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hi, what bughead fics are you currently reading and why. thx -anon

This is a very big question, GrayFace. Firstly. I read a lot of fic. A LOT of fic. I love all the tumblr one-shots from our immensely talented Bughead writers. I wish all of them posted them on Ao3 so I could comment and squee all over again along with all the other one-shots I’ve read and reviewed. There are only officially a total of 595 Bughead fics on Ao3 right now - and I would guess I’ve read at least 500 of them… 

However, I get the feeling the question is talking about the WIPs I’m following at the moment. I’ve subscribed to 19 pages worth of fics for all different fandoms - so I can’t really give a concise answer.

How about I just share a bunch of Bughead fics (because let’s be honest - like 90% of those of you who actually actively interact with me are fellow Buggies) - that I am EAGERLY awaiting updates on. As of right now - none of these are complete - and only SOME of the fics I have alerts for. 

Long Live Rock by @ficmuse- because seriously, unless you’re new here - you already know that FM is my girl. The BLT series should be required reading for a Bughead shipper. 

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder- LITERALLY filmed in black and white. It’s Film Noir at it’s VERY finest. I can’t get enough of this fic.

The Stacks by @malmo722- Juggie and V are the best of friends and V is a big Bughead shipper. I love them.

fall in light by sylwrites  - DUDE. It’s just about over and I’m not prepared. One of my most favourite Bughead fics ever. Roomates->Friends->Lovers  **just finished this afternoon** 

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey - Underground Racing Bughead. Need I say more?

tell them we sold out by thedeadsea33  - DUDE. Fight!Club Bughead. We need more. So much more of this. What does a fangirl have to do to get more of this?

In the Still of the Night by BlueLonghand  - Amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Behind the Rear Window by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency- Rear Window AU

1971. by @katiedegennaro- set in the 70s. Super good. Mystery and Journalism. 

Do You Believe in Fate? by @jennimisk - Because it’s a Bughead in Italy AU and it’s wonderful.

Skin to Skin by @burgerheadjones - Soulmate AUs are my BAG. I wish there were a million more of them. I love them.

the winged beast by @onceuponamirror - I’m a sucker for Juggie from the Southside.

Make It Work by @raptorlily - because Fake Dating is awesome. Also because all of raptorlilly’s fics are awesome. Also  And Other Collisions  - because.

red sunrise by @lusterrdust - Zombies and Bughead! Nearly complete - but seriously, I’m subscribed to Luster - so I get notified every time she posts anything and I stop what I’m doing and read it. Because it’s Luster.

Needing/Getting by slantedsunlight -  SKI TRIP Bughead! It’s AU but it’s fabulous and I’m dying for more.

That Primeval Cosmic Night by LoneWulffe  - this one just started but there are dreams involved and I’m parking myself right here waiting for more.

Bughead by @wordgirl80 - Goes along with the episodes - but is SO much more. And I’ve managed to convince her to continue through the summer instead of waiting until the new season picks up. You’re welcome.

Finding a home by @bughead4days- Serpent!Betty. Honesty I would read anything Erika writes - even if it was just Bughead watching paint dry - so I’m biased here. And there are quite a few of her fics that are WIPs and I’m waiting on all of them:  A Dangerous GameTurf Wars - seriously all of them. 

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night - A sweet take on Bughead getting married young and the traumas that surround that.

Softening the Edges by Ruby_JW - through their whole friendship - vignettes from their past. This is really good.

Ash and Smoke by saltyhowell - SOUTHSIDE REPRESENT!

We are all Riverdale by NyGi  - Post S1 - and super good. the update today had me emotional.

Jughead’s Circular File by AvenuePotter  - I feel a lot of feels when I read a new chapter of this. It’s full of pain and angst but I love Juggie’s voice in it.

The Boy on the Bike by SereneCalamity - AU - Betty and Juggie meet in LA. So good. There are motorcycles. lol.

Gun Song by Shippershape - it’s been so long since this was updated but it’s also so amazing and awesome. Maybe if other people go forth and fangirl that will help the author know we’re dying for more?

Edited after because I suck!
Self Conclusion by @betsforsythetrash
 - warning mentions of suicide attempts but also so super good.

I’m still working on my giant spreadsheet of fics (but I recently got distracted trying to write my own Bughead fic). The list is still gonna happen though - Complete and WIPs too - but the fic needs to happen too. 

So yeah. I hope this answers your question, Grayface. And remember - this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are lots of fics I’m still reading and probably didn’t add to the list. If you wrote one and I missed it - I’m sincerely sorry. Love to all of you!

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Post break up kiss for nurseydex if you're still takinf the prompts?

1. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken.

Nursey felt empty and tired and drained. He felt like he shouldn’t have come to the SMH’s five year reunion even though he wanted to see everyone. Or almost everyone. He felt like he wasn’t ready to see Dex again, even though it had been months.

Seven months, to be exact.

It had been seven months since Nursey got traded to the Leafs and Dex decided not to move to Toronto with him and Nursey had to relearn now to wake up alone and how to live alone and how to be alone, and it still hurt.

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If all this years the FBI doesn’t really know whether Red is Liz’s dad, why is it that no one on the task force acts like they think Red and Liz are father and daughter? (Not sure about Cooper though, he gives me headaches. And he’s the one to be angry?) Ressler teased about them being an item on several occasions. Unless they tell us Ressler loves incestuous jokes too, I would assume he and others don’t see father/daughter because they don’t act like they are. (Firsthand UST exposure…?) 1/2

Let’s look at the task-force members first. What do they think?

  • Donald Ressler to Lizzie -  Sounds like someone’s a little jealous. Uncle Red’s got a new crush
  • Donald Ressler to Lizzie -  What’s going on with you and Reddington? You two have a little lovers’ quarrel?
  • Donald Ressler to Red talking about Liz not showing up -  What, are you in the doghouse?
  • Harold Cooper - Assumed that Kirk was Liz’s father, even though he has known Red a long time -  It shouldn’t be a surprise. You must have known there was a chance she’d discover Kirk was her father when you put him on your list.
  • Samar - Was trying to figure out who Red was to Liz -  You know everyone talks about it, right? They don’t want to bring it up with you. Why you? Who is he to you?

Then look at the Blacklister’s who have made a comment or two about Red’s relationship with Liz:

  • Anslo Garrick - Have to admit Red I never thought you would come out of the box. Then her.  She was unexpected.  The old boy still has got the touch.
  • Madeline Pratt – Tell me about her. How did you pick her? Red – Fate. Madeline – She’s a little young for you.  Red – Ya think?
  • Berlin - Until one day I made a connection. Elizabeth Keen. That’s why we’re sitting here today. Because of Keen. I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife.  …You have the power to destroy me, but you’re offering me a way out because you’re blinded by passion
  • Luther Braxton - Well, you better hurry. ‘Cause your girlfriend, the princess, she’s got the answers in her head that I’m looking for.
  • Solomon - Even if your girlfriend gets off a shot or two….
  • Solomon -  What is the deal with you two anyways? It’s what everybody wants to know. Some say it’s a daddy/daughter thing. Others swear it’s May-September. I prefer to believe it’s a little of both.

Even Liz did not think of Red as a father-figure before this “proof” of DNA from a sample taken 30 years ago:

  • In S2 when Tom asked Liz if Red was her father:  No. My father died when I was 4, in a fire. Reddington was there. I think she may have been, too.
  • In S2 Liz talking to Red when she remembered what happened the night of the fire:  I could hear them arguing. He was hurting her. And I know why my father died that night. I shot him.
  • In S3 Liz talking to Cooper the day of her wedding:  You are the closest thing I have to a real father.
  • In S3 when Liz was about to be knocked out she used his correct first name and said something that was not very daughter like, especially when she added the “do” emphasis: Raymond, I do love….
  • In S4 when she found out Kirk was not her father after all, she made a comment to Red that she should have believed him that her father was dead - even though she “knew” Red slept with her mother. She still did not think he was her father.

And when Liz told Red that he was her father he didn’t look relieved at all. In fact he looked pained. But he didn’t deny it because he is holding a much larger secret that he absolutely does not want her to know. She he will let her believe this - at least for a while. And Liz had kind of an odd expression on her face when she hugged him. I still think she wonders what her feelings are in all of this. She must be very conflicted.

Thanks for the question #anon

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Hey :) idk if this is weird but do you know of anything connecting johnlockers and Sherlock nerds via their country/area? I literally just moved to the other side of the world and it would be amazing :3 (I live in NZ now so if anyone reading this is kiwi pls comment? I promise I'm not a creep :D)

Hi Lovely!!

Not creepy at all! I know there was a “johnlocker map” put together a long time ago, though I have no idea if that’s still happening. BUT I DO know a Kiwis, as they’re always in my watchalong on Saturdays (or Sunday 5:00am for them hahah)! @tali-zora probably knows more kiwis than I do, so they might be able to help you out. Otherwise, all I can suggest is making a “I Moved to NZ! Looking for Some Johnlockers!” kind of post and see if people will help boost it for you :D Good luck! :D 

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If you're still doing the kissing prompt #14 would be great. (By the way I love all your fic stuff, it's amazing)

starting with a kiss meant to be gentle, ending up in passion

It was supposed to be a simple welcome home kiss, Aaron noted as Robert shoved him up against the kitchen counter, devouring his mouth as though it was all he needed to survive. Aaron had shoved a lasagne in the oven (pre-made, not that Robert needed to know) and greeted his quiet husband with a peck on the lips, and somewhere between then and now, Robert had decided he wanted him.

Aaron wasn’t exactly complaining. They’d overslept that morning, didn’t have time for much else other than a quick snog as Robert got out of the shower and Aaron got in, a quick kiss goodbye while Liv moaned about being soppy enough to have him on edge all day, jittery and wanting.

He couldn’t help but always want Robert, when his husband was so effortlessly, absolutely gorgeous all of the time. Aaron hated him for it sometimes, hated how Robert would roll out of bed in the early summer mornings, freckled and sun-kissed, blond hair askew and a lopsided grin on his face as he would kiss Aaron awake, looking like he’d stepped off the pages of a holiday brochure.

Summertime looked good on Robert, and Aaron couldn’t help but drink in every inch of tanned skin, the way his blue blazer looked against his golden skin, couldn’t help but completely indulge in the toned muscle and soft curves of Robert’s hips as they kissed, Robert determined to remap every inch of Aaron’s mouth with his tongue. 

“How long do we have before Liv gets home?” Robert demanded, eyes blown wide with lust as he looked at Aaron, chest heaving.

Aaron was confused for a second before it clicked. “Half an hour, I reckon,” he said, voice hoarse from their furious snogging session. “The lasagne though….”

“It’s a pre-made one from David’s, I don’t care,” Robert gave him a knowing grin, reaching around to switch off the cooker, grabbing Aaron by the wrist and dragging him toward the stairs.

Aaron rolled his eyes, but went willingly.

He’d be a fool not to, really. 

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Thanks so much love! 

I’m super proud of you for asking Candice for coffee and she took down your email this is so cute Cansia is iconic you’re deadass so cute this is adorable I’m screaming

CANSIA IS ICONC LOL! But seriously. When I first went up to her we were talking and she told me it was nice to see me again. She asked me if I had to wait long, and we were chatting before I got a picture with her, with my Iris West bag. I wasn’t planning on taking a picture with it with it but she suggested of course I said yes! Then some photographer (that worked there) asked us to take a picture with the bag and we did! She signed my bad and the poster that they gave us (Grant also signed it too). So I went on to Audrey and Brandon. I got of out of line and told @valeriemperez that I didn’t ask Candice for coffee because it’s busy and I was too shy lol, so Brandon Routh saw us chatting and asked Tatiana to come to him to tell him what we were talking about. She told him that I wanted to ask him for coffee and he laughed and said “good luck.” So I was forced to go ask Candice lol, and I did. I basically told her that “I’’m going to ask you something, and you don’t have to say yes or anything, and I don’t want to put you on the spot but I’m gonna put you on the spot anyways (lmao). I know you you said you’d rather have coffee with a fan than take a picture so I was wondering if you would ever want to have coffee with me in the future?” And she looked taken aback for a second like omg a person really asked me lmao, so after her initial shock I was like “you don’t have to feel obligated or anything, don’t worry” and she was like “no that not, it’s just that I don’t know when I’m going to be in LA and I wouldn’t know how to get in touch with you-” then I said I don’t even live here, I live in San Diego and she was like oh wow and I told her I always drive to these events held there (LA). She asked me if I to SDCC every year in which I told her yes. I told her I could give her my email and so she called her publicist to get it from me, so I had to spell my name out and stuff and he was like “and what is this for?” and I told him lol he’s very cute. 

So yeah, I don’t think we are ever going to go for coffee because she’s a bust person and I would never want her to feel obligated to hit me up, even if she did get my email. She’s probably going to forget but that’s completely okay lol because I shot my shot ya know! I kind of regret asking her only because I get embarrassed after all these events and the things that I say but hopefully one day I will get over the first hand embarrassment! Candice is super lovely though, and I’m surprised she had her publicist come to me I’m still in shock and embarrassed lmao. 

tyler joseph is not a big fan of social medias but still took time to explain live on insta why the band weren’t at the billboard awards and because he wanted to make sure that we, their fans, aren’t mad at them for it and that we still love and appreciate them and their music even though the band is famous now. he also said he was nervous doing this video but still wanted to thank us for everything we’ve done for the band and how important we are for them and honestly i have never been more thankful for these two boys and the love they have for their fans and i am so so proud of everything they’ve accomplished so far they really deserve all the success they can get.

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Hi! I love your stories and headcanons so much, can you do some headcanons on jared taking his daughter to disneyworld (like she's still a little kid).

Thank you!!!!! ♡

She wants to go on all the scary rides even though Jared insists itll be too much, but she winds up laughing the whole time and he jumps when stuff pops out.

Jared paints her nails and lets her paint his blue and pink before they go to see princess aurora.

At night he puts her on his shoulders telling her if she reaches enough she can touch the fireworks.

The inevitanle tears when Jared says she can only pick one princess dress to buy even though on the way home he surprises her with the other one.

Jared has to carry the autograph book that she has for all the characters to sign and it’s too big to fit in his fanny pack (but boy did he try)

Jared throws in extra cash to the people running the place to get a tea party just for the two of them.

Jared promises to wear a crown to match her tiara but only for an hour… until he takes a liking to it.

I do the same fucking shit everyday. Everyday feels like Sunday. I cannot escape. My mind is sick. My mind is fucking sick. I am not satisfied with anything. I do not care about progressing in my life. Throughout my life I cared about people who did not care about me. No one truly cares anyway. Life is just a waste of time. My life especially. Even though my family says they care, deep down, they do not. Friends will come and go. You know my fucking life is a joke and I’m truly lost in life. My friend saved my life. My friend saved my fucking life. It’s getting less stressful and crazy now but I’m still lost. I see the fake humans and their fake smiles with their fake love. I’ll fucking kill all of them. I am not crazy. I truly am not. The only reason I am alive is because of the people who were there for me when I was crying desperately for help. Help. Help. My real family is dead to me. But I will always love them. They didn’t want to accept the fact that I was fucked up. You’re not depressed. You’re not sad. You’re wasting your time, they didn’t get it until it was over. I saw everything before it happened. No one cared until they saw me progressing. Losing my friends was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now people come in my life, I am very grateful for them and everyone around me. I constantly get let down. I always get let down. Maybe because I expect so much from people who truly don’t give a fuck about me. I get attached to people I shouldn’t have. I expect too much. Might as well say fuck em, and fuck it. I’ll die alone. Hahaha. I’m such a fucking pussy. Depressed. Hopeless. Well, at least I know I am.
—  whoisaleksa.tumblr.com

Thank you so much for 150+ followers!

I know that this blog isn’t super active, I been extremely busy with graduation, now that I am officially graduated- the blog should be a bit more active, though I’ll still be quite busy! Thank you though, for letting this small blog already gain so many followers! I really love Futaba and this fandom, so this is such a nice welcome! Thank you once again!

i LOVE the characterization of Ollie and how his letter grow increasingly darker for lack of better words (i don’t have my book so i can’t look at what i’m talking about for an example) and even though he has so much going on he still tries his hardest to help Moritz and i love Moritz and how deeply he cares for Ollie and how he didn’t want what Ollie was trying to tell him to hurt him when he remembers it and how he stands up for his friends and does stupid things all because someone finally believes in him and i love my boys so much i want them to be happy always

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Taylor is really protective about this relationship. She is really trying her best to build her relationship with joe without chaos and away from the public eye. I think she is doing what ed did with cherry. Be with each other and travel so by the time album promo and tour starts, they have already build a stronger foundation for the relationship. I really am happy for tay. This is the first time that she can enjoy a relationship without the media and fans trying to butt in.

I’m really happy for her. It’s funny because I felt like this was what she was doing with Tom, and but even though it’s not him, she is still doing exactly what I thought she was. I’m sure she loves having something all for herself.

Well well well, look who’s back ! Me~
I hope that makes you happy but wait a minute, it won’t last long ! Because i’m an unmotivated lil shit, i’m dropping all my threads. Yes, again. But eh ! I don’t see why I’ll have to force myself for something that is not motivating me.
I still love you though @lordgeales @elyon-kurae @psycho-sniper @asurayuucentral @ahundredkings and sorry for making you wait :S

Kiss kiss little cats ♥

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I found someone i love who loves me back and I'm really happy i did what scared me, because i was terrified and now I'm happy. I'm still really scared though, but I keep moving forward. It gets easier and better. And yeah. Thank you for always telling us to do what scares us. I wouldn't have gone on that first date otherwise.

😭😭😭😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️ this made me so happy

That was all you!!

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Hey mom and dad, it's been a bit since i've talked to you guys. I just wanted to share that my mental state is actually getting better, though dysphoria is still a pain (when is it not?). I met a really sweet and handsome dude who i recently learned has a crush on me which is funny cuz i have a crush on him too. He's bi and doesn't really care that i'm trans and uses my preferred name and pronouns and i'm just so in love with him. Thats all i really came to say, i love you guys -Adrian (AJ)

I love you too AJ :) glad you found someone.

Look, I honestly don’t care if Kara and Lena ever get together or not. If they do end up canon, GREAT. If they never become canon and Kara ends up with James or even just S I N G L E, that is fantastic! All of that said, I still really hope that either Mon-El leaves the show or they stop dating, because I cannot stand their relationship. I have for sure laughed at some things Mon-El has said, but it was all stuff that was unrelated to his relationship with Kara. And truthfully I like Kara less when she is with him too. He brings out the worst in her, and James brings out the best in her.

TBH even though I would cheer on SuperCorp I still think the person I ship with Kara most is James because their relationship could be so strong, healthy and just good in general. Either that, or KARA BEING SINGLE AF AND LOVING HER LIFE. Because being single is awesome too.

I hope Mon-El doesn’t come back.

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hey here's your friendly reminder to support lee woojin, MMO, and kwon hyunbin on produce 101 thank u

oh man i love everyone so much pls support everyone!! mmo, lil woojin, and kwon hyunbin deserve more love :”) i just have a little contradiction though,, like i love little woojin so much but i don’t know how i would feel about him making the group..it’s not that he isn’t talented because he definitely is and i adore him w my heart but he’s still so young.. like i don’t think such young kids should be in groups :( i personally think with all the..techniques used in the industry to bait minors and maknaes to appeal to older audiences can be too much and i don’t want them to do that to woojin seeing the controversy that happened with last season of produce 101 and how i.o.i was managed..like somi and yeonjung as maknaes were put in uncomfy situations and i don’t want him to go through that..i want the east light to get popular but with the way the industry is shaped i’m scared what it will do to woojin mentally, physically, and what if his voice suffers a lot due to pressure and being so young? idk :( i worry so much about him and in general minors (because i am one) and i don’t want him to go through anything ugly aHH this is such a rant but idk if he does make it i will def support him bc i do love him but im soo worried about what fans would be like if he does :(

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hi there rose... how do you cope with a reading being wrong? i did a reading that said something i really wanted to happen was going to... and then it didn't even though to me the cards said so. i looked back at the "book" definitions for those cards and they were actually right...but idk. i still believe in tarot and stuff but i just lost all trust in my intuition and ugh... idk. i'm just disappointed in myself. :(

Hi love! Don’t be so hard on yourself! ❤️

The thing with Tarot is that it gives us snap shots into the future (assuming this is about your reading about the future). The thing is, things change! Our future is not set in stone a it can change depending on the present decisions and actions we make. Sometimes, there’s a lesson to be learned when a reading doesn’t quite go our way. Sometimes there’s more work to be done before you can achieve the final prize. It just depends.

When a reading doesn’t turn out the way you want it, you’ve got to look at it from a new set of eyes. What lessons did you learn or can you learn from that experience? Was there anything you could’ve or should’ve done differently? Did anything else come up you weren’t expecting that ended up being a good thing for you? Sometimes we’re so focused on the result we want that we don’t see other things that are happening!

For me, I had a reading I did for myself that I could’ve sworn said I was going to get pregnant. I mean it was obvious in the cards. But, it didn’t happen. Yea I was disappointed and it sucks… but I decided I wasn’t going to let it beat me up.

We’re human and we make mistakes. Misinterpretations happen! And who knows… maybe all you misinterpreted was the timing of the event in question? Maybe it’s still yet to transpire because it’s not the right time? Don’t lose hope! ❤️

I’ve been so excited about all the wttm stuff lately. It’s fun shipping otayuri along with victuuri. Still, I realize otayuri may not become canon. It’s nice to dream though and I will continue to ship it even if it doesn’t happen. Besides, Yuri on Ice is one of the first anime to ever make one of my ships come true (yaoi doesn’t count, past self..) so I will still support it with or without otayuri

Bakkhos! Drumming, the mountains
Call to me, and my head hammers.
This migraine is an ache to return to his arms,
To answer his call, to dance again.
Iakkhos! My world spins.
I am dizzy from all this stillness.
Unchain me! Let blood flow like wine!
Let wine be sweet for its own sake,
Let blood be rich as gold.
I’ve no need of this divine mortality,
Yet I love it so!
He tells me to embrace it all,
To consume life as though I
Am the monster hiding in the dark.
I am scared,
I am terrified by my own laughter.
Eleuthereus! Run by my side.
The golden sun sets and
My blood is hot. This headache
Is only a mortal affliction;
The pain of your children tied
To sanity.

Bakkhos! Drumming, the mountains
Call to me, and I answer.

(- @floral-maenad)