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I’ve seen some people haven’t been feeling well recently and I wanted to give something for all of you guys who are having a bad day or week or just a bad time in general 💙
For the friends and mutuals I’ve seen specifically not feeling well:
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Reasons why Sony is the worst film studio today!

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This … this “company” … is now an absolute travesty!!!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m focusing on this “studio”!

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I am now gonna try my very damn best, to rip and tear down this freaking studio to shit!!!

Lets get right to it! 


1. They have made some of the worst decisions ever in the film industry!

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s all part of life.

And when we make mistakes, we learn from them and do better in life.

The same goes for making films, directors, writers, producers, etc.

Great filmmakers like Spielberg and Scorsese for example have made mistakes, but then went on to create better movies because of learning from those mistakes.

Sony on the other hand, just fucks shit up almost every time!

Not every Sony movie is bad. They’re great movies from Sony. There’s for example such as “Sausage Party”, “Fury”, the original “Spider-Man” movies, “The Interview”, and “21 Jump Street”.

But … Sony has made more piles of shits than masterpieces! 

The decisions they make are unforgivable! 

For example, Avi Arad.

This motherfucker decided to produce “The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2″

I think they’re decent, but these movies are huge disappointments! 

Avi, who had creative control on two of these movies, decided to make Spider-Man not as inspiring and uplifting as Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man!

While Andrew Garfield did a great job as acting as Spidey/Peter, his character is not who Spider-Man is!

It’s supposed to be inspiring and uplifting! It can be dark in some moments, but it doesn’t have to be mopey in every single scene!!!

In the sequel, Avi then decided to cram in so many fucking villains that didn’t really serve a purpose, and motivations that made little to no sense! 

Learn from “Spider-Man 3″! Oh wait, they didn’t… never mind. 

The director, Marc Webb, deserved to make his version! Garfield and Stone deserved better!

Now they gave up creative control to Marvel Studios, but Sony is still distributing the films.

While I am happy to see Spidey with Marvel, I still wondered what it would’ve been like if “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ happened.

Another example is them just making films that are desperate to be turned into franchises and in the end… it’s all shit!

“Spectre” and “Aloha” are some of the most boring movies I have ever seen!

Sony is now still going to hire Daniel Craig for “Bond 25″! I love Craig, but come on! Hire another bond, like a “passing the torch” type of thing, with the theory of “James Bond” being a code name!

They also take creative control away from talented directors that deserve better!!!

Final example out of many… ADAM SANDLER!!!

Sony allowed this “comedian” to make one of the worst comedies of the 2000s and 2010s! 

“That’s My Boy”!

“Jack and Jill”!



I don’t need to say more!

2. They are desperate to release any movie that comes out of their ass!

So… Sony has many movies that are in development and production. 

Some good ones are coming up! But they’re movies that I think are destined to fail! 

First, they are trying to make a crossover between “21 Jump Street” and “Men in Black”!

Also, Sony is gonna release another “Resident Evil” movie!

They are now making a sequel to one of the best Robin Williams movies of all time, “Jumanji”!

And … there’s “The Emoji Movie”!!!

Holy mother fucking shit!!!! This leads to my final problem!

3. They’re animated movies are perfect examples of how to make animation terrible!

Animation is … unique. Imaginative. Innovative. Creative. 

Animation is not a genre … it’s a way to tell a story in a unique way.

It’s too add beautiful visuals with good storytelling.

“Disney” and “Dreamworks” have been doing this very well with their recent films.

But Sony just fucks it all up! 


“The Smurfs 1 and 2″!

“Cloudy 2″!

And Sony’s upcoming film is a fucking emoji movie! 

It’s a fucking travesty!

They are not thinking creatively, they’re thinking on trends!

What plot can Sony pull out of their ass?!

Animation is supposed to inspire creativity to everyone! 

Kids especially adore animation! They can learn so many life lessons, and learn how to be better people!

But Sony just does whatever they want! 

If you want Sony and Hollywood especially, to stop making these types of bad pieces of shits, then don’t go see this movie! 

Their language is money, nothing more!

*Deep Breath*.


That seems to be it.

That’s my take.

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Kyle: I shouldn’t be talking to you about this, really. It’s not your business, but with me being so far away a lot of the time, I’ve got no choice.
Craig: About Tweek?
Kyle: Yeah. He’s got a lot of… problems. It hasn’t been easy since he’s moved out here on his own. Those problems get to him really bad. It makes it hard for him to function, especially at night. You know what I’m talking about.
… It looks like he’s been doing so much better, though. 
Kyle: On the surface, he is. He’s made a lot of big steps. It’s like he’s relapsing, though, and. Ugh. Despite how much I just… don’t like you. And trust me, I really don’t like you. You’re going to be the one here when those things happen. 
Craig: So you’re asking the big bad ex-boyfriend to keep an eye on your fiance while you’re away? That doesn’t sound like something anybody would do ever-

Kyle: Listen, this is fucking important to me, okay? He’s important to me, and whether or not I want you to be here, you are. If I didn’t talk to you about it now, it’s something you and Tweek would have to talk about later while he’s vulnerable. And I still don’t trust you. 
Craig: Love you, too, man. 

Kyle: Here, just take my number. I won’t throw a fit about you being here if you at least do me this one favor, and let me know if he has an episode. Please. 
Craig: You really must be worried if you’re going through all this trouble. 
Kyle: I love him. And, for some reason, he still trusts you. If you really want us to get along like you said on your blog, put whatever feelings you have aside and don’t make Tweek into a fool.
Craig: Alright, no pressure or anything. 

[Deleted by Craig]

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Craig- Out. Now. Tweek- Do you still feel some things to Carig?

Tweek: “Craig- out.’ what’s that supposed to mean?
Craig: Honestly, uhhh… not sure? Maybe for me to leave?. 
Tweek: Uh, alright then. You don’t have to walk out for this. Well, I suppose some of you might be disappointed, considering your asks, but no. I fell out of love with Craig a long time ago. I still care about him so much as a person, but anything romantic went out the window after I realized how bad we were for each other. 
Craig: Yeah… same…