i still love craig

  • Me: Robert is such a good character. His route is possibly the best in the entire game, simply with how it handles his character, and gives an unexpected but amazing ending at the same time. I think it's no contest who my favorite dad i-
  • Craig, passing me during his casual jog: Hey bro!
  • Me, keeling over as I clench my chest: FUCK...

dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

me: *says stuff like “dude bro you gotta see this my man”*

me: *has a caring dad and 2 other sisters. aka 3 kids.*

me: *wants to have stable relationships with friends*

me: *is stressed out 24/7 and literally Cannot Stop The Anxiety*

me: wonder why i like craig so much


Some kind words from (some of) our favorite boys!
I’ve seen some people haven’t been feeling well recently and I wanted to give something for all of you guys who are having a bad day or week or just a bad time in general 💙
For the friends and mutuals I’ve seen specifically not feeling well:
@caceydoesthings @bemusedwayfarer @themythicalumbreon
I hope you all feel better!!
*Don’t repost please!*

enchanted-elixirs  asked:

so like am i the only one that isn't that into craig in DD???? i prefer mat! and hugo! and it kinda sucks that both mark and jack prefer craig. but i still love watching it lmao

Nah you’re not the only one, I imagine! Mat and Hugo are pretty dreamy dads. And I think they like Craig because of adorable baby strapped to his chest sshh don’t tell them

You guys, Dream Daddy is such a good game, it just makes me so happy! Now I gotta figure out who Elden would have a crush on.