i still love you guys srsly

Hey,,,,i know that the EW fandom is in a really rough spot right now,,,but pls don’t leave it because of this.
People screwed up, but i’m sure they hadn’t thought about what they did or the consequences it could have….
We can still fix things!!!!!
Pls just stop harassing Paul and Patryk…They honestly don’t deserve it…..

I don’t like to hate people for their actions and I refuse to abandon a fandom that i’ve been a part of for so long,,,

I love all of you guys but we srsly need to get our act together if we wanna stay a family,,,

voltron? for kids? not… not  hopeless romantic teenagers who vicariously live through their favorite character keith, who is pining for the love of his life Lance McHotStuff?? you mean? this entire show isn’t the slow burn fanfic of my life? I’m very confused sir, what are you saying

but srsly this show made my life happier for half of this year i still can’t believe i just watched the season finale

thank you guys for all the likes & reblogs & msgs and thank you for being in this fandom i love you all

let’s wait up for the second season now woohoo

anonymous asked:

I'd just like to ask you and your followers if you all could please go on twitter and IG and leave a nice comment for Alycia because these assholes who live in their mom's basement with no life are still sending hate to Alycia and her friends on social media. And people on here give ADC shit for staying away from social media smh It's for her own mental health and emotional safety! I would too. Please take a minute to send some love to this angel who literally gave us Lexa.

Srsly if you guys see any of these fake accounts report them, because they have been harassing her nonstop and make sure to fill her comments with some appreciation. These assholes really have a lot of time in their hands to send false information about someone who has been nothing but kind to her co-workers.

I stg, the SU team could have Pearl explicitly state that she’s gay, or bi, or literally anything except straight like they haven’t done so already & people would still bend over backwards to try and make her love for Rose seem familial or platonic.

If you wanna ship Pearl with guys for fun, I got no beef with that. But then there’s just burying your head under a rock & flat out denying the fact that Pearl had it fucking bad for Rose.

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now im just so……….. worried…… about taylor……. you guys r gonna say my head is up her ass and stuff but srsly………. imagine if it was you………. getting dragged by the whole world………. idk i fucking love hger……… i love her and she was wrong and im still a lil mad at her but like……….. i still love her…….. 

you guys i reached 2k followers and omg idek what to say, i love you all so much, and i’m so grateful for each and everyone of you. so i think it’s time to make a follow forever!! these are some of my favourite blogs (i love a lot of blogs) and if i’m forgetting anyone please forgive me ;; thank you all so much, specially to those who still stick around after my blog changed so much ♥

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#imagine if this kiss was reversed #to where callie’s the one who just turns and kisses the hell out of her #bc even tho she’s with someone else #she just can’t get arizona out of her system #bc she wants her still #is in love with her still # and callie whimpers into her mouth & says “its always been you” #and then walks off the elevator #like imagine that happening this season #lawwwdd wouldnt that be perfect?!

bye bye

okay, so this may be my last post because i’ll be quitting tumblr for god knows how long. i may come back someday but i doubt that it’ll be soon.

this is going to be short so it may lack emotion but trust me, deep in my heart i’ll miss all of you. being in this fandom has made me happy enough to move on to my other interests (don’t worry i’m still a 101% troye fanatic, but i’ll have to keep all of my fangirling to myself.)

like holy shit typing this is v v difficult because idk what else to type. sometimes you just can’t find the right words to describe the extent of your true emotions. but okay srsly now, i love love love the ppl in this fandom, you guys are the kindest and most sincere people in the whole whole world (i may be exaggerating but you get the point)

troyesivan duuuuude thank you for following me, you’re just really really amazing. tumblr was my only medium and my only chance to get a notice from you. thank you for occasionally liking my posts and reblogging. trust me, every time you do that, i scream my heart out and i nearly die. i’ll still keep supporting you like 101% here in the outside world (what ok). don’t worry i’ll still keep on stalking your accounts just like i always do lmao. but honestly, keep up the amazing work. i can’t wait for your career to skyrocket again with flying colors. in the future, i hope i’ll see you performing with the big artists in the industry, seeing you on billboards and etc. i’ll miss you the most, thanks for everything bud :)

i know 99% of you won’t even care at all since i’m not a very memorable person haha (but pls)

ok so for now, i bid you all farewell :)
love love love from cana <3

teslagravity’s 500+ Follow Forever (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)


Thank you guys, you’re all so sweet!! I wanted to highlight some people that have made my RPing experience so great~


You guys make me laugh everyday and you’re all so sweet and my best friends and so many good things. I love you guys a lot you don’t even know!!

-plops her bbu twin in of course uwu- [ lazuliss

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