i still love blaine


SEBLAINE WEEK 2016: Day 3 - Inspired by another TV show
Roswell (1999). 2.05 - The End of the World

There’ll never be another you, Sebastian.”


It must have been love (Cover by Maria Mena) - Klaine elevator scene + flashbacks

Am I the only one excited for tonight?

I know Blaine feels guilty (I love him), but he needs to know how heart-broken Kurt is and he needs to work to fix it. I’m so excited for Kurt to not take him back right away. Everyone thinks Blaine deserves to have Kurt back and he deserves to be forgiven. But what about what Kurt deserves? Kurt deserves someone who’s loyal. Kurt is ‘the sweetest most compassionate person’ on the show. He deserves his time to heal and rebuild a trust that Blaine shattered. And, quite honestly, I’m more concerned about what Kurt deserves than what Blaine deserves. I think people have become so caught up in how guilty Blaine feels they forget that Kurt is the one who got his heart torn out and stomped on.

Just me?


Yesterday was beautiful.

I got to witness my very best friend marry the love of his life. There was nothing better than standing up at the alter as I watched them express their love for one another. I still remember when Kurt first met Blaine and am so happy that I have been apart of their journey ever since. 

As if I didn’t weep enough during the wedding I’m not positive my maid of honor speech was even understandable so I want to say it again.

I am so happy for the both of you and I love you so much.