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more things i have come to learn from my job in a call centre for [florist brand here]:

  • a lot of people who aren’t used to it get seriously offended if you request the spelling of their names, and refuse to believe that you ask everyone because it’s better safe than sorry. yes, mr patrick, i need to check it’s not spelled padraig, okay?
  • even very nice people do not realise how much of a pain in the arse hearing anything in a call centre is. for those who don’t know: most call centres use monoaural headsets, that is, they only have one earphone. in a room where up to a hundred people might be talking at once. also, they are probably shitty quality.
  • people will be told “we cannot deliver there” online and then call us to say “the site won’t let me put the order through, why?”, and somehow not understand it is because we cannot deliver there.
  • they also think it is very weird that we sometimes cannot deliver flowers to areas twenty miles away from a town that might, conceivably, have a shop in it.
  • nobody understands that cut flowers are fucking dead and you have to treat them carefully. nobody. nobody at all. why does nobody understand this.
  • absolutely nobody believes us when we explain that [non-UK country] charges more for flowers not because they deliver more but because the same amount costs more and then they call up to complain as though fucking qatar is gonna have holland-like value on flowers.

you’re doing good, but it’s never enough - is it?
you’ve got nothing but heartburn.

Things b99 OWES me with regards to Domestic Jake & Amy:

  • Them getting ready in the morning- brushing their teeth, getting dressed, choosing what to wear and what shoes to wear
  • How they sleep?? How needy are they when cuddling? Is Jake the little spoon? Does Amy like being the little spoon too? If so- how do they decide who’s little spoon? Do they flip a coin? Rock Paper Scissors? Or they just switch every night? Do their cuddling positions change from when they first go to sleep to when they wake up in the morning?
  • How Jake brushes his teeth in two seconds
  • Who cooks breakfast? Do they do it together or is it a let’s go outside and buy pizza bagels type of situation? Have they tried cooking together? Did it turn out well or was it a disaster?
  • How the hell does anyone brush their teeth in TWO. SECONDS.
  • We’ve seen Amy’s apartment, but what does it look like now that Jake’s moved in? How does that prim and proper set of “Murder, She Wrote” look with touches and streaks of Jake flowing through the place? Is it messier now? Does Amy make Jake clean up after himself or does she love him so much she’s okay with a little bit of mess? Or does Jake love Amy so much he tries to clean up after himself because he knows she likes things clean?
  • Is it even humanely possible to brush one’s teeth in two seconds?
  • Them watching TV together- exactly how scary is Amy when they watch Jeopardy? How often do they watch Die Hard? And Die Hard 2? And Die Hard 3? Do they watch Harry Potter a lot now? What other shows and movies do they watch together? Do they snuggle? Is Jeopardy too intense for them to snuggle during? Is there popcorn?
  • Did Amy time how long Jake actually takes to brush his teeth or was two seconds a rough estimate??
  • Now that they live together, do they purposely get shifts that start and end at similar timings? Do they wait for each other to finish before going home together? Does Holt secretly let them take shifts that are at the same timings bc he’s a romantic? Who drives? Do they take turns? Do they let Charles tag along since he lives so close by?
  • where do they put Jake’s sneakers?? And does he still have his six basketballs?
12.14 coda

Dean may have missed out on the fight, but he still feels like drinking when he finally gets back home. Ketch’s expensive bottle of bribery is still sitting on the war room table and his glass is still in his favorite spot, right where he left it.

“Oh, hello, sweetness. Daddy’s here,” Dean coos at it. He hums as he picks up the bottle - still heavy even after a couple of drinks. “Shhh. It’s just you and me now.”

Sam scoffs. “Really, Dean? You’re that easy?”

Dean rolls his eyes over his shoulder. “So?”

Sam doesn’t really want to start anything, he’s feeling too good. He lets Dean smuggle his booze away to his room like always and revels in the still-fresh feeling of adrenaline-fueled ass-kicking. Changing the world. Power in the palms of his hands. He’ll try not to let it go to his head, but he deserves to celebrate the win at least.

Dean, meanwhile, falls like a heavy weight against the back of his bedroom door. 

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If you’re a lesbian and use the split attraction model to define yourself, that’s okay.

If you’re a lesbian and mental illness makes it difficult for you to grasp your sexuality, that’s okay.

If you’re a lesbian and trauma has made you aro or ace, that’s okay.

If you’re a lesbian through trauma, that’s okay.

If you’re a nonbinary lesbian and your gender makes your grasp on your sexuality shaky, that’s okay.

You’re still a lesbian. You’re not fake or Lesbian Lite.

And if you’re a lesbian who found yourself through the split of attraction model but don’t feel you need to use it anymore, that’s okay too.

You’re enough. You’re real and you’re beautiful.

And you’re okay.

me: bts doesn’t have to keep us updated all the time, they’re busy, they have lives and they need to rest before their concert. i am nOt going to be one of those fans who’re impatient asf

also me: *when BTS doesn’t tweet for 0.0003 seconds*


☆ Owari no Seraph & Text Posts Meme part 4/?? ☆

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Flirty!Berena - Part 1/ ∞

or, @marsh-fritillary asked me to gif every time they flirted and there were way too much to fit in a gifset but that’s a good thing because we need all the fluff we can get in these trying times…

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

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Matt/Rolo but everytime Rolo visits Matt at the castle Hunk takes every opportunity to lowkey shade him. H: So who was it that told you you're good enough for Pidge's older brother. R: ...Nobody? H: So you agree! Glad we had this conversation. :)

anon i fuckign love this

  • matt: hey hunk, has rolo gotten here yet?
    hunk: yeah, he stopped by to say that he’s a rotten jerk and he’s breaking up with you for your own good
    matt: hey lance, has rolo gotten here yet?
    lance: no, he just called to say he’d be late
    matt: thank you
    hunk: come on, lance!!
  • coran: would you mind throwing this in the trash for me?
    hunk: sure :) [fuckign nails rolo in the face from across the room]
  • rolo: i know you’re still mad at me for what happened with the blue lion, but i’ve changed
    hunk: so do the seasons but they always change back :/
    rolo: [to matt] what the fuck is a season
  • hunk: [walks into the kitchen] ugh, coran, what are you cooking? something smells rotten.
    hunk: [makes direct eye contact with rolo] oh, nevermind.
  • shiro: hunk, matt is a grown adult, he can decide who and who not to trust.
    hunk: didn’t you say that matt accidentally joined a gang in high school?
    shiro: …we have to do something.