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Leather Jacket (Austin Carlile)

Summary: You and Austin Carlile broke up about a year ago, but you’re still friends with Tino’s girlfriend, Jennifer. One day, she invites you over to her house to hangout. When you arrive, an “old friend” happens to be there.
Warnings: Slight profanity

“What is your obsession with this particular leather jacket?” Jennifer questioned. I glanced down at the old, worn out fabric. There were tears and holes ripped into it from many years of wearing and washing it. Regardless, I still wore it.
“I’m not sure.” I stated quietly, but I knew why I was so called “obsessed” with it. It once belonged to Austin. I had admired it when we were together, and I admired it now.
“I guess this is goodbye.” He said softly. His chubby cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were red and puffy from tears. I nodded slowly, trying not to sob. “I want you to have this.” Austin said, handing me his favorite leather jacket. “I know how much you love it, and I want you to have something of mine, so you’ll never forget me.” Oh, silly Austin. I didn’t even need anything to remember him by, because I knew I would never forget him. I knew that every night from now on, that I would reminisce all of the fun times we’ve had together. All of the late nights where we would just sit and talk, all of the Star Wars marathons, every single little thing.
“Thank you.” I said quietly, kissing him on his cheek.
“Good bye, Y/N.”
“Good bye Austin.”
“Are you ready to go?” Jennifer stated, interrupting me from my day dream. I nodded my head, getting up from my spot on the couch. After I grabbed my phone and my house key, and walked out the door with her, making sure to lock it behind me.
We arrived at her house to see 2 cars already parked in their driveway. One belonging to Tino, and the other was unknown to me. Although it looked familiar, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
“Shit.” Jennifer mumbled, stepping out of the car and walking to the front door. I followed her inside to see a very tall tattooed silhouette in the kitchen.
It was Austin.
Jennifer looked at me and mouthed “Sorry.”, as she went into the living room to greet Tino, leaving Austin and I completely alone.
“Uh, Hi.” Austin said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. I took off my jacket, setting it on the counter, ignoring him.
I trotted into the living room to say hey to Tino, who was currently playing Xbox.
“Hey Tino.” I said, plopping next to him on the couch. “Care if I join?” I questioned, grabbing a controller.
“Sure, if you want to get your ass kicked.” He retorted, making me giggle. I turned the controller on, joining the game. “We’ll see about that.”
“How the fuck did you manage to beat me 30 times?” Tino exclaimed two hours later, throwing his controller across the room, causing me to laugh. I stood up off the couch, setting the controller down on the coffee table. “I need a break.” I mumbled.
I walked outside, sitting down on the stairs that led up to the front porch. The cool concrete and chilly air caused me to shiver. It was dark out now, the clusters of stars were lighting up and the crescent moon was shining.
“Need this?” I heard a voice say. I turned around to see the tall tattooed silhouette once more, holding my jacket. I nodded my head as Austin sat down beside me, handing me the jacket. “Thanks.” I spoke softly, putting it on over my Iron Maiden shirt.
“How have you been?” He questioned, gazing out at the stars.
“Fantastic.” I answered, making the sarcasm evident in my voice, causing him to laugh.
“I missed you.” He said, brushing my hair out of my face, causing me to smile.
“I missed you too.”
“I missed everything about you, about us. I missed the late night conversations about little things, the pillow forts we would build, the cuddles, the Netflix marathons. I missed your laugh, and how your eyes would light up when I said ‘I love you’. I miss every little damn thing.” Austin said, causing my mouth to slightly drop open.
“I still love you, baby girl. And if you don’t feel the same way, I understand. I just really needed to tell you that.” He spoke softly, getting up and walking down the stairs to his car.
When he unlocked the car doors, I bolted to him. Truth is, I missed him too. Truth is, I still loved him.
“Austin, wait!” I exclaimed, catching his attention. He turned around and smiled as I stood in front of him, out of breath.
“I still love you too.” I spoke. We were directly under the stars now, moonlight raining on both of us. Before I could think any more of it, natural instinct molded our lips together for a passionate kiss.

Moving to Austin because of Rooster Teeth is a terrible idea.

Moving to Austin because rent is cheaper, cost of living is relatively low, public transportation is decent, the weather isnt cold, the culture is wonderful and college is cheaper there however…

Our Next Chapter- Jack G. (Part 1)

Y/S/N= Your sister’s name   


This is going to be a multiple part imagine/fanfic. Please tell me what you think!


Your P.O.V.

“(Y/N) time to get up sweetie. It is 2:30 and your phone has been ringing off the hook.” I roll over and pull a pillow over my head. 

“5 more minutes.” I mumble into the pillow. 

“Come on (Y/N)! Now. We are going to dinner at the Gilinsky’s tonight and I am sure you will want to do something before that time.” I roll over and pull the covers off me. I groan then stand up. I grab my phone off the side table and look and see I have 5 missed calls and 7 missed texts from Jack. Jack has been my best friend since birth and we basically do everything together. 

I ignore his message and get dressed. I pull on a grey singlet and jean shorts. Since it was late September I could manage wearing it. I slide on my hot pink Chuck Taylors and skate over to the Gilinsky’s house. I knock once then walk in, heading for Jack’s room. I open the door and he is sitting on his bed with his guitar in hand. 

“Couldn’t you have knocked?” He asks.

“I could’ve but I didn’t. What do you want?” I ask.

“You didn’t read my texts did you?” I shake my head no. 

“I was checking to make sure you were coming over tonight and if your little friend was coming.” He was talking about my boyfriend Austin. 

“Why are you so rude to him? Damn what has he done to you.” I say. 

“Because whether you want to admit it or not I know things and I know what type of guy he is." 

"Well, your opinion is irrelevant.”

“Sure whatever you say sunshine." 

"You piss me off.” I say leaning back on his bed. 

“That’s why we’re best friends.” He says poking my side, something he knows I hate. 

“Shut your face. I don’t even know why I came over here." 

"Because you love me and we are gonna get married and have cute babies.” Jack laughs. He has been saying that same thing since age 5. It has just stuck since.

“That is exactly why.” I never had strong feelings for Jack or at least feelings I admitted to myself.  I mean, when I was 13 I did for a short time but that was just my hormonal self.  I have thought about what it would be like to be with Jack but nothing serious. 

“Do you want to meet Johnson up at the basketball courts?” Jack asks.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” I bolt up and run down the stairs Jack shortly behind me. We hop in Jack’s car and ride to the basketball courts at the park. 

We arrive and see Jack shooting baskets in the distance. I hop out and Jack grabs an extra basketball. I stand and wait for him, but he takes off running. I run after him and soon pass him. I beat Jack over to where Johnson was and I sat down. 

“Look who decided to show up.” Johnson says smiling. 

“Nice to see you too.” I say. 

“She wouldn’t answer this morning.” Jack says taking a seat next to me. 

“Are you coming over to their house tonight?” I ask Johnson.

“I practically live there.” Johnson says.

“Oh yeah. That’s right.” I laugh. 

“Let’s get playing kids. ” Johnson says taking off. We follow behind him and mess around for a couple hours.

We head back to the Gilinksy’s and see my parents had made their way over. We walk inside and I take a seat on the couch. I pull out my phone and see I had a missed call from Austin. I stand up and head outside to call him back. The phone rings a couple times and then he picks up.

“Hey Babe.” He answers.

“Hi.” I reply.

“What are you doing? I miss you.”

“Austin you saw me yesterday.” I giggle.

“I still miss you.”

“I am over at the Gilinsky’s. We are having a get together.”

“Call me when you are done. I want to come over.”

“Okay. Love you." 

"Love you too.” I walk back inside and I see Jack giving me a dirty look. I sit next to him on the couch and look at him.

“What?” I ask.

“You were talking to Austin weren’t you?” Jack says.

“Yes and it doesn’t concern you.” I roll my eyes and head to the kitchen to see if they need my help.

“Hello sweets.” Jack’s mom, Katherine, says wrapping me in a hug.

“Hi Mama.” I say, hugging her back. “Can I help you with anything?”

“No everything is ready, just go get everyone. I think Laura, Molly and (Y/S/N) are in Molly’s room." 

"Okay!” I say walking through the living room and up the stairs. I walk into Molly’s room and see them sprawled out on the floor.  

“Time for dinner!” I say.

I walk back down the stairs and tell Jack and Jack it’s time for dinner. We all walk into the kitchen and grab our plates. We eat quickly and all end up in the living room. I remember that Austin wanted to come over. 

“Thank you for having me. Austin is coming over.” I say hugging Katherine goodbye. Jack and Jack follow me out. 

“Call us if you need back up.” Johnson says. I roll my eyes and flip him off as I cross the street to go home.

Once I get inside I call Austin, telling him to come over. He is over in about 5 minutes. I open the door and I am pulled into a hug.

“I’ve missed you.” He whispers in my ear.

“I missed you too Aus.” I say. We walk to my room and I lay down on my bed.

I am exhausted but he wanted to come over, so he has to deal with me. He comes over and wraps his arms around my waist. He starts playing with my hair and then kisses my neck. I push him off me.

“Not now. My parents could walk in anytime.” I say.

“Then come to my apartment.” Austin was 3 years older than me. So he was 20 and had his own apartment. 

“I am too tired and I am not feeling it right now.”

“Babe, you never are.”

“Austin we’ve been dating for a month. I am not dropping my panties for you right now.” I say frustrated. I pull the covers over top of me and shut my eyes. 

“You aren’t just gonna ignore me now are you?”

“I told you I was tired. You should leave.” I say, far past the point of being annoyed.

He gets up and walks out of my room. I send a text to Jack telling him and Johnson to come over. I hear the front door open and Jack’s laugh and shortly after they were in my room. 

“Glad to see the dick has left the building.” Jack says. He is so annoying about Austin.

“Johnson, what are we doing for your birthday?” I ask. 

“We are gonna fucking party.” Johnson laughs. 

“I am down." 

"Why are you looking like you are about to fall asleep?” Jack asks.

“Because I am tired but I want to hang out with you guys." 

"Look Johnson she loves us.” Jack gushes. 

I smack his arm and he pounces on top of me. 

“Jack, stop please. I can’t breathe.” He wraps me in a hug and he just stays there.

“Peace guys. We have school in the morning.” Johnson says getting up and leaving.

I shut my eyes and Jack still is on top of me hugging me. 

“Jack, if you are staying here tonight you better get off me.” He scoots over and climbs under the covers. 



I pull my pillow over my head and groan. 

“Jack, time to get up.” I say smacking his stomach. I sit up and wiggle my feet off the edge of the bed. I get up take a quick shower and throw on some clothes.

I hate school. I know everyone says that, but the atmosphere of school scares me. I walk in school with tears in my eyes everyday. The only time I am fine is when Jack is with me. 

“Hey princess. We are going to be late.” I didn’t noticed I zoned out. 

“Sorry.” I say grabbing my backpack and following Jack down the stairs. I see my little brother sitting at the table. 

“(Y/B/N) are you going to come with us or are you going to walk?” Jack asks.

“I will come with you guys.” (Y/B/N) says grabbing is backpack off the counter and following us out to Jack’s car.

School was a 5 minute drive. It wasn’t bad at all.

Jack pulls into his parking spot and we all get out. He puts his arm around my shoulder and I lean into him. We do this every morning. It makes me feel safe as I walk into a building that causes me so much pain. I walk to my locker and get out all my stuff I need for Calculus. Jack and I have 3 classes together but they are in the middle of the day. I head to 1st bell and take a seat in my normal seat. The class starts filling up quickly.

“Hey (Y/N)!” My friend Kaylee says.

“Hey Kay.” I smile back. 

“How was your weekend?" 

"It was good. I hung out with Austin and then the Jack’s.”

“Does Jack still not like him?” Kaylee asks

“Can’t stand him." 

"Everyone be quiet.” Mrs. Marlee says before she gives her boring lesson. 


The day drags on and on and it just get harder. I am holding tears back. Why must school make me this sad and upset? I can’t even enjoy my senior year. Jack and I walk to study hall together and take our normal seats in the back. 

“You okay?” I shake my head no and lay my head on his shoulder. I loose it and I start to cry. 

“(Y/N)?” Mr. Hayford asks taking attendance.

“Here.” I croak. 


“Right here.” Jack replies.

I can’t take this anymore. I am breaking. I feel like I am suffocating. 

“Hey (Y/N)? How about we ditch 6th bell and just go home.” Jack suggests.

I nod my head and lay my head back down on his shoulder. This is why we are best friends. 


I feel a nudge on my shoulder and I open my eyes. I guess I fell asleep. I stand up and Jack guides me to his car. I climb in and start crying again. I wish I could stop but I can’t. We pull up to Jack’s house and I get out of the car. We walk straight to his room and I collapse on his bed. 

“Do you want me to get you something to eat or drink?” Jack asks. I shake my head no and scoot under his covers. He soon joins me. 

“How do you feel now?” He asks.

“I don’t know.” I whisper. “People ask me why do I feel like I do and it is an indescribable thing.” Jack pulls me into him which causes me to sob more. 

“Just know I am always here for you okay?” I nod my head against his chest and I then feel my phone vibrate. I go to pick it up but Jack beats me to it. 

“Hello?” He answers. “Uh yeah hold on.” I could tell who it was just by Jack’s actions.

“Hi Austin.”

“Hey Baby. Why are you with him?”

“He is my best friend Aus. Why wouldn’t I be with him?”

“Because you have me.”

“Well come over.” I say.

“Be over in 5.” I hang up the phone and sit up.

“Jack, Austin is coming over. I am gonna head home." 

”(Y/N) I left school for you.“ 

"Come with me.”

“I will pass. You can just hang out with me tonight after the douche leaves.” I roll my eyes and walk to my house.

I clean up my room and freshen up because my face looks like I got hit by a bus. I hear a knock on the door and I rush downstairs. I open the door and a wide eyed Austin is standing in the door way. 

“Hey baby girl.” He says kissing me.

“Hi.” I walk him in and lead him to the couch. 

“I missed you.” He mumbled against my lips.

He pulls me into him and I straddle his waist. He slides his hand to my back and rubs circles on it. Soon this turns to heated make out session. His hands start sliding in my shirt. Shit shit. 

“Mhmm. Aus. No.” I say pulling away from him.

“Why not baby girl?” He asks connecting his lips to my neck. 

“Austin, stop please.” I am on the verge of tears.

He is stronger than me and I can feel him starting to pull on my jeans. I finally get enough strength to push myself away.

“Where the hell are you going?” He asks.

“What is wrong with you Austin?” I scream.

“I just want you so bad.” He says standing up walking towards me. 

“Austin, I don’t want you. You are starting to scare me.” Right then I feel a huge sting come across my cheek. I pull my hand up and hold my cheek.

“Leave!” I yell. He just stands there. “Austin I swear, if you don’t fucking leave I will call the cops.” With that he heads out the door. I lock the door after he leaves and I sit on the staircase and cry.

Part 2

Truly did not know I had so many round rock/ pflugerville/ geroge town neighbors!! I miss Austin sometimes but I still go to ACC in cypress creek but I may switch to the RRC this coming fall or NRC, also? I wonder how many of you I’ve ran into lmao omg