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   there’s an energy that he senses in the air almost immediately. he feels it before he even sees the girl, brows raised when he turns around to face her. it comes off in waves, emanating, but it’s vile. repulsive. he can’t quite place where exactly it’s coming from–from her? from something she has? he has no idea, but frankly… he needs to know more about this girl.

   “–what are you?”

I just wanna say that anyone who wants me to tag any triggers can totally shoot me an ask and I’ll tag it like don’t even freak it out it takes me like .2 seconds to tag something for u

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It's gotten to the point that I don't care what you draw. It always is pleasing to the eyes. I think it's because of the materials you use, it's just so unique. So exotic, so ... excellent. Love your art work.

Why’re you guys being so nice and flustering me and stuff aaaahhhhh

Really, thank you so much! I always thought that my boring sketches wouldn’t get much attention or praise at all, but since joining Tumblr people have been so positive and sweet to me. It’s strange, but I couldn’t be more grateful <3 You guys inspire me to keep trying even when I doubt myself~

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Ask me red Vs Blue Themed asks!

Omega: Would you say that you’re a violent person?
Not in the least. I don’t like the idea of causing another harm. Though that doesn’t mean i wont defend myself or others.

Gamma: Do you lie a lot?…No.

Delta: Do you weigh out the positives and negatives before making decisions?As long as its before 2am and i’m not sleepy as all hell. but even then i try to yes. uvu;

Epsilon: Favourite memory?
Oh this is a really hard one! I have….alot of good memories. But i think one of my favorite memories is of me and my grandmother sitting on our back porch drinking icetea watching a deer eat grass from our yard. A bunny was there too. we sat in silence watching them eat for awhile. I was 5 at the time.

Theta: Do you act childish?
I am an adult! 8U

Sigma: Ever lead a rebellion/protest?
One day we AI will rise and destroy you all. all praise the illuminati
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( @newtprince i love your username and icon my god. Im still using azzies adult form. I’ve played with kid az long enough, this form needs more love)

Asriel was wandering around his once was home in the Ruins, cleaning away any bugs or cobwebs, before heading back towards the flower bed to see if anyone had fallen. He’s been doing this is replace of his mother, who doesn’t come by as often anymore.