i still make em

when someone mentions that finals are coming up


Aaron + wiping away tears (requested by @mylove4robron)

The funny thing about this is that the last time this friend and I talked about bee people (Jooubachi no Oubou) was when the CDs came out back in…2013, I think? So I have no idea why she saved it until now, omg.
Funnily enough, Ruby was one of my least favourite, and this whole series was quite the trip, but all the Do-S and Do-M was so satisfying.

inktober day 7: castiel + sunflowers. 🌻✨

(inspired by the beautiful flower arrangement i received as a birthday gift from @whelvenwings and @thebloggerbloggerfun 💕)

tbh the amount of hatred directed to youtube animation memes doesnt rlly make much sense to me.

i kinda see them in a similar light to the visual remakes people do in the PR fanbase. theyre both sorta visual tributes to songs that people like, and probably don’t tell a literal story. nobody sends hate to visual remakers, i don’t get why people send hate to young animators

Jehanparnasse Flower Shop and Tattoo Parlour AU. With a twist

  • Jehan’s flower shop is bathed in light with its big window and they sell everything from tulips to venus fly traps. There’s a very cozy atmosphere, bead curtains everywhere…
  • The back doubles as a wiccan supply shop with crystals, coloured salt, sage, other important ingredients.. Jehan also uses it for seances every Thursday night
  • A tattoo parlour opened right across the street. Originally, it was just supposed to be a front for Patron-Minette, used to launder money, but Montparnasse liked it, so he’s doing part-time tattoo artist part-time Patron-Minette
  • Jehan, being the good neighbour that they are, went to welcome the new owners with homemade lemon bars. But they couldn’t help but feeling a strange vibe once in the shop. It may or may not have been the glaring yet handsome owner who seemed really eager to get rid of them asap. Or something else
  • So they came back, offering red and black roses this time to “liven up the shop”. Something was definitely weird there. They could feel it in their bones. Montparnasse, thinking that Jehan was nosing around and suspecting that some illegal (yet very real) things were taking place in the back, did his best to be as unbearable as humanly possible to make them leave. He’s good at that.
  • Jehan got the memo and stopped trying, since apparently they weren’t welcome there. Until Montparnasse showed up unexpectedly during seance night, looking both annoyed and defeated
  • “You’re here for the spirit hanging out in your shop, I assume.”
  • “I…. yes. Can you get rid of it?”
  • “Depends, looks like you don’t want me there. I’m like vampires, I like feeling welcome.”
  • Montparnasse, who’s scared shitless of anything supernatural, gave in and apologised. He just really needed Jehan to get rid of that… thing
  • Cue some ghost hunting shenanigans, some back and forth flower and tattoo design exchanges and a ouija board that spells “Y.E.S” when Jehan asks if Montparnasse loves them (Parnasse moved the arrow)
769. The name for Durmstrang came to its founder after she saw the word carved into the side of a mountain that had been reclaimed by dwarves from a dragon.

arrives 8 months late with emoji challenge requests

sad thing is that I actually finished them eons ago- I just..never came back here to upload them :”) and now they’re so old to me I’m not too fond of how a lot of them look but I don’t wanna re-do em all aha;;;; I’m sorry orz

anonymous asked:

i love how you draw bendy and cuphead,their all cool,keep up those awesome work?

Thanks anon I REALLY appreciate this. Mainly because I’m still working on how to make em look like the old cartoons a bit more. I know I have some request here somewhere for them, but I’d prefer to wait. Also because I’m in a mood to draw some fnaf and practice. Still I’m glad you think so anon.


so like, both fiona’s and rhys’ voice actors also voice saints row bosses??

and i was like why not and i was gonna do them as black widow and hawkeye too because same case here but then i realized how stupid this all is and stopped

on another note i made myself miss sr even more ;;;