i still love it to bits

  • Allura: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.
  • Lance: You read minds?
  • Allura: No. Telepaths know thoughts. Empaths feel feelings. Emotions. May I?
  • Lance: Alright.
  • [Allura touches Lance's hand]
  • Allura: You feel... love.
  • Lance: Yeah, I guess I feel a general, unselfish love for...
  • Allura: No. Romantic, sexual love.
  • Lance: No, no. No, I don't.
  • Allura: *points to Keith* For him.
  • Lance: No! That is not...
  • Hunk: *laughing hysterically* She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret!
  • Lance: Dude, come on! I think you're overreacting a little bit.
  • Hunk: *still laughing* You must be so embarrassed! Do me! Do me, do me!
  • [Allura touches Hunk and she starts laughing hysterically]
  • Allura: I've never felt such humor!
  • [Hunk and Allura are laughing and pointing at Lance]
  • Lance: So unbelievably uncool.
  • [Allura walks over to Keith to touch him]
  • Keith: Touch me, and the only thing you're gonna feel is a broken jaw.

uifdbfjnds i’m a bit late saying this but thank you guys for 16K!

i know things have been a bit slow/meh on here and honestly ive been in a sort of editing/giffing rut which i’m hoping I get out of soon bc hoo boy this is annoying but i’m super grateful you guys stick around through these periods. and i’m even more grateful that you guys still interact with me and like what i make. i love you all so damn much and i hope that’s always present

i didn’t think i’d ever get past like 10 followers and i don’t know how it got to this point, but im incredibly honored. thank you s o much for everything you do and for everything you’ve done <3

DWTS S25 Premiere Week 1 Recap / Review

DWTS S25 Week 1…Here we go..Here we go again

Recaps [Here]

  • Three Musketeers: Carrie Ann, Len & Bruno are back. You know as much as I love Julianne as a judge & I really do, as well as some guest judges, it’s nothing like the seeing the 3 original still kicking after 25 seasons. 
  • Only one judge speaking per couple, ehhh right. lol
  • Next Week: 2 Eliminations & 2 Dances. Monday: Ballroom Night & Tuesday: Latin Night

1.Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke - Cha Cha (5+5+5=15)

Cheryl was the secret 13th pro, no real surprise, she’s been away for a bit, but they almost always come back (looking at you too Mark Ballas). I’m just gonna put it out there, I’m not the biggest Terrell Owens fan but I won’t let it cloud my judgement of his dancing. I actually think he could do well, DWTS loooves a tall, dark, football player with twinkly toes.. Cheryl is a good pick for him. This was a nice, standard cha-cha for a premiere nothing too exciting, he’s got rhythm & musicality. His footwork was a lot cleaner than expected, obviously could be sharper among other things. He’s kind of flat-footed, but he has the work-hard mentality that could see him trend up mid-season.

2. Debbie Gibson & Alan Bersten - Foxtrot (6+5+6=17) I’m familiar with Debbie’s long career but knowing she struggles with Lyme disease & his pushing herself to the max for this show gives me a whole a new respect for her. Alan has been busting his butt in the troupe & as a stand-in for some seasons so it’s nice to see him get a chance to show his stuff as a pro. Beautiful foxtrot to debut with, her & Alan are cute together. Debbie is very striking on the floor, there are times when she was right on it & then a little stiff and weal posture at times. I can sense a breakthrough coming.

3.Sasha Pieterse & Gleb Savchenko - Cha Cha (6+6+6=18) I have never watched Pretty Little Liars so she’s a virtual stranger to me but I predict she’ll be around for some weeks with the PLL fan-base. She seems to have fun personality. Gleb is not my favorite, he has yet to truly impress me. I think Sasha was holding back her Fierce (prepare for season long Sasha Fierce puns, it’s happening…).She seems to be comfortable out there but hopefully she’ll really let loose sooner than later. There’s a lot more there. Best footwork so far, I just wished they used more of the floor…

4. Drew Scott & Emma Slater - Foxtrot (6+5+5=16) I’m one of the 10 people that don’t watch HGTV, but I do know who the Property Brothers but I don’t have an opinion on them, except Drew is the more attractive one, don’t @ me.  What I do know is Drew got lucky getting paired with reigning champ & DWTS sweetheart Emma. Their popularity should take them far. Easily my favorite choreography of the night so far, it was charming,, on the nose, but pretty jam packed, she made him work more than any other celeb so far. Len is right, that he’s pretty clunky with his feet & hands, hopefully that can be sorted over time. I can’t be too hard on him he had more to do than a lot of celebs. 

5. Barbra Corcoran & Keo Motespe - Cha Cha (5+4+5=14) I’m probably the biggest Shark Tank fan that exist, don’t ask why I just am. So I’m super jacked to see Barabra she’s one of the best and most entertaining sharks. I hope she doesn’t get cut too soon. What can I say about this dance, except I loved every minute of it. I love seeing people live their best life, especially people of a certain age. You got money, power, respect & fame, why not live as much as you can , what’t there to lose? Barbara totally embodies that. This dance definitely had Patti Labelle “In Da Club” vibes. Of course she can greatly improve& I hope she does, but most importantly I hope she continues to have as much fun as possible. 

6. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold - Tango (8+7+7=22) I’m not a jet setting millionaire so I never saw Hamilton, so I’m not familiar but he’s with Lindsay & that’s enough for me pay attention to him. They seem poised to go really far. He’s charming, cute & has a lot of promise. This tango was fast as we’ve come to like on this show, and pretty sharp. Best footwork, choreography & partnering so far.

7. Nick Lachey & Peta Murgatoryd - Cha Cha (6+6+6=18) Obviously, Nick’s brother Drew won Season 2 with Cheryl but who cares anymore, that was back when the show was less flashy & looked like it was shot on VHS. I’m not really in the mood to hear about this “rivalry” all season. Because, we unfortunately have to focus on Nick vs his wife Vanessa with Maks this season. I was over the competing couples when Alexa Vega & Carlos Pena were on & I’m over it now. It is cute they’re respectively paired with married couple Peta & Maks. Nick is not the most rhythmic celeb, with ironic because Peta is one of the more rhythmic pro’s. He’s stiff but what he lacks in technique, he makes up for in enthusiasm. I’m sensing Vanessa might be the better dancer of the two, at least I’m hoping.

8. Vanessa Lachey & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Cha Cha (7+7+7=21) I gotta say marriage & fatherhood looks great on Maks. I’m glad my prediction was right, Vanessa is better than Nick. She’s actually really good, one of the best of the night. Maks’ sharp footwork suited her well. Her placement is clean, swift & sharp. One of the most synced partnerships tonight, I want to see her go far.

9. Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson - Foxtrot (7+6+6=19) I haven’t heard much about Frankie since early 2000′s except his car crash some years back but he looks healthy, happy & wealthy (those Malcom in the Middle checks had to be nice). They really benefited from a great, emotional song (Sign of The Times). For someone who once broke his back you couldn’t tell, his extension was really good. To be so shy, Frankie dances very broad, he’s got a great early connection with Witney. Definitely a highlight of the night. 

10. Nikki Bella & Artem Chigventsev - Tango (7+7+6=20) Nikki is about the only name I recognize from the WWE Diva’s. It’ll be interesting to see if she can reign in her dominance to let Artem lead her. Len is absolutely right, her looking down almost ruined the dance, I thought she was uncomfortable at first then I realized she was just watching her feet. When she was in hold it was great, her legs are super long which make for great lines. She’s got great confidence & attack, can Artem contain it? 

11. Derek Fisher & Sharna Burgess - Salsa (6+6+6=18) Derek is Laker legend, I’m excited he’s paired with Sharna who plays no games. NBA players need redemption on this show, Derek might be the guy to do it. His hips & footwork will need work, I think he needs to loosen up more, but he’s super enthusiastic about the whole experience. That ending was super close, Sharna almost ate it..

12. Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovksiy - Cha Cha (7+6+6=19) Victoria’s story is remarkable being paralyzed for 10 years, competing in the Paralympics, winning Gold & Silver & learning to walk a year ago & now DWTS & she can’t even feel her legs. Like what are you doing with your life right now? Victoria has a winner’s spirit, she’s incredibly resilient and partner with Val that can take her a super long way. Plus she can actualy dance, there’s no sympathy card in this pairing, Val gave her some challenging choreograph, not just for her situation. The routine was fun, uplifting & matched her spirit and personality. The fact that she can’t feel her legs just blows my mind when watching her dance and sync with Val. The placement was great & clean. These two are ones to watch, she’s got a great story, she’s got Val & she’s got moves. 

13. Lindsey Sterling & Mark Ballas - (7+8+8=22) Lindsey is an incredible violinist who is no stranger to the DWTS stage, having guest performed & she’s also close friends with the Hough / Ballas family already, so this seemed like a natural pairing all around. Obviously great to have Mark and his hair back on the show, he’s a personal favorite with Val. This was by far the single best performance of the night. Quick, sharp & technically sound. Mark took a risk with that hip-hop breakdown but Lindsey murdered it. It was complete flip on what you expected from her as Len noted, something Mark is good for. She’s such a natural and exuberant performer & Mark is such a seasoned pro, it’s a match made in heaven. Honestly, I believe Mark has been robbed many times (Chelsea Kane, Katherine Jenkins, Paige Vanzant) it would be nice to see him win his so long overdue 3rd mirrorball trophy & Lindsey might just be the partner to get it done. Tied for the top with Jordan & Lindsay

Honestly it’s so many celebs that I enjoyed Week 1, I can’t honestly imagine what 2 I would want go home next week.

Next Week: 2 Eliminations & 2 Dances. Monday: Ballroom Night & Tuesday: Latin Night

Recaps [Here]

Who were your favorites? Who do you think will or should go first?

I just wanted to scream a bit about my favorite panels/pages from the Civil War arc in Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu…

there is the one that looks cutesy out of context:

the one that looks disturbing out of context:

(it’s just paint)

and the one that looks creepy (love you, my darling Nagisa):

there needs to be more gorgon!Nagisa fics

the plain awesome pages though:


(oooooh yeeeaaaaaaaahhhh)

(still paint)


(love the snake-demon themes going for Nagisa and Karma)




hey so whose heart also literally constricts in pain when listening to Sea hahaha

anonymous asked:

I just looked at the credits and they literally explain everything, the members haven't been nearly as involved as they were in Wings, maybe that's why I feel a bit disconnected from the music. I really do enjoy most of the songs (except the teaser version of DNA sounds sooooo much cooler than the full one, can't stand that obnoxious edm breakdown). It makes me feel less confused, I still love bts and that is the problem, I want more of their input.

yeah… honestly i thought about this once more when listening to the album a few more times last night while reading the articles that came out and what was said at the press conference, and then it kind of clicked to me… sorry to go on a tangent but i came to a conclusion that the issue is, that the boys, the fans and the company are all focused on something else than the actual music

whenever they were asked what the boys’ goals were, it was all… wanna get into billboard hot 100, that they want it to chart really well digitally, want to get a lot of awards, want to set records, want to have milestones that will be set in history… and the fans are trying to make it happen for them so suddenly the actual music doesn’t matter as much to them either, and the boys are basically saying what the company is pushing too… 

so this album wasn’t about them advancing as artists, getting more involved in their music (this is a huge step back in this regard from wings, and even hyyh pt1 and 2 where more members had involvement as well), it wasn’t about them expressing themselves or even really doing music they want to do (which would explain why a lot of people struggle in finding some connection or sincerity in the album this time), if you put it all together, what the boys said and the marketing the company has been doing and taking into account how this album sounds, this album was very obviously made from scratch with the intention of getting them on the hot 100 and smashing those records, getting as mainstream as possible basically, the goal wasn’t to make good music or for the boys to express themselves, so their input as artists was minimized… 

i’m not saying they’re not working hard, but considering how we know they all work on the music and try to create and submit melodies and lyrics… looking at the credits, obviously the company had different goals than letting them be more involved :( i’m hoping that after they achieve all this awards and charting stuff, that we can go back to them putting more of themselves in their music and wanting to do music for music’s sake

It’s still the same. I love to draw Stiles face, but Dereks and his beard/stubbles and everything are still the most calming part of every drawing.
I’m quite happy with his face here, so have another WIP already, ke ke. 

Other WIPs of this works.

Break Up (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Description: Being Harry’s sister and breaking up with Draco, Harry gets really angry at Draco and you try and calm him down.


warning:a whole lot of tears and a protective brother

“What!?"he shouted, a few people turn and stare.

"I’m sorry.” I mumble

We are stood in the centre of the corridor and people are watching us as my heart crumbles into several different pieces, every bit still in love with the grey eyed boy in front of me.

“Your breaking up with me?"he says quieter this time but people were still stopping to watch.

"I just don’t thi-"I begin but Draco stops me by putting his lips on mine, it wasn’t as soft as our usual kisses, it was more forcefull this only makes me cry more.

"Doesn’t that mean anything to you?"he sighs and a quiet sob escapes my mouth.

"Draco, I still love you bu-”

“But what,(y/n)?"he says softly

"I can’t, Draco!” I snap a with a bit more venom than I indented. He’s taken back.


“Draco, I’m sorry but we can’t, I can’t, not with the war that’s ahead of us.My brother, your family is trying to kill my brother.” I say, I wipe my tears but they don’t stop.

He’s looking at me with big sad eyes and it makes me shiver.

“I see.” He says and his expression turns to one of sudden anger, “Goodbye, Potter."he spits before turning away from me and leaving.

Every bit of me longs to follow him and tell him the truth, that I was trying to protect him and every inch of me loved him more than it was humanly possible to love someone, but I don’t follow him.

I drop my books and start to run. I run through the corridors although I know I can’t run away from what I just did. I run and I don’t stop until I run straight into Ginny.

She stumbles to the floor along with me.

"Sorry.” I sniffle

“(Y/n)! What’s wrong?"she asks, worried after seeing the tears rolling off my cheeks. I let out another sob and I find myself telling her what just happened, the words roll out of my mouth with out me giving it any thought, even the bits I hadn’t told Draco, about the fact it broke my heart to do that to him and how I loved him so much still.

She helps me up and pulls me into a hug, letting me cry into her shoulder.

"Come on, let’s go get the others."she says, her arm around my shoulder and we walk together to the Gryffindor common room.

When we enter, the trio are sat round the fire, laughing together and smiling. Until they spot me and Ginny that is.

”(Y/n)! What happened? Was it Malfoy? I swear to go if it’s Malfoy…“he starts but I just run straight into him and wrap my arms around his chest.

He hugs me back, an uneasy hug I’ll admit, but I hug none the less.

He pushes me back.

"I broke up with him."I tell him and he looks shocked.

"He was making you so happy, why?” Hermione asks.

“He’ll get in trouble if he continues to date me! His family is with Voldemort and he can’t defy his family, he’s already a god damn death eater. What if his family hates him because of me? His family would also quite happily kill Harry."I start rambling, the words come out too quickly, it’s almost inaudible.

"I’ll be back in a second."Harry says and he stomps out of the common room.

”(Y/n), I’d follow him or he might end up killing Draco.“ Hermione warns and I nod before running after him.

After about 5 minutes of looking for Harry I find him with his wand at Draco’s throat.

"Listen here, Malfoy,” he sneers, “My sister just came to me with tears running down her face, I’m lead to believe it’s your fault.”

“She broke up with me not the other way round, Potter.”

“Harry!"I shout and my brothers emerald eyes meet mine for a split second before he turns to Draco again.

"She did it for your own good, Malfoy!” He shouts and Draco looks at me.

“How an earth does that work? You break up with me for my own good?"he scoffs

"Yes, Draco.” I say calmly, making my way over to him and grabbing his wrist so Harry puts his wand down. “What if your parents hate you for dating me? What if Voldemort does something to you because of me?"I say, making sure he is looking straight at me. "I couldn’t bare it.”

“That isn’t any of your concern, (y/n). Voldemort won’t stop me from loving you and neither will my parents, if they try, it’s me who deals with it. Don’t put that sort of pressure on yourself."he says, his hand pushing a strand of my black hair behind my ear.

"I’m sorry.” I mumble and look down.

“Stop apologizing, love."he says and he puts his hand under my chin and lifts my head so I’m looking him directly. "You shouldn’t deal with those thoughts by your self, tell me these things.” He says and his voice is gentle and kind.

He pulls me nto a kiss, it’s just soft as his personality, his lips are gentle against mine and I melt into the kiss, his hand finds it’s way to my waist and he pulls me even closer.

Even if Voldemort does win and I lose Draco forever, moments like this will be the ones that stick in my mind for the rest of time.

A cough interrupts us.

“Malfoy, she’s still my sister so watch your luck,” Harry warns.

“Sorry, Potter,” Draco says with a smirk. “and thanks."he mumbles like its was possibly the hardest thing he’d ever done to thank Harry Potter.

"Take care of her, Malfoy.” He says before he walks off again and Draco turns to me once Harry is out of view and kisses me again.

It was maybe the best kiss we’ve shared together.

(One of my first one-shots from my wattpad: cutesneeze) 


Glen Keane talks Tangled | Empire Magazine

An interview with Glen Keane regarding Tangled that’s a bit removed from the types of interviews you expect to see. Also, I love that he’s got a pencil in his hand, as though he’s incomplete without a drawing utensil.

Things of note:

  • He began production on Tangled (then, Rapunzel) in 1996, while he was still working on Tarzan
  • In shots where you can see all of Rapunzel’s hair, loose, it’s always seventy feet of it. They cut corners on the close-up shots, but they never made it shorter for convenience in the long shots.
Fairy Tail Members dealing with video game situation Part 2 (I changed the title a bit)
  • -Levy over-questing-
  • Levy: Wow this game is so detailed! I love it! I can't wait to do a quest!
  • *1 hour later*
  • Levy: Hehe. It looks like a lot of people need my help. Don't worry I help you.
  • *5 hours later*
  • Levy: I...I still haven't touched the quest from 2 hours ago and there are like 3 people here who need my help. A family needs money and I NEED TO GET THIS PLAN TO THE ENGINEER!
  • *10 hours later*
  • Levy: *sniffs* I CAN'T HELP YOU ALL I'M SORRY!
  • -Elfman not willing to grind-
  • Elfman: ALIRGHT! We are ready! Big Boss here I come!
  • AI: Are you sure you are ready to fight this boss? I heard he slaughtered thousands of men in a single swipe!
  • Elfman: HA, my older sister does that with her eye closed, bring it on. I AM A MAN!
  • *loses 30 times*
  • -Erza can't decide-
  • Erza: Hmm...intriguing how two very identical swords have different stats...so this one has more power but it is slower by a bit. While this is faster but lacks power. Not only that, this armor is fire resistant. I am going through a poison swamp though. Hold on...maybe later I end up in a fire area so it would be good thinking ahead of time. Not only that but these Accessoire gives me higher magic power, though I already have two good physical power and defense ones.
  • AI: So what are you buying?
  • Erza: The entire shop please.
  • -Wendy picks healer-
  • Wendy: Guys! Let's do our best together, Yay!
  • Tank: As long as you heal us, we should be fine.
  • Wendy: Oh don't worry! I will not let you down.
  • *fights starts*
  • Berserker: WHERE IS THE HEALER?!
  • Wendy: I-I'm here, healing our rogue.
  • Wendy: But but...
  • Berserker: NO BUTS, DO IT ALREADY!
  • Tank: Useless healer!
  • Wendy: *heals the tanks, waterfall tears*
  • Tank: Oh and one more thing...you fucking suck!
  • *Natsu, Gajeel and Gray pick up the mic*
  • Natsu, Gajeel, Gray: You wanna run that by me again?
Great Chemistry (Part 7)

Summary: After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: Fluff, descriptions of wounds, angst, it gets a bit sexual 

A/N: The order and timing of these events aren’t going how I originally planned them but that’s totally okay. I ended up cutting out a part that I was like “nah thats TOO MUCH fluff things need to get crackin’”. So now we’re getting to the good parts. Not THE part yet, but still. This part is much shorter but I promise that when that upcoming scene happens it will be longer. I hope you like it! 

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6

Keep reading

prinsii asked:

“hi, josie! i’ve been following your blog for a little bit and i love secrets revealed! i’ve also been wondering: what would have happened to allison if she HADN’T been abandoned as a baby? where would she had ended up in life? would she still even be named allison? would she have still met and married nico? i know the short answer to this is “her life would have been terrible,” but i still had to ask :) thanks so much for writing such an entertaining story! i always look forward to your updates”

I got this Ask from Prinsii and I hit Post before answering, sorry about that! This is such a great question!  

Allie would definitely have had the same difficult life as her younger sister Lala. There is a scene in Secrets where Lala and Allie talk about their mother Luz and Lala tells her Allison was probably better off being abandoned. Luz forced Lala to become a stripper, kept all the money Lala made and in a way, set Lala up for being a victim to Remy Holmes and his conniving ways. I think Allie would have met the same fate, being abused by Luz and being forced into stripping too and suffering from low self esteem like her sister. 

Would she have met Nico? No, probably not. Sunlit Tides is a long distance away from Newcrest/San Myshuno ( eight-nine hours by plane) and Allison met Nico in college. Lala was never encouraged to go to college, so it’s doubtful Allie would have gone either.  

And would her name still be Allison? No, she was named Allison by her adoptive parents who died when she was two. Had Luz kept her, she would have named her Dolores, which means pain in Spanish. 

Thanks again, I love talking about my characters! This was fun! And thank you soo much for reading!

anonymous asked:

Are requests still open?? I love your writing! Can you do a love triange fic between Zen, Seven and MC from the boy's point of view. NSFW would be totally ok too ^.~

Healthy polyamory? Sign me the heck up 
~Mod L 

Honestly? He wasn’t too excited about this idea initially. He tends to be a bit selfish with you, and wasn’t fond of the idea of having to share you. But seeing how much you wanted it, he agreed to it. Initially, while he enjoys being Saeyoung’s friend he didn’t want to be with him. For a while, the two relationships were mostly separate. Zen loved Saeyoung as a friend but it was too weird for him, although you and Saeyoung teased him mercilessly for the whole maid photo from the group chat. That being said, he wasn’t completely closed to the idea, whether he’d admit it or not. He just needed some convincing….

Seven was more than okay with the idea of a relationship with both you and Zen. He admired Zen, but never seriously thought about him romantically until you mentioned it. When Zen wanted to keep his distance initially, he respected what he wanted. But he still flirted with him relentlessly. Seven didn’t want them to keep an awkward distance from each other, and wanted to truly be with both of you. One day while you were out of the house, Seven and Zen were lounging on a couch together idly watching a movie together when Seven decided to be a bit less silly and more serious with his advancement on Zen, and was pleasantly surprised when it actually worked and Zen let him kiss him.

As Zen warmed up to the thought of being with both you and Seven, you went from keeping the love lives separate to being together. It started with small kisses together, to having your hands all over each other, and once Zen started falling for Seven, you all were in the bedroom together. Zen loves being dominate over you, and Seven loves to help him. You were completely helpless in their hands, but you loved it that way. 

anonymous asked:

do you know of a fic where i think humans (or people like emissaries) are rly drugged up and stuff and werewolves can buy them and they can take care of stuff? i vaguely remember this in the fic: Laura and Derek have Peter (who i think is awake but kinda comatose?) and Laura gets Stiles to take care of the house and inthink Derek was intrigued by him? if you can't find it, that's alright! I just wanted to ask.

I do know that one. And love it and wish with all my little fanfictiony heart that it would get finished. But alas it looks like it might be abandoned. - Anastasia

Originally posted by vilijamsekspir

Don’t Wake Me Up by tylerfucklin (Zimothy)

(9/? I 31,730 I Teen I Sterek)

“Look at me,” Laura commanded. The druid remained still, but Derek could see the way his lip twitched and his heart beat picked up just the tiniest bit. Laura grabbed at his chin, forcing his head up. “Look at me.”

At first, there was no response, a split second of hesitation, and then the druid’s eyes came up, ghosting over Laura’s face for a moment and then focusing on some distant point past her ear.

“Good enough.” Laura muttered, letting go and turning to Derek. “Get this one,” she snapped.

anonymous asked:

Lowkey what makes me sad is people hating Saeran more because of the new route... ; × ;

See, I have mixed feelings about Saeran in V’s route. Not to give any spoilers away, but he acts differently than what he usually is like in the other’s routes. Saeran’s new personality honestly freaks me out a bit because it reminds me of a bad experience with someone I had in the past (that I won’t go into detail with for spoiler and personal reasons). But I still think that he’s a great character who deserves lots of love! But as far as hate for Saeran goes, I really haven’t seen that much of it. Although I did see a few posts hating on him for very invalid reasons. Almost everyone has a certain character from a fandom that they don’t like, I have plenty myself, which is completely fine since everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But it’s when people give ridiculous reasons for hating Saeran that make me upset, it’s like they haven’t even played the game sometimes! If someone is going to hate a character then that’s fine but they have to have some kind of valid reason, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. But I know that Saeran had tons of fans which makes me happy, I’m sure that he’ll be getting his own route soon enough!!

anonymous asked:

top 6 favorite things about zach? :)

1. i’ve talked about this here, but his vulnerability. the fact that he isn’t afraid to openly express his emotions, to verbalize them, even when they aren’t pretty.

2. his growing confidence; how you can practically see him steadily settling into his own skin throughout the last three years.

3. how much he loves his friends, and how often he tells them.

4. how he complains throughout (almost?) every video challenge, but still has a smile on his face by the end of it. and, on a related note, how he often messes up with make up, but makes the best out of the situation by drawing smiley faces on his body.

5. how active he is on social media, because i’m always thirsty for any try guys content, and he usually delivers 😂

6. the smiley face tattoo on his butt ❤️

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hey b, so i eat under 800 calories a day but i still feel fat and shit because my limit is 300, and when im not hungry i look at calories and see 100 it makes me feel nauseous but when im only a LITTLE BIT hungry i go "oh 180 ?? ill work it off" but i never do :( any tips ? ♡♡♡

hey love, I struggle with the same so I don’t think I can really help but what I try to do, is count till 100 and breathe before any binge… If I can’t take it and end up binging what I do at least is walk all over the house, and when I finish eating what I have in my hands I run a little ( all this at home )

I hope I helped you a little :) x stay safe

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Hello! I don't understand a thing... do we tag our art for the appropriate dates or do we send them to you..? Or do we have to sign up somewhere? I tried to find a Q&A I'm sorry if you have already answered something similar before ;; And btw this challenge sounds awesome and I already love it

Hey there Anon!! Don’t apologize, we’ll get you squared away <3

1. You do NOT have to sign up, this is a completely do-it-yourself challenge where participants can come and go as they please :)

2. You don’t tag with the date, you post on the date per the appropriate theme, and tag with the appropriate tag, so for example: Peices done for the Halloween theme can only be posted on October 31st or after, tag them with sterekhalloween3 :) Or, if you’re still a bit confused, you can send them to us, but just remember not to post or send a peice BEFORE the appropriate date (you can find this year’s schedule under “Schedule” or “Announcements”)

3. We actually don’t have a Q&A :D To be quite honest, we don’t get alot of general questions, most of the questions we get are year-specific, about details that change annually, like tagging and scheduling, but maybe we should think about making a FAQ page? If anyone thinks we should put in a FAQ page, just let us know, and I’ll probably do it within a few days

Thank you Anon! I’m really glad you’re enthusiastic and hope to see you around next month!!

~Admin Asagi

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