i still love them i don't even care

And the sad, tragic truth is that people never change, no matter how much you want them to.
—  D.P
Hamilton bootleg thoughts

It’s hilarious that some anti-bootleg people are saying “I’m not privileged! I’m just saving money to go! And I’ll still have to drive, like, 4 hours!!”
oh no…. how terrible it must be….. four hours….. and here I am, continents away, thinking I was so unfortunate….. oh you have opened my eyes…… 

smh there isn’t even a confirmation that it’s gonna be filmed, just an old article from last year that said it might be filmed: 

“I said we WANT to film the show with this cast before the year is out. That’s all I said. There are no plans for anything yet.”— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) October 5, 2015

come on guys. stop telling us to wait for something that probably isn’t even going to happen. you can guilt-trip me into buying tickets (and I will, with pleasure) when they tour in Armenia. thanks.

Soulmate AU

You only have a soulmate if your parents were soulmates. Because of this, very few people have soulmates (and it’s still difficult to find them even if you know they’re out there).

Not having a soulmate or being with someone who isn’t your soulmate doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness and lifelong love. You can be satisfied and happy with a non-soulmate, so people don’t really care all that much in the long run.

Sherlock’s parents are, no question, soulmates, so Sherlock knows there’s someone out there perfect for him. He has no real interest in finding them (though he is slightly curious). John’s parents are, no question, NOT soulmates.

So, Sherlock has a soulmate, but John doesn’t. It least John shouldn’t. So why is it that upon meeting in the lab at Bart’s, they are both filled with an overwhelming warmth and clarity that is said to only accompany meeting your soulmate?

There are legends of someone not born of a soulmate union having a soulmate, and their love is said to be stronger and more powerful than any other. But there hadn’t been a reported one in centuries, it was just a myth, right?

Roman, pls come assist your children. 

SERIOUSLY. Seriously. You know what, fuck you for being able to pull off a suit and still look like a grungy, hot mess of a man, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME DEANFORD. 

… Okay so I have a little bit of a thing for bloody Dean, sue me. He seems content, therefore I am as well.

Look at this little cutie golfing, aw. I cannot honestly imagine this dork golfing, but instead driving the golf carts into random places. 

So soft, so cute, so yes.

*pew pew* 


Okay, but if this isn’t the cutest picture you have ever seen, then really, what is? Becuase okay, let’s just start with how sweet and pure and FUCKING BLUE HIS EYES ARE BECAUSE WOW OKAY, WHY DON’T WE JUST INSTALL LASERS IN THEM SO YOU CAN FINISH KILLING ME WITH THEM???? And okay, the little tongue sticking out? Wow, 12/10, please. AND HIS LITTLE THUMBS UP? WOW. And it’s raining, like imagine this giant dork in the rain??? HIS HAIR IS ALL WET AND LIKE KINDA CURLY AND HE’S GOT THE SCRUFFY AND I’M SORRY I’LL STOP NOW, I AM SORRY I AM, not really lmao.

…. Those black shorts are gonna kill me, wtf.


*me all the time, 24/7, about everything* 


Blurry but still WOW?????? 

Okay, I love wrapping hands and wrists, it’s so sexy??? 


>.> I mean, or I can just keep you? No? Okay. 



Back again with the black shorts

This just reminds me of Bugs Bunny saying “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up.” 

Renee took this photo, and I honestly LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH, WOW THEY ARE SO CUTE???? I know they aren’t together in the picture BUT WOW I SHIP THEM THEY ARE ADORABLE AND I HOPE THEY NEVER CHANGE. 

… Sweaty, shirtless Dean. Mama likely. 

Fluffy Dean

“Hey Shannon, why do you have so many pictures of Dean working out?” “I mean, I-” *FUCKING RUNS AWAY* 

I am trying to lip read here, and all I see is ‘What the table?’ 


This is like one of the Office moments.

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NOW SISSY THAT WALK. I’m sorry I have no control, I’ll make a real comment, hot dang like a summer choir, walk a little slower why don’t ya Deano? 

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I know I shouldn’t be attracted to him smoking, I’M SORRY MOM, I KNOW I’M A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT BUT THIS IS SO ATTRACTIVE TO ME, I DON’T????

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Okay wow, this wins. This wins everything. My heart. My life. Everything, I literally am speechless, I CANNOT THINK OF A PROPER SECNTENCE THIS IS TAKING SO MUCH CONCENTRATION BECAUSE HE IS ASO BEAUTFIUL???? 

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Look at these happy little goobers, I love them so much. Are they giggling over going over a speed bump? They’re literally the ccutest and will be the death of me

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More evidence that this is a huge dork, I REPEAT DEAN AMBROSE IS A HUGE DORK WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD (and the WWE World Championship, amiright) 

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Listen, this is me about 98% of the time. Sometimes, they’re not drunken. 

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Any questions? No?? This post is made possible by the floofy Dean Ambrose fic my fav wrote @hardcorewwetrash (I suggest you all follow her 5ever, because everything she writes is the bomb.com) ALSO IT’S THIRST PARTY SATURDAY AND GUESS WHO I’M THIRSTY FOR, HAHAHAHAHA, everyone, the answer is everyone. 


(Which can totally happen guys, since Loki is genderfluid and actually gives birth multiples times.)

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

Want to know why I will still be watching The 100?

  • Bob
  • Eliza
  • Lindsay
  •  Paige
  • Christopher
  • Henry
  •  Devon
  •  Marie
  •  Richard
  • Jarod
  • Sachin
  •  Adina
  • Chelsey. 

They work their asses off to bring their characters to life and they are proud of what they do, even when they get shitty scripts and awful character development. I will be patient with the show, not for Jason, but for this wonderful cast of people.  

Some things you will never hear
    Some words you will never read
    I don’t mean them any less
I did love you
    So much it hurt
    It still hurts
Letting you go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done
    My hands shook
    My chest stopped
    I felt like an addict who would finally let go
    Even now I remember only how good you felt
    And how badly I want to relapse
I still think about you everyday
    Sometimes I think about if I’ve spent a day without thinking about you
    This only makes me think of you more
I secretly hope you keep my stuff
    Just so you can think of me sometimes
You scared me more than anything
    I was always afraid you would get bored of me
    Because I thought even watching you breathe was beautiful
I just want you to know how much of me you still have
   How much I’m never going to have again
   And that it’s yours to keep
—  Day 11/366

I can very faintly hear frogs croaking outside from the front room of my apartment! I put my boots on and went looking to see if I could find them but sadly they were behind the neighbor’s fence. I didn’t get to meet them…but they are still my friends

You can’t just come back after everything you did. You broke me. Shattered me. And you expect me to just sweep up the pieces of myself and hand them back to you? I haven’t even recovered from before… I’m still shattered. And I still miss you - I still care… So don’t come back, stay away - because I’m still stupid enough to let you shatter me again.
—  Oko ninjah
Alright! Who's ready for some headcanons nobody cares about regarding this ridiculous magical boys anime?

I just recently found out that Akoya has been a victim of bullying when he was little because of his surname (as far as I know, even now he’s still being mocked from time to time).

Soooo, me thinks that all his vanity and superiority complex is just his way of coping with all that crap. I mean, he is beautiful and he knows it, but what if he has to reassure himself over and over again and make himself as beautiful as possible, lest he start to believe the bullshit others may have told him for most of his life. 

In conclusion, Akoya is just an insecure (and most probably hella defensive) little muffin, who decided to be mean before more people decided to be mean to him.

One of my favorite things to do is listen to my friends talk about the things they love, even if I don’t care about what they’re telling me about it still pay attention because I know it’ll make them happy

I think it’s really sweet how Padme always said to Anakin “maybe Obi-Wan can help us” because she completely trusted him to help her and Anakin because she knew he cared for Anakin and was on their side and even though Anakin said no she still knew she could rely on Obi-Wan and then he proved her right by flying her away from Mustafar and being there when she gave birth and holding her children while she named them and she said her last words to him and aw


So I finally decided to try and sketch the skelebros. Safe to say, I know how to friggin draw them now, even tho I’m late to the fandom PFFFF. Nothing new with me being late :v

Expect more of them. I might try and sketch the others too, but I might focus on these buggers first cuz I love them so much, hahaaa

Everyone better be careful of my scribblings in the undertale tag now cuz dang I still think my pap might get weird looks

For Anna. I love you. <3


Nick wouldn’t say he’s obsessed with Louis Tomlinson. He’s a grown man with his own life and responsibilities and he doesn’t care about stupid, annoying popstars, no matter how pretty they are. And no matter how many times he’s thought about kissing them. 

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so, I’ve got a couple issues with how fandom and CS fandom in particular is responding to tonight’s episode, and so I’d like to get something off my chest

the obsession with infantilizing hook and pretty much ignoring the 99% of his life before he met emma is really getting on my nerves. one of the things I really disliked about s4 was how they essentially made him into a toothless puppy who was infatuated with a woman. which is okay, in a sense, because that’s what was needed then. but fandom has forgotten that before he was killian jones again, he was captain hook. we got a teaser two weeks ago, a reminder of the villain he used to be, and that excited me.

because like it or not, he wasn’t ooc or horribly one-dimensional tonight. he was everything he’s always been when consumed by darkness(rash, thoughtless, selfish, hurtful, evil)

think about the three hundred or so years he spent as a villain, embracing his darkness, with only small little glimmers of light. all we’ve seen is the glimmers, and yet we think he wasn’t so bad.

but yes, he was so bad.

he had a very long time with darkness as his only companion, selfishness corrupting what had started out honest enough(with love) until all he had was his revenge. it’s only been since emma stepped into his life that he’s begun to see the light and step away from that darkness, searching for a happier ending. so counter three hundred years of hate with maybe fifteen or sixteen years total of love(liam, milah, and emma), and you start to see why it’s so damned easy for him to slip back into who he was.

remember emma herself, who was ready to leave her family, despite how much they loved her, and run back to new york with henry, because that’s what she was good at, because that was what she knew and once she’d had a taste of the easy life, she wanted it for the rest of her life. and she’d only been alone for twenty-eight years.

it’s easy to love someone when the going is easy, and it’s easy to stay when you love someone. see aforementioned puppy killian from s4. he loved emma because there really wasn’t a huge drastic issue standing between them. there wasn’t the ultimate betrayal. it’s easy to be selfish and hate, it’s so fucking hard to love someone who committed the ultimate betrayal against you. and if this was any other situation, would we still be saying he has no right to be this way?

and now there is and we’re surprised by his reactions?

we shouldn’t be. hook has always felt things so intensely; he loves or he hates and I doubt he’s ever had to try to live with both. yet he quite obviously still does love emma, you can see it in how he threatens rumple and when he struggles with the darkness at first. he loves her. but he also hates her. and how can he reconcile the woman he loves with the darkness he hates(that makes him hate), with the betrayal she caused. so he doesn’t. he hates her with every fiber of his being, and he tells her so. he crushes her heart before she has a chance to crush his(again).

everything has been leading up to this darkness. like adam said; the darkness is like giving a drunk a drink, and emma didn’t just pass him a sip, she force-fed him the bottle and threw away his liver. hook cannot deal with it on his own, and she showed her hand, showed he couldn’t trust her when not only did she turn him into the dark one, but she made her first words to him a lie about excalibur. how was he supposed to trust her to help him after that? by the time she realized what she’d done it was too late because he’d already let it in.

we know the darkness consumes someone, and hook was and always has been ripe for the consuming. he’s smart, but he’s reckless, and the darkness preyed on that, because it knew he would do whatever he had to to make sure he would never get hurt again. it feels like reaching to say this is all his grand plan, that there’s a good honest reason behind it all. who knows, I might be wrong, and I eagerly await whatever will happen. but I think hook is dark. I think the darkness is playing him, not the other way around, because this does make sense.

but, of course, there is a glimmer. his own words will come back to haunt him soon, because I firmly believe that he was right, and we’re all about to see it; anything can be forgiven when someone loves you. even when that anything is as dark as what hook has done.

especially when that someone is the motherfucking savior

So I went looking and it would seem that a torrent for Vice Quadrant does in fact exist.

DO!!!! NOT!!!! DOWNLOAD!!!! IT!!!!


In this instance, I do not care if you are too poor to afford buying the CD. The CD will still be there when you do have the money. IT WILL STILL BE THERE.

If you love, or even like SPG, and you want them to succeed, support them by buying merch, going to shows, buying their CDs. DO NOT ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD IT.

When tomorrow is a teacher workday so I STILL don’t have to see the kids yet.