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sometimes i miss the early tsukikane aesthetic... shuu bein Wild and Crazy™, kaneki not rly trusting him, quite a lot of blood involved..... but this current soft tsukikane heals my soul

I like that too!! And I do too sometimes. I’m always missing 6th ward family days :’D not to mention all the complicated feelings that woulda been happening..I mean it’s still complicated but, in a different way, since even if they gotta work stuff out now, I think they probably know they have each other’s backs..and don’t have to worry if ones trying to kill the other

Back then u got Shuu not understanding himself, and all the repressed ugly feelings kaneki probably kept all 2 himself. And all the charged ust :3c
But I mean even if they’re friends now I think they probably still get wild..since they’re probably both into it TM lmao.. it’s just afterwards, they can take a shower and can go snuggle in bed together an watch a movie now.

But I mean that’s what fan stuff is for I guess!! :’D you can always re explore stuff u miss.

Joker x deaf!Reader Part 7

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting much, and I realized when re-reading this chapter that it sounded better in my head. Unfortunately that’s how all of my stories go, but I hope you enjoy.

J sat in his office, once again feeling like something was missing. He let himself accept the fact that he enjoyed his sessions with Dr. L/N, they were amusing and a nice way to take up time. He wanted to see what she’d be like if she were crazy, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that for reasons unknown to him. The only reason she was still living today was because she was too innocent, the world would destroy her soon enough, so what’s the point in killing her? At least that’s what he told himself. But if the world has yet to destroy her, how long would that take? Maybe she’s just one of those Harvey Dent types. Do-gooders. But even he broke.  What would it take for her to?

J slammed his pen down on his desk, no longer concentrated on his plans. Oh, what the hell. Let’s see how my deaf doctor is doing.

Frost had hacked into her computer microphone just in case, knowing how his boss gets. Still, he’s never seen him with this type of obsession before.

Oh, tape over the camera? Nice one, Y/N. The world has taught you something after all. J spent the day stalking her on her computer, and found amusement in joining an online dating website for the deaf. He was pissed when he found out she was doing this, trying to forget about him, get her life together. He knew she was disappointed that he didn’t take her with him, but how happy would she be after he slammed those electrodes against her head? Granted, it wasn’t for long, but he’s done worse.

J giggled as he chatted with her under a fake name, telling her all of the peaceful hobbies he likes and his personality. He laughed out loud when he noticed she didn’t go for the nice guys. Typical, Y/N, typical. Guess you’re missing me as well.


Y/N sipped on her drink, leisurely looking through the website. There weren’t many deaf people in Gotham, and the few they had weren’t interesting. Nice, but uninteresting. She rolled her eyes, her head lazily laying in her hand while she chewed on her straw. Why not give on a shot?  It would be a nice way to forget about what happened, and she’s learned her lesson about going after the bad-boys. It still stung when she opened her eyes to see police officers hovering over her, knowing he left her, but what did she expect? If she got anything from those sessions, it was that he cared for himself more than others, being his doctor wouldn’t change that. Her boss gave her some time off, which she gladly took, because she needed to find herself, think about how she’d never get close to a patient like that again. The disappointment she felt in herself hurt almost as bad as finding out he left her. She sighed as she sat up from her slouching position and started typing.

A flashing out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she did a double take. Someone was at her door. No one ever visits her, and alarms were going off in her head. She wasn’t exactly dressed for company anyway, in her oversized shirt and panties. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she wondered if she could ignore it, she would have a reasonable excuse anyway, right? What if someone’s hurt? Y/N huffed at her good natured personality and ran to the door, taking a few deep breaths before opening it.


J knocked on Y/N’s door. He busied himself by straightening his tie and running a hand through his hair. His eyes looked down and he saw a light flashing under the door, and he smirked. The door opened to reveal Y/N in an oversized shirt and nothing else.

“Hello, darling.” He flashed her a boyish smile, causing her eyes to widen and she slammed the door in his face. He growled, but to his surprise she opened it up a second later.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped before grabbing him and pulling him inside.

“I can’t come see-” He pauses and rolls his eyes when he notices she’s not looking at him. He takes his time to check out her paranoid ass as she leans out of the doorway to see if anyone is around.

“I can’t come see my delightful deaf doctor?” Her eyes narrow but she still blushes. “You haven’t been keeping up on our sessions, shame on you.” He playfully pouted as he waltzed around her house. It was small, and she had thousands of books littering the place, not exactly slobbish but not neat either. He stops when he feels a tug on his arm.

“You left me.” She accuses, to his amusement. He took note of how she tensed when he moved a piece of hair behind her ear.

“You were upset with me.”

“N-not really, it was just shocking.” She paused and shook her head. “No pun intended.”

J found it endearing that she didn’t want him to think she was angry with him. He ignored the relief in his chest when he realized she’s still as innocent as ever.

“Actually, no. I am mad at you. You told me I was helping you! You lied.” This was the first time he saw her angry. He put his hands up and made a disbelieving face.

“No, doll. I wouldn’t lie to you. How could I?” He sat down on one of the chairs next to the island.

“You told me- Oh! I forgot, do you want anything to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

“Ok. You told me I was helping you! What was that whole conversation about? Why would I want to be with anyone else? You-you-” He could tell she was getting upset by the way her eyes teared up.

“I thought you were going to kill me. You tortured me.” J stopped himself from rolling his eyes. You don’t know torture, little girl.

“And how terribly sorry I am for it.” He put sarcasm into his words. He regretted not killing her when he had the chance. She glared at him, making him remember that if he was going to be sarcastic, he should keep his face sympathetic.

“You-you-you jerk!” She went to punch him, much to his surprise, but he still caught it. This angered her even more, so she went for the exposed skin on his neck. She didn’t bite hard, and she obviously had no intention of hurting him, because she kind of paused when she had her teeth pressed against his neck. She pulled away and put her head down, giving him a feeble kick to the shin. J lifted her chin and her eyes found his lips.

“You done?” She nodded.

“Good.” He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her toward him, clamping his teeth down on her shoulder.


“That’s how you bite.” She pouted and shoved herself away from him.

“You tortured me.” She muttered. He sighed. He figured she would hold grudge. Reaching out to take her hand, he tugged on it until she looked at him.

“I got you something. And you’re going to wear it when you go with me to one of my clubs tonight.” She started shaking her head. He laughed, throwing his head back before his pale hand went to wrap around her throat. She squealed, and he made sure to put enough pressure so her face turned red.

“Pay attention, because I’m not repeating it again. You’re going, you’ll do what I say, and if you embarrass me, disobey me, so much as think about running, or telling someone, your ass will be sorry.” He shoved her away from him, leaving her on the ground, coughing and sputtering.

“Now,” He clapped his hands together, “ Get dressed, there’s a dress already in your closet.” He frowned when he realized she wasn’t looking at him. Giving her a little kick to the side, he knelt down to take her chin in his hands.

“I’m not going. I don’t want any part of what you do.” She had a stubborn gleam in her eye, and he figured he would have to break her sooner or later. Should have done the shock therapy.

“Last warning. If you don’t listen to me, everyone you’ve talked to, everyone you will talk to, and everyone you are currently talking to are dead. A painful, slow, tortuous death. I’ll make you watch, Y/N, you know I will. Better yet, I’ll make you do it.” Her eyes welled up with tears and she tried to pull her chin away. When she couldn’t, her eyes stayed on the carpet. “Look. At. Me.”  When she wouldn’t, probably because she didn’t hear him, he slapped her. A sob escaped her and she wiped her eyes before staring at his lips.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why, because it’s fun.” His smile lit up his face. “Because it’ll be fun making you do terrible things. To watch you break. If you don’t there’s alwaaaays shock therapy.” He sing songed. When she closed her eyes he placed a light smack to her cheek.

“Say it. Say you belong to me.”

“I belong to no one.” He was surprised at the defiance she was showing. Of course, she was crying and shaking, absolutely terrified, but she wasn’t giving in. He tutted, shaking his head.

“For now. Let’s see what you think about that after tonight. Get dressed.” He stood up and walked out, leaving her to shakily push herself up. Taking deep breaths to calm herself down, she walked towards her closet, not even wanting to know who had been in her house to put the dress in there.

It was obnoxiously short, and she had to keep pulling it down. It barely covered her butt and she was mortified at the thought of wearing it in public. As she walked out of her house towards J’s car, he merely gave her a grunt of acknowledgement as he opened the door for her. She supposed it was how awkward she moved that made it not look appealing. Not much she could do there. When he got in the backseat beside her, she noticed the guy that held her down on the shock therapy table was in the driver’s seat. He didn’t give her a single glance. J wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side. His legs were spread, and she noticed how he moved more confidently than he did at Arkham. They pulled up to this hole-in-the-wall club, Obviously meant to be hidden. J offered her his arm and she took it, feeling like she didn’t have a choice.


J had to meet with a client first, before the fun would begin. He made it clear that Y/N was to keep her mouth shut, though he knew she wouldn’t speak up anyways. J didn’t realize how much this was taking a toll on her.

She was terrified. In fear of looking nosy and embarrassing J, she kept her head forward, clueless to the conversation. She had a pretty good idea it was about her though. The way the client’s eyes lingered, how he  looked at her when he was clearly talking to J. H wanted her, that’s all she was able to get from his drunken slur. She felt the anxiety build up in her chest, getting ready to make her beg. She was gripping J’s leg so tight she could feel it throbbing. The only thing that relieved her was the client’s face turning pale and J’s possessive grip that was now around her waist. Suddenly the room felt like it was on fire and her throat closed up, restricting her breathing. Everyone’s eyes were on her and if she could run, she’d be out of there. She was vaguely aware of Frost lifting the guy up and taking him out, though she couldn’t figure out why he was struggling. The comforting grip on her waist was gone and instead it was on her shoulders. There was a green and white blob in front of her.

“Y/N. Y/N. Breathe.” She hadn’t realized she’d been gasping for air, which is probably what got his attention. “I’m sorry.” She wheezed, terrified he’d punish her for embarrassing him. “I don’t know what happened.”

“You cut off all of the circulation in my leg, that’s what happened. What’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t know.” She slumped when his hands tightened on her shoulders and he shut his eyes and took a deep breath, as if to calm himself.

“You’re on thin ice, Y/N.”

“I just knew what he wanted. I thought you’d make me…” She couldn’t finish her sentence, feeling exhausted mentally and physically. His annoying grip was now on her chin, forcing her to look at his lips.

“You’re mine. You have yet to accept that but I still have to take care of what is mine. You see, I give, you give. I’m not that terrible, now am I?” He gave her a smile that unsettled her, and she had to squeeze the next word out.


“Yes. You gotta give me something as well. You gotta try. Show me some… affection.” Her eyes widened and he rolled his.

“Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty girl. Where’s my sweet doctor that would do anything for her patient?” J sighed when she didn’t answer, and looked over to where Frost entered the booth. He was straightening out his disheveled suit, nodding at J.

“Huh, didn’t think he’d be the type to struggle. Ok, my dear! Let’s go on a field trip.” J hooked his arm around Y/N and helped her get up, letting Frost lead the way.

They came to a back room, and J smiled when he saw the guy strapped to a chair. J left Y/N awkwardly standing there while he said something to the guy, and then turned towards her. He placed a gun in her hand, and she looked at him in shock.

“Shoot him.”


“It’s simple. Shoot him.” Y/N’s mouth opened and closed, the gun feeling like an awkward weight in her hand.


“No? But he’s a bad guy. ” J whined childishly. “Do you not remember what he wanted to do with you back in the club?”

“I don’t care. I’m not killing anyone.”

“Fine. Fiiiiine. Just say those simple words.” Her eyes narrowed, and he rolled his eyes, making over exaggerated mouth movements.

“‘I belong to you, Mister J’. Or for flattery, ‘I belong to the most handsome, the best in bed, the best smile, best laughter, the one, the only, the infamous, MISTER J!’” By the end of his little monologue, full of dramatic hand movements and pacing, Y/N’s eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open. After smoothing his hair back and taking deep breaths, he clapped his hands in front of her face, his mouth mimicking hers.

“That’s all you have to say. Flatter me, my little deaf doctor.”

“No. Now let him go, and take me home.” She was hoping her voice didn’t sound as shaky as it felt.

“I really hoped it wouldn’t come to this. For your sake. Pick up that knife and stab him in the arm.”

“Wha- No!”

“Yes. Be careful, you don’t want to hit an artery. Make sure you do it at an angle. Pick up the knife or it’s you who’ll be in the chair next.”

“Ok, ok, I get it. Please, just stop.” She sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Oh, no too late now, honey. Pick up the knife.”

“No, no, I’m sorry, I get it, I-I belong to you, ok?” J kept his face impassive, his eyes narrowed.

“Pick up the knife, Y/N.” She kept crying, grating his nerves. He clenched his jaw before grabbing her face in his hands.

“Who do you belong to?”

“I-I belong to you.” She continued to cry as his grip tightened.

“And who am I?”

“Mister J.”

“Say it.”

“I belong to Mister J.” She continued to shake as he pulled away, a smile now on his face.

“Good. Was that so hard? ” He turned to his henchmen as she continued to cry, rolling his eyes. “You, you, you pain in the ass.” He muttered, directing his words towards her. ” Take care of him.”

Wrapping an arm around Y/N, he helped her up and took her to his car.  While Frost was driving her to her house, Y/N couldn’t help but wonder what the hell did she get herself into.

#82/ Blurb Night/Jason Todd

#82 “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

Why do you still love me, after all of the things I’ve done, all of the people I’ve killed, all of the dates I’ve missed.” Jason questions tears dropping down his chiseled cheeks, as i sit behind him on our bed playing with his hair.

Placing a small peck on his head I breath out heavily, the sadness that lurks in my boyfriend saddening me. “Because none of that matters, all that I care about is that you’re here, with me, in one piece.” I calmly explain.  

“But it does Y/n, it does. People look at you like you’re crazy, they will for as long as you’re with me.” He whispered. I braid small braids in to his hair, trying to calm him.

“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!” I exclaim, moving my hands dramatically. 

He lightly chuckles, grabbing my hand and kissing my knuckles. A light flutter goes through my body, the knowing that Jay feels better causing a pleasant warmth.

“I love you y/n”

Just imagine Darry on the day that Pony leaves for college like he would have so many feels cause he would probably be sad that Pony isn’t gonna be living at home anymore and he is going to miss him like crazy but he is so incredibly proud of him and knows he is gonna do amazing things but is also probably a little sad that he never got to go to college but he is damn set determined that he will still go someday and is just glad that Pony is the one who is having this opportunity now and he honestly wouldn’t have it any other way

Pink toesies.

Husband’s toes are painted pink.

When we were in the Philippines, he was playing with our two year old niece, who I fell madly in love with.

My husband never ever let me paints his nails, even though I begged and begged like crazy.

But he painted my niece’s nails. And my niece wanted to be matchy matchy with him.

So he got his toes painted. Bright pink.

It’s really awkward to look at… His manly toes painted pink. It’s been more than a month, I think. Yet his pedicure is still bright and holding strong.

He doesn’t want to take it off.

I asked him why? He said it’s because he misses my niece, and that his pink toes remind him of her. And the time we spent with our family in the Philippines, that looking at his pink toes remind him it’s been real… Because now, our philippine vacation is starting to feel like a dream.

And every time he looks at his painted toes, he goes… Awwww, Martina Ina Gwapa.

And every time I see his pink toes, my heart melts. And I love him more and more.

But that’s just how it works. One day he does something that feels like the last straw, that convinces you to walk away, despite how crazy in love you were. You text him that it’s over and you’re so angry that you swear to yourself to never care again. But a week later, you miss him so hard that you just want to go back begging. But you don’t. And of course he doesn’t either. You can think of it as his ego, but it’s exactly what you are doing too.
You replay every moment you spent with him and every word he said to you and every song you listened to together. You miss him because you would get through every day knowing that you would talk to him in the night and hearing his voice would soothe you. You miss him because even fighting with him felt like love because you only ever fought for each other. You miss him because your fingertips left glitter on his face when you ran them down his stubble, and it can’t be washed away. You miss him because he wrote his name on your veins and they just don’t seem to fade away. You miss him because his arms felt strong and safe around you and now they must just feel empty.
You miss him so hard and so long and wonder if he ever misses you even a little. You check your phone every hour to see if he has texted you, even though you know he wouldn’t have.
Every second you spent being his feels like a dream doesn’t it? It was too good to be true, and you knew it even then. But would you take it all back just to save yourself all the heartbreak? No. You would go through it a hundred times over if only you could spend those limited minutes feeling that kind of love again.
But you never go back. You never send that “I miss you, let’s start over.” text. You sit there and miss him every second and let the pain kill you.
Does he ever text you saying he wants to come back? Do you ever stop missing him?
I don’t know yet.

He called me last night, out of the blue and when he said “Hello?” I felt something, it had been so long since I’d heard his voice. It took me a moment to gather my bearings but finally I said “Hello” too.

I shouldn’t have answered the call, I know, but it’s him… Him. Something about it felt so wrong yet so right, crazy right? There was silence for a minute or two, just listening to him breathe felt like home to me. “I heard,” he said. “Are you happy?“

I am and I’m not. You see, I still miss the boy I never once forgot, I loved him an awful lot but now I have another, I get on well with his mother, he cares like no other, never causes me any grief, never makes me shout and plead, I never need to beg him not to leave, he’s pretty damn loyal you see.

“Yes,” I told him. “I think so.”

He let out a sigh, already I felt the urge to cry. “That’s all I ever wanted for you, I just wanted you to be happy.”

“I know,” I said to him. “I miss you.”

There was a brief moment of silence and then he said “I miss you too, I think I probably will forever.”

It was true for me too, I had to let him know. “I’m always going to miss you,” I said. “I never wanted to let you go.”

“I know,” he told me. “But I’m glad that you did, I became someone unrecognizable and I loved you enough to know you deserved much better and I’m happy you’ve got that now.”

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“I love you,” he said. “I won’t ever call again but I love you, you have to know that and I’m sorry, sorry for the way it was at the end, sorry for everything. Be happy, okay? Have a great life, I love you.”

I never got the chance to respond, by the time I opened my mouth and thought of something to say in response he was already gone, had disconnected the call. “I love you too,” I whispered down the phone to no one at all but I couldn’t help but feel as if he had heard me anyway, even though there was no longer anyone on the other end of the phone.

—  sometimes it doesn’t work out and you have to move on even if you never really wanted to /// st0lenkissesprettylies

I don’t think they’re gonna have sex next episode.

I think Alec will be all for it, probably because he’s excited and wants to jump right into everything he’s missed out on for his whole life. And don’t forget the timespan of season 1 where Alec was clearly wanting Magnus but never actually touched him until the wedding. And even then stuff was crazy so they didn’t really have a chance to date or DO anything really.

He even buys Magnus a present? Like he wants to do it ALL and do it now! But I think Magnus will definitely say something along the lines of “let’s take things slow, okay?” Especially since we have that still from the next episode of Magnus with his hand on Alec’s chest and it looks like he’s speaking and Alec’s eyes are all wide (with DESIRE??). 

That being said, everyone moves at different rates in relationships. Some people date for months without sleeping together and others relatively quickly. However they handle it, it’ll be handled well. I HAVE TRUST. IN THE WRITERS.

Make Me (Eric x Reader)

Character: Eric Coulter

Fandom: Divergent

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Candor!Reader

Title: Make Me

Requested by @purityimagines:
Divergent Eric imagine where he dumps you for another girl and you work for Candor and when he gets the truth serum on him he confesses how much he misses you and how he messed up and he says he loves you that he would do anything?

Dauntless was still baffling for me. I didn’t understand why they were so noisy, reckless and spry. Why they were crazy enough to jump off trains and risk their lives like that with impossible stunts.

I often found myself thinking that I would never fit in that faction, that I would never have anything to do with it. And then I met Eric.

He was a pure Dauntless, filled with tattoos and piercings that characterized the members of that faction that always wore black. It was almost like we were opposites.

Members of my faction, Candor, wore white. We had our similarities with the other factions.

We could be calm, serene and peaceful like Amity. We appreciated order and truth and harmony like Erudite. We could even be kind, even if not as much as Abnegation.

But not with Dauntless. I couldn’t think of one single thing we had in common with them. Yet I was so crazy for Eric, maybe precisely because he was completely different to what I had known all my life.

And I was actually visiting him because, despite it all, I had missed him so much.

As soon as I spotted him, I grinned to myself and walked over to him.

“Hi” I greeted him, my grin widening.

When his eyes fell on me, his lips curved up as well while he eyed me up and down intensely.

“Hey there” In a second he had wrapped his strong arms around me and smirked as he pushed me into him.

I probably blushed by his fierceness because there were many Dauntless around us and I was quite self-conscious about it.

Before I could say anything or push him away, he was kissing me. He had already smashed his lips against me in lust.

Giggling, I firmly placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed him away.

“Stop it…” I averted my gaze from him even though I knew how amused and smug he was about me getting so shy.

“Make me” Eric just told me, staring right into my eyes.

I dared to hold his glare, so I let my eyes land on his.

After a brief pause in which we just stared into our eyes, Eric just smirked.

He kissed me passionately again and I gladly gave in.


I was calmly working, trying to keep my mind busy so I could keep the pain away. Because every type I let my mind wander off, it ended up thinking about him. And it hurt.

We were perfectly okay, our relationship being like it usually was. Nothing had changed between us, and if it did I didn’t notice at all.

Yet one day he came saying me that we were over, that he didn’t want to be with me anymore and that he didn’t love me. I asked if there was another girl, and he didn’t reply, he just smirked a little. Which was a definite yes.

I never thought I would love someone like him, and I should never have. That way I would still be okay and my heart wouldn’t be broken.

Yet I couldn’t really hate him, even if I wanted to. I was oddly attracted to him in a way that I couldn’t express.

Eric was still present even if he wasn’t actually next to me. I perfectly remember what his presence made me feel, the feeling of his hands and his arms connecting with my skin, the fierce and attractive look in his eyes as he looked down to me and smirked.

I could almost hear his raspy and low voice talking to me in that smug way of his.

“You look fine today” A voice said behind me, making me squeak loudly.

I turned around and saw him standing there, the usual smirk plastered on his lips as he eyed me.

Angrily, I turned around and tried to recover from the scare.

“You Dauntless need to learn manners” I said dryly to try and hide how startled I was by his sudden arrival.

Eric let out an amused guffaw and walked closer to me.

“Not gonna happen any time soon” Soon enough, he was right behind me and he placed a hand on my hip smoothly.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him rudely as I swatted his hand away from me.

“Get you back, hopefully” He replied coolly, staring at me in that way of his.

That way that usually made me feel so special and even crazier about him, that made me want to smack my lips on his. But not that time.

It made me think of how many girls he had looked like that. He just went out with one, got tired of her and dropped her just to be with a different one.

“Not gonna happen any time soon” I made fun of him, repeating his own words.

“What’s your problem, babe?”

“I’ll tell you what my problem is: you!”

I made a pause to lick my lips and get prepared to spill it all out while I placed the things I was working with back on their place. Then I turned around and threw him a harsh glance.

“You’re a womanizer, you disgust me” I was glad to be in Candor, because I could be brutally honest with him. “If you loved me you wouldn’t be with any other women”

“No, Y/N, you’re wrong”

“Am I?”

“It’s true that I was with many women, but never at the same time” For the first time since I knew him, I didn’t find any hints of smugness or a flirtatious behavior. “I’ve gone out with one girl after another after another”

“Oh, that makes me feel so special” I wasn’t used to use sarcasm, but I was so angry that I couldn’t help it. 

I was about to walk away when he held me by the arm, and he was so strong that I didn’t even try to struggle. I just resigned myself, but I refused to look him in the eyes.

“I realized that no matter how many girls I went out with, they weren’t you”

“It’s so easy to say that” I angrily tried to snatch my arm away from his grip, but he reinforced it.

“If you don’t believe me, use the serum” Eric told me, his voice calm as though he was not fazed by the idea at all.

Realizing it was the only way to know he wasn’t lying, I didn’t think twice.

I picked up a dosage of the truth serum and stared at Eric for a moment before I did anything. I was going to use the serum. That way he would tell the truth no matter what.

He didn’t flinch as I sank the needle on his thick neck, and he didn’t even bat an eye. The both of us stared at each other for a moment, lingering on the silence that had settled in the room.

I decided to keep quiet and wait for him to say something, so I just held his glare patiently.

“I messed up, okay?” Eric finally frowned as he piped up. “You always were the one, but I didn’t realize until it was too late”

Again, he tried to place his hands on my hips, but I pushed him away and took a step back as I still observed him. I wanted him to keep on talking, and I refused to let him touch me. At least, not yet.

Pursing my lips in rage and helplessness, I resolved to just keep looking at him.

Eric just made a pause to reciprocate the glare before he carried on speaking.

“As soon as you left, I began missing you and it made me realize how much I love you and how much I fucked up” It was the first time his voice sounded so serious and factual around me, and it baffled me.

I looked into his eyes to try and read them even if I knew that the serum had to be working and what he was saying had to be the truth. He wasn’t a Divergent and couldn’t resist it. I would know if he were.

“You’re right, you did” Was all I said even if his words were starting to change my mind.

I wanted to forgive him so bad, to have what we had back. To have him back.

But I didn’t want to let him hurt me like that again, I didn’t want to show him such weakness. I wanted to be proud and strong for once, I didn’t want to feel so vulnerable.

“And I’ll do anything” As he spoke, he slowly and cautiously walked closer to me.

He tried to wrap his arms around my figure and that time I let him. I was prepared to intervene if he dared to tempt fate by kissing me or something along those lines, but he didn’t.

“You’d still have to show you mean it” I reluctantly said, hating and loving that I was forgiving him after all even if I would allow everything to be like it was so easily. “And make it up for me”

As he fiercely brought me closer to him so our fronts rested against each other, he smirked.

“Make me” Eric said it in a whisper, but his voice still sounded powerful and teasing.

I held his chin and challenging stared into his eyes, with a daring and savage glare.

“I will” I just told him in the same tone he used.

I felt how his smirk widened.

“Now go” I pushed him away and turned around without looking at him again. “I have work to do”

Since he had been telling the truth, I was keen of forgiving him that mistake. But he was stupid if he really thought everything was okay just like that. I was not going to let him do something like that ever again. And he knew.

While I pretended like I was focused on my work again, I intently listened without looking over my shoulder to him.

For a few seconds he didn’t move, but then I heard his footsteps growing distant. And I smirked.

Dating T.O.P would include
  • “You like?”
  • going through his Instagram while he was on tour because oh my god why am i dating this dork
  • seeing that jawline and like oh that’s why i’m dating this dork
  • “Where do you want to go for your birthday? I’m taking you to the modern art museum but you can still tell me where you want to go.”
  • “Hey, lets take a picture together.”
  • “Sure.”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Smiling.”
  • “LOL no sweetie just do what i do.”
  • dumb looking selfies that make the two of you look crazy but you secretly love seeing
  • wondering if someone anyone can tell you what else he likes because you want to buy him things for his birthday but no way you’re buying him a chair
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • ending up buying a chair, him loving it, and taking thousands of pictures every time he misses you
  • “Hey, can we buy a couch?”
  • “No. Chairs only.”
  • “Please???”
  • “No.”

anonymous asked:

Yeah the consent thing is deffo not happening much as if saddens me because it means the ignorance goes on sigh but I'm hoping something else is coming. I've wondered for a while if the whole point of the storyline was to drive Robert crazy because the guilt and exhaustion keeps piling, I was hoping for a breakdown. Failing that just something to save this situation from how dire and boring it looks right now.

I remember Ryan saying in interviews how he sympathizes with Robert and we would feel sorry for him. What we have seen so far doesn’t quite match up with that so it feels like something else is still to come? Maybe I’m being stupid but it seems off like we are missing a piece of the story. Lack of spoilers aren’t helping but I’m a little bit relieved about that. Those weeks we endured of speculation and ‘sources’ after the Rebecca ones dropped were awful

I really couldn’t tell if this was one anon or two, but I’m gonna address you both/or one person, since both messages are roughly on the same topic.

I agree, as amazing as the consent issue is as a storyline, Emmerdale would really be cutting off their nose to spit their face, because of how previous story lines in the past year have played out.

But I do have a feeling everything is setting up a Robert breakdown storyline, because I keep going back to the mill, Ryan didn’t play it the way I thought he would, and that wasn’t writing, that was the director and Ryan deciding to act it out a certain way. We all expected lodge 2.0 and it just wasn’t.

So that makes think there’s more to come. That they want to strip Robert down to his bones, and have Aaron build him back up.   

Combing that with Emmerdale’s radio silence. Usually after big twist there’s a tone of press. Holly’s death, James’s death, and on and on, and there hasn’t been for Rebecca and Robert sleep together, why? Cause that’s not the big twist, the big twist is coming.

And going from Danny, I honestly think we’re going to like it! We had Ryan say he sympathised with Robert, we have them showing all the stress, the sleep deprivation, the anxiety, the fear, and just the weight of everything his had on his shoulders, and I feel like when Aaron get’s worse, after telling Robert all he suffered in prison, its going to get worse.

He’ll reach his tipping point.

I miss him. I miss him. I miss him. I repeat to myself over and over until I’m crying on the floor. It hurts like hell but it also feels like heaven. Yeah, it might sound crazy but it’s the truth. I miss everything; the days where I woke up and saw his name on my phone screen, when I got random appreciation posts or letters, the randomly, endless amount of kisses, the soft touch of his hands around my waist, the way he cared about me like I was the most precocious person to him, the amount of comfort he brought me on my worst days, having to feel secure and happy because he was the last person I spoke to, and the unconditional love he gave me. Or the little things he did that I appreciated; like the way he spoke with such a passion when it came to the things he loved or loved doing, when he get anxious about trying new things, when he snorted as he laughed his lungs out or when his eyes got tiny as he smiled with so much happiness. Gosh, I could go on and on about him; the good and the bad. Don’t get me wrong everyone has their flaws but even with the flaws he behold they couldn’t amount to the things I saw perfect in him. Any person is lucky to have him. Because after this mourning of him, I learned that without him, I would not be here today, writing this about him. So I thank him for not only saving my life but saving my soul. And a person who saves souls deserves not only a good life but happiness. And if I can’t give him that then I hope the next person to be in his life does give it to him. I will always have him in my heart whether I want to accept it or not but I will. He will always be apart of my life in some way. He’s attached to me and this time I’m not detaching from him. He has a beautiful soul.
—  to the person who reads this just know that if you are his next, please listen to him, care for him and mostly unconditionally love him
Big Boy [a Jimmy Darling imagine]

Request (kinda): u said u wanted to write an imagine, what about?? Lmao, the Jimmy big boy thing or in general ?? ily boo

a/n: i would damn well call jimbo big boy

Nobody knows what goes on in Jimmy’s head; how he feels about himself, about his body. It’s been a few weeks since his momma passed away and he misses her like crazy. He misses the way she coddled him, the way she protected him, the way he could act younger than he was with her.

You notice him staring at his stomach one breakfast, plate still full of food in front of him on the checkered tablecloth. Frowning, you pick up your plate, carefully coming closer to him. When you do, you notice he’s poking his stomach, watching one of his double fingers indent his shirt and he pouts, his plump lower lip jutting out over his upper one.

A sigh passes his pout as one ‘claw’ grabs a hold of some of the fat that hangs off him. Hesitantly, you sit down next to him, catching his attention; his hands fall to his lap. “Jimmy, you haven’t eaten anything…” You frown, gesturing to his plate. The cereal floats around in the off-white milk, becoming soggy.

He shrugs, wrapping his bare buff arms around himself. His deep brown eyes glare at the floor for a minute, avoiding your stern look. Huffing out air from your lower lip, you stand up, dragging him to his caravan. It’s a mess; clothes and beer bottles, some empty, some half full, are discarded on the orange tinted carpet, dishes piled in the sink. Jimmy plops himself on the dark green cot, gazing into space.

Opening your mouth, you’re about to ask him what’s going on, yet he cuts you off. “I want my mama!” He sobs, covering his eyes to hide his tears; his shoulders shake. Your eyes widen at the scene in front of you, you nev- scratch that, nobody’s ever seen Jimmy like this. “I wanna- I wanna- be…” He breaks down, curling up in himself.

Your fingertips card through his light brown hair and you sit down. The bluejay colored skirt scrunches around your thighs; you pull him to your chest. His head nuzzles in the crook of your neck as he sobs. “Shh, Jimmy, I’m here, I’m here.” You mumble, kissing his hair while you play with it. “It’s okay, you’re a big boy, right? Your ma said you were her big boy? Can you be mine; my big boy?” You ask, pushing his curls back and looking at him.

Sniffling, he peers up at you. “Call me that again?” He pleas, voice wavering with uncertainty. Red rings frame his perfect circle shaped eyes that are watery. He looks so fragile, so small, as if the slightest touch could break him into sharp tiny pieces. Perhaps it could.

Nodding, you push him so that he’s sitting up straight against the wall. “You’re my big boy now… And I love you and your hands…and your stomach.” You trail off, traveling our hands up his tank top, feeling the plush skin underneath your palms. He blushes when his stomach is exposed. “You are so beautiful, big boy.” You grin, pressing open mouth kisses around his bellybutton.

He smiles and shakes his head, tears still in his eyes. Jimmy will never admit it, but he loves to be babied. “No, I’m not…” He giggles, squirming at the rasberry you’re blowing on his chubby belly. “W-would you call me that more? I…like it.” He blushes, not looking you in the eyes. He can’t, he feels too embarrassed.

Removing your lips, you nod, placing two fingers on his jaw, turning his face. Jimmy’s lips are in a tight line; eyes scrunched slightly. “If it makes you feel better, of course I will.” You beam, watching him nod. Standing up, the light shines at your feet. “Come on, big boy.” You say, outstretching your hand.

Sniffling, Jimmy puts his hand in yours, covering almost all of your skin. He has giant hands. The tank top falls, resting just below his bellybutton, revealing the barely visible patch of hair that trails down his pants. “Where are we going, ma-Y/N?” He questions, correcting himself before you could really catch it. The door to his trailer opens, illuminating the both of you with an aura of sunlight.

You lead him outside, stopping at the small buffet that has breakfast food. Picking a plate up, you put a lukewarm pancake on it, drizzling syrup as well. Sitting him on the bumpy brown picnic bench, you cut some up, stabbing it with the fork. “You gotta eat for me, no matter how big you get. Alright, big boy?” You whisper, putting the pancake in between his plump pink lips. He chews, sighing. Jimmy needs you more than ever now.

imagine if sirius was alive but remus and tonks would still be dead. imagine if sirius helped raising teddy and he was like the cool uncle that used to bring him to crazy adventures and have fun. imagine if sirius constantly called teddy “remus” and then he would be like “sorry i’m sorry i– i’ll be back in a min” and he’d just leave a confused 15 y/o teddy in the kitchen because he missed remus so so much and everything teddy did reminded him of remus. imagine if sirius was super protective over teddy because he just couldn’t lose his best friend. not again.

Cheating rumours - part 1

Author: obriendylan-imagines

Prompt: There’s rumours Dylan has been cheating on you with his co-star while filming his new movie

Word count: 268

Dylan has been filming his new movie for two months now and you had only been able to see him twice. And although you talked everyday and skyped all the time, like right now, you still missed him like crazy.

“I miss you so much Dyl” you said pouting at the computer

“I miss you too babe” he replid sending you a kiss “I’m already dying to come home and cuddle with you”

“Yeah, me too. But there’s still another month to go…”

“I know… Aren’t you going to be able to come visit me next month?

“You know I really can’t. I have three exams and two papers to hand in next month. I’m so stressed. There’s no way I’m going to be able. Although there’s nothing I would love more”

“Yeah, i know. I’m sorry I asked again. I know you’ve been extremely busy but I just want to see you again”

“I know, me too”

You talked for a couple more hours and afterwards you went to bed alone wishing Dylan would be there.

The next day you woke up with a huge amount of twitter notifications and messages from all social media. You were kind of surprised since you always had a reasonable amount of notifications just for being Dylan’s girfriend but not this many. When you opened twitter you saw what the buzz was all about. There was a photo of Dylan kissing his co-star on a bar. You were so shocked you didn’t know what to do. You started shaking uncontrollably and sobbing. How could he do something like that to you?

Part 2

dating T.O.P would include
  • “You like?”
  • going through his Instagram while he was on tour because oh my god why am i dating this dork
  • seeing that jawline and like oh that’s why i’m dating this dork
  • “Where do you want to go for your birthday? I’m taking you to the modern art museum but you can still tell me where you want to go.”
  • “Hey, lets take a picture together.”
  • “Sure.”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Smiling.”
  • “LOL no sweetie just do what i do.”
  • dumb looking selfies that make the two of you look crazy but you secretly love seeing
  • wondering if someone anyone can tell you what else he likes because you want to buy him things for his birthday but no way you’re buying him a chair
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • ending up buying a chair, him loving it, and taking thousands of pictures every time he misses you
  • “Hey, can we buy a couch?”
  • “No. Chairs only.”
  • “Please???”
  • “No.”