i still love batman more than any of the other superheros combined

Thoughts on Batman V Superman (it’s pretty bad)

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I went into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with low expectations. Like, about as low as they could possibly get.

Critics and creators I respect have said it’s really bad or that it’s so divergent from the characters its based on as to be unrecognizable. Friends I know said it was bad. But even still, my morbid curiosity about it got the better of me. I had to know for myself: Just how bad is this movie?

Worse than I could have imagined, but kinda amusing in its own way.

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Bottom Line:

All the best scenes and dialogue from BvS are shown in its many trailers, and I mean ALL of them. There is NOTHING compelling in this movie that isn’t available online for free. Just watch that over again.

I swear to you, your brain will fill in the rest of the movie with more interesting scenes and ideas than what’s in the actual film. It’ll make more sense, and probably be less insulting and contemptible that what’s on screen in BvS.

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My Initial Reaction:

Moviebob’s vitriolic rant of a review? That wasn’t just hyperbole. This movie is as sour and morose an experience as he described. Almost nothing about its story or its locations is established, character motivations don’t make sense, there’s a bunch of glaring plot holes, and the action is so goofy that it would be schlocky and fun if the characters weren’t so dour and joyless.

This movie is bad when judged on its own merits. It’s a weirdly paced, oddly structured mess that relies more on dream sequences than it does on actual character interaction. It’s a story told by “visual oriented” filmmakers who leave all the character interactions and dialogue feeling awkward or lifeless. It’s a series of well-made trailers/music videos that’ve been horribly stretched into an overlong movie.

This movie is SO much worse as an adaptation of DC Comics superheroes. It utterly misses the point of Superman, and it presents a ‘Dark Knight Returns’ version of Batman but without any of the context or history that made that character great.

For context, I unironically love the character of Superman. 

  • I love Superman as a gay icon. Clark’s dual identity of the mild-mannered reporter VS the bright, colourful, empowered hero is a powerful symbol for being in the closet.
  • I love Superman as an analogy for the world as seen by immigrants to the US: A literal immigrant raised on the virtues of the “American Way”, growing up to embody the absolute best of those virtues as an exemplar to the world.
  • I love that Superman is the perfect combination of “you can’t tell me what to do” childish power fantasy and “I always do the right and moral thing” example for children.
  • I love that, to me and countless others, Superman is a character who makes “doing the right thing” seem cool and empowering. ‘Doing the right thing’ versus ‘being a badass’ is almost never cool in modern fiction, but characters like Superman and The Doctor (Doctor Who) make it seem cool.
  • I love that he’s one of the few superheroes who has a good family that is there for him. A superhero who isn’t motivated by guilt, or tragedy, or a dark past, or destiny, or a tragic fate. Superman chooses to save people. He chooses to be a good man, and that choice is informed by him having parents who love and support him.

Both the Clark Kent and Superman characters in this film are almost sociopathic. Clark’s scenes with Lois make him seem inhuman and imposing, and as Superman he’s every bit the grim, frightening alien that Batman believes him to be. 

He threatens to kill Batman at least twice. I feel like his default inclination is to threaten his enemies with death. He’s a monster! 

That’s a version of the character that is so far removed from my understanding and appreciation of him that it’s completely alienating. Blech! I kinda hate it. 

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My Feelings Later:

The movie isn’t all bad. I mean, it’s terrible, but it’s got its moments.

The casting was mostly good. Ben Affleck makes a great Bruce Wayne in the public, for what little we see of him being Bruce Wayne. Henry Cavill definitely looks the part of both Clark Kent and Superman. I want to see way more of Jeremy Irons as Alfred. Irons and Affleck have definitely sold me on the idea of a new solo Batman movie with the two of them.

Gal Gadot steals every scene she’s in as Wonder Woman, which is admittedly only one. Her reveal is so bombastic, she looks like she’s walked out of Snyder’s 300. I’m definitely interested in seeing more.  

The action in the film is so schlocky and weird and dumb, that thinking about it after the fact makes me giggle:

  • Batman apparently has an entirely ‘tire-based’ workout. Lifting tires, smashing tires with sledgehammers, dragging tires on ropes, doing chin ups with tires. It’s the “Bat Tire Workout”, and its goofy as fuck. 
  • There’s a bit where Batman rips a bathroom sink off of a wall and bludgeons Superman in the face with it while shouting. Then he spins Superman around on a rope, smashing him into walls. It’s pure schlock.
  • The President of the US orders a nuclear attack on Doomsday/Superman, but he’s does so via teleconference with all his dialogue shown as shots of a phone on a table. The whole time I’m thinking: “Oh, they elected a phone as a President! President Phone! Lookit the president resting on the table there. You show president phone some respect!”
  • Aquaman looks like a cranky old man barbarian in his brief reveal. He brandishes a trident at a submarine, as if to say “You damn kids, get away from my sunken ship!” 

This movie is so dumb. I kinda loved these goofy bits though.

When it isn’t frustrating or making me mad, I’ll bet BvS is a schlocky bad-movie masterpiece on par with Batman and Robin.

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The Big Takeaway:

Batman V Superman strikes me as a film made by people (Zack Snyder, David Goyer, Chris Terrio) who don’t really have any appreciation for Superman beyond being a messianic figure who can do punching real good.

The filmmakers never show Superman being a “good guy”. The montage of him saving people is framed against scenes of destruction and hopelessness. People literally look up at him in awe and fear while VO of news reports speculate on whether Superman is actually helping people.

Superman, a character often used as an optimistic and positive contrast to Batman’s dark and fear-inspiring presence, is presented in BvS as a psychopath who we’re only told stands for good.

It’s incredibly telling that the only point in the movie where other characters are inspired by Superman are at his funeral, once he’s dead and buried

As if to say “Superman can only be a positive force in people’s lives once he’s gone. He’s only valuable as a hero when we refer to him in the past tense, as a memory. We don’t want to have to deal with him in our movie(s) unless he’s causing destruction”.

Fuck this movie so hard.

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I just don't understand how you can (rightly) call out panels like that, but still justify everything about Grayson. I don't get it. Dick has been brought down so much from the amazing character he was before, it's insulting to him and fans. Not to mention the gross and constant sexualization of his character while belittling all his other skills.

answer below the cut. sorry, this become such a long, long answer probably bc I’ve been avoiding this discussion on fydg but I can’t avoid it forever so here we go, everything spilling out in a mess of emojis and feelings and bad unedited grammar 

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Why do you think Korra is a shit Series? (i wasnt in the stream when you explained sorry)

Aren’t you in luck I actually wrote down an answer for this for a colleague of mine just yesterday. 

1.) Korra isn’t a strong character. People constantly tell me Korra is such a strong character, a hallmark of feminism, a role model for young girls. But I just don’t see it.  She might be one of the most accurate teenage girls ever written by way of the fact that she never grows. She never sees any other way of solving her problems other than beating them into submission and is dismissive of any other tactful well thought out approach. And a Feminist hallmark? She rejects ideas of femininity and is constantly pulled back and forth by men, adding masculine traits to a female character doesn’t make a feminist character. I mean I’m not trying to take away anything that gives women strength. If they see Korra as a pillar that gives them strength, then damn straight they should harness that strength. There obviously is a vast deficit between male rolemodels and female role models in media but that doesn’t mean we should be scraping the barrel with characters like Korra and putting her up on a pedestal of feminist ideals. But hey, I’m a white, middle class male, take my view on feminism with a grain of salt. 

2.) LoK never ties up its loose ends. Every season leaves plot strings dangling that don’t get resolved. At the end of season 1, what happened to all the Equalists. Just because Amon went down the whole group disbanded? Did Korra go around and give each person Amon took bending away from single handed? Even the criminals? At the end of season 2. All the spirits are still fucking in the city and the water tribes should be in disarray. None of that shit is fixed. Bolin just stopped doing movers entirely? Shit just left up in the air.

3.) Forced character growth happens so much in LoK. People will change at the drop of a hat to drive home the contrivances in Korra. In season 3 Kai suddenly goes from a thief who only cares about himself to some sort of people’s hero in the span of a day. Jinora suddenly had to be useful so they gave her Deus Ex Machina spirit powers. Bumi couldn’t just be Bumi so he had to become an airbender and then after that be convinced that the only reason he mattered now was because he can airbend.

4.) That fucking love triangle they got rid of just to add more pointless romance to that is hashed up in minute moments. Jinora and Kai? I’m gonna fucking hurl.

5.) And speaking of those two, LoK has some of the most inconsistent power levels for its characters. Kai goes from being able to chump 2 Dai Li agents with his airbending to being captured by non-bending bison wranglers. And people keep saying Jinora is just as good at airbending as Tenzin, yet she never displays that. She ALSO gets captured by non-bending bison wranglers. THEY SHOOT HER WITH A NET GUN. Bolin goes through all that trouble trying to learn to metal bend, finding out maybe he isn’t special just to be like OH LOOK I CAN LAVA BEND I GUESS I AM SPECIAL. Mako can sometimes use lightning but also sometimes cant? 

6.) Almost no one has ANY depth. Everyone is exactly who they are on the surface in LoK. Characters in LoK are tropes. Korra is the lead. Bolin is the comic relief. Mako is the straight man. Asami is exempt because she’s actually not terrible. Tenzin is the blustery old guy. Bumi is the crazy old guy. Pema is the mom. Tenzin’s sister is the cool aunt. Lin is the tough girl. They are all just fucking tropes with no complexity. Last airbender had these tropes but they were constantly subverted. Sokka was the comic relief but was a brilliant tactical genius. And it’s even worse for the villains in LoK. They all turn out to be violent extremists. None of them have any true deep motive. It’s ridiculous. Amon starts out as this great symbol with a true statement about benders oppressing non-benders with power which would be interesting but they never DISCUSS THAT. Unalok is just a fucking generic badguy and Zaheer is literally a violent anarchist. In last airbender we spend as much time with protagonists as we do antagonists. Zuko has the best character growth of any character in any piece of media. It’s 3 seasons of amazing, not forced, not rushed, well earned growth, culminating in an amazing character with flaws and strengths and life. 

7.) I’m going to award the show some points for Varrick. He is actually the best. Hands down.

8.) But he’s sidelined by the show because it has no idea how to let its characters shine through anything but combat. And the combat is beautiful. Its well choreographed and well executed. But characters should shine when they aren’t fighting. Its what makes us latch onto them. Its what makes the action have stakes. Korra doesn’t have stakes. In fact it went from world ending peril in season 2 to some guy killing a queen in season 3. 

9.) It has no idea what its message is. It has no idea if its for spiritualism, for technology, for growth, for ancestral roots or even for a combination. It has no idea if Korra embodies the avatar way or if she denies it. It has no idea if Mako is a decent guy. If Bolin is self aware of his own goofiness. If Asami knows she’s surrounded by idiots. It just cant pinpoint where it wants to be and what’s worse?

10.) Its just not as compelling a story as Last Airbender. I know Airbender had more time to work with and is like lightning in a bottle but honestly. Korra is so much less interesting to watch on screen than Aang. Aang’s story was about facing the responsibilities you run from, which for him were ultimately the responsibilites of the world. About becoming the avatar and seeing the landscape change around him as he changed himself. A story about war and the people we lose because of war. Not just because of death but because of conflicting viewpoints. And how those viewpoints can turn men against eachother, how it can make good people do desperate things and bad people do even worse. But it was also about the friends we make in times of struggle and how those friends can become our families. It was about seeing the cultures of many people and what that means to us as a world. It was about never giving up on people, or ideals, or goals. Korra isn’t about a journey. Korra faces the problems that crop up like Batman fights street crimes. She’s already the avatar. She revels in being the avatar. And in the first season she realizes that nobody gives a shit. So what you’re the avatar. Things have changed. It’s about politics now. Its not gods and kings anymore. Its about rights and democracy. What the show should have been about is Korra finding herself as a PERSON. Because she isn’t one. She’s the cultivation of training. She’s a tool. And she stays a tool. Throughout the whole series Korra is just a tool for people to use to get things done. And she may thrash and protest but she always submits to the designs of others. She’s defined by her powers she doesn’t give definition to them. The best superhero mythos are about the people behind the mask that give poignancy to the actions done IN the mask. Korra is just so less interesting to watch. She just loud and abrasive. She’s strong but dumber than a sack of hammers and twice as arrogant. Compare the two first lines of each avatar. Aang’s “Do you want to go penguin sledding?” to Korra’s “I’M THE AVATAR YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT.” which is exactly how those two are for the rest of the show. Aang is a kid. He loves fun. He wants to penguin sled and ride big dragonfish. Korra is a self obsessed, hard headed brat. But where Aang grows and learns about his responsibilities despite never losing his sense of wonder and fun. Korra never becomes a person. She’s just the avatar. And that’s just boring. 

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Rena, what do you think makes up the essence of a good Superman story?

I think like any lasting and impactful superhero, the essence of Superman can be subdivided into several fractions. Like how Batman can have a good story by concentrating on his role as a detective, as a father, as a superhero, as a billionaire, as a part of Gotham, as a man, and then any combination therein. 

To me, the essence of a good Superman story is one of these or any combination of:

  • “What makes us human?” Superman is Kryptonian by birth, but most who know him, including his main bud Bats over there, often refer to him as the most human of any hero. What is it about a man born in space that could make him so undeniably a reflection and even part of humankind? If its not his biology, what is it about his character and his morals that make him so remarkably human.
  • “Son of two worlds” Clark Kent and Kal-El are not individual people, but how they are written often are, but both should impact Clark. Clark is the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. He’s also the son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark loves and honors both of his families, but the impact of being adopted and being torn between his loyalties makes for a truly vulnerable insight to his character.
  • “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Clark is apolitical and not particularly patriotic despite one of his most famous mottos. Really, one of the most consistent character traits he has is his scrutiny of governmental and especially military power. He stands for the people – all people – and doesn’t stand down to any government, even his own. He refuses to work for any political power [insert why The Dark Knight continues to suck from an analytical perspective and why there is a basis for the government to not like Clark but for people to love him enough to make the government fear acting]
  • “Standing alone, together” Clark views the world as an outsider, but it’s the sort of removed way that makes him see what’s good and deservingly loved about the world around him. Still, to truly embrace that feeling, Clark falls in love with humanity. [Specifically someone who knows how he feels alone, but for different reasons*]
  • “THE Superhero” going absolutely balls to the wall nuts with a Superman story is par for the course. More than any other superhero, Clark IS the superhero genre. This is where the most outlandish and fun stories can be told and SHOULD be told. Because they’re fun and because Superman’s such a big, out of this world concept himself, the biggest stories have to rise to the occasion and challenge him in ways that account for his abilities and comfort levels.

To me anyway.

*Also to me, I judge Superman stories based on their Lois Lane portrayal. She is just as important to each of these points and to Superman as Clark Kent. She has been there since #1. Denying her part played into the mythos is a problem on multiple fronts. 

So, this exists.

My pal Landry (as I understand it, please correct me if I’m wrong here) snapped that picture at WonderCon and – Yeah. 

I don’t imagine anyone’s waiting on bated breath for the moral authority of the guy who wrote Morbius: The Living Vampire, I’m pretty sure close to 100% of humanity doesn’t give a shit about what I’ve got to say here, but this  – combined with the recent horrible treatment of my other pal Janelle (and who knows how many women who dared speak their mind when they, hey, guess what, don’t appreciate being treated like a subspecies because they like something and/or don’t like it when women are portrayed in that thing they like as said subspecies) – makes me feel uncomfortable just sitting back and watching this stuff roll down my screen.  Namely because the other thing I’ve seen people repost is how much some of these assholes love how male comics creators aren’t, to quote, “taking the bait.”

If you’re someone who sees that shirt and realizes why it’s offensive/stupid, there’s no need to click the ‘read more’ here. If you don’t, well, click on.

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