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  • what she says: "g*psy"* by fleetwood mac is a really good song
  • what she means: "g*psy" by fleetwood mac is perhaps one of the most beautiful songs ever written. we, as a planet, do not deserve it. before stevie nicks even sings a note, it is already the most goddamn gorgeous song. the first fifteen seconds alone. everyone will always cite works like "silver springs" and "the chain" for insight to stevie's relationship with lindsey and while those are valid, her clear nostalgia and near-longing for a simpler but meaningful time with him makes the love they genuinely had very evident. they shared a single mattress in a shitty apartment, in a room she would decorate with small trinkets to cheer it up, and this is the place the now-famous musician thinks of. that place, and that time. what must she feel every time she sings it? what must lindsey feel? the "lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice" line to describe love alone, jfc. this isn't even touching on the loss of her friend robin anderson, the other inspiration behind the song, who passed away and was "dancing away from you now" as stevie was writing it. it's heartbreaking, it's evocative, and furthermore--

“Freed from the memory, escape from our history,,

Escape From History (2017)


AU where Gilbert ( or G1-18 as he was known in the Institute ) is a runaway Gen 3 synth who recently escaped from the Institute. He wandered the Commonwealth for a while until he was rescued by some agents working with the Railroad. Since then he has joined the organization working as an agent himself, rescuing fellow runaway synths and earning the codename ‘ Four Star ’ because of his tendency to fall into a leadership role when out on missions.

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps


Morgan Rielly - Part 23

Long af but I like it! I’m soooooo excited for the next few parts! *heart eyes*

The rest of the road trip passes without a lot less drama. We return to Toronto with a winning record for the trip and with high spirits. A small part of me has been dreading the return back home to Toronto, away from my apartment I’ve been busy and my mind hasn’t had a lot of chances to delve into what’s happened the last week and a half.

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slycooperandcarlosfox  asked:

Imagine Judy and/or Nick reacting to Sly Cooper's more openly supernatural world.

I can and have! I realized this when writing my fanfic (haha y’all are gonna get real sick of hearing me saying that)

Something that impresses me about Zoopledoop is how, for a talking animal universe, it’s so grounded. It’s about prejudice and politics and policework. All the plot needs is a poisonous flower.

So I love to imagine Sly being like “Yeah, I think the evil Aboriginal spirit manifesting as a floating mask was a little more scary than the voodoo priestess, but obviously neither hold a candle to the ancient giant cyborg owl who has been haunting my family since the dawn of time” and Nick and Judy being like

He came round on a Sunday and it took ages to listen to it. We both knew that was what he was coming round to do, but no one wanted to say, “Let’s hear it.” So we went to the gym, and in the car on the way back, I was thinking, “I’m going to have to hear it now,” and he said “Shall we get lunch?” And I said, “YES!” Then we drove to lunch and still didn’t listen to it. Then, on the way back he said, “Will you drop me off ?” And I said, “OK, let’s just play it. Let’s rip the plaster off.” It was a good place to hear something, in the car. It’s horrible playing it in the studio, because they can look you in the eye.
—  Nick talking about hearing “Sign of the Times” for the first time