i still love nyc

@MingNa_Wen : Me and 6 month old Michaela visiting NYC. This photo was taken on 6/11/2001. Who could’ve imagined that in 3 months time, we would all witness the horrors, the tragic events of 9/11? 😪😢 I remember being in bed the morning of 9/11, just hanging with my baby girl, when my husband yelled out for me to turn on the news. I couldn’t believe the images of the plane hitting the North tower….and then to actually witness the second plane hitting the South tower. The news anchors and reporters confused and in shock, the towers crumbling, the lives lost. We sat there stunned. Numb. I couldn’t take my eyes off the devastation. News of the Pentagon and another plane down in PA. All a total nightmare. Surreal. I will never forget holding my baby, my sweet darling Michaela, and fearing for her growing up in this new era of terrorism. This photo reminds me a time of greater innocence. My love for NYC is boundless and runs deep. I still consider myself a New Yorker. Remembering the victims/heroes & their families. If you can, visit the 9/11 Museum. We must #neverforget. #911 #americastrong
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lord I don’t even know where to begin but honestly this was the best day of my life by far. I never knew if I would ever have the chance to meet hope solo but I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity. she is without a doubt the kindest, most genuine person I have ever met in my entire life. she really takes so much time with her fans and cares so much about what everyone has to say and listens to intently it’s so sweet I love her so much. when I first got there I met up with @in-solo-we-trust and we were waiting for @nardleylloyd to meet up with us and honestly I’m surprised the 3 of us held it together. after being able to jump ahead in line the day started moving by faster and eventually the people working in the store were asking us all to stand back and kind of form a line because she was going to be walking out soon and honestly when she did I thought I was gonna drop dead because she looked so good and it was so cute because she was giving everyone high fives and kneeled down to interact with the little kids next to us and she said she missed her fans which made me want to cry honestly. and then she held my hand for a moment and i nearly died on the spot like she really came for my whole life before I even met her. the entire time I’m waiting to meet her im just shaking and I’m so anxious because what do you even say to the person who has had the biggest influence on your life and who you look up to and admire more than anyone? I’m just trying not to cry and die the entire time but eventually when it was my turn to meet her I accidentally blurted out “oh god” and I’m 99% sure she heard but I don’t even care ahsjajdkaks. I literally had no idea what to say at first so I just thanked her for tweeting me on Halloween and she laughed and said “you’re the lucky one!” and I rambled on for a bit then I told her I got her a gift and she was like “aw its a late Christmas gift!” I said she didn’t have to open it right then if she didn’t have time but I at least wanted to explain to her why I got her what I did. (since hope has always talked about how it was her number one goal and biggest dream to win the World Cup and that she spent her whole life chasing a World Cup, and hoped that one day when she retires she will have become a World Cup champion, I got her a wanderer bracelet with the coordinates of where she won the World Cup and became a World Cup champion because those bracelets are to symbolize a place that is more important to you than anywhere else in the world and since her biggest dream came true, I thought it was fitting.) anyways she asked “do you want me to open it now?” and I said “if you have time!” and she said “CAN I open it?” and it was so cute because it’s literally a gift for her and she’s asking if she can open it lmao. so I wrote a note that said “because you said it was always your biggest dream to win the World Cup…” and then I explained to her why I got her that and she was like “awww!” and was so excited she was asking about it more and was like “so these are the coordinates in Vancouver of the stadium?” and I said yes and she like dipped down and turn to me with a big smile and said “no way! that’s so cool and so thoughtful. That is really sweet I really appreciate that!” and thanked me for the gift and was so sweet the entire time. I handed her the letter I wrote her after that and she was like “is this gonna make me cry? as long as it doesn’t make me cry!” and I told her that I cried while writing it so that speaks for itself and we both laughed about it. then after that she gave me a hug and I thought I was gonna die she gives good hugs but honestly I held her hand and hugged her in the same day and managed to survive? i truly cannot believe. but then she asked if she could sign my book so I handed her her book and she asked if she should sign the cover and I said that was fine and she was smiling so big when she handed it back and I told her thank you and she said it again and then i asked to take a photo with her but I’m so much shorter than she is and I told her I was so short and she laughed and grabbed my arm and moved it around like a selfie stick until we were both in the frame and I could take the picture and she held it the whole time. afterwards I thanked her again and told her to have a nice day and ahhhhh! I truly don’t know how I made it through this day but it was the best day of my life and I’m never going to get over this I literally love her more than life itself she is so genuine and sweet and I’m so thankful I was able to meet her because I literally have never wanted anything more in my entire life she means the world to me and being able to give her my letter telling her everything that I’ve ever wanted to say to her and personally thanking her is incredibly important to me. she really is the greatest person and she deserves the whole entire world and it was so nice to see her so happy and see so many people come out to see her and support her and you could really tell how much she appreciated everyone I LOVE HER SO MUCH

Versailles Meta Part 3

(clearly I am on a roll today)

PSA: we need to start separating the characters from the historical figures. I mean this in the nicest way possible but if ‘history’ was 100% kept to, the show would be kind of boring. Number one: a lot of these historical sources are opinions and observations of biased people at court. Many of them were paid for by Louis XIV (obviously not Liselotte’s letters but she had her own biases too). Number two: this is a story. Characters need to develop and change over time and they need to be adapted in a way that makes sense for modern viewership, for streamlined purposes, and in a way that creates an arc.

Like yes, ok realistically and under the rules of etiquette Liselotte would not be left to sit under a window until someone talks to her. But, as a character, she’s almost an audience surrogate. She’s relatable to probably most people who watch the show because let’s be honest how many of us have been in that situation of being  in a new school/job/whatever and been so excited  and then had someone be a complete bitch to you. Or have seen that popular person and been like ‘damn I wish I was them’? Everyone? Yeah everyone. In contemporary historical dramas, there is a fine line between respecting the period and also making the characters people we can understand in today’s context. And I understand being frustrated by the tiny inconsistencies. As a history buff who’s read a LOT about the court I am too, but as an actor and as someone who understands the dramatic medium I can forgive having Montespan sit in an armchair because of what that represents in the story: that her status is perceived to be as high as the queen’s. Making her downfall all the more dramatic. 

Also story. Story and storytelling and characters not starting at 10 but getting somewhere is important. There is also a finite amount of time in any series and only so much that can be explained without becoming confusing or contradictory. Like it or not, the storyline that makes the most dramatic sense for the Chevalier is not for him to start out being a rich, courageous fighter-prince because a: that would basically make him Philippe and b:…there’d be nowhere for him to go. Which is probably closer to reality than the show paints him to be. I think that his character has probably the most growth over the season because he starts out as what you think is a sterotypical manipulative asshole who is using Philippe for his own gain and then you realize that he is a bit of a dick but he also is a man in a very precarious position who loves this man more than anything and is terrified of losing him not just because he’d literally be thrown out into the street but also because he loves Philippe more than I think he can even express and the thought of losing him to another is devastating. His depression and terror is heartbreaking, because a big part of the Chevalier as a character is that he is insecure because as he states multiple times to both Philippe and to Louise, he KNOWS that Philippe deserves better than him and he’s scared that someone is going to come along who is as smart, as brave and as awesome as Philippe and he’ll be left. And someone does come along, even though Philippe is not attracted to Liselotte physically, she’s sort of exactly the person that he SHOULD be with (in the Chevalier’s eyes). She’s his worst nightmare. Her scene with the Chevalier is the most honest I think we see him (or the beginnings of it). She saw straight through him, he’s terrified and he’s throwing away the best thing in his life. I think by the end of the season, he has grown closer to the historical Chevalier. He has wealth of his own now, he’s found more confidence in himself, that he isn’t as fearful as he thought he was when things come down to it, and that he isn’t going to lose Philippe and that Liselotte isn’t his enemy but could potentially be his friend. And that’s great storytelling. That’s a character arc. I would not be surprised if next season, you do see him going to war and fighting by Philippe’s side (which happened in real life and he got wounded!). 

And to continue: I am beyond happy that the show did not make Philippe a stereotypical presentation of a gay man. I ADORE the fact that they took someone who has historically been painted as VERY flamboyant and yet a brave soldier and colored in the lines. I do not find him too masculine, I find him a wonderful balance of everything. He’s still sassy, he still loves fashion (I see him as more NYC fashion where everything is black and dark but stylish), he has NO filter but he’s also an intelligent bookworm. He’s honestly one of the most three dimensional characters I have seen and I will say that to my dying day. Which he needs to be, there NEEDS to be a reason that Louis is scared of being overshadowed. Philippe has some qualities that Louis does not have, he is well-liked, he’s fun to be around, he’s brave and he’s intelligent. There also needs to be contrast between Philippe and the Chevalier, because they need to balance each other out. The Chevalier’s flightyness is offset by Philippe’s (more) serious nature. Philippe’s tendencies to behave like Wednesday Addams is offset by the Chevalier’s sense of fun. 

So TLDR…history sometimes needs to be changed a teeny bit to work as a TV series. This show is GOOD. The writing on the show is terrific in my opinion because though it does use some modern ‘golden age’ of television tropes like the shocking death, overall the show is more about the characters’ relationships than about the story. That’s why I  watch it. They do character arcs very well and very subtly and that should be celebrated. 


best hayley & blair moments from the amazing race 26 | part 2

Hola! Just letting you know we’re still alive.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, I’m just being caught up in pretty much everything. But anyways, this little nugget is 1 month old today! <3 I swear it just flew by so quickly. She’s just being such a good baby. She had her first photoshoot a couple of days ago and the photos turned out so cute. I can’t wait to show you *if only my laptop hadn’t been stolen from my car so I could actually retouch the photos!! I swear I’m still not used to NYC. As much as I love our penthouse I just can’t adapt to this type of living. I’m used to living in suburban gated areas haha.  


so ive been in New York City all of three hours when I happen to get lost on the way to grand central, and see a big crowd??? So I go over, jet lagged as fuck, and pass security and it’s a free concert. A free concert??? But from whom???





and the crowd was chanting, orlando.

I feel like all of queerness has blessed me. I feel like a hand reached down from the heavens and guided me to this place. I can’t stop laugh crying. This all happened ten minutes ago???? Im in shock and and I haven’t slept in twenty seven hours and new york I love you