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imagine being at the m&g, you're just about to walk up to them, jack has been sending you cute little smiles and some winks here and there while you were waiting in line and you saw how excited he got when it was finally your turn. but just as you were getting ready to walk up to him you spot me screaming your name in the crowd and you run straight past jack directly into my arms, the boys staring at us the whole time. but who cares, this friendship is more iconic than wdw. -guess who ;))

Okay first of all Viki sweetie, you forgot to click anon but I love yoU


Jack who????

Jack Zimmermann was accustomed to dealing with difficult situations; he was captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team after all, but this? This was never in the job description.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bitty whispered into the side of Jack’s neck, breath hot and sweet against his skin. The kegster ended a while ago but Bitty was still feeling the effects. When he fell off the coffee table attempting to dance to All the Single Ladies, Jack swept in ready to piggyback him to bed.

“Alright,” Jack said, mouthing I got this in Lardo’s direction before heading to the stairs.

“I don’t wanna be a single lady anymore,” His voice faltered and Jack became acutely aware of Bitty’s thighs around his hips. “I want a person. Everybody else has got a person.”

“With moves like that I don’t think you’ll have to wait long,” Jack said, supressing a chuckle.

“Mmhmm,” Bitty mumbled, fighting a losing war against sleep. Jack pushed open the door to Bitty’s room with his foot and ducked inside.

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A story I want to tell you - aoimotion - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“Silence, Carrots.” Nick gently put a paw over the mouth. “I’m not done yet.” He took a deep breath, then said: “Judy, there’s something I want to tell you.” He paused for a second, studying her reactions. Her purple eyes widened for a second and he felt her lips trying to mouth something under his paw. But Nick didn’t let Judy say a thing – it was him who was under the spotlight, and not by accident, but because he made himself take that spot. He was sick of his own cowardice. “When the time comes, I’ll tell you a story. Whether you choose to listen to it or not… it makes no difference for me.”


So… nothing to say here. Missing moment, right after last BJ’s chapter. Please enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it. :) And of course, who did the art, you ask? I wonder… @rem289

Jack Zimmermann had a giant crush on Lardo when he first met her


“I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more”


What About Us - Jack Avery

Summary: What was suppose to be a cute picnic date went horribly wrong.

Requested by @wdw-b-log 

A/N: I still have request from the list of numbers, but I think I’m going to take a break from those bc I can’t seem to write any of them, sorry :/ 

You sat on the grass, ripping the strands out one by one. You’ve been waiting for hours, the sun already set and the air cold. You stared at the stars, making up excuses as to why Jack wasn’t with you.

‘Maybe he’s just running late.’

‘Maybe he was stuck in traffic’ 

‘He could be caught up with the boys, they were working on their music earlier.’ 

‘What if he forgot?’

You shook your head, the possibilities as to why Jack was late were endless. You stood up, feeling the cold air brush against your skin. You take Jack’s hoodie in your hands, pulling it on to keep you warm. It smells like him.

You clean up, carrying everything to your car. You sat in your car, waiting a few more minutes, just in case.  

“I can’t believe he forgot.” You groan, turning on your car. You rested your head on the steering wheel, debating on whether or not to confront him. “Fuck it.” You put the car in reverse, beginning to drive towards the boys’ house.

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Remember that traditional drawing ? Guess I drew it digitally as well. Quite (REALLY) proud of it !

Ofc it’s Jacksepticeye, who is one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever known (if I can say “know”). He makes lot of people smile and laugh with the amazing work he does every day. He built a wonderful and strong community that’s healthy as heck, and it’s kind of impressive to see how a single person, with his energic and smiling self, can help so many people to feel happy. To go through hard times, to laugh when they feel down, to simply have a good time ! (And the hard work behind is just stunning when you think about it : 2 videos per day, thanks to Robin for that as well, because damn the content is good, but without editing it is definetly not the same !).

Anyways, stay as you are man, you’re freakin’ awesome. :)

McDonalds had limited Szechuan sauce packets as a Rick and Morty promotional event. Hundreds of people lined up hours ahead of time. Some stores only had 20 units.

But y'all remember April Fools day and how all of this started. Normal ass people, minding their own business, were cheated out of a quiet night of Samurai Jack and Dragon ball just because Adult swim decided to do an impromptu marathon. Literally no one asked for it but hours of the same episode of an old man making dick jokes in space was continuously aired. Only to then have nerds prolong the torment by shouting meme phrases over and over again for the next few months! Well even though it’s October, consider this your April Fools joke. Wubba lubba screw you

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jacks gonna say “thank you” endlessly in the milestone vlog, so i thought id make art of it, haha! im so fucking happy today, things are going so well in the world! jack saw some of my work (not really “art” but he saw my post so whatever haha :p), we hit 16 MILLION subs, and just generally im in a very good mood!! :D this is another one ive had ready for a couple months, ready to be shared with the world, and now here it is! the hair is a bit crude but other than that, this is pretty cute i think!

if @therealjacksepticeye  is reading this, just know that not only am i proud of what we, the community, have done thus far, but im also insanely proud of everything youve managed to do! you work so hard for us, and i know it must be exhausting, so i just wanted to express my gratitude for that! you dont have to do any of these things for us, but you do anyway. because you care about us. thats the foundation that this channel rests upon. you have such a big heart, filled with kindness and humility, and we can all learn something from you. so a big congrats to us, the septic family, for being 16 million incredibly awesome people!

that got emotional, but i promise i meant every word :D


(Which can totally happen guys, since Loki is genderfluid and actually gives birth multiples times.)

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Dexzimbits w Jack teasing em about living in the same Haus (like theyre married Jack says, looking into marrying them) and Bitty letting Dex know he can sleep in his room*wink wink* if he and Nursey argue

Bless you for this, anon. 

Ok we have to get some shit out of the way because Deximbits diverges a wee bit from canon. Mainly, this is one of my “Dex has two moms” universes so there isn’t the same internalized homophobia that you’d get out some of my other universes. So Nursey and Dex really butted heads as Frogs because of siblings. See Nursey has a chill demeanor that makes Dex think of his older brother Dylan (who in this universe is a real dick, but I digress). Meanwhile you have Nursey who was raised on a flurry of nannies. Yea he has an older sister but they’re six years apart (and she had the benefit of having a year or two of her parents in her memory bank and was mainly raised by one nanny, Nursey tries not to resent the stability she had but yea…) This is a Nursey who didn’t interact with his parents much as a child. He’s super fucking used to being alone in a large house. And his parents were only interested in him when he got to be older/his own person/”interesting’. He’s really into being the coolest person in the room because of abandonment issues. However, his sister always treats him like the annoying twerp older siblings are stereotypically supposed to treat their younger siblings. Which means when this goofy, grumpy guy from Maine becomes his d-partner, Derek was really fucking excited and showed his affection the only way he knew how. Cue, Derek “Stop Hitting Yourself” Nurse. So their fights were a little less heated and little more petty in the beginning and Dex learned that just because his family was the black sheep in a small town in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have privileges.

Ok so while Nursey and Holster were convinced that Dex was dating Lardo, Nursey was a little…lowkey…bitter about the whole dibs situation. Because Shitty gave his to Lardo and obviously Lardo definitely will give hers to Dex. Which makes sense in that Dex fixed the dryer like eight times that year alone. And there was all the stuff with Betsy before she broke down. But between Shitty’s old room, and Bitty, it’s like you have to be dating someone in the Haus to get dibs.

He tells Chowder this (who still doesn’t believe that Lardo and Dex are dating) and he receives the biggest fucking glare ever.

Also important to know: NurseyCharmer is a thing in this universe.

“What?” Nursey balks slightly. 

Chowder’s lip twitches. “If that’s the rule, I think you’ll be alright.”

“Yeah…” he relents. “I’m sorry. This is really unchill of me.”

“Derek,” Chowder sighs. “There’s three dibs up for grabs, and you’re really important to the team. Why are you worried?”

Nursey shrugs. “I know he deserves to live here too. But what if everything I’ve done isn’t enough? And there was nothing I could do about it?”

“Then there’s nothing you can do about it,” Chris reiterates calmly. He picks some of pills off of Nursey’s shirt. It calms them both. “Lardo’s not like that, you know.”


“And you’ve been helping her with all those papers,” Chowder reminds him.

Nursey pouts, “true.”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a good friend.”

Nursey kisses him softly, “thanks, C.”

So Nursey does his thing, and then everyone finds out about Deximbits. Which is really funny once Nursey moves past the whole “I thought you were cheating on Lardo and Shitty, aka my bffls,” thing. Dex, however, can be a bit of a petty bitch.

“You’re not still mad at me are you?”

“A little?” Dex frowns while they go around the quad, handing out manager wanted flyers.

“But we cleared everything up?” Nursey jostles Dex’s shoulder amicably.

Dex sighs, “I know. You’re right.”


“If I accused you of cheating on Ransom and Holster in front of Chowder and Farmer, you’d be a little pissed at me, right?”

“Ok, yea,” Nursey clears his throat.

Dex frowns, nudging Derek him gently. He offers a fist bump. “We’re still gonna be the best roommates, right?”

Nursey smirks, “you know it.”

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