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Dogg mom!!! Just because something is simplistic doesn't make it boring or bad ♡♡ Mob Psycho's designs are pretty simplistic but still fun and good designs!! I love your 2 headed doggo oc because of how its designed! Like, its simple yet has so much personality and style to it!! LIKE, ID FEEL LIKE ID SEE IT IN A RAD VIDEO GAME AND AHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!😍😍😍

God, you are so so right! Thank you hon you make me feel so much more confident!!!  <333. tbh I don’t think I can come up with very detailed works of art, maybe my style is simplistic and that’s it! I should learn to accept myself and embrace it. Need to stop thinking that I could have done better!

AAAH! and your love for my gentle giant is appreciated! let me reveal something… it’s not one dog, it’s 2 dogs that are stick together, the taller head is older than the other, it hasn’t always been like that but they are following orders, they obbey, like good boys do.

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(Sorry for the anon, not logged in right now) - This may sound silly, but have you considered doing a short comic, or something akin to that on Asexual couples? I am not asexual, but I have many friends who are and people still don't seem to understand that that's a thing.. And with the strides always human has made, its be really cool to see! (Plus I love your art so much ;w;) Anyhow, just a thought. You're awesome!! Enjoy your day!!! :D

Hey, thank you for the kind words anon, you’re very sweet <3

There is a definite possibility that I’ll one day write about an ace character in a romantic relationship :)

Buuuut there are lots of cool people who aren’t me who are already creating stories you may enjoy! Here is a list of aro & ace book recs (which includes some webcomic recs at the end.) The lovely person who curates that list even has her own webcomic, which is gorgeous and atmospheric and definitely worth a read <3

Also, also, the LGBT webcomics tagpacker is a fantastic resource for anyone searching for webcomics with a specific type of representation :)

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Fic question for you! When reading h&l femme slash, how do you picture them in your head? I find I keep defaulting to how they presently look and imagine them with female genitalia, but I don't think that's intended, right? Do you imagine them as unique women who happen to have male names and share H & L's physical traits but in female form instead? Help I'm so confused! I think you're amazing btw, you're well spoken and thoughtful and you add so much to my fandom experience. 😘😘

I love this ask! Well, when H and L were young (like 2010-11) they were actually both very androgynous…I know I love to joke about how they looked like a baby lesbian couple on the X factor. I think I tend to picture them really similarly…like the same hair cuts, same style, etc. 

When they’re older Is when I picture them differently…I see Louis as this soft butch girl who still skates and wears beanies and tee-shirts with the sleeves cut out so you can always see her dirty sports bras. She smokes and doesn’t wear make up unless it’s a a little bit of eyeliner to a show or something, and even then it’s smudgy and uneven, but she doesn’t care. Her hair isn’t much different shaggy and overgrown maybe like WWA era? I also picture her sort of curvy, with wide hips an thick thighs and maybe a soft, sweet roll in her waist when bends over. And she wears vans without socks and doesn’t shave and has a golden tan from all the time she spends at the skatepark and she makes all the femmes at the queer dance parties swoon!

Harry I see as being pretty femme, but still androgynous…tall and broad-shouldered, with strategically unruly curly hair like St. Vincent because she’s an absolute hipster. She still wears Chelsea boots and ripped skinnies, but half the time they’re highwaisted. She tucks her voluminous, silk, see through blouses in and is one of those lesbians who doesn’t ever wear a bra unless it’s some flimsy lace bralette with a gazillion holes,  and basically her nipples are like always showing but she thinks it doesn’t matter because she’s pretty flat Chested anyway. She puts on eye make up sometimes and TRIES to do vampy lipstick but always forgets it’s there and accidentally wipes It all over her face. She has a really extensive heels collection but she hardly ever wears them because she’s an absolute disaster forever tripping over her own feet. 

Of course, you can picture them however you want! This is just how I feel them :) So, not far off at all from the way they actually are as dudes. 

Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation

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“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

—Ernest Hemingway

This is for every smile, every well-turned phrase that caught my eye. For every alliteration that tripped just right off the tongue, and every description that broke my heart and then put all those fragments back together again. All of you, all of you, have my most humble thanks - for putting your blood, sweat, and tears into these labors of love.

@yoolee - You were the first person in this fandom I read, and shit did you set the bar high. So high, I’m still striving to reach it - resigned to possibly grazing it with a fingertip every so often, and that is pretty damned OK by me. I love how much emotion you pack into every word, every sentence of your fiction, and how much thought it is so very clear that you put into every. Single. Fic. You make these characters come alive, vibrant and faceted, polished by your careful pen into true gems. It doesn’t hurt that it often comes with a bonus side of gorgeous, achingly sweet smut, either. I love everything you do, and I will always be a fan of your writing, wherever your interests and hobbies take you.

@tentori21 - It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone who takes so much pure joy in writing, and it comes across in every piece you do. Your enthusiasm for the story and for self-improvement is so infectious, you inspire me to be better every time you post something. There’s a clean, simply beauty to your words that I appreciate, the sort of writing that you can slip into and just float along easily, effortlessly. I look forward to all the things you have planned, and to seeing you gain the confidence you so rightly deserve in your own work.

@wonky-glass-ornament - You tackle the first person POV so deftly, it blows my mind every time. Writing from that frame of mind, convincingly, is a real gift and art form that I hope you feel as proud of as you should - especially when you’re applying it to smut! Which, by the way, is one of your strong points - you have agile, visceral descriptions that feel so grounded in reality without jarring someone out of their story, and a grasp of characters that is to be admired. I’m always so happy to see your work show up on my dash - I hope someday I can come up with a proper request to take advantage of your talent!

@suzunesays - I’ve come to enjoy squealing over fandom with you, and I’ve been slowly working my way through some of your writing (mental note LEAVE SOME DAMN COMMENTS MRS. O YOU SAVAGE) but you also have this great grasp of character, and how small seemingly-inconsequential details can tell so much about them. You also have a way of trusting a reader to make the connections between A and B, a sense of storytelling without exposition, and that is one of the greatest compliments an author can give to their reader.

@oh-my-otome - You don’t seem to write fic much (which is absolutely and positively CRIMINAL) but what you do have out there is some of the most well-paced, gorgeously framed work I’ve found. It’s always dripping with imagery and descriptions that make me stop to reread a sentence over and over again, just to savor the mastery of it. There are writers you enjoy, and then there are writers that inspire, and you manage both.

Others who deserve a place on this list: @hajeema, @sengokugenkigirl, @fooljshgirl, @koudaiin, @catchthespade, @held-hostage-and-happy, and so many countless, countless writers. Anyone and everyone who sits down and takes their own precious time to craft something for no other benefit than making someone else’s day just a little bit brighter - my heartfelt thanks go out to each and everyone one of you. Please, tag me in anything and everything you write.

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Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that you still write for Fallout 4? Pretty much every Fallout 4 writing blog I follow has become inactive since they lost their interest in writing for it. So I just get so happy whenever you post your writing since I still very much love reading anything Fallout 4 related :)

Thank you so much! And ugh I know right?? I used to follow so many react blogs because I just couldn’t get enough but then they all left us high and dry :,(

Thats kinda why I started the blog like…what, a year ago? I think? It’s tough writing it sometimes when I have uni to do too but when appreciative readers like you (and pretty much every one of my lovely followers - yes, I see you and yes I love you!) who send in messages like this, it just makes it so damn worth it <3

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is aizawa ever gonna figure it out on his own or is something gonna happen soon that tells them about OoooOOOoooOO GHOSTTTSSS. cause like I can't pinpoint whether its gonna be during the final exam or during the camp. if its all the way at kamino ward.. well im very wrong then. thanks for the new chapter i love you so much


Whether or not Aizawa remembers, and how he remembers if he does, is something I still haven’t decided on.

There’s really no way for me to spoil this, because it’s completely up in the air right now. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

Personally, I hope he will.

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Hi. I love your blog. I was wondering if you could help me. I'm a Cis girl who doesn't know whether she's Asexual, Bisexual, Bisexual and Asexual, Aromantic, just hates people, or straight. I would like to have people notice me and "like like" me, but I don't want a boyfriend at the moment. I'm twelve, so I guess that's a good thing because I'm too young, but I'm still very confused. Thank you so much you're awesome.

hi! and thank you so much xx

this might not be what you hoped to hear, but I’m going to be honest with you: I have no idea. we’ve never met each other, so I am just as unsure as you are.

that being said, it’s okay. you don’t have to know right now. I know it would probably be more reassuring to know what you’re feeling and understand your sexuality, but something awesome about it is that you really don’t have to set rules when it comes to who you like. there are no boundaries, and you’ve got plenty of time to figure out what boundaries you want if you want them.

it’s possible you might be wanting attention and to be noticed, but not a relationship, and there’s nothing wrong with that. special attention can make us feel flattered and wanted: just please don’t come to depend on this for confidence and to feel good about yourself.

but again, it’s okay not to know: life is meant for experiencing different people and things, as well as learning your preferences. and if you still want people to show interest in you when you might not show interest in them, that’s okay too (just please don’t lead someone on, that can cause hurt feelings).

have a good day x

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I just wanted to say (since I stupidly didn't before) that you're one of my favorite authors. I love the NHL!Bitty fics you write, and the Coma AU is freaking amazing!!! You're writing style is so good! Thanks for sharing it with us readers.

Thank you so much! It still floors me that people like my writing and I’m very grateful you took the time to send this. Stuff like this really makes my day. Or week, really <3<3<3

Fanfic Author/Reader Appreciation

Yes, yes I know I’m late~

Anywho, I gotta start the round off with the ever-lovely @pickle-plum ! You’re amazing and fantastic and got me into PacRim ages ago but I love you so very much?!? Of course, with pickle comes with the wonderful author/beta @shmoo92 ~ Shmoo has been a staunch supporter since day one and a few of my fics would be languishing still had you not read over them!

@steampunkepsilon some of your headcanons are so sad, dammit, but so, so worth it? I stay up late so I can trade hcs and I don’t want to sleep but I wake up with my phone in my hand and a little notification blip that says you had fun too.

@seaweedredandbrown If I could ever make the trip over there, you bet your butt that I’d be there all the time. Your writing enthralls me and I wish we’d met sooner but I’m forever grateful to the PacRim SS that started it all~

@weekend-writer You giant goober you~ I love the way you can take a single phrase and make me coo so hard that I’m holding my cheeks in my hands. You may have been late to PacRim but I sure am glad you’re here~

@missanthropicprinciple one of my very first Newmann pals and you’re so amazingly nice?!? I was nervous and then I saw that you liked the same things I liked! I gotta go back and reread your fic and leave a dozen little comments for you to see~

@kurowrites the one person aside from @yawpkatsi and @unclesteeb who made me hold onto my love of Marvel along with @inukagome15 ! I’ve been on a rereading stint and realized that your writing was very influential to my own Marvel fics

@wordmage the way you write is so evocative when it comes to FFVII and I gotta say that I hope to reach that level eventually! I’ve missed your comments on the Nibel series~

Oh gosh, so many folks and so little time to yell about them before I get back into college work…

@archerybushidokid what a staunch supporter over the years you’ve been and I love your way of writing Raleigh and Yancy.

@3fluffies Who knew that a round-robin fic would end up so full of feels and have a semi-happy ending?

@gutterballgt Those two clownshoes will be the death of us yet. Greaser AU is coming along just fine thanks to @murphyhatesme and you!

@brittleskyblue Thank you for reading so much of my fic and for the shout out yesterday!

@nadejdaro You’re the most faithful anon I’ve ever had in my fanfic writing days and I can never thank you enough for your comments. After I’ve posted, I wait for your response to it.

To everyone else who is escaping me rn, I love you and your writing and I hope that you’ll have many comments and new readers and may that idea that keeps niggling at the back of your mind turn out as good as you planned it would be.

{{Just a daily reminder that each and every one of you here are amazing.
And that you can do whatever you set your mind to.
We’ve all been through tough times and we aren’t done yet.
But you’ve handled everything life has thrown at you so far and you know what? 
That is pretty damn admirable. You are strong whether you believe it or not. You’re still standing. That’s a wonderful thing. But don’t ever feel you have to go through it all alone. We are all here for you and we believe in you. I’m proud of you for pushing through. And with every fiber of my being I really do believe in you. So stay strong. Each day you get up and do your daily routine that’s something. Each time you log in that’s something. Even the small things matter. But my main message is that you are strong, beautiful, and you matter. I love you all very much and thank you for gracing my life with your presence.}}

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Just One Night - AnnaRaven
Dr Kaidan Alenko is getting over a broken heart, and it seems like the hot stranger with wicked blue eyes might be just the guy to help him...
By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationships: Kaidan Alenko/Male Shepard (Rating: Explicit)

I can’t tell you how much I love @missannaraven​‘s writing and I blame her completely for my mshenko obsession and finally picking up the pen again after a very long time without any writing. She’s created so many wonderful stories, but this one is one of my favourites (together with her latest work Fighting Gravity). I’m still hoping for a sequel. ;)

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okay i saw ur reblog about the oc-volturi art, and i just wanna say (if you're still posting art?? or when you get back to it??) i wOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO SEE YOUR TWILIGHT OCS because honestly i love twilight ocs and ocs in general and ur art so so cute i can't handle it and seeing ur ocs with the volturi in ur art would be. so great. so great :,)) also unrelated but: i hope you're doing well my friend!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Okay, so I totally have a bunch; but I just haven’t drawn many of them because I’m still unsure on a lot of their designs, and also there’s a lot to just draw in one go lmao! But I will add a map at the bottom to give you an idea of the covens I have!

The first i have are my two main volturi ocs. I’ve drawn these two multiple times now, but I’m still unsure on how the rest of my volturi ocs are so.. It’s all I got for now. 

  • Carlotta has the ability to teleport, but its such an unstable power that they’re more dangerous than effective in any sense. they’re mute and use sign. (they also have their own tag here)
  • Andrej is another “broken” gift. they have a healing aura of sorts, but honestly its more of a rejuvenating power, and doesn’t really have enough power to heal anything humanoid. they’re a good fighter, though.

These guys are from a coven in Kenya. none of them have special abilities, and they all feed off humans (though they have gone back and forth).

  • Voshkie is a tall super nerd. she’s kind of shy and reserved, but really smart and observant. she’s obsessive and gets hyperfixated on things easy. (glasses because it looks cute thats it lmao)
  • Salene is loud and powerful. she’s really brave and outspoken, even though the others joke about her a lot being so short. also is forever dying her hair. (also a wild activist)
  • Cheyech is bubbly and sweet. they’re pretty similar in personality to salene, but more patient and willing to give the benefit of the doubt. also wants 5000 dogs. (they’ve already got four)

Most of these I don’t have designs for yet! I actually made this map to just give a basic idea of what kind of covens exist beyond the Cullen’s knowledge without giving them too many details yet. however ill try to give a bit of info of some of them though.

  • The Chinese coven used to be a much bigger powerhouse before the Romanian coven struck down their numbers. nowadays they’re one of the Volturi covens strongest allies. (Which might be reason to the fact that the Volturi at some point were afraid they would be overthrown by said coven if they didn’t start an alliance)
  • The Australian and New Zealand covens are both pretty secluded, traditional covens. They’re both pretty old and of few numbers. the Australian coven is unique in the fact that they live in almost isolation and behave freely as vampires (including going out in the sun a lot)
  • In India they have multiple covens living all over. One of them has a member that has a power to produce fire at will and is super fucking lethal to both their coven and any enemies. (basically is op as hell because they’re redundant to their own flames)
  • “cryptic underwater vampire coven” is literally exactly what it sounds like. they live around the same region of Mariana’s trench, and are pretty primal and instinctive because they’re so exclusive to any social behavior. They’re not even really a coven, actually, they just all happen to live in that area and occasionally find one another every few years. Also are a secret to everyone but themselves.

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So I was watching the eclipse earlier (with proper gear of course) and I kept thinking to myself "wow daddv looks great today! Wait, what the fuck is blocking is gorgeous rays of light?! RIKA IS THAT YOU?!" But sadly the eclipse was only partial where I live and I was doing my schoolwork in the middle of it. -Sky anon

eeww homework but hey, partial is still cool!! 

no matter what percentage it is still really amazing and i love it very much ^^

/also lmfao rip we need the beautiful daddv/ ~Admin 404


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Your art is very beautiful and I love the soft colours you use and your art style! It's very wonderful!

Thank you so so much, you’re so kind!! I’m really happy you like my color choice (I’m working on getting better at color palettes!)! And hopefully developing my style! I feel like recently I’ve been kind of having a bunch of different styles but hopefully it’s still recognizably me! Thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a lovely ask, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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I really appreciate your positive personality and your love of yuri and ryumako. I just read your thread about realizing you're a lesbian and I can relate a lot to having homophobic parents. I'm a trans wlw myself and having parents like that is tough, although being trans I think my experience is pretty different in that I never felt bad about liking girls but instead about being a girl. Anyway yeah, you're lovely and I seeing you and your art on my dash makes me happy.


Oh yeah, homophobic parents are really tough. Even though I HAVE came out to my mom she still pretends she doesn’t know it or still believes I have the possibility of dating a man -___- it’s really tiring sometimes; If there’s one thing I have learned with that experience is, do what makes you happy and what YOU want to be! it’s really not worth it to appeal to others and become the person they want you to be. The people that can’t see you’re a girl can fuck themselves, you are a girl and that’s what matters! just how much I’m certain that I am a lesbian and nothing else.

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in your tags, you said you were the "less attractive one" and that's not true one bit. your friend would be considered more pretty or cute. but not any less attractive or beautiful. you are handsome and kinda muscular. don't take that offensively, please! I actually find myself attracted to more muscular, masculine women. you can be whoever you want, I'm just saying this: you are still beautiful. you are a human being and as long as you're spreading love and positivity, you are very attractive

this made me cry. thank you so much, this means a great deal to me. i love you, random stranger. :) ❤

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Yooooooooooooo I just wanted to say, from the couple of fics I've read by you, that I loved them so much!! You can convey things so perfectly, you can set the mood in a way that's so natural it's never forced. Its also noticing how much time and effort you put into your writing and it's very admirable. :) God your writing is so good and I love it! Have an awesome day!

That’s the sweetest message I’ve recieved in awhile :“) and it feels amazing to hear that ppl still read my stuff even when I’m inactive on tumblr 💜


I haven’t got to draw them for like 84 years…