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SEBLAINE WEEK 2016: Day 3 - Inspired by another TV show
Roswell (1999). 2.05 - The End of the World

There’ll never be another you, Sebastian.”

Inspired by this:

The problem is, Kurt thinks as Blaine kisses his way along Kurt’s jaw and to his right ear, he gets turned on way too easily. Whenever Blaine so much as touches his hand,Kurt wants to press himself against his boyfriend and- rub himself on Blaine or something. Kurt’s not sure, because even though he has read the pamphlets his dad has given him, the whole context of going further than kissing still boggles his mind.

“You’re distracted.” Blaine’s pout comes into his field of vision and Kurt wants to whimper at the loss of contact. Blaine’s lips shouldn’t be pouting, they should continue sucking little kisses to the skin below his ear.

“Sorry, sorry,” and his voice comes out breathier than he wants, so he frowns but Blaine only stares at his lips and doesn’t seem to notice. A second later Blaine dives back in, kissing him, on the lips this time. This is what they should always be doing. Blaine’s lips are soft and a little wet since they’ve been at it for a while. In Kurt’s humble opinion, Blaine is the best kisser in the world. He gives and takes and presses in and sucks and Kurt wants to forget about school and Glee and breathing and do this forever.

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Breakfast went well, Blaine wasn’t that close with his biological dad and it made things a little awkward.

Matt: “There is a reason I asked you here today. I wanted you to know that I have been saving for you. When I pass, my lawyer will drop off a check. It’s the least I can do since I haven’t been around.

Blaine: “Woah, Dad… oh okay. Let’s hope that day doesn’t come soon. I still want you around.”

Matt: “Love you son.”

Blaine: “I love you too.”


It must have been love (Cover by Maria Mena) - Klaine elevator scene + flashbacks

Encore Performance (18775 words) by Corinna [AO3]

Chapters: 23/23
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, Kurt Hummel/Other(s), implied past Blaine Anderson/Other(s)

Summary: In a world where Blaine and Kurt never get back together, Blaine goes off to college at the University of Michigan. There, he forms a theater group with his friends, and they become Internet-famous with a musical about Harry Potter. Which is how he comes back into Kurt’s life again.

Written in a series of scenes for the 2013 Klaine Advent challenge.


So I am writing a sequel to this story right now, and since I’m almost done with it, I wanted to take a moment and look back at the original. This post probably falls somewhere in between self-meta and self-pimping ;)

“Encore Performance” is not RPF, even though it sort of looks like it at first glance. And, in fact, it was partially inspired by an RPF, which I normally don’t read. But I’m also a University of Michigan alum (though well before Darren Criss’s time) and when I saw a story set at Michigan, I clicked on it out of nostalgia. And, well, not surprisingly to anyone but a UM alum, there wasn’t anything about it that was Ann Arbor specific.

Right around that same time, Darren Criss’s tour hit Ann Arbor, and suddenly my dash was full of places I knew and loved: Jerusalem Gardens! The Michigan Theater and the Blind Pig! I was halfway to booking a flight just to walk around downtown.

I think it was a picture of Darren Criss in the full Blaine hair-helmet but a Michigan T-shirt that first made me think, what if it was Blaine who’d gone to Michigan? What if, after the breakup, Kurt had never encouraged him to apply to NYADA anyhow, and he went to a great theater program closer to home? And then (because of course I wanted the story to have a happy ending), what if he and his friends put on a show that got them attention on the Internet – enough attention to catch the eye of the ex-boyfriend who won’t admit even to himself that he still loves Blaine? 

I started plotting it out, but then I was afraid I would do too much research and turn it into sort of an RPF version of a roman a clef, with the real StarKid members showing up in the story as thinly-disguised versions of themselves. So the Advent challenge was really useful to me, because it was a perpetual ticking clock. I had no time to do research on what really happened, I had no time to get self-conscious, I just had to write. I didn’t even get in most of my favorite Ann Arbor spots (although I did write a scene at Zingerman’s, because why would I not).

It’s a story about Blaine and Kurt, and how staying broken up changed them both. It’s also, as the-multicorn helped me realize, a story about finding community and the value of making art together. Kurt begins the story disconnected from his friends, his vocation, from his true emotions. He ends… well, I said I wanted a happy ending, didn’t I? 

Somebody Loves You

Oneshot based on episode 6x05 and on 6x07 spoilers (mixed with my biased headcanon haha) Mentions of Blainofsky but obviously Klaine-centric. Idk if you’ll be confused by the POV in this because it switches during the story, so please, let me know! Hope you like it! The song is Somebody Loves You, by Betty Who.

Summary: Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are still in love with each other after everything and aren’t able to move on, as much as they try it. What happens when familiar circumstances bring back memories that were once buried deep inside?


Of course Blaine knew he still loved Kurt. He would always love him. Actually he had known that since he had walked out of that restaurant on that painful, horrible day. And he totally accepted it. 

He had thought, though, that he would at least be able to be happy with another man, even if his heart would always belong to Kurt.

And he tried, he really did. After he started dating Dave, he was feeling a little better and a lot like he was moving on.

What he hadn’t expected was to experience again that little bit of heaven that only came while kissing Kurt.

God, that feeling of being complete and so, so connected. It felt like coming home. Between all the heartbreak and forcing himself to move on, he had forgotten about this feeling. He had buried it deep down inside of his heart, along all of his sweet memories with that beautiful boy who haunted his dreams.

Feeling that again, however, brought a awareness of last times. That would be their last kiss, Blaine was sure of it. The universe was giving him another chance of experiencing it all over again so he decided to accept it. So he treasured every single second of it, every touch, every taste, the very feeling of Kurt’s heart beating in unison with his own, the feeling of pure desire and love.

He memorised it for those moments of deep hopelessness he so often experienced. 

He knew he shouldn’t even be thinking like this, he had a boyfriend, for God’s sake! A boyfriend who cared so much about him but whom he was incapable of loving.

But what could he do? Life was unfair and this moment right now was so precious. And ended to soon.

Blaine had to stop every single fiber of his being from screaming “No, please, don’t go! Let’s stay in this moment for a little longer. Maybe forever”.

And Kurt standing there, looking right into his eyes, with his lips swollen and pink from kissing wasn’t helping either.

Desperation described perfectly what he felt.

The little creepy JigSue thing broke off his thoughts and he had to get out of there, feeling so alive but at the same time so, so broken.

After that, he knew what he had to do. 

He had a very painful talk with Dave (“I’m sorry, I just can’t love you”) as soon as he went home that night and felt, for the first time in forever, that things were going to be alright after all.

It was clear what his heart wanted. He was just waiting for the right moment.
Now he was at Rachel’s house, for a party she had decided to throw there because soon she would move out.

Everything was going fine. He was able to keep his face neutral around Kurt. Until something happened.

“Let’s sing! Pick your duet partners!” Rachel yelled and you could notice she had had too much to drink.

Everyone did so and when he looked around, there was Kurt, staring at him, shyly.

He walked to him, extended his hand and asked:
“Would you give me the honor of being my duet partner?”

Something flashed across Kurt’s eyes, but he managed to push whatever it was away as he took a deep breath, holding Blaine’s hand in his, and replied confidently “Of course. The honor will be mine”.

He should have known. Of course he would be feeling like this.
After kissing Blaine, he tried his hardest to keep out of the other boy’s way because even if Kurt had felt something - no, not something, everything - while they were doing it, it didn’t mean Blaine felt the same way. Even if the curly haired boy had looked at him in a way that made him shudder after the kiss.

This doesn’t mean anything, they had agreed.

But he knew the moment it happened that no, a kiss between Blaine and him would never mean nothing.

And now here he was, with Blaine looking at him with his adorable puppy eyes and his hand extended, in a way that brought back a memory so hidden in the back of his mind and heart. And with this one, come lots of them, memories of two innocent boys in love, thinking that life was easy and love was enough. He doesn’t know if he should envy or pity them. Maybe both.

“Would you give me the honor of being my duet partner?”

He looked at Blaine and realised the younger boy was still waiting for an answer. So he thought “screw it”, took a deep breath, Blaine’s soft hand - regretting it immediately because now he didn’t want to let go - and said “Of course. The honor will be mine”.
“So, how have you been?” Blaine asks, trying to make the silence less weird, as Mercedes and Sam sang.

“I’m…fine. It’s been fun, teaching the Glee Club and all of that”.

“I always knew you had it in you to be a teacher” Blaine said, snorting. “In fact, is there anything you can’t do, Mr Hummel?” He said, thinking as soon as the words left his mouth that they sounded a lot less flirty in his mind.

Kurt blushed immediately and chuckled. 

He was about to reply, when Mercedes and Sam finished singing, so he said instead “I think it’s our turn.”

“Yes, sure.”

“What song are we singing, by the way? We forgot to choose one!”

“No, I already chose it. You’ll know when you hear it.” Blaine said with a smile and a wink and wow, where did that come from?

Soon, the familiar tune started playing and oh my God, of course he knew it! They used to sing that song to each other whenever one of them was sad. He couldn’t believe it!

Who’s around when the days feel long
Who’s around when you can’t be strong
Who’s around when you’re losing your mind

Blaine sang looking right at Kurt, with those gorgeous hazel eyes, making his heart stop.
Soon Kurt joined him.

Who cares that you get home safe
Who knows you can’t be replaced
Who thinks that you’re one of a kind

They both sang the chorus in unison, their voices sounding so perfect together that made them both wonder why had they spent so much time not singing together, apart.

Somebody misses you when you’re away
They wanna wake up with you everyday
Somebody wants to hear you say
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you

I’m around when your head is heavy
I’m around when your hands aren’t steady
I’m around when your day’s gone all wrong
I care that you feel at home
Cause i know that you feel alone
I think you’re going to miss me when i’m gone

At this point of the song, both boys felt blissful, whole, at home.

Somebody misses you when you’re away
They wanna wake up with you everyday
Somebody wants to hear you say
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you

Why don’t you come on over
Why don’t you lay me down
Does the pain feel better
When i’m around

If I am good to you
Won’t you be good to me
That’s how easy this should be

No, Kurt thought. This wasn’t supposed to feel so good. It would only bring more pain in the end and he’s so tired feeling that way, but, God, how he meant those words.  

Somebody misses you when you’re away (somebody misses you baby)
They wanna wake up with you everyday (they wanna wake up with you)
Somebody wants to hear you say (oh they want you to say)
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you
Ooh somebody loves you

The song finished, but they stood there, staring at each other, both thinking the same, but unaware of it. That song fit so perfectly for them.

Soon Kurt started running. Running from his feelings. Running from everyone. Running from the love of his life.

It all seemed to pass in a blur after that. When he noticed, he was across the street, breathing heavily.

“Kurt.” It was a whisper behind him, barely audible.

Kurt turned around and saw Blaine looking at him with tears in his eyes.

“Blaine, please, could you leave me alone for a moment?” He asked, voice hoarse.

“No. I know how you must be feeling right now and I won’t let you go through this alone. In fact, I wanna do everything in my power to make these bad feelings go away because-”

“Blaine, please” Kurt pleaded, feeling tears of his own forming. “Don’t say those things. You can’t keep-”

This time, Blaine was the one who interrupted Kurt, with his lips pressing hard againt the taller boy’s.

Kurt gasped in surprise but started kissing back almost immediately. Blaine brought his hand to cup Kurt’s soft face, causing the pale boy to slide his hand across Blaine’s back slowly. The shorter boy pulled Kurt closed and that’s when the latter seemed to realise what was happening, pulling away.

“You…you kissed me”. He whispered.

“Yes, I did”. Blaine grinned.

“W-why? You have a boyfriend and-”

“No, I don’t. I broke up with Dave. I realised the reason I can’t ever love him is that I already am in love with somebody else.”

“Oh.” Kurt was speechless.

“Yes..Kurt, I love you. Please, tell me you still want me back. Please” Blaine said, his voice breaking at that last word.

“But after all the hard work we did trying to move on and after all the fights we’ve had..”

“It doesn’t matter because-oh. I’m sorry, this was so stupid. I shouldn’t have done that. You’re with that Walter guy, right? I’m sorry, you’ve probably forgotten about me, oh God-” Blaine’s voice sounded embarrassed and broken at the same time. It broke Kurt’s heart.

“No, Blaine..I’m sorry, I should have told you, Walter and I are just friends. He’s, um, actually older than me. Like, a lot.”

“Oh. Then we can make this work right? Do you still love me?”

“Yes, of course I do!” Kurt said, without a doubt.

“Let’s do this, then. We can do it, Kurt. I can’t live without you anymore. You’re the love of my life. I’ve tried moving on, but I was only fooling myself. There’s no one else out there for me. No one is good enough and-”

Blaine suddenly felt those lips against his again and welcomed the kiss immediately.

When they pulled away, they rested their foreheads together.
“God, I can’t believe this is happening. You’re here. You still love me.”

“I love you”. Blaine said.

“I love you too. I can’t fight it anymore.” Kurt replied.

They hugged each other tightly, like if they let go, the other would disappear.  

“It’s about time, lady face and hobbit are back together!”
They heard a voice say and when they turned to look, there stood their friends, grinning at them. 

“Let’s go back inside because Artie and I are going to sing and I want everybody there to witness my talent!” Rachel said.

They both rolled their eyes but went inside, anyway, holding hands and making a promise to never let go.

anonymous asked:

i very very recently joined the klaine bandwagon and i've been so sad to find a serious lack of any active blogs (or recently written fics) so thank you for completely satisfying everything i've been looking for! and if you know of anybody else who still posts regularly, i would love if you'd recommend them. thank you so much!

very very recently?! whoa buddy. WHOA BUDDY. godspeed to you, brave adventurer, and welcome

lol I’m kidding. kinda. but for real though, since the show ended, the fandom hasn’t had a great time of hanging on. and I’m part of that - I’m WAAAAY less active and only recently started stepping back in with fics here and there. I mean, it’s unfortunate, but momentum/inspiration can hard to maintain once the show is over (and as a writer you get less and less feedback). :/

(that’s a big reason I’ve tried doing the one-word prompts again - I missed writing about Kurt and Blaine and still love them dearly but getting quick bursts of ideas that don’t require development written is a lot easier than the full one-shots I used to do regularly)

I never followed a huge amount of Klaine blogs, but even within the ones I do follow… they still reblog a bit of Kurt and/or Blaine, but most people have either followed Melissa and Grant to the DC shows, or are now posting hockey and ice skating. personally, I guess needed something even brighter and sparklier so I went down the Drag Race rabbithole and now I can’t get my life back



@todaydreambelievers is an EXCELLENT place to start. they do polls, events, author spotlights/questionnaires (which I participated in), and most importantly for your ask, do round-ups of new fic. this will probably give you the best idea of who’s still active! 

welcome, Klainer <3

Little Red Lie

Pairing: Klaine

Word Count: 2200~

Summary: based on this post. Blaine has been keeping a secret from Kurt. Not as much angst as you’d think, mostly humour.

Rating/warnings: T for talk of sex/blowjobs and Blaine feeding off of people (talked about not seen) pretty vanilla if i do say so myself. Read on AO3

It all started with a (long overdue) conversation and it leads to, well…

“You’re a what?” Kurt snaps.

“A vampire?” Blaine asks weakly.

“Since when?” Kurt demands. Blaine doesn’t respond. “Since when, Blaine?” he repeats. “Since we’ve been in a relationship? Before then?”

“Before,” Blaine admits.

“Before we were a couple?”

“Before you met me.”

And Kurt walks out the door.

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anonymous prompted: I’m sure this has already been prompted a million times but after last night’s episode all I can think about is Blaine’s weight gain NOT being due to the freshman fifteen, but due to Kurt knocking him up during their intensely hot make up sex, and the clinic calling Blaine to tell him that whilst he doesn’t have any STDs, he is pregnant uwu I would love you forever if you wrote this fic c:

The mirror lies. It has to. Blaine stares forlornly into it, a hand cupped over the distended curve of his belly. His jeans are hung low, just under the dip of the V of his hips, unbuttoned because—god, because he can’t even button them. These jeans hadn’t necessarily been his tightest, but they also hadn’t been his loosest, and the last time he’d worn them he’d had no problem cinching them up.

“There’s no way this is just the freshman fifteen,” Blaine says, almost inaudible. He knows he’s been eating more than usual lately to curb the rise of unwanted, sour emotions (and he even seems to be more emotional than usual, thinking back to the way he’d teared up—for no reason—during one of the Star Wars fics he was reading to Sam), but it’s only been a few weeks since he began and this much weight gain seems almost impossible.

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