i still look for unicorns


i like how i whine to myself about the lack of dragon swan queen fic all the time.  and while i have ideas about what i’d like to see and how their dynamics work, instead of writing things, i’ve designed dragons on flightrising.

I was asked by my friend Hamish Gill to take a photo of my Leica Screw Mount lenses and cameras. This is pretty much of it, but for a couple of bodies and lenses stored elsewhere. I have left out the vast majority of my Canon RF accessories which didn’t seem relevant and the Canon 50mm 1:0.95 which is actually a breechlock.

I’m still looking for a few unicorns, such as a Canon Original or Hansa, a Reid and a couple of others. I have actually got a Taylor and Hobson lens somewhere and at least 3 Niccas, so perhaps I have missed a box or two.

I’ve been thinking a lot about portal fantasies lately, and that part of growing up when you truly realize that you will never find Narnia in the back of a wardrobe and that nobody will ever give you a golden compass. That realization hurts a little.

And sure, all these stories are really about bravery, kindness, or whatever other moral the author thought was important. The fantasy elements are only scenery, but I still spent a long time in kindergarten looking for unicorns.

Maybe that’s why I fell so hard for sci-fi. Most of it is just shinier fantasy, and it’s got its own issues, but sometimes you get a good book that says that things will be hard, and there are no guarantees, and maybe you’re not even doing the right thing, but the world is still interesting and maybe you can make something neat if you pay attention to how it works.

I never found a unicorn, but I see things flying overhead that I worked on. And that’ll suffice.