i still might buy it

there is a “Meet the Breeds (100+!!!)” dog fair in NYC this weekend and idk if i should go because the tickets are a bit expensive HAHAHA hah haa .…. . BUT DOGS!!!

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world


This might not seem like the best of ideas but please hear me out:
I really want to see Hasashi Midoriya in the story and I want him to be the most supportive person out there for Izuku.

There’s just so much shit being given to a person we’ve never met that I can’t help but want him to be an amazing, supportive and loving person.


➡ Had a very long phone call with Izuku when he got into Yuuei because his son was one step closer to achieving his dream and he was so proud of his son.

➡ Watched the Sport’s Festival for days on repeat and told everyone in his office about Izuku making it to the quarter finals for months.

“He probably doesn’t play with action-figures anymore, I should get him something he’ll like more.” Still buys ten All Might action figures as presents.

➡ He comes home from abroad only to find out that Izuku still isn’t back from Yuuei for winter break. Decides to throw a small surprise Hero Themed party for him with Inko’s help of course when Izuku comes back.

➡ “I couldn’t decide which All Might hoodie you’d like better so I got both.”
“Thanks, dad.”

➡ “And also All Might underpants.”

➡ Izuku spent his first night back just telling his dad how amazing his teachers, especially All Might, were and Hasashi quitely listening to his son go on and on about it and thinking of how much he’s grown up.

➡ Him telling Izuku that he’d like to meet All Might too since Inko got her chance to meet him before. Izuku shyly asks All Might if it’s okay and OF COURSE ALL MIGHT SAYS YES.

➡ Hasashi silently fanboying all the way to All Might’s office.

➡ It’s awkward at first but then Hasashi clears his throat and says, “I know I’ve never been around for my son and raised him, that was all my wife’s doing. Izuku’s told me about about how much you’ve done for him and I’m very very thankful that you chose to help him and raise him as a hero.”

➡ He wants to say more and tell All Might that he can not thank him enough for helping Izuku overcome his confidence issues and being there for him, when he himself wasn’t there. But he’s too overcome with emotion.

He’s not at all jealous that Izuku admires All Might and All Might adores Izuku more then just a student. He’s just really happy that the world’s No.1 hero took his son under his wing.

➡➡➡ We just need to stop bashing Hasashi Midoriya Okay?

honestly tumblr was such a hellhole to me when i first started in 2015 (still is)

but like i’ve grown so much, matured so much, learned so much, and discovered so much

i don’t think i’d like who i would’ve become if i hadn’t been here

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Why must you hurt me this way? Mind my phone hasn't been giving me notifications so I didn't know you had finished the galactic ah or that you were selling books (god I would have snaped one up if I could of). Woa is me, first world problems, etc. OH WELL! I also accidently spoiled if for myself getting back to part 7 which was the last one I read, oops. (Idk how I missed all the updates tho, cause I definitely follow you and have you on notifications??)

oh no! it’s been a while since i finished the au, and my links are kind of cluttered on tumblr haha if you want to read the whole thing in order you can check it out on my twitter: https://twitter.com/i/moments/857941467280494593 

also, you might still have a chance of buying a physical book! i might still have some leftover after i sell them at conventions. 8) 

wow i might just go buy some fenty beauty foundation this weekend

Fic: Monster Patrol

A few months ago, dressedupinlights and I set up a little giveaway to thank our respective followers and the winners earned themselves fic and art based on the ship and scenario of their choice. I’d like to congratulate our first winner, cantpoisonitout who gave us an incredible prompt featuring a little baking and a whole lot of daddy!klaine. Enjoy!

Thank you to tchrgleek for the beta!


“Oh! Watch the eggs!” Kurt says, as Blaine threatens to tip the carton off of the counter. One corner waggles precariously over the edge, but Blaine catches it with his hip and turns back to his bowl that contains little more than cream cheese and sugar.

While Blaine starts the cheesecake proper, Kurt takes on the crust and raspberry sauce. He’s always preferred to run around the kitchen, manning three stations at once, while Blaine would prefer to focus on one essential element of the dish. They make for a lovely matchup, when it works, and today they’re in fine form. Kurt presses and molds, Blaine stirs, and their daughter, Tracy Lynn, stares at the bowl of unused raspberries like a dying man at an oasis.

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Sunflower seedlings are getting big! Checking the sun levels around the house today to make sure my chosen spot is the best place to plant them. This will probably be the last pic of them in pots!

Dear Self-Publishers

Please, for the love of dog, think twenty times before you:

- Title Your Book. Is Beach Sex With Stepson really a catchy, interesting title? No. It’s squicky. I mean, it tells me what you’re selling, but I’m not even remotely interested enough to read the blurb. Full disclosure: it’s not my kink, so I probably wouldn’t buy the book anyway, but I might still read the blurb/look at other books you might have if you caught me with a snappy title.

- Decide on a cover. I know not everyone has money for professional book design, or images that don’t look fake, badly copy/pasted, etc… but try to make it look good, like ones you see on traditionally published books. Read some articles on industry standard cover design. There are about a million blogs on it. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by the cover, but bad book covers make me think you haven’t taken the time or care needed on the inside of the book–did you edit? Is it well written? Did you rush everything like the cover?

- Write your blurb. Give us an overview. Briefly. In present tense. Edit it. Edit it again. Have someone read it for typos. All these outside things contribute to you getting hits/purchases.

Got more to add? Feel free.

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Is it possible to find the same type of footwear that the undertaker and Grell Sutcliff wears, in these modern days? Would they be hard to wear or to walk in, since they look to be the high-heels type of boot-shoes?

There are a few makers of cosplay footwear for both of them, and it’s not too hard to find ones that do Grelle justice (either cosplay sellers or brands that already make shoes that would work well). For Grelle, there is even a pair of shoes designed under licence… a collaboration.

However, I’m trying to get my hands on those crotch-high, high-heeled boots that UT usually wears, and none of the cosplay boots for him look legit at all. (The straps look wrong, the boots only go up to the knees, etc.) There are shoe and boot websites (sometimes fetish footwear sites LOL) that have something much closer to UT’s special strappy boots, but they are expensive and still not quite right. I might have to buy one of those and then take them to a local shoe repair/alteration place to get the details just right…. 

Thankfully, my first attempt at cosplay for UT will be the Akuma6 outfit, so the hardest thing for me to figure out right now is that tuxedo-front sweater with the French cuffs. I know someone who has the hook-up with a couple good costume-makers; he loves the work they’ve done on his earl orders. I already have one wig, but I have another one sitting in a shopping cart, waiting for me to get paid, so I can check out. I want a higher-quality wig than the one I have. Same person who knows the tailors also has some wig cutting and styling skills, so he has offered to help me out with whatever I need… if I make it to Momocon next year…. And the shoes for that outfit are more like loafers, though I might wear slight heels just because I’m very short.

About walking in them, it would be no different than other heeled shoes made today… as long as the quality is good. I prefer a slightly chunkier heel for better balance, though.


October 21st, 2013 - Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth ♥♥♥