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i'm sorry but authors who can't finish their stories shouldn't start one at all. wth? you start, people will love it, they'll wait, and then you freaking abandon or just... idk, hide somewhere and delete the damn fic. pisses me off. don't start when you know you can't finish.

It’s frustrating, but I 1000% get it. Now there are some that are serial abandoners and maybe they need to have a talk with Jesus. But even I have a WIP that ice been struggling to finish for years. I still appreciate the content we get, so many plot bunnies can be had from wipe, I wish more would get into the practice of picking them up when they’re truly abandoned. That might be a fun writing project, hmm…

Cabin// pt.1

genre: smut (in later parts its full on smut, but in this part it’s just kind of like teasing and watching), fluff, friend!au (kind of?), Masturbastion baekhyun.


length: idk man, pretty long.

Authors note: Hey so like, I’ve been thinking about this for the past two weeks and I just needed to write it out so… enjoy!

pt: 1


You looked at him through your window. He was sitting on his bed that was up against his window scrolling through something on his computer. He was your next door neighbor and his room was parallel to yours, so even if you didn’t want to see him, you still could. His name is Baekhyun, and he’s a fucking pain in your ass.

You and Baekhyun met when you were in the 7th grade. His family moved into the house right next to yours and you both were the same age so your parents found it fit to introduce you too. Immediately you realized he didn’t like you, he would tease you or just flat out ignore you for no reason and continued his actions throughout the years of school. Even though he was mean to you, you couldn’t retaliate, it just wasn’t in you. There was something about him, the difference between the Baekhyun you know and the boy you watch through your window.


Chemistry was probably your least favorite class, for reasons 1. you sat next to Baekhyun and felt like you were always on egg shells, and 2. you just weren’t as interested in Chemistry as the rest of your classes.

“Hey, can you keep for fucking window shut you kept me up all night with your music.” you turned your head to see Baekhyun sitting in his desk right next to yours. “Sorry I was up writing an essay, I didn’t know you could hear it.” You said while looking down at your notes trying to frantically write them down as the teacher was going about lightning speed. “Just close your window tonight so I can actually get some fucking sleep.” he spat back to you while packing up to go our next period.

As you were walking out the door to try to make it to your locker he bluntly stood infront of you blocking your path. “We have the trip up to the cabin in two days.” he said while staring down at you. “Yeah I know.” you said, looking down at the floor to try to avoid eye contact. “This year since my brother and his girlfriend are coming, we have to share a room.” You quickly look up at his words “Don’t look so surprised, just bring your own blanket, I’m not sharing mine with you.” with that he turned on his heel and walked in the other direction.

Your families got really close after they moved in next door, even sharing holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving with each other. Every year around the middle of Autumn our families take a trip up to Baekhyun’s family’s cabin in the mountains. You and Baekhyun never had to share a room because you always slept in a room with your sister and he with his brother, but since both our siblings left for college last summer your sister wouldn’t be attending this year. So now, you’re stuck sharing the same room and the same bed with Baekhyun.


“It gets more and more beautiful every year.” You hear your mom say behind you as you enter the cabin. It is beautiful. The cabin is built with dark stained wood and is flourished with many large windows giving sight to the lake and many trees surrounding it. Its spacious, with 3 decent size bedrooms and a master bedroom in the loft where Baekhyun’s parents sleep.

You make your way to you and Baekhyun’s shared bedroom, setting your things on the bed. “Please try to keep your shit clean.” you hear a voice pipe up from behind you, making you jump. You turn to see Baekhyun in the doorway, his stuff in hand. You take a good look at him.

Mean to you or not, Baekhyun is undeniably beautiful. He has dark brown hair that is messy, but in the best way possible. His eyes are hooded and so dark they’re almost black. He has pink lips that are thin but also somehow plump at the same time. His skin is always a light tan during this time of year making him look like a god that stands before you. He moves from the door frame to his side of the bed, walking with such grace, it takes you everything you have to stop staring at him before he notices. You see him look up at you from the corner of your eye while unpacking. “Did you bring your own blanket?” he says to you and you nod. “Good.” and with that he leaves the room.


It’s your second night. Last night thing went… how you expected it to. Baekhyun slept as close to the edge as he possibly could and took deep dramatic deep sighs everytime you even attempted to move to get comfortable. Nonetheless sleep wasn’t a thing you really did last night.

You spent most of today reading and on your computer, catching up on the latest shows Netflix had to offer.

“Okay you two, we’ll be back tomorrow morning. Behave yourselves.” Baekhyun’s mom said with her overnight bag in hand. Our parents, and now Baekhyun’s brother being old enough, always go to the ski lodge just about a 30 miles away from the cabin for one night and day during the trip to “have some adult relaxing time”, meaning to freely drink away and eat mediocre sea food for a whole night and day. “Y/n, the keys to the car are on the hook. Don’t go anywhere unless it’s an emergency, understand?” Your Dad told you, putting extra emphasis on anywhere. “Got it. We’ll see you tomorrow night.” You said standing from your seat to give everyone a quick hug goodbye. And they left. Leaving you alone for a whole night, and a whole day with Baekhyun. What are you going to do for that whole time?

You decided since it was late anyway, that going to sleep would be your best option on trying to get through the night. As you entered the room you saw that Baekhyun had the same idea. So you just crawled into bed, willingly letting sleep wash over you.

You woke up about 45 minutes later by your blanket being pulled. You turn over to see Baekhyun as the culprit. “What are you doing?” You ask in a half whisper. Baekhyun responded by scooting closer to you, kind of taking you by surprise. “It’s freezing I can barely feel my toes.” his teeth were chattering as he spoke. As you woke up more you realized you were also freezing. “Okay.” was all you said and you scooted an inch closer to him. You gasped when he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you to his chest. “Sorry, it’s fucking freezing.” he said again. He evenly spread both blankets over the two of you and made sure to wrap his legs around yours. You were frozen, you didn’t know what to do except for to lay there. Minutes passed, and when you saw that he had  finally fallen asleep you relaxed a bit. He was wearing a black t-shirt and some grey sweats, and somehow managed to still look good. His hair was tossed and lips parted as he slept. He had both hands wrapped around your waist joining together at your back while your hands were placed on his chest. He smelled of a husky lavender and his chest felt so prominent under your touch, you laid there feeling how his chest rose and fell. You had never even given him a hug let alone been this close to him before. “You can stop staring at me now and go to sleep.” You heard him saying in a deep sleeping voice. You tensed. How the hell did he know you were staring at him? You didn’t know what to say, “Goodnight.” was all you could manage to get out before trying your best to let sleep take over you once again.


You woke up to Baekhyun basically suffocating you. His legs locked around yours and his arms constricted around your shoulders and waist. You tried to move but he only shifted a little and squeezed you tighter. “Baekhyun. Baekhyun.” you whispered while tapping his chest a few times. He took a deep breath, finally waking up. “Baekhyun, you’re suffocating me”, he opened his eyes fully and looked down at you. He must’ve found it amusing because he loosened his grip and then let go with a little giggle, “sorry. you’re comfortable.” he spoke in a raspy morning voice, still smiling. Finally able to breath you giggled along, “don’t know if I can say the same about you.” He laughed as he stretched his limbs. “What do you want for breakfast?” You asked turning to him.’Holy shit’. Was honestly all you could think as he sat up. The morning light hit him perfectly; his tan skin glowing and arms flexing as he stretched a second time. All you could do was hold your breath and force yourself to rip your eyes away from him. “There’s pancake mix in the pantry, do you want me to make them?” he said as he turned to you with a light smile. It finally occurred to you that he was being nice for once, actually the first time you’ve ever seen him be nice to you. You nod and he gets up, heading to the kitchen. Everything just seemed… brighter.

You take a quick shower before joining Baekhyun in the kitchen. When you entered he was sitting at the small circle table in front of the large window displaying the beautiful redwood trees eating a stack of pancakes. When he looked up at you his eyes traveled up and down your figure, you were wearing a light grey tank top with a pair of pajama pants sitting at your hips. As you saw his actions you felt your face heat up and immediately regretted your choice of clothes. There was another plate of pancakes and a glass of orange juice sitting in front of the seat across from him, assuming they’re for you, you walk over and sit down in the small wooden dining chair. “Okay wait. Everyone that has ever ate my pancakes says they’re the best damn pancakes on the planet. So you have to tell me what you think, okay?” His eyes were piercing you with pure anticipation as you took a bite. And then another. And then another. “So?” He looked so nervous for your answer, it was actually quite adorable.  You sighed, “I didn’t want to admit it… but these are the best damn pancakes on the planet.” to say he was smiling ear to ear at your words was an understatement. You took another bite, they really were the best pancakes you had ever eaten. “What do you want to do today?” his words shocked you; sure he had been nice all morning, but you really didn’t expect for it to last throughout the day. “Uhmm, I don’t know. We could go swimming?” You said, taking a swig of orange juice. “Yeah, let me go take a shower. I’ll be like 10 minutes.” he stood from the table bringing his dishes to the sink “don’t worry about that, go shower.” you exclaimed while in mid bite. He gave you a small thanks before heading to the bathroom.

As you were finishing washing the dishes, you couldn’t help but think about how everything felt so flipped. Baekhyun was never nice to you, in fact he had never been nice to you once since the day you met him. Why today? You kept thinking about it as you made your way back to the bedroom. Suddenly the bathroom door in the hall just right to you opens, a wet Baekhyun stands in the frame of the door. His hair was wet and hanging over his right eye and you really couldn’t help but let your eyes wander over the rest of his figure. His towel hung loosely from his hips, he had a six pack like none other. His body was made of pure lean muscle with water droplets traveling down it. When you looked back up to meet his gaze, his lips were curled into a smirk. You hurriedly walked, or practically ran, back to your room. Oh god. OH GOD. The last time you saw Baekhyun shirtless was your last trip to the cabin and he did not have that body, not at all. You could barely breath, not only because his body was heavenly, but because he caught you staring at it. For your own sanity you decided to get ready to go swimming instead of thinking about Baekhyun’s body.

When you finally put on your black bathing suit you put on some jean shorts with a simple white t-shirt over and headed to the living room. Baekhyun was standing there, still with only his towel on, “I’ve been waiting for you so I can put on my trunks. Hold on, I’ll only be a minute.” he said to you while you were basically eyeing the floor down trying to avoid eye contact. He returned about a minute later with black swim trunks and the plain black t-shirt he had worn to bed the night before. “You ready?” to which you nodded.

When you stepped outside Baekhyun started walking the opposite direction of the lake that was no more than 20 feet away. “Where are you going? The lake is right there.” He turned around “you don’t think I know that? Come on.” he gestured for you to follow him and you complied by going to his side to see where he was going to take you.

After about 20 minutes of walking through the literal woods, you came across a beautiful small body of water. On one side it had a wall of rock with moss and water falling from it creating a small water fall. It was surrounded by small flowers and you could see the water was clear and clean. “My brother and I used to come swim here when we were little. I’ve never seen anyone else here, it’s kind of like our secret.” Baekhyun uttered while looking at the water in remembrance. He was the first to remove his shirt and shoes to step into the water and you followed soon after, still taking in the beauty of the scenery around you. When you looked down into the water, Baekhyun was fixated on your body, following every curve until he met your eyes and quickly looked away. Your face was on fire, you quickly stepped into the water so he couldn’t see you. You both had a fun time, swimming around, splashing each other, having an actual good time with Byun Baekhyun.

On your way back to the cabin you realized you had nothing to cook for lunch, “hey I’m gonna go to the grocery store. There’s nothing to eat for lunch, do you want anything specific?” you asked him still walking towards the now visible house. “Get me milky way will you?” you laughed at his choice and quickly ran inside to grab the car keys. “I’m gonna take a nap I’m so tired.” he exclaimed, heading to the room. “Okay, I’ll be back in like 30 minutes. I’ll be quiet when I come in.” He nodded and disappeared into the hallway that leads to the rooms.

On your way back to the cabin pissed that you drove to the store and it ended up being closed due to the fact that it’s Sunday. You cursed yourself as you parked the car. You assumed that Baekhyun had already fell asleep so you walked in as quietly as you could manage. Sitting on the couch, you were about to open your laptop when you heard it. A low moan coming from the bedroom, followed by another soon after. Something brought you to your feet and now you found yourself tiptoeing towards the room. The door was cracked a few inches, giving direct sight to the bed. That’s when you see him. His head is thrown back, mouth slightly parted allowing more moans to slip past his lips. As your eyes travel farther down you see that his hand is wrapped tightly around his cock, pumping it at a medium pace. You focus on his cock, the tip is swollen red and glistening from his precum. His slender fingers travel up just to come back down. You should not be watching this, you should not keep watching this. You’re trying to convince yourself to turn around and walk away when your name falls from his lips in a moan. He was thinking of you. He said it again soon followed by another moan. You can’t help the wetness that’s taking over between your legs. Your heartbeat is in your clit, pounding and begging for some friction. You unbutton your shorts and let your hand travel into your panties. You find your clit and sigh as you relieve some tension. ‘This is wrong’ you keep telling yourself, but can’t break your eyes away from the sight in front of you. He speeds up his movements trying to chase his release. Your legs are shaking from how turned on you’ve become, you’ve never wanted someone so badly in your life. Baehyun’s breath become ragged, his hand movements becoming sloppier and sloppier, you’re also on the brink of your release as you rub your clit to try to match the speed of his hand. “Fuckk y/n”, that’s all it takes for you to be covering your mouth trying to ride out your orgasm while watching him the best you can. He releases a series of high pitch moans, and with his head thrown back he cums while moaning your name. When he rides out his release he relaxes, laying there with his eyes closed. You decide that this would be a good time to fake your coming home.

You open and close the front door and make sure to jingle the keys to let him know that you’re home. You hear frantic rustling from the bedroom, until he emerges. “Hey, why are you home so soon? Where my Milky Way?” he stands there with a fake pout and his arms crossed. “ The store was closed because it’s Sunday. I tried to drive around to see if I could find another one that was open but I couldn’t. Guess were having pb&j’s for lunch.” he smiled at the suggestion. “good enough for me.” he departed for the kitchen. “Hey, I thought you were gonna take nap.” you tried to sound like you didn’t know that he was just rubbing one off to you. “Couldn’t sleep.” When you were just about to say something Baekhyun’s phone started to ring.

“Hey mom. Yeah were okay. PB&J’s. We had pancakes. Yes I made the pancakes. We’re doing fine. No were not gonna do that today. Okay Mom. What? Another couple days? Yeah that’s fine. Okay. I love you too. Okay bye.” He ended the call and looked at you, “I guess the lodge is having some kind of autumn retreat, and they all want to stay for a couple more days. So it’s just you and me until Friday.”

This was fun-


Zen on his motorcycle with MC#3

Although i am not a fan with painting backgrounds, the first drawing fits the whole picture than the second one, mainly because of the lighting? The second drawing doesn’t have any so maybe thats why? Idk xD but these was just a practice for me as i am still currently working on the background as well as the lighting because all of my drawings are super FLAT, i really need to practice my skills ; ;. 

I used Blackpink’s referenced “Playing with fire” xD It really reminds me of Zen so…here it is with MC#3 <3. I ship those two very much!!

svt's gift giving skills

s.coups: someone help him he spends ages thinking of gifts but eventually gives up and just gives people gift cards

jeonghan: this bean gives really thoughtful gifts; somehow always knows exactly want people want/need

joshua: plans presents like 4 months in advance; spends a lot of time wrapping them even though they don’t turn out that well but he’s trying ok

jun: it may seem like he puts lots of effort in but honestly he’s just good at guessing what people might like; “happy birthday ofc i didn’t forget”

hoshi: has no idea what he’s doing tbh; just walks through a shopping centre and buys anything remotely nice and dumps everything into a gift bag

wonwoo: “uhhhhhhhhhhhh I got you food”

woozi: hates making a big deal about it but he actually puts a lot of effort into thinking of gift ideas; probably just puts the gift somewhere and runs away

dokyeom: doesn’t give the best presents but writes the nicest, sweetest cards!!! gets more excited for other people’s birthdays than his own tbh

mingyu: all his gifts are personalised; almost always makes the gifts himself but even when he doesn’t he’ll still decorate it himself or something

minghao: all his presents are really practical; somehow just instinctively knows if people need stuff and always buys the perfect gifts

seungkwan: he’ll remember someone saying that they wanted something 6 years ago and he’ll buy it for them bc he’s just that considerate

vernon: “hoLY FUCK IT’S TODAY WHAT THE HECKITY HECK” *falls out of bed*

dino: idk why but i feel like he would be really good at wrapping presents; gets really excited to give people gifts bc he loves seeing their reactions

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reapers + undertaker and their teen child edition headcanons?

*screams* im still a teenager so this feels HECKING WEIRD to write

Parents To Teenagers: Reaper Edition (with Undertaker)

-she’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom
-“if u break my son’s heart i’ll break your face”
-“lemme take a pic of you two” “moooommmmm you’re embarrassing me”
- is heartbroken once her baby starts being embarrassed by her

- (dad that all his offspring’s friends have a crush on lmao)
- busy but is one of those parents who still attend PTCs
- his child sends him memes, he is bamboozled
- calls them “sport” like he’s jay gatsby or sth

- treats his kids like friends once they reach teen years
- “what do you mean i’m too old”
- kinda like grell tbh IM NOT A REGULAR DAD IM A COOL DAD
- his kid’s gonna go emo and he’s just gonna get major flashbacks to his own youth

- “i dont trust that kid jeremy” (idk why he named his kid jeremy okay stop)
- ruffles their hair in public
- “but why do you need a new phone” “because it’s old dad” “it still works though doesn’t it?”

- if his kid is into sports he’ll practice with them AND HE WILL HAVE NO MERCY

- “you have to be back home by 10PM alright? I need you to swear to me”
- lowkey follows his children everywhere
- “DAD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME” “Im just worried about you”
- gets social media just so he can follow his children, he gets blocked

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its literally so fucking funny and hypocritical that edward avila is out here fat shaming kyla bc she doesnt look like the "typical idol" when that is the literal reason he fawns over wonho bc hes thick lmfao what a joke

someone end him please i’m fed up. also he probably thinks everyone watched his video for like ten seconds and decided to be defensive because he’s mentioning a sensitive issue, but nope. i watched that entire mess of a video (wish i hadn’t). like wow, he is so superficial. also some people are like “she’s only 15″ but that isn’t the only reason he shouldn’t be making comments like that. he should just worry about himself, honestly. you can be the “typical idol” and still be healthy, you can be “thick” and still be healthy or anything in between. and even if she isn’t healthy, that’s her problem. why is he making that his business…. idk why he thinks he can run his mouth about her needing to lose a few pounds and how she could’ve because she practices so much. he’s acting like she opted to not be skinny because she’s lazy or something. i hate the idea that if you aren’t skinny, you aren’t maintaining yourself. there’s plenty of skinny people that don’t maintain themselves well, and there’s fat people that maintain themselves very well. you shouldn’t need to be skinny to be liked in the industry. sadly, a lot of people give her crap for being “fat”. like idk maybe she is… i don’t know the medical definition of being fat. but why does it matter??? she sings and dances fine.

edit: omg, i was just reminded about his little comment about how he doesn’t understand the argument that girls get bigger during puberty. like that is one sign you don’t know what you’re talking about and shouldn’t make a video about this

people need to stop telling others to lose/gain weight all the time!!!!! i would understand if he made a video about what the haters have been saying to her. but he literally said everything they’ve been saying + went in detail. he literally is one of them. what a disgusting guy…. also who makes a 20 min video about an idol he barely knows. and him talking about how limiting calories could help her lose weight??? like shut up who does he think he is lmao

@bodirooks and I had thoughts about Obi’s culinary prowess, and listen. Obi Wan’s cooking is. a Mess.

Ahsoka, Obi Wan and Anakin on long af missions, separated from the clones for days on end. And Obi Wan tries so hard because he’s Space Dad, but he can’t cook. Like. at all. Ahsoka and Anakin don’t want to tell him he sucks but. He set the rice on fire

He can barely do the space version of instant meals ok he burns that shit too. space ramen. FLAMES. (Mustafar just looks like any kitchen Obi has stepped foot in)

He’s so hopeful about it too every time. And Anakin is weak okay, so he just. tries SO HARD not to hurt Obi Wan’s feelings!! Even tho “you can tell me, Ahhnakin, it’s alright”

Meanwhile Ahsoka is seen visibly giving her portion to the nearest animal. It won’t eat it. Anakin just fucking. tries to eat more so Obi Wan doesn’t focus on Ahsoka. And Obi just can’t figure out why Anakin is so sick the next morning?? Ahsoka pats his back afterwards as he tries not to be sick in front of Obi

Obi can’t even tell his own cooking is bad, bc he’s so used to it. The three of them end up making friends with this ship of space pirates Hondo is borrowing for a while, who are all Rough and Tough but get along with Obi and co in the end. They stay for a day after things are over, and Obi Wan decides to make them food, and. Anakin tries SO HARD to dissuade Obi from showing his gratitude this way

The space pirates are like THE FUCK is THIS. they refuse. REFUSE to eat it. And this is after half the pirates are in love with him. They still can’t do it. They end up eating food the pirates cooked that night. Obi is…Mortified.

The pirates are even MORE mortified that this perfect floppy haired creature is so horribly bad at cooking. They give him a month’s worth of provisions, free of charge, bc they’re highkey worried about Obi surviving, and don’t want their favorite jedi to Die.

Obi Wan pulled this shit with Qui Gon too!! Qui Gon lit just. never ate what Obi made. He never once told Obi, just made grand elaborate excuses, and Obi never found out.

It’s like a jedi meme, literally everyone besides Obi Wan knows about Obi Wan Kenobi’s terrible cooking. and any time someone messed up even a little bit, it’s immediately ‘YOU PULLED A KENOBI’ (Obi hears the phrase once and Doesn’t Get It. he lowkey thinks it’s praise??)

There’s a picture everyone has of the Mustafar-esque state of the kitchen after Obi was done with dinner once. the Ultimate Space Meme

Even the bb younglings Know!! It’s always “No thank you Master Kenobi, we already ate.” “But it’s five in the morning” “We woke up early, Master Kenobi :)” Some tiny four year old is like “It’s okay Master Kenobi, I can’t boil water either” bc Obi did, on one memorable occasion, set water on fire. No one yet understands how, but no one is surprised.

He isn’t even allowed to make tea usually. Not for others, at least; he’s happy drinking his own swill.

But things work out bc Anakin makes backup meals. He’s actually highkey a fantastic cook?? He learned on Tatooine to do it when his mom was too busy, and they didn’t have a Lot there so he learned to make delicious things from v little, so when he has a wealth of ingredients he makes magic happen

Obi Wan offers to help Anakin out bc he’s Polite, and Anakin highkey panics. “N-no master that’s okay you take first watch.”

“But Ahsoka is doing that” “Uhh the clones need to hear the Plan for the seige”

“Ahhh-nakin you told them the plan yesterday. Also we never follow the plan” Anakin’s just like. sweating. The ‘ahh’ in Ahhnakin gets longer the more Anakin deflects.

Finally one day Ahsoka sits him down. “Master Kenobi….your cooking is the Worst” and he’s like WHAT NO!! She points to the sick bantha nearby “I fed him dinner last night.” And Obi’s just. floored. He had No Idea. “He’s been looking down for ages, dear, surely it was something else”

“Master, he’s been eating your dinner for ages. I feed him dinner every night.”

Anakin’s just like Ahsoka what have YOU been eating!! “……..his feed.” Anakin’s been desperately trying to cut her off since she first started talking, and now he’s still insisting Obi’s food is great, Ahsoka just has a delicate stomach—

Obi Wan Confronts the other jedi about it and Yoda refuses to answer him. “Rest, I need. Hmm. Yes.” Mace just. “Kenobi, your cooking is terrible. You almost killed Master Fisto last year.”

The day he finds out tho. He’s so Upset. He’s never going to admit it, but he definitely sulked. A real pout and everything. A lot of people Swooned tbh but they were also v relieved. Until he decided all he needed to do to fix it was practice more.

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This was the first time i actually pushed dislike on a video of dan's. It felt like he was trying too hard to put out a new video with a new theme and it really felt rushed. Like he was trying to put a puzzle together but the pieces didn't completely fit so he forced them into place.

ha, what frustrates me is that it feels like there’s no good way to communicate to dan any level of constructive criticism about this video. i’m sort of afraid he’s going to see dislikes (though there still aren’t many) or negative comments/tweets and just assume that the people who are criticizing him aren’t as smart as him or are too immature/shallow to appreciate his deep/profound side. idk, it’s sort of frustrating that there aren’t many places for people to tell him why the video didn’t work while still being supportive of the general concept of dan branching out in the sort of content he makes and putting out videos that deal more with his views on the world or whatever. like, in general, i think he could do cool things with that genre of content, but he’d jst need to get a bit better at planning and writing his arguments, and i think that’s something he could rly hone with practice. so i’m sort of at a loss for how to let him know that if he sees negativity it’s not jst people rejecting him as a person or finding fault with this type of video in general or being too stupid to keep up with him, it’s jst that the video itself could’ve been better for a number of reasons. 

Still haven’t played the game yet. Here! Take this doodle! Thanks guys, you’re helping me get out of art block lol 

My style is so weird for these two haha. Needs practice. Pfft. 

Figured Bendy and Oswald have a lot in common, both were forgotten supposedly. I so badly needed a crossover of this. It’s probably been done already lol. Yeah. Idk. Thought it would be funny if I doodled them meeting. 

Bendy the Dancing Demon © TheMeatlyGames (TheMeatly) 

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit © Disney 

Peaceful Slumber

 “Kamui!” One hand levelled next to his mouth, Takumi scanned the area. Thick trees and green leaves were all he could see. But the figure of the dragon princess was nowhere to be found. A frown tugged the corners of his mouth. Where is she? Again his head whipped left and right. For an astral kingdom, the Hoshidan prince was quite surprised to see just how big and vast the forest was.

 He then stopped once he spotted a familiar figure.

 “There you are!” Breathing a small sigh of relief, Takumi picked up his pace. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Gods, and you actually made me worry so much as to why you didn’t show up for ar…chery…practice…” Words stumbled out as faint mumbles once he got a clear image of her.

 There she was, snoozing peacefully under a shade of one of the trees, giving neither care nor hesitance about the world around her as slumber took hold.

 Takumi swore a laugh almost burst out of a cupped mouth.

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can you do mark's ideal type?

Sure sure ♥

Mark looks like the kind of person who is shy but lively at the same time. Like, he has control over his naughty (Unlike Haechan xD), but he is a diligent child overall.
I think Mark would want a girl who is livelier, with a beautiful sense-of-humour, and wise. Someone from his year in school, I guess. He works very hard, so he would need someone who is understanding and always there to support him. A girl he will find texting him art midnight to ask if he’s still practicing. He will surely tell you to sleep and not wait for him to go to bed, but he will have butterflies inside when he finds you waiting on him. He would love love love going on study dates, and coffee dates. Idk why… I feel like he would like a girl who reads a lot. He looks like the person who’d love to innocently read with his girlfriend while it rains outside, with a cup of coffee the both could share.

Hey, ik it may or mayn’t match the anon; but admin Jiah says this all the time to me and I myself have faced this scenario; once you fall in love, all the ideal type stereotypes disappear faster than your 3-second-dream full of bliss. So, don’t let my empty words get to you, and love Lee Min Hyung~ ♥

Just another quick texting one shot in my University!AU <3 (The next part in the larger prinxiety series is coming, just taking a little longer than expected! <3)

[insert appropriate applause emoji here] 


it’s quicker than finding the emoji

i still don’t get it

? your singing, roman. what did you think I meant

so why applaud?

…gee idk maybe because it was good?

was it. i don’t know

You okay? Not like you to not capitalize your ‘I’s.

i don’t know


i need to practice some more. yes. i’ll do that

hold your horses. The past 3 songs were in a minor key that was meant to be major.

your point being?

I think you’re done for the day. Rest your voice.

is this just a ploy to get me to shut up

HA. no, you’d know all about it if it was. Come on, Roman, we’re in the kitchen. Have some dinner then sleep. The audition’s not for another week.

okay. yeah you’re right i think im tired

There’s a plate already set for you. Just don’t fall asleep on it ;)

[insert appropriate smiley face emoji here] <3