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rain | john shelby

request:  Hey, can I please request a John imagine where you and him were engaged, but you ended up breaking it off. 5 years later you meet up with him, and you go and sit on the roof like you did when you were younger. Thank you x

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It had been five years today since the happiest day of your life, the day that John proposed. It seemed like it only happened yesterday, and you could remember every little detail. From what you were wearing, to the words that John said and the happiness you felt. The positive emotions didn’t last long. Less than three years later, the engagement had been broken off. It was a mutual decision, although you didn’t particularly want to break it off, and you both went your separate ways. Something should have told you that it wasn’t going to last when you both kept pushing the wedding day back. You didn’t leave Birmingham and continued to see John every now and again. A few words were spoken, and that was it. You still loved John, he was the love your life and deep down, you hoped that one day you would rekindle your relationship.  

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strifesodos week 2k17 - rain (prompt fill)

anyway uhhhhhh strifescloud machine broke and i have practically been living and sleeping at work these last few days but even though it is like……approaching midnight i managed to smash out a quick fill that was floating around in my head for my favourite boys to celebrate a Good Week before i go to sleep for real

i am also hoping to finally finish that oneshot i was doing for this week…pray 4 me my friends


Genesis gently eased open the door to the back porch, the wood creaking in protest as he stepped gingerly outside. The rain was coming down in thick sheets, drumming loudly as it impacted with the roof until it had forced Genesis to give up on his book in sheer irritation at the noise. Cloud was nowhere to be found within the house and Genesis had reluctantly chosen to search outside, though it was beyond him why anyone would willingly go out in this weather.

Sure enough, Cloud was out in the open, seemingly unbothered by the steady fall of rain as he leaned against the outer railing.

Foolish man, Genesis thought to himself fondly.

He quietly moved towards the edge of the mostly-dry porch, though he was sure Cloud knew he was there. There was little that escaped enhanced hearing, even beneath the sound of the rain, but something in the air made his steps almost reverent, as though the peaceful atmosphere of the day could be shattered by any sudden noise.

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cryofthewolf  asked:

89 + Five x Rose? :)

“I noticed.”

Five x Rose

Rose huffed as the TARDIS doors shut behind them. The Doctor had already shot past her to the console, sending them flying away from the angry villagers on their heels.

She, however, was still standing there dripping on the pristine floor and feeling rather like a drowned rat. “Well, that didn’t go to plan,” she said, starting to pull pins out of her hair, the updo she’d managed for this outing already in shambles.

“When does it ever?” He didn’t look up from the console. The Doctor was also soaked through but he didn’t even seem to notice.

“True.” Rose finished pulling down her hair and wrung it out, adding to the puddle on the floor. The TARDIS hummed at her in annoyance but she promised to come wipe it up in a bit if the Doctor didn’t get to it first.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m off to get a hot shower and clothes that aren’t soaking wet,” Rose said, moving towards the door that led into the corridors. She paused in the doorway and gestured down at the blue dress she’d donned for what was supposed to be a peaceful dinner on a new planet.. “Don’t know why I bothered getting all dressed up for dinner anyways. S’not like anyone noticed with how fast they ran us out of town.”

The Doctor finally looked up, eyes sweeping her up and down as if he was taking in the fact that she was drenched for the first time. “I noticed,” he said quietly. “You looked quite lovely. Still do.”

Rose smiled softly and shook her head. “I know I look like a drowned rat at this point, but thank you.”

“Go on then, I’ll take care of the puddles the TARDIS is complaining about and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night, Doctor.” She turned and headed towards her room, more than ready to get clean and into something dry.

She didn’t notice the Doctor watching her walk away or see the affectionate smile on his face.

Unexpected Romance - CS One Shot

A little one-shot based on that blackout spoiler we got a few weeks ago…I’ve been meaning to write something and finally got it today.  ENJOY!


It had been a long, tiring day when Emma and Killian finally made it home, which isn’t a surprise in Storybrooke, most days were long and tiring.  But, getting to go home with the woman he loved made all the aches and pains he was now suffering from all worth it….especially when the woman suggested they wash off the day with a long, hot shower….together.

She was bloody brilliant.

She healed him as they undressed, nothing too serious, just bumps and bruises and a small cut on his lower lip.  She touched it tentatively before reaching up on her bare toes and brushing her lips against it…by the time she pulled away the cut was healed.

“He’ll pay for that,” she promised as she brushed her thumb against his now smooth bottom lip.

He kissed the pad, nipped it gently causing her to smile.  “I have no doubt he will,” he said before kissing her once more.

They finished undressing and as soon as he placed his hook on the counter, he followed Emma into the foggy glass shower stall, equipped with multiple showerheads and body jets. The shower was one of his favorite things about this world, but this shower was like a bloody hidden treasure…and the fact that he got to share it with, Swan…that just made it so much sweeter.

He let out a soft groan when he ducked his head under one of the sprays.  “I’ll never get bloody use to this,” he murmured as he ran his hand through his hair, then tilted back and enjoyed.  

Emma grinned with her eyes closes as she relished under her own spray.  “How did you live without it for so many centuries?”

“You can’t miss what you don’t know,” he said as he turned around to face the spray.  “But next time we get sucked into another realm, I’ll miss it like my left….well….”  He glanced over at her and when she gave him a look he just grinned.  “You know.”

She let out a laugh as she went over to him, and he met her halfway, circling his arms around her bare waist, while she leaned up on her tiptoes and sunk her fingers into his wet, tangled hair.  They were in the middle of the stall so that multiple streams and body jets were hitting their skin, as their mouths mated, in long, open mouth kisses. He was just about to press her against the shower wall to have his way with her, when suddenly the world went to black in an instant.  

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Champagne and Bubbles - Conor Maynard Imagine

A/N-  Please write about having a fancy bath with Conor including drinking champagne and loads of bubbles 😘

After the day I was having i just wanted to go home. I called my taxi about 10 minutes ago and it still wasn’t here. Rush hour in London was just horrible. My mood was already bad and it got worse as soon as it decided to rain. I didn’t have an umbrella, i didn’t have a hood on my coat and there wasn’t any shelter around. After waiting another 10 minutes for this taxi it finally arrived and i looked like a drowned rat. I was freezing and i looked like id been dragged through a bush backwards. My hair knotted, my make-up was smudged and my clothes were sticking to me. My mood suddenly went from bad to don’t even bother talking to me unless you want your head ripped off. 

“oooo someone seems to be in a mood” I heard one of the boys say as i slammed the apartment door shut. Probably shouldn’t of done that. 

“Babe we’re ordering pizza, what you want?” Conor shouted. I really was not in the mood to eat. I wasn’t even in the mood to go and say hello, I just walked straight to the bedroom slamming the door once again. I thew my bag on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands. Why when one thing goes wrong the whole day follows. Today was just not my lucky day. At this point i wasn’t aware that Conor had been standing at the door watching and waiting for the right moment to speak. I remained quiet as i heard the door shut and listened to the foot steps getting closer to see the feet stop right in front of me to then see Conor kneeling so he was more on my level. He slowly grabbed my arms to pull my hands away from my face and lifted my chin to look directly into his eyes. 

“What we going to do with you” He let out a slight chuckle while i faintly smiled and looked away only to be looking back at Conor as he brought my face back. 
“You’re freezing and soaking babe” He whispered stoking my cheek and realising how cold i actually was. We stayed quiet for a moment before Conor got up and walked straight into the bathroom and i could hear the taps running meaning he was running a bath. 
“You go and get yourself in the bath, ill bring you a drink ok” I nodded not wanting to disagree because a bath sounded like a great idea right now. I grabbed a clean towel and walked into the bathroom to see candles lit, the light dimmed and loads of bubbles! You cannot go wrong with this setting. I undressed myself and slipped into the bath taking in the warmth sending my body into fully relaxed mode. I washed off my make-up so i didn’t look like a clown anymore, i closed my eyes and laid back. I took in the calming setting, taking in the scent of the candles then my thoughts were distracted. My eyes shot back open as i heard the door open only to see Conor appear with 2 glasses of champagne. He placed it on the floor and started to undress himself. 
“Yes im joining you” He smirked while climbing into the bath. It’s been a long time since me and Conor have had alone time and it was nice that time was being spent in the bath. It had nothing to do with seeing him with no clothes on… ok maybe it was. He’s just god dam gorgeous. He poured us both a glass of champagne and looked at his phone before turning some music on. 
“Seriously, are you going to play your own music?” I laughed as his covers started playing in the background.
“I’m a great artist what can i say” We both fell into comfortable silence. That bad mood i was in? It had totally gone. I just sat admiring his features. He was just so perfect. The way his hair fell when he couldn’t be bothered to it, the way he would smile to himself when he was thinking. He made me so happy, the feeling i got when i first met him is the feeling i still get today. I get so excited and giddy when seeing him. His kisses and cuddles were my everything. I’m glad he was the one who stole my heart. Snapping me thought of my wonderful thoughts my face was covered in bubbles.

“What the hell Conor?” I laughed wiping the suds off my face. 
“You looked so cute when thinking, what was you thinking about” He asked taking a sip of his drink.
“You babe” I smiled back sinking more into the water. 
“Remember the first time we met? We were at a party and you got a nose bleed and blood went all over your white dress” 
“Yes! You didn’t even know me and you were the one to help” I laughed reliving the memory in my mind. 
“I’m a gentleman what can i say, i mean i couldn’t let a beautiful girl suffer” 
“Then you were like, you can repay me by giving me your number” Trying to do a impression of him but failing miserably.
“I couldn’t let a girl like you slip away. I didn’t even know you and i knew i couldn’t let you leave” I looked down and smiled, it’s amazing how he can still make me blush after all this time. 
“The first date. I cooked you your favourite meal. That went well” 
“You didn’t even cook it, Joe did” We both started laughing because it was true. Conor had got Joe round to make a spaghetti bolognese. Once i arrived he made Joe, Jack and Josh hide out in the bedroom until it had finished, they were basically spying because they refused to leave.

“6 months later i asked you out while in Portugal” 
“I didn’t even know what you were planning, everyone else knew even your family! but it was so romantic. All the rose petals and wine. It made me feel special for once” I smiled remembering it all. Conor wrote a song and played it for me before asking me to be his girlfriend. He made it so special. He put so much effort into it.

“Now look at us 2 years later still strong as ever” He smiled and gesturing me to move in between his legs so my back was leaning against his chest. 
“I’m glad i went to that party now, these 2 years have been the best years of my life. I may have my moods and my moments but you are my everything” I felt Conor lean done kissing my shoulder smiling against it. 

“2 years and my love for you is still growing” Conor was good with the way he worded things but the best thing about it all was that he meant every word. I turned around and placed a gentle kiss on his lips and smiled once he reacted back. 

“The water’s getting cold now” I giggled. Conor gave me a lift to get up and i helped him up afterwards. We both got out and wrapped ourselves in one towel. Our bodies close together i wrapped my arms around his waist and looked up at him only to find he was already looking down at me. 

“I love you so much babe” 

Cross My Heart

Request: 10 with wonwoo 💞

10) “I’ll be here for you. Always.”

Member: Seventeen’s Wonwoo x Y/N

Type: fluff

I let out a heartfelt sob from my blanket mound in the corner of my room. I had buried myself in God knows how many quilts and covers until I resembled something of a fabric slug. I wiped my snotty nose across my sweater sleeve and sniffled, hardly seeing past the tears in my eyes. 

“Y/N?” a timid voice called from outside of the bedroom. 

“No!” I screeched, taking several of the chocolates in my hand and throwing them at the television in front of me. “He’s a liar!”

Wonwoo poked his head in, a concerned expression on his face. “Y/N, who’s a liar?”

“JunPyo! Jihoo! Joon!” I wailed, burying myself to hide in the sheets surrounding me. 

“Which one of those is-” Wonwoo began slowly, wincing before my shrill moans even fell from my mouth. 

“Joon! Joon is the one who broke up with me Wonwoo!” 

“Okay…so the other two are…?” Wonwoo continued quietly. 

“LIARS!” I screeched, throwing another chocolate at the television. 

Wonwoo’s eyes grew large as he slowly edged toward me and picked up the remote near where my knee had disappeared into fabric. He clicked off the drama I had been watching and sighed as he sat next to me. 

“Y/N,” he hummed. I could feel him place a hand on top of my protective layer of blankets, but there was so much fabric between us, I couldn’t tell you where his fingers landed. 

“No, leave me alone to mourn in peace,” I whimpered, not bothering to emerge. 

“Y/N,” Wonwoo repeated, patiently waiting. 

“What,” I squeaked, only letting my eyes peer out from over the edge of a thick quilt. 

“Talk to me,” Wonwoo said sternly, his expression serious. I looked to my best friend and felt weak. He wasn’t quite like a brother figure, so I was scared to collapse into his arms and fall into pieces, but I also wanted to allow him to comfort me. 

“It hurts too much,” I croaked in between sniffles. 

Wonwoo remained silent as his eyes traced what little of my face I was allowing him to see. I was a puffy mess, too well acquainted with ugly crying to backtrack now. He reached up, allowing his slender fingers to grab hold of the blanket near my face as he gently pulled it down to expose my matted hair and wet cheeks. I immediately hid my face behind my sweater paws and groaned. 

“Is that my sweater?” Wonwoo sighed, retracting his hand. 

“It might be,” I muttered, sniffing into the sleeve again. 

Wonwoo rolled his eyes before giving me a small smile. “Come on Y/N, you know you can always talk to me.”

“I’m embarrassed,” I whispered, slowly pulling my hands down. 

He scooted closer to me so our knees were touching and he gave me an encouraging nod. “About what?” 

“I look like drowned rat,” I whimpered. 

“Aw, Y/N,” Wonwoo said, patting my thigh. “Don’t insult yourself like that. Maybe more like a wet cat? Much less diseased.”

“I sort of hate you,” I muttered, a small grin appearing on my lips. 

“There’s that smile,” he cooed, smiling himself. “If you hating me makes you smile like that, you can definitely continue.”

“Stop being sweet,” I groaned. “I’m busy hating all men in general right now.”

Wonwoo grinned as he continued to sit beside me in silence, still waiting for me to fess up and tell him what had happened between Joon and I’s steadily declining relationship. 

After a few moments, I finally cleared my throat, not daring to look at the handsome man beside me. “He invited me for coffee…and then he told me he started seeing someone else.”

Wonwoo furrowed his brows as a spoke, an irritated twitch coursing through his locked jaw. 

“So I told him to go fuck himself and I threw the coffee at his crotch,” I muttered, wincing as the reality of what I did was spoken into the world. 

Wonwoo’s eyebrows immediately shot up and a small grin appeared on his lips. Shortly after he let a giggle out, followed by a hearty laugh. 

“Why are you laughing?” I pouted, crossing my arms moodily. 

“Because I’m glad you stood up for yourself,” Wonwoo nodded. “It was about time.”

“What do you mean it was about time?” I gasped. 

“He treated you like his annoying kid sister Y/N,” Wonwoo said, shaking his head. “I hated when you brought that guy around. I had to talk Mingyu out of putting his phone number up on twitter on more than one occasion.” 

I sighed, pulling my knees up to sit under my chin as I buried my face in my leggings. “I just…i don’t know. I’ve never felt so unwanted and alone.”

Wonwoo sighed as well, pushing a loose piece of hair to sit behind my ear. He looked at me thoughtfully, giving me a sad smile. “I’ll be here for you. Always. You aren’t ever alone.”

“Promise?” I whispered, slowly lifting up my eyes. 

“Cross my heart,” he nodded, sticking out his pinky for me to wrap my own around. I cautiously pulled my hand from around my knees and wrapped my finger around his. He smiled as he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand. 

I felt heat rush to my face as I watched him at such a close proximity. Maybe I had been overlooking something so wonderful because I had always been too close. If I took a step back, Wonwoo may have been just the thing I needed all along. 

“Now tell me,” Wonwoo cooed, grabbing onto the blankets and launching beneath them with me. He reached out for the remote and clicked the television back on. “All about how shitty the guys in this drama are and how the protagonist deserves so much more. Pass the chocolate first though.”

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Clay (Part One)
A/N (not having to do with this imagine): Hi everyone!!! Guess whose finally back after a way too long hiatus. I’m very sorry for leaving all of you guys for almost a year, I honestly don’t have a good excuse except for life suddenly deciding to punch me in the face and make me have responsibilities. While I am back now, I will not be posting as frequently as I used too, maybe a post every day or every other day. Once again I am sorry for my unexplained absence but in return, here is a kick ass series :)

Pairing: ReaderXDerek 

Inspiration: Clay by Grace Vanderwaal and “Middle Man” from season 6, I can’t remember the episode number though

Lyrics: “she wasn’t built to break”

Warnings: in this part there is a mention of rape and torture when talking about the case, a little bit of swearing

A/N: this mini-series is based off of “Middle Man” however it is not a carbon copy, it only follows a similar storyline, hope you guys like it! 

“Well you look like you’ve been through hell.” you heard a female voice chuckle as you walked into the BAU office at Quantico. Your hair looked like you had just stepped out of the shower and your jacket felt like a wet bathing suit against your goose bump covered skin.

“It’s a tsunami outside, I thought it wasn’t supposed to rain until noon.” you shivered, walking over to your desk before peeling off your drenched jacket and throwing it over the back of your chair. You heard a little snicker and glanced up just in time to see Derek covering his mouth in attempts to muffle his husky laugh. 

Derek had been your best friend since you both joined the FBI. You had both survived ROTC training together and you had been brought into the BAU around the same time. Something about the way you two acted with each other clicked, there was nothing more to it.

“Can I help you?” you asked, a smile coming to your own face while you balled your wet hair up onto the top of your head and wrapped a hair tie around it several times to make sure it was secure. You were someone who had always been able to laugh at themselves, especially in situations like this when you knew you looked like a drowned and confused rat.

“Nope, I’m just dandy.” Derek chuckled, his hand still in front of his mouth as if you couldn’t tell he was smiling if you didn’t see him smiling. 

You shook your head slightly letting out your own little giggle before you wiped under your eyes with your fingers, expecting to see a copious amount of black mascara on your finger tips. However you were shocked when you only saw a few flakes. 

“Everyone, meeting room now.” you suddenly heard the voice of your roommate Penelope speak from behind you. “Oh dear.” she paused when she saw you, her body physically coming to a stop. Penelope had a habit of leaving the shared apartment an hour before you did. Her reasoning for doing this was because she was a scatter brain who constantly forgot things at the apartment that she needed at work. With her leaving an hour before you, anything that she realized she had forgotten once she got to the office could be texted to you and you would bring it. Today she hadn’t forgotten anything however, except to tell you that a hurricane was about to start.

“You could’ve given me a heads up.” you half-joked with a smile on your face as you looked at the perfectly put together and colorful Penelope who just pursed her lips together, trying to stop from smiling.

“My backup sweater is in my office. I will get it for you after the meeting. I love you. I am sorry.” she said in short little bursts of worried speaking. You couldn’t help but let a laugh out before a smile came to Penelope’s face as well. She then grabbed you by the wet arm and pulled you towards the meeting room where Hotch already sat. Everyone filed in after you had taken your normal seat in between Derek and JJ.

“Don’t stain the leather.” Derek joked as he sat next to you causing you to shoot a glare at him before playfully punching him in his muscular arm. 

You returned your attention to Penelope who was handing out tan files, however you could still feel Derek’s eyes on you. Maybe it had been all the hell the two of you had been through together or just the length of time you two had known each other for, but something made it so that you could always tell when his gentle eyes were looking at you. Truth be told, you didn’t mind it.

“New case.” Penelope spoke once everyone had their own set of files. “Three females have turned up within the past three weeks. All of them were tortured and raped before being strangled to death.” Penelope explained, hitting one of the buttons on her clicker causing the projector to project the pictures of the three girls, their alive photos right next to their crime scene photos.

“All three women worked as exotic dancers for the same night club, they all disappeared on Fridays and their bodies were found early Monday morning.” Hotch added in, reading off of his own special case file.

“Who found the bodies?” Reid questioned from his spot across the table from you.

“On the first occasion it was a jogger, then it was a person having car troubles who had to pull over, and the most recent one was a farmer going to check on his crops.” Hotch answered.

“Which brings us to the freaky-deaky part.” Penelope spoke, pressing her clicker again. The slide of the victims shifted over and a picture of three separate corn fields came up, all of which had thick lines in them from where the corn stalks had been ran over. “It appears the victims are being chased by most likely a truck right before they die.”

“The unsub gives them the feeling of freedom right before taking it away from them.” Prentiss muttered, disgust lacing her voice.

“Unsubs.” you corrected, leaning forward in your chair and reading the file you had been scanning for the last minute or two. “It says two DNA samples were found under the last victims nails, neither of which belonged to her.”

“Exactly, we believe this may be a team of two or more.” Hotch nodded at you. “This is most likely a group of dominate males or a dominate and submissive pairing. Whoever they are they’re using condoms which means one of them probably has a record they’re trying to hide from us.” 

“Wait Hotch, you said that these women go missing on Friday nights.” Derek suddenly spoke up. You looked at him the minute you heard his voice as if it was a reflex. “It’s Thursday. Are you saying we have a day to figure this out before another woman is taken?”

“Not exactly.” Hotch spoke, his voice suddenly dropping an octave. This was something that you had noticed Hotch did whenever he was about to say something that he knew the group wouldn’t like so you almost instinctually prepared yourself for something bad to come from his lips. And something bad did. “(Y/N), we want to put you in undercover, you will be their next target.”

Save Me - Chapter 14

I just finished getting the girls situated and sat down with a slice of now cold cheese pizza and a bit of salad when I thought I heard a knock on the door. Looking at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors called security, up until 10 minutes ago, the girls were running around, jumping on the furniture and the music was blaring.

“Oh geez, Paige, turn that music down more, that’s probably security at the door.”

“I’m really sorry..” I started to say before I even opened the door all the way. “Jared..” I was shocked to see him standing there.

“Hey.” He said shyly pushing his hand through his hair. “You didn’t give me a chance to tell you that I’d like to come. I just had to grab my key card.”

It took a minute to register that it was actually him standing there. It had been almost a half an hour since I had left his room. I think he was lying. I bet he was debating with himself but maybe it’s just me. I mean, he’s only a handful of doors down.

“Oh, yeah, please come in. Are you hungry?” I asked trying to be more polite than my expression probably showed since I instantly realized I still look like a drowned rat and on top of that, I didn’t really feel like I wanted to take a chance at looking like an fool again. I’ve had more than enough embarrassment for one day.

As he walked in and the girls caught a glimpse of who was trailing in behind me, they stopped mid-sentence and sat there looking like three little deers caught in headlights. I wish I could have taken a picture.

“Look who’s joining us for pizza!”

The five us sat having pizza, well four of us had pizza, the extra cheese had Jared sticking to just a salad. The conversation was light and fun after I let go of my uncomfortableness. Tonight we got to see a different side of him than the other two I saw earlier. He asked lots of questions and the girls were showing him all kinds of pictures, some from the concert, some of family and friends. When he’s talking to you, he has a way of making you feel like you have his complete and undivided attention. It was intimidating, at least to me…the girls were savoring it.

He seemed interested in me too, asking what I did for a living and where I lived. He was shocked when I talked about what I did and I’m not sure how to take that. Was he shocked because I seemed like an idiot? Sadly I had to admit, it was a possibility.

By 2:30 am, the girls were fighting the good fight trying to stay awake but were losing the battle. How Jared was still awake, I have no idea.

“Come on girls, time for bed!” Surprisingly none of them argued at all. Each of them gave Jared a hug, thanked him then headed to their room. I left Jared in the living room while I went to tuck them in. It had been quite a day.

Mackenzie hugged me tight and said “Auntie Vivie, you’re the best Aunt ever. Thank you for my birthday present! I can’t believe Jared ate pizza with us, I’m never gonna forget this, it was the best night of my life!”

That…THAT was exactly what I hoped she would feel after today. And despite a few little bumps in the road, it was an amazing day. Moving to Paige and Lily, they both jumped up and pulled me into a big bear hug nearly knocking me off the bed.

“Love you both, you crazy kiddos! Sleep good!”

“We will, Auntie Vivie!” They said in unison.
“All I know is I can’t WAIT ‘til it’s our birthday, right Paige?!”

Hmm, I may have set the bar a little too high. Damn.

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I walked back into the living room and found Jared cleaning up the girls’ mess.

“You don’t have to do that, stop!” I said playfully grabbing the garbage he had in his hands and throwing it into a garbage bin.

“I don’t mind at all, Vivie. Thank you for inviting me, I really enjoyed being here.” He said as he walked up to stand directly in front of me, his hands reaching for the tops of my arms. Wrapping my hands around his forearms I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes smiling.

“We enjoyed having you, thanks for all your help today. It was definitely a birthday adventure none of us will forget.”

And then he kissed me…. Wait no, that’s what I THOUGHT was going to happen. But it didn’t. He continued to look into my eyes seemingly contemplating something, making me feel like he was analyzing my very soul then said “I should go.”

Wait, what just happened? Does my breath stink? Did I do something wrong? I was rooted in place, it was my turn to look like a deer caught in headlights.

He walked towards the door, only turning back towards me to say, “Goodnight, Vivie.”

“Goodnight, Jared.” I said as I watched the door close behind him, still confused.

Throughout the entire night, we chatted and had a great time. He definitely wanted to be there. But those flirty signals were not there at all or at least I didn’t see them. He was friendly and curious, talkative even but was he eye fucking me like on stage, nope. Was he whispering in my ear? Nope. Or stealing every opportunity to touch me? Nope. Hell, he didn’t even hug me good-bye. Clearly all that flirting was in my head and I was embarrassed all over again.

Maybe he just wanted to connect with people outside his small circle, be around people who treated him like a regular person and not a celebrity to fangirl over or maybe he just likes kids. Maybe he did come over because he wanted to know more about me but didn’t like what he saw. I could go around and around with reasons why instead of going to bed, he chose to come over here until almost 3am but it’s just not worth it.

At the end of the day, if he liked what he saw and was attracted to me, I think it’s safe to say he would have done more than grab the tops of my arms, he had more than enough time and opportunity.

Shutting the lights off and walking back to my bedroom, I guess there were a few positives that came out of the night; the girls had dinner with a rock star, I hopefully redeemed myself from earlier and the most positive of all? I would probably never see Jared Leto again.

The shower headcanon that nobody asked for but I sure as heck wanted:

(SFW by the way)

  • Shiro surprisingly takes long, hot showers. He didn’t have that luxury in the prisons and intends to enjoy it to the fullest now that he has it. Previous to his imprisonment, he took military showers.
  • Keith takes stupidly hot showers. Everyone wonders how he still has nerves at this point because no one should be able to stand a shower that hot for even a few seconds. He looks like a drowned rat coming out of the shower until he gets his mullet back into shape.
  • Lance doesn’t take showers so much as he takes soaky baths. He likes to take his time and let the tension drain from his muscles, as well as clean up the gunk on him. Face masks, lotions, loofas and fuzzy bathrobes are an essential part of his shower ensemble.
  • Hunk’s a moderate shower-er in terms of temperature and time. He’s a shower singer though and while he’s not bad, he’s not great either. It’s not something the others want to hear first thing in the morning though. Sorry, Hunk!
  • Pidge alternate between showers and baths, depending on what she wants. Her showers/baths tend to be on the longer side, much to the ire of those waiting to get in after her. She likes relaxing and taking her time; she gets her best ideas in the shower/bath.
  • Allura’s showers take longer simply because there is SO MUCH HAIR to take care of. She burns through conditioner (or the Altean equivalent) like no one’s business and if she forgets to clean the drain after her shower’s done, it can clog it up and cause issues for anyone after her. Coran has been called in several times to deal with this, unfortunately.
  • Coran likes hot but short showers. There are things to do and business to take care of; it’s best he get through his showers as quickly as possible. The thing he spends the most time on is his mustache. It’s ridiculous how much time and product he spends on it.

Bonus Zarkon, because I can and I don’t have any headcanons for the guy yet!

  • Zarkon likes long hot showers as well. He may be an evil warlord but he’s got an image to maintain and he’s gonna be the best looking evil warlord in the universe. No one is allowed to mention or comment on it, but Haggar does when he takes too long for her liking.
Te Amo, Idiota

also on A03 

Simon probably shouldn’t be out here. Sunrise was fairly soon, it was dangerous for a vampire to be so far from the nest at this hour. But he’d needed to get away. Well maybe not needed, more like sent away. Raphael had gotten fed up with him and yelled at him to go away, and so away Simon went. It wasn’t unusual that Simon annoyed Raphael to the point of anger, so he’d gotten used to being sent away. He was sure that Raphael sent him away as an alternative to attacking him.

Simon sighed, ducking his head as he kept walking along the dimly lit streets. It shouldn’t be upsetting him as much as it was, but it was. Simon felt like such a screw-up, like he couldn’t do anything right. As a mundane, he was an unimportant geek with a bad band, he was hopelessly friendzoned by his best friend that he loved and was too awkward to ever break that pattern. Now, as a vampire, he was just as unimportant, a Downworlder beneath his own best friend, Clary the all-important Shadowhunter. He couldn’t hunt because it made him feel sick, he couldn’t control his anger or his fangs or his desire to bite people very well, he couldn’t handle his own speed and he couldn’t get used to sleeping during the day. He was still just as much of a geek as he was as a mundane, but now he was unrelatable. Most the other vampires were too old to understand his references and most disliked him anyway. Really the only one that even talked to him was Raphael.

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dialmforstiles  asked:

I have to tell you this because I still can't stop laughing about it, and I saw that you reblogged the ficlet about Stiles as a kindergarten teacher. My son recently had a substitute who insisted on being called Mr. S, said his last name was too hard to say, and he was just out of college. I immediately looked in the staff parking lot for a blue Jeep, but there wasn't one.

Well, it could totally still be Stiles. I bet Stiles is one of those teachers that like bikes to work because they live so close by and he teaches a lot about staying active and healthy (and never admits to them what food he eats because that would be totally defeating the point). On rainy days looks sort of like a drowned rat but he plays it off and the kids think it’s hilarious and Mr. Hale just glares at him.

And Stiles assumes that Grumpy Old Mr. Hale is all up in arms about looking professional and not starting the teaching day soaking wet or having his own students give him all their jackets so he stops shivering as he attempts to teach them the alphabet but, really, he is a kindergarten teacher. Chances are he’s going to somehow end up soaking wet anyway so keep your judgey stare somewhere else, Mr. Ratburn. 

(of course, Derek is really just glaring because is Stiles aware that he manages to wear white shirts everytime it rains? like it’s indecent. like it makes Derek just want to rip those clothes off him and lick him and-  Wait, no. Bad Derek. Look away. Look away and go back to teaching fractions. Do not think about Mr. S and his butt that is so in shape from all that bike-riding and his tight pants and wet-white shirt that he sometimes takes off and hangs up before the kids get there in an attempt to dry it. don’t think about that. he’s a teacher. He can’t space out during his own lesson.

He does though. And that makes him grumpy. And so he glares more.)

Cat Of The Shire

Hi it’s me again! Sorry to harass your queue! I also wanted to request a sort of a silly fluff bit with Bucky? I’m on a kick where he really likes cats (based on Seb’s love) and I was hoping you could do an AU where Bucky and reader are neighbors and her cat keeps sneaking over into his apartment? 😁😻 thank you xx - @poe-also-bucky

A/N - Like I said in my last post sorry this took so long to get out. College is a big change of pace from both high school and the three months of holidays so hopefully I can get back to posting once a day or at least every other day. This is a bit short but I’m tired so this is the best I got.  <3

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You had rescued your cat a few years back when you lived in your old apartment on the bad side of town. The landlord hadn’t cared about pets (or any other kind of upkeep) so you hadn’t really thought about pets as an issue, now you had enough money to move to a better part of town and your new landlord had a strict no pets rule.

Bilbo, your cat, was a lazy cat who rarely went outside anyway and was very well house trained. You had planned to keep him, you couldn’t get rid of him, it wasn’t as if he would be going out and be seen by your neighbours coming into your apartment. Plus you were sure the old lady downstairs had a dog that was much less subtle about it than you were.

Keeping Bilbo had worked for the first two weeks in your new apartment, he had settled in pretty quickly and spent most of his time lounging around the place doing nothing much of anything. You usually had the doors to the balcony open as you enjoyed the fresh air and you had a little garden of potted plants out there.

When you went out to work you left the balcony door slightly ajar enough for air to get in as it was the middle of summer and you didn’t want Bilbo overheating. You lived on the top floor and it wasn’t noticeably open so you didn’t think being robbed was an issue, when you came home and saw the door open wider than you had left it but nothing gone you assumed that the wind had done it.

This kept happening but you thought nothing of it until you noticed that Bilbo was putting on weight, not a lot but more than he should have considering you hadn’t changed how much or what you fed him. You took him to the vets but they said there was no medical issue that was causing him to gain weight so it remained a mystery to you.

You finally realised what was happening when you came home early from work just in time to see Bilbo squeeze through the small gap in the balcony doors. You rushed forward and stepped onto the small balcony and saw him jump over the fence that cut off yours and your neighbour balcony and go into your neighbour’s apartment.

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You Make Me More Than I Ever Was II Jaspar fanfiction

- Masterlist of all my stories -

Summary: Sometimes Caspar tells Joe that he is beautiful; and he tells him that he loves him and sometimes, they kiss, but Joe knows that there is nothing weird about it because they are best friends and best friends can do that, but the day must come when they cross the line.

Part I: You Needn’t Say Anything

Part II: And The Thought Of Spending All My Life With You Does Not Scare Me At All

Part III: The Only Thing That I Know Will Last Forever

Part IV: This Is Not Us, This Is Not What We Are

Part V: You Are Everything To Me

Part VI: My Fault As Much As Yours

I’m sorry, Joe, Caspar says softly, I forgot

You are lying, Joe interrupts him again, loudly. He knows that Caspar would never forget, he knows that Caspar would never forget anything that he promised to him, which means that he broke it on purpose and that makes it even worse.

Joe, Caspar says and he speaks more loudly now, too, you know we had to do it, we made the decision together, you know it was the right thing to do

A/N: Y’all better prepare for some drama

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Seriously, Jensen is so lovely. I was legit worried about going into cardiac arrest when I was walking up to get my photo taken omfg. He wasn’t there at first (must have had a toilet break or something), so I waited behind this girl for a few moments, and then Jensen just like appeared in the doorway and I just whispered, “Holy shit,” and the girl in front of me looked back at me with an expression like, “IKNOWRIGHTOMFG” because honestly, Jensen is even more gorgeous in person ohmygod


When it was my turn to go up, I basically squeaked my greeting at him (I think I said, “Hi, Jensen!” but I can’t be too sure???? omg) and he just said “Hey!” aND OPENED HIS ARMS FOR ME TO STEP INTO OMG SO I DID AND HE HUGGED ME AND I RESTED MY HEAD ON HIS CHEST AND AHHHH HE’S JUST

I thanked him (I THINK, I WAS TOO STARSTRUCK TO REMEMBER HOW TO LIFE TBH) and he said “You’re welcome!” and he’s just sljdgbldskjfgsa he’s so laid-back and nice :) 

I got his autograph too at the end of the day, and when I got to him, he just looked so tired and he must have had such a long day and be feeling the jet-lag from the flight here, but he still looked me in the eye when I thanked him for coming and saying he’d like made my entire life, and he just smiled at me and said, “Thank you for coming out.” I MEAN??? He thanked me for coming to the event??? 

Totally great guy wow *__*  I’m so so lucky to have actually met him, I never would have imagined it in a million years, eeeee <3

Prompts for Pie 11: Phil and Clint's Rainy Day Fluff

The mission was a complete disaster, the heat had been brutal, and when the rains came, they came without warning and without mercy. That was when Phil figured out that the safe house roof leaked.

Like a damn sieve.

He’d given up cursing this mission. He was too tired and too worn, too concerned for Clint’s well-being. Clint, who’d been stuck in the crumbling rafters of a massive old church for days on end, where the heat was oppressive and the air was stale. He’d gotten still and quiet over the last few days, barely responding to Phil in the field. He wasn’t much more talkative when the long days were over. Most nights, he just ate, made a cursory attempt to scrape the worst of the dust off of his skin, and crawled into bed.

Phil hated it when Clint stopped talking, but he really hated it when Clint disappeared.

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boredgrantaire  asked:

Sterek/ sour skittles or skittles: (334): I DMed the cop that arrested me to come unlock my keys out if my car today.

It’s pouring. Stiles presses up against the side of the jeep like it’s going to be able to offer any shelter and glares through the window, where his keys dangle from the ignition. He pulls up the hood of his sweatshirt - uselessly, he might add, since he’s already soaked through. “Come on, Scotty, please,” he sighs, beating his head against the window in frustration.

“I can’t come get you, dude,” Scott says apologetically. “We’ve got an emergency surgery coming in - hit and run, man. I’ve got to assist. Isn’t there anyone else?”

Stiles groans. “No one’s picking up,” he says, “and Dad stopped paying for my AAA when I graduated. He said I could take care of myself. Apparently not.”

“Sorry, dude,” Scott says sympathetically. “Can you call the cops?”

Stiles winces. “I don’t think any of them are going to want to help after last week.”

Scott makes a muffled noise that’s probably a laugh and haha, yes, Stiles gets flirty when he’s drunk, but the dude who arrested him for public intoxication definitely wasn’t amused. He’s probably lucky he didn’t get sexual harassment charges. God, he wasn’t even that drunk; it just so happened to be really hot out and the fountain in town looked like a good place for a quick cool-down. It wasn’t like he’d been naked or anything.

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Idk if I have the energy to finish my WIP today so instead my last contribution to Fenhawke week is gonna be the polished-up version of Seventeen, which is still the best shit I’ve ever written. Only a few, small changes but I think they’re good ones. If you like AO3 better it’s over here.

The decision to polish this one was inspired by today’s theme, hope (hA ha)


“…but then she wouldn’t have been a fishmonger, would she?”

Fenris bursts out laughing, then claps a hand over his mouth. He hadn’t mean to be quite that loud. In the opposite armchair, Hawke giggles, taking another swig of wine. “I can’t believe you actually laughed at that. No one’s ever laughed at that.”

“Perhaps they hadn’t had enough wine yet. Speaking of which…” Fenris reaches out.

Hawke leans forward and slaps the bottle into his hand. “You know, we should really get going. They’re probably wondering where we are.” He grins.

The innuendo ghosts between them like a shiner through the shallows, vanishing into darker waters where it dissuades pursuit. Fenris takes a long pull from the bottle and lurches to his feet. “You’re right. Let us depart.”

Hawke darts forward and catches the bottle as it dangles from Fenris’s careless grip. “I can’t believe you finished off the entire thing.”

“Pardon me? I was not alone in my efforts.”

Hawke snorts. “I drank a third of it. Maybe.”

He’s right. Fenris shrugs. “It saves me from having to get drunk off that vile substance they try to pass off as ale.” Then he descends the stairs, grasping the banister to keep his balance.

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