i still love them too much

I finished it! It was so good! And totally worth waiting for! 

Things I loved about it! Beware; it’s long. 

- The gang felt like actual friends. They teased, talked, fought with each other but this season, especially, it was clear that they all really love each other. 

- Snotlouts anxiety. This was heartbreaking but so important for his character development.

- Ruff and Tuff getting sh’t done. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still dumb but I enjoyed seeing them do things instead of just saying funny things. Especially when Ruf didn’t buy their cousins stories or when Tuff went after the map instead of Macy. 

- Heather and Dagur. I don’t particularly like Heather that much. I feel like the previous seasons were too focused on her. And she kinda bored me. But It was nice to see them together, finally. 

- Hiccstrid! I mean duh! And no, it’s not because it’s all that matters in this series. But mostly because it’s canon in the movies and it shouldn’t have happened this late but I’m glad we finally got it!

- Speaking of, I love Hiccstrid because how they are as a couple. They actually talk to each other! (Imagine that) They don’t have this fairy tale love ( nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to see something different), they’re warriors and their relationship feels so real. I loved in “Blindsided” when they argued like an old married couple and I love the sneaky touches they share when they think no ones’ watching. It’s those little things. And I LOVE THAT THEY’RE FINALLY OFFICIAL AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL STOICK!  

- The midnight sun episode had me cracking up and deserves its own spot on this list. I loved drunk Astrid, paranoid Fishlegs and Mood swing Snotlout. Cracked me up.

- “Blindsided” This is not about Hiccup and Astrid (this time) But about Astrid. Even though she went blind she totally kicked ass. It was sad to see how sad she was when she agreed to sit out but it wouldn’t be Astrid if she did so she found a way to fight despite it. I loved it and I love her!

- “It will always be Hiccup and Astird.” omg.

- Snotlout saying “Hiccstrid.” I mean… of course he did.

- “This changes everything” at the end. So pure. 

- Toothless and Hiccup under water had me crying. I ‘m glad that we got some more Toothless this season. I hope for a full episode of only Hiccup and Toothless next season because we haven’t had that in a while. But Hiccups. “I wouldn’t leave you either” broke my heart.

- Stoick and Hiccups relationship. 

- Overall I feel like this season had the characters more connected to each other. They talked, joked more than they have done before. That is what makes this show, because it’s the characters that does it. 

- I’ve been a little bothered over the fact that Hiccup seems to have lost his sarcasm. But this season it didn’t bother me as much because the poor dude is under a lot of stress and it wouldn’t be strange if he changed a little during this season. He’s a little more serious cause more is at stake. He did have some funny lines this season but I understand if they wanted him more serious. (But bring it back next season cause I miss my sarcastic little idiot!)

- Wow, this is long. But I loved this season so much. 

- Ruff and Tuff’s morning show. I mean, obviously. 

I think I finally know why Malec makes me so happy, apart from it being one of the sweetest ships ever: I often tend to like characters with way less screen time than others and I ship couples that either only have a handful (like literally) of other fans shipping them, too or it is an OTP that is not canon or not endgame.

Malec was the reason I started to even watch Shadowhunters. It is what makes me watch all Malec scenes of season 2 everytime there is a new episode though I actually am still in season 1. I pretty much disliked the ‘City of Bones’-movie, I tried to watch the series more that once, but just could not get a connection to it. Then I spied Malec videos and was intrigued by them. Some lovely fellas even put entire Malec stories on youtube, editing all their so far scenes together, but as much as I am thankful for that it is not the same when they are out of context. So I decided to give the series yet another try … and eventually had to find I really started to like it. I am able to confess when I made a wrong conclusion and here I definitely did. The world in it is amazing, the plot is cool and one after the other I began to like more of the characters – especially Simon, who is my fav Xander Harris after the original one and Stiles (who I actually think is a mixture of Xander and Willow, apart from being his very special adorkable self).

I know Malec is special for so many reasons (e.g. representation-wise), to me it is what makes my fandom heart beat for yet another OTP. It makes me smile every time I see a related new gif (or even old ones), edits, fanart. It lets me be a part of a wonderful new fandom that I never would of discovered without. It helps me over the fact that my fav series Teen Wolf is a) in the last season, b) on winter hiatus, c) mostly lacks my fav character and d) just destroyed one of my two OTPs. And I really hope they do not screw up that couple here.

So thank you, Cassandra Clare, thank you Shadowhunters cast and crew for bringing Malec into my life.

Thoughts from the gut... more of a ramble

As “together” as sam and cait both project themselves to be, perhaps depicting jamie and Claire has been a daunting task for them truly.
Such an iconic fictional pair who went thru so much and still maintained a deep and abiding and rare type of love. Neither cait nor sam had that kind of relationship to draw from, ever, so I’m sure they had to dig deep, together to even pull it off…
that their chemistry and writing jelled in those first few episodes was very magical. With sooooo much on the line in regards to the entire production resting on them I can only imagine the deep trust they must have determined to forge early on. I have so many thoughts and I’m bummed out too. That a “reveal” is a wedding, and a kilt, in an obscure town I’ve visited and lodged across from this venue is just blowing my mind… I’ve been married for 37 years to a guy I was so crazy about, we’ve been through so much, and it hasn’t always been great… but we persisted. I’ve learned much from all here… enjoyed a lot of the “ride” am disappointed, a little pissed, kind of sheepish, definitely questioning my own instincts, mad at the time I “lost”… I’ll still be lurking as I transition to next phase… be well sweet friends

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I know Louis deserve to be free. It's been almost 7 years! How is it even possible?! He was a kid! And he is still in this situation! I can't believe it. But let's think about Harry too because I can't even imagine how he is feeling for his Love..

I sat down when I saw the articles & I started crying out of nowhere.I love Louis so much and it hurts to think that he’s surrounded with people who don’t have the best for him in their hearts.I can’t even imagine what him and Harry are going thru rn

i wanna cuddle them close and protect them from anyone with ill intentions

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Hi! If you are not too busy, I would like to request something with Matt and B? Its Crack but I love them so much in any way haha. Maybe just B lighting Matts Cigarette or something? Thank you for sharing your wonderful art, have a nice Day!♡

I hope you like it. I’m still practicing with my drawing tablet. Thank you so much for the request. I kinda find it funny that Matt would go to Beyond for a light, of all people, lol. I mean B and fire tho.

Some Khadgar things

That are canon but are often forgotten when people talk about how strong and heroic he is. Or paint him like he’s super serious like most of the others.

  •  He sleeps on tables when working late. 
  • He used to spy on Council of 6 meetings when he was a KID back when who was on the council was top secret.
  • Gets frustrated, angry even, when people don’t admit their feelings for each other.
  • Knows how to properly cast spells while being intoxicated.
  • Pees himself when he laughs too much.
  • Is actually pretty ticklish.
  • Spent years learning things from A’dal and still doesn’t know what his pocket warmer is really for. 
  • Calls Orcs “strapping” while most every other human describes them as brutish or ugly. Guys listen he called Ariok attractive, Khadgar is Orc trash.
  • Berates himself and calls himself stupid over and over in his head if he makes a mistake.
  • Loves Mana strudels. And Wine. Did I mention he knows how to cast spells while intoxicated?
  • When things don’t go according to plan he goes “FUCK IT” and improvises and does some actually pretty reckless shit impulsively.
  • He’s reckless with his life because he feels like it’s worthless.
  • Spends his time trying to encourage others to be heroic leaders and doesn’t see himself as one.
  • Asks for help even when he doesn’t need it because he’s convinced he’ll just mess up.
  • Except when he feels like he’s being a burden then he’ll bite off more than he can chew because he feels responsible for how bad things are and ends up failing because he didn’t ask for help.
  • Knows what it feels like to not have someone around when help is needed and constantly is working on spells to make him available to everybody at a moment’s notice.
  • He collects artifacts and knowledge and items to study because he loves learning shit but is messy and berates himself for being a “packrat”, guys hoarding isn’t just a bird trait it’s also a sign of depression.
  • Everybody else gets to act and do dramatic things in revenge or grief while yelling that Khadgar can’t possibly know anything about how THEY feel or how it feels to be betrayed and Khadgar just goes silent and takes it because after years of getting this crap from almost everybody ever since he was a kid he’s just accepted that his feelings, his life doesn’t matter to anyone else so why the hell should it matter to HIM so yeah, he’s going to blow up a damn and barely escape drowning and not eat properly and let things get messy because who cares, right?  He’s Khadgar. Mr. Cool as a Cucumber and life of the party.  He’s fine. He’s always fine.  
  • There’s nothing.
  • Wrong.
  • At all.
  • Mana strudel?

- “you heard him” <3

- Billy needs to die. i hate him.

- jesus christ Anne :( i knew it would happen because of the promo, but fuck…
  i just want her (and Jack) to be save

- bs writers: what if Thomas were still alive? me: dead
  (i was wondering why Silver reacted so strongly to Max talking about london   

- “wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back?” i am dead, this is
  too much, i hate everything

- Silver being most vulnerable with Madi… i wish we would have seen their
  relationship develope more on-screen, rather than off-screen, because as of
  right now, i still only care about them individually, but not together

- i love how Eleanor talked about Max and her back in the day… i miss these
  two together

- also, damn she is pregnant. that sure will end well…

- there were so many throwbacks to “before” Max/Eleanor, Thomas/James… my
  heart cannot handle this. especially because now it’s all turned to shit…

- “trust me” Flint, honey, what are you doing?? (also, why split Silver/Flint up
  again?? we don’t have many eps left, why can’t they just share screentime)

- the women really are stealing the show this season, even more than before:
  Max, Eleanor, Madi, Anne… i love them all and want them all save

- i have given up hope, that we see Anne/Max again… fuck :(


My saturday.

Today I was with my nephew on shopping adventure for books in Brno and I bought him 4 very interesting books.. they were so heavy😅..we were in the biggest(I guess?🤔) bookstore in Brno..
I also bought some books for me..czech literature textbooks etc. for my next year Maturita exam.
Yeah and I was in ZARA because the SALE SALE SALE was beating into my eyes and I thought that I will buy something.. hmm in the end I bought 3 pants that were’t in sale but in new collection.. ah 😐 I spent too much money.. I just Lovee comfy pants(I started to like more comfy/lose pants than skinny jeans..) even if I look shorter in these kinds of pants I’m still like them.. lol.

Hope you had a good day today!☺️

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I think that they let Schmidt tag along due to the fear of having a Nick/Jess only storyline, plus on a trip, which would mean that they wouldn't interact with anyone else from the loft at all. For us that'd be a dream come true, but I think that the writers saw it as too much too soon (what, but ok). It would mean only Nick and Jess dialogue without someone joining in. Anyway, it seems as though they're slowly easing into it, Young Adult is just the two of them.

I thought the same thing. Maybe the writers thought this one specifically would be too much for the two of them because it’s a trip and Nick’s still with Reagan. Who takes your ex you still live with on a trip alone while your girlfriend is out of town? lol (I would’ve loved that)

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Do you have any dislikes about ZoNa or the community or OP?

Hmmm…this is a good question because I can’t say I’ve thought of before.

For ZoNa, I think their flaws help me make them better in fanfics, so I don’t think I do. I mean, they each have some bad moments - Nami sometimes scolds the guys too much and Zoro’s stance on Usopp during CP9 is still hard for me to fully understand - but I take that as a package deal for my OTP <3

The only thing that I don’t love about the ZoNa community is the one thing I also truly understand about it at the same time, so it’s hard to fault anyone for it: it’s not as active as other OP OTPs’ communities are. But I understand why, and it’s on all forums I’ve been on. We still have a great amount of response from events and what not here which is outstanding! We aren’t the noisiest, but we are still present and that’s what matters~

Now, One Piece is sort of like my literary idol so this is hard. If there is anything I don’t like about it, though, is his usage of women in certain scenarios. I’m not talking about the way he draws them - because he’s already explained himself as to why so I’ve made my peace with it - but how mothers are used in the series. Dead, killed, withholds her baby for 20 months then dies, and the list goes on and on. 

I mean… Dragon is no model father but at least he’s around in the universe!

Even Sanji’s mom is dead, and someone theorised that she was the great hero who challenged Germa once long ago!?

It’s a woman in the refrigerator scenario every arc and as much as I love Nami’s screentime and how both her and Robin are vital in Luffy’s quest more than any other crew member…it sticks in my craw more often than not how moms are treated in One Piece.

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how can we become your friend ?? legit question here bc i love you so much

ofshgkjf listen !!! i love making new friends on here so u can literally just slide into those im’s ??? i tend 2 be rlly bad at replying , i go through Phases , so i apologise for that in advance . it’s never anything personal , it’s entirely on me . but nevertheless , i’d love to be friends w u omg !!! like , even if i only talk 2 someone once … i still consider them a Friend . ur stuck w me 4 the long run , unfortunately :/ nd i have aim too , although i’ve been pretty busy & haven’t been on that much lately rip . but yeah omg , i promise i don’t bite if u wanna im me !!

Getting to know me

Ok then it’s been a while since I’ve done this sorta thing… :)

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better

Name: Su but everyone calls me Saya

Nicknames: Saya! Zu-zu (I am shocked too but I too was a little girl once and unfortunately some human beings still remember it :P)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′4

Orientation: Straight with a little experimenting in her past. 

Ethnicity: Dude. Everything. I have Turkish, Arabian, Bulgarian and Greek roots. 

Favourite Fruit: Figs. I love figs and I love that where I live they grow so much no one bothers to sell them. Also tangerines. 

Favourite Season: Spring and Summer

Favourite Book: O_O this is hard. *turns her back and checks her library* American Gods by Gaiman? 

Favourite Flower: Daffodils. Wild daisies. Lavenders (I grow them too!)

Favourite Scent: Coffee. Amber. Sandalwood. Lavender. Hamburger *giggles*

Favourite Colour: Dark Purple, burgundy… Or metallic colours.

Favourite Animal:  My dog and my cat. Also wolves and wild felines. But truly, I love all of them. I love animals. They are magnificent, every single one of them.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: ALL. Seriously. I have a HUGE tea collection, and I mix them myself. But I drink coffee all the time, and Hot Chocolate is my go-to comfort drink.

Average Sleep Hours: 5-8 hours.

Cat or dog person?: I can’t choose between my babies!!! Absolutely both.

Favourite Fictional Character: A shit load of them. We don’t have time to count them. (Sirius, Remus, Bill, George & Fred from HP; Desire, Dream & Lucifer from Sandman; Mat, Rand, Egwene & Rhuarc from Wheel of Time; Shadow & Sam from American Gods; Arsene Lupin himself… list goes on)

Number of blankets you sleep with: Nowadays 3… I have a really fluffy blanket and I lay on it. And cover myself with two more. Coz I’m like that. Also have four pillows surrounding me. I have issues, probably.

Dream Trip: I could go everywhere. Even to the places I’ve been before, and be happy. Right now I’m dreaming about UK from tip to bottom. Also Scandinavia & South America. Been to Baltics, hell lived in Estonia for 5 months, but I wanna go there again. I wanna go to Paris again as well; as a 20-something. And I wanna cross Sahara so badly. Too bad I have to sit on my arse this year, as you can see I have a very elaborate trip planning to do…

Blog Created: September 2016.

Number of Followers: 165 wonderful people. (what a round number you caught me on too!)

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Older Klance? older MARRIED klance (they are like 30ish and still in space)

Mashing up my favorite things: Lance being Allura’s diplomatic ambassador (@worlds-shortest-astronaut) , and in a nice committed relationship between them.


@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.

Everyone leaves eventually.
Sometimes, you don’t even notice the disappearance, because it isn’t sudden, it isn’t all at once.
People can leave piece by piece.
They’ll start talking to you less frequently just to ask how you are or what you’re doing.
They’ll begin to ignore you, because what you have to say is less important to them, dealing with you will be too much for them.
One day you’ll wake up and realize that they have left. They might still be there physically, they might act like they haven’t and it might seem like they haven’t.
But they are gone. What you once had with them is gone.
They no longer care. You are gone from their mind, heart, and soul.
Sometimes the leaving comes from the lack of them caring enough to keep you within them.
—  v.m

As I like all things makeup, and as apparently you like seeing them, here’s a collab of things I have done in the past. Some oldies and some very recent. I added both cosplay tests and “beauty” makeup, and I just love how different one person can look depending on how makeup is applied. Older and younger, masculine, feminine, etc., and how the structure and features of your face can be “changed”. These are really not too much out there or diverse, but I just love testing things with my face. Still loads to learn!