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Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

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i'm sorry but authors who can't finish their stories shouldn't start one at all. wth? you start, people will love it, they'll wait, and then you freaking abandon or just... idk, hide somewhere and delete the damn fic. pisses me off. don't start when you know you can't finish.

It’s frustrating, but I 1000% get it. Now there are some that are serial abandoners and maybe they need to have a talk with Jesus. But even I have a WIP that ice been struggling to finish for years. I still appreciate the content we get, so many plot bunnies can be had from wipe, I wish more would get into the practice of picking them up when they’re truly abandoned. That might be a fun writing project, hmm…


Zen on his motorcycle with MC#3

Although i am not a fan with painting backgrounds, the first drawing fits the whole picture than the second one, mainly because of the lighting? The second drawing doesn’t have any so maybe thats why? Idk xD but these was just a practice for me as i am still currently working on the background as well as the lighting because all of my drawings are super FLAT, i really need to practice my skills ; ;. 

I used Blackpink’s referenced “Playing with fire” xD It really reminds me of Zen so…here it is with MC#3

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reapers + undertaker and their teen child edition headcanons?

*screams* im still a teenager so this feels HECKING WEIRD to write

Parents To Teenagers: Reaper Edition (with Undertaker)

-she’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom
-“if u break my son’s heart i’ll break your face”
-“lemme take a pic of you two” “moooommmmm you’re embarrassing me”
- is heartbroken once her baby starts being embarrassed by her

- (dad that all his offspring’s friends have a crush on lmao)
- busy but is one of those parents who still attend PTCs
- his child sends him memes, he is bamboozled
- calls them “sport” like he’s jay gatsby or sth

- treats his kids like friends once they reach teen years
- “what do you mean i’m too old”
- kinda like grell tbh IM NOT A REGULAR DAD IM A COOL DAD
- his kid’s gonna go emo and he’s just gonna get major flashbacks to his own youth

- “i dont trust that kid jeremy” (idk why he named his kid jeremy okay stop)
- ruffles their hair in public
- “but why do you need a new phone” “because it’s old dad” “it still works though doesn’t it?”

- if his kid is into sports he’ll practice with them AND HE WILL HAVE NO MERCY

- “you have to be back home by 10PM alright? I need you to swear to me”
- lowkey follows his children everywhere
- “DAD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME” “Im just worried about you”
- gets social media just so he can follow his children, he gets blocked

Still haven’t played the game yet. Here! Take this doodle! Thanks guys, you’re helping me get out of art block lol 

My style is so weird for these two haha. Needs practice. Pfft. 

Figured Bendy and Oswald have a lot in common, both were forgotten supposedly. I so badly needed a crossover of this. It’s probably been done already lol. Yeah. Idk. Thought it would be funny if I doodled them meeting. 

Bendy the Dancing Demon © TheMeatlyGames (TheMeatly) 

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit © Disney 

@bodirooks and I had thoughts about Obi’s culinary prowess, and listen. Obi Wan’s cooking is. a Mess.

Ahsoka, Obi Wan and Anakin on long af missions, separated from the clones for days on end. And Obi Wan tries so hard because he’s Space Dad, but he can’t cook. Like. at all. Ahsoka and Anakin don’t want to tell him he sucks but. He set the rice on fire

He can barely do the space version of instant meals ok he burns that shit too. space ramen. FLAMES. (Mustafar just looks like any kitchen Obi has stepped foot in)

He’s so hopeful about it too every time. And Anakin is weak okay, so he just. tries SO HARD not to hurt Obi Wan’s feelings!! Even tho “you can tell me, Ahhnakin, it’s alright”

Meanwhile Ahsoka is seen visibly giving her portion to the nearest animal. It won’t eat it. Anakin just fucking. tries to eat more so Obi Wan doesn’t focus on Ahsoka. And Obi just can’t figure out why Anakin is so sick the next morning?? Ahsoka pats his back afterwards as he tries not to be sick in front of Obi

Obi can’t even tell his own cooking is bad, bc he’s so used to it. The three of them end up making friends with this ship of space pirates Hondo is borrowing for a while, who are all Rough and Tough but get along with Obi and co in the end. They stay for a day after things are over, and Obi Wan decides to make them food, and. Anakin tries SO HARD to dissuade Obi from showing his gratitude this way

The space pirates are like THE FUCK is THIS. they refuse. REFUSE to eat it. And this is after half the pirates are in love with him. They still can’t do it. They end up eating food the pirates cooked that night. Obi is…Mortified.

The pirates are even MORE mortified that this perfect floppy haired creature is so horribly bad at cooking. They give him a month’s worth of provisions, free of charge, bc they’re highkey worried about Obi surviving, and don’t want their favorite jedi to Die.

Obi Wan pulled this shit with Qui Gon too!! Qui Gon lit just. never ate what Obi made. He never once told Obi, just made grand elaborate excuses, and Obi never found out.

It’s like a jedi meme, literally everyone besides Obi Wan knows about Obi Wan Kenobi’s terrible cooking. and any time someone messed up even a little bit, it’s immediately ‘YOU PULLED A KENOBI’ (Obi hears the phrase once and Doesn’t Get It. he lowkey thinks it’s praise??)

There’s a picture everyone has of the Mustafar-esque state of the kitchen after Obi was done with dinner once. the Ultimate Space Meme

Even the bb younglings Know!! It’s always “No thank you Master Kenobi, we already ate.” “But it’s five in the morning” “We woke up early, Master Kenobi :)” Some tiny four year old is like “It’s okay Master Kenobi, I can’t boil water either” bc Obi did, on one memorable occasion, set water on fire. No one yet understands how, but no one is surprised.

He isn’t even allowed to make tea usually. Not for others, at least; he’s happy drinking his own swill.

But things work out bc Anakin makes backup meals. He’s actually highkey a fantastic cook?? He learned on Tatooine to do it when his mom was too busy, and they didn’t have a Lot there so he learned to make delicious things from v little, so when he has a wealth of ingredients he makes magic happen

Obi Wan offers to help Anakin out bc he’s Polite, and Anakin highkey panics. “N-no master that’s okay you take first watch.”

“But Ahsoka is doing that” “Uhh the clones need to hear the Plan for the seige”

“Ahhh-nakin you told them the plan yesterday. Also we never follow the plan” Anakin’s just like. sweating. The ‘ahh’ in Ahhnakin gets longer the more Anakin deflects.

Finally one day Ahsoka sits him down. “Master Kenobi….your cooking is the Worst” and he’s like WHAT NO!! She points to the sick bantha nearby “I fed him dinner last night.” And Obi’s just. floored. He had No Idea. “He’s been looking down for ages, dear, surely it was something else”

“Master, he’s been eating your dinner for ages. I feed him dinner every night.”

Anakin’s just like Ahsoka what have YOU been eating!! “……..his feed.” Anakin’s been desperately trying to cut her off since she first started talking, and now he’s still insisting Obi’s food is great, Ahsoka just has a delicate stomach—

Obi Wan Confronts the other jedi about it and Yoda refuses to answer him. “Rest, I need. Hmm. Yes.” Mace just. “Kenobi, your cooking is terrible. You almost killed Master Fisto last year.”

The day he finds out tho. He’s so Upset. He’s never going to admit it, but he definitely sulked. A real pout and everything. A lot of people Swooned tbh but they were also v relieved. Until he decided all he needed to do to fix it was practice more.

Good For You pt. 6

a/n: this is just floof cuz as i always say im trash and idk how i feel about this???? shit sorry


Summary: He needed you as some sort of stability, you needed him as some form of rebellion.

Word Count: 2.1k+

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

“You’re such a blanket hogger, I’m never letting you sleep on my bed ever again.”

“Shut up, it’s Saturday.”

“Yup, and we gotta go grocery shopping. Get up, sunshine.”

You groaned, rolling over with eyes still closed. You scrunch your eyebrows when you felt the warmth of the sun and its brightness practically seeping through your eyelids.

“You need freaking blinds.”

“You just need to wake up earlier.” You could hear him shuffling around, opening drawers.

“How about you go jogging first or whatever–” your sentence was interrupted by your own yawn. “And come back. I’ll be awake by then.”

“Already did.”

“Cook breakfast?”

“I already did.”

“Take a shower?”

“If you opened your eyes you would see me fucking changing.” He sighed.

“Why are you so grumpy?” you whine. “It’s too early.”

“It’s 10 AM.”

“Yeah, and? Still too early!” You rolled around the bed in exasperation.

“We need to clean up.” he said.

You were sitting up in an instant, shooting him a disbelieving look.

“It’s crazy how the prospect of cleaning up turns you on so much,” he teased.

“It doesn’t.” you said flatly.

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Peaceful Slumber

 “Kamui!” One hand levelled next to his mouth, Takumi scanned the area. Thick trees and green leaves were all he could see. But the figure of the dragon princess was nowhere to be found. A frown tugged the corners of his mouth. Where is she? Again his head whipped left and right. For an astral kingdom, the Hoshidan prince was quite surprised to see just how big and vast the forest was.

 He then stopped once he spotted a familiar figure.

 “There you are!” Breathing a small sigh of relief, Takumi picked up his pace. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Gods, and you actually made me worry so much as to why you didn’t show up for ar…chery…practice…” Words stumbled out as faint mumbles once he got a clear image of her.

 There she was, snoozing peacefully under a shade of one of the trees, giving neither care nor hesitance about the world around her as slumber took hold.

 Takumi swore a laugh almost burst out of a cupped mouth.

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Topp Dogg: you're dating them but another member likes you

Summary: they haven’t told the others about your relationship, and one of the members develops a crush on you and…yikes~~💛

P-Goon: I see him being the most mature, as in he wouldn’t do anything irrational such as yell at them or tell them off- they didn’t know. He’d shrug it off, and calmly explain to them that you two have been together for a while, and that he’s sorry for confusing them… but you’re all his, and if they try anything, they better count their blessings.

Hojoon: FOR SURE would want to keep his relationship secret. Not that he’d want to, he would just rather live a life where the others aren’t teasing him about your relationship. When he sees someone confessing to you, he’d jump and  grab you. “Yahh, what do you think you’re doing, touching y/n like that?!” Would regret acting so emotionally, and apologize afterwards and explain that you’re with him.

Sangdo: after blushing and cutely giggling at your ‘help me Sangdo wtf’ expression, he’ll finally jump in and end any further embarrassment for the other member. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you sooner. Y/n’s dating me, and we’ve been together for a couple months. We just thought we should wait before telling anyone…guess we were wrong.”

Nakta: tbh he’d end any sort of advances from the other member, just bc he’d notice right away that there’s definitely something off about the way they’re acting around you. He wouldn’t be particularly angry or give them attitude, he’d kinda laugh and pat their shoulder in a fatherly type way. “Sorry…but this one belongs to me. One of her friends is single, I think. Right, y/n?”

Hansol: would act the most dramatic out of all of them (surprise!!!) And might end up giving the other member the cold shoulder. You’d have to explain to him that there’s no way they could’ve known about your relationship since you’ve kept it secret. He’d hesitantly apologize to them, but still threatens to ransack their rooms if they ever touch you.

B-Joo: he’d be in a laughing fit, and everyone is unsure if he’s finally lost it and gone insane or just laughing at your blushing cheeks. After a few minutes, he’d take a deep breath and stretch his arms around you. “Aish, this is such a relief. Can I finally tell them, y/n? Wait don’t answer, I will anyway shh. We’re together. You’re jealous, right? Yeah, be jealous and don’t touch my y/n like that again smh.”

Xero: ugh it’d be practically impossible to keep your relationship hidden for long bc he always want to be 2 feet away from you or touching you somewhere. So if the other member is still oblivious, Jiho would just roll his eyes and laugh at him. “Hyung, idk how much more obvious I can be, so tbh I’m gonna need you to take those winks somewhere else.”

A-Tom: relentless joking with the other member…“oh, you like y/n too? Well, I guess you’re gonna have to pick between me and him.” He’ll keep smirking and winking at you, while the other member is so confused and doesn’t know what’s going on. You’d have to be the one to shyly break the bad news to him. He’d then sling his arms around you, smugly, “well, I guess you have good taste, huh?”

Yano: unsurprisingly, I think he’d be quite upset at them even when he CLEARLY knows that your relationship is secret. Pls just hold his hand and give him a few kisses, then he’d man up and confront the other member. He’d still be pretty apologetic and bow many times to them, saying that he’s very protective of you so he’d appreciate it if they accepted your relationship.

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can you do mark's ideal type?

Sure sure ♥

Mark looks like the kind of person who is shy but lively at the same time. Like, he has control over his naughty (Unlike Haechan xD), but he is a diligent child overall.
I think Mark would want a girl who is livelier, with a beautiful sense-of-humour, and wise. Someone from his year in school, I guess. He works very hard, so he would need someone who is understanding and always there to support him. A girl he will find texting him art midnight to ask if he’s still practicing. He will surely tell you to sleep and not wait for him to go to bed, but he will have butterflies inside when he finds you waiting on him. He would love love love going on study dates, and coffee dates. Idk why… I feel like he would like a girl who reads a lot. He looks like the person who’d love to innocently read with his girlfriend while it rains outside, with a cup of coffee the both could share.

Hey, ik it may or mayn’t match the anon; but admin Jiah says this all the time to me and I myself have faced this scenario; once you fall in love, all the ideal type stereotypes disappear faster than your 3-second-dream full of bliss. So, don’t let my empty words get to you, and love Lee Min Hyung~ ♥

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this is def wishful thinking and probably never gonna happen like this cause it's so specific, but i hope karasuno doesn't win nationals this time. and in hinata and kags' second year, i kinda hope that karasuno doesn't get to nationals at all (perhaps shiratori, or seijoh go idk). but in their third year, karasuno go to nationals again and this time, they win finally bc honestly, i think they CAN win they just need more time to practice :) [1/2]

especially if they’re coached by the little giant, like you said a while ago. it’s so specific tho so i doubt it will ever happen like this, but you can still hope XD [2/2]

You took the words out of my mouth, my bean. That’s exactly what I wish it would happen!  

stop holding onto the past

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hey! So I was reading your (very helpful) ask here: /post/145663051203/dude-i-just-want-to-say-thank-you-for-the and at some point you say that to brighten the gif at some point you need masks; I'm not new to photoshop but i always had trouble using masks and idk what you meant there? how do you use masks to brighten gifs? (if you don't mind me asking)

hey there!

Masks can be a bit confusing at first, you just need a bit of practice to get the hang of it! Once you do, they’re going to become your favourite tool, I promise!

Tutorial on how to use masks under the cut!

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i need tom and zendaya to make vids of them dancing throughout the press tour.. cause that boy can move. i know he is a trained dancer but that lip sync battle had him moving in a whole new type of way that we can all appreciate.

idk why i was surprised when i watched his performance because i’ve known he can dance practically everything but yet it was still really wild. and saaaame, they need to get on that asap, i need those videos

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Okay i have been feeling like my art has been getting worse lately and I also have not had as much motivation as I usually do and blah, can I maybe get a star? Maybe it will help give me a boost of motivation idk but either way I just kinda needed to vent😅😅 also ur blog is seriously so amazing

I feel like that a lot, it sucks D:

You may be getting burned out, which happens and is perfectly normal. Take a break if this is the case, and do things that you enjoy and help you relax. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to do, do, do, your motivation will return and you will get better at your art.

At the same time, make sure that you still practice your art (when you’re not super burned out, of course). It’s annoying, but it really is true that you can’t improve if you don’t practice.

One thing I’ve found that is helping me is to just doodle things, and remember that no one else has to see what you create. Don’t worry about how awful they may look, you’re practicing and improving :)

Practice eyes, arms, shoulder areas, poses, hair, clothes, anything you want to get better at. Visually work out how you want things to look, and know that you don’t have to have everything figured out right now. Your art and its improvement is a lifelong journey, so keep moving forward. You can do it <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney


26-34/100 Days of Productivity

What posts from me still exist? Sorry for not being very active in the last days, I’ve been sooo busy.. my very last school day went by and I already had my first graduation exam (if you call it that way idk haha) in German and it went really well.

Tomorrow I have the English exam, I’m not too stressed out about it but I’m still a bit nervous..

Anyways I went to the art store (again) to buy a present for a friend but I ended up picking this Copic Multiliner Brush-M for myself. I really like it so far but I need some more practice as you can see haha I wanted to swatch my other brush pens too so here you go!

I hope you all have a lovely day 💙