i still miss louis

Now I love me some 1d interviews.

but most people think of the interviews with the bigger names like Corden, Fallon, Kimmel, Alan, Grimmy, and loads more. But I wanna take a chance to appreciate those quite often forgotten gems from 2015. 

So here goes…

Beats 1:

Gud Nite:

Capital FM:

This one with Alison Hammond… (just cause they look so pretty):

And lastly, this whole 25 minute press conference in Mexico: 

(sooooo worth the watch, promise.)

Historical Trivia for 3x10

  • During the first weeks of the regency, Anne, out of gratitude, was disposed to grant all requests from her friends or anyone who professed to have served her in the past. One comment heard on every side was “The queen is so kind.”
  • Anne stopped wearing rouge after Louis’ death.
  • In October of 1643, Anne moved herself and her sons out of the Louvre and into what used to be Richelieu’s palace, which she had remodeled and refurbished, and soon became known as the Palais-Royal.
  • Gaston was exiled to Blois by Cardinal Mazarin in 1652 and stayed there until he died.
  • In 1667, the historical inspiration for d’Artagnan, Charles de Batz-Castelmore, became captain-lieutenant of the Musketeers
  • The man who served as Anne’s First Minister, Cardinal Mazarin, could speak Spanish and was briefly an officer in the papal army.

Because @dainesanddaffodils reminded me of something … it’s no secret that Minnesota has become home over the last 20 years. (Holy shit I’ve been living here for almost 20 years.) But there are still some things I loved/I miss from St. Louis. They include …

- Imo’s Pizza. (And/or Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza. CWP is my preference, but Imo’s is a St. Louis tradition. No one up here does thin crust pizza right, man.)

- Steak & Shake. (Chili mac, y’all. You can’t find proper chili mac ANYWHERE in the Twin Cities, not that I’ve found.)

- The Hill. There may be one or two places who do Italian food really well up here, but there’s a reason my old friends and I tend to meet up at Favazza’s when we’re all in town. Italian food is my entire fucking jam, and I miss having a whole entire neighborhood full of the best stuff. 

- Forest Park. (Outdoor theater in the summer at the Muny! The amazing - free - Zoo! It’s a mini Central Park, and I miss being able to hang there in good weather.)

- The Central West End in general. This might be rose-colored nostalgia, given I spent my teenaged years in the CWE and have only occasionally been there as an adult, but I’d take the CWE over Uptown Minneapolis any day of the week.

- The venue that was Riverport Amphitheater when I lived there, many many moons ago, and has gone through a million name changes until it’s apparently now Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. One of the things the Twin Cities very desperately needs is a good outdoor music venue that isn’t a stadium or the State Fair Grandstand. I loved getting cheap-ass lawn tickets and laying a blanket out to watch a show sometime during the summer. (Aside: this venue makes me think fondly of my sister - not only did she work there for a while, on the overnight changeover crew, but she had a HILARIOUS rant back when it was called the UMB Bank Pavillion. It’s the United Missouri Bank Bank Pavillion!! That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard! When it was pointed out that the whole bank was named like that, she just shrugged it off, having the amphitheater named that was apparently what bothered her.)

- The Mississippi River. Yes, I know, I have the Mississippi here too, but it’s pretty much a creek up this far north. I’m still more of a river girl than a lake girl, and I miss the Mighty Mississippi. Even the terrible smell you’d get the minute you drove onto Laclede’s Landing somehow felt like home. 

hold on now, this will be our year

1.1k of new year’s eve mpreg fluff. happy new year :)

Louis’ leg is very, very asleep.

Harry’s head is resting in his lap, curls splayed out wildly and beautifully like an angel, and he’s sound asleep – has been for two and a half hours now, missing the dawn of the new year entirely – lips parted and snuffling gently.  His hand is curled protectively around his bump, and god, he’s the most gorgeous thing Louis has ever seen.  He hasn’t been sleeping well lately, always getting up in the middle of the night to pee or because their girl is kicking him, and Louis can’t bear to wake him.

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My heart goes out to Louis and his family. The world has lost such an amazing woman, and I couldn’t be more heartbroken for all those who are effected by this tragic loss. There are nothing but kind and loving words to say about Jay, and my thoughts are forever with her and her family. She was such a spectacular human being. If I end up being half the woman she was, I’ll consider myself incredibly lucky.

RIP Johannah Deakin. You will be forever missed but never forgotten.

  • Louis: Hello
  • Harry: It's me
  • Harry: I was wondering if after all these bitches you'd like to meet
  • Louis: Harry wtf
  • Harry: TO GO OVER!!!! Danielle thing...
  • Louis: I could fuck you right now right on this sofa but i love your voice too much so go on
  • Harry: Aweee
  • Harry: WAIT NO
  • Louis: :) I still love you ♡
  • Louis: take a kiss *kisses him*
  • Louis: Better?
  • Harry: Better