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If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc


"I'm alive"

The Last Unicorn (Cover) (x)



She's Not You [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which she acts completely normal.


(Y/N) (L/N) liked Jughead Jones. That was a fact.

Jughead Jones liked Betty Cooper. That was also a fact.

Another (very) known fact was that Betty Cooper liked Archie Andrews, yet Archie liked Valerie Brown.

It was a huge mess and there was no way to fix it.


“Are you ever going to tell him you like him?”

(Y/N) looked up from her book to see Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge slide into the booth she was sitting in. “No.”

“But why?” complained Veronica. She was the biggest (Y/N)/Jughead shipper there was.

“Because he likes Betty,” (Y/N) replied smoothly. “I’m not gonna waste my time.”

“Oh c’mon,” Kevin exclaimed. “That boy is taken with you, he just hasn’t realized it yet.”

“And he probably never will. I’m completely happy just being friends with him Keller, I’m not going to jeopardize that friendship because of my feelings.”

“Whatever (Y/N),” Veronica scoffed. “But he’s going to find out sooner or later.”

The trio of friends turned to the door when they heard the jingling of a bell, alerting the patrons in Pop’s that someone had entered. Jughead looked around the diner, his eyes settling on the (H/C) girl and making his way over.

“Hey guys,” he greeted. “What are we talking about?”

“Oh nothing,” Veronica said.

“Yeah, we were just leaving,” Kevin added as they both got up from their seats.  “Remember what we talked about (Y/N/N)!”

You simply nodded as you waved at them, too engrossed in your book to notice the looks they exchanged with each other.

“So, what were you talking about?” Jughead asked as he sat next to you.

(Y/N) looked up at him and gave him a smile, “Don’t worry about it.”


Jughead couldn’t help but worry. He was too curious for his own good, everybody knew that. He wanted to know what his best friend had been talking about with Veronica and Kevin before he had arrived, but she wasn’t telling.

He followed her around for the whole week, bugging and begging her to tell him. She’d always laugh and give him a ridiculous response.

“We were talking about how my cat got diabetes.”

“Veronica was telling me that Reggie is actually very gay for Chuck.”

“Kevin and Veronica were trying to convince me to go skinny dipping in the river with them.”

Jughead was pretty tired of her excuses.


Later that week, Jughead had managed to corner Veronica in the hallway and was pestering her trying to figure out the topic of the conversation Pop’s.

“Fine!” Veronica cried out in exasperation. Noticing that (Y/N) was rounding the corner and approaching them, the Lodge girl quickly came up with a plan. Pushing Jughead into an empty classroom next to them, she motioned for him to stay put. Curious, Jughead decided to listen to her and watched as (Y/N) was stopped by Veronica.

“So (Y/N), I assume you’re on your way to meet Jughead at Pop’s?” Veronica had a sly smile on her face.

“Of course not,” (Y/N) replied. “Why follow my daily schedule when I can be spontaneous.”

Noticing the heavy sarcasm in her tone, Veronica gave her an irritated look. “Well little Miss Sarcasm, sorry for asking.”

The (H/C) haired girl flashed a smile at Veronica, “Where else would I be going Ronnie?”

Jughead smiled at his best friends words. It was indeed a daily ritual to sit at Pop’s until closing time every day, just enjoying each others company as they drank some milkshakes.

“So have you thought about what we told you?”

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts by Veronica’s question. ‘What is she talking about?’ he though to himself.

“Yeah, I have actually,” he heard (Y/N) reply. “I’m not doing it.”

“You have to,” Veronica said.

“No Ronnie, I am not telling my best friend that I like him!”

Jughead felt his breathing stop. (Y/N) liked him? His (Y/N)? He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice (Y/N) and Veronica walking away. He quickly gathered his thoughts and rushed off to Pop’s, determined to get some answers from his best friend.

“You’re late,” (Y/N) said, not looking up from her book as Jughead approached her booth.

“Yeah, I got caught up with some stuff for the Blue & Gold. Betty needed my help,” Jughead mentally cursed himself for his shitty excuse. (Y/N) simply looked up at him over her book, raising an eyebrow at him, before going back to her story.

Jughead didn’t know what to do. He wanted to ask her about what she had said to Veronica back at school but he couldn’t seem to find the words to speak.

“You alright there Juggie?” (Y/N) asked. “You seem very conflicted.”

“Do you like me?” Jughead blurted out. He mentally face palmed. ‘Way to be subtle’ he mentally reprimanded himself.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened briefly before going back to her book. “Dammit Ronnie,” she muttered under her breath.

“So it’s true?” Jughead asked nervously.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) replied nonchalantly, still reading.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I really am, but I like Betty,” Jughead’s voice almost trailed off at the end as he braced himself for her reaction. He didn’t know what she’d do. He was expecting anger, sadness, a melancholic response. He got none of those.

“Ok,” the girl simply replied. Jughead’s head shot up.

“I’m sorry (Y/N/N), I truly am.”

(Y/N) finally looked up at him, setting her book down after she marked her page.

“Why?” she questioned. Jughead looked at her in confusion.

“Why are you sorry Juggie?” she said. “I knew you liked Betty. That’s why I didn’t say anything”

“Yeah but, it’s just that you like me, and I uh- I feel really bad and uh…” Jughead stumbled over his words, not knowing how to reply.

His best friend leaned back in her seat and chuckled. “Juggie. You have no reason to be sorry. We can’t control our feelings. I like you, you like Betty, that’s the way it is. We can’t change it.”

“Yeah, but I feel kind of shitty,” Jughead breathed.

“Don’t,” his best friend replied. “Just because you don’t like me back doesn’t mean we’re not friends Jug. You’re my best friend, and our friendship is more important than some stupid feelings.”

And with those words, Jughead felt reassured as they ordered their milkshakes, drinking the night away, knowing that their friendship wasn’t ruined.


“You have to come along guys!” Veronica exclaimed. “Last time it was only me, Josie, Kevin, and Reggie but we all need a stress reliever.”

It was a Friday, and Veronica was trying to get her friends to go clubbing with her. Reluctantly, and with a lot of encouragement, they all agreed. Even Jughead.

It was eight at night when they all stepped into the club. Veronica, fearless and confident, dragged Josie and Kevin off to dance,with Archie tagging along. (Y/N) chose to sit down for awhile and Jughead and Betty joined her. (Y/N) felt really out of place as Betty and Jughead struck up a conversation and she decided to wander around. Just as she got up, she bumped into Reggie (who she had forgotten was there to be honest) and stumbled. She felt hands wrap around her waist as she put her hands out to steady herself.

“Whoa there,” Reggie said, smirking. “Don’t go falling for me (Y/N)”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but groan and chuckle at his lame pick-up line. Her and Reggie had once been friends, best friends actually, up until high school. He had instantly become popular and she hadn’t. They had simply grown apart.

“I had honestly forgotten you had come,” the girl stated.

“You wound me (Y/N/N),” Reggie smiled, placing a hand upon his heart. “And here I was thinking that you loved me.”

“Yea yea, long time no see huh?” the girl replied.

“Yeah,” Reggie muttered awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I miss our friendship and I’m honestly sorry that we stopped talking.”

“Buy me a milkshake and you’ll be forgiven,” (Y/N) told him.

“Deal,” Reggie said. “Let’s go.”

“What? Now?”

“Yea, we have a lot of catching up to do.”


“Jug, why is (Y/N) leaving with Reggie?” Betty questioned.

Snapping his head to look for his best friend, Jughead immediately stood up and walked over to the pair that was making their way out of the club.

“(Y/N/N)!” Jughead called out. The pair stopped and turned around. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Reggie here is gonna buy me milkshakes,” (Y/N) answered happily.

“Uh, I believe I said one  milkshake,” Reggie said in a teasing tone, bumping his shoulder against the girl’s.

“Uh, I believe I never said how many milkshakes you owe me,” (Y/N) shot back in an equally teasing tone. Jughead looked back and forth between them, an uneasy feeling creeping up on him.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbled. “See you around I guess.”

(Y/N) frowned slightly at his response before being pulled away by Reggie, the smile reappearing on her face. Jughead made his way back to Betty.


“…and then we also have to start working on next week’s spread,” Betty said as Jughead glanced at the club’s entrance.

“And I also kissed Veronica at cheer tryouts,” Betty said, trying to get Jughead’s attention.

“Uh huh,” Jughead replied absentmindedly, still looking at the entrance.

“And I also found a unicorn and named it Sparkles. He’s currently in my attic.”

“Yeah, that sounds great Betty.”

“Jughead!” Betty shouted. He turned to her, nearly knocking over his drink.

“Go after her Juggie,” Betty said. “I know you’re worried.”

“It’s just…its Reggie,” Jughead started. “I don’t know why she left with him.”

“Well, they are friends,” Betty replied. “Go Jughead. We all know you like her. Go after her.”

Jughead looked at her in surprise. “You think I like her?”

“Jug,” she said. “I know you like her. We all do.”

“But I like you,” he mumbled, surprised when Betty giggled.

“That’s sweet Jug, really, but come on, you really don’t like her? She’s in love with you y’know. She always has been.”

“I know…” Jughead trailed off.

“Go talk to her,” Betty encouraged,

Jughead left the club.


As he approached Pop’s, Jughead couldn’t feel the small pang of jealously that he felt as he saw (Y/N) sitting at their usual booth with Reggie, as they both drank a milkshake. He watched as she tilted her head back, laughing as Reggie told her a story, gesticulating wildly with his hands.

He couldn’t help but think over Betty’s words. Yes, he always did think that (Y/N) was beautiful, and yes, he always did love receiving a hug from her. But that was normal with best friends…right?

But as he stood outside, watching (Y/N) sitting at their booth with Reggie Mantle, he couldn’t help but agree with Betty. He definitely felt something for his best friend. He always had, he had just ignored those feelings. He wouldn’t have left Betty if he didn’t feel something for (Y/N).

He watched as (Y/N)’s gaze traveled to the window, spotting him and instantly smiling at him. Reggie’s eyes followed soon after and he got up/ Jughead watched as he gave (Y/N) a quick hug and paid for their milkshakes before leaving the diner.

“Don’t fuck this up freak,” Reggie muttered as he passed Jughead. Reggie was right, Jughead couldn’t mess any of this up.

He made his way inside and took his usual seat next to (Y/n).

“What are you doing here Jug? You were having such a nice time at the club with Betty!” the (H/C) girl exclaimed.

Gathering up all the courage he had, Jughead quietly replied, “But she’s not you.”

(Y/N) froze before looking up at Jughead. “What?”

“She’s not you (Y/N),” Jughead continued, feeling confident. He had nothing to lose and he knew that she liked him back. “Betty’s great and all, but she’s not you. You’re the one that’s always been there for me. You helped me after my dad went off the rails and mom left with Jellybean. You were there to support me when I began my novel and you were there for me when the drive-in closed down. You offered me a place to stay when I had nothing. It’s always been you (Y/N),I just never thought that we could be anything more than friends.”

(Y/N) threw her head back and laughed. “Oh Juggie. Of course I’ve always been there for you. You’re my best friend. I love you.”

“Go out with me? Please,” Jughead awaited her reply.

Smiling up at him, (Y/N) replied, “This can be our first date Jug.”

Jughead smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into him. And they spent their night there, like they usually did, just talking and sharing milkshakes. Only now, things had changed. They were happy, and it was quite obvious to anyone who saw them sitting together, exchanging shy kisses as the night dragged on.

“I love you too (Y/N/N).”


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Freshman year vs Senior year

Past Lives

A/N: This was inspired by the lovely @porpentiny and their imagine Photobook  I also drew some inspiration from the song Past Lives by Børns. Hope you guys like it! Have a nice day/night!

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Past lives couldn’t ever hold me down

Lost love is sweeter when it’s finally found

I’d thought nothing of it when I first ran into the man on the train. I’d almost missed my connection but had jumped on at the last moment before the doors had closed. However I’d collided face first into someone in my rushed entrance.

“Sorry,” I said with a smile as I looked up at the stranger. He smiled at me and mumbled that it was not a problem. I backed up and leaned against the door and tried to ignore the way this person was looking at me. “Do I have something on my face?”

He blushed a little and looked down, smiling to himself before saying, “No, sorry. Your eyes are just really beautiful.”

It was my turn to blush, “T-thanks.”

“Newt,” he stuck his hand out and I took it tentatively.


I’ve got the strangest feeling

This isn’t our first time around

“So you’re a herbologist?”

“Yep! I was thinking about being a potioneer, but it seemed more natural to work with plants,” I mused as I took a sip of my coffee. “What about you?”

“Magizoologist,” He said and smiled at me. “It seemed most natural to work with animals.”

“Well, animals are very fun to work with. A little more dangerous than plants though.”

“Yes, but someone’s gotta take care of them.”

We both took sips of our drinks and I admired the way it seemed so natural to be with him. It was like I was simply talking to an old friend and I racked my brain trying to remember if I’d ever met him before.

“I’m sorry, this might seem weird but have I met you before?”

He looked at me with sad eyes and hesitated before shaking his head and smiling, “No, I would’ve remembered meeting you.”

“Sorry, it just feels like I’ve known you for a while.”

Past lives couldn’t ever come between us

Some time the dreamers finally wake up

“Are you sure you’re fine with me taking up the bedroom tonight?”

He nodded, “Of course love, it doesn’t bother me.”

“Thanks! I really need a closed off area to put my Venomous Tentacula while working with it and the bedroom is the room with a door.” I pecked his cheek before realizing what I had said, “Well apart from the bathroom, but thats too small a space to work in.”

Newt grinned and nudged me towards the bedroom and I went in to tend to the plant and to attempt to get some of its juice. It was always slightly unpleasant dealing with this plant, but the juice from it would be sold and used in potions. Surprisingly it was a lot quicker to get the juice than it was normally and I emerged from the bedroom carrying a bottle of the liquid to find Newt on the couch looking through a book.

I put my bottle down and took off my gloves before I sat down next to him and looked down at the book; it was a photo album. He closed it quickly but not before I saw a picture of us together. “Was that a picture of us?”

“Um, no.”

“Newt. You truly are a terrible liar.” I laughed and wrestled it out of his hands. His eyes got wide and he looked extremely panicked. I handed it back to him, “I won’t look at it if you don’t want me to.”

I stood up and walked towards the kitchen when I heard him sigh rather loudly. “I suppose I should tell you before you find out.”

I scrunched up my eyebrows and turned to face him, “Find out what?”

He patted the seat next to him, when I sat down he handed me the book. I opened it and found picture of us, but they weren’t pictures that I remember taking with him. “What is this,” I whispered as I turned the page to find more pictures. Pictures of me laughing, crying, sleeping, pictures of us together in places I had never been.

“I…I’m immortal,” he mumbled and looked down at his hands. I looked up at him and took in his seriousness.

“You’re joking.”

“I’m not.”

“How?” I asked him softly, he was still looking at his hands.

“I accidentally drank unicorn blood once,” he put his head in his hands and breathed very quietly.

“Wouldn’t that mean that you’d have a cursed life?” I put the book down and wrapped my arms around him. We sat in silence for a little while before he took a deep breath in and looked up at me.

“I do have a cursed life and unfortunately so do you.”

“I-I don’t-”

“My curse is that throughout each of your lifetimes I meet you and accidentally kill you in some way. Your curse is that you are continually reincarnated because of my stupid mistake.” He looked into my eyes and I was entranced. Tears began to form at the edge of his eyes until they finally began to roll down his cheeks; I leaned in to kiss the tears that were falling.

“At least if we live out a thousand lifetimes together, I know you love me.”

Don’t wake me I’m not dreaming

Don’t wake me I’m not dreaming

I’ve been thinking a lot about portal fantasies lately, and that part of growing up when you truly realize that you will never find Narnia in the back of a wardrobe and that nobody will ever give you a golden compass. That realization hurts a little.

And sure, all these stories are really about bravery, kindness, or whatever other moral the author thought was important. The fantasy elements are only scenery, but I still spent a long time in kindergarten looking for unicorns.

Maybe that’s why I fell so hard for sci-fi. Most of it is just shinier fantasy, and it’s got its own issues, but sometimes you get a good book that says that things will be hard, and there are no guarantees, and maybe you’re not even doing the right thing, but the world is still interesting and maybe you can make something neat if you pay attention to how it works.

I never found a unicorn, but I see things flying overhead that I worked on. And that’ll suffice.

let’s all keep in mind that this is the same guy who sings songs that shock the world and his hated by christians.

but still, look at that unicorn bc IT’S SO FLUFFY! i mean marilyn bc he’s just too cute here.


Dean... Dean... Dean!

Why I love 9.07 - Bad Boys. And Dean.

It’s funny how differently people can see an episode, bringing their own experiences and views into the way they perceive what aired.  I think from most of what I read, people liked the episode Bad Boys, in part because of how great the actor, Dylan Everett, playing Dean was.  The fact that it was well written and a refreshing throw-back to the earlier, scarier Supernatural seasons were also big fan selling points (from what I read on blogs and twitter).

The biggest criticism that I kept reading over and over, though, I have to say had me mystified.  It seems that many fans had trouble reconciling the young Dean we knew in A Very Supernatural Christmas, the 18-year-old Dean we met in An After School Special, and the Dean we were introduced to in this episode.  These fans complained that the 3 Deans were too far apart in attitudes, too different, too polar.  These people, I’m guessing had a home, a parent that was an anchor and a role model, a safe place holding you tightly and lovingly.  If you did, then I can see where these portrayals of Dean may seem worlds apart.  I sincerely am happy that you did not grow up in a tumultuous childhood. 

To me, when I watched this episode, what I saw was The Moment.

What I’ve seen through the seasons is that Dean was a smart aleck but loving kid who cared for both emotionally and physically (even if begrudgingly, on occasion) his little brother.  He truly loves Sam, would do anything for him, and that is a fact that never changes.  However, for me the question has always been how did that little boy go from trying to make a home for Sam everywhere they went, to running scared at the first sight of any sort of commitment once he grew up?  Bad Boys showed me that moment.  Bad Boys answered that question for me.

Children are born to love, and desire to be loved.  We seek out warmth and safety.  We crave a place to call home, a place that is a shelter from the storms of life.  If you have that as a child, it grows like a seed into a flower.  If you don’t have that in your childhood, you seek it out, like a plant leaning towards any source of sunlight it can find.  Sammy found his love and safe place in Dean.  However, Dean, being the provider, trying to make a home for Sam, couldn’t afford to believe in something that seemed fictional like warmth and safety.  Dean loved and received love from Sam but could never really find that magical place called home. 

Or maybe - to be fair- you should substitute in the paragraph above the name Dean with mine, and the name Sam with my little brother’s name.  Trust me; I’m not trying to read into the writer’s intentions or motivations.  I’m just telling you how I felt as I grew up.

This leads me to my explanation of The Moment. 

This moment I’m talking about is when a kid, who has been seeking out love and happiness and a place to call home all their life but has never been given that gift, finally finds some place and someone who cares.  Finding someone who finally helps lift the burden of being the sole provider of strength for everyone else around you; who allows you for the first time to finally think about yourself as a priority; who finally gives you permission to be a kid, can be unsettling at first.  Then comforting.  Then life altering. 

Suddenly a family, a home, a future with hope and love seems possible.  The idea of commitment is appealing, comforting even instead of stifling.  Love comes flooding in, and it is utopia. Children, even teenagers, can be very resilient.  I truly believe that it is never too late to undo the harm inflicted upon a child of neglect with love and caring.  And many people who are given a home, even later in life, can become that flower blooming from nothing more than a lot of TLC and support.    

To get a taste of that kind of love and warmth and safety, only to have it ripped away from you does inflict an injury that for some never really heals.  It can feel like you were the butt of the universe’s joke, and that God himself is laughing at you.  It can destroy your faith, not only in a higher power, but in people themselves.  Not to mention the permanent damage to a person’s self worth and self-esteem. 

Witnessing Dean finding a home, a safe place where he found peace and was allowed to have a childhood, only to have it taken away in a moment IS the moment I believe when he realized that his youth was gone.  Our wonderful writers showed us that moment where Dean decided to never again be so naïve as to believe in the fairytale world of happily ever after ever again.  The sweet little boy who stole Christmas gifts for Sammy and made plans for his first school dance died in front of our eyes.  The boy who felt trapped being in the same high school for more than 2 weeks and sabotages any type of relationship that resembles a commitment to any girl was born in The Moment.

We do get to see glimpses of the Dean who still wants desperately to have a family, a home, a safe and happy place, and even tried with Lisa - after all, we are all plants leaning towards sunlight…

It is why family doesn’t stop at blood with him.  It is why having a room for the first time is such a joy to see.  It’s why watching Bobby, or Kevin, or Jo and Ellen die seems even more heartbreaking for Dean.  It’s why watching Dean teach a little boy to shake hands the right way as the adult Dean did in this episode, and then watching the boy run into his arms for comfort is so uplifting.  

It is why I love watching this show. 

It is why I am so glad that the writers shared Dean’s moment with us.  It is why I am very happy for those of you that didn’t realize that is what you were looking at, because hopefully you never felt or had that kind of painful, horrible moment.  But because you didn’t, it is why I am trying to explain it to you now. 

I am speaking only my opinion based on my own life experiences.  I lived through it, and although I came out the other side bruised and hurt, I have spent my life trying to move on.  But don’t worry- like Dean I am still looking for my unicorn, and keep making my own family beyond what I was born with as I stumble down life’s path.  I still keep reaching for that little bit of sunlight I try to find in every day.