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SEBLAINE WEEK 2016: Day 3 - Inspired by another TV show
Roswell (1999). 2.05 - The End of the World

There’ll never be another you, Sebastian.”

Inspired by this:

The problem is, Kurt thinks as Blaine kisses his way along Kurt’s jaw and to his right ear, he gets turned on way too easily. Whenever Blaine so much as touches his hand,Kurt wants to press himself against his boyfriend and- rub himself on Blaine or something. Kurt’s not sure, because even though he has read the pamphlets his dad has given him, the whole context of going further than kissing still boggles his mind.

“You’re distracted.” Blaine’s pout comes into his field of vision and Kurt wants to whimper at the loss of contact. Blaine’s lips shouldn’t be pouting, they should continue sucking little kisses to the skin below his ear.

“Sorry, sorry,” and his voice comes out breathier than he wants, so he frowns but Blaine only stares at his lips and doesn’t seem to notice. A second later Blaine dives back in, kissing him, on the lips this time. This is what they should always be doing. Blaine’s lips are soft and a little wet since they’ve been at it for a while. In Kurt’s humble opinion, Blaine is the best kisser in the world. He gives and takes and presses in and sucks and Kurt wants to forget about school and Glee and breathing and do this forever.

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Klaine one-shot - “The Cobra and the Curse” (Rated PG13)

Kurt travels the desert alone, entertaining the masses from bazaar to bazaar, accompanied by his loyal golden cobra, which he carries wrapped around his arm as opposed to in a basket the way most snake charmers do. People say he is searching for a rare jewel that can break a powerful curse he suffers.

But that’s only a portion of the truth.

The rest is far more heartbreaking than that. (2280 words)

A/N: This is a rewrite, and namely because I have always wanted @sunshineoptimismandangels and @riverance to read it. If I continue it as a longer story, it will probably be for K*urtbastian or as an original work. Warning for angst, curses, and snakes.

Read on AO3.

The sun made its appearance earlier than usual and refused to be ignored. By noon, the tiny marketplace baked beneath its relentless glow so that the ground cracked, and any drop of moisture sizzled immediately and evaporated away. Undeterred, the bazaar teemed with the unwashed masses, haggling their way through their daily shopping. Vendors tried to outwit the heat by constructing makeshift tents, basic wood frames covered in light fabric to protect them from the fiery sky, but all it succeeded in doing was trapping the heat, turning what was once uncomfortable to truly unbearable.

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Breakfast went well, Blaine wasn’t that close with his biological dad and it made things a little awkward.

Matt: “There is a reason I asked you here today. I wanted you to know that I have been saving for you. When I pass, my lawyer will drop off a check. It’s the least I can do since I haven’t been around.

Blaine: “Woah, Dad… oh okay. Let’s hope that day doesn’t come soon. I still want you around.”

Matt: “Love you son.”

Blaine: “I love you too.”

Klaine fic - “Three’s Company” (Rated PG13)

Kurt and Blaine have been together, and deeply in love, for centuries. But being a duo can get dull from time to time. One day, unexpectedly, Kurt stumbles across a dying man he thinks would be perfect for their cozy coven of two. He just needs to convince Blaine to bite. (1424 words)

Notes: This is a re-write. It is purposefully written in a very dark, fairy tale-esque style, language, etc. Warning for talk of death, talk of blood (no gore), and mention of Adam Crawford.

Read on AO3.

Eternity is a long time. And like misery, it enjoys company.

Kurt loves Blaine, and Blaine loves Kurt, but sometimes, even though they spend the majority of their existence so single-mindedly wrapped up in one another that the world drips completely away, it’s nice to have other people around to talk to, to laugh with, to enjoy the sunless days and the long-stretching, never-ending, and sometimes mind-numbing future.

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It must have been love (Cover by Maria Mena) - Klaine elevator scene + flashbacks

Encore Performance (18775 words) by Corinna [AO3]

Chapters: 23/23
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, Kurt Hummel/Other(s), implied past Blaine Anderson/Other(s)

Summary: In a world where Blaine and Kurt never get back together, Blaine goes off to college at the University of Michigan. There, he forms a theater group with his friends, and they become Internet-famous with a musical about Harry Potter. Which is how he comes back into Kurt’s life again.

Written in a series of scenes for the 2013 Klaine Advent challenge.


So I am writing a sequel to this story right now, and since I’m almost done with it, I wanted to take a moment and look back at the original. This post probably falls somewhere in between self-meta and self-pimping ;)

“Encore Performance” is not RPF, even though it sort of looks like it at first glance. And, in fact, it was partially inspired by an RPF, which I normally don’t read. But I’m also a University of Michigan alum (though well before Darren Criss’s time) and when I saw a story set at Michigan, I clicked on it out of nostalgia. And, well, not surprisingly to anyone but a UM alum, there wasn’t anything about it that was Ann Arbor specific.

Right around that same time, Darren Criss’s tour hit Ann Arbor, and suddenly my dash was full of places I knew and loved: Jerusalem Gardens! The Michigan Theater and the Blind Pig! I was halfway to booking a flight just to walk around downtown.

I think it was a picture of Darren Criss in the full Blaine hair-helmet but a Michigan T-shirt that first made me think, what if it was Blaine who’d gone to Michigan? What if, after the breakup, Kurt had never encouraged him to apply to NYADA anyhow, and he went to a great theater program closer to home? And then (because of course I wanted the story to have a happy ending), what if he and his friends put on a show that got them attention on the Internet – enough attention to catch the eye of the ex-boyfriend who won’t admit even to himself that he still loves Blaine? 

I started plotting it out, but then I was afraid I would do too much research and turn it into sort of an RPF version of a roman a clef, with the real StarKid members showing up in the story as thinly-disguised versions of themselves. So the Advent challenge was really useful to me, because it was a perpetual ticking clock. I had no time to do research on what really happened, I had no time to get self-conscious, I just had to write. I didn’t even get in most of my favorite Ann Arbor spots (although I did write a scene at Zingerman’s, because why would I not).

It’s a story about Blaine and Kurt, and how staying broken up changed them both. It’s also, as the-multicorn helped me realize, a story about finding community and the value of making art together. Kurt begins the story disconnected from his friends, his vocation, from his true emotions. He ends… well, I said I wanted a happy ending, didn’t I? 

Blaine Anderson's Guide To (Accidental) Fame And Fortune [1/8?]

Klaine | Rated: PG-13 (this part), R (overall) | 2k words

Blaine stumbles into fame and fortune with about the same amount of grace that anyone stumbles into anything. That is to say, none at all.

Blaine Anderson’s Guide To (Accidental) Fame And Fortune
by daswarschonkaput

There’s one thing Blaine would like to make perfectly clear: he never intended for any of this to happen.

It just did.

And it’s all Trent’s fault, anyway.

Rule One: Make A Splash

People always talk about opportunities falling into Blaine’s lap. Blaine would like to clarify that most of the time, he’s the one falling into other people’s laps.

The thing about the Warblers is – as Wes takes great pleasure in pointing out on a near daily basis – that they’re pretty much all unabashed Blaine-fanboys. Heck, half of Dalton treats Blaine like he’s the coolest new thing since liquid nitrogen.

He really is all that.

It’s not like he actively tries to dissuade the hero-worship either – as far as he’s concerned, people can like what they want to like, and if that’s him, power to them – so maybe he kind of had it coming.

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anonymous asked:

i very very recently joined the klaine bandwagon and i've been so sad to find a serious lack of any active blogs (or recently written fics) so thank you for completely satisfying everything i've been looking for! and if you know of anybody else who still posts regularly, i would love if you'd recommend them. thank you so much!

very very recently?! whoa buddy. WHOA BUDDY. godspeed to you, brave adventurer, and welcome

lol I’m kidding. kinda. but for real though, since the show ended, the fandom hasn’t had a great time of hanging on. and I’m part of that - I’m WAAAAY less active and only recently started stepping back in with fics here and there. I mean, it’s unfortunate, but momentum/inspiration can hard to maintain once the show is over (and as a writer you get less and less feedback). :/

(that’s a big reason I’ve tried doing the one-word prompts again - I missed writing about Kurt and Blaine and still love them dearly but getting quick bursts of ideas that don’t require development written is a lot easier than the full one-shots I used to do regularly)

I never followed a huge amount of Klaine blogs, but even within the ones I do follow… they still reblog a bit of Kurt and/or Blaine, but most people have either followed Melissa and Grant to the DC shows, or are now posting hockey and ice skating. personally, I guess needed something even brighter and sparklier so I went down the Drag Race rabbithole and now I can’t get my life back



@todaydreambelievers is an EXCELLENT place to start. they do polls, events, author spotlights/questionnaires (which I participated in), and most importantly for your ask, do round-ups of new fic. this will probably give you the best idea of who’s still active! 

welcome, Klainer <3