You really need to stop now.”

“Fuck off”, he said before abruptly getting up.

“Yo, where you going? Toilet?”

“Just going out for a smoke.”

“You don’t smoke,” his friend reminded him.

“Shut the fuck up”, he slurred back, still walking straight towards the door. 

At least he hoped he was. Judging by the concerned faces of waiters and other patrons, he seemed to have barely made it. 

He took a deep breath in and glared up at the empty night sky and annoyingly bright street lamp.

 He was sick of this! It had been several days since…….the incident.

And He Tian hasn’t so much as glanced at him. Whenever he sees him, it’s not sneakily around a corner as if he anticipated his every move and were waiting for him.

No… Now he seem to have returned back to the way he was; always the center of attention. Surrounded by people.  

Always fake smiling. 

The red-haired boy knew what his smiles really looked like. For one, whenever he did, he looked like the son of Satan. Now that he thinks about it, he can’t blame him for changing it whenever he’s around others.

Guan Shan shook his head in the cool autumn air; he was getting off topic. He Tian and his fake smiles, and his fake reputation, and his fake fucking tongue skills were to blame for this. 

He was gonna give that little fucker a piece of his mind… 

But how?

Whenever he did, He Tian’s fists would just beat him into submission. He needed this done from a distance.

He needed…

“His phone number…” Guan Shan said dazedly, not really looking at anything, making a couple walking by glance at him, before strolling a little faster on their way. 

He Tian had called him once. Asked him to bring him a stupid umbrella. The redhead hadn’t even known who the caller was, yet the jerk stole his number somehow and demanded he bring him an umbrella. He was just that arrogant.

The phone began dialing before he was even aware. An old Chinese folk song began to play in the speaker until the caller finally picked up.  

“Guan Shan?”

His breath hitched. Huh. So he remembered his name. Has he ever called him by his name before? What did he usually call him? ‘Idiot’ or ‘Stupid’, wasn’t it? Why that son of a-

“Guan Shan,” the voice on the other line repeated, “What is it? You need something?”

“Nope! But……YOU probably need help removing THAT STICK UP YOUR ASS!“ 

Yesss! Perfect execution!

A silence swept over the phone; he didn’t know how, but he could feel the man’s dead stare.

”…Have you been drinking?“

“Pff- Nooo!”

Wait, that sounded like a lie.

“I mean, yeah…”

No, that doesn’t sound right either.

“None of your business!” He boomed triumphantly.

Nice! Go, Guan Shan!

“Where are you?” The voice sounded clipped and demanding; an authoritative force that you either yield to or face punishment later. 

“Faaaaaar away from youuuu!” Luckily, he was drunk, so he didn’t care. 

“Yo! Is this the KTV bar on Xujiahui Road?“ 

"Huh?” Guan Shan looked over to his right and saw a couple of guys as equally intoxicated as he was. “Naw, this is just the Red Mansion Bar. The KTV is across the street-”

“I’m on my way,” a voice said out of nowhere. 


The voice disappeared from his phone, and the connection had ceased. He looked at the screen. Caller ID “Demon” had just hung up. 



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hey! So I was reading your (very helpful) ask here: /post/145663051203/dude-i-just-want-to-say-thank-you-for-the and at some point you say that to brighten the gif at some point you need masks; I'm not new to photoshop but i always had trouble using masks and idk what you meant there? how do you use masks to brighten gifs? (if you don't mind me asking)

hey there!

Masks can be a bit confusing at first, you just need a bit of practice to get the hang of it! Once you do, they’re going to become your favourite tool, I promise!

Tutorial on how to use masks under the cut!

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so the thing is that i'm practically head over heels for my daddy. The problem is that whenever i need him or want to talk to him it always takes him 2 to 3 hours to respond. I've tried to confront him but anytime i say how i feel he just gets sad and completely ignores what i said. I tried telling him that he can either help me fix whatever problems we have or i'm leaving. He responds with i guess. even after that discussion he still doesn't try to communicate with me. Idk what to do. help plz?

That isn’t right. He needs to communicate with you. Sit down and kind of have an intervention. Tell him that communication is important to you

It’s so important. It’s a red flag if he ignores that


matsukawa has a younger brother who’s like around the age of 6/7, but bcos of how small and adorably chubby he is (in contrast to his super tall bro) as well as how similar he looks to issei (i imagine mini mattsun has longer hair + a fringe, but it’s still messy + the same colour as issei’s) everyone thinks that he’s issei’s son. mattsun just rolls with this. 

sometimes after practice he’ll just turn to makki and say “hey we need to go pick up our son” and makki plays along like “i’ll get him, you make a start on dinner” or something idk i just love big bro issei ok

Queenie Headcanon

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Remember that moment from the deleted scenes when Jacob’s fiancé, Mildred, tells him that she can’t be with him anymore because she’s “bored of being poor”?

And later Queenie reads Jacob’s mind and finds out that he didn’t get the loan for his bakery.

She probably saw the other part, didn’t she? 

She saw that Mildred had taken advantage of him.

And then later she tells Newt: “She was a taker. You need a giver.”

Is it possible she was… practicing?

Of course she cares about Newt and Tina, but Queenie was practicing to tell Jacob that she knew about Mildred and she knew that Mildred had only stayed with him because she thought he was going places and that she was a taker, and that she (Queenie) didn’t care about any of that and would give him the world if she knew how. 

I still don’t know how to end these kinds of posts. 

…..ta da? Idk

Wake Up Call

Series: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x Reader

A/N: So this was my first EVER imagine! Ahhhhhhjshdkahl I’ve got a long story in the works (basically a self-insert of me in tmr ngl hahaha) but I’m still ironing things out so I decided to practice with an imagine! This is just real simple and cute I guess? I tried haha! Hope you like it! Tell me if it needs improvement or if you want more or something??? idk lol x

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